by Michael Salla


from Prepare4Contact Website

Aloha all,

just to get things moving along in terms of p4c (Prepare For Contact) initiatives, I propose that this coming Sunday at 8 pm or 11:11 pm, we all meditate on Comet Holmes. For those that have not yet heard, this is a phenomenon that has captivated astronomers for the last month. (Comet Holmes Bigger Than The Sun)

While its brightness has faded so it canít be seen with the naked eye, the coma of Comet Holmes is now larger than the sun and still expanding. Comet Holmes is significant since some have argued that it is the Blue Kachina prophesied by Hopi prophesy (Could Comet 17P/Holmes be the 'Blue Kachina' of Hopi Prophecy?).

Comet Holmes was also apparently predicted by crop circles created in 2005 and signifies a transformative event for the planet. (Recent Outburst of Comet 17P Holmes Was Shown in English Crop Pictures Two Years Ago).

Finally, there have been claims that Comet Holmes is an extraterrestrial artifact that is helping in the awakening of humanity. (The Appearance of the Blue Sun in our Solar System)

So what I propose is that this Sunday (December 2) at 8 pm or 11:11 pm in our respective time zones around the world, we spend 5-10 minutes meditating on Comet Holmes and its significance. Preferably, this can be done outside where we can view it, but if not practical or if you live in the Southern hemisphere, it can be done inside where we just project our consciousness to Comet Holmes.

After the meditation exercise, we can all reflect on what transpired and post it on the forum.

I think Comet Holmes offers us an opportunity to begin a new phase for p4c where we as a community become more active. So I look forward to hearing from other members if they are willing to participate in this exercise this Sunday, December 2, at either 8 pm or 11:11 pm.


Michael S.