August 14, 2014

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The Spiritual Path


"In acting,

sincerity is everything.

If you can fake that,

you've got it made."

George Burns

If you grow your own light, but the duality of life, the resulting darkness of your own shadow grows equally.


One must consciously turn 180 degrees to see their own darkness.


Once this is faced and your light is shone into the abyss, it is no longer allowed to live in the darkness and you begin the process of freeing yourself of the hold that darkness, unfaced, holds on you.


Face the darkness, hold the candle high so that others can better see their own shadows as well.


This is the work to self-liberation, personal freedom and ascension to our higher selves.



Everywhere I look these days is information streaming in; all about death, war, pestilence, toxins, destruction, disease... well you get it.


It all felt so much out of my control and dis-empowering.


Then there is the other side of the spectrum, the world where I perceive my brothers and sisters to reside. The world of unrelenting and all consuming love. Where festivals with uniting music, light, dance, superfoods, acceleration, meditation prevail and the world feels like she is healing through the act of just being.


I started crying thinking of how good it feels to just let spirit breath through you in tribal surrounding with like minded lightworkers. I cried because I see mama Gaia our grand mother Earth needs healing and the people who run the planet have lost connection with source with which they seek from others.


Most of all I thought, how the heck can a bunch of modern hippies bring in the new earth to heal such complex problems?

Then today I had a breakthrough, like the two hemispheres of my brain, the yin and the yang finally harmonized in that cranium of mine and the truth started pouring out inspired by a fantastic interview with Eisenhower's great granddaughter.

We are living in the grand cleansing. The grand balancing and re-connection. Like an ayahuasca ceremony the universal consciousness is "getting well" spewing and vomiting all that is not welcome or untrue.


We are seeing the negativity, the divergence in grand scale and when light permeates a room, when medicine floods the body no shadow or darkness, no disease can exist.


Most of us have the memory of choosing to reincarnate on this planet and have done so in remembrance, we remember the rumbling and shaking of transforming reality, we have deliberately chosen to come here in one of the most exciting times in the cosmos, the transmutation of consciousness back to source.


I was told the ascension time is held between 2012 and 2017, that the souls that chose to be present during the awaking are in fact awakening themselves. Rubbing our foggy, confused and clouded teary eyes, we ask why and when we can't find the answer go searching for those people with similar vibration.


I am here to finally build the bridge just as I and many others before me have.

We must merge hemispheres. Let's start with the newly awakening, you may feel as though you have accessed a center within that is capable of performing miracles. This then displays itself with a curiosity toward healing with energy and crystals, learning about out of body experience and lucid dreaming, telepathy etcetera.


All of these things are true and our complex, diverse DNA is far more capable to abilities we have not even heard of yet.


What I am trying to get at most of all is that the true "power" that we as this remembrance race have is to touch the heart, to ignite a ripple effect of heart to crown chakra ascension that will remind others why they have come here.


Here is how we balance this:

With light and with heart, with listening to our OWN hearts compass alone.

For those of you who have been watching current events, with the internet exposing so much of the agenda to lock the connection to source and acceleration of the human aura, there is a period of time when it can all seem negatively overwhelming.


The truth to this is when you put light on any dark situation the dark can no longer exist, the darkness in you or otherwise on the planet can only exist if you give it has a hiding place.


Likewise for any human or entity to feed on you or become vampiric or parasitic, there needs to first be the space or opportunity for these entities to feed off of.


If you are fully informed and living in the heart space which knows that source is infinite and cannot be destroyed nor harmed because of it's infinite nature, you have cleansed your auric plane and ignited the supernatural proponents to your angelic DNA.


A metaphor would be, for example:

eating junk food giving your body more of a burden to cleanse therefore putting your body at higher risk for infection and disease.

The same goes for the etheric or astral realms as well.


If you dwell in negativity, fear and anger while watching unfolding current events you are adding fuel to the fire.


If these negative entities or even parasitic energies are surrounding you and feeding from darkness like disinformation and fear, this is the vibration they would want to keep you in so you can stay their vibrational host.

Therefore, this is the balancing breakdown to give you an easy mission to start healing the planet today.