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Before we get into the Grid, we need to know exactly what a Stargate is, because these are its main access points. A Stargate is an etheric inter-dimensional energy alignment between two points in interstellar space, which allows high vibrational energies to pass through long distances of space, along the space-time continuum. Put most simply, it is a sub-space vortex through which energy may pass. This passage of energy is most unrestricted during a solstice or equinox, when the position of the planet is such as to allow an optimal amount of energy through to Earth.

During a Stargate ceremony, cosmic energy is brought into the Earth through a meditation and conscious intention; participants virtually act as "conductors", by connecting their physical bodies and conscious mind to the energies coming to the planet. New and enlightening information may be brought to the Earth this way. During a Stargate ceremony important ‘earth work’ may also be performed, such as the alignment of the Earth's Etheric Energy Grids, which is what the Children are involved in.

The Stargate alignments are particularly crucial at this time, as the vibration of the Earth is speeding up as we continue to move through the photon belt. Stargates allow high vibrational interstellar energies to permeate the etheric grids of the Earth with ease and grace, and in doing so allow the energies to fully integrate into the etheric grid structures of the Earth. As we are also connected to the grids and the Earth, it also serves as a chance for spiritual growth within the individual as these high-vibrational energies permeate our own energy matrix and can influence DNA mutation and higher states of consciousness.

There are many Stargates around the Earth and many new ones are appearing as the energetic structure of the Earth is changing. Stone circles, the Pyramids, hill-tops and sacred sites all over the world are recognised as Stargates, but as humans, we need to step in and become the new conductors for this new type of energy. These ‘node-points’ around the planet have been mapped out by such visionaries as Bruce Cathie, Richard Hoagland and the team of Becker and Hagens, but as we will see later, this work does not only need to be carried out at ‘points’ on the grid.

The Vortex phenomenon that happens at these sites depends on certain Solar, Astrological and Galactic frequencies. Sometimes there is more energy coming into the Earth, which is when it is useful for Grid-work. At other times the energy is streaming out from the Earth, usually through these node-points. An example of the later was when a group of hippies were camped inside Stonehenge and the stones were struck by lightning. Witnesses saw them all disappear, leaving only their charred tent pegs (from Vanished: Strange Cases of Unsolved Disappearances by Stephen Wagner). David Wilcock believes that the higher energy vibration of the lightning activated the Vortex that Stonehenge had been built to harness, which in turn caused this to happen. He also believed this enabled the builders of the monument to travel through space and time.