by Elva Thompson
May 05, 2014

from HeartStar Website

Any movement of the assemblage point means a movement away
from an excessive concern with the individual self. Shamans believe
it is the position of the assemblage point which makes modern man a
homicidal egoist, a being totally involved with his self-image.
Having lost hope of ever returning to the source of everything, the
average man seeks solace in his selfishness.

Warrior teachings of Don Juan

Carlos Castaneda



Journey into Self

It’s an uncanny feeling when one comes face to face with self… and finds a stranger partaking at the table of one’s life.

And it is a rude awakening when one observes within oneself, the child that whines, the petulant, sulking adolescent, the bully, the barrack room lawyer, the predator, the martyr, the victim, the self seeking friend, and all the other extensions of the ego.

Brave is the seeker, who bares his soul and confronts the squirming appetites that lie hidden behind the careful grooming of the self. Lusts and passions that can only be revealed when one throws off the shackles of self love and dares to look within.



Riding the wave

The recent eclipse of the moon, sun and the powerful astrological aspects of the planets, resonated deeply on my natal chart and sent me on a journey of exploration into self.


I set myself the task of randomly observing my thoughts and feelings over a period of two weeks and writing down my findings.

Most of the time, when I checked on my thoughts, I was a dynamo of negative energy, fuming about chemtrails in the sky, the destruction of the environment, abandoned pets, or the speeding car that almost ran me off the road on my way to town.

What shocked me was the extent of my discordant thinking, and I realized that when I was not mindful of my thoughts, the program took over and ran amok with its own fantasies, prejudices and desires.

Knowing that the preparing and serving of food in a loving environment is essential for good health, I began to observe my thoughts while I was in the kitchen. I caught myself several times, standing at the sink, all pissed off and scrubbing the vegetables.


Other times I caught myself dwelling miserably on debris from my past or fretting about the future.



By not being mindful in the now, I did not heed the enemy within and inadvertently, not only poisoned my food with my negative thoughts but my families as well.



Predator attack

I think that there are invisible entities that hate us and deliberately resonate on our traumas when we are not mindful in the now.


They are responsible for the negative thought that comes out of the blue, the emotional trigger that brings depression and despair for seemingly no reason. They are mind parasites and stalk us from the shadows, waiting for us to take that extra drink or drug, so they can possess us.

Dr Harry Oldfield has developed PIP (Poly Interference Photography), that is able to capture the frequency patterns and form of these demons attached to the human chakra system.


Withdrawing from the program

Our exalted being of soul, the core of all life, knows the truth… and it tries to tell us.


But we are deaf, enamored and enchanted by the giddy world of ego and sensation. We are immersed in duality, living a lie that we think is real, the program of ‘them versus us’ and ‘the blame game’, and as a result, we are at the mercy of duality and our emotions are dragged from one end of the spectrum to the other.


This to-ing and fro-ing of the mind is an emotional roller coaster, a barren repetition that is impotent from a cosmic point of view. It is the separate reality of self going round and round the cycles of time like a lemming on a play wheel.


We become automatons, blinded from beauty and caught up by the arrogance inherent in the program.

In distraction there is chaos and to liberate our minds, we have to shake free of the choking rope of ‘us and them’ and ‘the blame game’ that slowly strangles life affirming action in the moment of the now.

We have to transcend duality in the full knowledge that it is a program, a piece of software to trap and entrain our senses and harvest our heart pain, our lusts, our unfulfilled dreams and disappointments.

The realization that we are programs in a virtual reality game and no different from any other self replicating live stock, is a terrifying thought. We get scared when the rug of normalcy gets pulled out from underneath our feet. We have to take control of our thinking and kick out the dark invaders of our minds.


It takes vigilance and practice to overcome the program, and as we conquer our inherited software and explore our inner space, a whole new paradigm begins to open up, and we start happening to things, instead of things happening to us.



We feel the ‘quickening’, the frequency change and a calmer panorama takes hold of our lives.


In this understanding the soul stirs, the quiet voice comes to the fore and the storm clouds of doubt and uncertainty are no more. This energy is the counter strike, the contrary, the resonant frequency heralding our victory over the program.

Now is our time. Reclaim your mind. Grab your dream and run into eternity.

Love is all there is.