“And the Lord said unto the Serpent... I will put
enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed...”

Genesis ch. , vs. 14-15

The title of this work will be fully understood as the reader studies the files contained herein. The following files, originally appearing in printed form and later transcribed to the present format, are an attempt to tie-together various unanswered questions relating to,

  • Christian theology

  • prophecy

  • cult research

  • science

  • vanguard technology

  • phenomenology

  • Einsteinean theory

  • electromagnetism

  • aerospace technology

  • modern and pre history

  • myth-tradition and legend

  • antediluvian societies

  • ancient artifacts

  • cryptozoology

  • biology and genetic sciences

  • computer sciences

  • Ufology

  • Fortean research

  • parapsychology

  • conspiraology

  • missing persons research

  • human and animal mutilations

  • anthropology

  • parapolitical sciences

  • international economics

  • secret societies

  • demonology

  • advanced astronomy

  • assassinations

  • psychic and mental manipulation or control

  • international conflict,

et al and attempts to bring the mysteries surrounding these subjects together in a workable and documentable scenario.

Many of the sources for these Files include a loose network of hundreds of researchers who have pooled their corroborative information and resources in order to put together the “Grand Scenario” as it is outlined in the Files.


Many of those within the research network prefer anonymity due to the nature of the revelations which they have collectively documented, and these names will be kept anonymous or will be replaced by initials or pseudonyms except in the cases where actual names are mentioned. Many of the researchers feel that the original sources are more important for the cause of documentation than is the need to know the names of those who through sacrifice and perseverance uncovered those sources.


Throughout the Files the name “Branton” appears in connection with editorial commentaries; this “name” is a pseudonym for one or more researchers who will presently remain anonymous.

Important notice
All readers are permitted and encouraged to duplicate and distribute these files profusely.


The more persons who have access to this information, the less chance there will be for individual owners of these files to be singled-out as ‘targets’ by those groups who do not want the information contained herein to be made public.


The only way to educate the masses is through a quick and determined grass roots duplication and distribution of this information.

These files, along with the Judeo-Christian prophecies on which they are based, could be considered a type of psychological anti-virus designed to counteract the ‘virulent,’ deceptive and propagandist lies which have been forced on the collective consciousness of humanity by ‘certain powers,’ keeping the majority of ‘human sheep’ blinded to the fundamental truths of reality, and forcing upon them a false perception of reality designed to keep the human spirit weak and subjected to the ‘powers’ behind the “Grand Deception” or the “Cosmic Conspiracy” as many in the know have now come to refer to it.

This information is given freely to all those who will receive it, yet it was produced at great cost on the part of countless researchers, patriots, freedom fighters, and lovers of the truth who have given much of themselves, even their very lives in many cases, so that what you are about to read will not remain forever hidden from the eyes of the millions, possibly billions, of persons whose very futures depend on it.