by Carl Johan Calleman
June 23, 2011

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Carl Johan Calleman is the author of Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time: The Mayan Calendar (Garev 2001), The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co, 2004) and The Purposeful Universe (Bear and Co, 2009).

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Many people have now heard about the upcoming entry to the inner solar system of the comet Elenin ( and there is a whole range of ideas and speculations about what this might entail.


Comets have always been seen as harbingers of auspicious or (more commonly) ominous tidings and this one certainly is no exception. Ideas have been suggested that it is in fact a brown dwarf star, a spaceship or causes earthquakes.


Regardless, this upcoming fall two comets, Honda and Elenin, later to be followed by Levy, will arrive creating a sequence of celestial bodies in the skies (below video).






The comet Elenin, which has received the greatest attention of these, is estimated to be at its shortest distance from Earth around October 16-20, 2011 close to the midpoint of the seventh day of the Ninth wave (or Universal Underworld).


Especially since this is right before the true 13 Ahau culmination date of the Mayan calendar (October 28, 2011), this comet is, regardless of the specific nature and role that it may have, an end time phenomenon. These comets will then arrive against the background of deepening global political and economic chaos produced because the institutions of the world are not consistent with the incoming unity consciousness of the Ninth wave.


This mandates a study of how this comet is related to end time prophecies from various sources.

In The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (2004) I wrote:

“At least some minor earth changes may thus result from the high frequency change in consciousness that we are now undergoing. But the reversal of cause and effect to generate a doomsday view where such earth changes are presented as the very purpose of creation is untenable.


Any possible physical effects should be seen only as by-products of the consciousness field, and most climatic change will still probably be caused by carbon dioxide emissions rather than some purported insidious divine plan for the destruction of the earth through geophysical changes.”

This then referred to the Galactic Underworld and it is probably true to say that it is only with the Universal Underworld (see figure below) that the frequency has become so high that the Earth changes can no longer be classified as minor.


What also comes forth from this quote is that I have sought to distinguish my view from many who merely focus on Earth changes as such without providing a meaningful context for them. I have emphasized that the Mayan calendar is fundamentally about the evolution of consciousness and Earth changes are either serving this evolution or are spin-off effects of it.


I have thus made the point that the current Ninth wave of the Mayan calendar shows an irreversible direction towards the unity consciousness that will culminate later this year.

Figure 1.

The Ninth wave of the Mayan calendar leading up to its end date

of October 28, 2011 with indications of:

A - Closest distance to comet Honda,

B - Comet Elenin between the earth and the sun

C - Closest distance to comet Elenin.

(For details about the Ninth wave please see


Some have however also questioned how, despite its high frequency the Ninth wave of the Mayan calendar would be able to bring about this new consciousness in such a short period of time.


Yet, its days are now being expressed in the world oneness revolution with its epicenter in North Africa and Southern Europe (most recently, Saudi women are starting to drive). We should also be aware that the second half of a wave always manifests its phenomena much more strongly than the first half and that so the world oneness revolution will intensify.


The date July 4 as the beginning date of the second half, may imply that the demands for true democracy that are currently being raised in southern Europe will then also spread to the USA. In addition, a monetary collapse seems very likely to come some time in the month of August considering the high level of indebtedness and other factors in key nations.


The Universal Underworld will then increasingly call us to become citizens of the cosmos and shed our currently limiting national confines.

Moreover, in this high frequency of change the Earth changes are likely to intensify and what is of interest here is that sometimes celestial bodies are synchronized with the evolution of the cosmic plan in such a way that they create leaps forward. This may also come to do so in the near future through the approaching comets.


After all, the Cosmic Tree of Life, which the Mayan calendar is based on, is the synchronizing factor behind all events in the universe and we know that celestial bodies have played an evolutionary role in the past.


Moreover, if such fine-tuned celestial events originate in the divine plan it should also mean that they could sometimes be foretold by prophecies.

Before going into prophecies I will give two examples of celestial bodies that have played a supporting role for the evolution of life on our planet.

  • The first is the impact by a Mars sized celestial body that by current science is believed to have given rise to the moon 4.5 billon years ago.

  • The other such miraculous event in the history of the Earth is the meteor that 65 million years ago hit it and gave rise to the Chicxulub crater in Mexico and darkened the sky for a long time. This led to the extinction of all dinosaurs and plesiosaurs on our planet.

The reason that this seemingly destructive meteor may be called miraculous is that without it having exactly the size that it did we would not be here to talk about it today.


The dinosaurs might still have been roaming around eating all mammals that showed promise of further evolution.


If, on the other hand, this meteor would have been twice its actual size all life on earth - including the mammals - would have gone extinct and we would not be here now either. Moreover, this impact was very precisely timed so that it paved the way for the higher mammals that emerged at the beginning of the Seventh day of the Mammalian Underworld.


These events, the formation of the moon and the extinction of the dinosaurs thus clearly served the further evolution of the cosmic plan and its purpose, but how these celestial bodies could have such precision in size and orbit to bring about the continued evolution of life on Earth still seems incomprehensible to a human mind.


When it comes to the series of comets that are now approaching the Earth I thus feel we should be open to the possibility that also this is engineered by divine intelligence and plays a specific role that will prepare the world for the culmination of time on October 28, 2011.


It should be pointed out then that there is nothing to indicate that it would be part of this plan for all life on earth to come to an end, either at previous events or in the future. On the other hand, this is not the same thing as saying that there will be no casualties.

To discuss the physical interactions that the two comets may come to have with the Earth - if any - is however difficult to do at the current time.


The data that have been provided by official astronomical sites point to them as being too insignificant both in terms of their sizes and their orbits to have any direct influence on our planet. (Comet Elenin - Cosmic Threat or Celestial Visitor).


Yet, the estimates of these parameters have undergone change over time in a way that makes one wonder how certain they actually are and it may be that at this point no one can tell with certainty the exact values of these. Yet, unless some new data comes forth from credible astronomical sources I see no reason to doubt that they are but small chunks of ice.


Regardless of this, these comets may still play significant roles in the “end time” scenario.

I thus feel that the synchronicity of Elenin with the end of the Mayan calendar is so compelling that it deserves to be explored how these comets may be related to certain ancient prophecies.


Before we look into such prophecies we may note that some have read “Extinction Level Event Niburu Is Near” into the name ELENIN (from its Russian discoverer). A more appropriate reading given the dire outlook of the world’s monetary system in the second half of the Universal Underworld may however be El + Lenin (heralding God + anti-capitalist revolution).


In the current discussions several suggestions have also been made that the comet Elenin is a manned spaceship and that the powers that be is involved in a conspiracy, building bunkers for themselves and keeping its upcoming approach secret to people at large. Be that as it may, because even if either one of them is true I do not think it changes much for us in the current situation.

The currently most popular idea regarding comet Elenin is that it is related to the proposed return of Nibiru, which is a hypothetical brown dwarf companion of our sun surrounded by a Planet X.


The existence of Nibiru was initially proposed by Zecharia Sitchin based on his reading of Sumerian texts, but before he passed away last year he clearly stated that he did not believe it had anything to do with 2012 and it is indeed very hard to understand why it would. The idea that Nibiru would return in 2012 or more specifically on December 21, 2012 is not backed by any evidence whatsoever.


Yet, Nibiru has appeared in video clips watched by millions on YouTube in a strange brew with Sitchin’s ideas and the wrong end date of the Mayan calendar.


While the proponents of this idea talk widely about cover-ups and conspiracies keeping us in the dark about its existence there is in fact no evidence that Nibiru exists. Moreover, the Nibiru connection to 2012 is questionable already since no ancient Mayan prophecy implies its existence. The Nibiru connection to 2012 then becomes even more questionable when you realize that its proponents have replaced the Mayan calendar’s charting of evolution with proposed effects of this hypothetical planet to explain the course of human events.


Personally, I see no reason to embrace an idea, which lacks foundation either in modern science or ancient prophecy.


Yet, since it has gained such an enormous popularity, often in association with a proposed pole shift and reversal of the Earth’s spinning, it seems possible that it mimics a scenario that will indeed take place, but with another basis.


Could it for instance be that this collectively shared vision is not true as such, but that it points to an approaching comet and that this coincides, not with an electromagnetic pole shift, but with a shift in the polarity of consciousness in a way that we know will happen from the Mayan calendar?

The Hopi prophecy provides another source to consider regarding Elenin (and possibly its predecessor Honda), since this comet may be the Blue Star Kachina - the Eye of God - which is one of its signs of the end of time.

"And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star… These are the Signs that great destruction is coming. The world shall rock to and fro.


The white man will battle against other people in other lands - with those who possessed the first light of wisdom.


There will be many columns of smoke and fire such as White Feather has seen the white man make in the deserts not far from here. Only those which come will cause disease and a great dying. Many of my people, understanding the prophecies, shall be safe. Those who stay and live in the places of my people also shall be safe.


Then there will be much to rebuild. And soon - very soon afterward - Pahana will return. He shall bring with him the dawn of the Fifth World. He shall plant the seeds of his wisdom in their hearts. Even now the seeds are being planted.


These shall smooth the way to the Emergence into the Fifth World.”

My intuition tells me that Elenin indeed is the Blue Star, which according to the above seems to imply some kind of near impact.


To be certain of this we will have to wait and see what color it has. It is however already noteworthy that the Ninth and last sign of the Hopi Prophecy corresponds to what is produced by the Ninth and highest wave of the Mayan calendar.


Maybe this comet is in fact also a sign of the returning Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent, of Aztec/Toltec prophecy.

Thirdly, there are messages from Christian prophets from the past century, who say that at the end of time there will be Three Days of Darkness. This provides an interesting parallel to those of Mayan elders and for this you may consult a video clip of Mayan elder Don Alejandro Oxlaj as part of the Shift of the Ages movie, where he talks about these coming Three Days of Darkness.


I have previously been very skeptical of this idea, since it has seemed outside of what is physically possible, but since the same vision has come from other, quite independent, sources it becomes easier to accept.


There may now also be a mechanism that could explain it.


Thus, a few YouTube clips have suggested that as comet Elenin passes between the Earth and the sun (below video), which is expected to happen around September 25, 2011, there will be three days of darkness.






I do not think that this prediction enjoys the support of professional astronomers, and yet, things may come to happen in a way that is currently difficult to understand.


After all, as we come to October 28, 2011 Nine Underworlds, covering a total of 16 billion years of evolution, will be manifesting “in their full regalia” in accordance with the Tortuguero monument. Thus, I feel we have reason to expect that the Creator may have some surprises in store for us ultimately in order to turn this world into one of harmony.

The dramatic nature of this upcoming end scenario of the Mayan calendar is highlighted by the fact that there are two comets becoming visible in the second half of the Ninth wave. Before Elenin, the comet Honda will be at its closest distance (0.077 AU) from the Earth at the beginning of the fifth night on August 17, 2011.


What makes this interesting is that there are several prophecies that talk about two comets that signal, and play unique roles at, the end of time.


Helen Tzima Otto has written an important trilogy of books (the last one of which is called A Five Year Plan in the Divine Economy: The Timing of the Divinely-Ordained Events, 2011) that may be indispensable for our understanding of the upcoming scenario.


These are serious books that also add critical arguments against the pop culture end date of the Mayan calendar: December 21, 2012 (she points out that the strongest argument of its advocates seems to be that most people think that this is the end date).


The trilogy discusses the relatively widespread end time prophecies from more recent Christian prophets describing the advent of a pair of comets.



(Note: these prophets are not American televangelists, but people, often of humble origins, belonging to the Catholic or Greek Orthodox traditions. It then also deserves to be pointed out that these prophecies refer to comets and not to planets or brown dwarfs.)


To appreciate the importance of these prophecies we should note that Otto’s books were written without a knowledge or mention of the fact that the comet Elenin had even been discovered on December 10, 2010 or that the comet Honda would precede it.


Thus, her extensive accounting of prophecies of two different comets was not written to explain the rather unusual situation we happen to be in right now just as the Mayan calendar is coming to an end. For two comets to appear in such close proximity to this end is of course a considerably more improbable phenomenon than for only one to do so.


The message of these prophecies is that a pair of two comets will signal an urgency to surrender to and convert to the will of God before it is too late. Since I have previously argued that the purpose of the Ninth wave is to bring an altered relationship to God, unity consciousness, this comes as no surprise. According to these prophecies the first comet will be associated with the Illumination of Conscience as signs of a supernatural nature will begin to appear.


At the flyby of the second comet, called the Comet of Chastisement, the Three Days of Darkness will occur. Given what we know about the Mayan calendar culminating on October 28, 2011 it seems obvious that the two comets Honda and Elenin are serious candidates to fulfill these prophecies.

In the abovementioned end time prophecies people are recommended to stay inside their homes with blessed candles and not look out the windows as these comets fly by. They insist on constant prayer for three days after contemplating how we may have offended God. This makes sense since if we are to become fully transparent and attain unity consciousness we will need to lit though all the dark compartments of our beings and all the actions of our past.


It is then interesting to note that Mayan elder Don Alejandro Oxlaj in an interview I made with him five years ago recommended that the Three Days of Darkness should be devoted to contemplation and meditation. How much of these prophecies is metaphor is hard to tell, as well as what is meant by “days”, but mostly it comes through as a very literal physical scenario.


We need to prepare ourselves spiritually for this by doing what we can to set things right, but according to various prophecies we also need to prepare ourselves in more practical ways.

If Elenin is this second comet it would imply that at the time of its closest distance from the earth many people will be afraid. In the same way as the Hopi talk about the Great Purification it is then said in these Christian prophecies that only those that are pure will survive this event by not succumbing to the fear. Several prophesies talk about some form of disturbance of the earth’s position and large earthquakes so that a large part of humanity will not live to inherit the Earth.


Yet, we are also told that we are not supposed to fear these events and have faith that the world will continue.


There are ample descriptions that the reader may consult regarding such prophecies of three days of darkness and it will be up to each individual to decide how to look upon them. While this may sound dire enough, it can also be looked upon as an opportunity to clear out darkness from ourselves, something which is a necessity if a new world with people in harmony is going to be born out of the chaos that will now deepen further.

I see three different possibilities as to how three days of darkness could be generated in association with Elenin.

  • The first is that the comet has such a large tail that it covers the sun (less likely).

  • The second is that it comes so close that it destabilizes the Earth (also less likely).

  • The third, which I consider the most likely, requires some additional background as to why there are geological earth changes to begin with: Earthquakes appear because of the continental drift on the surface of the earth, which originates in convection streams in its magma.

A significant purpose of the continental drift is to create a global brain that the human beings need to be in resonance with in order to manifest the cosmic plan.


In my books Solving the Greatest Mystery of Our Time (2001) and The Purposeful Universe (2009) I describe how the separation of the world into two continental blocks is correlated with shifts in the Mayan calendar (in the 2nd wave).


We also know that certain waves, such as the Seventh and Ninth, were initiated by huge earthquakes (9.2) in Lisbon and Japan in 1755 and 2011, respectively.


I believe that the latter earthquakes happened because at the activation of new waves with higher frequencies adjustments were effected in the core of the Earth to adapt to a new polarity of consciousness. It is thus clear that the continental drift and earthquakes in a very general sense follow the Mayan calendar.


It is only that this does not help us to predict many small earthquakes or their precise locations.

Because of the need for such an adjustment for the transmission of unity consciousness I suspect that seismic activity will continue at an intense rate throughout the Ninth Wave. However, and this is the point, if several waves have seen major geological upheavals at their initiation should we then not expect major cataclysms also around the time when all the nine waves simultaneously come to fruition on October 28, 2011?


This very culmination of the Mayan calendar could mean a need for quite a dramatic adjustment of the inner core of the earth and as a consequence massive seismic activity on the surface of the earth.


The arrival of Elenin, possibly the Blue Star, would then simply “happen” to occur in synchrony with earthquakes, which in reality result from a fine-tuning of the global brain to create resonance with the new field of unity consciousness. The geological activity expected as the calendar comes to an end would then generate so many eruptions and gases that the sky would become dark for three days. The adjusted core of the Earth will then automatically favor those that have a highly developed resonance with the field of unity consciousness and are guided by it.


In this scenario the appearance of the Blue Star is merely synchronized with the earthquake and serves as a messenger, but plays no causative role for it.

This model may be difficult to grasp for those that want more mechanical explanations to earth changes such as for instance Elenin, Nibiru, HAARP or just random events. Yet, evidence for the creation waves of the Mayan calendar is there for everyone to study in my books and there is a reason that the Maya call their calendar Sacred.


This reason is that it describes a divine plan, which is developed through nine processes of Seven days and six nights. What we are witnessing now is the culmination of this divine plan, a culmination, which may be expected to be quite spectacular and it is for this reason that we may find important information relating to the Mayan calendar also in the Bible and the Quran.


Ultimately the orchestrator is God, who very likely would not like to see this world end in disaster after 16 billion years of evolution.


It is because the Mayan calendar describes a divinely orchestrated plan that I suspect that this end time scenario accomplishes exactly what it is meant to and this is not the end of life on earth. Without such an understanding that life on earth is the result of a divine plan the basis for faith in the future of humanity could however easily disappear.

It may be argued that it is not so important exactly what mechanism - comet, space ship, Nibiru or cosmic plan - that will trigger this end time scenario.


What may be most important is how we relate to it and the transformation of the human mind that it implies. There is however a curious practical consequence of whether you believe in an impact from space or processes inherent in creation when it comes to how you may need to prepare yourself.


If there will be a risk of an impact by a celestial body then the logical consequence is to seek shelter underground. If on the other hand there will be earthquakes because the evolutionary processes come to an end, which I have suggested, it is logical to seek refuge in the hills or out on sea. Those in resonance with the unity consciousness transmitted by the core of the Earth will know what to do.

As we come to October 28, 2011 the field of duality will on a cosmic level have been transcended and a transition to unity consciousness may well be a condition for the survival to the new world.


The prophecies associated with the two comets seem to be in alignment with some of the conclusions that I have previously drawn regarding the Ninth wave; for instance that what we are to do now is to shift from serving our egos to serving the divine plan and that indeed we need to commit to do so for a harmonization of the world to take place.


This is also the reason that over the years I have consistently emphasized the consciousness aspect of the Mayan calendar saying that it has an irreversible direction towards unity and light because if this, the most important aspect of the calendar, is ignored there would indeed be very little hope for the human race.

The prophetic meanings that I have here assigned to these comets are possibilities and not scientific certainties. Yet, I intuit that something important is going to happen related to these comets that no one may at the present moment be able to understand fully or have the factual basis to analyze.


If we combine our knowledge of the evolutionary model of the Mayan calendar with various end time prophecies it however makes total sense that the two comets are the messengers of the transformation of the old and the birth of a new world. In this way we can see a perfect consistency between prophecies of a varied origin and the model of the Mayan calendar of Nine Underworlds and Thirteen Heavens culminating on the date October 28, 2011 (13 Ahau).


Having this knowledge the question is essentially how we are to use it and this may need to be thoroughly discussed in the time ahead.

According to the Hopi Prophecy, the Kachina shall stop its dance and take off its mask as the Blue star appears for the Great Purification. This I believe alludes to what for many years I consistently have been saying in all of my lectures namely that as the filters (the masks) disappear we will no longer be puppets (Kachinas) of the divine plan and free to be and create without being subordinated to the divine evolutionary processes described by the Mayan calendar.


As a new world is born, people will after October 28, 2011 live life moment by moment by moment being free to create reality in accordance with their newly gained unity consciousness.


This is the birth of the new world of peace that is as much a part of these prophecies as the difficulties that will precede it.