by Suzan Caroll PhD

January 2011

from Multidimensions Website

Spanish version



  • "Dimensions" are a means of organizing different planes of existence according to their vibratory rate. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension.

  • "Consciousness" represents awareness. The inhabitants of each dimension function clearly, easily, and with a minimum of resistance within that plane because their consciousness vibrates in resonance with the frequency of that dimension.

  • "Multidimensional Consciousness" is the ability to be "conscious" of more than one dimension. To be multidimensional in our consciousness we must remember that we have within us the potential to expand our perceptual awareness to the dimensions above and below our physical plane.

  • "Unconscious" means unaware of and unable to attend to internal and/or external stimuli within the inhabitants' own dimension or within another dimension. Third dimensional humans are largely unaware of their first dimensional, second dimensional, and fourth dimensional selves. The human unconscious is best accessed through physical body messages, introspection, dreams, and meditation.

  • "Conscious" means aware of and able to attend to stimuli within the inhabitants' own dimension. The third dimensional self is conscious of what can be perceived by the five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.

  • "Superconscious" is a higher order of consciousness of the fifth dimension and above in which the inhabitants are able to be aware of and attend stimuli of their own dimension as well as all the lower dimensions. The superconscious is innately multidimensional. The third dimensional self can become "conscious" of the superconscious through meditation, prayer, and by surrendering to the enfoldment of the higher order consciousness.

Dimensional Consciousness

First dimensional consciousness is awareness as a point.


The consciousness that resonates to this dimension is the Mineral Kingdom. Current third dimensional science has not proven that minerals have any awareness as we recognize it, but healers and shaman have been using crystals as healing tools for many centuries.

Humans' first dimensional consciousness is "unconscious" to our five physical senses. However, the first dimension is a portion of our bodies and represents the minerals, water, and genetic codes that are the foundation of our physical forms. If we could access this level of our unconscious, we could connect with the entire physical world via its most basic common denominator, the individual molecules.


Perhaps we could even consciously access our own genetic coding.

I feel myself upon the first step of my consciousness. I am of the first dimension. I am an atom of carbon, a drop of water, and an imprint upon a strand of DNA. However, I cannot perceive the strand or the other molecules of water and carbon. I am only conscious of my exact point of my awareness. However, as I look inside myself, I find that another world exists, a world of electrons, protons, nuclei, and quarks.


I am the gateway between the macrocosm and the microcosm.

Second dimensional consciousness is awareness as point and line.


The consciousness that resonates to this dimension is biological matter such as the Plant Kingdom and the lower Animal Kingdom. The consciousness of this dimension does not possess self-awareness. These beings are only conscious of their species' identity and their need for feeding, fighting, and procreation. Their consciousness is based upon survival of the fittest and they live solely within the awareness of the moment.

Human second dimensional consciousness is centered in the lower brain, which directs the autonomic nervous system to regulate and maintain life support functions. Our five physical senses are largely unconscious of this component of ourselves, but with training such as biofeedback and meditations, some conscious awareness and control can be established.


Yogis are known to achieve enough conscious control of their autonomic nervous system and can regulate their heartbeat and metabolism.

"Primitive" peoples are much more aware of this "animal" portion of their physical form and, therefore, have conscious access to their basic instincts. and an awareness of how they are a portion of a greater whole. Unlike "civilized" man, they have a constant respect for all life and the balance of Nature.

I feel myself now expand to my second dimensional consciousness. My task is simple. I must survive. I will protect myself and procreate in the proper season. I look neither forwards nor backwards, and I dwell only in the present. I am what I am and where I am. I neither plan nor reflect. I live to continue the existence of my species. If a human consciousness inhabits my form, I am not aware of it.


My perceptions are confined to what I can eat, use, fight, mate with, or rear. However, my "herd" and I are one.


Our instincts guide us, and we are a part of Nature.


Third dimensional consciousness is awareness of point, line, length, breadth, height, and volume.


The primary consciousness of this dimension is the higher Animal Kingdom and the Human Kingdom. The humanoid form is composed of all the elements of the first and second dimensional being, which are: water, minerals, genetic coding, and biological matter, as well as an individual soul. It is the individual Soul that distinguishes humans from the other members of the Animal Kingdom who mostly have a group Soul.

The third dimension is locked in a time/space and cause/effect paradigm.


This dimension is a schoolroom that our Souls attend by inhabiting humanoid physical bodies to learn more about creation. In the third dimension, life mirrors all that we are seeking to understand. Therefore, the process of creating via our thoughts and feelings is slowed down so that we can track the circumstances of what we hold in our consciousness.

The third dimension is known as the conscious world.


However, there are different stages of human consciousness aligned in a hierarchical manner that often coincide with our age and stage of life.

In the first stage, we are children, and we are dependent on others for our survival.


In this state of dependency we do not realize that our consciousness holds the seeds of the life we are creating. We believe that we are powerless over our environment and are victims to the circumstances of our lives.


It is our goal to gain enough self-awareness as we mature beyond this child state so that we can become independent.

In the Second Stage we are independent.


This independence develops as we learn that we can control our own life. Through our choices and experiences, we gain trust in our ability to be responsible and we maintain our responsibility because we respect ourselves. This respect is based upon. our sense of personal power.


Without a sense of personal power we are filled with fear which reduces us to "surviving".

In the Third Stage we are dependable.


This dependability develops as we gain enough trust and respect for ourselves that we can become responsible for others. Through positive experiences, we have learned that we definitely have an impact, not only on our own life, but also upon the lives of others. Because of our earned self-esteem, we feel confident that we are reliable.

Unfortunately, people will take responsibility for other people's lives while they are still in the dependent stage or when they have not yet learned to be responsible even for themselves.


These actions can create generation after generation of dysfunctional families.

As humans we have the ability to remember the past and the future while remaining aware of the present.


However, much of our true SELF becomes lost in our unconscious mind. This loss leaves us with a feeling of separation from the whole, a fear that we are limited in our ability to achieve our desires, and a belief that we have to “work hard” to accomplish our goals.

Third dimensional society and "science" seek to prove that the only reality that exists is the one we perceive with our five physical senses and urges us to believe that our 3D perceptions of reality ARE the only reality. From this state of consciousness, spirit congeals into matter and our consciousness is limited to our ego.


Hence, the need for the development of a strong sense of ego is often gained at the cost of losing our sense of group identity. This limitation is especially in especially predominant in the Western World where individual achievement and possessions often become the most important parts of our lives.

Awareness of our Spiritual Self can only be remembered when we have expanded our consciousness to encompass the higher dimensions. Then we can release our dependency upon others and heal our sense of powerlessness and victimization. We then become independent in a new sense because we have realized that we and we alone, are creating our reality.


We are, thereby, more dependable then ever because we are not waylaid from our promises and goals by our own "unconscious" self-sabotage.

As we become more aware of the many aspects of our once forgotten self, our consciousness expands to encompass more that our ego and even more than our third dimensional reality.


As we - Our Third Dimensional Consciousness - expands from:

Individual Consciousness TO ~ Group Consciousness TO ~ Community Consciousness TO ~ National Consciousness TO ~ Collective Consciousness TO ~ Planetary Consciousness TO ~ Galactic Consciousness.

As our consciousness expands, so does our definition of the world in which we live.

I expand my consciousness to the next step. I am three-dimensional. I am aware of myself as an individual human, but still I struggle for survival. I need to feed myself, shelter myself, and cover my body. I wish to find a mate and create children. Is there more?


Yes, there are feelings and thoughts. With my thoughts I remember my past. My feelings fill these memories with happiness, pain, love, or fear. With my thoughts I plan the future which I desire.


But do I have the power to create my life or am I a victim to the world around me?

Fourth dimensional consciousness is awareness of point, length, breadth, height, volume, and time.


The fourth dimension is also known as the Astral Plane, and the primary consciousness of this dimension is the Astral Body, which is also known as the "higher human." Because of the octave leap in vibration from third to fourth dimension the Astral Body is of a higher vibration known as etheric and fourth dimensional perception of past, present, and future is more fluid, as the laws of time and space change.

On the fourth dimension, we can reintegrate our group identity without the loss of our personal ego, as it is the last vibration where physical vehicles are used to contain individual consciousness.


However, because of the fluid nature of time and space our astral forms naturally morph. Hence, there is a huge mobility of form. It is the realm of the "shape shifters" of which mythology speaks.


A shaman or holy person who can shape shift has learned to ground their astral form upon the third dimension so completely that they can temporarily change their third dimensional form.

Much of our third dimensional life also exists upon the fourth dimension in a format of a higher vibration, but we are not aware of it because that reality is NOT in sync with our physical time and space. We can have a dream of an entire lifetime and wake up to find that only five minutes of our physical time has passed.


Our astral reality, as well as our other physical incarnations, is not perceivable to our third dimensional self unless we have remembered our Multidimensional Consciousness.

The fourth dimension is the realm which holds the awareness of our body's first and second dimensional components, as well as all our past experiences of this life and all other third dimensional lives. We can expand our third dimensional consciousness into the fourth dimension through gaining an awareness of the inner-workings of our physical body, remembering our dreams, and having intense experiences of passion, emotion, creativity, and/or spirituality.

The Astral Plane is the realm of dream life. When we are "asleep", we are unconscious in the third dimension, but we are conscious in the fourth dimension.


Our fourth dimensional Astral Body possesses advanced dreaming, imagination, psychic ability, intuition, magic, and creativity. As we expand our mind to frequency of the fourth dimension, we can experience more and more of these qualities while in our physical form.

Some people are born with an innate connection to their fourth dimensional self and must "work" to ground their consciousness in a third dimensional world that often feels foreign and hostile.


Others are born without this awakened connection, and they usually feel more comfortable and "at home" within the third dimensional paradigm. These people often feel cut off from the higher dimensional portions of themselves and may not even believe that "higher selves" even exist.

However, our astral body does exist and its highest vibration is our Spiritual Guidance. Much like a person upon a mountaintop can observe and guide the residents of the valley below, our higher astral self can observe us upon the third dimension and give us guidance. Through the expanded perception of our fourth dimensional self we can create great changes in our physical world.

However, the fourth dimension still has the polarization of light and dark, and this realm is not necessarily more loving, especially upon the lower sub-planes.


Upon the fourth dimension, thought and feelings create reality much more quickly than upon the third dimension, and fear can create evil as easily as love can create beauty and joy.

There are different planes, which are increases in frequency, which we can access by expanding our conscious.


The Lower Astral Plane holds the invisible emanations of all the fear and negativity that is projected into it from the physical plane. The Lower Astral has been known as Hell, with Purgatory being above that. Fourth dimensional consciousness feeds into and extends third dimensional emotions.


Therefore, it is often known as the "realm of emotion". The Lower Astral, which holds the third dimension's negative emotions, is not a pleasant experience and a path must be forged through it into the higher sub-planes-such as Faerie.

The Land of Faerie, which we read about as children in our "Fairy Tales", actually exists upon the middle fourth dimension. Faerie acts as respite after we have forged our pathway through the fear and darkness of the Lower Astral Plane.


After we have experienced Faerie, we can travel in our fourth dimensional consciousness (or fourth dimensional bodies) into the Emotional Plane, also known as the Astral Plane, to learn about the master of our emotions.


From there, we can travel up into the Mental Plane to learn mastery of our thoughts.


In the Causal Plane, also known as the Higher Mental Plane, we can learn the cause and effect of how thoughts and feelings create our world. The Spiritual Plane connects us to the higher guidance of our I AM Presence.

One of the maps (there are many maps) of the sub-planes of the fourth dimensions with the highest vibration on the top is:

  • CAUSAL/SPIRITUAL  -  learn laws of cause and effect and Spiritual Guidance

  • MENTAL  -  learn mastery over our thoughts

  • ASTRAL/EMOTIONAL  -  learn mastery over emotions

  • LAND OF FAERIE  -  overlaps emotional, mental, and causal plane

  • LOWER ASTRAL  -  learn mastery over dark side - i.e. fear and negative emotions


Interface between third and fourth dimension.

The fourth dimension is like a stream that creates a bridge into the higher dimensions. The base of the bridge is where the physical and astral bodies overlap. This area is known as the Etheric Body.

The Etheric Body is of a vibration between the third and fourth dimension. This body encompasses the physical body and extends beyond it a few inches.

Each of the sub-planes of the fourth dimension has a correlate body, with every body resonating to a higher vibration than the latter.

  • The Emotional Body, also known as the Astral Body, is higher in vibration than the etheric and physical bodies and extends beyond them.

  • Overlaid on the lower frequency bodies is the Mental Body, which is also of higher vibration, and extends beyond the Emotional Body.

  • Then the Causal Body, again another increase in vibration, overlays the other bodies and extends beyond the Mental Body.

  • Finally, there is the Spiritual Body, the “I AM Presence,” which is the highest in vibration and extends beyond all the other bodies. The I AM Presence is the guardian to the Rainbow Bridge, which crosses over into the fifth dimension.

All the fourth dimensional bodies exist over, under, around, and through the physical body, but they cannot be seen by our five physical senses.


If we can perceive the fourth dimension consciously, we can expand our awareness enough to cross the Rainbow Bridge into our Superconscious Mind of the fifth dimension.

We navigate out travel into and through the fourth dimension with our desires, thoughts, and emotions. A metaphor of this would be sailing the ocean. We are the boat, the ocean is the Astral Plane, the location we wish to reach is our desire, our thoughts are the sail and the steering, and the wind is our emotions.

If our emotions are fearful and tumultuous we will have an uncomfortable ride.


Even though our desire is for the higher planes of the fourth dimension, our personal imbalance will limit our entry to the Lower Astral Plane where fear, which is the lack of emotional balance, rules. If we wish to journey to the higher planes of the fourth dimension we must keep our thoughts harmonious and our feelings centered in the infinite balance of love. In that manner, eventually, we can experience all the planes of the fourth dimension.


Then our I AM Presence can lead us across the Bridge into the fifth dimension and beyond.

I step into the fourth dimension. I see my connection to all of life and to my third dimensional selves on the step below me. However, I still experience myself as an individual.


My reality is very mutable now. Persons and places change quickly, but I am aware that it is my thoughts and feelings that dictate these experiences. My fearful thoughts create frightening situations, and my loving thoughts bring me happiness. If I follow my fear, I go down into a world of torment and sorrow.


However, if I follow love, I see a Rainbow Bridge of Light.

Fifth dimensional consciousness is awareness of length, breadth, height, time, and spirit.


All life upon the fifth dimension lives in the Unity Consciousness of Spirit, but there is still an experience of "I" as an individual member of the group. Linear time and space do not bind consciousness here, and there is NO illusion of separation or limitation. Instead, there is a constant experience of the Oneness of God/Goddess/All That Is.

The primary consciousness of this dimension is androgynous, stellar beings living in Lightbodies. These Lightbodies are light based rather than our carbon based physical bodies.


Our Lightbodies have the awareness of our lower selves without the physical limitations. These forms have no need for pain to learn their lessons.


Therefore, they do not need the protection and warning signals of the physical body. Our fifth dimensional selves have integrated the lessons that their lower dimensional selves are learning through the experiences of "Schoolroom Earth," and do not need physical suffering to learn.

All actions on this plane are based upon love because, just as a dead leaf cannot survive the higher vibration of a fire, fear cannot survive the higher vibration of the fifth dimension. If we were to experience fear while in the fifth dimension, our vibration would drop and our consciousness would instantly be lowered to the lower sub-planes of the fourth dimension.


It is only within the consciousness of fifth dimensional Unconditional Love that we can maintain a conscious connection with our Spirit SELF.

On the fifth dimension, experience, creation, and travel are created in harmony with the Divine Will of God/Goddess/All That Is. Every being, place, situation, or location that is desired becomes instantly manifest.


If we do choose the experience of movement, it feels like a combination of flying and treading water. Our Lightbodies, like our fourth dimensional bodies, are mutable and can easily change form. Just as we can change our location or experience with our desire, we can also change the form of the "body" that surrounds our consciousness.

The fifth dimension is the beginning of ascension. Hence, all consciousness there is naturally multidimensional.


The awareness of the fourth and third dimension are as automatic as looking at our hands and feet. Since there is no sense of separation, we can experience our third and fourth dimensional realities within the same moment that we are experiencing our fifth dimensional Lightbody.

Because there is no feeling of limitation, we can easily believe that we are "alive" and "conscious" within many different vibratory rates. Just as our third dimensional consciousness is aware that we are also made of the minerals, water, genetic codes, and biological matter of the first and second dimension, our fifth dimensional self is aware that we are also third and fourth dimensional beings.

On the fifth dimension we live in,

  • Unconditional Love

  • Unconditional Forgiveness

  • Unconditional Acceptance

We hold no judgment, guilt, or negativity towards the "lower" portions of ourselves that are striving to remember our "Higher Selves".


In fact, our fifth dimensional self serves as a guide to the lower aspects of our consciousness, as well as to others.

There are also sub-planes of the fifth dimension, but awareness of, and therefore writings about, them are minimal. It has been my experience that there is a threshold upon which we wait for our Divine Complement. Our Divine Complement, also known as our Twin Flame, is the opposite polarity of our integrated male/female androgynous Lightbody that was split off from us when we took embodiment in the lower dimensions.

I am upon the step of the fifth dimension and see that there are many steps above me. I am aware of and united with the portions of myself upon the lower steps, as well as my other fifth dimensional realities.


Love and fear, beauty and ugliness, are only polarities of a single concept.


I live in unity with the male and female expressions of my being. I have learned to Unconditionally Love, Unconditionally Accept, and Unconditionally Forgive all life and the portions of that life that I identify as myself. I have a sense of personal identity within the unity of All That Is.


My thoughts and feelings are instantly manifested, and my body of Light lives forever in the NOW.

Understanding Dimensions of Consciousness

All five dimensions exist within, are a portion of, and emanate from, our third dimensional body. We are a vessel that we fill with our own multidimensional universe.

As we become aware of the five dimensions of ourselves, we can become conscious of their relationship to each other. Then we can begin to understand how the many dimensions of ourselves integrate within our conscious, unconscious and superconscious awareness. (see below charts)

Many ancient prophesies, current books, and other web sites speak of a great shift that our planet, in fact our entire galaxy, is about to undergo.


These prophecies say that the third dimension is collapsing into the fourth and fifth dimension. As a metaphor, think of a travel cup with the smallest bottom section of the cup being the third dimension, the middle section of the cup being the fourth dimension, and the largest top section of the cup being the fifth dimension.

If you were to partially collapse the cup, the bottom section (third dimension) would be surrounded by the middle (fourth dimension) with the top section (fifth dimension) just above it. However, if you were to completely collapse the cup you would see the bottom section (third dimension) surrounded first by the middle (fourth dimension) and then by the top section (fifth dimension).

If these prophecies are correct, if we are collapsing into the higher dimensions of ourselves,

  • How can we be conscious of this process?

  • How can we help both our selves and others?

Perhaps if we can each take personal responsibility for raising our own consciousness we can assist in raising the consciousness of our group, nation, planet, and galaxy.


Could one person have that much power? Perhaps, as we raise our individual consciousness, we will realize that we are not "just one person."

Regardless of whether or not we are moving into the next dimension, our third dimensional Earth is suffering from our disregard for Her body. We are running out of unpolluted "space" and running out of "time" to repair the damage we have done.


If we don't raise our consciousness, if we remain "unconscious" of our physical destructive behavior and "unconscious" of how we create our world with our thoughts and feelings, we may not have a "Schoolroom Earth" for our higher dimensional selves to enter.

We must awaken NOW.


We must remember our true multidimensional nature so that our UNCONSCIOUS, CONSCIOUS, and SUPERCONSCIOUS selves can merge into the Multidimensional Consciousness that is our innate heritage and true foundation.


We are a vessel of light, and our LIGHT is multidimensional!













point & line

point, line, length, breadth, height, & volume

point, line, length, breadth, height, volume & time

point, line, breadth, length, volume, time & spirit


mineral kingdom

plants, biological creatures w/o self-awareness

higher animals & humans

higher human astral body

androgynous lightbody




individual awareness & ego

awareness of self & all 3D lives

awareness of self, all 5D lives, all 4D lives & all 3D lives


conscious to external senses unconscious to internal senses

conscious to external unconscious to internal

conscious only to CNS--5 senses indicate reality

unconscious to this plane until awakened doorway is body & dreams

unconscious to this plane unless awakened


mineral, water, genetic coding

lower brain autonomic NS life support + all the above

entire humanoid form + all the above

etheric & astral form + all the above

light matrix & meridians of physical form + all the above


no awareness of

instincts & body clock

time/space past, present & future

time/space is mutable & different from 3D

no time or space only Nowness Hereness & Beingness


no awareness of

survival of species

polarization of light and dark cause/effect time/space & work

still polarization of light & dark still cause/effect & time/space

no polarization unconditional love, forgiveness & acceptance


no travel except within physical body

instinctual only

use will to take time to travel across space

desire location and fly or morph reality to get there

desired location & experience instantly manifest or floating/flying


slow metamorphosis into form

procreation for survival of species nest building & some tool making

procreation to love making thoughts & feelings slowly create reality

sex for magic and lovemaking reality quickly created by thoughts, feelings & magic

sex is merging with Twin Flame reality instantly created by thoughts & feelings


foundation for physical planet and body

life, beauty food chain

guide to lower beings & balance Earth's

guide to 3D self assist newly dead

Higher Self to 4D & 3D selves balance


mineral atoms to crystals

single cells to mammals

higher animal to dependable self-realized human

lower astral to causal plane

5 D threshold to threshold to Soul

Three Stages of Consciousness












  1. external inhabitants of first dimension i.e.: rocks and crystals


  2. external inhabitants of second dimension i.e.: plants and insects

  3. animals in external world

  4. intellect and reason


  5. ego/outer self


  6. willful thoughts and reactive emotions

  7. pertinent information relayed to brain by central nervous system i.e.: conscious, willful movement, &information that you do not desire to touch, taste, see, hear, or smell


  8. reality that is observed with 5 senses


  9. memories of conscious experience i.e.: experiences attended to when they happened


  10. memory of past experiences i.e.: pleasant memories

  11. some emotional needs of present self

  12. locations which were consciously attended to while traveling there


  13. cause and effect of conscious actions


  14. physical need for sex

  15. intentional effect upon lover


  16. goals achieved by "work"

  17. present, ego based desire for goal

  18. "hard work" creates reality

  19. some sensations of physical body


  20. some dreams & their meaning


  21. purposeful intention

  22. information from 5 physical senses

  23. communication via hearing & some visual input


  24. present life

  25. physical guides & mentors

  26. physical body


  27. present physical time


  28. individual consciousness


  29. separate individuals

  30. limitations of everyday life

  31. concept of God

  32. physical mate in 3D world

  33. outer identity of human mate


  34. conditional love, conditional forgiveness, conditional acceptance i.e.: I will love you if you…


  35. awareness of this 3D life

  36. awareness of human self

  1. internal components of first dimension i.e.: water, minerals, genetic coding of body


  2. external components of second dimension i.e.: life support of autonomic nervous system


  3. animal component of 3D self


  4. instincts and intuition


  5. inner self


  6. self-talk and repressed emotions

  7. nervous system stimuli that is not consciously attended to i.e.: reflexive movement, & information from autonomic nervous system

  8. realities that are not observable with 5 senses


  9. memories of unconscious experiences i.e.: experiences not attended to when they happened


  10. memories of past experiences i.e.: repressed, unpleasant memories


  11. many emotional needs of past & present self & inner child


  12. locations that were NOT consciously attended to while traveling there


  13. cause and effect of unconscious actions


  14. emotional need for sex

  15. unintentional effect upon lover


  16. goals achieved by intention & desire


  17. past, emotionally based desire for goal

  18. thoughts & feelings create reality


  19. unconscious physical body sensations, etheric double, astral body, higher human


  20. most dream & their meanings


  21. imagination, instincts, latent creativity


  22. information from higher, inner senses i.e.: ESP, psychic ability


  23. communication by telepathy, empathy, intuition & visual cues of body language


  24. past lives, past deaths, past and present birth


  25. spiritual guides & mentors

  26. etheric & astral body


  27. time/space paradigm


  28. collective consciousness


  29. Communication with All That IS


  30. freedom from physical limitation


  31. Reality of God/Goddess/All That Is


  32. Divine Complement in 5D world


  33. true identity of human mate


  34. true love, true forgiveness, true acceptance i.e.: I love you truly

  35. awareness of ALL 3D LIVES, & present 4D life


  36. awareness of Spirit present internal components of first dimension i.e.: water, minerals, genetic coding of body

  1. all inhabitants of 3D-5D simultaneously


  2. all inhabitants of 3D-5D simultaneously


  3. all inhabitants of 3D-5D simultaneously


  4. the "knowing"


  5. Higher Self


  6. every thought & feeling because it is instantly manifest


  7. all information relayed to all members of 5D Unity Consciousness

  8. collective reality chosen to be experienced


  9. all memories of all experiences of 1D to 5D simultaneously

  10. memories of all past, present,& future experiences of 3D & 4D

  11. emotional needs instantly manifest into reality

  12. each location that is thought of is instantly experienced


  13. cause & effect are merged into instant experience


  14. sex is a need to merge into Oneness


  15. all love is intentional & unconditional


  16. goals are Divine Will

  17. NO ego based desires, emotions instantly manifested


  18. reality chosen by thoughts & feelings


  19. sensations of all 3D-5D "bodies"


  20. dreams are 4D way of communicating


  21. Divine Purpose

  22. information of all 3D, 4D & 5D lives

  23. communication via merging into experience of Oneness

  24. all 3D, 4D past, present & future lives


  25. guides & mentors within and above fifth dimension


  26. Lightbody & Soul body


  27. Nowness


  28. Unity Consciousness


  29. Oneness with All That Is

  30. freedom from all limitations

  31. merging with God/Goddess/All That Is


  32. merging with Divine Complement


  33. awareness of 5D self of all human mates


  34. Unconditional Love, Unconditional Forgiveness, Unconditional Acceptance for others & for self


  35. awareness of all 3D, 4D, & 5D lives


  36. awareness of Soul



The Unconscious

We can think of our unconscious like a deep pond.


The surface of the pond is visible to our conscious self and we can interact with it by swimming, fishing, or wading. We have little awareness of what lies hidden at the bottom of the pond. Things of a higher vibration, such as a leaf or a feather, float on the surface of the pond, but things of a lower vibration, like a rock, sink to the bottom of the pond.


However, even the feather and the leaf may eventually sink to the bottom of the pond over time.

Our happy experiences and memories are of a higher vibration because they are filled with love and can float on the surface of our consciousness. On the other hand, our unhappy experiences and memories are of a lower vibration because they are filled with fear.


These fearful memories and experiences sink to the bottom of the depths of our unconscious, our lower astral plane. Just as the bottom of a pond is murky and obscured so is our deepest unconscious.


To clear our old feelings of fear, guilt and shame we must enter the water of our unconscious to rescue these portions of our psyche that are trapped there.

I turned to walk away, but with my very first step I knew that I must stay.


If I could not see what was in the pond, maybe I would have to feel it. Maybe, I would have to actually enter the pond and feel its dark waters upon me.

The thought of entering the murky water made me cringe. Should I keep my clothes on as some meager attempt at protection or should I enter the water as naked as the day I was born?

I knew the answer. I must face the depths without any external protection. I must find my protection in the courage that it would take to enter the murky pond. Courage, which was deep within my core, would be my only protection to face the darkness and the secrets that it held.

I shed my clothes quickly, before I lost my nerve, and jumped into the foreboding pond. I held my breath and immediately dove to the bottom. I navigated with my arms, as I was not quite ready to open my eyes.

When I touched the bottom of the pond, I knew that I must open my eyes while I still had enough air in my lungs to remain at the bottom. A vision of muck and grime awaited my opening eyes. But what was that-just over there?

Something golden was sparkling against the surrounding filth. Oh it must be rescued, I thought. It does not belong here. This golden thing is different from the dirt that surrounds it.

I swam to the golden sparkle and wiped the mud from its surface. The dark mud hovered in the water, waiting to again cover the golden object. I reached for the treasure with the intention of bringing it to the surface, but found that it was held fast to the bottom of the pond. I pulled and pulled, but it did not budge.

Finally, I stood on the silt-covered bottom to gather enough resistance to free the bit of gold. My toes squished into the sticky mud and my struggle filled the water with silt. I had to close my eyes to protect them and pulled upon the golden object while I pushed against the floor of the pond.

Yet nothing worked and I was running out of oxygen. Would I have to abandon the treasure that lay hidden in the murky pond's depths? I stood still for a moment and released my hold on the golden object. It instantly sank back into the mire.

Only a small portion of it glistened through the filthy water. With shame, I realized that I could not free the treasure. Then I remembered that it had been my intention to "feel" the water. Yes, now I felt it. It felt like shame, and guilt, and most of all, it felt like fear.

The fear permeated every rock and every atom of the pond. No wonder that which was beautiful could not be freed. As I stopped my struggle, the mud that had filled the water began to settle-settle onto me.

I felt it clawing at my skin reminding me of feelings that I had felt outside of the dark pond. NO! I must leave these depths and the feelings that they aroused in me. I could not save the treasure. I would have to leave it in the murky depths.

Besides, I could hold my breath no longer. I must return to the surface. The thought of escape felt good and necessary. I swam to the surface with a mixture of relief and sadness, relief that I could free myself from the silt and sadness that I could not free the hidden treasure.

My head bobbed above the surface of the pond and a cool rain rinsed the dirt off my face. I swam to the edge of the pond and pulled myself onto a rock. Standing, I allowed the gentle rain to cleanse my body. The feel of the fresh water upon my skin rejuvenated and calmed me.

The mud of the pond was easily cleared, for it was never mine. I realized then that the filth of the pond was something that I had temporarily taken on, temporarily experienced.

I looked at the pond again. It seemed clearer now. The mud that I had stirred up had again settled to the bottom. I remembered the bit of gold that was still trapped there. How could I free it?

I would have to again enter the murky pond and swim down into its darkest depth. Could I remember my own purity, even when the mud clung to my form?


Could I find the bit of gold hidden beneath the silt and bring it to the surface?

"Yes," I cried to the sun that was breaking through the clouds. "I shall find what has been lost. That which has been buried and forgotten shall be found and returned.

“Something of great value is lost in the depths of the darkness, and I must retrieve it."

It is a New World that we walk into.


This New World is filled with challenges that we can't yet imagine. We have told ourselves that if there were no fear and conflict that life would be easy. However, is it easy to learn how to hold the consciousness of a cloud?

We have worn these earthen bodies for so many third dimensional lives that we have forgotten the myriad of forms that our consciousness can create to define and protect us. We have defined ourselves as human and learned to protect ourselves with battle and prayer. However, we could not protect ourselves from each other.


We humans have always been our own greatest enemy.

  • What will it be like when we are fifth dimensional and there are NO polarities, NO teachers, NO saviors, and NO enemies?

  • How will it feel when we hold all polarities within our form?

  • How will it feel when we are male and female, together in an androgynous Lightbody?

If we can IMAGINE how it will feel, if we can REMEMBER how it has felt, it will hasten our transformation.


However, in order to remember the feeling of our true multidimensional selves, we will also have to rewrite the old mental programs of limitation and separation.

We created these programs during our many third dimensional lives. These programs will not allow us to believe that we deserve the light that has come into our bodies. Because we don’t believe we deserve the Light, we cannot use it to create the life that we truly DO desire.

To release these old programs of fear and limitation, we will journey into our deep unconscious. We will enter the murky pool of repressed pain and fear, so that we can rescue those portions of ourselves that have become trapped there. Down we will go into our deepest unconscious, into our first and second dimensional bodies.

We will journey into our humanoid animal and into our genetic coding. Then we will enter our lower astral self, which is the storehouse of our deepest hidden darkness. We will have the courage to travel there because we KNOW that we are NOT "just physical".

We know that we are pure consciousness and the bodies that hold our consciousness are in need of repair.


Mental programs and emotional beliefs were learned a long time ago when we were children. That is, we were children either in our years or in our awareness. Now we will step across the threshold of our unconscious and into our deepest self.

Programs that once protected us have become limitations. We are ready to rewrite or release them. When these old programs were created, we did not have the power to deal with the situations at hand.

Hence, we had to create a defense mechanism so that we could protect ourselves enough to survive a situation that was beyond our control. However, we now know that these defense mechanisms were like training wheels, which allowed us to “get by” until we could learn to ride through life without them.

We are ready NOW to travel down the seven stairs into our deepest core so that we can rewrite programs of fear and helplessness and replace them with programs of love and power.