January 5, 2012

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The fourth dimension is now our arena.


When asked to give a simple definition of this dimension, Edgar Cayce answered with a single word: "idea."


Quite independently, the psychiatrist Carl Jung provided exactly the same, single word definition. The fourth dimension is the realm of ideas, the world of the imagination where we can make anything happen.


It's a big world, infinite; certainly big enough for one to get lost within it unless you know the secret of navigation.




Fourth dimensional consciousness is awareness of point, length, breadth, height, volume, and time.


The fourth dimension is also known as the Astral Plane, and the primary consciousness of this dimension is the Astral Body, which is also known as the "higher human."

Because of the octave leap in vibration from third to fourth dimension the Astral Body is of a higher vibration known as etheric and fourth dimensional perception of past, present, and future is more fluid, as the laws of time and space change.

On the fourth dimension, we can reintegrate our group identity without the loss of our personal ego, as it is the last vibration where physical vehicles are used to contain individual consciousness. However, because of the fluid nature of time and space our astral forms naturally morph.


Hence, there is a huge mobility of form. It is the realm of the "shape shifters" of which mythology speaks.


A shaman or holy person who can shape shift has learned to ground their astral form upon the third dimension so completely that they can temporarily change their third dimensional form.

Drunvalo Melchizedek, author of several books on consciousness, stated that the fourth dimension is,

"a thousand times more interesting than here [3rd dimension].


Every breath is like an eternity; it's so special. We have lost our connection to God here and we don't remember what it's like to have God in and around us, moving through us, and to be intimately connected with God, so that, whatever you're thinking and whatever you're feeling is directly created.


You could go into the fourth dimension and actually recreate the third dimension... you quickly realize that whatever you're thinking starts happening, and the whole idea that we are separate becomes meaningless very quickly."

This amusing paradox shows the problem of discussing the fourth dimension with terms derived from the three dimensional world.


Even to say "movement" in the fourth dimension borrows from the 3-D world of time and space. Perhaps it would be better to say "changes" instead of movement, when discussing the fourth dimension, for we can "travel" in the fourth dimension without moving at all. We don't actually travel, but rather we change our intentions and thus the pattern of our experience.

Contemplating the fourth dimension is a very useful exercise.


The fourth dimension offers a novel and intriguing addition to our worldview that is becoming particularly important today. It provides the necessary stage upon which we can experience the reality of the soul. At a time when more and more people are wanting to have a relationship with soul, it is important to reckon with its fourth dimensional nature.

Much of our third dimensional life also exists upon the fourth dimension in a format of a higher vibration, but we are not aware of it because that reality is NOT in sync with our physical time and space. We can have a dream of an entire lifetime and wake up to find that only five minutes of our physical time has passed.


Our astral reality, as well as our other physical incarnations, is not perceivable to our third dimensional self unless we have remembered our Multidimensional Consciousness.

The fourth dimension is the realm which holds the awareness of our body's first and second dimensional components, as well as all our past experiences of this life and all other third dimensional lives. We can expand our third dimensional consciousness into the fourth dimension through gaining an awareness of the inner-workings of our physical body, remembering our dreams, and having intense experiences of passion, emotion, creativity, and/or spirituality.

The Astral Plane is the realm of dream life.


When we are "asleep", we are unconscious in the third dimension, but we are conscious in the fourth dimension. Our fourth dimensional Astral Body possesses advanced dreaming, imagination, psychic ability, intuition, magic, and creativity. As we expand our mind to frequency of the fourth dimension, we can experience more and more of these qualities while in our physical form.

Author of Spiritual Unfoldment - A Guide to Liberating Your Soul, Richard Barrett stated that,

"we have blocked out this perspective with three dimensional conditioning." when asked why we are not more aware of the fourth dimensional realities.

Physical awareness is three-dimensional, soul awareness is of the fourth dimension.


Three-dimensional awareness has the basic qualities, Barrett explains, of time, space and matter. These qualities creates the experiences of separation, death and mass. Fourth dimensional awareness, on the other hand, has the basic qualities of timelessness, spacelessness and energy. These qualities create the experiences of unity, being and flow. In the fourth dimension, there is consciousness of eternity, where past and future simultaneously co-exist.


There is consciousness of omnipresence, in which everywhere is located right here.


In other words, the here and now is "Home Central" of the fourth dimension. There is a sense in the here and now of a permanent sense of being. That being is not of things, but of energy.


As Barrett puts it,

"In the fourth dimension of consciousness there is only an eternal moment that we call now and everything exists in energy forms."

Some people are born with an innate connection to their fourth dimensional self and must "work" to ground their consciousness in a third dimensional world that often feels foreign and hostile. Others are born without this awakened connection, and they usually feel more comfortable and "at home" within the third dimensional paradigm.


These people often feel cut off from the higher dimensional portions of themselves and may not even believe that "higher selves" even exist.

However, our astral body does exist and its highest vibration is our Spiritual Guidance. Much like a person upon a mountaintop can observe and guide the residents of the valley below, our higher astral self can observe us upon the third dimension and give us guidance. Through the expanded perception of our fourth dimensional self we can create great changes in our physical world.

However, the fourth dimension still has the polarization of light and dark, and this realm is not necessarily more loving, especially upon the lower sub-planes. Upon the fourth dimension, thought and feelings create reality much more quickly than upon the third dimension, and fear can create evil as easily as love can create beauty and joy.

The emotion of fear and a fixation on external circumstance are symptoms of attachment to the 3-D world.

  • Love is an expression of the fourth, a shared awareness with all energy forms of our essential unity.

  • Intention is the secret of navigating in this realm.

One of the most important is for us to look for the our soul's intention behind every experience, to see what we are trying to learn. In the final analysis, the most important lesson is that our ideals become our destiny.


What is yours?