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DNA Activation

Chandra is convinced we now have more DNA turned on than ever before. This is not only with the children but with us adults also. Many people are being born with extra DNA, but it’s the ones who are mutating during their own lifetime that has got the scientists interested. Greg Braden was the first to expose this in his ground breaking book Walking Between the Worlds:

If we define ourselves genetically, this new species looks different in terms of specific DNA, though their bodies may appear as the familiar bodies of friends and loved ones. On a molecular level, beyond the seeing of the naked eye, they have allowed themselves to become genetic possibilities that were not available just a few short years ago. In the open literature there are reports of a phenomenon that scientists have named spontaneous genetic mutation. They are called spontaneous because they appear to have developed during the course of an individual's lifetime in response to a life challenge rather than appear as a new form of the code detected at birth. In these instances, the genetic code has learned to express itself in a new way that serves the individual's survival.

The most amazing piece of information regarding these changes was this report of a young boy who was tested positive for HIV when he was born. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, School of Medicine report unambiguous evidence of a boy who tested positive for HIV twice - at 19 days of age and one month later. Yet by every measure, this kindergartner appears to have been HIV free for at least 4 years [in a quote from an article in the April 1995 Science News]. The study was reported by Yvonne J. Bryson and her colleague in the March 30, 1996, New England Journal of Medicine .... ''The virus is not lying dormant within the body, opportunistically awaiting an external cue to become active; it is eradicated from the body!''

Cells were taken from his body to see how resistant he had become. The HIV virus was increased and increased until it reached a level of 3000 times the amount needed to contract the disease. What we are seeing here is a total genetic mutation of the immune system within the lifetime of an individual. But this was not only a solitary phenomenon. As Greg Braden states in Walking Between the Worlds. “A study released in the August 17, 1996, issue of Science news reports that about 1 percent of the population tested now have developed genetic mutations that make them resistant to HIV infection!'' We are talking about sixty million people worldwide who have already genetically mutated and the numbers are increasing.

The very same process was documented by Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega, in his detailed account called The Healing of Aids about African prostitutes who suddenly became free of the HIV virus. The same scenario is being played out across the globe. The next chapters explain the process.