guest article by Frai Jonah

21 July 2004

from Montalk Website

We distinguish a current in contemporary channeled information which casts fresh light on the past, present and future.


The story of the cosmos and of humanity’s current spiritual challenge is presented in this article from the perspective of three contemporary channeled sources.

  1. Ra is the story in terms of cosmology and abstract metaphysical definitions. It is a sort of dictionary or primer for the subsequent material.

  2. Bringers of the Dawn is an inspiring story of personal transformation against the backdrop of humanity’s dark history and the approaching dawning of new light

  3. Cassiopaea explores the question of the state of man in all its aspects through research and the pursuit of clues in channeled information. The material seeks to turn metaphysics into an applied science of ascension.



In 1981, Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and Jim McCarthy began receiving channeled information from a group of entities identifying itself as Ra. This information gives basic concepts for an understanding of humanity’s history and short term future.

The Earth finds herself at the threshold of a transformation. The vibrations of humanity are part of the third density, whereas the surrounding sector of spacetime is moving into the fourth density.

In the cosmic scheme of things, the third density is a stage of development of consciousness where entities incarnate as individuals. These individuals must make a choice which determines the nature of their further evolution. According to the Law of One, the Ra material, all which exists originates in and serves the one infinite creator. This can take place in two fundamentally different modes: To serve the self through serving others (service to others or STO) or through serving others via serving the self (service to self or STS).


This is the fundamental duality which makes difference between things and thus experience possible. In human ethical terms, STS is the forces of darkness and STO is the forces of light.


However, these do not manifest in their pure unambiguous forms in our direct experience, hence our challenge of discernment.

In order for a 3rd density entity to transit to the 4th density experience, it must choose between STS and STO. According to Ra either one shall be over 50% service to others or 95% of service to self, both goals being equally difficult to reach. The third density Earth environment is throughout its history oriented towards service to self. This comes as a result of the decision of souls to incarnate on this planet in order to experience life under the control of forces of STS for accelerated learning.

When one incarnates into the Earth third density, one accepts the veil, which separates the conscious and subconscious and one forgets the spiritual goals of the incarnation.

The deeper nature of things is not directly visible for the third density incarnate entity. The spiritual function of the third density is to distinguish between concepts and actions of STO and STS and to systematically bring the choice to application.


The uncertainty of discernment inherent in this mode of being makes this a challenging task. According to Ra, the fourth density state of being is radically different from the third density. The medium is more transparent and the spiritual energies of beings are directly perceptible, physicality exists but is in greater degree under conscious control.


Beings naturally form so-called social memory complexes, which are groups of individuals with a telepathically shared pool of knowledge accessible to all.


Bringers of the Dawn and the Pleiadians

A classic of the New Age literature, Bringers of the Dawn, channeled by Barbara Marciniak, was published 11 years after the start of the Ra contact, in 1992. The channeled group of beings, the Pleiadians, give us keys for understanding the situation of man.


They speak approximately as paraphrased below:

You are spiritual renegades. Your task is to anchor the frequency of light to assist in the transformation of the Earth. Light is information. You bring this light to Earth which has since time immemorial traveled in darkness and ignorance under control of fear and limitation. You are members of the family of light. 500,000 years ago the Lizzies, the reptilian aliens, gods of your ancestors, won a battle against the forces of light over the control of your planet.


Ever since, the Lizzies have manipulated you culturally, religiously and genetically to keep you locked into ignorance and fear. The Lizzies are jealous gods of fear and limitation who use the energies radiated out by their captive humanity as their food, which they ‘cook’ to their taste by keeping humanity in constant fear, ignorance and conflict.

It is your task to awaken ancient memories. It is your task to reconnect humanity to its true potential which has been unexpressed all these millennia as a result of genetic and spiritual manipulation of your species.

You have chosen to incarnate at this time in order to be players in a momentous cosmic drama, to have living the planetary nexus of change on your spiritual resume.

Many beings from all over the cosmos are watching with bated breath, placing bets on how you will do, how you will handle your awesome task.

We come from a future where your Earth lives under a tyranny. We have traveled back to the relative past to change the future. We are storytellers extraordinaire. We stimulate you with light information to awaken your ancient memories. The planet is being bathed with cosmic energies which are awakening the sleeping secrets and powers of your DNA. As you progress from a 2-stranded DNA to your glorious original 12 strands, your being is transformed into a multidimensional being.

As the point of junction draws nearer, you will increasingly reconnect with your light and dark parallel aspects in other dimensions, which are all converging on your present location and timeline to be united and healed.

The transition is a crossroads to which many paths lead and from which many probable timelines spring. Much in the cosmos depends on the free will choices made by those in incarnation on Earth at this critical juncture.


We have come to remind you of the importance of your task: We help you through reminding you of your place and power and You help us by opening the door to a possible future of freedom.



Our third source of information is the Cassiopaea material, received since 1994 by Laura Knight Jadczyk. This channeling as well as research inspired by this channeling still continues.


The material forms an extensive review of history, metaphysics, esoterica, politics and the alien issue.

Laura Knight Jadczyk paints a picture of the hidden forces governing the human condition throughout history, ranging from aliens of ancient history to their influence on present day political forces.

Laura sees the world as a laboratory where incarnating souls may undertake esoteric work in preparation for the coming transition.

This work consists of recognizing the rich symbols of everyday reality in their archetypal meaning. The Cassiopaean slogan “Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers” places the emphasis on the fact that man must distinguish between influences of STS and STO in the daily existence in order to attain sufficient polarity for the coming transition to the 4th density.

The specific genius of Laura Knight Jadczyk is her capacity to perceive connections and patterns across an astounding field of information, ranging from history to natural sciences to esoteric tradition.

While Ra and Bringers of the Dawn are lectures or general metaphysical question and answer sessions, the Cassiopaea material is tightly interwoven with Laura’s personal quest for the roots of the human condition.


The material cannot be separated from the quest, which it subtly guides in the form of clues whose meaning is often only seen much later, following surprising avenues of research. Thus the body of material consists of articles mostly by Laura about her findings, supported and annotated with relevant channeling excerpts. The raw channeled material is also available on the web, about 1000 pages altogether.

Beyond the information channeled from the Cassiopaeans, Laura draws on ancient and contemporary movements for the spiritual development of man. We see elements of the Gurdjieff Work, or the ‘4th Way’, concepts of Gnosticism, Sufism, alchemy and others.


The starting point is that the most various paths of transmission may carry fragments of truth, which may be variously forgotten, twisted or corrupted. Indeed, history is a political process and the accounts have more often than not been edited to suit the historian. The spiritual heritage of man is a varied tapestry, where gems of truth may be mixed with manipulation and disinformation. Study and research themselves develop man’s faculty for discernment, upon which the goal of spiritual development depends.

The best starting point is the Wave series of articles by Laura. The Wave is the Cassiopaean term for the transition to the 4th density. The series discusses the physical and metaphysical controls which circumscribe the estate of man, synthesizing topics as diverse as UFO abductions, manipulation via religion, genetics, mind control, government and science.

As the transition draws near, activity on the planet heats up.


The spiritual orientation of the awakened part of humanity at the point of transition is the cosmic prize, which selects the nature of the timeline to follow. This prize, humanity, is the object of the battles of the gods. This archetypal battle is reflected on our plane as alien activity, earth changes, wars, tyranny, extreme greed etc.


Groups of people are pieces on the chessboard of the gods. The orientation of a group determines which archetypal or 4th density energy the group represents and transduces to the Earth plane. People choose their destiny, and by extension the planetary destiny, by choosing which cosmic archetype they align to, in the final instance the choice is between STS and STO.

The archetypes of ancient legends, such as Perseus, can be seen as symbols of higher realities. Thus does mythology acquire its original esoteric significance. The choice of man is whether to be a hero, victim, damsel in distress or a devouring monster.


The lesson of the third density is to learn to distinguish between the many and varied archetypes which all seek expression via humanity. The work is first discernment, then systematic application of the principle so that one can gather sufficient spiritual polarity for the coming transition.


We come here to the point of the required purity of choice which we already encountered with Ra.



What the three sources have in common is the idea of a coming cosmic transition around the year 2012, by which time a certain degree of awakening and choice is needed.


Many predictions cluster around the year 2012, see for example for a sampling.

According to the three sources, free will and consciousness are at the root of all existence. Everything, from inert matter to living beings is a result of consciousness. In this sense all are part of the one infinite creator. The degree of freedom experienced by a being depends on the degree of consciousness development, which determines the so-called density of the being, thus also governing the laws of nature, time and space perception of the being, the nature of its interface to other beings and so forth.

All three see the Earth and all else as a school. The final exam at the end of this grand semester of 300,000 years is ongoing, between now and 2012. This is a grand conference where the best at both service to others as well as service to self are in incarnation.

Another point of agreement is to see humanity as being under the control of various forces of STS, which utilize mankind as an energy source. The Matrix movie is a popular allegoric story of this.

So what can man do about all this? Wake up!

And how does one do this?


Through studying the true state of self and of the world and through application of these studies. Through discerning the symbolic value of the experiential catalyst offered by the incarnation and by consistently choosing one’s polarity.


Further, the one chance of reaching the free will which man in potential possesses is to be conscious of the factors which control man.

Knowledge Protects, Ignorance Endangers