Serving the dragon - the present (2)

We are here to learn to love each other. I don't know what the others are here for.

Dr David Jacobs, a professor of history at Temple University in the United States, made a long and detailed study of abductee reports and published his conclusions in a book called The Threat: The Secret Agenda (Simon & Schuster, New York, 1988).

He says that the "alien agenda" includes breeding hybrids using human and alien genetic material, and replacing human society with these hybrids under their control. This is the real reason behind all the abductions in which male sperm is taken or females are impregnated, according to Dr Jacobs. He says the first stage is to cross human genetics with the "alien".


Then this genetic material is fused with another human egg and sperm, and this second-stage hybrid is crossed with another human egg and sperm. The result of this would look almost human and when this is crossed with yet another human egg and sperm, the result could walk down the street without being noticed.1 He could be describing here the way the first creation of the Anunnaki, what some people call "the Adam", was evolved into the human mammal we see today.


Dr Jacobs believes that these later-stage hybrids are what abductees call the "Nordics", although not all of them are blond-haired and blue-eyed. I think we need to note the difference between the extraterrestrial "Nordics" that came to the Earth and seeded their own bloodlines and the Nordic-type hybrid crossbreeds and others that I call the Aryans. Dr Jacobs says that these "super-hybrids" retain many of their "alien" abilities.


These include scanning the minds of humans and controlling abductees. He suggests that while the hybrids may have some human characteristics, they think like the "aliens" and answer to them. "The hybrid agenda is the alien agenda," he says. Dr Jacobs believes that in the final stages of the agenda, humans will be slowly "phased out" while the hybrids are "phased in".


Memories of loving mothers, fathers, freedom of choice and religion will be replaced by memories of selective breeding, single-minded functions geared to serving the aliens. These hybrids would have a hive mentality with no memories of individual choice, family bonding, or freedom. It would, he says, be a hierarchical, fascist order in which a ruling caste dominates lesser castes. I could not put it better. We are almost there, but there is still time to wake up...just.


Dr Jacobs says that, from interviews with abductees, the hybrids seem unhappy with their situation and long for the freedom of humans.

Reptilian abductions

James L. Walden, an American with a doctorate in business education, had so many reptilian experiences that he described them in a book, The Ultimate Alien Agenda (Llewellyn Publications, St Paul, Minnesota, 1998). Before his first experience, he had no interest in extraterrestrials or UFOs or "science fiction" of any kind. His story began in March 1992 when a grey entity some four feet tall with large dark eyes and a large, bulbous head, appeared in the room as he was switching off the light to go to bed.


The air became extremely cold and a "petrified" Walden began to cry. He said the right eye of the grey enlarged and turned bright red. It projected a beam of red light, which struck him painfully on the leg. A beam of white light later came down towards him, he said, and it entered his body just below the navel. He lost consciousness and when he woke he was lying on a cold table of polished metal.


He was immobilized and a bright overhead light was shining in his eyes. Around him were people in "stiff white smocks". Some appeared human, but most looked like the being that came to his bedroom. They examined every part of his body and a sperm sample was taken. The Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa describes a similar scene and events during his abduction in what is now Zimbabwe in the early 1960s (see The Reptilian Agenda, part one).


Walden said he was told that he was in an underground facility in south-east Kansas and would not be harmed. He heard a "telepathic voice" say: "You are not who you think you are, and you must accept this." In later experiences, he was told that he was a reptilian-human hybrid.


Many strange things began to happen to him after the first abduction:

"One night...I was lying on my back and searching the ceiling for sleep, when I heard a loud 'whishing' sound. Something moved toward me at lightning-speed -and a large, life-like image of George Washington stopped right in front of my face, touching my nose. I heard a loud, forceful voice, say: 'George Washington was one of us. So are you. You must accept.'"2

George Washington was an Illuminati bloodline, a Grand Master Freemason, and first President of the United States. In the years that followed, James Walden had many other experiences with greys and other more obvious reptilians and worked with the abduction researcher Barbara Bartholic to uncover what was going on. She had heard the same story many times from other people claiming to be abductees.


One entity that Walden experienced was an "interdimensional reptile". It was between eight and twelve feet tall and had elongated feet. There was a "web" between his torso and arms, "like a bat", which could sometimes look like wings, and a "fin-like appendage" on his back. His head was large and elongated like a watermelon. The being had rough, greenish patterned skin, and Walden believed there was a tail also. This entity claimed to have inhabited many "human" bodies and he said:

"My eyes have witnessed the evolution of humankind."3

Under hypnosis, Walden recalled that he was part of an experimental group of human embryos, which were grown in a test tube. The embryo, he recalled, was implanted into his mother's womb and she had no idea this had been done. Could this be an explanation of the legends of Merovee, Alexander the Great, and others, who were said to have been fathered by serpent-like beings? And could this be at least one origin of the "Virgin Birth"?


Walden said it certainly offered an explanation for why he had always felt different to all the other children. He believed that millions of people in the world had been created in this way as part of an "alien" genetic programme. He said that the semen, taken during his abduction, was used to impregnate a woman of the "same stock". She was like a "human incubator" and he thinks the embryo was removed from her womb later.

Another interesting memory he had was that when he was on the table in that first abduction, his body had looked the same as the "aliens".4 Walden felt that this was another-dimension of him, which inhabited his human form. He believed from his experiences that the "aliens" could transcend time, transform matter, manipulate human thought and behavior, and create "distracting illusions to satisfy the needs of our simple human minds."


He concluded that they could move between dimensions and that they were less "extraterrestrial" and more "interdimensional". I thoroughly agree. Their ability to change their vibrational state would explain how they can appear and disappear (leave our frequency range), and how they can walk through walls. They can move through dense matter in the same way a radio frequency can.


And if it is the fourth-dimensional level of a person that is abducted, and not, or not always, the physical body, it would further explain why abductees have described being taken through walls and buildings. Walden speculated that these fourth-dimensional "aliens" are actually the fourth-dimensional level of ourselves.

The abductors told Jim Walden that an interdimensional race had colonised the Earth and they came to harvest the planet's resources, harness its energies, and use primitive humans as its workforce.

"Just as human scientists have developed animals for nourishment, labour, and entertainment purposes," he said, "alien scientists have improved humans for the same reason -and possibly others."5

Walden said the "aliens" could program the emotional responses of their hybrids, to produce "misery, jealousy, passion, or love." Walden said that when the interdimensional reptilians first colonized the Earth they found it difficult to reproduce here. He said that during abductions, the "aliens" made it possible for them to inhabit the abductee's body.7


This would explain why Miguel de la Madrid said they needed to create "bodies" through which they could operate on this planet. Walden said the aliens lived in "subterranean shelters" from the time they arrived, and conditions in the Earth's atmosphere threatened their survival because they could not maintain a constant body temperature. He said their eyes are extremely sensitive to light and this fits with Credo Mutwa's claims about the light-sensitive eyes of the greys and other reptilians, and with the symbolic story of the blood-drinking Dracula who could not go out during the day.


Walden was, surprisingly, very positive about the reptilians by the time his book was finished, but I think he was taking their word for their true intentions for humanity a little too easily. The evidence is overwhelming that some of them have a very malevolent agenda, but that is only one large faction, not all of them. Some other abductees also see the reptilians in a positive light, despite having horrendous experiences with them, and some researchers get incredibly angry with anyone who paints the reptilians in a negative light.


Mark Amaru Pinkham, author of The Return Of The Serpents Of Wisdom, superbly details the serpent symbolism and bloodlines of the ancient world, but sees them in a virtually 100% positive light. He even praises people like Benjamin Franklin as a force for enlightenment. Franklin sacrificed children! Depicting all reptilians as expressions of "wisdom" is just as ludicrous as depicting them all as "evil". And those who have a horrific agenda for humanity, of course, want us to believe they are here to "save" us.

Stories about people waking up to find reptilian figures in the room are regularly reported. Pamela Hamilton, an American woman who has lived in California and Arizona, claims to have been visited at home, often in the bedroom, by countless "Nordic" blond-haired, blue-eyed beings, along with greys and reptilians, since she was young.8 Witnesses have seen the marks on her body that have followed many of these visits.


She has also suffered a raid by military personnel who walked in and stole material relating to extraterrestrials and UFO activity. Pamela described a reptilian "visitor" who appeared a number of times. She said he had luminous amber-colored eyes like a cat and had grey-green skin and sharp claws on his fingers. He wore a sort of "breast-plate" like the ones used by Roman soldiers, she said.


When he appeared she would first hear a high-pitched sound and a buzzing and clicking noise and soon found it hard to breath. She felt that her chest was being crushed. When she became paralyzed and immobilized, the reptilian would "flip" her on to her chest and begin to have "a type of tantric sexual intercourse" that would leave her exhausted. Feeding on her life force, probably. She said he was extremely powerful and very aggressive and a likely member of a warrior caste. But she didn't fear him and almost felt protected by him.

California and Arizona appear to be extremely important areas for reptilian activity, especially locations such as: Mount Lassen, a dormant volcano that is part of the Cascade range of California, Oregon, Washington State, and south-western Canada; Sedona, the "New Age" centre in Arizona; and Phoenix, two hours south of Sedona in the Valley of the Sun. The Superstition Mountains outside Phoenix have been the subject of a number of stories in which people claim to have seen physical reptilian beings. 


One involves a woman known as "Angie" who loved climbing the mountains around Phoenix, including the Superstitions.9 On this occasion she found a cave and went inside. She sat down and began to drink water from her flask. After a while she got up to leave when suddenly she felt a hand grab hers from behind. She gasped in surprise when she looked up at a reptilian face. She tried to laugh, thinking it was someone wearing a mask. When she realized it was for real she tried to scream, but nothing would come.


She lost consciousness and when she awoke she heard strange barking and chirping sounds that she later realized were a sort of "language" the reptilians used. When she tried to get up, she found she couldn't move her arms or legs. She felt a hand on the inside of her thighs and she struggled to open her eyes. She opened one a little and saw men with lizard-like faces. Her heart sank and she felt absolute horror burst through her.


Again when she tried to scream, she couldn't. She watched as several greenish reptilians removed her clothes. They seemed to be a strange combination of human and serpent, she said. The wide slit eyes almost glowed with a yellowish brightness (exactly what Credo Mutwa says), and they had glistening, vertical pupils. They had broad flat noses and their flat nostrils flared slightly as they snorted while examining her. She said that some had a very wide mouth with many folds of skin, while some had small mouths with no folds.


They had small, rounded ears, which were set high on the head, and had no lobes. She noticed that their scales were a different colour than the skin on the head. They were a khaki green that became grey-green on the back of the head. Their faces were smooth with narrow, pointed chins. Two of them wore a white jumpsuit with an insignia that included a curved dragon with a seven-pointed star in the middle. The other 'reptile-men' wore black uniforms with the same insignia. She also talked of a tall, white-skinned lizard being with blue eyes -the ones identified many times as the "royal Draco", the highest of the reptilian hierarchy. He wore a "burnt orange jumpsuit" with three insignia on the left side.


There was a black inverted triangle, the round dragon with a star, and an oval with moving stars on it. On the right side of his uniform were three black bars on a silver disk; and the left cuff had a row of inverted triangles with three lines cutting through it. He was taller than the others, nearly seven feet.

Angie was by now naked on the floor and she asked the "white Draco" to help her. She felt something cold touch her forehead, and a strange calm and peace enveloped her. She then realized she was in an oval room about 15 feet wide. She tried to turn her head, but she couldn't. She noticed pipes with strange "sacs", like mis-shaped balloons hanging from them.


Then she realized some were moving. She remembered how her dog's belly moved that way when she was near full term with her puppies. A wave of horror hit her. It was as if there were two minds inside her. One was calm, the other horror-stricken. The calm side was in charge of her body. She wondered how her body could be so calm when anything could be about to happen to her. One of the lizard men undressed and approached the end of the table. He was muscular and had scales on his chest and lower stomach.


Fear now overwhelmed the artificial calm and she began to scream and find superhuman strength to fight him off. The lizard men turned a blue light on her and she lost consciousness. The last thing she remembered was feeling the weight of his body. When Angie came to, she was in her car. She looked around her, feeling confused and wondering why she was driving her car.


She felt that she had been about to do something, but couldn't remember what. She drove home dazed and disorientated. There she suddenly had an urge to shower, and scrubbed her body for over two hours. She felt shaky and angry for something she couldn't recall. She spent the next few days in bed refusing to answer the door. Her sister Susan noticed that Angie had several nightmares every night and woke up screaming.


Angie also refused to go near the mountains she loved so much. When she later went back to work, she left after three days when a customer brought a lizard into the store. She had no idea why that had frightened her so much when reptiles had always been a part of her life there in the desert. Eventually she went to a hypnotist for help, and her vivid and detailed memories of what happened in the Superstition Mountains flooded back.

Eva Trent, another American, also claims to have had many contacts with nonhuman entities. One night in January 1999, she went to bed in her small apartment. Later, she said, she woke to a "buzzing sound" and when she opened her eyes she was horrified to see two strange creatures standing on either side of her bed. One was around seven to eight feet tall, weighed around 19 stone (getting on for 300 pounds) with the skin of a crocodile or snake. The other was the same, but smaller.


They seemed to be communicating in a "chirping" manner and their eyes glowed. Chirping sounds are pretty common in such reports and the glowing eyes are universal. The Sumerians knew Enlil, the chief Anunnaki on the Earth, as "the Serpent with the shining eyes". Eva found she was unable to move, another confirmation of the ancient and modern accounts of how the serpent "gods" could paralyze people.


They communicated with her through telepathy. She felt they were observing her emotional state and probably feeding off the energy of fear their presence had generated. Similar points were made by Pamela Stonebrooke about the way her reptilian seemed to get high on fear. The experience ended for Eva when she began to mentally resist and visualized herself cocooned in white light.


This seemed to confuse the reptilians and the next thing she remembers was waking up the next morning physically exhausted. When she checked around the room she found five of her favorite cassettes tapes in a rack six feet from her bed had been destroyed. They were distorted and three were badly buckled, as if by some extreme heat. Yet there was no smell of plastic burns and the sound filaments had not been melted. There was no sign of any heat being applied anywhere on or near the rack. The only explanation was that they had been subjected to some kind of microwave heat.

The American writer Alex Christopher has been exposing the reptilian presence for many years and I first saw her speak in Denver in 1996. She is the author of the books, Pandora's Box, volumes I and II, and she has had her own direct experiences of reptilians and the "big-eyed greys". In Panama City, Florida, she was woken at 2.30 in the morning by her terrified neighbor, a commercial airline pilot.


When she ran over to his house, she found his partner sliding down the wall with her eyes rolling and she kept passing out. Alex said she could feel extremely powerful energy in the room, which appeared to be trying to penetrate her head. It was radiation of some kind and the next day all the plants in the room were dead. The couple told her that they were making love when the incident started.


They saw a flash of light and they were pulled from the bed. The man still had a palm print on his side made by fingers that must have been ten inches long with claws that burned into his skin. The next day the spot was so painful he couldn't touch it and Alex says she has video footage of this.


For her, however, the story was just the beginning because when she was in bed in her own house, a reptilian appeared to her:

"I woke up and there is this 'thing' standing over my bed. He had wrap-around-yellow eyes with snake pupils and pointed ears and a grin that wrapped around his head. He had a silvery suit on and this scared the living daylights out of me. I threw the covers over my head and started screaming...I mean, here is this thing with a Cheshire-cat grin and these funky glowing eyes...this is too much. I have seen this kind of being on more than one occasion...He had a hooked nose and was very human looking other than his eyes, and had kind of greying skin...

"...Later on in 1991, I was working in a building in a large city, and I had taken a break about 6pm and the next thing I knew it was 10.30pm and I thought I had taken a short break. I started remembering that I was taken aboard a [spaceship], through four floors of the office building and through a roof.


There on the ship is where I encountered Germans and Americans working together, and also grey aliens, and then we were taken to some other kind of facility and there I saw reptilians again...the ones I call the 'Baby Godzilla's' that have short teeth and yellow slanted-eyes...The things that stick in my minds are the beings that look like reptiles, or the 'velcoci-rapters'. They are the cruelest beings you could ever imagine and they even smell hideous."11

The putrid smell is another theme of contact with reptilians and greys. It was during this abduction that Alex Christopher saw a dragon badge on the uniform of a reptilian. A contact said she saw the same symbol at Fort Walden in the United States and a winged-serpent symbol could be seen on the sleeve of an Israeli soldier as he comforted the daughter of the assassinated Prime Minister, Yitzchak Rabin, during his funeral in 1995 (see Newsweek, November 20th 1995).


Many badges within the US armed forces feature the dragon and reptile, as revealed in the Symbolism Archive on my website. There are many reports of shape-shifting reptilians at military bases and medical facilities. The author and researcher John Keel has gathered together reports of flying reptiles seen by many people. These are known as "pterodactyloid-hominoid mothmen", flying serpents, or winged Draco.


These align with ancient and modern descriptions across the world of the "royal" reptilians from the Draco constellation with their wings, tails, and horns. Keel compiled his findings in a book, The Mothmen Prophecies (Signet Books, New York, 1976).


Here is a sample:

"...According to her story, Connie [Carpenter], a shy, sensitive eighteen-year-old, was driving home from church at 10:30am on Sunday, November 27, 1966, when, as she passed the deserted greens of Mason County Golf Course outside New Haven, West Virginia, she suddenly saw a huge grey figure. It was shaped like a man, she said, but much larger. It was at least seven feet tall and very broad. The thing that attracted her attention was not its size, but its eyes. It had, she said, large, round, fiercely glowing red eyes that focused on her with hypnotic effect. 'It's a wonder I didn't run off the road and have a wreck,' she commented later.

"As she slowed, her eyes fixed on the apparition, a pair of wings unfolded from its back. They seemed to have a span of about ten feet. It was definitely not an ordinary bird, but a man-shaped thing, which rose slowly off the ground, straight up like a helicopter, silently. Its wings did not flap in flight. It headed straight toward Connie's car, its horrible eyes fixed to her face, and then it swooped low over her head as she shoved the accelerator to the floorboards in utter hysteria. Over one hundred people would see this bizarre creature that winter."12

Significantly, many of the sightings of these flying reptile-men happened close to the apparently sealed entrances to underground tunnels known as the TNT facility, which were used to store explosives during the Second World War.


A young shoe salesman called Thomas Ury was driving along Route 62 just north of the TNT area when he noticed a tall, grey, man-like figure standing in a field near the road. 'Suddenly it spread a pair of wings', he said, 'and took off straight up, like a helicopter." Native Americans have the legend of the Thunderbird, which, the stories say, abducts children and old people. The tribes of the Dakotas know this as Piasa and it is described as a demon monster with bat wings, a humanoid body, a long tail, and terrifying red eyes. Similar reports have come from many parts of the world.

Another witness called Odette told of an experience at a house in Quebec, Canada. She was with a friend when another woman came over and began to talk about UFOs and contactees. The woman said she was a contactee and she had a meeting with a spaceship on a certain date. She also said that they were taking her and she would never be back on Earth.


Odette said she was not convinced at all and especially when the woman had said that if they could only see her real self, they would see how beautiful she is, like a princess inside.

"I was thinking, yeah right! Whatever!!!", Odette recalled.

The woman looked around 30 years old, tall and strong, light hair, cut to her shoulder, and was "ordinary looking". Then she asked Odette if she would let her reveal her real self because she would never have seen anyone like her. But she said she needed Odette's permission for this. Odette said yes because she thought, "Poor thing, she's really miserable..."


The account continues:

"We went to a quiet room. We sat facing each other, and she grabbed my hands, told me to relax and just look at her. What I saw was a reptile, taller than she was, at least 6 feet, green/brown color, staring at me with its head turned side ways, and I swear with something that seemed like a grin on its face. Then she/it asked me "Didn't I tell you I was beautiful?' I said yes, and headed for the door...If anybody has had a similar experience or knows of a book that talks about reptilians please let me know."13

Men in Black

Reports of reptilian shape-shifters come in from all over the world and the "Men in Black" phenomenon has also been connected to them. These are the guys dressed in black suits, who intimidate many UFO researchers and abductees. Most appear to be government agents, but there are other expressions of them who do not look "human" in the usual sense.


They have a strange aura around them and, many people have reported, they can suddenly "disappear". I remember seeing a garage owner and UFO investigator telling his story on a TV programme about Men in Black or "MIBs". They turned up out of nowhere without a vehicle and yet his garage was in the middle of the countryside, all by itself. After their conversation, they just as quickly vanished and it was impossible for them to do so under normal circumstances because you could see for miles in all directions.


The Men in Black are named after their dark clothing, mostly business or "agent" suits, and their dark glasses. This attire has all the signs of these beings needing protection from the Sun -a classic trait of the reptilians and greys. They are mostly described as having very white skin and, sometimes, olive skin. The texture is often said to be reptilian. Other strange traits in witness accounts are the trouble the MIBs appear to have breathing and the horrible smell, like sulphur, which abductees are constantly describing.


They also often arrive in "new" black cars that have not been manufactured for decades. Despite their apparent age, these vehicles show no signs of any wear or tear. It is as if they have just been driven from the factory. Similar beings, dressed in the context of the period, have been reported over the centuries in many parts of the world. The so-called Grim Reaper, who appeared in communities just before a lethal disease broke out, were described in terms that are remarkably close to today's Men in Black.

The Association of Extraterrestrial Investigations (APEX), founded by Dr Max Berezowsky in Sao Paulo, Brazil, documented a Men in Black story involving a young guy called Aeromar.14 He said he was harassed by three men dressed in black suits and ties and he thought they were the police. He moved cities twice to get away from them and on one occasion complained to the police in Rio de Janeiro about their harassment.


They didn't believe him and he moved to Sao Paulo. It was there that a car stopped beside him in the street. He said he "lost his will to resist" and climbed inside to find the three guys who had been following him for months. He was driven to a wooden area, he said, where he saw a large "UFO". The car stopped and they all walked up to the craft, which was hovering above the ground and surrounded by a "luminous ring".


The next thing he knew, they were inside and he was sat in a chair with handles that secured his wrists. An iron bar pressed his head backwards against the chair and his neck was also fastened. Now, he said, the "Men in Black" transformed. Their "heads ripped open into a heart shape" and their skin became scaled and green like a reptilian.


This happened in 1979-80 long before MIBs became associated with reptilians. He said he also saw human corpses hanging from hooks. Everything went blank after that and he found himself back in the street where he was picked up. Now, however, it was hours later and there was no traffic. He ran home in a panic, he said, and told a room mate what had happened, but as he did so, a force threw him against a wall. The reptilians had told him never to talk about his experience. He was later introduced to Dr Max Berezowsky and he told his story to APEX members.

On the superb US radio show, Sightings, a woman called Joyce Murphy talked about the reptilian shape-shifters of Brazil. She is the president and founder of Beyond Boundaries, an organisation that takes people on expeditions to many parts of the world. She was telling presenter Jeff Rense about some of the strange experiences on her travels when she talked about a policewoman she knew in Brazil who had described shape-shifting reptilian beings.


Joyce said:

"...she works in a very high position in the Sheriff's Office. There seem to be shapeshifters, here in Brazil at least, that try and get women to act as breeders for them. They actually shape-shifted to show them their actual form, a sort of reptilian type. This with her sister as a witness. And I know of another shape-shifter story.


The daughter of an aviation engineer in Sao Paulo tells of a fellow student who revealed her true form changing...into a sort of reptilian being. These people do not know each other and they clam up if one goes after more information or wants to reveal the whole situation. Oh my gosh, what am I getting into here?"15

The reptilian underground bases

There are so many reports of seeing reptilians and shape-shifting, but most people have no knowledge of this because 99% of the population get their "news" and "information" from the mainstream media. The media, in turn, get their "news" and "information" overwhelmingly from official sources, which, like the media itself, are owned by the reptilian bloodlines. After speaking about the reptilians on the Sightings programme, I was sent this account of an experience at the infamous Dulce underground facility in New Mexico.


These are the words of an army private employed on the surface:

"...I was working on a routine job when another of the young enlistees, a mechanic, came in with a small rush job he wanted at once. He had the print and proceeded to show me exactly what he wanted. We are both bending over the bench in front of the welder when I happened to look directly into his face. It seemed to suddenly become covered in a semi-transparent film or cloud. His features faded and in their place appeared a 'thing' with bulging eyes, no hair, and scales for skin."

He later saw the same thing happen to a guard at the Dulce front gate, and witnesses have spoken of seeing reptilian shape-shifters at the Madigan Military Hospital near Fort Lewis in Washington State. There are secret underground facilities throughout the world and at the deepest levels they open out into the inner-earth centers of the reptilians and greys.


Area 51 in Nevada is the best-known underground facility in UFO research circles, but the very fact that it is so famous and featured in Hollywood movies, shows that it is far from the most important of them. These facilities are themselves connected by a vast tunnel network that has been built with nuclear boring technology that the public never sees. It can cut tunnels at the rate of seven miles a day and these are an expansion of the global tunnel network created by the Atlanteans and Lemurians, and claimed by legends and accounts to exist under the United States, Central and South America, Britain, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Turkey, Asia, China, Malta, everywhere.


The tunnels have state-of-the-art transport systems that move at astonishing speeds. Insiders describe them as "magneto-leviton or mag-lev monorail trains capable of mach-2". Leading Illuminati companies and operations are involved in the construction. Companies like the Rand Corporation, General Electric, AT & T, Hughes Aircraft, Northrop Corporation, Sandia Corporation, Stanford Research Institute, Walsh Construction, the Colorado School of Mines, and the most significant one of all, Bechtel (Beck-tul), a major reptilian corporation.

These underground bases, tunnel systems, and their technology, have been detailed by former military personnel, mind-controlled slaves, and people like Phil Schneider, who helped to build some of them. Schneider was the son of a German U-boat commander in the Second World War, Otto Oscar Schneider. His father was captured and taken to the United States to work for the Illuminati.


As so often happens, the children of Illuminati operatives are brought up to work for the same masters and Phil Schneider says he was commissioned to build sections of a number of underground facilities in the United States. He said he knew of 131 underground military bases, an average of one mile deep, constructed for the New World Order agenda. Two of the bases he was involved with were Area 51 in Nevada and Dulce, New Mexico. Dulce is a small town of around 1,000 people and located on the Jicarilla Apache Reservation at a height of some 7,000 feet.


From in and around Dulce have come a stream of reports of UFO sightings and landings, "alien" abductions, human and animal mutilations, and sightings of reptilians. The base was also the alleged scene, in 1979, of the "Dulce Wars" when reptilians and greys are said to have battled with human military and civilian personnel. Many people on both sides were killed and Phil Schneider claims to have taken part in this shoot-out. He said he was hit by a laser weapon and he had a fantastic scar down his chest, as he publicly revealed.


Schneider talked of his part in the battle in a lecture in 1995, although there appear to be many other elements to it, also:

"My job was to go down the holes and check the rock samples, and recommend the explosive to deal with the particular rock. As I was headed down there, we found ourselves amidst a large cavern that was full of outer-space aliens, otherwise known as large Greys. I shot two of them. At that time, there were 30 people down there. About 40 more came down after this started, and all of them got killed. We had surprised a whole underground base of existing aliens. Later, we found out that they had been living on our planet for a long time. ...This could explain a lot of what is behind the theory of ancient astronauts."

Schneider began to speak out and alert the world to what was going on, although as usual most people didn't listen. Schneider, who worked closely with researcher Alex Christopher, died in January 1996 in highly suspicious circumstances that were crudely made to look like suicide.


Schneider, speaking at a public lecture a year earlier, said:

"...for every calendar year that transpires, military technology increases about 44.5 years [compared with the increase rate of 'conventional' technology]. This is why it is easy to understand that back in 1943 they were able to create, through the use of vacuum tube technology, a ship that could literally disappear from one place and appear in another place."

This was a reference to the "Philadelphia Experiment" in which a US naval ship is alleged to have been made invisible and taken into another dimension. Another of the underground bases Schneider helped to build is under the new Denver International Airport, east of Denver. The construction was very controversial because of the massive cost overrun -the same as the gigantic hole being dug by Bechtel as part of "transport improvements" in Boston, Massachusetts.


Denver Airport is the place with the gargoyles, Freemasonic symbols, and murals full of Illuminati symbolism. I have been through there myself a number of times. According to Schneider, there are several main levels underneath, at least ten sublevels, a 4.5-square-mile underground city, and an 88.5-square-mile underground base. The Denver base is said to include massive "containment camps" and fenced in areas deep underground for holding "dissidents".


Workers who experienced the deeper levels of the base saw scenes so terrifying they have refused to talk about them. From other sources, however, we can imagine some of what they saw. These bases are where many of the millions, yes millions, of children who go missing every year worldwide are taken. 1 know it is hard to stomach, but they are used for slave labour and eaten by the reptilians, just like humans eat chicken or cows.


Workers at the Dulce base in New Mexico have reported seeing the most grotesque sights in the lower levels. Researchers Bill Hamilton and TAL Levesque (also known as Jason Bishop III) gathered the following information about Dulce, which they published in UFO magazine:

"Level number six is privately called 'Nightmare Hall'. It holds the Genetic Labs. Reports from workers who have seen bizarre experimentation are as follows: 'I have seen multi-legged "humans" that look like half-human/half octopus. Also reptilian-humans and furry creatures that have hands like humans and cry like a baby. It mimics human words...also a huge mixture of lizard-humans in cages. There are fish, seals, birds and mice that can hardly be considered those species. There are several cages (and vats) of winged humanoids, grotesque bat-like creatures...but three and a half to seven feet tall. Gargoyle-like beings and Draco reptoids.

"Level number seven is worse, row after row of thousands of humans and human mixtures in cold storage. Here, too, are embryo storage vats of humanoids in various stages of development. [One worker said] '...I frequently encountered humans in cages, usually dazed or drugged, but sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told they were hopelessly insane, and involved in high-risk drug tests to cure insanity. We were told never to try to speak to them at all. At the beginning we believed that story. Finally, in 1978, a small group of workers discovered the truth'..."16

This discovery led to the "Dulce Wars", the battle between humans and the reptilians and reptilian greys in 1979 when many scientists and military personnel were killed, and Phil Schneider says he was critically wounded.


A security officer at Dulce called Thomas Castello has described to researchers what happens at the Dulce base and his words were reported in the UFO magazine article. His information has also been circulated as the "Dulce Papers". Castello worked for seven years with the Rand Corporation, an Illuminati operation in Santa Monica, California, and transferred to Duke in 1977.


He estimated there were more than 18,000 of the "short greys" at Dulce, and he had also seen tall reptilian humanoids. He knew of seven levels, but there could have been more, and he said the "aliens" were on levels five, six, and seven. The lower you go, the higher the security clearance you need. The only sign in English was above the tube shuttle station which said "to Los Alamos", another major underground reptilian base in New Mexico. Most signs at Dulce are in the "alien symbol language" and a universal symbol system understood by humans and aliens, he said.


The Illuminati communicate above ground in the language of symbolism, as revealed in The Biggest Secret and the Symbolism Archive on my website. The hieroglyphics of Sumer, Egypt, and China, would have been a reptilian or "alien" language originally. Other tunnel connections from Dulce went to underground facilities at Page, Arizona, Area 51 in Nevada, Taos, Carlsbad, and Datil, New Mexico, Colorado Springs and Creede, Colorado. Castello said there was a vast network of tube shuttle connections under the United States, which extends into a global system of tunnels and sub-cities.

He described the immense security at Dulce. Below the second level, everyone is weighed naked and given a uniform. Any change in weight is noted and people are examined and X-rayed if there is a change of three pounds.


At the entrance to all "sensitive" areas there are scales and a person's weight must match with their card and code to gain entry. Castello also revealed some of the genetic work carried out at Dulce. He said that their scientists can separate the "bioplasmic body" from the physical body and place an "alien entity" (consciousness) within a human body after removing the "soul" of the human. I have thought for years that some famous people, including prime ministers and presidents, were taken into such facilities and possessed by a reptilian entity.


To the public the famous person looks the same physically afterwards, but now a very different force is deciding the behaviour. Ancient legends also tell of people being replaced in the night by "changelings" or shape-shifters. It is likely that certain bloodlines with a threshold ratio of reptilian DNA makes this possession easier and this is one reason why the Illuminati keep such detailed genetic records of family bloodlines.


The joint global press announcement by the Illuminati's Bill Clinton and Tony Blair in 2000 about the mapping of the human genome takes on even greater significance when you think that the US Department of Energy has laboratories at Dulce and is closely connected to the genome project, along with the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. All are Illuminati fronts.


Researcher Alan Walton, who writes extensively on the Internet about the reptilian connection, says:

"Underneath most major cities, especially in the USA in fact, there exist subterranean counterpart 'cities' controlled by the Masonic/hybrid/alien 'elite'. Often surface/ subsurface terminals exist beneath Masonic Lodges, police stations, airports, and federal buildings of major cities ... and even not so 'major' cities. The population ratio is probably close to 10% of the population (the hybrid military-industrial fraternity 'elite' living below ground as opposed to the 90% living above). This does not include the full-blood reptilian species who live in even deeper recesses of the Earth.

"Some of the major population centers were deliberately established by the Masonic/hybrid elite of the Old and New 'worlds' to afford easy access to already existing underground levels, some of which are thousands of years old. Considering that the Los Alamos Labs [in New Mexico] had a working prototype nuclear powered thermol-bore drill that could literally melt tunnels through the Earth at a rate of 8 mph 40 years ago, you can imagine how extensive these underground systems have become.


These sub-cities also offer close access to organized criminal syndicates, which operate on the surface. They have developed a whole science of 'borgonomics' through which they literally nickle-and-dime us into slavery via multi-leveled taxation, inflation, sublimation, manipulation, regulation, fines, fees, licenses... and the entire debt-credit scam which is run by the Federal Reserve and Wall Street.

"New York City, I can confirm, is one of the largest draconian nests in the world. Or rather the ancient underground 'Atlantean' systems that network beneath that area. They literally control the entire Wall Street pyramid from below... with more than a little help from reptilian bloodlines like the Rockefellers, etc. In fact these reptilian genetic lines operate in a parasitic manner, the underground society acting as the 'parasite' society and the surface society operating as the 'host' society. ...As for the New York City / Wall Street 'nest', during the bombing of the World Trade Center (aka World Slave Center) wherein terrorists attempted to topple one of the towers into the other, a little known fact was briefly revealed.


A six-levelled sub-basement controlled by the US Secret Service suffered heavy damage. These six sub-basements, one beneath the other, may not have ended there, based on other information that I've uncovered of massive alien infestation beneath the New York City area. These subbasements may actually serve as a major terminal between the underground society of Masonic elite, and the surface society which it controls."

I am sure that the locations of these major cities were selected because they were above underground reptilian-Nefilim tunnel and cavern systems and/or they were on significant vortex points. Phoenix, Arizona, is built on one of these ancient networks, as is Los Angeles -the city of the "angels".


Lauren Savage, the Webmaster of in Texas, says that every county in that state has a building with gothic European architecture (i.e. reptilian), which could not normally have been afforded by Texas when these settlements were built in the 1870's. Many have gargoyles. These buildings, he says, are the county courthouses sitting above underground tunnels and basement systems.


Dallas is an example with its underground tunnels beneath Dealey Plaza where President Kennedy was shot in 1963. What a great way for the true assassins to escape. These tunnels would have been under the original Masonic lodge in Dallas, which was located in Dealey Plaza. Close by is the 1870's old red courthouse complete with gargoyles. Underground tunnels were discovered in Dallas in the late 50's or early 60's and Lauren talked to a man who was working on a state road crew when he was a teenager.


They were digging out what is called "the canyon" to build freeways when they opened up an ancient tunnel. They found rail-type tracks and a sort of train with no known source of fuel or energy. They followed the tunnel to where it ended or collapsed, under an old livery stable. Dallas was a French settlement, earlier called Arcadia (an Illuminati code relating to Atlantis), and a suburb is still named Arcadia Park. In 1999, they revealed that the Capitol building in Austin has underground facilities, which they were going to restore. This building was the headquarters of George W. Bush before he was manipulated into the presidency.

Alan Walton says that Thomas Castello, the Dulce security director, described how the greys, "reptiloids", and winged "mothmen" collaborate in the lower levels of the underground system, which includes Dulce and Los Alamos. The command pyramid, he says, seems to be mothmen, reptiloids, and greys, with the hybrids and humans under them.


Castello also says that one of the reptiloids told him that the surface of the Earth was their original home before they were removed in a war the war of the gods -in far ancient times. They escaped underground, to other stars and planets, and even into the fourth and fifth dimensions, Castello says he was told. This fits with the accounts of Credo Mutwa and many abductees who have told of how the reptilians evolved on this planet and were overpowered by other extraterrestrial groups, especially the Nordics.

A woman known as "D" claims to have seen the underground facilities at China Lake Naval Weapons Centre in the California Desert, one of the major mind control centres of North America.18 It straddles a vast area and very little can be seen above ground. I have driven around the outside of the base twice now. On one side the public road runs alongside the perimeter fence for a while.


The entrance to China Lake is in the little town of Ridgecrest and this is where "D" once lived. Ridgecrest is home to many mind-controlled slaves programmed at China Lake and it's not far from where the mass murderer Charles Manson and his "Family" used to live. "D", a victim of trauma-based mind control, said that the military chose her because of her bloodline. They had told her that before the development of language, humans communicated by telepathy thanks to a hormone secreted in the brain.


This hormone, she was told, was no longer operating in most people, only in particular bloodlines, including hers, and they wanted to use these abilities. The period, thousands of years ago, when this telepathic human brain function was genetically suppressed was almost certainly symbolized by the story common to most ancient cultures of the gods giving people different languages to divide them and stop them communicating.

"D" said she was taken underground at China Lake and saw the genetics laboratory and holding centre for captured humans and genetically engineered mutants. (The true symbolism of the Mutant Ninja Turtles who lived underground in "sewer" tunnels and came out to "fight evil"?) Reptilian symbolism, most of it painting reptilians in a very positive light, has been bombarding the minds of children in recent years.


"D" described seeing horrendous creatures of all types, shapes, and sizes at China Lake. She said she was shown these horrors to let her see what would happen to her if she did not co-operate and she claimed her own son had been murdered. Under China Lake, she said, a reptilian sexually assaulted her and she saw another cut open the chest of a grey. "D" confirmed from her experience that the greys are terrified of the reptilian leadership and do whatever they tell them.


On another occasion, she said, she was taken to the reptilian base under the appropriately named Death Valley, a relatively short drive from China Lake. There she said she saw a reptilian leader, much taller than the others, who was wearing an Egyptian headdress with a cobra snake motif.

The respected UFO researcher, Timothy Good, quotes two "high-placed sources" in his book, Unearthly Disclosure, who confirm the existence of underground extraterrestrial bases. One was from the US Air Force and the other from the US Navy. The reliability of these sources was supported by Admiral of the Fleet, Lord Hill-Norton, the former chief of the UK Defence Staff and former chairman of the NATO Military Committee.


Good says that the sources provided evidence that the American military was working with unidentified "aliens" who have established bases on the planet.19' Many of these bases were underwater, Good was told, a fact that would fit with the ancient legends of the "gods" emerging from the water. The sources said that bases exist in Australia, the Pacific Ocean, the former Soviet Union, the United States, and the Caribbean.


The latter is believed to be in Puerto Rico. The US air force contact told Good: "They [the "aliens"] are here on a permanent basis. They are after this planet." He also said they were "messing with plate tectonics", the movement of land that causes earthquakes, and that the warming of the world's oceans was connected to extraterrestrial activity20 Well it isn't global warming, that's for sure.


Interestingly, Good's sources suggested that the "aliens" were involved in "hybridisation" experiments to allow their race to take over the planet... This, however, began a long, long, time ago.

T'was always so

The stories of reptilians and other non-human races living within the Earth in what we would today call "bases", cities, or tunnel networks, can be found widely described in ancient accounts also. The Nagas, or serpent people, in India and throughout Asia and the Far East, were said to live in two main underground centres called Patala and Bhogavati.


From there, according to Hindu legend, they battle for power with the Nordic underground kingdoms of Agharta and Shambala. Hindus believe that Patala can be entered at the Well of Sheshna in Benares, while Bhogavati is believed to be in the Himalayas. Similar stories of underground caverns and tunnel systems can be found in Tibet and China. In the Gilgamesh stories of the Sumerian tablets, we are told of vast underground cities.


Gilgamesh was a "demi-god" and "semi-divine" (reptilian hybrid) who sought the immortality of the "gods". The stories speak of KI-GAL or "the Great Below", which was ruled by the goddess Ereshkigal and the god Mergal. In the KI-GAL were violent guardians called "scorpion men", reanimated human bodies, spirits and the "undead", and robotic beings known as Galatur or Gala, which were used to abduct humans from the surface.


There were "eagle-headed" reptilians, which were often said to have wings. The accounts describe a race called the Pazazu, a dog-faced "human" with reptilian scales and tail. All this sounds remarkably like the scenes described at Dulce today. Chinese legend claims that an underground world entered from the Eastern Mountain of Taishan was guarded by vicious demons called Men Shen with animal-like faces or masks.


This was the Chinese "Hell" and it is said that the Lords of Hell interacted with the Dragon Kings on the surface. The Japanese "Hell" or underground network was similar, and among the non-human entities were the Kappa, semi-aquatic reptilian humanoids and other shape-shifters who lived in mountains, under the ground, or under the sea.


In Viking-Norse legend they have the giant serpent, Nidhoggr or Jormungand, that lived underground and this was similar to the giant serpent Apophis in Egyptian myth. The Scandinavians and Germans had their Huldre or "Hidden Folk" who were also known as the elves. One of the codes for the bloodline is "elven" and the beings of folklore like trolls, etins, fairies, elves, troglodytes, Nefilim, Brownies or Braunies, and the "little people" of Ireland are all different names for the subterranean entities described in the modern accounts of "ET bases".21

All the same stories are associated with them -interbreeding with humans, unable to go out in the sunlight, and all the rest. They even mention the "missing time" experience of people abducted by the "fairies" and include many stories of these underground folk killing and mutilating cattle and taking the blood. Michael Mott has produced an excellent collection of these stories on underground dwellers in folklore and myth.


His book is called Caverns, Cauldrons, And Concealed Creatures, and is available through my website. He writes that England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland all have endless traditions of underground peoples with many similarities and common origins between them. It seems to me that Scotland, Ireland, and the British Isles in general are such a major centre for the Illuminati bloodlines because of the number of entrances to the underground world there are in that region. It is the same with other parts of the world like France, Germany, and the Caucasus Mountains.


What is really under the Windsors' Balmoral Castle or the Queen Mother's Glamis Castle in Scotland, that key country for Illuminati bloodlines? Interestingly, there is a legendary "secret room" at Glamis. According to a guest, the writer, Sir Walter Scott, and others, it is the family's law or custom that the secret is known to only three people at one time.


They take a "terrible oath" not to reveal the secret. Another guest, Lord Halifax, said that in 1875 a workman at the castle came across a door leading to a long passageway. The man investigated, but then he saw something that made him run back in terror. When the 13th Earl of Strathmore was told what the workman had seen he persuaded him to accept money to emigrate and give his word never to reveal what he saw. Lord Halifax said that after the incident the Earl was a changed man, who became silent and moody, with an "anxious, scared face".

The Norse/Germanic fairies, goblins, trows, knockers, brownies, leprechauns, sidhe (shee), tylwyth teg (terlooeth teig) and so on were either malevolent or indifferent to humanity, Michael Mott says. They lived, virtually without exception, under the ground. Mounds, hills, ruins, ancient raths or hill-forts, mountains, cliffs, and ancient cities were said to be the "rooftops" of their palaces.


Beings that mirror modern reports of the Sasquatch (Big Foot) and the Yeti (Abominable Snowman) can also be found in ancient stories of underground creatures that come to the surface. Like the Nagas, the serpent people of Asia, European folklore often claimed that these "fairy" people entered their underground homes through lakes.


Michael Mott continues:

"To remove all doubt as to their relationship with Norse hidden-folk and Indian Nagas alike, they shunned the sunlight, and often seemed interested in crossbreeding their own bloodlines with those of human beings, or even in crossbreeding their 'livestock' or fairy cattle, horses, hounds and so forth with the surface species which were most compatible. The goblin-dwarf, Rumplestiltskin, in his lust to have the human baby and its genetic bounty, is just one example of this in folklore.


The elves took a regular interest in human affairs-weddings, births, and deaths, (bloodlines), the success of crops and livestock, and so forth -but only for their own selfish interests. They seemed to be overly-concerned with genetic and biological diversity, and they pilfered livestock, crops, and human genes via theft or cross-species liaison whenever they saw fit to do so. The elves are generally depicted as extremely fair-haired and fair-skinned."22

What Mott is describing there from European folklore could have come straight from the mouth of a modern abductee or researcher of the underground bases. The so-called greys of modern UFO legend appear to be the same as the beings known as the Galatur and Ushabtiu who abducted humans from underground in Sumerian and Egyptian myths, and the folklore of the Shetland Islands off the north of Scotland referred to the "little men" who abducted humans as "grey neighbours" and the greys.


In the Americas you find the same legends and accounts of the underground people. They include humans, reptilians, reptilian humanoids, and various "monsters" and "demons". Their descriptions match those of other ancient cultures all over the world. Many Native American tribes, like the Hopi, claim to have lived within these underground cavern "cities" before coming to settle on the surface.


In the Mayan epic, the Popol Vuh, two "semi-divine" (hybrid) brothers, Hunapuh and Xbalanque, enter the horrific underground world called Xibalba to battle a crocodile-headed monster and, as a result of their victory, the brothers brought an end to human sacrifice -the calling card of the reptilians to this day. These underground worlds are the origin of the belief in Hell being under the Earth. The poet, Dante (1265-1321), was an initiate of the Knights Templar. In his famous work, the Inferno, he is taken on a tour of the underworld. He says it consisted of ten levels where "sinners" are imprisoned and punished by horned demons and reptilian, bird-like giants called the harpies.


The conditions and environment he describes in this "Hell" can be found in descriptions of these underground worlds and cavern communities everywhere. The accounts even include the idea of being imprisoned down there waiting for the day of judgment.

In Ireland and the Isle of Man, two major locations for Illuminati bloodlines and activity, much of their culture is based on fairy legends and "the little people" who live under the ground. Irish legends tell of the sexual relationships between the ancient Milesians and the Tuatha de Danaan, the Irish "underground gods" who fled into the Earth and settled there. St Patrick, who "removed the snakes from Ireland", is said to have seen one of these underground people, a "fairy woman", coming out of the cave of Cruachan.


When St Patrick asks a Milesian about her, he replies:

"She is of the Tuatha de Danaan who are unfading.. .and I am of the sons of Mil [human Irish], who are perishable and fade away."

The usual tale of mortality and immortality. As Michael Mott reports, Daniel Bradley and other geneticists at the Trinity College in Dublin have discovered that the oldest "pure" racial bloodline in Europe continues to exist in the far west of Ireland.


This, as I highlight in The Biggest Secret, is also the last bastion of an ancient Irish language called Gaelic, which is astonishingly similar to languages of North Africa, such as Libyan. Bradley told the Reuters news agency in March 2000 that the Irish came from a race that was different to other Europeans. He said: "When you look at this old genetic geography of Ireland what you find is that in the west (of Ireland) we are almost exclusively of one type of Y chromosome."


They found that 98% of men with Gaelic names in western Ireland had this particular chromosome. If anyone is still in doubt that the legends of the "fairy" people and the "extraterrestrial" accounts of today are describing the same entities, Michael Mott summarizes here the common attributes of the underground peoples of global folklore:

"They are mostly reptilian or reptilian humanoids or "fair" and Nordic; they are telepathic with superior mental powers; they can shape-shift and create illusions; they want to interbreed with humans and need human blood, flesh, and reproductive materials; they have advanced technology; they have the secret of immortality; they can fly, either by themselves or with their technology; they mostly have a malevolent agenda for humans; they cannot survive for long in direct sunlight; they have been banished from the surface world or are in hiding from surface people and/or the Sun; they want to keep their treasures, knowledge, and true identity a secret; they covertly manipulate events on the surface world; they have surface humans working for them through the priesthoods, cults, and secret societies; they have a putrid smell like "sulphur and brimstone".

The accounts are incredibly consistent over thousands of years.


Mott writes:

"The reptilian aspect of some underworlders permeates folklore. One universal theme that recurs in the folktales of many, many cultures is that of the snake-husband or snake-wife, who can transform into a "human" or humanoid form and is invariably (of course) of royal blood among his or her own kind (talk about the ultimate pick-up line!). Often the snake or serpent-man exacts a promise of marriage, or the hand of an unborn human child in betrothal, consistent with the theme of the subterranean's interest in maintaining their own genetic diversity.

"A variant of this should be familiar to most readers of fairy tales, in the form of 'The Frog Prince'. The frog-prince is a Handsome Prince, but like the Japanese seducing dragon, he has a reptilian or amphibian form. The underworld link is complete, for frequently the frog lives in a deep well, from which he is discovered or rescued by the female protagonist.


A possible connection is evident in the Scandinavian belief that some dwarves would 'turn into toads", if caught by the Sun, much like Mimoto's lover turned from a man into a 'dragon' when the same thing happened. Slovenia has its legends of fairies and 'little people', but Slovenian fairy tales are also permeated by the presence of the 'Snake Queen', a great, white, cave-dwelling creature who is part woman and part serpent. The serpentine-yet-human Nagas are still believed by devout Hindus and some Buddhists to dwell beneath India, Nepal, and Tibet."23

Denying the obvious

When you read and hear the horrendous accounts of the victims and witnesses of the grotesque reptilian agenda, ancient and modern, it is hard to comprehend how so many "researchers" and New Agers continue to believe that this "extraterrestrial" presence is good for humanity and a sign of positive change. Now, of course, not all "extraterrestrials" or interdimensionals are malevolent, but does that mean that we have to ignore the fact that some of them are?


I have had "researchers" attack me who appear far more concerned with the effect of my work on the image of reptilians than they are with the horrors being perpetrated on abductees, mind-control victims, and the people of the world in general.


Dr David Jacobs in his book, The Threat, picks up this point. He calls such people "the Positives":

"Often the New Age Positives band together into almost cult-like groups to defend themselves from their detractors -researchers and abductees who have come to different conclusions about the abduction phenomenon. The Positives reinforce one another's feelings and insulate themselves from the terror of their lives; they become angry when "less enlightened" abduction researchers question their interpretation."24

Certain researchers in England, Las Vegas, and the United States in general come immediately to mind. Dr Jacobs also names some of the "stars" of extraterrestrial research like John Hunter Gray, Dr Leo Sprinkle, Dr Richard Boylan, Joseph Nyman, and Harvard professor, Dr John Mack, among those who want to put a positive twist on the abductee reports:

"Both Boylan and Mack de-emphasize the effects of the standard abduction procedures. Boylan believes that gynaecological and urological procedures take place only with a very small number of abductees and he rarely focuses on them. And although Mack has found nearly the full range of alien physical, mental, and reproductive procedures, he only mentions them in passing while emphasizing what he finds to be spiritually uplifting elements.


The benevolent 'spin' that the Positives (both abductees and researchers) put on the abduction phenomenon is puzzling, given the way most people describe their abductions: being unwillingly taken; being subjected to painful physical procedures (sometimes leaving permanent scars); enduring humiliating and abusive sexual episodes, including unwanted sexual intercourse; living with the fear and anxiety of wondering when they will be abducted again."25

James Bartley, the abductee and researcher of the reptilian connection, is rather more blunt in his appraisal of what he calls "the Muppets" -those who either refuse to see the malevolent nature of the reptilian agenda or actively seek to portray it in a positive light. He says the reason why so many abductees are hopelessly confused about this whole mess is because trigger mechanisms have been programmed into them to keep them from getting at the truth of their experiences.


He says he has witnessed countless times how an abductee will immediately fall asleep the moment the lecturer begins talking about "fear-based" issues. But when he or she attends a lecture by a channeller or some other "light worker" saying positive things about the "aliens", the abductee is bright and attentive, and awake during the whole lecture.

"Falling asleep is just one trigger mechanism," he says.

Another is annoyance or anger at the "fear-based" lecturer or abductee. Likewise an overwhelming compulsion to get up and walk out, to get up and eat, to get up and smoke a cigarette, getting nauseous, a headache etc., etc. In an article challenging the methods of researcher and lecturer, Dr Richard Boylan, Bartley goes on:

"Boylan... [promotes]... the ludicrous notion that a woman abductee was merely suffering from spiritual retardation and was mentally incapable of understanding the 'benevolent' nature of the horrific and unwanted experimentation that was being conducted on her...We have worked with countless women who have suffered painful and bloody hemorrhages, sometimes lasting for days, after the 'benevolent ET' doctors had made an unwanted house call.


What, the discerning human must ask, does profuse and painful bleeding have to do with 'spiritual' evolution? The New Age La-Dee-Dahs claim that there is no such thing as Evil or Demons, which makes [them] the butt of endless jokes by Witches, Warlocks and Satanists throughout the world because the latter derive their power from demonic entities.

"By constantly blaming 'the military' and the 'globalist industrialists', the reptilian propagandists condition the abductees into believing that all human institutions are bad and that the only hope one has to reach the... 'next level of consciousness, evolution, vibratory frequency' et al, is to look to the skies towards the same dark gods who are responsible for their current state of spiritual enslavement.


Never mind that for the most part these 'Globalists and Militarists' are part of the same old fraternal orders, which worship the patriarchal serpent gods and in many cases are hosts for reptilian entities themselves. These hosts and their fellow travelers operate as a Fifth Column here on Earth to set the stage for the return of the Dark Reptilian Gods.

"The so-called UFO Research Community is awash with these 'Muppets'. Even I have to laugh at the irony of it: literal hosts for reptilian entities facilitating abductee support groups, lecturing at so-called 'UFO Conferences' and speaking on the Art-Bell Show [the major "mysteries" radio show in the US]. This is so because of the long term genetic and soul matrix manipulation of the human race."26

How right he is and how fast the human race needs to wake up and grow up. The stories I have featured in this chapter are just a small selection of the reports and personal accounts describing reptilian experiences. If you want to see more, go to the Reptilian Archive on my website, read The Biggest Secret, or watch the Bridge of Love videos with Arizona Wilder, Revelations Of A Mother Goddess, and Credo Mutwa, The Reptilian Agenda, parts one and two.


When you put these modern reports together with their mirrors in the ancient world, it constitutes a library of information that only the most imprisoned of minds could dismiss without further investigation.


But, given the level of human conditioning, many still will. Especially the media.


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