by Michael Forrester

February-March 2012

from PreventDisease Website

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Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.





Part I
February 23, 2012



We're moving at an incredible pace.


Events are happening so quickly that many may not be aware of the phenomenal rate of awakening across the globe - and it's not just among general populations, it's spanning throughout the top levels of the power structure.


The so-called controllers are well aware of their inevitable defeat and there are now major victories that await the entire human race. All things counterproductive to human health and freedom will be banned or out casted as entire nations collectively join and move forward to a new era in intelligence and consciousness.

This report will take place in three segment articles outlining a total of 15 major victories that await for humanity this decade.


Each segment will explain 5 of them.


The shift in consciousness is taking place at the molecular level of all living things as the earth itself moves to fourth dimensional awareness and begins to reject all things not balanced in the ascension process.

Make no mistake; a major global shift will happen this year. It has already begun.


What is calling you? Do you feel why you are here at this very time?


It is to experience this very moment where the human race transcends to something very special. There will literally be an obliteration of any political, government and economic systems that do not endorse a balanced state for humanity. There will be many victories but there will also be much more than just a political and economic revolution.

The changes in our mentalities and understanding are being greatly and steadily expanded.


The following changes will be slow to manifest, but they will happen in less than a decade.

    A one world monetary system will soon be recommended for implementation. It will happen either just before or after the next economic implosion occurs likely in the next nine months.


    This will likely be timed with the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. Bank CEOs and chiefs are resigning all over the world, not only because of scandals, but they are also well aware of the economic chaos that is about to occur.


    Videos such as the one below broadcasted on behalf of representatives who have spear-headed a new global currency, claim to be from trustworthy sources.








    Unfortunately, they do not hold humanity's best interests in their plans.


    If implemented, the planet will soon realize that this global restructuring will also result in failure due to further restrictions and control mechanisms on different parts of the planet.


    The inevitable result will be the eventual abolishment of all monetary systems to be replaced by a reciprocal needs process of interrelated ideas and principles that will be far more advanced than any pre-historical bartering system ever used by humans.


    It is essential that all of you comprehend that monetary systems have been selected for termination by you the collective.


    Money itself is not the root of evil, however humans have bound money so tightly to contracts that it can no longer be used to benefit humans in its current form and with the current mindset to transcend all that it represents.


    Since the idea of money itself is a third dimensional concept and because of the conditional format that it requires to function, it can no longer and will no longer exist in the fourth dimension where you will reside.



    There is currently much discussion and strategy underway regarding a great war with Iran. We can tell you that this war is very unlikely to ever happen as there are greater forces at work that will prevent it from materializing.


    Should the war begin in its initial stages, it will be quickly extinguished before mass casualties occur. Much of the media's attention around this issue is more politically motivated. Organized and deliberate military action although a potential reality, it is not a particular option of interest even for those who are orchestrating this event.

    Your governments have had the most important role in awakening the world.


    Through their constant need to control populations and the flow of money, they persisted with wars not for peace but for profit. The delivery of such profits always went to the dark side - non-government elite entities with no accountability to anyone but themselves.


    They played this dark role so that the majority of humans could awaken and move on to other realms of vibration. They have done their job very well and their time has now come to an end. Humans are now awakening to the reality of the dark side which has fooled so many for so long. They have mastered this role so well, that many humans were convinced that governments were acting in their best interests.


    However, there is no longer persistent and mass denial of the government's motive in wars.


    Consequently, governments in all forms will fall as people continue to awaken and graduate to fourth dimensional concepts where such corrupt and complex methods of control cannot exist.


    You will not be governed, you will govern yourselves.



    Genetically modified and poisonous foods filled with artificial chemicals and dangerous preservatives have spanned the globe. They have brought disease and ill effects to human health.


    Again, these foods and their production have had a role in awakening the human mind and body.


    Their vibration cannot exist in the dimension which humans will soon reside. You will not feel drawn to eating these foods and will simply avoid them. They will essentially begin to disappear. Biotechnology companies such as Monsanto, the world's largest genetically modified food producer, will soon realize that their products will no longer be accepted anywhere.


    Humanity will not be able to ingest these food substances and therefore they too will cease to exist. You will soon feel the same way about genetically modified foods as you do about other poisons in your society.



    It is now very evident to many people all over the world (not just those considered in high places), that every single pandemic occurring in your recent history has been fabricated and man-made, including the deadly 1918 flu pandemic that eventually infected 500 million people and allowed at least 10% of those to pass over.


    It was all co-created of course, but the fact remains that governments continue to use fabricated diseases as a tool to vaccinate populations with ineffective vaccines that do nothing more than cause further disease.


    This is partly due to the way the microorganisms are biologically prepared and partly due to the formulations which contain certain chemicals and preservatives which can have very negative health effects on segments of the population with specific genetic predispositions. Your scientists are well aware of this.


    They are also aware that vaccines in their current state and preparation have no effect in relation to their intended use as tools of immunization. Any positive outcomes discovered through the results of scientific study have been very manipulated by those that benefit most from their manufacture and delivery.


    People have now caught on to the reasons vaccines were invented and those in power will protect these reasons at all costs. There are methods of manufacturing vaccines which could be potentially advantageous to humans, however the current frequency at which your scientists operate will not allow them to prepare such vaccines... yet.


    Until then, those that vaccinate will be a very small minority by the end of the decade if vaccines exist at all by then.



    Your oil cabals are already aware that new energy sources are on the horizon.


    Some are already on earth and some are on their way, but oil will also be a thing of the past once these energy sources are accepted and allowed to flourish which is inevitable.


    Dozens of brilliant inventors have already created hundreds of prototypes that could serve as alternative energy sources.


    Many of them were assassinated by the oil industry, but their work lives on and others have benefited tremendously from their blueprints. However, the energy sources that we refer to are much more than what has already been discovered by many of these inventors.


    The energy sources that are coming will revolutionize your concepts of energy in ways that even your most knowledgeable scientists will once again become students.





Part II

March 2, 2012


Moving on to part II of this report, we'll focus on 5 more victories awaiting humanity this decade.


They include further elimination of toxins in our bodies and environment, but most of all an understanding of the eternal nature of our being, which will ultimately change the way we think and feel about our world and each other.


Solar flares will be intensifying in 2012 so that a greater amount of magnetic energy comes across the entire earth and all living things.

The first wave of energy which really made a difference on planet earth was between 2000-2001.


That major wave of magnetic energy was stored in the earth's tectonic plates. It has slowly come off the plates since then so that the human body could absorb the energy much like a solar panel. Earthquakes simply further accelerate this process.

The sun is actually a portal where energy goes through and many are watching to see if it contains sufficient amounts of energy for the requirements needed by earth in the next few years. It is believed that twice the amount of energy forecasted by NASA and other scientists will soon be released by the sun very soon. It will be intense with a level of magnetic energy that you will never experience again in this lifetime.

This will force most of you to start feeling before thinking as it will be almost impossible to do the reverse, which is what all of you have been so accustomed to for thousands of years.


You are going to begin seeing light in what was once darkness and you will see its beauty come forth. You will begin to understand why certain people have been in your life and the role they are playing to help YOU integrate lessons and increase your vibration. You will all move out of judgment and polarity consciousness... this is where you are headed.

So then, let us move on to some of the additional victories that you can expect this decade continuing from Part I:

  1. TRUTH
    You can already see this movement progressing very strongly throughout your alternative media and the internet. Currently your mainstream news outlets are still filled with large amounts of untruths and disinformation from disingenuous sources.


    As a result, the current alternative media is quickly becoming the mainstream as the public chooses truth over lies. The inevitable result will be a drastic overhaul of television content as they try and play catch-up with what people all over the world now expect.

    You will begin discriminating truth from disinformation and light from dark. You will share the word of truth and justice and proudly disseminate information that helps others integrate this universal right.


    The veil is becoming very thin and you will no longer have trouble analyzing truths from untruths. It will come naturally and you will not be deceived by those who have become masters of deception. All of earth's inhabitants will analyze with their hearts instead of their minds, and the heart cannot be deceived.

    You will have more access to earth's true history, where you came from, why you are here, and learn once and for all how powerful you really are.


    Governments will admit their mistakes in attempting to provide clean, pure water to the public.


    Poisonous chemicals such as fluoride and many other toxic elements will be removed from the water supply as they will no longer be compatible with the vibrational alignment of humans.


    Although the human body will not require as much water in the coming years, you will discover advanced methods of purification that will outdate all other systems and technology currently used.


    There will be pollution controls and technology that will soon be in the hands of those that can make a difference in reversing accumulated levels of toxic substances on your planet.


    Specific operations designed to pollute your skies such as geoengineering and chemtrails will end as the reality of what these operations represent to humanity becomes very apparent to those who facilitate these daily projects.


    You will slowly begin to see reversals in every area from local pollutants to regional, national and international areas.


    There will be no limits, by land, sea or air. The earth will be cleansed of all foreign substances and entities that are not advancing human health and their vibrational equivalents. This includes a dramatic reduction in over 100,000 chemicals which are artificially manufactured by humans.


    You will feel a new desire within you and appreciation for why the earth needed to go through these phases of pollution and cleansing.


    It is important that you all know that extraterrestrial life exists. It exists in such abundance that you could not even begin to appreciate the population of E.T. beings, especially if it was explained to you with your current level of knowledge.


    Extraterrestrial beings are everywhere and all around you. Inside the earth, on the surface and on earth's perimeter, there is as greater a population of extraterrestrial beings than there are humans.


    You will learn to relate to this fact very soon and how galactic consciousness will integrate within your societies. You will understand why the majority of them observe and do not interfere with your lives.


    You will appreciate more of your true history by communicating with them and you will finally accept that your interactions with extraterrestrial life span hundreds of thousands of years with a very rich history. You will no longer be deceived by those that have kept these secrets hidden from humanity.


    Before the year 2020, it is inevitable and the entire planet will know they exist.


    You are immortal in a physical vessel which you decide is mortal.


    Your physical vessel does not need to die, but you have come to accept that it will, so it does.


    There is a balance of well-being that is certain for all of us. You all have a shared pain and part of the process of integration is the understanding of why it exists. Illness is not always a sign that there is something wrong.


    To acclimate to new energy, many of you have chosen to push through these physical barriers first. You have been conditioned that you must all naturally contract diseases and take drugs to fix them. This is not so.

    You WILL know the eternal nature of your being and you will enjoy putting down your burdens and stop struggling to defend and guard against things you think have gone wrong and that must be made right. This is where most of your pain resides.


    You will learn to love knowing that you don't have to fix your planet or anybody else and that everything is just as it should be.


    You will love knowing that your governments are perfect... that your religions are perfect... that your diversity of beliefs and desires (and everybody else's) are perfect... that your gender is perfect... that things do not have to change for you to be who and what you came here to be.


    It is then and only then that all the "fixing" required by your egos will actually occur, but you will also know that in reality, nothing ever needed to be fixed. You will let go of any resistance and hold yourself in steady alignment.


    Will it not be a magnificent moment when humanity can just be without having to be something else?


    This is where you are headed because you are divine beings of light and you have become masters at this game you call earth.






Part III

March 14, 2012



The final installment of this report (see Part I and Part II above) will focus on the last 5 victories awaiting humanity this decade.


They will center on our psycho-spiritual evolution and the path to discover universal truths. These will be by far the most important areas of enlightenment to free humanity from its current veil of deception.


Solar flares have intensified greatly in the last month and will continue in frequency and intensity as they bombard earth.


A greater amount of magnetic energy is now coming across our entire planet and all living things. This is activating DNA and energetic centers within the body. It is changing who we are.

Everything is energy... everything!


Your entire world, from the water you drink to the ground you walk on is comprised of energy. Vibrating frequencies build a virtual construct that makes you think you are in a physical world, but you are not.


You are in a holographic universe which is an illusion so well designed, that only the highest beings of light can see it for what it is.


This is your destiny.

Think about all the areas of wellness, whether they be physical, mental social, lifestyle, morals, the spiritual aspects of life (e.g. new age, Western religion, Eastern spirituality)... they are all enveloped and affected by energy. How you think, feel and act is all energetic.

The last 5 victories (review Part I and Part II above) that await humanity are the most important of all as they will create a cascade of energetic events that will set off the other ten in motion.


In retrospect, they should have been the first five, but as many of you say, leave the best for last:

    Vital energy makes up about 70% of total subtle energy and sustains the physical body, mind, intellect and ego. It is distributed through subtle channels which connect at special points of intensity most popularly known as chakras.


    This constructs the physical (voluntary and involuntary actions) and the subtle body (conscious/subconscious mind, intellect and ego). It is prevalent throughout the body and supplies energy to the cells, nerves, arteries, lymph etc. Some concepts relating to the subtle body are partially understood by scientists, but the level of understanding has always been rudimentary. That is now changing.

    Spiritual or Kundalini energy lies dormant in a person until activated. These concepts are not well understood by scientists since they cannot be measured with current technology.


    Those who have practiced meditation and spiritual principles at the qualitative and quantitative level have assisted in the continual grace of principles that leads these Kundalini forces on the right path. However, the shift in global frequencies and fourth dimensional concepts is allowing all of humanity to earn spiritual wealth simultaneously and without the efforts that were once necessary. In the past, people had to work hard to amass spiritual wealth.


    Now, it will be as if all humans are born into spiritual wealth without practice. You have received a magnificent upgrade that is allowing this energy to be activated by simply embracing the being that you are.


    It is leading to spiritual growth at an accelerated rate.


    Imagine creating a unified harmony through 800 trillion cells and vibrating them into health and well being. Humming itself produces overtones which can heal your mind, body and spirit.


    You will begin loving your voice and humming or singing from day to day to assist in accelerating your spiritual growth. It will come natural to you.


    You will begin feeling mystic silent overtones vibrating through your cells and body. This will also awaken your deepest desires to be unified with overtones of love and help breakdown stiffness and pain and facilitate your spirit body to flow.

    As you begin to breakdown the veil, you will realize you have a shared pain on this planet and it is not your own.


    It is connected to everyone and everything. There is beauty in that shared pain and you will learn to see it for what it is through energetic harmony. You will move past specific body pain you thought was your own when it was actually part of the collective.


    Once embraced, this pain will cease to exist.


    What scientific studies have failed to address on the planet is causation.


    They have tried through many different methods to obtain conclusive results in their scientific research through a countless number of double blind, placebo controlled and random studies which are considered the highest standards for scientific experiment. We can tell you that there has never been one published scientific study based on this standard that has identified causation beyond sub-atomic levels.

    Scientific studies can only derive correlations because they do not address energetic causation which is the underlying mechanism behind everything single experience and event whether physical or non-physical. 100% of your diseases are based on energetic components within your field.


    There is NO other cause of disease. Diseases are primarily third dimensional experiences and will cease to exist as you ascend to higher dimensions.

    This will be a big one for scientists as many will learn in the coming decade to factor energetic principles as causation before initiating any study. You will all begin to have a better understanding of the effect of energetic resonance and the effects on all physical things.


    This will revolutionize science and remove many obstacles that have hindered scientific inquiry from progressing on the planet.


    You can only attract what is within your vibrational field. There are no experiences that you can obtain in physical form without attracting them from a vibrational perspective.


    That includes the most horrific experiences and the most beautiful ones. What you will learn to do is accept relationships and experiences for what they are. People serve as a reflection to teach you something about yourself. If somebody says something that offends you, it is because your vibrational field contained an element that needed to be addressed.


    You will see these people differently. You will thank them for being that reflection and the needed transfer of energy that was necessary for you to recognize your own vibration. You will honor these people for coming into your life and teaching you something about yourself.

    You will come to the realization where you will enjoy the effect that all people have on you, even those you now consider to be obnoxious, rude, insensitive, careless, ignorant, etc.


    These are qualities you have always judged in yourself and the reflection is only there because you attract it.


    So start thanking your overbearing boss, nosy neighbor or rude coworker for what they bring to your energy field, because you've attracted them into your life for a reason and they're only doing their job... to be the light you want them to be.


    Perhaps one of the biggest victories awaiting humanity is the shift from polarity or duality consciousness and the dichotomous right vs. wrong which has resulted in much of the conflict and suffering that exists between men and women, people of various races, the wealthy and poor, the strong and weak.


    Hierarchies have also been formed creating further degrees of separation, (good, better, best) where particular persons or events were rigorously judged within this context. This will end.

    All of humanity will begin to understand that all experiences and perceptions are neutral in nature and it is only the ego which places an emphasis on good vs. bad, or right vs. wrong. This shift will be part of the grand awakening which is currently well on its way.

    You will begin uniting and accepting each other as equals, and this will be passed to your children liberating successive generations from the shackles of duality. Humanity has already begun transcending this pattern.

    Life's experiences which are now viewed in extreme polarity and prejudice will be viewed as the natural order of one's life. Being present in that observation by loving, allowing and accepting the world will lead to joy, happiness and enlightenment.

The hard part is over. The only thing left to do now is alter your expectations and enjoy the ride.


You are a divine being of light and your true nature will soon be all you know.