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Sacred Ayurvedic Waters


The sandstone chambers of La Maná, Ecuador gush with a sacred springwater subsequently discovered at the ancient subterranean habitation site.


The La Maná springs still resonate an intense energy that has been the focus of thorough international investigation. This spring water is of such selective purity that it has been considered a technological feature of the inhabited cave.


This situation is not unique, however, but part of a global system of subterranean sites with sacred rivers encircling the Orion pyramids of Giza, Egypt including,

The precisely selective content of the La Maná water has been documented in several laboratories around the world; its most astounding feature being spherical nanoparticles of gold and silver less than 10nm in size that are potent antibacterial and even antiviral agents.


The curative potential of this water has yet to be confirmed by clinical trials, although it has been in use in Ecuador for over a decade, with surprisingly little international awareness or demand.


The high vibratory characteristics of the sacred mountain of La Maná imbues its springwaters with an intense electrical vibration by resonant transfer from the piezoelectric stone of the mountain itself.


During a recent visit to the sacred mountain on August 13, 2010 with several friends, we hiked to one of the many sacred springs dispersed high on the mountainside to enjoy its celestial waters. We took turns standing barefoot on the black basalt rock as we collected handfuls and cupfuls of pristine water.


I briefly described the higher-dimensional beings that I very often noticed at energetic sacred sites as rapidly ascending and darting about among us (and which no one else seemed to notice, as usual).





As a joyful lightness emerged inside me, I silently asked the luminous plasma orbs to share their presence with us through the camera, which I had brought for this very reason - to use digital flash photography to capture images of the rapidly flitting transparent plasma orbs.


The first picture I took directly after my request is seen above, full of dozens of transparent orbs.


Three very bright white plasma orbs radiating haloes of violet light are observed directly in front of the celestial water springs, and were plainly evident on the small camera display screen for all to see. My request had been fulfilled by the luminous spheres in mere seconds!


After showing my friends the hypnotic images on the viewscreen to make my point, I continued to record the bright flashes from my camera reflecting off the hundreds of plasma orbs that flew amongst us and directly through us over the next few minutes.


I also continued with my explanation of the plasma orbs as pure spirit-forms that impress pure math equations into the fields as crop circles that express the same magnificent mandala structure observed of the spherical orbs themselves.


Just a few months earlier I had been able to record a daylight photograph of a luminous orb at irregular crop formations in Hidden Valley, California, but the images obtained at this Ecuadorian sacred site proved to be much more impressive.


One particular photograph from this series presents a large, radiant white/violet orb with very distinct sets of concentric circles distributed like petals around a nucleus (below), that perfectly reflect the quadratic formula [zn+1 = zn2] that also defines standing wave patterns observed during resonant atmospheric stimulation of the Earth by intense bombardment of radiation from the 2001 solar maximum!


Does increasing solar activity heighten the electrical influence of this sacred springwater, perhaps contributing to enhanced bio-eletrification throughout the human body?





The electrical effect of a single drop of La Maná spring-water on the skin can be instantaneously measured all over the body, and can be accurately described as 'electrum water'.


Electrum is the ancient alloy comprised of gold and silver that incorporates the ductile properties of the two precious metals while being inert, without any chemical reaction to water.


Electrical conductivity in the human body is usually highest in the bloodstream, as its greater salinity allows greater conductivity than the less saline cellular water. However, a body fueled exclusively by colloidal gold and silver water of optimal nanoparticle size induces an extremely enhanced electrical conductivity, replacing one of the usual roles of salt in the body.


As salinity reduces the ability of a colloid to suspend the nanoparticles, the virtual elimination of salt from La Maná electrum water allows for maximum suspension. The suspended gold and silver nanoparticles are highly reflective of light and sound alike, vastly increasing the resonant characteristics of the human body.


Polarized light photography of frozen La Maná electrum water crystals, shown below, reveals the refractive qualities of a prism (below, by G. Shöen).





The antibacterial and ductile properties of silver have been well known for centuries, having been used effectively against many forms of infection including,

  • AIDS

  • cancer

  • Epstein-Barr

  • gonorrhea

  • Lyme's disease

  • Candida

  • fungus

  • warts

  • parasites

Only recently has it been widely used in liquid colloids.


High-grade colloidal silver is reported to be nontoxic, as any excess that is not needed by the body is easily eliminated, preventing the accumulation of metals in tissues that can occur when low-grade colloids are ingested. No known cases exist to suggest any possibility of overdose using high-quality colloids.


Furthermore, there is no known interaction between high-quality silver or gold colloids and any medicinal drugs.


The antibacterial effect is obtained by the silver's reversal of the polarity of the hydrogen in the cells of the body from negative to positive. Positively charged water is a lethal environment for bacteria whose protective outer enzyme layers are further attacked by the increased electrical conductivity of the silver.


Furthermore, the silver nanoparticles also bind to sulfur - acting as an antiviral agent by lethally binding to the sulfur-bearing nodes of the virus itself.


The precise size-dependence of the physical interactions allowing colloidal silver's antiviral efficacy have only recently been reported by Elechiguerra et al. in the Journal of Nanobiotechnology:

The interaction of nanoparticles with biomolecules and microorganisms is an expanding field of research.


Within this field, an area that has been largely unexplored is the interaction of metal nanoparticles with viruses. In this work, we demonstrate that silver nanoparticles undergo a size-dependent interaction with HIV-1, with nanoparticles exclusively in the range of 1-10nm attached to the virus.


The regular spatial arrangement of the attached nanoparticles, the center-to-center distance between nanoparticles, and the fact that the exposed sulfur-bearing residues of the glycoprotein knobs would be attractive sites for nanoparticle interaction suggest that silver nanoparticles interact with the HIV-1 virus via preferential binding to the gp120 glycoprotein knobs.


Due to this interaction, silver nanoparticles inhibit the virus from binding to host cells, as demonstrated in vitro.


HAADF images reveal the interaction of Silver particles (3-7nm) with HIV-1 virus
a) Silver nanoparticles bound to the HIV-1 virus appear as evenly spaced white dots
b) Dark spots mark the gp120 glycoprotein knobs by which HIV-1 binds to cell walls



The antiviral effect is related to the anatomy of the virus itself, as only 1-10nm particles may bind to its glycoprotein knobs.


The researchers found that exposure to this precise size range of silver completely killed the HIV-1 virus in three days. Death of the virus occurs rapidly after the binding of the silver denies the functions of the glycoprotein knobs that are vital to the survival of the virus.


The vast majority of colloidal silver now available consists of suspended nanoparticles of 20-100nm that are much too large to act as antiviral agents.


The nanoparticles size-range of the La Maná sacred springwater is precisely confined to within this antiviral size of 1-10nm - a range that also presents quantum effects involving light scattering at wavelengths tunable by particle size control.


Gold nanoparticles of 1-10 nm are also found in the sacred La Maná springwaters, enhancing the body's conductivity and balancing the scattered light beneficial to DNA.


Monoatomic gold has been promoted in esoteric groups as 'white powder gold' in pill form for many years without scientific validation of any beneficial effects. Monoatomic gold is much too small to have any antibacterial, antiviral or beneficial luminal effects, as revealed by the research of Elechiguerra and others.


To the contrary, monoatomic gold has been shown to bind to DNA in effective constriction by Stevenson et al. in the Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology. In this regard, monoatomic gold is evidently the "fool's gold" of the nanoworld, while only the colloidal springwaters of ancient sacred sites contain the optimal particle sizes for human health.


The geometry encoded in stone and metal masterworks of La Maná details a bioenergetic technology that allows the vibration of resonating stone to enter the crystallized human body.


This most advanced artifact of ancient culture has returned to human use, revealing the complex and subtle meaning behind an ayurvedic adage echoing deep within the forgotten human past:

Make a temple of the body.




Used in conjunction with the pyramid sites of the Maya are the Crystal Skulls, advanced mnemonic instruments employed in the reflective study of consciousness.


The quartz crystal skulls were hewn in ancient times using HHO plasma torches - the only method capable of sublimating quartz into anatomical masterpieces - fed by HHO plasma chambers that had burned inside the pyramids.


A human body fueled by sacred electrum waters undergoes of quantum shift in its electrical nature.


The enhanced electrical conductivity and desalination of the body imbues the being with the resonant properties of quartz, the very concept conveyed through the crystal skull symbolically. Sacred electrum waters were the key element in the body purification processes for which the pyramids of the world were designed.


This extremely advanced scientific knowledge was passed on orally and eventually recorded textually in the volumes of the oldest books known to humanity - the Vedas of ancient India.


While these sacred texts use a poetic and easily accessible terminology, the astounding scientific and technical accuracy of the information has already lead to the discoveries of novel metal alloys with remarkable properties yet to be employed in current technologies. Special properties in specific metal alloys have been only recently reported which were once integral to the ancient field of Vedic aerospace technologies, especially electroluminescent and photo-absorptive alloys.


Not only are these qualities necessary for the flight of 'vimana' circular aerial vehicles, but also crucial for the very bodies and clothing of the pilots and occupants themselves.


The special preparation of foods and drinks for aerospace pilots is extensively documented in Vedic manuals, whereby electroluminescence was also generated within the human body. Modern scientists reported the electroluminescence of gold and silver nanoparticles several years ago.


Nanoparticles are stimulated by electrical currents or strong electromagnetic fields into a high-energy state of surface plasmon resonance. This induced plasmon excitation produces a spectral signature unique to each element.


Scientists analyzed the scattering spectra of gold and silver nanoparticles of various forms including spheroids [Noguez C, Sosa IO and Barrera RG (2002) 'Light Scattering by Isolated Nanoparticles with Arbitrary Shapes' Materials Research Society Symposium Proceedings 704]:





The reflectance/absorbance of 10nm silver nanoparticles shows a large peak at 480 nm (blue/cyan), while 10nm gold nanoparticles resonate at 620 nm - red light at the transition of orange, confirming the deepest wisdom of our ancient Sanskrit traditions.


The many enigmatic passages of ancient Sanskrit writings are now being understood in a new light, as Vedic scholars recently identified the Sanskrit term for electrum as 'Soma', described as granting eternal life through the luminosity of the electrum nanoparticles consumed in both foods and drinks:

"We have drunk the Soma and become immortal. We have attained the light the gods discovered."
(Rig Veda: VIII.48.3)...


"Soma is food for the gods. Gods eat Soma."

(Chàndogya Upanishad: V.10.4)...


"One thinks to have drunk Soma... Of him (Soma), which the bràhma¯as know, no one ever tastes."
(Rig Veda: X.85.3; the same hymn in Atharva Veda: XIV.1.3)...


"The man who supplies food hath always [his Soma] pressing stones adjusted, a wet Soma filter, well-prepared religious rites... he who hath this knowledge wins the luminous spheres."

(Atharva Veda: IX.6)...


Soma, Soma ma¯al, asemon, asem, electrum may perhaps denote the same substance... (which required the purificatory 'mineral waters') contained in the kaman.d.alu symbols in the icons of the yaks.a legacy.


It may perhaps be the same substance said to be am°tam which was considered to be the elixir of life, of immortality. It may perhaps be the same substance referred to, in sheer poetry, as amritam àyur hira¯yam. Gold is immortality.

[Kalyanaraman S (2004) 'Indian Alchemy: Soma in the Vedas' Munishram Manoharlal, pp. 2-7]

Vedic hymns clearly identify the intracellular luminosity of electrum-enriched Soma drinks and foods as endowing eternal life.


This special food additive is invisible and tasteless, causing so much confusion in modern scholarly interpretations, many of which misidentify the nanoparticle admixture as a mere metaphor for spiritual purity, despite the many direct references to production methods and apparati.


In fact, the Vedic texts are directly defining a 'god' as one who has 'discovered' and 'attained the light' by consuming Soma drinks and foods enriched with electrum nanoparticles!





While the Vedas and subsequent Sanskrit texts preserve myriad metallurgical instruction manuals and technical discourses, one particular dialog discusses sacred rivers on whose banks accumulates a precious form of gold called Jambu-nada.


The Srimad Bhagavatam, quoted here in the original translation of Swami Prabhupâda, hints at the nature of the energetic effects of colloidal gold and silver in the human body. One finds an insightful description of golden waters in the Description of Jambudvîpa (Canto 5, Ch. 16).


The dialog of King Pariksit and Sukadeva Gosvami investigates the form of Bhu-mandala, our energetic solar system.


The size and relative locations of many mountains, oceans and fruit-bearing trees are discussed, yet the gigantic scale given for these mountains and trees - thousands to millions of miles in diameter - denies a literal interpretation.


The reader is forced to accept that these are metaphors for cosmic energy forms.


The human scale is reconciled metaphorically with the cosmic scale by referring to planets as mountains and the axis mundi or 'tree of life' as gigantic trees thousands of miles high bearing elephant-sized fruit:

When all those solid fruits fall from such a height, they break, and the sweet, fragrant juice within them flows out and becomes increasingly more fragrant as it mixes with other scents. That juice cascades from the mountain in waterfalls and becomes a river called Arunoda, which flows pleasantly...

(Text 17)


[As] the pious wives... drink the water of the River Arunoda, their bodies become fragrant, and as the air carries away that fragrance, it perfumes the entire atmosphere for eighty miles around...

(Text 18)


The mud on both banks of the River Jambu-nadi, being moistened by the flowing juice and then dried by the air and the sunshine, produces huge quantities of gold called Jambu-nada. The denizens of heaven use this gold for various kinds of ornaments. Therefore all the inhabitants of the heavenly planets and their youthful wives are fully decorated with golden helmets, bangles and belts, and thus they enjoy life...

(Text 21)


The residents of the material world who enjoy the products of these flowing rivers have no wrinkles on their bodies and no grey hair. They never feel fatigue, and perspiration does not give their bodies a bad odor. They are not afflicted by old age, disease or untimely death, they do not suffer from chilly cold or scorching heat, nor do their bodies lose their luster. They all live very happily, without anxieties, until death.

(Text 25)





Resonant Regenerative Properties of Deuterium-Depleted Water




With New Method, China can Mass-Produce Light Water for its Citizens' Thirst

by Rebecca Boyle
January 6, 2011

from PopSci Website


In an effort to produce mass quantities of healthier H2O, Chinese scientists have come up with a new method to change water's chemical composition. It involves making light water.


Natural water has tiny amounts of D2O molecules, deuterium and oxygen, mixed in with the dihydrogen monoxide. Deuterium, also called heavy hydrogen, is an isotope of hydrogen that contains one proton and one neutron.


In North America, typical drinking water has a deuterium concentration of about 150 ppm, roughly equivalent to a few drops per every quart.





Water with higher concentrations of D2O is known as heavy water, and it is harmful to plants and animals.


By contrast, water with hardly any D2O - or light water - can boost the immune system and benefit plant and animal health, according to several studies. In one study from 2003, plant photosynthesis increased with the use of light water.


A study involving mice blasted with ionizing radiation showed a dramatic difference in survival between mice that drank light water and mice that drank regular water. It is even used as a cancer treatment for humans: In 2008, researchers reported that light water noticeably lengthened the lifespan of terminal cancer patients.


Given these positive effects, it seems smart to provide greater quantities of light water for public consumption. But it's hard to produce - current methods include electrolysis, distillation, a high-temperature exchange method that uses hydrogen sulfide, and desalination from seawater, according to authors Feng Huang and Changgong Meng of the Department of Chemistry at Dalian University of Technology in China.


These methods are either expensive, inefficient or bad for the environment.


The authors propose a new method involving a platinum catalyst, which quickly removes deuterium from water using cold and hot temperatures, according to the American Chemical Society. The result is water with a deuterium concentration of roughly 125 ppm.


The method could be the basis for industrial-scale light water production - and a new way to produce huge quantities of healthier water for the masses.





While this article does provide links to the astounding research conducted by a few different groups, all of the experiments reported have been conducted using deuterium-depleted water only.


The most remarkable evidence of cellular regeneration will soon be obtained using pure lightwater, comprised of 0% deuterium and 100% protium, as described in various aspects throughout this author's latest book, Lightwater.


Highly advanced technological information provided during many well-reported contacts by extraterrestrial visitors are elucidated throughout each chapter of the book, which, taken altogether, provide a holistic framework for understanding the anti-aging effects of drinking lightwater with traces of gold and silver nanoparticles (above report), and exposing the human body to electrical current.


The most intense examples are given by contactees who have been enveloped in HHO plasma and experienced the resulting transcendent consciousness.






Sacred Waters of Iyacyecuj Cave, Peru





Moment 600 Years Ago that Terror Came to Mummies of the Amazon

January 10, 2007

from ThisIsLondon Website

Hands over her eyes and her face gripped with terror, the woman's fear of death is all too obvious.


The remarkable mummy was found in a hidden burial vault in the Amazon. It is at least 600 years old and has survived thanks to the embalming skills of her tribe, the Chachapoyas or cloud warriors. Eleven further mummies were recovered from the massive cave complex 82ft down.


The vault - which was also used for worship - was chanced upon three months ago by a farmer working at the edge of northern Peru's rainforest. He tipped off scientists who uncovered ceramics, textiles and wall paintings.


The Chachapoyas were a tall, fairhaired, light-skinned race that some researchers believe may have come from Europe. Little is known about them except that they were one of the more advanced ancient civilizations in the area.


Adept at fighting, they commanded a large kingdom from the year 800 to 1500 that stretched across the Andes.


It is not known what the Chachapoyas actually called themselves - they are identified by the name given to them by their rivals and eventual conquerors, the Incas. It comes from the Inca's Quechua language and means 'cloud people', because of the high forests in the clouds that the Chachapoyas inhabited.


Virtually all record of the tribe was lost when the Incas were themselves overrun by the Spanish conquistadors who landed in 1512.


They have, however, left behind a spectacular citadel, called Kuelap, 10,000ft up in the Andes. It has more than 400 buildings and defensive towers, many of them with decorated walls, cornices and friezes. Some experts rate Kuelap more highly than the Incan ruins at Machu Picchu.


Herman Crobera, the leader of the archaeological team that explored the cave, said:

"This is a discovery of transcendental importance. It is the first time any kind of underground burial site this size has been found belonging to Chachapoyas or other cultures in the region."

He said walls near the mummies in the limestone cave were covered with paintings of faces and warriorlike figures which may have been drawn to ward off intruders and evil spirits.

"The remote site for this cemetery tells us that the Chachapoyas had enormous respect for their ancestors because they hid them away for protection," added Mr. Crobera.


"Locals call the cave Iyacyecuj, or enchanted water, because of its spiritual importance and its underground rivers."

The archaeologists have not yet established an accurate age for their finds.


Once they have finished exploring and excavating the tomb, Peruvian authorities want to turn it into a museum. The mummies are going on show at the Museum of the Nation in the capital Lima.




The Chachapoyas culture is a true enigma in Andean archaeology. This newly discovered catacombed cavesite presents an interesting feature for study:

the enchanted waters of underground rivers for which the cave is named by local Quechua speakers.

The piezoelectric calcite content of limestone Iyacyecuj Cave was likely used by the Chachapoyas people for group entrainment - by resonating the calcite biomineralizations of the pineal gland with extremely low-frequency sound to induce a hemispheric synchronization in the brain.


The source of extremely low-frequency sound still being transduced in the caves today is the Orion pyramids at Giza, which sits at a resonant distance based on the Fibonacci structure of spherical nonlinear standing waves.


Iyacyecuj Cave (6.078°S 77.873°W) is 7,569 miles from Giza, Egypt, which is 30.40% of the Earth's mean circumference (of 24,892 miles). This distance accurately reflects the Fibonacci ratio of 2:3:5, confirming the likelihood that the site was ambiently powered using nonlinear pyramid acoustics.


An ancient cavesite found in La Maná, Ecuador has yielded a similarly enchanted electrum water, as well as a trove of UV fluorescent artifacts that describe its use. The sacred waters of the ancient Chichimec culture have also been running from a cave spring in Tlácote, Mexico (below report).


Both La Maná, Ecuador and Tlácote, Mexico are precisely 30.0% of the Earth's circumference from Giza, while Peru's Iyacyecuj Cave lies 30.40% from the pyramids.


The global alignment of these ancient sacred sites is the very reason why their subterranean rivers are still flowing with their sacred waters today.






Sacred Waters of Tlacote, Mexico





The Manuscript of the Crystal Golden Water of Tlacote

translated by Gerardo Aceves Quetza Sha
June 17, 1996

from QuetzaSha Website

'El Bajo' is a hacienda located about 2 km from Querétaro and about 300 km from Mexico City.


Millions of people have traveled there to try the 'wonder water', which has been a great enigma since its first discovery in this area. How can simple water emerging from earth possess the power to cure diseases and soothe pain?


Profound examinations and studies have been made by the most scientifically advanced laboratories in the US, Japan, Europe, and the NASA, to define and analyze the healing properties of this water.


But the only result was the fact, that the water was much purer than usual, and that it contained six additional crystalline compounds, none of which could be related clearly to the healing qualities of the water. 80% of the people to drink the water were healed of pain and disease. 20% weren't healed for karmic reasons.


The water was brought to the USA, to Central and South America, and to Europe, but unfortunately this flow of the Golden Water was impeded by certain people for political reasons. The water isn't any kind of 'wonder water', but it is crystalline water, and one doesn't need faith to experience its healing power. It is a sacred liquid causing healing changes in physical organisms.


The manuscript of the Golden Water was deciphered by the Maya-Aztec priest Gerardo Aceves Quetza Sha, who received this knowledge through intense energetic contact with the Golden Water of Tlacote both on physical and spiritual level.


Quetza Sha is offering us the explanation of this first sacred manuscript, permitting us to understand the changes in the vibrational frequencies that are about to occur in all dimensional levels, bringing great changes for humanity.



Tlacote - the Golden Waters of the Chichimeca Empire

Tlacote is a great assembly point of the ancient gods where once existed the Golden City of the Golden Water, built by the Chichimeca and the Chichicastl.


In other times, our ancestors left us transcendental information.


The Chichimeca created the City of the Golden Water using chants, dances and rituals of integration with the elementals. Those way entities from other dimensions appeared to share their knowledge with the Chichimeca and Chichicastl, and they wrote this information down on tree-leaves.


This happened in an advanced intellectual manner, because ever since the beginning of creation man has dedicated himself to the inner quest, knowing that there is more about life than being born, growing, reproducing and dying.


Man has always been looking for something else, something that lives inside of him, and he recognized the inner light manifesting in his heart. It is this inner light that will cause the changes in humanity and that will make the dream come true, that the animal which is the human being will be able to live thousands of years. Man opens his heart to understand the revealing truth, creating consciousness and elevating his thoughts.


This process is necessary, because we must understand and solve the enigmas of earth and the planetary system, in order to develop in perfect conscience right from the beginning of creation. We meet thousands of phenomena in our life. Man calls this coincidence; spirit calls it cycles of comprehension in the evolution of man.


Therefore, if a new race emerges to a new cycle of existence, this happens because the information imprinted in the subconscious of the Inner Self has been completed.


All the information we need is imprinted in the subconscious of the inner self, so it may evolve according to its individual level, remembering who it is and knowing its task on earth:

'AWAKEN, INNER SELF, and recognize your inner creation in order to understand the movements of the universe!'

This is how the different races and religions developed in their particular states of evolution.


Each religion in its particular language has accompanied us on a very important part of our path and accomplished the demands of a particular time. Now humanity is awakening to a new cycle of consciousness.


A new race is born, constantly bringing in new knowledge and spheres of conscience, and being aware of the past, the present and the future. So we begin our incessant quest for new enigmas that will occur in life, now and in the future of humanity.


On July 11, 1991 there was a total eclipse in Mexico. It represented an integration of the sun and the moon, a fusion of two planetary spiritual entities of the same solar system in order to create the new sun under which we are living at the moment. The great changes are manifesting powerfully, and the challenges for conscience are getting more and more complicated to explain. This is the time where the bronzy race is born.


The bronzy race is proceeding from the fusion of all races, cultures and religions. We must be aware of the fact that all the religions were right and on their way to absolute truth, though each one of them is vibrating in a distinct frequency.


All the religions are searching for God, no matter whether he is named Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, or Quetzalcoatl; all of them are divine entities who have left us important information concerning our evolution.


When the gates opened on July 11 in 1991, the great prophecy was fulfilled, that predicts the awakening of all our sources, not as natives, but as what we really are.


That means, that we are living on earth in order to later develop spiritually on other planets too.


In their sacred cities the prehispanic people (Maya, Aztecs, Toltecs, Chichimeca, Zapoteca, Mixteca and others) have left us sacred messages in glyphs and manuscripts, supplying us with knowledge about communicating with other worlds and revealing to us who we are and where we are going.


We are all in a process of inner evolution, and each one of us is on a different level of this inner evolution.


This is revealed to us in codes, manuscripts and glyphs coming from archaeological sites throughout the world. We should remember that our ancestors have left this wisdom behind for future generations, and us so the new vibrational cycle can manifest.


Entering the new frequency of vibration will bring changes on earth, which we will only be able to understand, if we look into our hearts and dearly love the message revealing to us.


This message predicting the awakening of the Golden Water is sacred and was created and given to us by beings from other dimensions, so that other generations can be born, prepared for the great changes that will be produced from the center of the earth.


Tlacote is the center where the Chichimeca got in contact with entities from other worlds receiving knowledge from them about the awakening of humanity. The divine plan will be completed through the fusion of all races in this New Age, and Tlacote represents a sign of the creator of the universe.


Since the beginning of the conquest, Mexico had to live the experience of colonization. This had been arranged by a religious movement of divinities of the old world in order to delay the evolutionary process in this land. For the same reason Christianity was introduced.


Because of this, almost all of the sacred messages of our gods remained unrevealed like for instance the instructions of the Father of America, Quetzalcoatl, who told us about the incarnation of higher entities in this world and how to communicate with entities in other worlds.


Quetzalcoatl was a spiritual leader of the peoples of the Americas; he was the fire entity to lead them to an elevated spiritual level. He is the one to awaken the inner fire of man and the new sun of the past, present and future.


If we recognize the grandeur that lives inside of humanity, we will realize that we are gods in different states of evolution.


Quetzalcoatl tells us, that we are penetrated by the divine breath in order to transform our thoughts, feelings and actions to get on with our interior and exterior evolution.


Quetzalcoatl is the deity of Central America. He is the one to facilitate the elevation of our consciousness, so that we may follow the great path of light. We must be prepared for all these changes approaching earth.


We are living the Apocalypse, the time of transformation and the return of balance on earth. The first changes will proceed in Mexico and Central America, which doesn't mean, that these will be the only countries awakening. But the changes need a center to manifest, and this center is Mexico.


When we awake from our dream into the increasing inner truth, we will understand, that God is everywhere. But he created locations, where a more intense awakening is possible. That is the reason for the existence of sacred spiritual centers like Chichen Itza. It is the only place on earth, where a solar mirage descending to earth can be seen.


Every year on the day of the spring equinox (March 21), the solar semen penetrates the earth to nourish our thoughts in the micro- and macrocosm. All these changes happening are no coincidence. An example is places like Tlacote, where the "awakening of the Golden Water" is occurring.


These places possess a very special transcendental vibration.




The sacred awakening of the Tlacote waters of the Chichimec is also occurring at other ancient sites being simultaneously activated, notably at La Maná, Ecuador.


Tlacote (20.36°N 100.08°W) is 7,709 miles or 30.9% of the Earth's circumference from the Orion pyramids at Giza. This precise distance reflects the golden ratio, as calculated by using the Fibonacci sequence (F# 138).


The complex pyramid technologies, by their geopositions, encode the complete phi geometry of the nonlinear acoustic resonance structure into which the Earth's hum is focused.


The potent healing effects of the waters are most significantly achieved within the strong electromagnetic fields transduced by the calcite crystals of the pyramids.






Piezoelectric Caves in the Huashan Hills, China




Caves of Mystery at Huashan

January 9, 2003

from ChinaDaily Website


Is it simply a coincidence or do certain laws of nature lie behind the phenomenon?


A new mystery has recently been uncovered on the 30 degrees Northern Latitude, following upon other great mysteries such as the pyramids, Noah's ark and the Bermuda Triangle.


The new finding on this mysterious latitude is to do with the ancient Mystical Caves at Huashan, near the famous Huangshan Mountain in China's Anhui Province. Although tests on chiseled stones showed that the caves have existed for at least 1,500 years, it was only about 15 months ago that they were first discovered by a local farmer, by accident.


The neatly chiseled walls and roofs, the big pillars and stone stairs, indicate that the caves were dug by men.


Yet nobody knows for what purpose the ancient people excavated them. Not a single word about the caves has ever been found among China's numerous ancient records although their size has already ranked them as the biggest ever discovered so far in China.


Altogether, 36 caves have been found among the rolling Huashan hills, near the crystal-clear Xin'an River. Two of the caves are now open to visitors. The rest are still being cleaned of the mud that has accumulated inside. According to the excavation workers, there is a high possibility that the 36 caves may be connected to one another.


Huanxi cave, with a length of 140 meters and a size of 4,800 square meters, is one of the two now open to public. After a walk of 100 meters, you find a grand hall inside the cave, with pools, pillars and small rooms on each side.


A most mysterious discovery is the slope of the cave. The inclined plane of the walls has exactly the same slope as the outside hill. Yet according to the technology of that time, how could the ancient people have managed that?


Of all the 36 caves, the biggest is the Qingliang Cave, which is known as the "Underground Palace" due to its scale and magnificent layout. With a total length of 170 meters, the cave covers a space of 12,600 square meters.


The original digging-out of the cave could have produced at least 50,000 cubic meters of stone.


Inside the cave there is a stone bridge above an underground river and with stone paths leading to different halls. A two-storey stone structure is nearby where visitors have a bird's eye view of the huge cave from a balcony. No food remains were found in the cave, nor any smoking or signs of fire.


But without fire how could the ancient diggers have produced light in the cave? ...




The ancients produced UV light in this cave using resonant transfer hydrino plasmas, a free energy source recently rediscovered by Blacklight Power, Inc.


The piezoelectric quartz content of the sandstone are used to resonate the calcite biomineralizations of the pineal gland, inducing a hemispheric synchronization in the brain.


Very similar caves found in La Maná, Ecuador yielded a trove of UV fluorescent artifacts which, like the complete absence of soot, can only be understood in the context of advanced r-t plasma technologies.


The Huashan cavesites (30.1°N 118.2°E) are in prime geopositions along the resonant 30th North latitude with the Orion pyramids of the Giza plateau. As shown on the resonance map above, the Huashan hills are in precise alignment with a sacred circle of ancient sites, each equidistant from Angkor at the circle's center.


The Huashan caves are 1,469 miles or 5.90% of the Earth's circumference distance from Angkor.


Other sites which share this 5.90% circle distance include, well as, (Indonesia's) Bada Valley, Dieng, and Borobudur temples Pawon, Banon, Mendut, Ngawen, Canggal and Sukuh (see Appendix 2 for the calculations).


This complete set of synchronous features reveals that the piezoelectric caves of Huashan were once bathed in the UV light of hydrogen plasmas that transduced infrasound focused along that latitude by the Orion pyramids.