by Carolyn Williams Palit
October 2005

from NoExoticWarfareZone Website

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A criminal syndicate is trying to take over the world with space weapons. 6 billion people are waking-up to this fact. 6 billion people will soon be standing in their way of world domination.

That criminal syndicate is on a Mission Impossible.





Energy weapon hitting my left temple. In the first photo above, can you see the touch of blue on the right in my hair?


I cropped that section and blew it up. Orbs, orbs, orbs. Their real name is: microplasma.

Chemtrails... crystalline fibers on you for signals tracking; barium powder all over you to be able to see you better in your home with "through the walls and roof" thermal imaging devices (you will fluoresce and glow better behind those walls); and aluminum, carbon, and metal particulates to generate plasma by hitting those particulates with the "space-based laser."


Or, maybe hitting those particulates with microwave energy. Microwave weapons exist down here so why not up there? Plasma is created for steady-state beam optimization of DE weapons. Beams hold together better with entrained plasma and whirling magnetic fields. Plasma is also a medium on which to transmit voices and pictures to you.

Think about a regular laser - the energy travels through a gas chamber to become the laser beam. Ionized clouds are created by barium being "vaporized" with electromagnetics and then heated by UV from the sun. Vaporize these barium gas clouds even further and get plasma clouds - what regular folks call "orbs."


Scientists call these orbs - plasmoids or when very small, microplasma. Yes, plasmas can be cold if created in a certain way.


There is also such a thing as "fixed geometry plasmas" - plasmas that will hold a certain geometric shape.

What are the dark beams that are associated with the chemtrail spraying? Exactly that... a beam with carbon trapped in the whirling magnetic fields of the beam. The carbon makes the electromagnetic beam energy more visible. Carbon will also absorb microwave energy. A plane will follow this beam and lay the chemtrails right into the beam.


Must be that the chemtrails help create the plasma for the steady state structure of the DE beams. When a remote viewing plasma beam hits you and bounces back and is read by the satellite - they can see you and exactly whatever you are doing.


They see you in real-time and in color.

  • Biowarfare testing? Definitely. They have done it before.

  • Psychotronic and economic warfare on the American People? Sure.

  • Big insurance and real estate scams? Check out dirt on the levee being blown up in New Orleans after Katrina.

  • Genocide? Getting rid of the old, infirm, or the undesirables? They have done that before, also.

The short range DE weapons are the cover.


These weapons are called non-lethal, but are used to torture in many countries. The even more dangerous weapons orbiting above you are the Big Secret.

Welcome to AmeriKKKa or Amerika, if you prefer. Read this site and realize. Get involved now in the process of taking the country back or my present reality will become your present reality. Your children will be zombie slaves. Some already are.

Really want to learn about directed energy, surveillance, psychotronics, slow-kill weapons, weather control?

This site is a legislative packet; please use it!


Everything you need to fight the politicians, corporate creeps, and military planners who brought you chemtrails, psychotronic/resonance weapons, weather/disaster weapons, pervasive surveillance, and the new generation of space-based, directed energy weapons is here.



The victims of electromagnetic weapons are here to tell you that the testing and developmental phase of directed energy weapons is over. We know.


We were the ones they tested and developed some of these weapons on. Now, the weapons will be deployed upon societies. This deployment will not be covert and will not be subtle. They have really cranked up the frequency. We are getting killed. Many long-term victims are now being murdered.

This world is facing psychopolitical/psychosexual corrections, genocide, and boot-in-the-face fascism unless Americans and other world citizens find their courage to stand up and roar.

Think about how we are now all hostages to the controllers of hot rays from space. If there is anyone honest left in Congress or the military, they had better hurry up and grow some huevos, or millions will be toast. This is the GHWBush/Ollie North crowd, and they have a list of people they do not like, and Haliburton just got the contract to build more "camps." Rumsfield got $200 million to hire foreign troops.


For what? Fatherland Security? Stateside death squads?



The physicist told AFP that he believes that a plasmoid may have been projected onto the towers before the planes struck.


The planes may have had plasmoid in front of them. Just two or three seconds before the planes hit the towers, the plasmoids on the towers would have caused the Faraday cabin effect, like a car being hit by lightning.



SIGINT is derived from the signals environment that is described by the graphic above.


Other agencies within the Intelligence Community are responsible for other types of intelligence:

  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT) is primarily the responsibility of the CIA and DIA

  • Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) belongs to NGA

  • Military Intelligence and Measurement and Signature Intelligence (MASINT) belongs to DIA

Infrared imaging - X-Ray imaging - can see through clothing. Talks about MASINT using plasma for signals intelligence. Talks about electro-optical intelligence. Very pertinent to this discussion.



Scientific and technical intelligence information obtained by quantitative and qualitative analysis of data (metric, angle, spatial, wavelength, time dependence, modulation, plasma, and HYDROMAGNETICS) derived from specific technical sensors for the purpose of identifying any distinctive features associated with the source, emitter, or sender and to facilitate subsequent identification and/or measurement of the same.



Far Infrared Imaging - Thermal imaging can see through walls. X-ray photography can see through clothes - Satellite or aerial pornography, perhaps? Are they taping Mom and Pop doing it? Or, your 12 year old daughter taking a bath? Right, just looking for drug dealers and terrorists. Sure.


Just what are the men in that DOD Drug Interdiction helicopter hanging over your house all night long looking at through your roof? You know, one of those whisper-quiet helicopters that you would not even know was there unless you went outside and happened to look up and see it? They work the cities grid by grid, house by house, every night.


Might want to start paying attention to your surroundings if you have not figured this out yet. (see infrared and thermal sensitive camera products with some good explanations.)



source file from German television


It is NoExoticWarfareZone's opinion that the planes were holograms projected onto plasma. The hologram planes were cloaking missiles and that the "flash" recorded above was a plasmoid. Just like the physicist said.

Now just imagine if the beam in the picture below was much, much bigger. And, that that beam could make bigger plasmoids than the smaller plasmoids that are signatures of psychotronic weapons.

Imagine that a 2-D picture of an airliner could be transmitted by a beam weapon. The beam would contain successive pictures of the airliner like frames in a movie. This weapon is probably just like a Birkeland current. It has two beams twisting around each other. One beam for the 2-D pictures and one beam to heat the chemtrails to make metal-induced, ionized gas plasma.


But, both beams are capable of doing heating (ionization) before they decide to send the pictures along one of those beams. This beam would look like two pearl necklaces braided together. Some of the civilian targets have been calling this weapon a splay-beam weapon (thanks to Bill at for this term).

It would probably take only one more beam hitting this one (at the target location) to make the 3-D hologram. The first beam heats up the metals in the chemspray producing ionized gas which in turn is heated up more to become plasma. The second beam would transmit the 2-D pictures once conditions were just right. And, the third beam crossing over the first two would make the pictures pop and be 3-D holograms. This would be two weapons (that are double-beam or splay-beam weapons) crossing their beams.


Would this be a type of scalar weapon? Was the WTC attacked with a scalar weapon?

Or, maybe one could just transmit the 3-D holograms very fast across large spaces filled with ionized gases. You would not be able to see the plasma with the naked eye. The plasma would be like an invisible screen you are projecting pictures onto. You would just see the airliner holograms.

The airliner pictures below show the plasma very close to the hologram. There is not that much plasma outside of the hologram. This tells me that the beams deployed at the WTC were not solely holographic projectors. They were not projecting holograms across vast spaces filled with plasma.


The plasma was in the beams and around the beams where the electromagnetic energy from the beam would make the most ionization. There were at least 11 stealth fighters present. I imagine that they have directed energy weapons, too. Who knows how many DE weapons were used on 9-11.

If these roques would use weapons like these on their own country, what the heck do you think they are doing in Iraq? Maybe that is not white-phosphorus.

Add the lightning-bolt power of big beam weapons and missiles to the explosive charges that had been already placed in those buildings, possibly by some nefarious Israeli art students, some of whom may have had Israeli military backgrounds and links to our administration and other domestic and foreign roques, and you have enough to demolish those buildings and kill thousands of Americans.

Right below are two photos of beams sent to me from psychotronic victims. What I want the reader to notice is that the first picture shows a series of chain-like orbs, and the second photo shows holograms in a beam just like frames in a movie. Those holograms are transmitted on those chain-like orbs.

Some of the victims of psychotronic technology can see a little bit into the near infrared. It is a fact that some people can. They can just barely see the orbs and sometimes the beams. Theoretically, the orbs and beams are in the infrared or microwave ranges. When the frequencies dip into the infrared ranges - then a small percentage of victims will be able to see some of the orbs and beams.

The holograms inside of the orbs are usually quite visible.


Why? Because the controllers want the victims to see the holograms - which are the terror pictures. The holograms use visible light. The gas orbs are seemly in chains. Those chains are really gas entrained by the magnetic fields of electronic beams. Eventually, I will find you pictures of orbs with the holograms inside of them. This victim experience is very pertinent to The Hologram Theory of 9-11.


The smaller beams from psychotronic scalar weapons being used on Americans are very related to the big, holographic scalar weapons used on 9-11.



Courtesy of Pat Stewart, S. Carolina.

Is this a big beam going through the room or a little beam in front of the camera?
Janis in Texas, 2006.

Her sites:




The blue beam that is square-shaped has pictures of her television screen in it.

She says it also has added psychological operations terror pictures.

Does that mean they are aiming the psychotronic beam at the TV screen

and adding subliminal pictures to our nightly viewing?

Up on the left, we have a bunch of 11:11s.





When you look through the turret on a WWII tank site, the number in the middle is 0. The first number to the left is 11, and the next number to the right is 11. 11:11, I suspect, is a code used in military brainwashing.

I'd stay away from caves in Mt. Shasta and 11:11 activations as per Ashtar Command and those groups, folks.


The technology exists to make a walking, talking, life-size Jesus, Shiva, Mohammed, or whomever. The leaders of those groups are always talking about "shifts." Shifts in consciousness, I guess.


Don't go down in caves with shifty strangers.





Cameras that are infrared sensitive should show the plasma and sometimes the holograms.


Low-end, low-megapixel digital cameras do not have much ability to filter out infrared. Either the infrared filters are not that good or there are none. There are infrared cameras that have full-spectrum capabilities or are built just for photographing infrared that have high megapixels, but they are expensive. Many security cameras can photograph infrared, but they do not have a high megapixel.

The trick for victims of psychotronic weapons is to find a low-end camera that is infrared sensitive but that has a high enough megapixel count that they can acquire fairly good resolution in their photographs. Of course, if you are more "well-off" victim, then you have a lot more options. Psychotronic victims are dealing with lower frequencies and colder plasmas as compared to what may have hit the WTC.


But, these jerks certainly do crank up those frequencies to horrific, agonizing levels.



These plane photos were taken from


Stefan Grossman and Marcus Icke have done enormous work in the effort to prove The Hologram Theory of 9-11.

I have taken three of the photos from his site and used an editing program to do a couple of things to each photo - like increase the contrast, lower the light in the photos, or lower the gamma, maybe increase the color saturation, and in some cases, I have turned the photos into negatives. But, I have not altered the images.

Photographs of the Ghost Gun planes from 9-11 that were taken with cameras that had infrared filters will not show any or very little of the plasma that is the transmission medium for the scalar hologram planes. It depends on the quality of the infrared and more likely also the UV filters that were in the cameras. Very cheap cameras may not even have infrared filters. But, the plasma does hold light - so some of those better cameras may pick up something anyway.

More than likely though, it would have been the photographs taken of the 9-11 attack by people using lower-end, lower resolution cameras that will show the plasma.


These are the photographs we need to study.



Hologram plane busting up into gas plasmoids.




Close-up of tail section.





Look at the gas orbs in those wings. This is not pixelization.

Pixels are straight-edged. Rectangles or square-ish.

These shapes are round.





The last photos are the Taylor photos:





Blobs on the right-hand wing


Now watch:



The wings in these digital photographs when the pictures are blown-up

like this should have zig-zag edges not blob edges.

Where are the jagged edges that should be there?




Negative. Check the gas on the edges of the wing.

Negative of the negative.


These are not planes.


They are holograms. Think about that. We have had a grand coup...


Domestic enemies at the very top levels of our government are in collusion with foreign enemies.