There are many indications suggesting that certain humans have, in one way or another, been brought under the mental, technical or occult control of the ‘reptilians’ over the years, whether they are fully aware of this manipulation or not.


Could the ‘being’ referred to in this account, which appeared on pp. 1136-1137 of Raymond A. Palmer’s ‘HIDDEN WORLD’ publication for Summer, 1962, be the type of subterranean-dwelling creature which at least one account referred to as a creature that goes by the description of a ‘dragon-worm’? Could this creature (supposing it does in fact exist and is not the result of one man’s deluded and misguided fantasy experience) be one of the MANY and VARIED branches or mutations of the ‘serpent’ races, which many accounts such as those given in earlier files tend to confirm exist within subterranean areas? We are afraid that accounts such as this one might raise more questions than they answer.


Remember that this letter appeared years before the advent of the famous ‘Star Wars’ trilogy which depicted a creature very similar to that described in the following letter. Again one might wonder if George Lucas himself might not have been inspired subconsciously by certain evident realities, and portrayed some of these, although in a rather corrupted, embellished and ‘occultized’ manner, in his movies. The following account was submitted by a reader who chose to remain anonymous.


He states:

“Dear Ray:
“This happened about 12 or 13 years ago. I was in my late teens, I think, but perhaps the time is not as important as the incident.

“In the late night hours I awoke, got out of bed, walked out of the house and was met by a group of men (?) who drove me out into the country to an old farmhouse. I don’t know the location any more than the people involved; maybe I was drugged, I don’t know. At the farmhouse we went immediately to the potato cellar and through a trapdoor in the floor down a long inclining tunnel. We arrived into a room, fantastically decorated, bizarre, like Hades - how can I describe it? It was of good size; and others were present. Some one asked: ‘Is he ready?’ and the answer: ‘Yes, he is.’ Two ‘others’ - one on each side of me escorted me into a room? Tunnel? (again beyond my description) the worm, or whoever or whatever he or it was, was huge, long, round, knobby. An immense head and mouth (which swayed back and forth) spoke to me. I don’t remember what it said or my answer, but one of them put a syringe into it, and then into me! I swear the language spoken by them and myself was not English, but somehow I seemed to know, yet but not know. After some kind of warning and benediction from this being I was escorted out.


Once again the car, the return trip, and home in bed. Since that time I have once in awhile visited the caves quite unhindered... in dreams and the like.


(since ‘suppressed’ memories of experiences with UFO’s, etc. often surface in ‘dreams’ or impressions, could these be actual memories of other visits to the nether regions which were suppressed from his memory? There is also the small chance that ray-induced visions or even ‘astral’ interaction might be involved as well - Branton).


I can only comment that the knowledge of, and use of the mechs, the architecture, the philosophies in the pictures (or whatever they are), would enable man to live like Gods in comparison to how they now live. However the areas of horror beyond comprehension would have to be removed before this can be done


(Note: Is he referring to the so-called super-human abilities brought about through the manipulation of powerful electromagnetic occult technologies? We must remind the reader that ‘power’ has NOTHING to do with righteousness nor benevolence, or as the old saying goes: ‘Might does not make right!’ Such abilities to manipulate the forces of nature via occult technologies, such as those which were developed and utilized by the pre-deluvians - which by the way IN PART played a role in their destruction - and which is now being used by many of the inhabitants of the nether ‘cavern’ regions, could be extremely destructive if placed in the wrong hands - Branton).


“An interesting sequel to this (dream or reality?) is that I have prayed, hard, that this wouldn’t affect my life. I believe in some ways it hasn’t, but my wife feels that something, as I also have felt, is not allowing me to live as I want to. Of course I want to know, was it dream or reality? (Name deleted by request).”

The following letter appeared in the July, 1964 issue of ‘SEARCH’ Magazine, and was written by a Mr. Ervin M. Scott of (at the time) 536 12th St., Denver, Colorado:

“Dear Ray:
“Congratulations on another excellent issue of ‘SEARCH’ Magazine.


“I was especially interested in your article, ‘Faces in Your Dreams.’

“Having had many strange, puzzling dreams over the last few years, I have become quite interested in any clues that might point towards origin and cause of dreams. I recognize a good many as probably having the subconscious as the source. However, there is an occasional dream, that is so vivid and unusual that it causes one to wonder.

“I have no connection one way or the other, on the Shaver Mystery, but, I will briefly describe two dreams that are interesting in relation to that subject.

“On Nov. 30, 1963 while in a light sleep I heard a woman’s voice coming as if from a distance and she spoke urgently as follows: ‘This is from a stolen farm beneath the Salt Lake flats in Utah. (I was living in Wichita, Kansas at the time.) There was a woman abducted almost three weeks ago in Boston, Mass. and taken underground. Reports indicate that an abbey in North section of the city is being used and that cellars underneath the abbey connect with tunnels leading up from caverns below. This is a continuation of the Evil one’s War against Mankind.’

“Another voice broke in, ‘Don’t believe her. Don’t you see this is a lie - a trick? (Then, warningly) Keep quiet about this.’

“I have never been in Utah nor have had no thoughts about or desire to visit, so if this was caused by subconscious, it is certainly puzzling, as is the reference to ‘a stolen farm’...”

This letter suggests that a conflict of sorts has been and is taking place in cavernous levels below Utah, as in other states.

In earlier files we revealed an incident which was originally described by ‘Commander X’, from a source in Dulce, N.M., stating that a certain chemical was secretly (through certain ‘doctors’ tied in with the aliens) being injected into individuals via sulfa drugs which in turn lodge in the bone-structure of the victim. This chemical allegedly makes their bodies extremely sensitive to ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) radio waves, which can be ‘tuned in’ to the encephalographic wave band of the human brain, and could apparently be used to subliminally control human minds from a distance.

Perhaps some individuals, such as the writer of the letter just quoted, are naturally sensitive to these extremely low frequency waves, in that their brains to some extent act as an electromagnetic biological ELF radio receiver. Certain accounts suggest that some subterranean groups utilize ELF radio transceivers capable of penetrating miles of solid rock.

The letter just quoted suggests that another group, more malevolent, utilize a similar form (of ELF radio wave transceivers) such as the one through which the woman apparently sent out the ‘distress call’.

Could this ‘other’ voice be tied-in with a subterranean group similar to the group that some refer to as the ‘Horlocks’? Or could it have originated from the Reptilians? The ‘Horlocks’ are as we’ve suggested earlier allegedly a dero-like group of human slaves who are manipulated and kept under reptilian control via implantation, technosis, etc.

The Salt Lake Valley subnet has been a MAJOR area from where reports of Reptilians or Sauroids have emerged, so this would strongly suggest that the Serpent Race fits intricately into the scenario taking place below the Salt Lake ‘flats’ as well. Also, Dougway Military ‘Proving’ grounds which lies on the Salt Flats has been another source of some very strange activities according to certain sources, including high-tech research in ‘subspace teleportation’ similar to that involved in the so-called ‘
Philadelphia Experiment’ as it is described in Charles Berlitz’ book of the same name; sightings of UFO’s and ‘para-humans’; much Top Secret activity; underground tunnels, etc. According to Thomas C., the former Dulce Base security officer who ‘defected’ from the underground empire, Dougway is a definite ‘entrance’ to the U.S. subnet. Some have even suggested that due to the high publicity that the Nevada Military Complex is receiving as a result of exposition of ‘joint’ activity and infiltration of the complex by alien forms, much of the reptilian and reptilian-controlled underground activity may be moving across the border into western Utah.

From what we’ve been able to gather (from different sources, including a Salt Lake physicist who had experienced her own abductions; a man who worked in top secret positions at Dougway Proving Ground; a Salt Lake security officer who is knowledgeable of the Salt Lake Police Departments own awareness of the underground systems; as well as others) the following subterranean related accounts may very well be true.

The first settlers of the Salt Lake Valley, our sources indicate, after they first entered the area, discovered a network of ancient tunnels below the ground that seemed to converge beneath what is now downtown Salt Lake City. Some of these tunnels, it was found, led east and connected with ‘Huge’ cavern networks DEEP beneath the Wasatch Range of the Western Rockies.

Some indications seem to suggest that a human civilization, possibly pre-dating the American ‘Indians’, were encountered in these caverns and that a loose ‘alliance’ might have resulted between this society and certain Federal ‘officials’ (FBI, etc.) in the city above. There are also indications that some of these may have a connection with the subterranean group known as the Telosians, based largely beneath Mt. Shasta, California. Some years ago the ‘Telosian’ Bonnie (Sharula), who was mentioned in an earlier File, informed one researcher that the tunnels below Salt Lake do exist and that some Telosians live and work in the surface society along the Wasatch front, as well as other areas around the U.S. This was a few years before certain people who claimed to have actually been inside these tunnels themselves began to relate their experiences, thus confirming Bonnie’s or Sharula’s claims.

‘Bonnie’ also stated that her people maintain a huge underground base in the mountains adjacent to Big Cottonwood Canyon just east of Salt Lake.

An Air Force pilot who was involved in top secret Air Force photo-recon flights several years ago, who referred to himself as ‘Mel Noel’, claimed to have seen and photographed numerous UFO’s over the ROCKY MOUNTAINS of Utah, Idaho, etc. on several occasions, the first encounter involving 16 disks which broke formation and went into an incredible display of aerial acrobatics. Their commanding general claimed to have had personal contact with the HUMAN occupants of these craft, who he described as being very attractive physically, and benevolent although very secretive.


They claimed to hail from underground cities beneath other planetary bodies in this solar system as well as underground cities BELOW the surface of the earth (i.e. the Rockies, etc.?). They also told this Air Force general that their ‘Tribunal’, based on one of the Saturnian moons, ties this interplanetary ‘Solar’ alliance together. Another man, Guy Kirkwood, came forward in the early 1990’s describing an almost identical experience as Mel Noel’s. Some even believe that Kirkwood is none other than the notorious ‘Mel Noel’ who caused such a stir among early UFOlogists during the ‘contactee’ waves of the 1950’s and ‘60’s.

In order to protect the privacy of our ‘sources’ we will identify them only by their initials.

K.S. has related many accounts concerning alien-type encounters in Utah, including the Salt Lake Valley area. These stories range from encounters with Nordic-type blond humans walking incognito among the inhabitants of the valley (K.S. was allegedly visited by a group of blondes claiming to be from the Pleiades who left with her a very interesting crystal-powered ‘communicating’ device), confrontations with sinister MIB-like beings of both human and ‘androidal’ configurations who have also been seen infiltrating the upper city, and at least one incident involving apparent conflict between the ‘Blond’(?) and MIB groups. This involved a UFOlogist who was rather outspoken in his search for underground bases, UFO landing strips and the like. One day while talking to an employee of a place which sold topographical maps—asking about some strange circular markings and roads that seemed to dead-end in cliffs, etc. in maps of the Nevada military—he noticed that he was being closely monitored by two ‘Blondes’(?) or a another group possibly connected with the government. Suddenly a ‘man’ dressed in black came into the place and immediately noticed the people who were observing the UFOlogist. When this man saw these people he seemed to recognize them or their kind and he turned in terror and almost ran from the place. One has to wonder what that was all about.

K.S. has described several areas in the state of Utah which have had definite connections with UFO’s, possibly being ‘base’ sites. These include the La Sal mountains and Monroe mountain in southern Utah and mountains east of Salt Lake and Ogden where reports of strange underground bases, UFO encounters, hidden caverns and hidden ‘landing strips’ for ‘alien’ craft abound, as well as the MAJOR subnet beneath Salt Lake City itself.

She described one incident during which she experienced a considerable amount of ‘missing time’. This took place after she and a friend of hers, knowing her interest in UFO’s, offered to show her a place where she could observe ‘UFO’s taking off and landing.’ They subsequently traveled in a dune buggy to the southeast, several miles up the ‘Nebo Loop’ road into the mountains behind Payson, Utah, in the general direction of Mt. Nebo. Some miles up the canyon her friend suddenly left the road and for the next hour or so they traveled along rough terrain until they suddenly emerged over the lip of an ENCLOSED valley surrounded by mountains on all sides. At the bottom of the valley were several deer drinking from a small swampy-like lake or pond. She claimed that she experienced several hours of missing time.


After the incident her watch would not operate. She described a feeling of ‘fear’ that permeated the valley and she alleged that she could actually ‘feel’ something, or several ‘somethings’ watching her. Since the greys are often described as instilling fear or body terror in their victims, along with other indications, it might be possible that this particular ‘base’ area is now largely under reptilian control. We admit that this is just a supposition. Whether or not this ‘base’ has been taken over in part or in full by the malevolents, there may be indications that this might not always have been the case. This ‘hidden valley’ is supposedly some miles east of the area of Salem and Payson, Utah and MAY be one of the STANDOFF areas between humans and reptilians such as were described by various sources connected with the Nevada Test Site. This area of activity seems to move southward into the La Sal mountain range.

This account is very similar to another incident which was related several years ago by a German national who we will refer to as T.S. Just east of the small town of Salem, Utah there is an area known as water canyon. According to local legend, this was the site of an ancient gold mine which had been excavated by a pre-Columbian race of native Americans who lived in the valley, perhaps when it was still part of the ancient Lake Bonneville which connected the Salt and Utah valleys and generally filled the entire Great Basin area. Today one can still see the ancient pictographs above what is believed to be one of the collapsed entrances to this ancient mine. These include pictograms depicting ‘llama-like’ animals entering a tunnel bare-backed while another line of animals is seen emerging from the ground fully laden - supposedly with gold. The pictograms have been vandalized over the years but are still observable to some extent. Many people have attempted to enter this alleged mine through digging, but have been frightened away by some (sinister?) supernatural force.

T.S. had stayed in this area after World War II and had heard rumors of a ‘hidden’ or ‘forbidden’ valley in the mountains to the southeast of Spanish Fork. With permission, he and a friend drove their truck up the dirt road which winds it’s way up Water Canyon and then south into the mountains (the entrance of this road is on private property, and is usually closed).

They traveled a considerable distance up the mountain. Eventually they made their way southward for some time, possibly leaving their car and traveling the rest of the way on foot. (The entire journey to and from the area. he claimed, lasted 3 days, although he did not say how much of this time was spent traveling). Finally, they came to the lip of a ‘hidden valley’, which they were told earlier was situated between or behind the peaks (the same one described by K.S.?), where they immediately saw some weird copper-like coils strewn over the ground, as well as some kind of bluish dust. Just then a silvery disk emerged from the valley below and hovered near them. Out of it emerged a creature which T.S. could only describe as being robot-like. The next thing they remembered the object was gone and approximately 1 ½ hours of their time was missing and unaccounted for, although T.S. did faintly recall something about an underground installation. T.S. had his watch, but his friend soon realized that his own watch was missing. Strangely enough, this watch turned up a few days later in an unmarked package in his mailbox.

This incident took place in the mid-1940’s or a little later, and the fact that the watch was returned suggests that humans might have been largely involved with this ‘base’ at that time. One of our researchers personally investigated this story by traveling up this particular road, which eventually turns south and ends at the top of a peak south of water canyon where a transmitter tower is located. A large trail proceeds from a ‘fenced’ area adjacent to the road just east of this tower and continues towards a ridge to the south. Once at the top of this ridge one can see a box-like canyon to the northwest which eventually meanders down to the Utah Valley floor, and on the other side the now abandoned town of Thistle and the Spanish Fork river to the east and southeast, but no hidden or enclosed valley. There is however a much higher ridge south of this one which would take a good deal of hiking to get to, and from the top of which one MIGHT be able to see the alleged hidden valley. This researcher did not continue as it was becoming dark and he was not equipped to spend the night.

The later event described by K.S. suggests that reptilian entities might have been involved in her experiences. This may substantiate a suspicion we have had that the caverns beneath the Wasatch Mountains were at one time largely controlled by humans, and that within recent decades (whether through covert manipulation or overt invasion) the Reptilians have taken possession of many of these underground systems in what some might refer to as a Tero-Dero like conflict.

As for the Salem-Payson, Utah ‘base’, other people have described UFO sightings in the mountains behind and southeast of this area as well.

The researcher mentioned earlier recently tried an experiment. He assumed that if there were people living in the area who had INTIMATE knowledge of this particular ‘base’, that they might eventually peruse through the ‘UFO section’ of the local library for one reason or another (in this case the Spanish Fork library, adjacent to Salem). He deposited some information (concerning recent revelations about the growing human-saurian conflict, etc., which had surfaced in the UFO research community) inside one of the UFO books there. He returned a couple of weeks later to see if the ‘bait’ had been taken. The data was gone, but in it’s place he was surprised to find a written ‘warning’ which was signed by the ‘REPTILES’. Either this was a prank on the part of a skeptic who had gotten their hands on the information he deposited, or the ‘Reptiles’ really did ‘have his number’. Whatever may be involved here, which we do suspect has something to do with a ‘standoff’ between humans and Reptilians, we are certain that there are humans involved who are sincerely interested in defending our society from these infernal alien creatures.


The warning stated:


This event, compared with the one which T.S. experienced almost 45 years earlier, suggests that the ‘human forces’ in this area might still be engaged in a ‘stand-off’ and that the Reptilians had apparently gained some ground there to the point of being able to operate in surface society. The only explanations we have of how the ‘Reptiles’ might have been able to deposit the ‘warning’ in a library book would be that the chameleons, MIB, or possibly even a ‘tranced’ and implanted human being under their control was responsible.

Those who receive such threats should not be concerned, however, as there is much evidence that the reptilians are more afraid of humanity than we are of them. True, it’s easy for these useless vermin to kidnap children, mutilate animals and human beings, and perform horrible genetic experiments while all the time hiding courageously in their protected subterranean lairs.


But will these unnatural abominations against nature dare to take on mankind out in the open?

R.W. is another correspondent of ours who was at one time a worker at the Dougway Proving Grounds where he was a courier with a high-level security clearance. While there he allegedly encountered ‘people’ that he was convinced ‘were not human’. He wasn’t sure what they were but he suggested that the government WAS involved in advanced robotics and they might have been androids. He was also privy to top-secret experiments involving electromagnetic transmission or transporting of physical objects from one area to another.

R.W. told of one experience he had in his younger days. This took place while he and a friend were exploring a cavern in the foothills some miles northeast of the capital building in Salt Lake, east of an area known as the ‘pots’ where they used to mix asphalt for the roads several years ago. Back in this cavern, which was some distance behind and (not to be confused with) a ‘mine’ that was located in the same area, he and his friend saw a scaly-reptilian hominoid creature, orangish in color, emerging from behind a rock. Needless to say they didn’t stay around there for very long and even to this day R.W. refuses even to go near that cave. He apparently sensed something very evil about it.

Also, a security officer in Salt Lake informed one researcher of an entrance to a tunnel system which had been broken into several years ago by construction workers. This was in an area known as the ‘Cinemas’, in the lowest level of the Crossroads mall-plaza in downtown Salt Lake. This is the lowest part of the mall, located in a step-down area about 10 or 15 feet below the rest of the stores. This entrance is allegedly covered by a metal ‘water meter’ covering, according to the security officer. The same informant claimed that another security worker (in the mall) had told him that several people had attempted to explore these tunnels over the years and never returned. Some sources suggest that the FBI in the area is aware of these tunnels. After all, any incident involving missing persons would inevitably come under their jurisdiction. Perhaps they are keeping a lid on the whole situation in order to prevent widespread panic? There are also indications that the FBI is also aware of human & grey-reptilian controlled ‘bases’ throughout the state as well. The informant, K.S., stated that some years ago she knew an FBI agent in the area who confided that he was involved in secret government surveillance of UFO base locations in southern Utah, and showed her an entire table-map setup in his basement complete with marked maps, and so on (Monroe mountain in southern Utah was apparently a ‘hot-spot’ of activity. Whether it was ‘benevolent’ or ‘malevolent’ activity is uncertain.)

Also, there are some indications that Federal officials may have actually encountered the human inhabitants of some of these bases and/or caverns, and that as we’ve said some type of agreement may exist which involves FBI/Federal interaction in protecting the ‘national security’ of the HUMAN subterraneans by discouraging intruders into ‘sensitive’ areas, etc. The human inhabitants of the underground bases are apparently in an uncomfortable position of protecting their own security from possible human intruders from above while at the same time on the defensive against the reptilian threat below. The 20/20 group (3463 State St., Suite 264., Santa Barbara, CA 93105) has gathered some interesting testimonies concerning apparent cooperation between Federal agents in Utah and a high-tech race of humans based beneath the southern part of that state, who may be tied-in with ancient Native American groups who were driven underground by the Anglo-saxon invasion of the American continent, perhaps explaining their extreme vigilance in defending their own national security.


One of the human groups involved are allegedly 8 foot tall, muscular humans who would put Arnold Shwartzenegger to shame!

As for the tunnel systems beneath Salt Lake City, the Police have allegedly placed silent alarms on most of the known entrances, possibly due in part to the fact of the many disappearances that have taken place in the tunnels in the past. If unauthorized personnel happened to trip the alarms, the SLC police dept. would instantly be notified. When the security officer who related this expressed his interest in exploring these tunnels himself, he was warned by another against doing so. He was told that he might encounter the ‘Lizard People’ (exact wording) down there, and that if he did so he might not return alive. This security officer however did not take the threat seriously and doubts the existence of the alleged reptilians, but the references to reptilian hominoids should not be ignored, especially in light of the many HUNDREDS of similar reports which have come from widely diversified sources.

R.W. also recalls that when he was a young man he had entered a roped-off area in the mall (now Crossroads) where construction workers were employed. He went into the restricted area and noticed a very deep hole which descended into the ground and seemed to curve off in a horizontal direction lower down. This was long before the cinemas were constructed. After the workers confronted him and asked why he was there, he turned their attention to the hole, at which point they calmed down. They told him that 5 days previously a fellow construction worker had gone down the hole into some tunnels below. They were still in the area waiting for him to return. They made, he recalls, some comment about ‘monsters’ in the tunnel, and R.W. got the impression that they might have been half joking and half serious, and that they were somewhat scared themselves.

Another entrance to this underground system is said to be in the lowest level of the multi-leveled parking lot adjacent to the mall.


The entrance to this particular tunnel is allegedly closed most of the time, but R.W.’s son just happened to be there one day when it was opened, he claims. He entered the tunnel and went some distance until it started getting dark and he saw ‘men in suits’ in the distance. He became frightened and left the scene quickly. Is it possible that a similar scenario is taking place in Salt Lake City as in Dulce, New Mexico and Madigan Hospital, Washington? - that is, a subtle infiltration of society by non-human beings? True, no actual accounts directly suggesting that this is taking place in Salt Lake have come our way, but if New Mexico, California and Washington State are areas where para-humans are arriving on the scene through a type of infestation or infiltration of human society, then is it not possible that other areas might be involved as well?

Another opening allegedly connected an underground lavatory which once existed several years ago below the sidewalk located on the southeast corner of the block just to the north of the mall. This entrance, however, was apparently filled in several years ago.

One branch of this system (according to one man who accidentally entered a ‘door’ to a ‘janitors room’ adjacent to the underground lavatory, a door which was usually locked) said that he passed through into a tunnel area. Two tunnels, one leading east and one leading ‘over two miles’ to the south, were gated-off. Suddenly he was approached by a ‘janitor’ who seemed as if he was very disturbed by his presence and explained to him in a distressed and warning tone that that area was off limits and no one but no one was supposed to be in there.

One branch of the tunnel system that converges below the Crossroads mall, a system which according to some ‘goes all over’ beneath the city, is said to run eastward, connecting with A MASONIC LODGE some blocks away. This tunnel system or subnet is apparently not entirely controlled by either humans or reptilians, BUT SEEMS TO BE AN AREA OF CONFLICT AND/OR INTERACTION BETWEEN THE TWO GROUPS. Also, another subterranean ‘convergence’ is said to exist below Trolley Square elsewhere in the city, where early construction workers had allegedly broken-in to a system of ancient underground ‘catacombs’ and tunnels. It is uncertain whether or not these connect with those below the Crossroads mall. Up to this point it seems as if this conflict has been rather one-sided in favor of the reptilians or the serpent race.

There are also accounts to the effect that huge cavities exist beneath the Salt Flats, according to research conducted by certain geologist. This was confirmed by two sources, one of whom was a military reservist. He was told that a large underground lake lies deep below the Great Salt Lake (The Great Salt Lake has no exit to either the Atlantic or the Pacific oceans). A certain type of earthquake, it is believed, could conceivably create a fracture which theoretically could empty the entire contents of the Great Salt Lake into these large cavities below, they are that extensive. There are other accounts stating that a subterranean river runs from the Wasatch mountains, below the valley floor traveling west, and connects with an underground lake deep beneath the Great Salt Lake itself.

There are indications that both human and sauroid entities have been fighting over these underground systems for many years, and that as in installations below other states, the reptilian activity here involves abductions (both aerial and subsurface - and there are indications that subterrain based ‘aliens’ have temporarily or permanently abducted humans from their basements or other underground enclosures, and in the case of the temporary abductions, erasing their memories of the event). This activity, if we are to believe certain accounts, also seems to involve kidnappings, genetic experimentation, ‘hybrid’ experiments, abductions of fetus’ from female abductees, and God knows what else. There are also indications that some ‘inner-planetary’ human inhabitants may have taken refuge on the surface in the face of invading reptilian forces, and integrated themselves into surface society. There is also as we’ve suggested the possibility of ‘chameleon’ entities, or reptilians genetically engineered or through other means capable of appearing in outwardly human-like form that are capable of infiltrating our society (as in similar scenarios described in earlier files involving California, New Mexico, Washington State, etc.).


“Scores of underground installations hold citizens of virtually every country on the planet in captivity.”

In other words a “Hidden Holocaust” seems to be involved which is so horrifying that it staggers the human mind. Possibly the “holocaust” thrives as a result of the very (no doubt draconian-inspired) skepticism and ignorance of those on the surface who cannot bring themselves to believe that something like this is actually taking place. If something like this WAS taking place, then the public ignorance of the masses would ENSURE that such activity could continue. Humanity as a whole WILL NOT act upon anything unless they are convinced that their actions are based on real needs.

Even if countless numbers of humans are being held against their will in underground installations as many suggest, these are the more fortunate one’s, for numerous CONFIRMING accounts state that others are the less fortunate victims of human mutilation, sources for biological ‘secretions’, and so on. Such subterranean ‘abductions’ apparently have occurred in areas which point to a definite subterranean influence, and we can assume that the infernal influence behind such abductions are connected to underground installations inhabited by the ‘aliens’ or ‘greys’, etc.

One possible subterranean ‘abduction’ was described by researcher John Grant. In his book ‘GREAT MYSTERIES’ (Chartwell Books., Secaucus, NJ., 1988), Grant records the following frightening incident:

“...In 1975 Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Wright were driving to New York through blinding snow; in the Lincoln Tunnel they agreed to pause and wipe snow from the front and rear windows. Jackson Wright never saw his wife, Martha, again.”

People just don’t ‘disappear’ without a trace, never to be heard from again, in a place like this unless SOMETHING intentionally causes such a disappearance to take place. There have, incidentally, been reports of ‘UFO’ like objects and/or alien creatures seen in connection with ‘abductions’ which took place in underground tunnels, some ‘deserted’ by our standards and others not. One case involved a teenage boy who claimed that his abductors took him underground in Europe via a long-abandoned World War II railway tunnel.

It is uncertain just how many human casualties have resulted in the Da’ath or Da’yath wars over the centuries, yet based on the various accounts which we have covered in these Files we can assume that the victims have been in the tens of thousands AT THE VERY LEAST.

Whether the victims are taken to underground or off-planet areas is difficult to tell in any individual case, although there is reason to believe that both possibilities are a reality. There have, believe it or not, been abductions which have occurred in connection with ‘UFO’ activity which have involved not a few, not dozens, nor hundreds but THOUSANDS of people who have disappeared, or been abducted, en masse without a trace. Such is the case with the following well known and documented incident which has baffled several researchers who have mentioned it in their writings:

“In the Winter of 1930 a profoundly disturbing incident took place in Canada. Trapper Arnaud Lauret and his son observed a strange light crossing the northern sky. It appeared to be headed for the Lake Anjikuni area. The two trappers described it as being alternatingly bullet-shaped and cylinder-shaped...

“Another trapper named Joe LaBelle had snowshoed into the village of the Lake Anjikuni people, and been chilled to discover that the normally bustling community was silent, and not a soul was moving in the streets. Even the sled dogs, which would normally have bayed welcome, were silent. The shanties were choked with snow, and not a chimney showed smoke.

“The trapper found the village kayaks tied up on the shore of the lake. Inside the shanties the trapper found a further surprise: there were meals left hanging over fires, long grown old and moldy, apparently abandoned as they were being cooked. The men’s rifles were still standing by the doors. This really frightened the trapper, because he knew that these people would never leave their precious weapons behind.

“He reported his discovery to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, who investigated further. They discovered that the town’s dogs died of hunger, chained beneath a tree and covered by a snowdrift. More disturbingly, the town graveyard had been emptied. The graves were now yawning pits. Despite the frozen ground, the graves had been opened and the dead removed...”

Whitley Strieber, who claimed to have had several abduction-type experiences since a young age involving different types of beings - both apparently physical and paraphysical, does not hold to the idea that these creatures are originally from deep space. He believes that they MAY come from the nether regions of the earth, and may have been here for millennia, being part of an ancient conspiracy to occultically control or manipulate the human race. He is not certain exactly what the creatures were behind his abductions, but he did suggest that the ancient (fallen?) ‘elementals’ might be involved. Strieber had some comments of his own concerning the strange mass abduction near the Lake Anjikuni area, in his book ‘MAJESTIC’, he stated:

“The RCMP continues the case opened to this day. A check with the records department indicated that the matter remains unsolved, and despite a search of the whole of Canada and inquiries throughout the world, not a single trace of the MISSING TWELVE HUNDRED MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN were ever found.”

Strieber related still another incident in this same book, of a mysterious abduction (apparently) to underground regions:

“...The first seemingly related case of disappearance in the U.S. history (that is, ‘related’ to cases given by Strieber earlier in his book, concerning people who were allegedly pursued by unknown objects and experienced NEAR abductions yet managed to escape - and others who were captured and never seen again, except for a few who managed to witness the abductions taking place - Branton)... took place on 23 September 1880 near the town of Gallatin, Tennessee. At approximately three-thirty on that sunny afternoon, Mr. David Lang, a farmer, dematerialized in front of five witnesses, including his wife, his two children, his father-in-law and a local judge.

“The father-in-law and the judge had just pulled up in a carriage. Mr. Lang moved toward them across a field followed by his family. Without warning, he simply ceased to exist. There was no cry, no sign of distress. Mrs. Lang, distraught, rushed up and pounded the ground where he had been walking. All that afternoon, and into the night the field was searched. Subsequently the county surveyor determined that there were no hidden caves or sinkholes in the area of the disappearance.

“The subsequent April, seven months later, the children heard their father crying distantly UNDERNEATH the field. He seemed desperate and tortured, and was begging for help. His voice gradually died away and was not heard again. Where he was last seen, there was a circle of WITHERED yellow grass twenty feet in diameter.

“The family moved away from the farm.

“It can be surmised that Mr. Lang was not removed above ground, but rather was taken into the earth and kept alive there for some months,” Strieber continues, “judging from the cries that were heard the next April. What the poor man suffered during that time, and what finally put him out of his misery, can scarcely be imagined...

“He was apparently left to languish in some subterranean prison, presumably dying when his food and water ran out.”

Tennessee incidentally, HAS been known as an area which is profusely undermined with natural underground caverns; for instance, the GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS shows a photograph of a large underground lake called the ‘LOST SEA’, which lies 300 ft. underground in the Craighead Caverns, near Sweetwater, Tennessee. This underground lake is one of the largest officially recognized and was discovered in 1905 and covers an area of 4 ½ acres. The fact that subsurface features such as sinkholes, etc., were not ‘apparent’ beneath the field where Mr. Lang disappeared, does not necessarily mean that such underground chambers (whether natural or artificial) do not exist, since geological and environmental changes might have covered up such natural openings long ago. Also, researcher David A. Lewis described an account of an Indian chief who allegedly led his tribe to a giant flora and fauna filled cavern called the ‘Grand God’s Tepee’ through a small cave north of Sweetwater, Tenn. Leaving the surface to escape the violence of the civil war, many or most of them allegedly returned after it ended.


British UFOlogist Timothy Good, in his book ‘UFO REPORT’ (Avon Books., N.Y., 1989), describes the unfortunate fate of several scientists who assisted in the development of the ‘Star Wars’ defense system. Apparently, they were either eliminated by those they worked for so that they would not reveal what they knew, or someone or something ‘else’ that was displeased with the ultimate product of their efforts was responsible for their tragic deaths.


Certainly, all of these scientists dying at once cannot be explained in coincidental terms, whatever the case:

“...Reports of suspicious deaths, darkly and deeply linked to UFO’s, persist, however, and continue to cause speculation. Word comes from Gordon Creighton, editor of the informative FLYING SAUCER REVIEW, who notes a possible deathly tie in with the U.S. ‘Star Wars’ program. He wrote to me in Nov. 1988 as follows:

“’ in Britain 22 scientists have reportedly either taken their own lives or died in very strange or mysterious circumstances. And it seems that most... were engaged in British work on behalf of, or related to the U.S. ‘Star Wars’ program. The British government, it seems, was trying to hush it up. But press statements here say that the U.S. government had put our government on the spot and demanded a full inquiry. So, quite clearly, it is either the Russians or THEM...’

“As many researchers have surmised, ‘Star Wars’, ostensibly conceived as a defensive system against Russian missile attack, may have had from it’s beginning a ‘defensive’ UFO connection. Whatever the case, a ‘mock test’ in September, 1988, of an earth-shattering warhead - much like ‘Star Wars’ in reverse - was conducted at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada. Announced as a proposed super-weapon designed to destroy Russian underground command centers dug in solid rock down to 1,000 (feet), some UFO analysts believe that the real target is not Russian but another adversary deep down in cavernous installations IN NEVADA AND NEW MEXICO.

“According to the Pentagon, the proposed earth-penetrating warhead is ‘urgently needed’. According to rumor-mills, an alien race - the ‘grays’ - in their fortified underground laboratories, are genetically experimenting with the human race. Even more ominous, rumors say that their intransigence today may lead to new perils tomorrow.”

Evidence is beginning to mount that many of the human and animal organs from mutilation victims are being used by an entirely different ‘alien’ group than the reptilians-saurians, although the sauroids are apparently assisting in the construction of physical-biological ‘forms’ which can be ‘possessed’ by an insidious group of SPIRIT or SUPERNATURAL non-physical entities, the ‘infernals’.


The LEADING EDGE Magazine for March, 1990, quoted one ‘inside’ source as saying that:

“These beings... have a physical presence generate biological structures that function as containers for them... the aliens manufacture containers for themselves... fabricate their own bodies - using biologicals gained from humans and cattle...”

A publication titled ‘AMERICA’S MISSING & EXPLOITED CHILDREN’ (published by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Washington D.C.) made the following statement:

“Even the most conservative estimates suggest that several hundred thousand children are missing within the course of the year.” (in the United States).


“...In 1983, the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services put the number at 1.5 million a year—a figure that has been widely circulated by private organizations. But experts say roughly 95 percent of these are runaways—many of whom return home within days and are counted repeatedly if they run away more than once a year.”

This would apparently put the number of those who are ‘abducted’ in one way or another at around 75,000 per year...

‘Commander X’, from his apparent though guarded vantage-point within the Intelligence Community, claims to be privy to much ‘deep-level’ inside information, as we have seen in earlier writings. One of the reports that crossed his desk involved an experience of a woman who was ‘abducted’ and taken over 1000 miles to the underground facility below Dulce, New Mexico:

“...One woman I have spoken with was abducted from the roof of a New York City apartment building and apparently held underground at the Dulce facility. She was taken to a cabin in the desert which was being used as a camouflaged entrance to the ‘alien’ base. She was eventually escorted to the laboratories to be used as a test subject, but at the last minute managed to escape thanks to the aid of one of the Nordic-type, tall aliens, who befriended her and showed her a secret way out, down an unguarded shaft.

“Back in the desert, she was rescued by members of the Blue Berets, and eventually flown back to Manhattan. During a de-briefing session with the military, she was warned to remain silent about her experiences. Anyone hearing such a bizarre tale would certainly think she had gone insane. It was inferred she could be committed to a mental institution at any time should she refuse to go along with the cover-up conspiracy, which she was told was being conducted ‘for the sake of the country, and the sake of the world!’” (right!!! - Branton)

William Cooper has stated at a MUFON symposium in Las Vegas that over 3,000 children disappear yearly in one section of Manhattan alone. Could there be some connection!?

The accounts of disappearances around underground tunnels and caverns are seemingly endless, as we see in the following account from Harold T. Wilkins’ book ‘FLYING SAUCERS UNCENSORED’, p. 47:

“June 7, 1954: Three German tourists who entered the vast Lamprecht Cave, near Lofer, in the Salzburg mountain region of Austria have never been found. Their automobile was left locked outside the cave.

“...The above may very well be merely a case of amateur speleologists getting lost in labyrinthine caves, although it is unusual for THREE men to vanish in this fashion. But I must risk the charge of being accused of fancy and moonshine, when I say that both in England and the United States, there are regions of limestone caverns and mountains from which... queer phenomena associated with white lights descending to ground level from great altitudes have been reported!”

And then we have the following cases as revealed by John Keel in his book ‘OUR HAUNTED PLANET’, pp. 202-208:

“There are periodic waves of disappearances which create brief sensations in the newspapers and are quickly forgotten. No one ever manages to find out where these people have gone. In 1912 five men, all unrelated, disappeared unaccountably in a single week in Buffalo, New York. Montreal, Canada, had a wave of missing persons in July, 1883, and again in July, 1892.

“Children vanish more frequently than any other group. We’re not talking about ordinary runaways. In August, 1869, thirteen children vanished in Cork, Ireland. No sign of kidnapping or foul play. The same month there was a wave of disappearing children in Brussels, Belgium. Another group of youngsters melted away in Belfast in August, 1895. And again in August, 1920, eight girls (all under twelve years of age) disappeared forever in Belfast...

“Actually, children have been disappearing in large numbers for centuries all over the world, and most of these cases have remained unsolved. In the Middle Ages it was popularly believed that fairies and leprechauns frequently stole children away. The Indians of North and South America also have many myths and stories about children being kidnapped by little people. The notion that parahumans kidnap children is deeply entrenched in every culture...

“The celebrated Pied Piper of Hameln, Germany, is more than just a charming children’s story. A stranger actually did appear in Hameln in the Middle Ages, and he lured away 150 children never to be seen again. The event is still commemorated with an annual festival in Hameln (one of the old accounts says that the children were taken to a subterranean cavern - Branton).

“In A.D. 1212 a teenage boy in France, Stephen of Cloyes, BEGAN TO HEAR VOICES which inspired him to collect together fifty thousand children for the pathetic Children’s Crusade. They marched off to do battle with the infidels and disappeared EN MASSE. The popular explanation is that they were all seized by slavers.

“...Ufologist Jerome Clark uncovered an extraordinary item from an old 1939 newspaper. ‘On a day in the late summer, 1939, a military transport left the Marine Naval Air Station in San Diego, California, for routine flight to Honolulu,’ Clark wrote in FLYING SAUCER REVIEW. ‘About three hours afterwards several urgent distress signals sounded from the plane and then silence. Later the craft came limping back to execute an emergency landing. When Air Station personnel entered the plane, they found every man of the crew, including the copilot who had lived long enough to pilot the craft back to its base, dead of unknown causes (researcher Charles Berlitz related elsewhere that they had been mutilated - Branton).

Keel continues quoting from the old article:

“Each of the bodies carried large, gaping wounds, and the outside of the ship was similarly marked. Air Station men who touched parts of the craft came down with a mysterious skin infection.

“One of the most puzzling aspects of the whole affair was that the .45 automatics carried by the pilot and copilot as service pieces HAD BEEN EMPTIED, AND THE SHELLS LAY ON THE FLOOR. A smell of rotten eggs pervaded the atmosphere inside the plane... Mysterious skin infections and rotten egg odors (hydrogen sulfide) are phenomena familiar to all UFO researchers. It would seem that the transport was attacked—apparently without provocation—by some sort of strange aerial intruder.”

The following account, taken from the May, 1946 issue of AMAZING STORIES (pp. 171-173) seems to contain information which would explain many of the ‘missing pieces’ of the overall ‘Men In Black’ phenomena. At least some of the ‘MIB’ have been variously described as ‘androidal’ like beings, although as John Keel has stated some seem to portray reptilian aspects, and in a few cases obviously human entities have been described. Christa Tilton allegedly encountered some ‘MIB’ in a black auto near Boynton Canyon, near Sedona, Arizona. She described them as follows:

“The men did not look right. Their faces had no expression on them whatsoever. They looked like they were wearing chalky tan makeup. Their movements were robot-like and unearthly.”

The AMAZING STORIES letter, which was quite lengthy and excerpts of which we quote below, was submitted by a Mr. Edward John of (at the time) 475 Fell St., San Francisco, CA.:

“Sirs... I have enjoyed your stories for many years as I have read AMAZING since the first issue back in 1928 if I remember right.

“...I think I can show you an entrance to this subterranean city that he (Shaver) has written about several issues back. Here is what happened to me and you may judge for yourself. In 1931 my mother and I took up a section of land as a cattle raising homestead from the U.S. Government and naturally it was not a choice piece... a person who turned out to be our nearest neighbor gave us some hints and as the place was only six miles from his we stayed at his ranch until we built our house. Then we moved into our own and all in all we stayed there about two years before we quit; and now I will relate the things that caused us to quit, which at the time I did not know much about, but since Mr. Shaver wrote, now I know and marvel that we managed to stand two years without getting killed by these things from below.

“As a note of interest I have had to use 30,000 rounds of ammunition in the period and perhaps that is why we are still here. At night I would sit up fully dressed all night with a rifle in my hands, ready, and an extra one by my side. In about five hours after dark I would hear things moving outside the house and after a while something would try to open the door quietly and I would wait until I saw the knob turn, then let go a clip right through the door and then pull it open and look around outside and there was nothing to be seen. After a couple of nights like that, that performance would stop and something new would be tried.

“There are too many incidents to be told in one letter, the best one was the two disappearing automobiles, which happened at about ten at night over at the neighbor’s place. It was as follows: the neighbor and we were sitting on the porch after supper when he saw headlights come over the hill to the fence then along the fence for about half a mile, then go out and that was all that night. So next morning we went to the trail along the fence and there were tire tracks of seven inch width tires and they went along the fence into the box canyon and right up against a smooth boulder about 20 feet in diameter and ended there. Now the car could not turn around anywhere in that place because the road is a trail five feet wide and one side is against our neighbor’s fence, which was not damaged and the other was a steep hill that no car could even make in compound low. You know, we have a few mountains here, and as far as backing out I tried that myself in the daytime with help and I could not steer a straight enough path without crossing my other marks so they did not back out or we would have trailed them as my neighbor has lived around there since 1848 and he sure knew his tracking. We never did get an answer to the question of where did the cars go.

“The cars were very large and black and very heavy and now that I compare them they were about twenty years ahead of anything I have ever seen anywhere and I had worked in the auto business for about five years before we took up the land. They were silent, smooth, no wavering of the lights and the trail is extremely rough; in places it has hollows a yard deep, but these cars went through at about 25 mph, and it would even wreck a jeep to do that, so you figure it out and let me know the answer if you can. By wavering of lights, I mean that the beams were steady and not flashing up and down as an ordinary car would do when a rough road is traveled.

“I have been away from there since 1933, but just about three months ago, I drove through with a friend for safety and my place is razed to the ground and everything that was made by human hands has been carried off even the old tin cans, and the place would not be noticed unless you knew where is was. The Coast and Geodetic survey had a marker near my house in the front yard and even that is gone; who would want to take a concrete marker and carry it away?

“...after two weeks, you can hear insects running on the ground, (also) forest fires will not burn there. They burnt 250,000 acres, then burnt all around this area; and that stopped the forest rangers. They never could understand because most of it is on the slope of a mountain and it should have gone, but they saw that the wind came down and blew from the top down and blew North, South, East and West at once and that was the only time that the wind ever blew there.

“Also you can detect an atmosphere of fear within 30 miles of the area and you will not get a statement from anyone who lives around there and the people in the valleys are afraid of the people in the hills. One farmer erected 20 foot barbed wire fences and a heavy gate across the road that leads to my old place. The gate would take a tank to knock down, so maybe there is something there, after all.
“It is located 110 miles north of San Francisco in Mendocino county and is directly on the old Pieta toll road that ran between Hopland and Lakeport in Lake county of which Clear Lake is quite a summer resort. If you care to look it up on a map get a good auto road map and look due south off the road midway between towns and you will note an area with no roads bounded by Sonoma Lake and lower Mendocino counties and there is it. If you wish to go there, be sure that enough people know where you went. Maybe they will be able to find you. There have been several disappearances along that stretch of road, even trucks have vanished. All the U.S. Government’s.

“The U.S. Government has noted the area as rough, unsurveyable and UNEXPLORED...

“Personally I do not care to go near the place, but if there is some way of driving the things out I would help if I can so that someone else could live there safely.

“...Also I forgot to mention there is a cave on the property that has steps leading down and there is no sound when a rock is thrown in. I have never seen it, but I understand that it is there... Also, several people have died of heart failure and some have gone insane, I found out later.

“I think the thing that saved us was the fact that I am not surprised at anything and that I am quick to shoot and I can shoot without sighting and by ear and not having the thought of shooting fixed so that the things would be warned. After that place, I was able to outshoot U.S. Marine sharpshooters. I tried competing in a match and I just never missed any target at any range. If I could see it, I could hit it, 5 out of 5. I have tried practice machine guns at plane models and I hit 3 out of 5 at speeds up to 700 mph scale without using the sights. So the old ranch gave me something worthwhile after all.

“Due to my physical condition, I cannot get into any armed forces, so that talent is wasted, for you see I have a bad leg and cannot walk more than a mile at a time. Since I left the ranch I have been in the radio business and have not owned a gun since ‘34, because as long as I stay away from there I don’t need one...”

The ‘I.N.F.O. JOURNAL’ (box 367., Arlington, VA, 22210), a publication devoted to ‘Fortean’ research, Vol. IV, No. 2 issue, related one of the most frightening and disturbing accounts of subterranean abduction that we have come across yet. The article, titled ‘MOUNTAIN OF DEATH’ and written by David D. Browne, originally appeared in the June 1972 issue of WALKABOUT, published in Sydney, Australia:

“Black Mountain comes almost as a shock when you see it first.

“Traveling by bus just south of Cooktown, North Queensland (Australia), a bend in the road suddenly discloses it and the visual impact can bring an involuntary exclamation, as you see it -- black, bare and sinister, a 1,000 ft. high pile of enormous boulders two miles long, rearing out of the rain-forest.

“This is ‘the Mountain of Death.’ Aborigines will not go near it. An ancient legend warns them of danger. White men fear it too, because of the numbers of men who have gone there and disappeared without a trace, as if the earth—or the mountain - had swallowed them. Birds and animals shun the area.

“The rocks give off a curious metallic ring when struck, and the only sound is the croaking of countless frogs sheltered in the depths where the great granite boulders lie against each other.

“In Brisbane’s Public Library, a yellowing newspaper cutting tells some of the story:

“’Grim tragedy has been associated with the mountain ever since it has been known to white man.

“’Three men with horses completely disappeared at the mountain. They vanished as if the earth had opened and swallowed them up, for absolutely no trace of them has ever been discovered, although police and backtrackers and hundreds of local residents scoured the mountain and surrounding country.’

“Then following the names and occupations of several others who disappeared, and the dates of their disappearance. The cutting continues:

“’This constitutes one of the most amazing stories in the police history of the far north, for not one of the mysteries has been solved and probably never will be.’

“Another newspaper cutting, signed Nancy Francis, reads:

“’The formation of these mountains is unique; their appearance grotesque. They are mountains of huge boulders full of chasms that go down to unsounded depths. Only a few rock wallabies and a few turkeys live near these grim, forbidding hills. The Aborigines regard the Black Mountains with dread.’

“In the files of the Cooktown police, dating back 25 years, there is a report made by a Sergeant of Police who discussed the mountain with a man whom he refers to as Mac. Mac began:

“’Know anything about Black Mountain, or so-called ‘Mountain of Death’? Its aboriginal name is Kalcajagga.’

“’What does it look like at close quarters?’ I asked.

“’Just a mass of tumbled granite blocks; hardly any vegetation. The only living things there are black rock wallabies and enormous pythons 16 feet or more long and able to swallow a wallaby whole. The ridge is honeycombed with caves, nearly all unexplored. They dip down below ground level but nobody knows their extent or what they contain.’

“The latest fatalities, he reported, had occurred only a few years earlier when two young men set out to solve the riddle of earlier disappearances in the caves. They were never heard of again. Two black trackers who tried to trace them disappeared too.

“Then Mac went back to the beginning of the mountain’s grim story.

“The first-known fatality was that of a carrier named Grayner, in 1977. He had been searching on horseback for strayed bullocks when he, with his horse and bullocks, vanished without a trace. Thirteen years later, Constable Ryan, stationed at Cooktown, tracked a ‘wanted’ man to the scrub at the foot of the mountain. Other trackers followed his trail to the entrance of one of the caves, but he was never seen again. Nor was the ‘wanted’ man.

“More recently a gold prospector named Renn was added to the list of mysterious disappearances.

“Well-organized police teams with trackers combed the whole area for weeks without finding him.

“Then there was the case of Harry Owens, a station owner from Oakley Creek. One Sunday morning he rode over towards Black Mountain looking for strayed cattle. When he didn’t return on time his partner, George Hawkins, alerted the police then went out to look for him himself. But by the time the police joined in the search, Hawkins had also disappeared. Two of the native police trackers entered one of the caves. ONLY ONE OF THEM CAME OUT. He was so unnerved by what seemed to have been an experience of terror that he could give no clear account of what happened to them both.

“Mac even knew a white men who had penetrated the caves and lived to tell the tale, and produced a newspaper cutting of his story. It read:

“’Armed with a revolver and a strong electric torch I stepped into the opening. Like other Black Mountain caverns it dipped steeply downwards, narrowing as it went.

“’Suddenly I found myself facing a solid wall of rock, but to the right there was a passageway just large enough for me to enter in a stooping position. I moved along it carefully for several yards. The floor was fairly level, the walls of very smooth granite. The passage twisted this way and that, always sloping deeper into the earth.

“’Presently I began to feel uneasy. A huge bat beat its wings against me as it passed, but I forced myself to push on. Soon my nostrils were filled WITH A SICKLY, MUSTY STENCH. THEN MY TORCH WENT OUT.

“’I was in total darkness. It was inky black. From somewhere that seemed like the bowels of the earth I could hear faint moaning of bats.

“’I began to get panicky and I groped and floundered back the way I thought I had come. My arms and legs bleeding from bumps with unseen rocks. My outstretched hands clawed at space where I expected solid wall and floor. At one stage where I wandered into a side passage I came to what was undoubtedly the brink of a precipice, judging by the echoes.

“’The air was FOUL and I felt increasing DIZZINESS.

“’Terrifying thoughts were racing through my mind about giant rock pythons I have often seen around Black Mountain.

“’As I crawled along, getting weaker and losing all hope of ever getting out alive, I saw a tiny streak of light. It gave me super strength to worm my way towards a small cave mouth half a mile from the one I had entered.

“’Reaching the open air, I gulped in lungfulls of it and fell down exhausted.

“’I found I had been underground for five hours, most of the time on my hands and knees. A king’s ransom would not induce me to enter those caves again...’

“Such are some of the weird stories told of the mountain.

“These and the extraordinary structure of the mountain itself give rise to many questions, scientific and otherwise.

“On the scientific aspect, the following comments come from a member of the staff of the James Cook University of North Queensland, Dept. of Geology, Associate Professor P.J. Stephenson.

“He says, ‘I have visited and climbed the mountain concerned. It is composed of huge granite boulders covered with black lichen. The complete black surface coating may be uncommon but the boulder pile is less so. Near Chillagoe and at several other localities in north Queensland similar phenomena exist.

“’The occurrences are somewhat puzzling because of their relative rarity. However, they must have been produced by rapid erosion of the ‘skeletal’ soil profile. Many soil profiles contain fresh rock ‘kernels’ in them and removal of the soil component would produce a boulder pile. But such removal takes place so slowly the ‘kernels’ also weather completely...’

“There are still some practical questions to ask, however.

“What really did happen to those people who at various times in the last hundred years, have been said to disappear, vanish without a trace?

“...Any party that decides to unravel the mystery of the mountain will need to be very carefully organized and equipped to meet any hazard, likely or unlikely—not forgetting the possibility of meeting a very real python. CR: Simpson.”

In apparent relation to William Cooper’s allegations concerning the connections between the Kennedy assassination, MJ-12, UFO’s and so on we have the following very interesting yet very disturbing ‘connection’ which was related by John Keel in his book ‘OUR HAUNTED PLANET’ (1968., Fawcett Crest., Greenwich, Conn.):

“In his detailed report on the Maury Island UFO (incident) of 1947, Kenneth Arnold also describes meeting a small, dark foreign looking man who was tinkering with the motor on a beat-up boat in TACOMA HARBOR. Ray Palmer, editor of ‘AMAZING STORIES’ in Chicago, had commissioned Arnold to investigate the puzzling Maury Island affair, which began when a ‘donut-shaped object’ had rained ‘slag’ onto a boat near Maury Island. Pieces of that slag had killed a dog aboard the boat and slightly injured a boy, the son of Harold Dahl, who was piloting it. Early the next morning, according to Dahl’s story, a 1947 Buick drove up to his home and a black-suited man of medium height visited him. This man, Dahl said, recited in detail everything that had happened the day before AS IF HE HAD BEEN THERE. Then he warned Dahl not to discuss his sighting to anyone, hinting that if he did there might be unpleasant repercussions which would affect him and his family. Since Dahl and the others had not yet told anyone of their sighting, and since UFOs were still publicly unknown (Arnold’s sighting over Mount Rainier and the attendant publicity did not occur until three days later), Dahl was naturally nonplussed by his strange visitor. This was the first modern MIB report.

“Dahl’s boss, FRED L. CRISMAN (he also owned the boat), became a central figure in the mystery. DAHL HIMSELF VANISHED SOON AFTER HIS INTERVIEW WITH ARNOLD, and the efforts by later investigators (such as Harold T. Wilkins, a British author) have failed to locate him. Crisman had been A FLIER IN WORLD WAR II, and he was suddenly RECALLED into the service in 1947, FLOWN TO ALASKA, and later stationed in Greenland. In recent years amateur sleuths engaged in investigating the alleged conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy have tried to implicate CRISMAN. District Attorney JAMES GARRISON of New Orleans subpoenaed one FRED LEE CRISMAN of TACOMA, WASHINGTON, to testify before the Grand Jury listening to Garrison’s evidence against Clay Shaw (as is portrayed in the best-selling movie ‘JFK’ - Branton), according to wire service stories in November, 1968. Crisman was identified as a radio announcer, but Garrison’s investigations implied that HE WAS EITHER A MEMBER OF THE CIA OR HAD BEEN ‘ENGAGED IN UNDERCOVER ACTIVITY FOR A PART OF THE INDUSTRIAL WARFARE COMPLEX.’ He allegedly operated under a cover as a preacher and was ‘engaged in work to help Gypsies.’ These stories caused a chain reaction in UFO circles, since UFO believers have long accused the CIA of being somehow connected with the flying saucer mystery. Of course, the CIA was in its infancy in 1947 at the time of the Maury Island case and was then largely staffed by NAVAL personnel from World War II intelligence units.

“Clay Shaw was tried early in 1969, accused by Garrison of having conspired to murder President Kennedy. He was found innocent and freed. The exact nature of Crisman’s testimony before the Grand Jury IS NOT KNOWN. He did not testify at the actual trial...

“The Maury Island case fell apart in Arnold’s hands. The slag samples given to him by Dahl and Crisman WERE SWITCHED BY SOMEONE; two investigating Air Force officers, Brown and Davidson, WERE KILLED WHEN THEIR PLANE CRASHED shortly after leaving Tacoma; DAHL VANISHED; Crisman was literally exiled to Greenland for two years; Tacoma newsman Paul Lance, who helped Arnold in his investigation, DIED SUDDENLY A SHORT TIME LATER. Palmer claims that a cigar box filled with original slag samples WAS STOLEN from his Chicago office soon afterwards.

“At one point Ted Morello of the United Press took Arnold aside and told him:

“’You’re involved in something that is beyond our power here to find out anything about... We tried to find out information at McChord Field (the Tacoma Air Force base) and drew a blank, and we have informants there who practically smell the runaways for news... We’ve exhausted every avenue attempting to piece what has happened together so it makes some sense... I’m just going to give you some sound advice. Get out of this town until whatever it is blows over.’

“Arnold got into his private plane and headed for home. He stopped in Pendleton, Oregon, to refuel, and shortly after he took off again, HIS ENGINE STOPPED COLD. Only quick thinking and expert flying saved him from a serious crash...”

The following locations are areas where, according to various sources, actual conflicts have taken place between humans and, in most cases, sauroid-reptilian beings. Most of these conflicts have taken place within or near entrances to underlying artificial tunnels or natural cavern systems.

Each site will be NAMED, followed by the TYPE of conflict (ranging from abductions or mutilations against humans by the saurians-reptilians; to battles or attacks upon the saurians by human forces); Next, the specific SITE of the ‘conflict’; followed by a DESCRIPTION of the human and alien beings involved in the conflict; And finally the SOURCE of the information. Although many such conflicts have allegedly taken place in other countries, the highest concentrations seem to have occurred in the U.S., which will be the major focus of this list. These sites are as follows:

1)   DIXONVILLE, PA - (abduction-murder/Dixonville mine tunnel/miners vs. saurian-reptoids) - source: Patrick O’Connel.

2)   Lincoln Tunnel, New York state - (abduction-disappearance/road tunnel/ humans vs. unknown) - source: John Grant.

3)   Hopland-Lakeport, CA - (abductions/mountain road between towns-underground caverns/U.S. Govt. vs. MIB & possibly Reptilians - MIB vehicles seen to disappear into cliff) - source: Raymond A. Palmer.

4)   Superstition Mts. east of Phoenix, AZ - (abductions-murders/mountains-Boyton Canyon also-underground bases/miners & explorers vs. MIB & sauroid reptilians) - source: ‘Commander X’.

5)   Nellis Range & Military complex, southern NV - (abductions-murders/underground bases: S-4, Groom Lake, Dreamland, Blue Diamond, Indian Springs, Mercury, Test Site, etc.,/loyal U.S. Govt. vs. Reptilians of various types, MIB & ‘controlled’ secret govt.) - source: Michael Lindemann.

6)   Dulce, M.M. - (battles-abductions-mutilations-murders/underground bases surrounding Dulce/scientists, locals & special forces vs. Reptilians of various types & ‘implanted’ CIA-secret govt.) - source: Paul Bennewitz.

7)   Salt Lake City, UT - (abductions-murder/tunnels beneath Crossroads cinemas & caverns below Wasatch Mts./explorers, workers & subsurface humans vs. Reptilians of various types & MIB; also possible growing conflict & dissension between ‘hu-brid slaves’ and sauroid reptilians) - source: S.L. security workers.

8)   Gallatin, TN - (abduction/subterranean chambers/farmers vs. unknown) - source: Whitley Strieber.

9)   Manhattan, N.Y. - (abductions/tunnels-underground bases/missing persons vs. saurian grays, etc.) - source: ‘Commander X’.

10) Boston, Mass. - (abduction/from basement & sub-basements to tunnels-caverns/missing persons vs. unknown) - source: Raymond A. Palmer.

11) Between Helvetia & Newville, W VA. - (abduction/caverns & tunnels/explorers-surface workers & subterran humans vs. unknown) - source: Joan Howard.

12) Fort Wayne, CO - (abduction-captivity/underground base/former Dulce worker & others vs. Reptoid saurians & MIB) - source:
Val Valerian.

13) Redwood Falls, Minn. - (battles & subterran woman rescued/small opening outside of town leading to tunnels-caverns/surface U.S. soldier & subsurface humans vs. Reptilian ‘dero’!?) - source: Raymond A. Palmer.

14) Cushman, ARK - (battles/tunnels-cavern systems west & northwest of town/surface & subsurface human alliance vs. saurian-serpents; also human-Sasquatch vs. saurian-serpents) - source: Charles A. Marcoux.

15) Burley, ID - (psychic attack-murder/tunnel about 6 mi. west of town to underlying caverns/human victim-explorer vs. unknown) - source: Raymond A. Palmer.

16) McCallester, OK - (battle-conflict, shots fired/cavern & artificial tunnels beneath mound/armed human explorers vs. unknown) - source: Charles A. Marcoux.

17) Kansas City, MO - (battle-conflict-human escapes/cave hidden in cliff on shore of Missouri River/human explorer vs. Reptoid!?) - source: Charles A. Marcoux.

18) New Kensington, PA - (chase-escape/sewer tunnel near town/local children vs. infant ‘sauroid’ which was chased back into a ‘sewer’ opening from where it emerged) - source: Lucius Farish.

19) Loveland, OH - (attack, shots fired/Little Miami & Ohio rivers/farmers & armed police officers vs. semi-aquatic or subterran ‘lizard’ like sauroid encounter on road & which escaped back to the river) - source: Loren Coleman.

Still another apparent ‘casualty’ of this cosmic warfare between Man-kind and the serpent race(!?) was described in a letter addressed to SEARCH Magazine, which appeared in it’s September, 1960 issue:

“Dear Rap (i.e. Raymond A. Palmer):

“I have been following your pursuits of UFO(s)... through your magazines for some time with consuming interest, especially the Shaver Mystery. There’s an item or two concerning this that I have been intending to write you about for some time. Sometimes during the year about 1946 to 1947 I heard that Dr. William Beebee wrote an article published in the ‘Atlantic Monthly’ in which he made a remark about ‘the coming invasion of the earth by the underground race.’ When I remarked on this to a fellow worker of mine he said ‘Isn’t he the scientist - oceanographer who disappeared?’


I was startled by his sudden question and said that I didn’t know, and asked if he knew anything of the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. He said he understood or heard that on one of Dr. Beebee’s descents to the ocean floor OFF THE COAST OF FLORIDA, he was missing from the inside the diving bell when it was brought up! Do you have anything on this? I had been wanting to look for some corroboration of this to see if it could be true or if the present whereabouts of William Beebee is known. Then I am reminded of the disappearance of another prominent person, the world traveler and explorer Richard Halliburton. I am sure I read only a few years ago that he was presumed to be lost at Sea in a storm....”

The number of ‘casualties’ keep pouring in...