by Elva Thompson
23 September 2015

from HeartStarBooks Website

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Extinction level Event

Life on our planet seems to be going down the toilet.


Species are disappearing faster than it takes to drink a cup of tea, and scientists tell us we are entering the 6th great extinction.

The pendulum of duality swings back and forth in the cycles of creation, and we have reached the end of the Grand Cosmic Year of twenty six thousand years. This is the reset at the end of the cycle, and things are going to happen.


Most ignore the warning signs that great changes are upon us, hoping there will be a magic bullet, and it will all be solved.


They don't understand that the matrix of the 'old round' is failing… its energy has been unplugged. And, being unplugged from source, fractal impostor consciousness is going completely off its rocker… it's going mad.

This is the madness and gratuitous violence we are witnessing on our planet… the insanity of unplugged consciousness that has turned against itself.



Compound negativity

There are billions of us on this planet, all carrying the universe inside our heads, the little separate world of me and mine with its causes; challenges; fears and frustrations.


We blame and pontificate about this and that, and never realize that we may be just as complicit in the death of our planet as the people, agencies and corporations we despise.

Humanity has become a killing machine of hate; our cupboards are full of poison; pesticide for the bugs, herbicide to destroy the flowers in the lawn, oven cleaners, detergents, soap, shampoos and cosmetics that have been forced fed to innocent creatures, and rubbed in rabbits eyes.

Our planet is awash with birth pill residues in lakes and rivers, discarded plastics, broken electronics and mountains of non bio-degradable trash.
Nothing exists in this world that is safe from our depredations or our toxins.

We are all killers…

But I'm not like that you say as you swat a fly, or tuck into the corpse of compartmentalized compassion, or step on a bug and crush out its life just for being on your floor.

Our negative thoughts and thinking are weapons of destruction to our divine awareness, and as the earth bleeds with our iniquities, our divine Monad begins to suffocate through lack of love.

It's time to take a long, hard look in the mirror… that is, if we want to transcend this slaughter house called Earth.



The Divine Monad

Occult tradition states that at one time we were beings that lived on prana and sunlight… multi dimension creatures of great power and, like all species, we have an archetype, a blueprint, the Divine Monad of our source field… but our grid was hacked.


With the splitting of the sexes, we fell into duality, the third dimension and, as a result of the hack, we thought we were separate from our divine monad, and became entrapped in the prison of sensation and appetite, sex, blood and mortality… semen and egg - white and red.

The five sense reality created by Impostor Consciousness [see my article] has taken over the rule of our lives, and with every toxic thought we entertain, we are poisoning ourselves and our Monad… our 'God self.'

We don't realize we are co-creators of reality. We are transmitters and receivers of energy; our thoughts are electro-magnetic charges [software] and create our physical reality [hardware] through sympathetic resonance.



Thoughts are things

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…”

Proverbs 23:7

I hold it true that thoughts are things;
They are endowed with bodies and breath and wings;
And that we send them forth to fill
The world with good results, or ill.

Henry Van Dyke

Many who profess to be the oracles of religious prophecy, gurus, light workers and new age messiahs and activists are plugged into the failing matrix, and its causes.


They do not understand that their fearful thoughts are creating the 'worst case scenario' by sympathetic resonance, neither do they understand that the 'game' is sustained and created by their thoughts.

So, at the end of the day, those of us who want to catch the wave, get on the bus out of hell… know what to do. We have to reclaim our minds and be vigilant of our thoughts. [Grin]


It's not easy to escape from the abyss!



Understanding the rules of the cosmos

To understand reality, we have to know the rules that govern the program.


Even though the ancient wisdom has been denied us as a species, the information has always been available to the seeker… it's all about resonance. Truth is energetic, and no matter how low grade energies try to block it, they can't… because it vibrates faster than they do.


Any soul that resonates at the same speed as the information highway will synchronistically access the data.


Regenerating our Divine Monad

We are all resonating either self-love [ego] or unconditional love [Monad], and all thoughts both positive and negative affect the grid that bathes all life.

The old adage here rings true… it's all about intent. Where there is no hurt [intent to harm] there is no sin [karmic retribution].


When we act with unconditional kindness, compassion and outpouring of the spirit, we are resonating on the divine consciousness of All… our Divine Blueprint. When that happens, the planetary grid begins to vibrate faster, and in turn, so do we.


Our unconditional love speeds up and invigorates our divine archetype.


Cells in the body of the One

We are individual cells in the energetic body of the Monad, the blueprint of the divine being we once were. The codes are written in our soul light, and it is up to each of us to find our way back to source… those that want to…

Its time to let go of fear… for it does not belong to us, and add our love light to the fire that rises into Air, the fourth dimension of the Heart, the gateway to the fifth dimension.



Attuning to our true frequency

The buds of our consciousness are beginning to open, and as we are mindful, and speak our truth without the emotional debris of the program, we will flower in the spirit, and no longer be afraid for we will know who we truly are.

Start pushing the positive buttons...


Be mindful and speak your heart truth without the emotional blackmail of the game. The planet and all its precious cargo should not be raped, murdered for profit, food, fashion, brutal entertainments and pseudo-science…

Don't be afraid to stand up for those that have no voice. Join the fourth dimensional rebellion...

The below video tells how we got hacked: