by Rich Anders

from WorldMysteries Website



On December 27, 2002 Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, CEO of a company called Clonaid, gave a press conference in Hollywood, Florida. She stunned the world with the announcement that the first human clone had been borne one day earlier. Allegedly, the baby girl is in good health. Being the first of a kind human she is called Eve. Dr. Boisselier claimed that ten implants had been made and 5 of these resulted in normal pregnancies. 4 more births were due in January and early February.

The announcement stirred up instant controversy and opposition from just about everybody. Physicians in the race to be the first to produce clone humans denounced Clonaid and pointed out that this company has not done any research with animals nor has it published scientific papers about any such work. In view of the fact that the cloned sheep Betsy was the first positive result in 268 tries they were stunned that from 10 implants 5 would result in normal pregnancies. The ethical aspect of cloning humans was discussed publicly and scathing comments condemned Dr. Boisselier and her team.

Adding to the controversy was another aspect of this situation, which was a major blow for every respectable scientist. Dr. Boisselier has close ties to the Raeliens, a group, which in Canada has been granted status as a religion. Allegedly, this cult has more than 80,000 followers worldwide. The founder and leader of the group, Claude Vorilhon, calls himself Rael, hence the name Raeliens. He claims that in 1973 he had an encounter with extraterrestrials.

The extraterrestrials told Rael that humans originate from clones produced by aliens tens of thousands of years ago and deeded on this planet. They also told him that the time had come to produce human clones again. As Rael told on CNN the same day the plan was to first impregnate women with their own clone and have the fetus be carried through a normal pregnancy resulting in a normal birth. The clone children then would go through a normal childhood until they reached maturity at eighteen years of age.

In the second stage in biogenetic laboratories human clones would be produced who had an accelerated growth rate not only before but also and especially after coming to life. Rael said he believes that eventually fully-grown human clones could be produced in the course of several hours. He added that such clones would be just like a vehicle in need of a driver because there was no way to produce a developed spirit.

This aspect Rael considers to be an advantage because he envisions that in future the ones participating in this program could reach a kind of immortality. When a human reaches old age and/or is near death he/she would order a clone. Once this clone is fully-grown his/her mind would be transferred to the clone. When the clone reaches the stage that his/her body becomes obsolete another clone will be produced and the mind will be transferred again. And this is supposed to go on and on…

There is an important aspect to this scenario, which neither Rael nor anyone else mentioned. What if the clones could receive not only the minds of the donors of the cells they were produced from? What if the clones could receive the minds of extraterrestrials, as well? Could this planet be threatened by an invasion of alien body snatchers? Could aliens be directing and guiding the work of Clonaid in order to establish a foothold on this planet?

On December 30th 2002 in an interview with ABC, Dr. Boisselier mentioned that the birth of this clone baby was the culmination of 25 years of research. This puts the start of this cloning project at about 5 years after the encounter with aliens Rael allegedly had. 5 years seems a reasonable time frame for preparing laboratories and getting the scientists qualified to do this kind of work. A 50% success rate as claimed by Dr. Boisselier is far higher than any other fertilization method in use now. Clearly, this situation needs to be watched very carefully.

Modern man appeared out of nowhere about 45000 years ago. There is no biological link to other hominids that lived on this planet. About 30000 years ago the Neanderthals disappeared from the fossil record. B/94/1. Nobody knows exactly when and where modern man originated. B/100/3. Suddenly, 5500 years ago in 5 locations known as the cradles of civilization development of farming, husbandry and cities began. Religion was implemented everywhere and a political and economic structure assured the advance of civilization. A mere thousand years later the Egyptians built pyramids we would have a hard time to erect even with the means of present day technology.

Compounding the mystery of man's sudden appearance with no links to this world's past is the immense variety of racial features. It is inconceivable that in a mere 45000 years the many races populating this planet could have originated from natural selection and from influences of climate and local conditions. White man has been living in Africa and the Americas for hundreds of years.


Blacks and other persons with colored skins like Arabs or Indians have been living in northern latitudes of America and Europe for hundreds of years. Not the slightest change in skin color or ethnic traits has been noticed. Anthropologists try very hard to research and to explain this situation but their efforts produced only theories that are woefully inadequate.

There are several main groups of humans:

  • the Asians

  • the Red Indians of the Americas

  • the Arabs

  • the people of Indo-European origin

These groups vary dramatically amongst themselves most of all the Indo-Europeans. Therefore, we'll deal with this group because it provides the most fascinating insight into the origins of man.

On February 2, 1786 Sir William Jones addressed the Asian Society in Calcutta. He presented the startling news that a far-flung family of Indo-European languages points to a common origin of many peoples previously thought to have originated from very divers backgrounds. With this speech he uncovered the biggest enigma of anthropology. While a common linguistic background was found for approximately half this world's population ranging from India to Iceland their appearances differ dramatically.

To date nobody has been able to provide an explanation for the differences in racial traits between the peoples who have Indo-European as a common original language. Just as enigmatic is the fact that nowhere any artifacts or remnants of an Info-European culture could be found so far. By detective work based on languages it is assumed that the Indo-Europeans originated somewhere to the north of the Black Sea. From there they spread populating the lands from India to Iceland. This is as much as we know.

Looking at the mysterious origins of the Indo-Europeans under the aspect of a large scale production of humans in bio-genetic laboratories could provide the explanation anthropologists have sought so long in vain. The most important criteria are twofold: can many humans be produced in a short time and can these humans be produced with very different racial appearances?

Up to December 28, 2002 nobody would even have asked the question. Then Rael, the leader of the Raeliens, casually mentioned that in phase two of the human cloning project human clones will be produced in the course of several hours. From inception to the finished product of a human being a few short hours would be enough to do the job. Commentators on TV hardly took notice of this statement. Yet it could be the most important aspect of the cloning controversy raging today.

Nobody ever spoke and nobody probably even thought of the possibility to produce human clones in such a short time except Rael. So where does he get the idea that this would be possible? If his claim of contacts with extraterrestrials is true the source of this information is obvious. Then it is also obvious that the claim that humankind originated from clones could be true.


Then it also could be true that several thousand years ago a major production facility north of the Black Sea produced wave after wave of genetically customized humans, who then were sent all over the lands. The dark skinned humans were sent to areas with a very hot climate. The white skinned humans were sent to the lands in the north with a cold climate. For climates in between humans were produced with varying shades of skin colors.

Assuming that contacts with extraterrestrials did indeed take place and assuming that the aliens told the truth about humans descending from clones there should be reports from ancient times referring to the production of humans by superior beings.

There is indeed direct reference to the production of humans in Sumerian and Babylonian traditions. The gods produced humans as servants destined to fulfill the needs of their creators. In the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh even a specific case of producing a human is reported:

This epic provides many interesting details about the time when Gilgamesh was the king of the Sumerian city of Uruk around 2500 BC. He was the child of a union between a goddess and a human. The goddess Innana, in Akkad and Babylon known as Ishtar, had given him the kingship.


Over time Gilgamesh became intolerably obnoxious molesting men and women alike sexually and the human population begged the gods to do something about it. The gods then produced Enkidu fully-grown custom designed to meet the needs of Gilgamesh in every respect. This man became the close companion and lover of Gilgamesh whom he kept so busy that the rest of the population got a much- needed respite.


Genetic engineering is relatively new but it has brought very impressive results already. From cloning a human to genetically custom designing the finished product may only be a small step.

As there is very little information referring to an artificial production of humans it is necessary to investigate the very

Assyrian Tree of Life

appearance of humans and the circumstances accompanying it. - Allegedly, the aliens told Rael that 25000 years ago extraterrestrials produced human clones who then were seeded all over the planet.


There is no evidence that at that time extraterrestrials or humans appeared in large numbers on this planet. In the fossil record humans appear approximately 50000 years ago. Also, there is overwhelming evidence that 5500 years ago aliens who called themselves the gods invaded this planet and occupied it until about 3500 years ago.


It is interesting to note that in Japan and in Yucatan there was a human population before the gods landed. When the gods arrived about 5500 years ago they brought along or produced a new, more advanced version of humans.


In both cases a dual society with different languages for the ruling class and the servants developed. The original humans became the servants of the newly arrived or produced humans and the gods.

Approximately 3500 years ago a major cataclysm struck the planet. The most violent volcanic explosion of the last ten thousand years destroyed the island of Thera. The entire Mediterranean was devastated. In Greece this event cause a huge flood remembered still as Deukalion's flood because he and his wife were the only gods to survive. For 3500 years alien gods could not exist on the surface of this planet. The cloning project of Rael and Clonaid could be an attempt to change that.

Rael said the aliens who contacted him were about 4 feet tall. It is interesting to note that one set of the gods of antiquity was quite short. There are pictures and statues of gods and goddesses and they all showed common traits the world over. The gods were not only short - 3 to 4 feet. They all had extremely short bent legs, large misshapen heads and usually were very ugly. (Ptah, Egyptian god of creation; Bes, Egyptian god of love and birth; Thor, Germanic god of thunder; Polynesian gods; Aztec Bat god; Ku or Kukalimoku, Hawaiian war god; Adena God; Maya god).

There is a second set of gods and these look like humans only better. These are the gods of Greece, the deities of Egypt etc. The solution to this mystery lies in Egypt because the good-looking gods there were called deities and they ranked below the gods. In mythologies of the near and middle East as well as Greece the younger generation of gods fought the older generation of gods and defeated them.

We know the names of the older generation of gods and they are the dwarf gods. We know the names of the younger generation of gods and they are the good-looking ones that are like humans. They are the ones who had relationships with humans and it is known that all over the ancient world children were born from unions between gods and goddesses and humans.

It is not conceivable that the older generation of gods could be the biological parents of the younger generation of gods/deities. The difference in appearance is too big. Conclusion: the first generation of gods produced the second generation of gods/deities as clones of themselves. As reported in mythologies throughout the Middle East and Greece at some point of time the second generation rebelled against the first generation, their producers, and assumed all the power. Zeus became the supreme Greek god and Amun became the supreme Egyptian god. The deities assumed "god-status" and became the gods of mythology.

In view of the above one must consider the possibility that this cloning project of Rael and Clonaid could be the preparation for an invasion of this planet by aliens who were here before. This leads to the question: "why don't these aliens not simply land as they did 5500 years ago?"

When astronauts began space flights, initially, they came back disoriented and dizzy. The Russians installed magnetic resonance systems in their space station to simulate the electromagnetic field of the planet. For whatever reason, it seems obvious that the aliens cannot tolerate the present electromagnetic field because there are no reports of aliens landing and staying here for any extended period of time other than in ancient times. This obstacle could be overcome by producing cloned humans who are used to the electromagnetic field of this planet and transferring alien spiritual energies into these beings.

Whatever the implications, Rael and Clonaid's activities need to be closely watched. Ethical and moral considerations are much less of a concern than the possibility of an alien invasion via human clones produced to give ill-intentioned extraterrestrials a foothold on our planet.