by Jon Rappoport
February 14, 2013

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A recent Bonn University study suggests we may all be living in a virtual simulation.


If a pixel-lattice that forms the background of this universe is presenting us with an all-encompassing “television picture” of reality, then the whole space-time continuum could be a rigorously designed artifact.


But another study, this one using a small number of meditators, pushes our understanding even further.


Dean Radin, the author of two groundbreaking books on controlled paranormal experiments, The Conscious Universe and Entangled Minds, spoke at a January conference, Electric Universe, in New Mexico.


He described his recent pilot study on time and precognition. A small group of advanced meditators who use the “non-dual” technique, were tested.


While meditating, they were subjected to random interruptions:

a flash of light and a beeping sound.

Measuring their brain activity, Radin found that significant brain changes occurred BEFORE the light flashes or the beeps.


A control group of non-meditators were tested in exactly the same way, but their brain measurements revealed NO such changes. In other words, the brains of the meditators anticipated the timing of the unpredictable interruptions.


The future was registering now. This, of course, opens up another way of thinking about time.


Serial time, the idea that, in this continuum, we experience a smooth progression of moments, with the present becoming, so to speak, the future, is the conventional view.


But suppose that is a grossly limiting and sketchy premise? Suppose that, for those who can be aware of it, the future is bleeding into the present? It is making an impact “before it happens.”


The non-dual method of meditation seeks to eliminate walls between “now and then, you and I, here and there.”


It has also been studied by Zoran Josipovic (New York University). In 2012, Josipovic and colleagues found that, for non-dual meditators, two areas of the cerebral cortex, loosely labeled “external” and “intrinsic,” shifted their operating basis.


These two areas of the brain, long known for their independence from each other (if one is switched on, the other is switched off), both began operating with significantly less “antagonism.”


If time is deeply rooted in perception, Dean Radin’s study indicates that this even extends to the future. If people can register the impact of the future now, then our notions of time are up for grabs.


So are conventional concepts of cause and effect, which rely on chains of events moving like trains from the past to the present. We need to consider that causes can sit in the future and produce their effects in the present.


In which case, what is the future? It certainly is an expanded territory that extends beyond our normal view of it.


In correspondence with me, Dean Radin offered further information about his study:

“All participants knew that they would receive a light flash, an audio tone [beep], both, or none. In one condition they didn’t know when these would occur or what type of stimulus. In another condition they knew when it would occur but not what.


In all cases no one, including experiment[ers], knew what the next stimulus would be because we used a true random number generator to select it on the fly.


“The conclusion of the study was that the reported subjective experience of exceptional spaciousness, or timelessness, reported by some advanced meditators, appears to be objectively correct.


That is, their subjective sense of ‘now’ appears to expand substantially, and our experiment indicates that this was not an illusion.”

I then asked Dr. Radin how closely correlated the light flashes and audio tones were to the brain changes in the meditators.


His answer was stunning. The brain changes occurred 1.5 seconds before these interruptions. And the changes obviously occurred even though the meditators didn’t know when the interruptions were coming.


Radin’s remarks offer us a major point:

these meditators were expanding their consciousness of the present moment, so that it included the future.

Therefore, we would be interacting with far more than this continuum is supposed to represent.


Such a framework of understanding travels far beyond modern ideas about the makeup and laws of the physical universe. It implies more than merely a holographic or pixel-based cosmos. It speaks to titanic capabilities on our part.


Of course, having sunk to a state in which we navigate in an amnesia about ourselves, we look at these ideas with skepticism. We pretend we are trapped in a container-continuum of space and time, as Einstein and others have fleshed it out.

  • What if this is not the case at all?

  • What if we are trying to resolve our problems within a highly narrow context, when in fact the ultimate solution - the only one that will finally satisfy us - depends on us waking up to what we are?

Like recovering our political freedom, the journey to re-establish our greatest hidden capacities is a magnificent enterprise.


We no longer need to consign ourselves to dreams of comic-book heroes. We would be the heroes.


When I first read Dean Radin’s breakthrough book, The Conscious Universe, I was floored.


Far from merely recounting anecdotes of paranormal phenomena, Radin was proving that decades of well-formed and well-conducted published laboratory studies, in the areas of telepathy and psychokinesis, revealed that these human capabilities exist.


He had performed a staggering feat. He had shown the science was valid.


It remains for other branches of the scientific community to catch up, to admit their consensus about reality is provincial, distorted, and pathetically behind the times. They are now the Roman Church of old, denying Galileo and Bruno.


They are the flat-earthers, fearing that to sail in a straight line too far will drop them off the edge of a giant dinner plate into emptiness.


Consider what could be the most astonishing extension of Dean Radin’s work:

Suppose that for those elements of the future that aren’t yet planned or on the drawing boards at all, people can still register their presence in advance.


Then we would be talking about the human capacity to reach out into a vacuum, a nothing, and still “bring back” what is going to happen.

If we all added up those moments in our lives when we suddenly and inexplicably knew what was about to occur, and then it did, we would have a significant number.

  • What if we were foreseeing events not scripted on any possible chart?

  • What if we were going beyond time altogether and correctly discovering “something in nothing?”
















Research on Consciousness,

PSI Effects and Precognition

-   Dr. Dean Radin   -
June 2011

from MatrixWissen Website



Dean Radin holds a masters degree in electrical engineering and a doctorate in educational psychology.


He has done extensive research in the field of parapsychology, psi phenomena and exceptional human capabilities. In this interview he shares some of his insights about consciousness and psi effects.


Time stamps for this interview

0:00:10 - Why do you research anomalies of consciousness?
0:01:08 - Why are psi effects on random number generators significant?
0:02:55 - What are remote staring experiments about?
0:04:35 - Why are psi phenomena ignored by mainstream science? (interesting answer)
0:10:30 - Why is there a taboo about researching extended properties of consciousness?
0:12:40 - What are presentiment / precognition experiments about?
0:21:40 - Do experiments show that participants have awareness about the future?
0:24:10 - Where do you see the future of psi research? (interesting answer)
0:27:10 - What are the philosophical implications of consciousness research?
0:28:20 - Is there an observer effect to the manifestation of physical reality?



Consciousness, Reality and Science

-   Dr. Dean Radin and Tom Campbell   -
July 2012

from MatrixWissen Website


Dr. Dean Radin started out as a professional concert violinist, lateron graduated with a degree in electrical engineering, magna cum laude and continued his education in the field of psychology in which he received his PhD.


After working as an engineer for many years he finally became Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) in California. Dean is a true pioneer in the field of parapsychological research.


His experiments particularly regarding telepathy and advanced knowledge of future events show clearly that a lot of phenomena we observe in our reality can not be explained satisfactorily by a purely materialistic model of the reality.

Tom Campbell is a physicist who used to work for NASA. Over the last 35 years he developed his "My Big Toe"-theory which can unite physics and metaphysics into one holistic model.


Tom started out doing experiments on human consciousness together with Bob Monroe in the 70s. Through these experiments he learned how he can use his own consciousness to leave his physical body.


His "My Big Toe"-theory is his approach on bringing together his rational knowledge as a physicist with his personal experiences regarding consciousness.

In this interview Dean and Tom talk about a variety of topics regarding consciousness, reality and science.


Besides a discussion on various insights and research results from the fields of quantum physics and parapsychology they continue to discuss experiments which could be done to verify Tom's theory.


Finally they agree on collaborating and actually doing some of these experiments jointly.


Time stamps for Part 1 of this interview

0:00:45 - Introduction
0:01:50 - What is consciousness ? Individual consciousness & consciousness as an information field
0:07:20 - Research on paranormal experiences and ancient holistic wisdom
0:15:35 - Tom's MBT theory and its application to the measurement problem of quantum physics
0:21:00 - Individual data streams within a virtual reality
0:24:10 - Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser experiment, particles as probability distributions
0:26:50 - Why is the speed of light a constant ?
0:28:45 - Are we living in the movie Matrix ? Plato's allegory of the cave, conscious computers
0:33:15 - Free will, video lag in virtual realities, readiness potential
0:39:15 - How does advanced knowledge about future events work, life goals, nudging, synchronicity
0:46:10 - Falsifying Tom's MBT-theory through "reverse causality" experiments
0:52:10 - Dean's ideas on using double slit experiments to falsify Tom's theory
0:57:25 - Bill Tiller's experiments to modify the PH level of water by intent
0:58:45 - Experiments to modify a probability distribution by intent
1:00:30 - End of Part 1







Time stamps for Part 2 of this interview

0:00:45 - Planning of a collaboration between Dean and Tom to do experiments together
0:05:55 - Dean's research results, scientific "evidence" for paranormal phenomena
0:08:00 - Physical laws, scientific theories, PEAR Labs experiments
0:13:30 - Where will science be 10 years from now with respect to paranormal phenomena ?
0:15:50 - Tom's prognosis for 2 upcoming paradigm shifts in science with respect to reality
0:22:20 - Wise usage of modern technology instead of self-destruction
0:24:10 - This cultural shift will be faster than earlier shifts due to the internet
0:26:30 - End of interview