April 2015

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In August 2014, a refurbished RHIC distillated the first atoms of strangelet. Now, in April the LHC at CERN doubles its potency. Thus it will massively produce strangelet in its ion collisions schedule for Christmas 2015.


We study in this documentary the consequences for mankind of this new regime of energies and experiments, analyzing in detail the errors and lies of the outdated 90s safety report of the Industry, which still affirms strange quark liquid is a 'gas', ignoring the liquid nature of what the accelerators are producing, misconceives the nature of cosmic rays (lonely atoms that cannot form a critical mass of strange liquid) and denies the most widely accepted hypothesis about the nature of quark stars, and quark dark matter present in the galactic halo (Witten's hypothesis of strange quark matter), affirming that 'strange quark liquid' does not exist in the Universe.


While in 1990s there were not absolute proofs, today we believe it is the main component of nova explosions, pulsars, the galactic halo and it is being produced at those accelerators with the enormous risk for the humankind.


So conveniently the industry, which is preparing the first collisions at CERN this summer at full potency, doubling the energy and hence the risks of those experiments, does not upgrade the report, not to warn mankind of its likely outcome:

the production of enough strange matter to start an ice-9 extinction (creation of a critical mass of strangelet able to convert the Earth into a pulsar):









In the graphs, developed in detail in the different posts of this Web, we show the 3 distinctive Life extinction events that the Large Hadron Collider - a quark cannon that throws bullets of the densest, most explosive material of the Universe, quark condensates - can cause, once it is put on line at double potency in Spring 2015, over the 10 Tev barrier of creation of dark matter - the theoretical minimal energy of formation of a 'bag of strangelets' and 'micro-black holes'.


  1. Creation of baby black holes that do not evaporate, either as top quark condensates (Einstein's famous frozen stars) or string stars with higher dimensionality.


    This risk has been overblown by media, since it is less likely and black hole theory has still a 'mythic, speculative' side that allowed them to divert attention from the truly, well-proved, scientific catastrophe.



  2. Creation of strangelets - lumps of strange quarks shown to be very common in the Universe, as all pulsars seems to be frozen, strange quark stars.


    This risk is absolute, meaning that according to the 'Totalitarian Principle' of physics, all particles that can theoretically happen will happen. And strange quark matter will theoretically happen, since the LHC is merely beyond 'speculative theories' a quark cannon, which produces massive quantities of strange quarks at high energy regimes.


    Now, a strangelet is nothing strange, it is merely a 'lump of strange quarks'. And we know those lumps of strange quarks, once formed devour our lighter, simpler up and down quarks.


    And as it happens, the LHC is just a 'quark cannon that produces lumps of strange quarks, strangelets. The LHC is a cyclical, 'never-ending' cannon barrel, that accelerates lead ion 'bullets' every cycle, the heaviest non-radioactive atom with more quarks, with two purposes: to increase the mass of those quarks transforming them into 'strange quarks', and then collide them to make 'strangelets', strange quark condensates.


    The LHC is JUST A FACTORY of strangelets, and so when it goes on line at full potency, will just mass produce strangelets.


    Thus strangelets will be made at CERN between 2015 and 2020 on collisions over 10 Tev.


    Then those strangelets will fall to the center of the Earth undetected (which will excuse CERN from responsibility, AS IT will deny it produced them till the end), and it will eat up the Earth inside out, till it converts it into a 15 km. strangelet rock.



  3. Finally the magnetic field of the LHC, the strongest on planet Earth, which cause disturbances on the Earth's magnetic field, cause of Earthquakes that have increased till record numbers, similar to those of II World War during the carpet bombing of the pacific seismic 'ring of fire', since the machine was put on line in a continuous growth.


    There is indeed a pattern studied in other posts on the web of LHC's starts and increases of energy followed by massive volcano and earthquake activity.


    Just now in april 2015, volcano activity is at its peak, with 7 major volcanoes starting eruptions within ours, and a massive earthquake taking place in Nepal…


Any of those 3 scenarios should have deterred CERN's physicists and its political backers, from upgrading the machine to double potency in 2015, but physicists and the P.R.ess considers the issue closed and prefer wishful thinking to ethic and social responsibility.





Theoretical Risks


Why we are so sure of the dangers of CERN for the planet? For epistemological, (theoretical) and practical, experimental reasons.


In Science truth is not probable, neither impossible to prove. The essence of science is precisely its predictability and capacity to verify true from false theories.


And at present those 3 fundamental threats of damage to Earth are sound truths of known-known physics, while the theories that dismiss them, such as the evaporation of black holes or the denial of its existence are neither proved not founded in sound theoretical background. 


Thus those risks are real, as the creation of particles in accelerators follow the Totalitarian principle of Physics, which translates the certainty of the Laws of Nature to particle physics.


The principle states that 'Every particle not forbidden is compulsory' - meaning that everything that might happen in the realm of particle creation MUST happen. And since quark condensates, strangelets and toplets are theoretically sound and should be formed over 10 Tev, they must happen.

The Totalitarian Principle - a Universal law that applies to all natural sciences - means that in the same manner when you put fire on water it always boils with a 100% of chances, because the laws of Thermodynamics (heats move from the hot fire to the cold water) are ALWAYS RIGHT, are NOT probabilistic, any particle that can exist will certainly be formed in an accelerator under the right proportion of energy, which for the two particles that can extinguish us, black holes is 10 tev and for Strangelets is a quantity of strange quarks known as the 'bag threshold' also around 10 Tev, the barrier of entrance into the 'dark world' of ultra-powerful 'mass bombs' that once formed feed on all type of light matter.


Thus the different quark condensates that the LHC can produce and can extinguish us are bound to happen when the proper conditions of energy are met in 2015 when the machine is upgraded over the 10 Tev barrier, shown in great detail in the previous graph:


CERN should therefore produce a heavy condensate of quark liquid, either strangelet, bottomlet or toplet.


The possibility is so high that even CERN recognizes in the 'CASTOR papers', it will make them with a 70% of chances, (contradicting all its public statements). There are still some uncertainties on a factor called the 'bag' factor - meaning the stability of those quark condensates will depend on the numbers of heavy quarks that are created on those collisions (the more quarks, the more they will attract each other and form quark-gluon explosive condensates).


The numbers of quarks to make strangelets stable though will keep growing as the 'luminosity' (density of bunches of quarks collided) and energies of the collision needed to create those heavy quarks (as energy becomes mass, E=MC2) increase.


So each ramping of luminosity and energy will increase those chances.


Indeed Mr. Penrose, a British physicist, from a prominent family of outstanding scientists, hence 'evidently' void of any possible 'personal agenda' (as the rest of us is, activists against the LHC are.


But unlike us not so easy to submit to an 'ad hominem' campaign', since his father co-authored most Hawking's papers; reason why his name, site and activism is kept 'anonymous' by the P.R.ess) discovered a secret program within CERN, dedicated to the production and analysis of those 'strangelets', CASTOR, which the organization vehemently deny.


Indeed, CERN denies it can produce strangelets - but it has constructed a detector, CASTOR, because it considers quite likely them to appear in internal memorandums as this power presentation shows, to the point of building such a special detector for them:





In the graph, 'Team Castor' has built a Calorimeter to detect the production of strangelets at CERN.


The probability for each event, according to inner documents, like this powerpoint presentation, implies that CERN will produce 500 strangelets each month starting the 11/9 of this year, when the first pb-pb collisions take place.


Standard literature on strangelets explains what will happen next: strangelets will grow, absorbing quarks and transforming our matter into ultradense strange matter, till reaching the size of an atom (albeit with a huge density).


Then 2 common processes of Nuclear reactions can take place: fission of the strangelet into smaller pieces that will grow again, starting a nuclear reaction called 'ice-9′, or catalysis as the huge charge and mass of the strangelet attracts atoms that lump on the surface creating more strangelets.

In the fall of 2015 CERN will begin colliding groups of 70 million lead hadrons at 287 tev, unpacking millions of quarks in each collision.


Those quarks will be first accelerated at light speed, acquiring relativistic mass, becoming heavier strange quarks, the substance of a strange quark-gluon soup called a 'strangelet'. The strange liquid has the potential to become stable and start an 'ice-9′ big-bang reaction.


If that happens that effectively transforms the Earth into a pulsar.


While CERN adamantly denies to the public and the press that production of Strangelets is possible, it runs a program called CASTOR, for Centaruro And STrangelets Object Research, whose researchers affirm in their inner reports to the company the 'likely' probability of creating them.


This is in accordance to the most advanced literature on the subject, but of course, it must be hidden to the public and the naive press…


This simple fact - that CERN is just a quark cannon that deconfines and gives heavier mass to quarks, transforming them into the next 'horizon' of heavy mass, strange quarks, which eat up planets might seem amazing to the reader, submitted to the 'rhetoric' of research and the blatant lies of this institution, a left-over the cold war, 'refurbished' with a newspeak of research.


But this is the bottom line, simple truth about CERN. CERN says its experiments are similar to cosmic rays, and this is false.


Cosmic rays are mere single protons and gamma rays and electrons, light particles, NOT heavy lead atoms, massed in bunches, crashed to create quarks.


So WE NEVER saw a deconfined quark in a cosmic ray.







20 AUGUST, 2014


The news came in August.


RHIC, the rival quark cannon, to the LHC, acknowledged that what all its 'safety reports' considered impossible - the distillation of strangelets, 'strange quark liquid nuggets', the strongest explosive known in the Universe - is happening at RHIC. Let us try to resume the events.




Type of strangelets


In the lower graph, left side we can observe the '3 relative sizes' of strangelets. Its smallest size are 'strange atoms' made of up-down-strange quark combinations (we are made of up-down-up ones).


This atoms are more stable than ordinary matter, since the strange, denser quark makes them so. They can trigger the 'ice-9′ reaction that will convert the Earth into a 15 kilometers frozen rock.


Two of those atoms are shown there, the hyperon, a baryon (an atom with 3 quarks) and the dibaryon, a combination of 2 hyperons, which is stable in the natural conditions of planet earth.


Now RHIC, the refurbished American accelerator has created them.


The problem with those atoms, specially stable dibaryons is that they will never die. And being so heavy they will fall to the center of the Earth, accumulate there and start the ice-9 reaction. But this process is likely to be slower than our lifespan, as most dibaryons will be caught in electromagnetic networks of matter slowing their arriving to the center.


It is a bit like the neutrinos and ions that escape the center of the sun and take a long time to arrive to the surface, caught up on the trip by different electromagnetic flows.


So the dibaryon scenario subject to the chances of the trip is a slow death.


Now, the problem of the news received by the press, but never interpreted by clueless journalists, is that RHIC is producing 'killer strangelets', negatively charged strangelets because it is producing them by the method of distillation.


And this requires further analysis. Since the creation of strangelets in this scenario is much faster to the point it can happen 'now' at any time if any of those negative strangelet reaches enough mass or it is formed close to a lump of ions in a colder region of the fireball and starts to grow before dissolving.


Let us see how...


There are 3 ways to produce a strangelet, a thermal, coalescent and distillation method.


Distillation happens as follows, quoting LHC safety report:


'A distillation mechanism was proposed as a specific model for strangelet production.


According to this last mechanism, a hot quark-gluon plasma with large net baryon number is produced in heavy-ion collisions, and is enriched in strangeness as it cools down by emitting predominantly particles containing strange antiquarks.'

That is, a quark gluon plasma is created (RHIC has created it); where an excess of Strange quarks is produced (RHIC has produced them), which cools down the Mass of quarks (RHIC has announced strange quarks are cooling down the mass), and the final result is the creation of a strangelet.


This creation of strangelets is the end result omitted in the news, released by RHIC - the rest of the process is exactly described on those news:



New supercomputing calculations provide the first evidence that particles predicted by the theory of quark-gluon interactions but never before observed are being produced in heavy-ion collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), a facility that is dedicated to studying nuclear physics.


These heavy strange baryons, containing at least one strange quark, still cannot be observed directly, but instead make their presence known by lowering the temperature at which other strange baryons "freeze out" from the quark-gluon plasma (QGP) discovered and created at RHIC, a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science user facility located at DOE's Brookhaven National Laboratory.

In the following graph from CERN's CASTOR team, the mechanism is explained:





In RHIC safety report, (outdated by more than a decade) they explain it also in simple terms:


"The strangeness distillation mechanism is considerably more speculative.


It assumes that a quark gluon plasma (QGP) is produced in the collision and that the QGP is baryon rich. It further assumes that the dominant cooling mechanism for the QGP is evaporation from its surface.


Since it is baryon rich, there is a greater chance for an s ̄ quark to find a u or d quark to form a kaon with positive strangeness than for an s quark to find a u ̄ or d ̄ quark to form a kaon with negative strangeness. The QGP thus cools to a system containing excess s quarks, which ultimately becomes a strangelet.


This mechanism requires a collision energy sufficient to form a QGP."

What is specially criminal is the fact they know perfectly they are doing distillation of strangelets and simply by erasing a full description and changing the 'key words' (instead of strange atoms baryons, instead of strangelet glasma, instead of distillation, freezing, etc.) they get away with murder, knowing people understands nothing of it.


In the next graph, RHIC has been noticing an excess of strange antiquarks - the trademark of distillation on its experiments:





The graph shows they are producing an excess of strange antiquarks - the key element that distillation is being produced.


Nature is quite intelligent. When you enter into the 'space-time' of higher energies in which strange quarks survive, those pairs of strange-antistrange quarks pop out together.


Then the strange antiquark takes away the excess of u and d quarks from the soup and the strange quark forms strange liquid with the remaining Us and Ds.

This of course, they know. Why then there is no clear information to the public, politicians and the military?

On my opinion nuclear physicists are caught in the lies of their false safety statements and now that they are doing what they say it was IMPOSSIBLE to do, they just decided to go along just in case we survive and keep a low profile on the data, reason why these news are nowhere…


And if all blows up… well, that is a prize Nuclear physicists always accepted since Hiroshima.


Why we are so sure they are making them? Because strange quarks are heavier and negative. So while RHIC does not give data on strangelet production it has easily calculated the proportion of strange quarks in the soup by weighting them.


And the ratio of strange negative quarks to 'our light' up and down quarks is 27.


This means there are 27 times more mass of negatively strange quarks in the soup than our lighter quarks. And this excess of negative strange quarks in the soup is what defines negative strangelets, which are produced with a 100% purity.


And so the conclusion is self-evident:

RHIC is a factory of strangelets.

All what they produce is strange liquid.


But since their policy is 'don't tell, don't ask', like the gays on the military or the nuclear bombs on the Israeli army, the invisible strangelets at RHIC remain invisible. They don't tell us, and the P.R.ess don't ask about them.


Of course as the gay in the military an the Bombs of Israel those strangelets do exist and have their influence. But as long as our generals don't go into rainbow parades, asking for 'making love not war', and IDF doesn't throw a Bomb in Damascus, as long as a strangelet does not run amok and starts swallowing New York, we will live without worries.


The difference though is that while it is likely that no 4 stars general go on rainbow parades and the IDF never nukes Damascus, the strangelet case is the opposite - it is certain that unless the industry of quark cannons is closed, one of those strangelets produced at RHIC and CERN when it opens at much higher energy/luminosity will become 'visible'.


Or in other words, we are still here because in the first phases accretion is slow, as most strangelets will acquire electrons and lay dormant, before a critical mass of them reaches the center of the Earth.


This is the society we live in - one in which catastrophes and genocides, collective deaths 'grow and boil' in secrecy, and do not matter as long as they are not public. Thus RHIC knows as long as people ignores what they do, it's ok to attempt blowing up the planet every other day.


Yet for that to happen and become visible the strangelets RHIC is producing have to avoid being trapped by an electronic cover that would halt its growth. So the process of ice-9 is very slow at the beginning till a strangelet with enough mass breaks all electromagnetic barriers and starts direct gravitational attraction.


Then the speed will be catastrophic. The result will be the 'second size' of strange matter, the strangelet proper, which will devour all other matter on earth, till reaching the 3rd size, as a strange/neutron star.


Fact is finally it is happening - even if the news do not report it; even if RHIC uses a cryptic language not to reveal what they are doing. RHIC is distillating strangelet.


So the countdown for extinction has started. It is now a question of producing enough strangelets to accumulate them in the center of the Earth and start the ice-9 reaction.


For those who like serious physics, this is the abstract of the article (Distillation and Survival of Strange-Quark-Matter Droplets in Ultrarelativistic Heavy-ion Collisions) published in 1991, which explains the distillation process:

"Recently it has been suggested that rather cold droplets of absolutely stable or metastable strange-quark matter may be distilled in heavy-ion collisions during the phase transition from a baryon-rich quark-gluon plasma (QGP) to hadron matter.


Here we present a model describing the hadronization of the QGP through particle emission, which is based solely on thermodynamical arguments.


Pions and K+'s and K0's carry away entropy and anti-strangeness from the system, thus facilitating the cooling process and the strangelet formation.


Our results are supported by revised more sophisticated rate calculations. Two rather unexpected results are obtained when this model is applied to the investigation of strangelet production.


The strangeness separation mechanism and the formation process works well even for higher initial entropies per baryon, tantamount to higher bombarding energies.


The surviving strangelets have a rather high strangeness content, fs~1.2-2 [i.e., Z/A~(-0.1)-(-0.5)]. Hence droplets of strange-quark matter with a baryon number of ~10-30 and with a negative charge may be produced.


They may serve as a unique signature for the transient formation of a quark-gluon plasma in heavy-ion collisions."

Indeed since strange baryons are negative, by distillation RHIC creates negative killer strangelet.


And this process must be taken place since April.






How much strange liquid has been produced since April? Are we STILL ON TIME TO STOP THE FACILITIES BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE?


But of course, it is too late because the military has other 'important' issues to bother; hateful Muslims in a mule with a couple of stolen Uzis in the desert of Syria, children in Gaza, which menace to destroy us all if not properly bombed with our drones, kids who steal a bar of candy in Ferguson and must be shoot down… Illegal immigrants in Texas waiting to reunite with their parents.


All those are 'serious' enemies, why to worry for 'our good guys', our old boys network of serious, respectable physicists making ice-9 on planet Earth. Just a little example on how 'serious' they are.


This video is of the chief safety officer at RHIC which signed a 14 years old 20 pages 'safety report' full of errors and omissions, laughing at the report he signed (minute 7.44):









In the race for extinction, which our proud technological nations are carried out undeterred, by that 'minor' collateral damage, i.e. the death of all of us, RHIC, the American 'rival' announces an indirect proof of the existence of strangelets.


And of course nobody understood, nobody cared…


Let us recall the words of a researcher at RHIC a decade ago:

'if strange liquid exists and could be produced at RHIC it would be extremely dangerous. We know of no absolute barrier to the rapid growth of a dangerous strangelet.'

In a catastrophic chain reaction, the weight of killer strangelet would pull it down.

"Eventually, strangelet would sit at the center of the earth, eating other nuclei, attracting the earth's mass gravitationally. That way, it would eat our planet from the inside out, converting the entire earth into one giant strangelet killing us all in the process."

Reason why Wilczek the physicist who RELEASED Rhic's safety report, cynically named this distinctive possibility an ice-9 reaction after cat's cradle satire on nukes, where an American physicist discovers a similar liquid that freezes the planet into ice, extinguishing life.


Of course, then he went on as this video shows, to sign a safety statement affirming that:

"the strangeness distillation mechanism seems very unlikely to be effective for producing strangelets at RHIC."

(page 17)

But that is exactly what has happened. RHIC is distillating strangelets.


I recall the beginning of Kurt's masterpiece:

When I was a much younger man, I began to collect material for a book to be called The Day the World Ended. The book was to be factual. The book was to be an account of what important Americans had done.


And yet the always epic American press commenting about the great feats of the manifest nation was surprisingly mute on the distillation of ice-9.

In fact, the theme never made it to the news glued by a BARRAGE of small tragedies happening in this little rock lost in the corner of the galaxy that we call Earth…


It was during the same days that we heard about a young black man shot in Ferguson, and a brave journalist decapitated in Iraq, about the Ukrainian civil war and yet another bombing of Gaza, not to speak of the news on the economic crisis, global warming, the celebrity circus… and the weather, always the weather on top of all other repetitive news…


But this piece of information of the nuclear industry, deserved to be noticed due to the relevance for the non-future of the planet.


Since a single drop of strange liquid can convert a planet or a star into an ultradense rock of dark matter. How long it will take for the strange liquid to accumulate in the center of the planet and start the ice-9 reaction, is studied in detail in other post of this blog.


As my co-plaintiff in the 2008 suit against CERN, Walter Wagner, rightly pointed out in his letters to scientific American, and his earlier suit against RHIC in 2000, chances the American machine produced strange matter were high, only a question of time and luminosity.


Finally it is happening: This week (of course without mentioning any risk involved), RHIC announces strangelet distillation in gold to gold collisions, and it considers some are stable.


Since they cannot be detected directly by the particles it decays into. Indirect detection is based in a lower temperature of the quark gluon soup.


If those strangelets are forming they are falling to the center of the Earth and will eat it inside out in a period which 'experts' have never fully figured out - might be between days and decades.


But of course our high-minded, idealist scientists at RHIC have not flinched an eye, on the news they are delivering to the human sheeple.


On the contrary they are all excited with the findings of 'new physics':

'The calculations show that inclusion of the predicted but "experimentally uncharted" strange baryons fit better with the data, providing the first evidence that these so-far unobserved particles exist and exert their effect on the freeze-out temperature of the observable particles.'


"The finding has potentially important implications for quantum chromodynamics - a theory that describes the strong interactions underlying the physics of the nucleus.


In particular, it could indicate that physicists have been making some wrong assumptions about the dynamics of photon production at the energies of RHIC and LHC collisions.


The researchers suggest that the finding could indicate something very interesting and not yet understood about the evolution of glasma or quark-gluon plasma, although more detailed computational simulations are needed to confirm the dynamics of photon production in such collisions.

This is the first indirect evidence that heavy strange barons exist and can be created by high energy collisions.


Apparently the Brookhaven facility has been making heavy strange baryons for quite some time. The significance of the discovery is coming closer to proving all the theoretical particles of the quark model of matter are real.


The discovery also indicates that many of the Big Bang concepts are justifiable in physical reality".


Now the question if we are 'already dead in the future', in this Schrodinger's cat experiment, depends on this cryptic question left open by the RHIC 'informer':

"We've found that the higher mass states of strange baryons affect the production of ground states that we can observe. And the line where we see the ordinary matter moves to a lower temperature because of the multitude of higher states that we can't see."

How much is a multitude?


That is, how many 'higher states' of strange baryons have been created? Enough 'bag' to make the strangelet stable? Ah, this is the quizz, 'to be or not to be'…


Since it is invisible and physicists are clueless, we might still have a chance to be… But the first incognita is solved. Yes, RHIC and CERN can, have and will produce strangelet atoms.

  • Would now RHIC tell us exactly what is the solution to this quizz?

  • Have they produced enough of them to make the strangelet bag stable?

  • Are we a dead cat or a living cat?

As RHIC will not answer, I would rather say with all my affliction that we are a dead cat in the nearby future…





The black hole scenario


In 2015, when the LHC ramps up to 14 Tev, it will cross the 10 Tev barrier in its collisions, so it will make possible the creation of black holes, since it will be creating a massive amount of top quarks, the densest substance of the Universe, likely component of black holes (same density).


But again CERN disguises this fact talking only about the Higgs (a by-product of the collision of top and antitop quarks) or rather God's particle (using the well-known pseudo religious jargon of nuclear physicists, which during the cold war acquired with massive propaganda the undeserved status of 'high priests' of science to justify with 'knowledge' the risks they poised to mankind.


In 2015 the LHC will accelerate protons and hadrons at maximal energy, colliding them at over 1 Pevproducing heavy, bottom, charm and top quark-gluon liquid condensates, aka Higgs, possible substances of black holes.


The quark-gluon soup it will produce will be far denser and attractive than strangelet liquid, hence the process of accretion of the Earth will be self-similar to the strangelet event but much faster.


Those collisions have the potential to create micro-black holes and top quark condensates (the real Higgs).


The top quark condensates have properties similar to black holes, which according to Albert Einstein will not evaporate, rather convert matter (the Earth) into a 3 cm Black Hole or Frozen star.


What Einstein defined as a mass-bomb, since he deduced his equation, E=Mc2, first in its inverse form, M=E/c2, thus foreseeing the existence of energy collapsing into mass.


Experts consider that beyond such barrier black holes will be produced, if:

  • String Theory is truth (9 out of 10 physicists believe so).


  • Thermodynamics are truth, as its 2nd law implies that an ultra hot black hole born in a cold environment, the Earth, will transfer us heat evaporating us.


    This contradicts Hawking's belief, never proved experimentally that ultra hot black holes will evaporate absorbing heat from our cold world, because they 'will travel to the past' (Sic).


    Time travel TO THE PAST, has never been proved.


  • And/or if Black holes are not mere mathematical objects but real objects as recent observation show. This was Einstein's theory, reason why they are also called 'Einstein's frozen stars'.


    On that view they are ultradense, fermion condensates made of a cut-off substance of the same density, which are top quarks.

I advanced decades ago this hypothesis as a top quark star would be exactly equal in properties to a black hole.


Einstein believed black holes could not be just a mathematical equation, but needed a real substance, which can only be, among the particles we know today, the top quark, with self-similar properties to a Higgs - which is produced by a top/antitop quark couple.


Because then top quarks were not discovered Einstein could not explain them in detail.


But he will be proved once more right. Now since the LHC will start massive production of top quarks in 2015, they might easily condensate into small black holes.


Thus if Black holes are frozen top stars, they will not evaporate because top quarks don't evaporate. If Einstein is right they will not evaporate, because relativity means that 'size' doesn't matter, it is relative and so in Einstein's theory black holes of any size grow exponentially. As today, we have multiple proofs that Relativity theory is truth and none of black hole evaporation.


So standard science proves Black holes will swallow Earth.


Further on, in Haifa (left image), 2 years ago, an homologous of a black hole, a Dumb Hole made of atomic condensates, 1 million time slower, that should have evaporated producing phonons instead of photons, didn't.


Now in science because there is only a Universe, there is only a true theory for each fact. Each property requires a theory so several theories that describe several theories could be right.


String theory, Thermodynamics, the principle of conservation of energy and information and Relativity, all proved right means we are in a 'Totalitarian' case. Black holes and strangelets will happen.


There is NO probability that a law of science is truth or false. It CANNOT be both things at the same time.


So probabilities are either 0 or 100. If Thermodynamics are truth, we shall die; if string theory is truth we shall die; if the thresholds of energy for creation of black holes and strangelets (10 Tev, bag) are truth we shall die.


Many people are confused by this 'error of knowledge' which CERN exploits shamelessly saying that the 'probability' exists but it is small. This is due to a faulty understanding of quantum physics, in which there are probabilities REGARDING our capacity to observe a certain particle.


But the particle IS there, if the theory that describes it and the events that create it happened. It is also due to an error in the perception of the factor that defines the occurrence, 'when'.


'When' is the only 'statistical' fact we might argue, as collisions must met certain conditions of precision to accumulate quarks enough to create those particles that cannot be measured except by statistics - as we know we will get a double six throwing dices ALWAYS, if we keep throwing dices, but we cannot know in which throw, 'when' this will happen.


We know it will happen because it is a fact that there are faces with 6. Point...


When you heat with fire cold water there is NOT A PROBABILITY that might or might not get hotter. It WILL ALWAYS because the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is truth. Point. 'When' it will boil, the time/quantity variable is the only question.


So it is in the case of black holes/strangelets, when, the time/quantity variable depending on how many quarks we pack in those collisions, depending on how precise is the collision is the only variable we don't know but it is NOT really a variable.


As with dices, if we had all the information about the throwing, we would know the bounces of the dice and the final position; if we knew all the information about the trajectory of each particle we would know how precise is the target collision. If we could see closer - without interference with our instruments - the quantum particle, we would see its position.


We illustrate this common error of laymen regarding quantum physics, shamelessly exploited by CERN in our article on the famous case of the 'Schrondiger's cat' paradox. If we repeat the experiment several times, the cat will certainly be dead.


So the when is what we can generously argue, which will increase with the 'throwing of dices', the number and energy of the collisions. This CERN knows. It knows it will create Strangelets and it gives CASTOR a 70% probability of detecting them.


It knows it will create black holes and so it gives Hawking's bizarre theory that denies the laws of Einstein's relativity and thermodynamics a 100% chance as a 'dogma of truth. Or as his Chief Theorist, Mr. Ellis put it in a recorded conference, to his 'students' and 'workers' all of them tied by confidentiality contracts 'you must believe in Black Hole Evaporation'.


Thus if under 10 Tev in the regime that could find a Higgs we have taken 5 years to find it when we made a good collision, it is safe to say that between 2015 and 2020 the LHC will throw enough dices/particles to create under the Totalitarian Principle a strangelet or black hole that will certainly extinguish us if any of those laws in which most science is based that have always proved right are right (Relativity, Thermodynamics, Time arrows, conservation of energy and information.)


In this manner The Totalitarian Principle shall explain The Fermi paradox or absence of intelligent life in a universe teaming with planets. Only the Totalitarian principle explains it, meaning that ALL planets reach the technology of LHC before they reach interplanetary travels and ALL of them attempt the experiment that ALWAYS blows the planet into a Nova creating a pulsar (a strangelet star) or a Supernova, creating a black hole.


We shall study in this web in depth those theories, the reasons why CERN hides all this information (obviously not to loose jobs, prestige and contracts from the military-industrial complex), the reasons why physicists back them (same reasons plus the desire to prove their 'bizarre theories' about black holes, travel to the past, etc. the cosmic proof that this will happen (The Fermi paradox) and the human infantile, self-suicidal nature proved in the past that tends towards our self-extinction.


The Earthquake scenario

How we will know the Earth is being killed?

Those 2 events have different speeds: black holes, observed in the cosmos, cause a fast big-bang explosion, which we will hardly notice before becoming part of it. Strangelets should be slower.

They should fall to the center of the Earth eating it from inside out. In that case, the process will be signaled by an increase in Earthquakes and volcano activity. The final proof will be the existence of a series of +8 earthquakes in the Richter scale.

Yet even before the Earth crunches by strangelets or black holes that do not evaporate, the LHC might already be causing earthquakes, as we anticipated years ago, given the fact that it causes a gravitomagnetic field, the only one on Earth today.

Gravito-magnetic fields are caused by c-speed mass cycles, as the LHC is and they provoke disturbance on (Earth's) magnetic fields… which is the known-known recognized cause of earthquakes.

2012 year is in fact was the second year on number of big >7 Richter scale earthquakes on record, after the carpet bombing of II World War, during the pacific campaign that bombed the 'ring of fire' - also a man-made year of earthquakes.

Then after the machine ended its ion run and the gravitomagnetic c-speed mass cycle it was creating, earthquakes quickly diminished.


The pattern thus is obvious: earthquakes have peaked during the period the LHC created a gravito-magnetic ring on Earth, to the level seen when carpet bombing destroyed during the II world war the islands of the 'pacific ring of fire'.

Then also earthquakes diminished when world war ended.

So the cause-effect pattern is self-evident. LHC's run create gravitomagnetic waves that disturb the magnetic field of Earth, causing earthquakes.

Yet the 'P.R.ess' which considers a taboo any criticism of nuclear research ignores those facts and gives as only explanation, when it gives any… 'Fracking'.

But Fracking takes place only in oil fields mostly in North-America, where none of those big earthquakes have happened. And Fracking keeps growing, while those earthquakes have diminished. And Fracking only causes small range earthquakes.




According to the Totalitarian Principle, the laws of entropy, the laws of quarks, the laws of Einstein and Relativity, of the 4th and 5th dimension, the risks to the Earth are real and CERN should be the cause of our demise as a species in planet Earth.





II. Practical proofs - How it will be 


To be or not to be, that is the question. 

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Or to take arms against a sea of troubles. and by opposing end them? To die'.

Hamlet, W. Shakespeare

In the previous paragraph we studied the theoretical known-known models of the Universe that offers 3 scenarios of damage to planet Earth that should happen under the Totalitarian Principle.


What are the experimental proofs that this scenarios will happen?


As in the case of any other 'certain risk' to planet Earth, such as Global Warming, we cannot take a decision on 'experts' trusting their dictums because today 'experts' are paid to back the agenda and interests of corporations.


Such is the case of CERN, who authored the risk reports breaking all the laws of independence required for such reports.


We thus must trust the authority of reason as the 'reasons of authorities' are bent to the interest of the company and the natural fear of scientist to the ridicule of catastrophism.


Since if the risks are certain and the Earth is blown up, nobody will reward those who warn us, and if not experts will be ridiculed and loose their scientific prestige for 'failing' in their predictions and attacking the most powerful institution of big science. In other words, experts are 'hijacked' by the 'violent' nature of those experiments that can kill us.


And so in the same manner there are few reports on the military industry and its risks to mankind, there are few reports on CERN risks. And yet from the point of view of reason and scientific truth, the Shakespearean question has only an answer: It will be…


The industry of accelerators, where nuclear bombs have and will be researched in a small scale, will continuously upgrade its energy, as part of the process of evolution of weapons, regardless of its collateral benefits for particle research and finally will create strangelets or black holes, under the Totalitarian principle.


Why we are so sure?


Once the fact that the Industry continuously upgrade its power and no institution or political group dares to oppose firmly the nuclear industry, and once the theoretical proofs are clarified the only 'leg of truth' required are experimental evidence.


And there are at least 2 experimental proofs:

  • If black holes appear there will not be black hole evaporation since no black hole has ever been found anywhere in the galaxy to evaporate, despite 40 years of research and the fact that if they were evaporating, they will do so in a explosion of gamma rays easily detectable.


  • The second experimental proof is also very strong. it is called the Fermi paradox or lack of intelligent life on the Universe, Fermi the author of the first nuclear bomb stated flatly that we see no life on the galaxy because the evolution of nuclear weapons cause its demise.


    This is also the explanation given by most scientists that seek for life on the galaxy.


    In the past religious groups affirmed the cause was that we were the only planet with life, but now we have found so many planets thanks to the Kepler satellite that this possibility no longer holds.


    And yet none shows life, neither human or robotic life, which would have long ago colonized the galaxy. All radio waves come from black holes and strangelets - strange stars called pulsars.


    So indeed planets and stars become strangelets and black holes (something also theorized in the organic models of the fractal Universe developed by this author with the metrics of the 5th scalar dimension of the Universe).

Thus, by the experimental proofs of the Fermi paradox and the Fermi satellite that has found non evaporation of black holes and the continuous streams of galactic news about pulsars, strange stars and black holes, likely top stars, the evolution of the Nuclear Industry and its quark bombs will blow up the Earth.


So now that we know with quite certainty that destiny awaits… 


Let us study the factual signs that the 3 scenarios of catastrophe produced by the LHC on mother Earth are happening:

  • The strangelet scenario of creation of a strangelet 'pulsar' star as all those we see on the cosmos, by creation of a strangelet particle that will swallow the Earth


  • The black hole scenario of creation of a micro-black hole of ultra hot temperature that will evaporate and attract our weak electromagnetic world.


  • The milder scenario of an increase in Earthquakes, caused by the magnetic ring of CERN, the strongest magnetic ring of planet Earth that disturbs its magnetic field (disturbances of those fields cause earthqueakes).




The mass' c-speed gravitomagnetic ring - Earthquakes and volcanic activity


The first hints that the LHC is seriously damaging life on Earth which we predicted in 2007 - an increase on earthquake and volcano activity - are now facts.


This is due to the fact that the LHC is creating a powerful gravito-magnetic field, a 'ring' of charged, massive particles that can interact with the magnetic fields of the magma and Earth's center.


Disturbances on the Earth's magnetic field by the magnets of the LHC and specially the charged positive c-speed flow of protons come through 3 different processes:

  • The 27 kilometers continuous ring of charged protons can interact with self-similar charged flows in the magma or earth's center, creating a powerful electro-magnetic effect, displacing magma and causing earthquakes and volcano activity.


    It is a fact that the first day that the charged, proton ring was created in 2008 it caused 4 significant Earthquakesthe first one in Iran, seconds after it was powered up.


    The charged proton ring thus acts as a secondary pole to that of the magnetic, inner field of the Earth.


  • The creation of different types of strange liquid, some of them already produced in the first experiments, (Kaons at the LHC, hyperons at RHIC) would also provoke explosions in the magma.


    If stable, those strange forms of matter will leak to the center of the Earth. Some of it will remain in the center, forming the seed of a strangelet. Some will accrete and/or explode in the mantle, in highly energetic, tiny bombs.


    This tendency as all risks should increase in 2015 when the machine doubles its energy.


  • The creation of gravitational waves.

The LHC is a 27 Kilometer ring of positive charged massive particles, turning at c -speed.


This is essentially equivalent to the 'singularity' of a Kerr black hole - a rotating c-speed charged ring of mass.


Since a Kerr singularity can produce transversal gravitational waves; the LHC might produce perpendicular gravitational waves that will sink straight towards the center of the Earth (in a similar process a rotating, charged coil is used to produce electromagnetic waves).


If so those Gravitational waves, which are undetectable will affect magnetic fields, provoking earthquake waves and increase volcano activity.


Thus, each time the machine increases its speed and 'luminosity' (mass), as CERN powers up the LHC, we should observe an increase of earthquakes and collateral deaths, till the 2 possible 'doomsday events' happen:



1 - Strangelet Scenario - Synopsis


The first and most probable scenario of human extinction is the creation of strangelets (above video) or any other kind of quark-gluon liquid made of lumps of heavy, strange quarks.








They can be created with a lower probability in proton-proton collisions, as those heavy quarks are the 'signature' of decay of the hypothetical Higgs or any other Goldstone boson, whose production is the confessed goal of CERN.


They can be created with a much higher probability in lead to lead collisions over 10 Tev as lead has many more quarks than protons and so the lump of quarks that can condensate into a heavy strange liquid, thousands of times heavier than the heaviest atom, is bigger.


When this lump reaches a certain critical mass, it will become stable and start a chain reaction, transforming the rest of the Earth's matter into heavy quarks in a process similar to a nuclear chain reaction, only that instead of converting the mass of the Earth into lighter energy, it will convert the lighter Earth into heavy mass.


It is the simplest of the 'mass-bombs', which follow Einstein's initial equation of conversion of energy and mass, M=E/c2 (better known by its second expression, E=Mc2, deduced by Einstein's from the conversion of energy into mass, ergo a 'standard' reaction in Einsteinian Physics).


Because strangelets, unlike black holes are 'likely' to be produced increasing enormously our probabilities of extinction, CERN has adamantly denied there is any chance to produce it.


In 2015 as the LHC increases the potency and number of quarks it collides in its experiments, it will create greater quantities of atoms of strangelet liquid, called hyperons, made of up, down and strange quarks, which it has already produced in unexpected numbers at low energies, despite all their safety reports that said it would never produce them.


As quarks accelerate at c-speed, they acquire mass, because energy cannot go beyond light speed. Energy curls tiny vortices of space-time (Einstein's definition of mass), making those quarks heavier.


At light speed our protons made of up and down quarks (uud) will become strange quarks, converting the colliding protons into hyperons (usd particles, atoms of usd=strange liquid). Within the point of collision hyperons merge in pairs becoming dibaryons, which are stable and neutral and so they cannot be detected.


Thus dibaryons once formed, will fall to the center of the Earth, accreting matter as they form a growing ball of strange liquid.


If they have not enough critical mass to become stable, which will 'likely' happen after 2015's increase in luminosity and potency produces them in massive numbers, those dibaryon will explode in their path to the center of the Earth provoking mini-big bangs in the mantle, which will cause an increase in earthquake activity after the machine switches on.


But some might arrive to the center of the Earth, where they will form a growing ball of ultradense strange liquid, which finally will crunch the Earth into a strange star.


We will know this scenario's end is closer, when we experience magnitude 9 earthquakes that kill hundreds of thousands of human beings.


As such earthquakes have never happened within a single year, the existence of a couple of those earthquakes will mean the process of accretion which is 'exponential' have been triggered.




2 - Black Hole Scenario


A black hole is made of strings (the minimal components of quarks) which are the components of gluons and quarks.


Their mathematical description is equivalent (a 5th dimensional world of strings is equivalent to a 4 dimensional world of quarks); which reinforces the idea that a black hole is a top quark star.


The LHC was created to produce massive quantities of top quarks since the Higgs and a top quark condensate are the same substance, (the Higgs was promoted as the new 'God particle' just to get more research resources, not allocated to study known-particles).


It will not form black holes that evaporate. Since quarks don't evaporate.


The black hole will not fall to the Earth but it will become the new, densest center of the Earth and the Earth will fall into LHC's creation. The process will last a very short time.


Some images might be captured on TV but most likely wherever we are, we will just feel a strong wind, and then a blast of attractive forces will crunch and kill us, as the Earth explodes into a Nova.




Certainties in this theme


The black hole scenario has been the most commented by the press.


Yet it remains secondary to the strangelet scenario, both for theoretical and practical reasons. Since one 'single case' will do us and strangelets are easier to do in ion ion collisions. This should be the first event to happen.


Of course the P.R.ess which backs CERN but also makes money with catastrophist scenarios mostly concentrates in the black hole scenario, when it wants to create a 'big scare', with big sales prior to the final happy conclusion of a CERN's expert: 'nothing will happen, it is all a joke'.


The certainty of black hole creation in that sense is not absolute, because Y it depends on the existence of strings, of which there is theoretical certainty but not possible experimental proofs (they are too small to be observed).


The models of this author on the metrics of the scalar Universe (5th Dimension) however considers that black holes are top quark stars and in that case, black holes will be produced, and certainly will not evaporate.


Ultimately both models of black holes are not exclusive.


Since if string theory is truth, all particles will be made of strings. And top quarks which show a very strong force and huge mass and huge positive charge will attract each other and the matter of the Earth with the same force that super-gravitation (the theoretical deduction of string theory).


In that regard the reader should understand that most sound theories in physics are parallel, similar theories that reinforce each other, since they use 'parallel' mathematical equations. 


Models vary in the mathematical 'sentence', as multiple verbal sentences mean the same, when we use similar words.


So the 'hidden dimensions' of String theory that make Gravitation far more powerful are equivalent to the far more powerful attraction that the creation of a top quark star will cause.


As the LHC is designed to produce massive quantities of Tops (which are in fact a key product of Higgs processes), all indicates that black holes either modeled with strong theory or top quark theory will happen.

We conclude that both scenarios should happen, strangelets with absolute certainty, black holes if as 90% of physicists believe, string theory is truth.


So we shall give the black hole scenario for the 2015-2020 period of statistical collisions (that might shoot on 'perfect' target the microscopic protons to reach the required energy) a 90% of chances.


The childish irresponsibility of Physicists accustomed for 70 years, an entire human life, to accept existential risks for the Earth on top of the military-industrial complex, explains in any case their 'law of silence'.


If 99.9% of nuclear physicists accepted the cold war that already could have killed life on Earth, living on the industry of making nuclear weapons and researching them on accelerators, why now they should change their mind?


Wishful thinking is the norm in a nihilist corporation that has in its entrance a statue to Shiva and Kali, Lords of death.


Why the rest of society accepts those risks? The answer in this case is obvious: we live in a happy 'Truman Show', a happy new world mixture of the dystopias of Huxley and Orwell, in which the virtual reality of the Media System, paid by corporations censors any issues of risks related to the industrial-Military complex.


And people, as in the parable of Matrix always chooses to be 'data', to live the virtual dream, to believe…


So only the scientific method, its experimental, epistemological and theoretical models can guide our search for 'CERNTruth'. Of course CERN does not make public those sound-sound, known-known scientific models that prove the risks.


For example, it ignores all about top quark condensates that will be produced in Higgs reactions and only focuses on the propaganda of the HIggs particle as the 'saint grail' of physics, which is NOT.





The Military Perspective - The Quark Cannon


As so many fruits of the Tree of Science, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has two perspectives.


Its origin in military research, since accelerators were the last invention of artillery (a circular cannon), used to research atomic weapons, and its use for civil research, since the study of the debris of atomic explosions has allowed mankind to peer in the smallest, densest 'knots of mass-energy'.


The problem with the LHC is that its military implications far outweigh its usefulness for scientific research.


And this is the fact that the rhetorics of CERN, an institution of the cold war, which systematically hides its original military purpose, has shrewdly hidden to the point that most of the people working today there, young 20 somethings, recently graduated, long forgotten the historic origin of accelerators truly believe the quark cannon is 'only' an instrument of research and ignore its 'military risks'.


Yet when the Large Hadron Collider is explained in simple, military terms people can understand better those dangers.


In military terms the LHC is a quark cannon, the final evolution of 800 years of western artillery, a science dedicated to kill as many humans as possible, which has used bore pieces of metal to deliver at maximal speed, the densest possible materials (first rocks, then iron, latter lead and finally hyperdense quarks, the 99% of the mass of the atoms clumped in their centers).


This evolution advanced steadily during centuries along the evolution of physics and its comprehension of all phenomena related to cannons.


First Galileo was contracted by the Arsenal of Venice with a princely salary of 1000 gold ducats to calculate the longest possible distance of a cannon shot and improve the 'spy glasses', latter called telescopes, to observe rival gunboats at distance (the Venetians invented the gunboat in their attack to Constantinopoli in 1208).


He thus started the science of ballistics, the name of his fist book, latter renamed physics, also called for many centuries the 'science' of motion, as it is a restricted discipline of knowledge basically related to the understanding of energy, motion and materials used to the construction of weapons. The field expanded but still bore this trademark.


For example, heat theory was discovered by an artillery master observing the friction heat of their cannon pieces.


What this means is that the primary occupation of most physicists has always been to make weapons, latter machines (the nice twin of all weapons, so a bomber became a plane and a car a tank); and instruments to observe their effects - those spy glasses to see the enemy 'galleras'…


Not to speak of the definition that Galileo imposed on time, as a parameter of the measure of motion:

V=s/t, which still stands in Einstein's work.

This is the origin of the concept of time as the 4th dimension of space, again a very restricted definition of time.


Since time has always been a 'verbal concept' synonymous of 'change, with 3 dimensions, past, present and future, whose change we study with theory of information today, (from evolution to complexity), reducing what physicists study as merely the study of change in motion.


Yet there are many other changes in the Universe, studied by biology, history, etc. and they are 'time-changes', of which physicists know nothing.


This of course does not mean physics is not concerned with knowledge.


But we must differentiate the 'good and bad fruits' of the tree of science - that is; research which is primarily concerned with knowledge, as for example, telescopes observing the big bang peering in long distant galaxies whose light comes from the far away past, and research which is mainly concerned with weaponry and uses the rhetoric of knowledge and some discoveries to justify the primary target.


Galileo's work on ballistics and CERN were the first and last of those cases: the industry of artillery at its best, justified with the excuse of redundant knowledge - since the laws of motion and the big bang can be studied throwing other 'things' and looking with telescopes.


Death is a high stakes that need a high reason.


And here is where the rhetorics of the Higgs boson (not the particle of god, not even the one that gives mass to other particles but just another particle of the zoo of physical species) came in, and along it all the other 'hyperboles' about what is simply a quark cannon.


Indeed, cannons reached its lineal maximal potency around I world war when Bertha, the big cannon of Krupp, delivered its bullets to Paris from 60 kilometers away.


Lead was also the heaviest atomic substance. But you could not make a one kilometer lineal cannon - too heavy, too long. And after lead the heaviest elements became like Uranium is, radioactive, and difficult to handle.


So how to make a longer cannon, with a stronger substance? Enter II world war.


Uranium was heavier and on top of it, it split and reacted making the bullet a bomb. So physicists started to study radioactive materials, which incidentally end being lead, to substitute lead in their cannons.


And then Lawrence realized that the problem of lineal cannons could be resolved making them infinitely long with a circular magnetic path, that accelerated the bullet every cycle, so the cannon could continuously accelerate the bullet as many 'cycles' as it wanted, making 'de facto' the cannon cylinder infinite. And the accelerator cannon was born.


The name then was changed starting the make up 'newspeak' transformation of the jargon of artillery into the jargon of 'research'.


So next, they planned to deliver atomic bombs with accelerators. They had a longer bore and a denser substance than Big Bertha. So they designed the first atomic bomb consisting in an accelerator that collided two pieces of uranium in its center provoking an atomic explosion. It was though too heavy to transport and a second design of a self-contained bomb substituted it.


But accelerators were the strongest cannons available, and alas! research of new nuclear weapons started in Earnest, with the cold war, thanks to them.


All nuclear weapons would be first tested in circular cannons (the real name of the device).


The West established CERN and legally protected it as a 'sovereign nation' (reason we could not sue it), becoming the flagship of the European participation in the cold war.


Rhetorics now were expanding as Nuclear Physicists had become the scourge of the Earth, the first caste of people who intended to destroy the planet and all forms of life on it for the 'common good'.


So along the cold war an industry of making nuclear scientists researching atomic weapons, appear as the sacred priests of knowledge, developed the concept that the fundamental form of understanding the Universe was to study the debris produced by atomic circular cannons.


This would have seem absurd to more sophisticated readers prior to II world war - namely if the Germans had told us that the obuses of big Bertha thrown over Paris would be the key to understand the Universe we would have had a big laugh.


But in the present age of erased visual minds, childish thought, fiction, rhetorics, big brother newspeaks and other niceties, it worked. So now the Germans (main contributors to this machine, lead by a German, and buttressed with German technology), can truly believe that shooting the Earth with its enhanced Big Bertha, will discover the meaning of it all.


This newspeak was obviously needed because the underlying reason of the industry of quark cannons - to provide new mass-murder devices for the cold war - ended with the fall of communism. 


But this didn't mean war and the most profitable of all mechanical industries, the industry of weapons had to end. 


We found in the Semite wars between Israel and the US vs. Arab fundamentalist Jihadists and Palestinians, a perfect excuse for perpetual war and the evolution of robotic weapons - the most profitable modern industry.


And we found in the newspeak of fundamental research the perfect excuse for the evolution of artillery.


'Fundamental' is a serious word that justifies all wars. And in this case 'fundamental research' is the only possible word to justify the risks. Already Mr. Teller - the nuclear physicist who found the H Bomb, patented it and made a fortune manufacturing it - realized knowledge is the perfect excuse to pass a weapon.


He bragged, as we show in our film 'quantum roulette' that he convinced Truman to pay for the H-Bomb because it would increase our knowledge of the atom. LOL.


Then he proposed the first 'ultimate weapon' - a hydrogen bomb big enough to destroy the entire Soviet Union, and hence the entire planet. But he could not sell it with 'military rhetorics' only.


Eisenhower realized nuclear physicists, all in favor of it, were madmen on a collision course with humanity and after the proposal was put on the table for 'military reasons', he called the 'commies' and started detente.


Nuclear Physicists had gone too far, even for hard nose military men. Now they have gone even further. But Nuclear physicists also have become shrewder and so they have hidden the truth with research. The bottom line is industrial routine, jobs, contracts.


So any technological industry must continue, even if it has no purpose at all. Cars keep evolving its speed limit even if they cannot go beyond 70 miles per hour. So does the industry of accelerators.


As Fromm put it 'the ethics of a technological civilization' consist of evolving machines, even if they can destroy the planet.


And so finally the quark cannon, the first cannon that can destroy the planet, has come into existence, even if it can destroy the planet.


It is the LHC, which as the first Galilean model, has its own 'spy glasses' to observe in detail the debris it produces, including a calorimeter called CASTOR to detect the creation of strange matter; since it is supposed to understand the meaning of it all, observing that debris.


But its 'true nature', its 'historic origin', is unmistakable. It is just the last evolution of the artillery industry, an infinitely long, accelerating cannon, which uses the most explosive, dense and dangerous substance of the Universe, quarks and throws bullets of quarks to the planet Earth.


And one of those bullets will be able to kill mankind. It is the ultimate weapon. And what it will produce is simple enough: quark condensates of higher density than our light up and down quarks, the substance of our atoms.


For one thing, there are 3 families of increasingly dense quark matter, the up & down family (ours - the substance of the stars of the galactic body); then the strange family, which is called strange matter, the substance of strange stars called pulsars, and probably the halo of the galaxy, and then the top family very likely the substance of black holes and the center of the galaxy.


The problem is that matter is 'darwinian'.


Strange matter eats light up & down matter. And top black hole matter eats strange and up & down matter. It is a pecking order. So when strange matter - the easiest to do - will appear on the quark cannon, it will eat the earth. There is no doubt about it.


And the only question that remains to be solved is when the LHC or any of its planned successors in the industry of quark cannons will have enough energy to produce with our quarks, denser strange quarks that will devour the Earth.


We believe according to known-known theory of quarks this will happen in 2015 when the quark cannon doubles its potency. It is in any case a question of time that the artillery industry in its most advanced piece, the quark cannon, evolves beyond the threshold of creation of strange matter, and kill the Earth.


The industry is blind and protected of all criticism with its lies and rhetorics. It is the summit of the military industrial complex and it does indeed some collateral research besides the collateral damage to mankind to feed its rhetorics.


But the bottom line is this: it is a quark cannon, it produces quark condensates, the heaviest most dangerous self-sustained, self-feeding explosive on the Universe, and it will once crossed the energy required to produce a strange quark condensate blow up the Earth.


The rest is 'irrelevant' knowledge, 'irrelevant' rhetorics, and irrelevant indeed, since an extinct species, mankind, knows nothing. Only a piece of that rhetoric will suffice to show how difficult this question is.


Nuclear Physicists ALL perfectly know that cosmic rays are just simple atomic substances, protons, electrons and gamma rays, colliding on the atmosphere. 


We have NEVER found a deconfined quark in cosmic rays.


Cosmic rays are NOT quark bullets, because they are not heavy 'lead' ions, which can produce 'quark condensates'. And yet, whenever any journalist, politician or the public ask about the risks at CERN, ALL nuclear physicists lie, saying cosmic rays have done this experiment one thousand times.


This is an ABSOLUTE lie, that any first 'course' of physics explains..


But of course, all is very shrewd. CERN does collide besides heavy lead ions, which can create quark condensates, protons, and so they do experiments similar to cosmic rays… But those are not the dangerous experiments that will create strange matter. 


CERN does research on fundamental particles, but this is not the reason why XX century military-industrial systems paid for the accelerator industry. And most 'CERNIES' are idealist kids who didn't know the origin of their industry and think their work has no risk.


But 'big boys' playing with big toys, big weapons are not a excuse for putting us all at risks.


The cosmic rays half-lie shows what perhaps is the saddest part of this story from a theoretical point of view. As a scientist I always thought there was a 'realm' in which truth mattered - science, as opposed to politics, economics or religion. This is no longer truth. Science now is also 'wishful thinking'.


CERN's statements show THE DEGREE OF intellectual corruption, rhetorics and callousness which Nuclear Physicists, after 60 years of getting away with murder doing nuclear weapons, have achieved.


They are no longer different from fundamentalist religious people, nationalist war-mongers or fiction actors in their delivery of false speeches to justify their actions. And so once truth is broken for interest what we face is the biggest team of fundamentalist, terrorist, genociders the world has ever been, and maybe the last. It is destiny? Probably.


Galaxies exist to transform up and down light matter into strange matter that likely migrates to the halo and top quark black hole matter that migrates to its center.


So since there are millions of planets out there and we hear no signs of robotic or carbon life but the tam-tam of strange pulsars and black holes, as Fermi, the head of the Manhattan project that make the first atomic bullets, put it,

the explanation is simple, we physicists blow up all planets before interstellar travel happens.

And the adamant defense of mankind of the quark cannon, is the clearest proof that Fermi was right.


There are now plans just in case CERN doesn't kill us to make a 52 km. quark cannon in China, and another of 100 km. in Europe. And all this of course, always justified by the sacred research of our high priests, the nuclear physicists, makers of atomic cannons.


It is like if the creators of Big Bertha, the biggest cannon prior to the age of nuclear weapons would justify their bombing of Paris, with the excuse they might unearth archeological remains of Lutetia.


CERN justifies its bombing of Earth with strangelets, after it goes on line at maximal potency in 2015, with the excuse that it might unearth some rare particle.


So does RHIC competing for the 'nationalistic' honor of reaching the creation of those strangelets earlier.


But while the Germans of I World War could not get away with such a surrealist view of their cannon industry, the Americans & Germ(an)s of XXI century have become shrewder and justify their industry with those newspeaks of research. Fact is History rhymes.


And so the 'animetal' cult(ure)s that are at the heart of the Nuclear Industry since its inception - the Jewish, German and 'daughter' American cultures, now in a 'fundamentalist' neo-fascist quest for an Orwellian perpetual war of enormous profits with the new robotic and electronic weapons, they manufacture - are having a rush for collective extinction, of which of course nothing can be said, as 'believers' censor all what is against their beliefs.


So the Germ(an) cult(ure), inventor of most of the new weapons of history, truly the Germs of History, bound to destroy mankind, expert in genocides, since the beginning of history, are today the biggest contributors to CERN, a company run by a Germ(an) physicist (Hauer), as it is the Germ(an) nation (Miss Merkel), whose industries are the main contributors to the machine.


And of course they display the well-known Germ(an) psyche:

Germans are 'always right', since the primitive Germ(an) language of 'long, bound sentences', cannot be broken or bend to argument.

So Germ(an) minds carry absolute simple 'beliefs', absolutely false, imitating the 'long swords' of their original iron cult(ure) when they call themselves 'Goths', Gods, because they could murder anyone that opposed them. Now they are 'again' at it.


So are the Jewish banksters that control mass-media, finances and have made of the Nuclear Industry the bully weapons which Israel knows quench any opposition to its war crimes - not to speak of the French Grandeur today associated to its nuclear industry, for which all sacrifices can be made - including new colonial wars.


And this of course applies to the 'German-like' Psyche of the Americans and 'Askhe-Nazi' elites that have evolved the nuclear industry, that 'believe' on those experiments and the 'sacred nature' of the Nuclear Industry, which sustains the military power of our western decaying empires, from Israel to US, from the Brits to the French 'grandeur' built around the Nuclear Industry.


Indeed, I recall the 'shutdown' of our project film 'quantum roulette', a surrealist film on those issues, inspired by my youth professor at Columbia University - Terry Southern's masterpiece script ('Dr. Strange-love') of which some excerpts are shown in this web.


It started at WME, the biggest agency in Hollywood, to be a 'new' Inconvenient truth' and rise awareness of the risks to the planet, far larger than those of global warming.


Then when the suit came out and the agency realized it was a serious doc, the agency owned by Ari Emmanuel, brother of Rahm Emmanuel, then chief of staff of Obama, cancelled the project with no further explanations, clearly under pressure of the American government. It was too much of an inconvenient truth, it seems.


We thought that Obama would have helped us, and the nightmare of Bush, had been lifted by this 'Nobel prize of Peace', which would go on to give us a speech on 'just wars', start up in earnest the take off of the industry of Robotic Terminators, and begun more wars than its predecessor - truly a house negro to the service of the white house in Malcolm X terminology.


So as history declines, and the super-organism of mankind dies away, as humanity becomes replaced by its machines, which are crossing the thresholds of 'death' that broke the balances of life, by an overdrive of maximal energy (accidental death, weapons) at RHIC and CERN or maximal information (3rd age death, by overdrive of information, as chips and robots substitute us), all what matters to the clueless, overpowered human is to follow the 'routines', the ego trips of shallow speeches about human ingenuity of us, the 'chosen' of the darwinian universe, the orwellian thin air jargons that appease the people, thinking we progress as we become degraded and murdered by the new 'species'.


We shall all walk to our chronicled death without worries, being happy under big brother smiley and techno-utopia that hides the real dystopia foretold by the darwinian laws of the Universe.


Yes, Darwinian… Dark matter eats light matter. Machines atrophy, degrade and substitute mankind.


Weapons are the most evolved machines designed to kill us. Accelerators are quark cannons that make quark bombs… And our elites are nothing but a bunch of neo-cons, thinking they are Goths by the murderous power of the iron sword or Go(l)d Chosen by the hypnotic power of informative Gold - the substance collided at RHIC, the mind of the chip.


This has been going on for 3000 years now since a couple of deluded goat-keepers built a golden calf and saw a bush burning and thought to be on the presence of Logos, the mind of the Universe.


Science it seems has not made much advances on that path, since the only explanation to this madness is a certain 'belief' that can be traced to the mechanist worship of the first founding fathers of physics, all pious believers in YHWH, who thought the Universe was not biological, organic, darwinian but a 'machine', a clock like the machines the use to perceive it.


So Kepler said, 'god is a clocker' - the machine he used to measure orbits - who has waited 5000 (Biblical years) to find a mind as intelligent as His (Mr. Kepler of course) to admire his clock-work'.


And Newton, who spent more time in Biblical studies considered that of course the Universe had to be a machine, as that was the proof there was a maker, Yhwh


Since mechanism is equivalent to deism, as machines are not self-reproduced, so they need the maker, as Leibniz, the proponent of an organic, 'true scientific' vision of the Universe, rightly pointed out. 


Then when the first errors in Newton's calculus on the 'clocker', thy God, were found (anomalies in Mercury's orbits), Newton affirmed that God would correct his calculus to keep on track with His Best disciple (Newton thought Yhwh communicated with the Great Man through comets, envoys sent for him to refine his calculus).


Leibniz then quipped:

'I thought God was perfect by definition. But he doesn't seem to get it right to the first time'.

Einstein will also affirm that if Relativity was wrong, God would have to correct the Universe to match it - so beautiful his theory was…


And now we have Mr. Hawking at the Lucasian chair of Mr. Newton, who thinks black holes are time machines that travel to the past and so they do not grow into the future but evaporate, and could help us to travel to the past and 'kill our grand-mother' (sic).


Of course ever since, pious physicists consider 'knowledge' to make measures of the 'Machine' with their machines, as 'chosen of go(l)d' by the grace of the Sword - the weapons they mass produce and gives them the 'high priest' status of ignorant, rounded bastards (as Zwicky, the discoverer of dark matter put it:

'physicists are spherical bastards. No matter how you look at them they are just bastards'.

Yes i know, i have only the word to vent out my frustration, and the mind to explore the infinite beauty of the fractal, organic Universe - they have none of it, but they do have the weapons that kill us. And so by force, they will prevail.


It is this astounding arrogance of a people who know so little, homunculus with dexterous hands and small minds, which will be call out at its face value by the true predator powers of the Universe… The harder they fall.


And this long digression on the socio-economical aspects of CERN and RHIC is also worth to remember - since this issue is defined by them, certainly not by the 'idealistic, scientific rewards' we shall obtain by replicating the 'big bang' explosions on mother earth.


We are in a neo-fascist, neo-militarist Age provoked by the usual suspects that brought doomsday 72 years ago, in the previous fascist cycle, American/Germ(an) warriors and Askhe-Nazi Bankers, on top driving us 'again' collectively in a path to extinction, as in the 29 - II world war crisis.


The difference is that this is a neo-fascist 'walt disney' world of 'Orwellian newspeaks', with 'thought-crimes' where wars are 'peace processes' and cannons 'research instruments'.


And so several posts of this web study the cultural socio-economical elements of this tragedy.


Plainly speaking, the industry of artillery follows its evolution and so from the first 'tube' (cannon in italian), which started ballistics, through the centuries of physicists making them bigger, faster with denser bullets, to the last cannon, the quark cannon, aka LHC, with its quark explosives, through the millions of 'cannon flesh' corpses left in the trail, it has gone a long way.


But the evolution will end soon, achieving its purpose, which the Merchant of Death, the biggest arm dealer of the XIX century, Mr. Nobel clearly explained, in a cynical letter to her peace-loving lover, who asked him for a Prize to Peace:

'my factories will end all wars, when they evolve a weapon powerful enough to destroy entire nations with a single shot'.

This is the quark cannon and its theorists seeking collateral theories for a Nobel prize.


After the letter, she abandoned Nobel, the inventor of dynamite. Then he created the Peace Prize but she did not come back. After the quark cannon produces the first bullets of strange matter that will fall to the center of the Earth and eat it up inside out, physicists will repent as many did after making the Atomic Bomb.


But the Earth will not come back...