Editor: Paula Snyder - Editorial consultant: Peter Millson
First shown on Channel 4, UK in November and December 1997

from OurCivilization Website



Characterizing environmentalist ideology as unscientific, irrational and anti-humanist, this acerbic and polemical three-part series turns 'Green' ideas on their head.

  1. Against Nature begins by exposing the absence of scientific rigor behind notions such as the greenhouse effect and global warming. It goes on to contrast densely populated, industrialized First World countries (much hated by the Greens), which have clean air, clean water and long life expectancies, with sparsely populated, largely pre-industrial countries (much loved by the Greens), which have polluted water, terrible air and far shorter life expectancies.

  2. The second program exposes the myth of overpopulation and points to the barbarism and racism of environmentalist plans to reduce population levels in the Third World.

  3. The last program in the series identifies environmentalism as the new enemy of science, taking over from religion. It argues that Green scaremongering about genetics and fertility has led to valuable scientific research being stopped.