by Chautauqua

September 17, 2014
from Augureye Website







The deeper we wander into this unknown country of the future, the more it resembles a battlefield. This is part of the design, and a major indication that
the 'architects' endgame looms close now.

It hasn't gotten to this point overnight; the design is a generational plan; of death by a thousand cuts and where ever we look we see the final pieces falling together for the architects, and falling apart for the rest of us.

There is a generalized and spreading malaise growing in the underbelly of civilized society; a kind of anxiety psychosis which results in people becoming rude, hostile and aggressive for no reason at all.


It's a subconscious reaction to feeling helpless as the wheels come off and the architects drag us all towards Armageddon.

People who were already sketchy or borderline are now going full-goose-bozo; and the rest of us aren't far behind them on any given day thanks to pacification technologies like,

...see the list!!


It seems half the NFL is up on domestic violence charges with new offenders named nearly every day, some with their own video.



We've seen it pop up here and there in the news, but now it has trickled down to our neighborhoods and is coming home to roost.


A week ago a friend of mine was driving with his family on a narrow country dirt road. He pulled over to let another car go by, but instead the other driver exited his vehicle, dragged my friend out of his car, then gave him a near fatal beat-down... for no reason whatsoever!


A neighborhood near San Jose has had over 87 home invasion burglaries already this year! A wildfire of hostility and pent up rage; and tonight there is a massive manhunt in Pennsylvania for accused cop killer Eric Frein with a thousand pissed cops searching the woods for him.


Didn't we just have one of these a while ago? What is really going on with all these manhunts?

I spent a few years working in the security industry as a guard dog trainer. At the time it was common practice for handlers to put just a touch of gunpowder in the K-9's food before going on patrol; because it caused a slight burning irritation in the dog's bowels, making him nice and irritable.


Now I myself, would never do such a thing to any animal, I only mention it here because I imagine that feeling helpless as the world [seemingly] falls apart around us has a similar effect on us. Nice and irritable.

People everywhere are flocking to gun stores to arm themselves as these types of incidents keep increasing; and keep in mind that not all of them make the news; just enough to keep us nice and worried, according to plan. You see; the architects know that putting the human ego into survival mode prevents it from maintaining spiritual perspectives.


As energies go: fearing the future and spirituality don't usually play well together.

It all goes back to that odd human habit of attaching emotional energy to our belief system. When that belief system fails along with the illusionary paradigms that support it; the result cannot help but be emotional, and often chaotic.


The more the world suffers from the architects design, the more voices may be heard asking:

"Where is the Godforce in all this? How can this be the divine plan?"

It Isn't.


The 'architects' hijacked the divine plan in favor of their own a very long time ago: and if we now find that we dislike the way things are headed, maybe we shouldn't have ignored the psychopaths when they took control of everything!


I'm just sayin...

As far back as history goes it seems that there has always been this dichotomy of the masters, the overseers and the subservient masses.


Over this enormous expanse of time the masters have always dangled the same carrot from the same stick; by telling the masses the black hearted lie that things will get better, yet they never do, do they?


Things just always seem to drag humanity towards the black hole of oblivion, despite the lies of the architects... without any real change.

Slavery was never abolished...

it was just expanded to include everyone.

In contemporary times the architects have taken the art of the great shining lie to never before attained levels of absurdity; with deceptions so lame and transparent they are actually insulting.


Just don't mess with their cable TV... and the human cattle will remain fast asleep in their easy boy recliner until DHS comes groucho walking up their walkway with automatic weapons.

Those who speak for the architects in Washington DC lament to the microphones that the system is broken, but that's just another lie; the system was designed to function exactly as it does. The game is rigged and the fix is in, to ensure the architects will always win.


This isn't anything new, everybody knows, everyone hates it, we just push it to the back of our minds because cognitive dissonance is overwhelming just now.

The current hubbub over American boots on the ground to fight "Isis" is beyond a great example, it's classic. As if the same exact gambit hasn't already been used many times; the Oracle at Obama promises no ground troops, even as he's planning to send them in.


The reason the architects keep using it, is because we allow them to. Believing that no ground troops will be sent back to that mid-east litter box is akin to believing sending 3000 military troops to Africa has anything to do with Ebola, or rescuing kidnapped girls.


I'm just sayin....

"We can bomb the world into pieces

but we can't bomb it into peace!"
~ Michael Franti ~

A casual glance at world history shows that every so often the peasants rise up and start slitting throats, but only after the pain of their everyday life becomes unbearable; when there is truly nothing left to be lost.


It is most illuminating to note that the architects always respond to such uprisings and revolutions with a solitary tactic: Violent brute force.


The current crop of architects sought to remedy that pesky rebellion problem; not by embracing freedom and equality, but by implementing the aforementioned pacification technologies to dumb us down, sap our willpower and take us right out of the equation.

The architects grand plan is designed and structured so as to compel the majority to conform to the system of indoctrination (school), productivity (work), and depletion (retirement).


Unfortunately, by the time you learn the system is nothing but socialized slavery you're too wired into it to escape; and mouthing off about it will only worsen your lot in life.



So, believe me, I get it... about why so many of you are so silent for so long now, but I have to ask:

at this point are you really still thinking things are getting better?

Yes the architects plan allows for precious little extra time or resource needed to implement an escape from the system.


After all one cannot just go wandering the land with suitcase in hand; planning and preparation are needed, as well as a nice wad of cash. Keeping you disempowered, disenfranchised, and disillusioned is also part of the architects grand design.

  • How much worse does it have to get before the silent majority rises up to make known their pent up rage?

  • Have you noticed over the last few years how the cops now all look like Seal Team 6 and behave like we're all terrorists?

  • Have you noticed the increased violence used on unarmed citizens without provocation?

This is the architects pushing back against the great awakening now happening, making sure that joe 6-pak gets the message in no uncertain terms.

The fuse is burning it's way to the powder keg as cognitive dissonance and double-think collide within minds across the planet, giving all of us that gunpowder in the gut feeling the guard dog knows.


All those things we refuse to think about, such as Fukushima, are building up to a critical mass in our collective unconscious, the pressures building with each new affront to humanity.

"It's not enough to be alive

when your future's been deferred."
~ Harry Chapin ~

I think that a great many people nowadays are doing all they can to conceal just how much these building pressures are affecting them.


Start paying attention to peoples faces, the strangers you pass everyday; and you'll see what I'm talking about. You'll see that thousand yard stare on their faces; which comes from psychic numbing and cognitive dissonance. Wondering how to keep everything together as the world falls into bloody chaos and anarchy will sure enough give you the thousand yard stare.

Every creature in nature has a built in response encodement called the discount rate; which relates to how quickly it reacts to that which is life threatening.


Creatures having a low discount rate, such as rabbits, survive because to them nearly everything is a threat. Humans however, have an amazingly high discount rate [off the chart!] evidenced by the almost total lack of concern over the Fukushima disaster as just one example.


This is where double-think and cognitive dissonance hook up and completely take over the psyche. No wonder people are becoming more confrontational and hostile. It's a survival mechanism, which makes it much harder to deal with.


If you think people are rude, hostile and aggressive now, wait till they've gone a few weeks without food and power.


I'm just sayin...




Last night I watched California governor Jerry Brown sign a bill giving the government complete regulatory control over all groundwater.


I want you to think on that for a moment... all groundwater is now "owned" by the state. Not only do we have the worlds largest pesticide manufacturers making our food; now the government owns all the water. Just like always, nary a whimper of protest will be heard [or tolerated] in the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Humanity seems to be waiting for someone or something to swoop in and save us at the last minute as it remains immobilized by fear and unwilling to act in it's own collective best interest. We are not the descendants of those fearless Neolithic cave dwellers who ventured forth to tame a primordial world... they all died out or were killed in misadventure.


We are the descendants of those terrified ones who refused to leave the cave, this is who we are. The architects have bred out of humanity, those troublesome traits like bravery, courage, and the willingness to defend ourselves from them.



"Once you've heard the truth,

everything else is just cheap whiskey"

As an example of what I'm talking about, to all who wear a necktie every day.

  • Do you know the origin and purpose of the necktie?

  • Do you inwardly hate the thing, yet wear it anyway because your boss [overseer] demands it?

  • Have you ever thought of what would happen if you one day refused to ever wear it again?

The necktie is nothing but a vestigial bib used to keep baby's clothes free from vomit.


The architects use it as a kind of symbol of ownership and conformity. When they say you are free, what they mean is you are free to wear any necktie you like; buy whatever car you want. If you truly think you are free, try not paying your taxes and see how that works out!


Should you elect to cast off your necktie, rest assured a thrilling career as an internet blogger awaits you!

A word now to those awaiting deliverance from this dystopian nightmare; quit waiting and take action, any action short of beating down perfect strangers to vent your frustrated rage. I say to you, act on your own behalf and in your best interest, because nobody else is coming.


The architects operate on the concept of highly orchestrated negligence with a feedback loop of stupidity; and believe me when I say, the shit filter is full and things are about to get hotter than Pahoehoe lava!


That 14 million dollar island for sale in the Maldives is starting to look really good right about now!

I continue to watch in astonished disbelief as ever greater horrors are given birth at the hands of the architects without any significant protest by the great unwashed masses. Trying to understand why an entire planet's civilization refuses to fight for their very survival is harder than making a left turn in LA, and has me searching for a reset button for the universe.


This issue became a real H2IK sort of thing until I finally stumbled into the answer. Nobody responds to what the architects do because humanity has a terminal case of depression addiction, and everyone has joined the itty bitty pity committee.


The more horrendous things become, the more we dig it because we are hooked on being depressed. Oh yeah, one last thing... What's up with this civilization-wide obsession about touching others where they go to the bathroom?


I'm just saying maybe we need to resist the conditioning and evolve.