The Unholy Alliance

Anyone who thinks they know it all, is just confirming they do not.
David Icke

Lemuria and Atlantis was a time of widespread extraterrestrial and interdimensional activity on the planet and many Earth races were seeded in that period of hundreds of thousands of years. This was the source of the incredible and magnificent diversity of the human physical form and there are endless bloodlines among us, not just those of the Anunnaki reptilians.

From what I gather from my research and insider information, there has been a long battle in many parts of the galaxy between the blond-haired, blue-eyed "Nordics" of Lyra, the Pleiades, Aldebaran and elsewhere, and factions of a reptilian race based in the constellations of Draco and Orion and within the Sirius network. It is possible that at least some of the reptilians originated on the Earth and were driven out or, literally, forced underground at some point by the "Nordics". This is not to say that all of these peoples are involved, only that significant groups of them are.


This battle on Earth is symbolized by stories such as the Phoenician "St George" defeating the dragon and "St Patrick" removing the snakes from Ireland. But there was also crossbreeding between the serpent race and the Nordics, which created the hybrid bloodlines that overwhelmingly became the ruling bloodlines of the Aryan dynasties. Brinsley Le Pour Trench says in his book, The Sky People (Award Books, New York, 1970) that the crossbreeding between the serpent race and the white race began on Mars before it was destroyed by cataclysm.


Arizona Wilder (formerly Jennifer Greene), a victim of the Illuminati mind control projects and a conductor of their sacrificial rituals, told me that during her "training" she was told that the reptilians and the Nordics fought on Mars and crossbreeding took place there before they moved to Earth. She says that the reptilians have followed the Nordics around the galaxy for aeons because the blood of blond-haired, blue-eyed, people is very important to them.

As I said earlier, modern "UFO" research has suggested that three extraterrestrial groups fundamentally involved with life on this planet are the "Nordics", reptilians, and greys, with an "insectoid"-type race also involved somewhere in this. It has been further suggested that the reptilians control the greys, who are also a reptilian form as we shall see, and that these groups have an alliance with a faction of the tall, blond "Nordics", so named because of their likeness to the Scandinavian race, though much taller.


Whatever you may think about the extraterrestrial connection, one thing is for sure. The ruling bloodlines of Sumer and its empire were very tall, Aryan types, with blond hair and blue eyes, and throughout that same empire there was veneration of serpent gods.


Is that really just coincidence?

The Nordic connection

People all over the world and back into history have claimed to have been abducted by "aliens" of the Nordic and reptilian description. My great friend, Credo Mutwa, the 79-year-old Zulu shaman or "sanusi" in South Africa, confirms this. When we first met back in 1998 he showed me a picture he had painted of the tall, blond-haired, blue-eyed beings that had been seen by black African tribes people throughout that continent long before the white Europeans arrived.


Credo, the official historian of the Zulu nation, said that when the Europeans first came, the black Africans thought they were the return of these same white "gods", which they called the Mzungu (see picture section). As a result they called the European settlers by the same name. This was very much the same reaction as the Central American peoples when Cortes and his Spanish invasion party arrived in 1519 and they thought that he was the returning god, Quetzalcoatl. This was another god described as tall and white and portrayed with reptilian symbolism in his title of the "Plumed Serpent".

An American woman told me of an experience her father had in the early 1970s that strongly related to an extraterrestrial or other dimensional white race. They lived in Turkey at the time where he worked at a listening post for American Military Intelligence. He came home one night in a terrible state. When asked what was wrong, he just mumbled:

"The world is not like we think it is."

Although he rarely drank, he asked for a scotch, and then another. As he relaxed, he told his daughter of a communication he had taken that day from the pilot of a plane that was stationed at the Turkish base.


The pilot reported that he was flying near the North Pole when suddenly his engines stopped and all the electrical systems switched off. The plane then gently lowered itself vertically to the ground and to his disbelief a mountaintop opened up and the plane came to rest inside. What he saw was a scene straight from James Bond (which was written by former British Intelligence agent, Ian Fleming). He got out of the plane wondering what the hell was going on and he was met by tall, blond-haired, people with "pearl" colored skin and "bluish-purple" eyes that appeared to be electrically charged somehow: like laser eyes. (This same description of the eyes can be found in ancient accounts of the gods and the "children of the gods".)


The beings in the mountain all wore long white gowns with a Maltese Cross medallion on a chain - the symbol of the Knights of Malta and widely seen in the symbolism of British royalty. It is also a symbol from Lemuria-Mu, according to James Churchward, and I have heard beings of this description associated with Lemuria.


The founder of the Mormons, Joseph Smith, a high-degree Freemason and Merovingian bloodline, said he had a "vision" on September 21st, 1821 in which he saw "a messenger sent from God" dressed in a long white robe of "the most exquisite whiteness". From this "vision" came the Mormon Church, and a stream of religions have been founded on stories, real or otherwise, of similar experiences. Mohammed and Islam is just one example.


John A. Keel also highlighted the blue-blond theme in Our Haunted Planet:

"According to the traditions of many isolated peoples, the first great emperors in Asia were god-kings who came down from the sky, displayed amazing superhuman abilities, and took over. There was a veritable worldwide epidemic of these god-kings between 5000 and 1000BC ... The myths and legends of Greece, India, and South America describe their rule. They were taller and more imposing than the men of the time, with long blond hair, marble-like white skin, and remarkable powers which enabled them to perform miracles."1

The ancients said they had "marble-like" white skin and a modern pilot describes these beings as having "pearl-like" skin. The pilot's memory was hazy about what happened after he first met "Ol' blue eyes" in the James Bond mountain, but he remembered walking into a room and seeing a group of these beings sitting around a conference table.


Eventually, he was taken back to his plane and as it rose from the mountain his engines and electronics restarted. There are many modern reports of such beings living within mountains, including Mount Shasta in California, where it is said that Lemurians fled before the cataclysms. Now look at how the ancient Book of Enoch describes the "Watchers":

"And there appeared to me two men, very tall, such as I have never seen on Earth. And their faces shone like the Sun, and their eyes were like burning lamps...their hands were brighter than snow."

Some ancient "gods" were also called the "shining ones".


A theme of modern extraterrestrial research, and the reports of abductees, is that the Pleiades star system, the so-called "Seven Sisters", is peopled by a blond, blue-eyed, race (and a reptilian one) and once again a reverence for the Pleiades can be found throughout the Sumer Empire and beyond. The Pleiades, in fact, is a grouping of some 200 stars and not just the seven with which it is associated. Some suggest that Alcyone, the brightest star of the Pleiades, is the pivotal centre of this part of the galaxy around which our Sun and solar system orbit.


Cherokee and Maya legend in North and Central America and the Greek historians, Apollodorius and Diodorus, are among those who refer to Pleiadians visiting Atlantis. The Greeks said that Pleiadians had mated with Poseidon, a king of Atlantis, and the offspring populated that society. Diodorus said that two of the seven symbolic "sisters" of the Pleiades, Celoene and Alcyone, had "laid with the most renowned heroes and gods" and thus became the first ancestors of the larger portion of the race of human beings.


Nordic-reptilian interbreeding?


The Lyra constellation is widely associated in UFO research and the stories of abductees with a blond-haired, blue-eyed race. Aldebaran, a giant red star with a diameter about forty times that of the Sun, is another Nordic-related location, not least within the secret society network of the Nazis. It is in the constellation of Taurus and one of the brightest stars in the northern hemisphere. Many abductees tell of loving experiences with tall, blond beings claiming to come from the Pleiades, as they do with some reptilian experiences, and it is important to stress here, and to keep in mind throughout this book, that I am not suggesting for a moment that all of these "Nordics" or "reptilians" have a malevolent agenda for humanity. Only that some factions of them do.


These genetic streams appear to be vast and populate many parts of the galaxy, and so, as with humanity, some will have a positive agenda, some will be neutral, and others will desire to control. Researcher Frans Kamp believes that the more positively motivated Nordic extraterrestrials fled from Atlantis to the Himalayas and have operated from there ever since.2 Certainly there are many legends in that region of the world of tall, blue-eyed, blond-haired "Supermen" living under the ground or within mountains, very much along the lines of that American pilot's experience.

Many of these entities may not even be of our density or dimension. As I've outlined, creation consists of infinite dimensions of life vibrating at different speeds. Some beings know how to change their frequency range and dip between these dimensions, appearing and "disappearing" as they move between frequencies, much like a radio dial.


This is why people have reported seeing entities "disappear" before their eyes. They have not, in fact, "disappeared" at all. They have left the frequency range that person can access. Credo Mutwa told me that the African accounts of the Nordic Mzungu say they hold some type of metal ball that seems to be related to their ability to appear and disappear at will (see picture section). Time as we measure it is also an illusion that imprisons our minds. I know how hard it is to comprehend this, but past, present, and future, are all happening together and thus some of the extraterrestrial visitors, by moving through the frequencies in which these various "stages" of "time" are unfolding, can literally come back from the future, or the "future" in relation to where we are now.


Time travel is no myth; it's just that the elite don't tell us about it. There are people who suggest that in fact Atlantis and Lemuria were not third-density realities, but fourth density and that, as a result of what happened, the frequency fell and everything became denser. Maybe. The "Fall of Man", they say, was the fall of the frequency of the planet from the fourth to the third density as a result of the fantastic events that destroyed Mars and almost destroyed the Earth. There are so many maybes and possibilities once you free your mind from the prisons of conditioned reality.

The reptilian connection


The most prominent theme in this cocktail of extraterrestrial or interdimensional races, in relation to human control, appears to be a faction of the reptilian species. Many "abductees" who claim to have been kidnapped by non-human entities, have indicated that there is a connection between the reptilians, greys, and Nordics.


They suggest that these types of entities are collaborating on the same agenda. Others have said that the reptilians were seen masquerading as "Nordics" by using some type of hypnotic or holographic field to deceive abductees. One minute they look like blue-eyed blonds, the next they are reptilians. Once you can change form, or manipulate the way the observer perceives that form, who the hell knows what is what and who is who?


The Anunnaki of the Sumerian tablets were from the reptilian race, as widely confirmed when you read the ancient accounts. A Sumerian tablet dating back to around 3500BC leaves us in no doubt as it describes the arrival of the Anunnaki:

"The reptiles verily descend."3

In Hebrew myth, the Biblical "Nefilim", the "sons of the gods", are called awwim, which means devastators or... serpents. The Anunnaki interbreed with Earth races, but especially the Nordics and their offspring, to create bloodlines through which they can manipulate the world while appearing to be human.


Even academics like Dr Arthur David Horn, former Professor of Biological Anthropology at Colorado State University at Fort Collins, has concluded that humanity was seeded by an extraterrestrial race and that the Anunnaki were reptilian. He, too, believes that these same reptilians have controlled the world for thousands of years, as he explains in his book, Humanity's Extraterrestrial Origins (1994).

The reptilians, or this manipulating faction of them anyway, have an undeveloped emotional level, along the lines of a crocodile or lizard. They don't feel in the same way as mammals. They have a sharp mind in an intellectual sense and that makes them very efficient in creating and using technology. The computer is a very good example of the reptilian mind at work. It operates very efficiently up to a point, but it does not have emotion and is therefore limited in its possibilities. It is the same with these reptilian manipulators.


They cannot evolve without developing emotionally and they want the DNA of those who have that dimension of self. For some reason, the Nordics' genetic code is most important to them. Also, without the balance of emotion, the reptilian mind can do the most horrendous atrocities to others without feeling any compassion for their victims.


This is how the Illuminati can manipulate wars that kill and maim tens of millions while being emotionally detached from the consequences for others of their actions. The same with scientists who carry out appalling experiments on live animals while feeling nothing for the suffering of their "specimen". It's the reptilian mind. Frans Kamp, the Dutch researcher, began his journey of discovery after his marriage to a reptoid-hybrid woman ended after 12 and half years.


His conclusions about the reptilian-Nordic connection mirror the themes of my own:

"The humanoid originates from extraterrestrials from the region of Lyra, but the Pleiades and Aldebaran are in the game, too. They had original human form in another density. They were peaceful and had blue eyes and white/blondish hair. By mixing up their DNA with the reptoids, as naive as they were, the humanoids character changed and they got reptoid qualities of character. This was the fall of the human. It is a natural thing. It happens to this very day.


But the former ancestors of humans knew. They forbid having sex with other entities or species. Without controlling the breeding process, the reptoids know the humanoid will prevail... Don't forget, reptoids are afraid of humans. Very afraid. They feel, the very little they do feel, inferior to humans. The reptoids are desperate. They are losing. The Third World War, if it comes, shall be a DNA war because the reptoids want human DNA."4

We can see the DNA genetic code agenda very clearly today with the cloning explosion and the way human genes are now being openly manipulated like never before, at least in known history. Human cloning has been going on in the underground bases for decades. When researchers said this some years ago, people just laughed.


They have stopped laughing now because it is in their face, but such is the depth of human robotic conditioning, they now laugh at everything else that is different to their programming and will continue to do so until that, too, is under their noses. In fact, I say cloning has been happening for decades, it is probably thousands of years. There are many ancient stories that indicate the existence of underground cloning laboratories designed to create a group of identical people.


The Nordics were one of the key extraterrestrial races involved with Lemuria and Atlantis and there are many stories that, way back, they went to war with the reptilians and forced them to flee underground, to other locations in the universe, and to other dimensions or densities. The reptilians have been working ever since to regain control of the planet they believe to be theirs and interbreeding with the "royal" bloodlines of the Nordics was the most effective means of doing this for reasons we shall explore.

T. W. Samsel, the author of The Atlantis Connection, has come to similar conclusions:

"When the 'gods' began to physically interbreed with the Atlantean people, we see the introduction of the 'royal lineage', the 'royal bloodlines' that were put into positions of power and rulership over the Atlantean people so long ago. Those of the royal bloodline were looked upon as gods by the general population of Atlantis of the time. These ruled Atlantis until the event of the first great cataclysm, which brought the Lemurian-early Atlantic age to a close. That the reptilian influence over humanity in this area took place in a similar manner, at roughly the same point in time or shortly thereafter, is...likely to be the case.

"The human race has been influenced and controlled since approximately 70,000 years BCE or midway through the Lemurian-early Atlantic age. This involved several extraterrestrial groups and should not be attributed to a single group in and of itself. There were the three main participants in the direct contact program who initiated this type of manipulation and others. That the reptilians performed a similar research, for their own purposes and even infiltrated the federations project security, most likely did take place."5

My own feeling, however, is that the closer we have come to the present day, the more the reptilians have become the dominant force in this manipulation. Through their interbreeding programs they infiltrated the bloodlines of the Nordics and covertly changed their DNA and became their "royalty". I found direct references to this theme in the Indian (formerly Indus Valley) works, like the Book of Dzyan, one of the oldest of Sanskrit accounts, and the epics, Mahabharata and the Ramayana.


The Book of Dzyan tells of how a reptilian race it calls the Sarpa or Great Dragons came from the skies to bring civilization to the world. The deluge that ended the Golden Age, it says, wiped out a race of "giants" (Nordics?) but the serpent gods survived and returned to rule. They are described as having the face of a human, but the tail of a dragon.6 Their leader was called the Great Dragon and this is the origin of Pendragon ("Great Dragon") the title of the king of kings in ancient Britain. The Illuminati's Ku Klux Klan, created by that infamous Freemasonic "god" in America, Albert Pike, still uses the term Grand Dragon today.


The Indian-Hindu name for the Anunnaki hybrids was the Nagas and they were also known as the Dravidians (so close to the Branch Davidians who died at Waco) and the Dasyus. James Churchward's research says the Nagas came from Lemuria. Like the Nommo from Sirius and the Annedoti of Babylonian legend, the Nagas were said to have a close connection to water and entered their underground centers through wells, lakes and rivers. The same was true in China of the Lung Wang or "Dragon Kings" who were described as part human, part serpent.


The Nagas were described as offspring from the interbreeding of humans with the serpent gods. At first it seems this union happened with a dark race, the black, Negro-like, Earth people I mentioned earlier, because the hybrids were described as dark-skinned with a flat nose. This sounds very much like the faces depicted at ancient sites in South and Central America. However, the two Indian epics also refer to how the reptilian Nagas intermingled with the white peoples and although their relationship was often one of conflict and distrust, the two interbred, the epics report, to produce a reptilian-mammal hybrid that became... the Aryan kings! 7


These are the "divine" royal bloodlines or "demigods" and they are the same bloodlines that ruled the Sumer Empire and to whom those in power today are related. In Media, now Turkey, the Iranians knew the kings as Mar, which means snake in Persian (Mars = snakes?). They were called the "dragon dynasty of Media" or "descendants of the dragon".

In the late 19th century, Colonel James Churchward, an ardent researcher into the existence of Mu or Lemuria, was shown some ancient tablets in the secret vault of a monastery in northern India. They told the story of how the Naacals or Naga Mayas ("serpents") from the continent of Lemuria-Mu had traveled to India via Burma to establish a colony there.


Churchward put the texts together in years of painstaking work and revealed how they described the destruction of Mu, the Motherland, and how the Naga Mayas or Nagas had traveled to India.8 The Vedic scholar David Frawley explains how the ancient Hindu holy books, the Vedas, reveal that the earliest royal bloodlines of India, the priest-kings, descend from the Bhrigus who arrived from a place across the sea. The Bhrigus were an order of adepts initiated into the ancient knowledge. Frawley says in his book, Gods, Sages, And Kings: Vedic Secrets Of Ancient Civilization (1991) that the monarchs of these bloodlines included the "serpent king" Nahusha.


They expanded into the five tribes that populated a large part of the Indian Population. James Churchward wrote a number of superb books on the civilization of Mu and he says the Nagas also populated China, Tibet, and parts of Asia. The Naga Maya, with their mother goddess religion, were also the origin of the Maya people of Mexico.


Researcher Michael Mott writes in Caverns, Cauldrons, And Concealed Creatures (2000):

"The Nagas are described as a very advanced race or species, with a highly-developed technology. They also harbor a disdain for human beings, whom they are said to abduct, torture, interbreed with, and even to eat. The interbreeding has supposedly led to a wide variety of forms, ranging from completely reptilian to nearly-human in appearance. Among their many devices are 'death rays' and 'vimana', or flying, disk-shaped aerial craft. These craft are described at length in many ancient Vedic texts, including the Bhagivad-gita and the Ramayana.


The Naga race is related to another underworld race, the Hindu demons, or Rakshasas. They also possess, as individuals, "magical stones", or a 'third eye' in the middle of their brows, known to many students of eastern mysticism today as a focal point for one of the higher chakras, or energy channel-points, of the human(oid) nervous system - the chakra associated with 'inner visions', intuition, and other esoteric concepts."10

The theme of ruling "royal" families and emperors claiming descent, and their right to rule, from the "serpent gods" can be found across the ancient world. These bloodlines and connections were symbolized by royal emblems in the form of a dragon, snake, sphinx, plumed serpent, or the tree-cross or Ankh. In Egypt they had an order called the Djedhi (Jedi in Star Wars?) and the Dj meant serpent.11


Thus we have pharaohs of the serpent line called Djer, Djoser, and Djederfra. In India, the Buddhist text, The Mahauyutpatti, lists 80 kings who descended from the Nagas or "serpent kings". Hindu legend says that the Nagas could take a human or reptilian form at will. This is what is called "shape-shifting". Across India the rulers claimed power because they descended from the Nagas. Buddha is claimed to have been of the royal line of the Nagas, but then anyone said to be of a royal line in India would have to be so.


It was the Nagas who established what is now Kashmir and again the ruling bloodlines descended from them. The Chinese emperors were the same. They were known as Lung or Dragons and many of the earliest emperors were depicted with reptilian features, very much like the Nagas. One of them, called Huang Ti, was said to have been born with a "dragon-like countenance".


It was claimed that he was conceived by a ray of golden light that entered his mother's womb from the Big Dipper constellation.12 The Big Dipper includes the star Alpha Draconis, the star of Set in Egypt. Alpha Draconis is an alleged base of the "Draco" reptilian "royalty". One Chinese legend says that when he died Huang Ti transformed into an etheric dragon and flew to the realm of the immortals. The priest kings of the Peruvian Incas were symbolized by the snake and they wore bracelets and anklets in the image of a snake.


The earliest of the royal bloodlines of Central America claimed genetic descent from the serpent gods, QuetzalcoatI and Itzamna. In the Mycenaean age in Greece the kings were, in the words of author Jane Harrison, "regarded as being in some sense a snake".13


Cecrops, the first Mycenaean king of Athens, was depicted as a human with a serpent tail. Another, Erectheus, who founded the Eleusinian Mystery School, was worshipped as a live snake after his death and, according to legend, King Kadmus shape-shifted into a live snake when he died.14 The symbolism of the serpent lineage of the ancient royal bloodlines can be found on every continent.

Iran is another example. The Arab poet Firdowsi, in his Shahnemeh or Book of Kings, the legendary history of Iran completed in AD1010, tells the story of the birth of Zal, the "Demon" or "Watcher" offspring, whose appearance horrified his father, King Sam. According to Firdowsi, this Watcher hybrid called Zal married a foreign princess named Rudabeh, a descendant of the "serpent king", Zahhak, who was said to have ruled Iran for a thousand years. Rudabeh is described as tall as a teak tree and ivory-white.


These are the familiar features of the "Watcher" offspring in this ancient period. The royal or tribal rulers of China, Africa, the Near and Middle East, Europe, Asia, people of every color and creed, have claimed their right to rule by their descent from the serpent gods. As we've seen, Alexander the Great, one of the most famous monarchs and conquerors of all time, was known as the "Serpent Son". Alexander is extremely important to the Nordic-reptilian genealogy of the Illuminati bloodlines (see Appendix I). The legend goes that Alexander's real father was the serpent god, Ammon, who had mysteriously slid into his mother's bed and conceived him.15


The same story was told of the conception of Merovee, the founder of the Merovingians. This symbolism is supported by many ancient and modern accounts of "virgin birth" impregnations by reptilian beings. The stories of women being abducted by reptilians and then finding themselves pregnant are told today all around the world.


Often, as the Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa reveals from the experience of African women, the baby "disappears" from the womb during the pregnancy. The Anunnaki interbred with all genetic streams and those were the people who ruled by right of their bloodline in their particular countries and communities. So while the people believed they were being ruled by their own race, they were ruled by the same tribe. The hybrid reptilian-mammals ruled them all.


Exactly the same continues to happen today with these hybrids in control of the white peoples and the Arab, Asian, Jewish, Chinese, Central and South American nations, and so on.

I mentioned earlier that being "descended from Noah" is a code for the Illuminati bloodlines and when you scan the ancient books and texts you find some strange references to his birth. An Ethiopian text, the Kebra Nagast (Nagas?), is thousands of years old, and it describes the enormous size of the babies produced from the sexual union of human women and the "gods".


It tells of how,

"... the daughters of Cain [Nordics] with whom the angels [Anunnaki] had conceived... were unable to bring forth their children and they died".

It describes how some of the babies had to be delivered through caesarean birth:

"...having split open the bellies of their mothers they came forth from their navels".

Another story relates to Noah, the Semitic name for the Sumerian flood hero, Utnapishtim. The ancient Hebrew text, the Book of Noah and its derivative, the Book of Enoch, refers to the birth of Noah and sections also appear in the Dead Sea Scrolls, found in Israel in 1947. The Scrolls are connected with the Essene community in Palestine 2,000 years ago. Noah is the son of Lamech and he is described as unlike a human being and more like "the children of the angels in heaven". And we know who they were.


Lamech questions his wife about the father of Noah:

"Behold, I thought then within my heart that conception was (due) to the Watchers and the Holy Ones... and to the Nephilim... and my heart was troubled within me because of this child." Lamech's child, Noah, was white-skinned and blond-haired with eyes that made the whole house "shine like the Sun".16

The highest level of the reptilian "royalty" are known among UFO researchers and a number of abductees as the "Draco" after their "home" base in the Draco Constellation. These entities are described as being albino white and they project something akin to a laser-type beam from their eyes, just like the pearl-skinned chaps in the James Bond mountain. Enlil was the leader of the Anunnaki on Earth, according to the Sumerian tablets, and they refer to him as the "splendid serpent of the shining eyes".


This is a common description of the hybrid babies in these times and I have heard the same story told today, also. As I said earlier, Frans Kamp, a Dutch music teacher turned full-time researcher, was married to a woman he later realized was a reptoid hybrid.


He told me that he experienced the shining eyes of his former wife:

"One evening we had a disagreement. She didn't get what she wanted and got very mad. She smashed the door to go away to her own apartment. I followed her outside. At that moment it was already dark. I saw her walking to her car and she grabbed the car door and then it happened. Her eyes lit up. There came light out of her eyes. She went into the car and her eyes shone over the bonnet and even on the ground next to the car. I looked at it, astonished, but, strange, it wasn't a shock. More a confirmation, an 'I thought so', a 'you see!'"17

According to the Book of Genesis, Noah got seriously drunk on wine and collapsed in his tent. Ham, his son, walked in and saw his father naked. He told his two brothers before finding a cover for his father and when Noah found out he launched into a rage and put a curse on Ham and his son Canaan. Could the big deal here be that Ham saw something about Noah's body that indicated he was a child of the gods?


It appears that some of the hybrids this far back in history still had clear reptilian features, especially some sort of scaly skin on the chest. In the Hindu classic, the Mahabharata, a "demi-god" hybrid called Kama was born from the union between an Earth woman and the Sun god, Surya. The child is described as being "clad in a coat of armour, like a divine being".


By the time of "Noah", just before the final Atlantis cataclysm, humans were rebelling against the control of the Anunnaki-Nefilim and those of the hybrid bloodline were seriously unpopular. They were said to wear the "badge of shame", which could have been a patch of reptilian skin, particularly on the chest.


The Anunnaki "gods" began to hide their true nature for the same reason and operated behind the cover of the human-reptilian priesthood who were the only people allowed to "approach God" (the gods). The Slavonic Book of Enoch says that when Noah's nephew, Melchizedek, was born,

"... the badge of the priesthood was on his chest and it was glorious in appearance".18

I have heard the same phenomena described in modern accounts.

Frans Kamp's wife worked as a photo model. He told me that her skin took on a strange hide-like appearance:

"My wife had a skin-reflection or should I say hide problem? The skin is extremely important for photo-models. The first thing photographers look at is the skin. Now this skin-problem had the property that her skin got red spots and after a while changed into horny-like slices. We went to the biggest professor in the university in Utrecht. He didn't know what it was. They did all kinds of tests, but they had no explanation of it."19

According to ancient texts, Noah said that the people must not know about the child Melchizedek, because they would kill him if they saw his strange appearance. The "badge of the priesthood" was the same as the divine right to rule, it was code for the reptilian bloodlines.


The priesthood of Melchizedek became one of the most famous and powerful, and today the highest level of the hierarchy of the Mormon Church is called the Melchizedek Priesthood. The Mormon Church is a 100%-owned subsidiary of the Illuminati reptilians, and the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, sits atop an underground reptilian base, say military insiders. The Mormon Church is a front for widespread Satanic activity and rituals among its ruling elite, although the vast majority of Mormons have no idea that this is going on. They are just the sheep controlled by forces they do not understand. And who started the Mormons? Joseph Smith, Hiram Smith, and Brigham Young. They were all high-degree Freemasons and from the Merovingian (Anunnaki) bloodline.

This theme of reptilian-human hybrids can be seen in the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Edin to the earlier Sumerians -"the Abode of the Righteous Ones.") In Jewish lore, Eve, who was tempted by the serpent, of course, was the ancestral mother of the Nefilim and associated with the Hebrew words meaning life and snake.20


Satan ("The Adversary") is described in the Old Testament and the Hebrew Torah as the "Old Serpent" or "Dragon" and he was said to be the ruler of the Nefilim who fled within the Earth after losing a cosmic battle for supremacy. The Hebrew name for Eve's tempter is Nahash, which besides its translation as serpent also reads: "He Who Knows Secrets", another theme of the reptilian gods.21


Enoch, like Noah, was said to "walk with the gods", and the ancient Book of Enoch says that a Watcher who revealed secrets to humans was called Gadreel.


This is a "fallen angel" who has been identified with the serpent who tempted Eve and he is a blueprint for a number of later deities who took knowledge (often symbolized as fire, illumination) from "the gods" and gave it to humans.

Adam and Eve

As I've suggested, the Biblical Adam and Eve were probably not individuals, but hybrid genetic streams, as in "the" Adam and "the" Eve. At first the interbreeding produced a very reptilian offspring...thus "God" (the gods) made man in his (their) image. This is where the otherwise unexplainable reference in the Bible to "Let us make man in our image" comes from.22


In this period, as confirmed in the Sumerian descriptions, the Adam and the Eve were cloned and could not reproduce. This caused problems for the Anunnaki because they could not create enough worker slaves for the agenda they had planned for the Earth. Eventually the human slaves were given the ability to procreate and this involved an infusion of far more mammalian genes, according to R.A. Boulay in his excellent and highly recommended book, Flying Serpents And Dragons, Mankind's Reptilian Past (1997).


This change from clone to pro-creator is presented symbolically in the Garden of Eden story with Eve being condemned to suffer the pains of childbirth. Sex between their creations was the "forbidden fruit" symbolized in the Eden story, Boulay suggests. The "god" responsible for this development was Enki. He was the serpent in the garden "tempting" Eve and he was later to become extremely unpopular with the rest of the Anunnaki leadership because of the explosion in the human population that followed, the Sumerian tablets tell us. Incidentally, Enki, the expert in advanced science and medicine, was symbolized as two serpents intertwining around a staff that could well symbolize the reptilian DNA.


We call this the caduceus and it is the symbol of today's medical profession. No accident. This evolution from outwardly reptilian to outwardly mammalian is described in the ancient Hebrew work, the Haggadah ("The Telling"), a compendium of Hebrew oral traditions going way back.


It says:

"Before their bodies had been overlaid with a horny skin and enveloped with a cloud of glory. No sooner had they violated the command given them that the cloud of glory and the horny skin dropped from them and they stood there in their nakedness and ashamed."23

This fits with the legends which say that before the "fall", people, or "Man", had skin "as bright as daylight and covered his body like a luminous garment".24 This later disappeared, but there were remnants of it among the hybrids at the time of "Noah" and the deluge. Still today, some people involved in government genetic experimentation tell me they have developed patches of reptilian skin.


It was with the infusion of mammalian genes that the life spans began to fall from thousands of years, claimed in the records of the pre-deluge era, down to hundreds at the time of "Noah" with the reptilian appearance continuing to fade. The reptilian "gods" have always been associated with enormous life spans and the serpent was a Sumerian and Egyptian symbol of immortality.


They are not immortal in physical form. It just seems like that to those who live much shorter physical life spans. Another early figure of significance would seem to be a guy known as Jared, the father of Enoch, and the first of the Patriarchs who did not marry his sister in the line with the Anunnaki's recorded custom of producing children with their sisters and children for genetic reasons.


It was during the period of Jared, way back in the Golden Age, that the Nefilim, the so-called sons of the gods (also "Angels of the Lord" in other versions), appeared on the scene to "marry" human women. Today, in the United States, there is apparently an organization called the Sons of Jared who pledge an,

"implacable war against descendants of the Watchers who notorious pharaohs, kings and dictators, have throughout history dominated mankind".

Their publication, The Jaredite Advocate, condemns the Watchers as being "... like super-gangsters, a celestial Mafia ruling the world".

The Anunnaki have been protected from exposure all this time by the "middle men" they have placed between themselves and humanity. I call this the hybrid Priesthood. In ancient times the hierarchy of the priesthood were the only ones allowed to "see God" (the gods).


The Levite priesthood of the Hebrews is just one example of how only the priests were allowed to approach the deity, as outlined in the Hebrew Torah. According to various descriptions, even most of the Sumerian priests never looked the gods in the face. The priests controlled all the administration of the state on behalf of the unseen gods. What was Yahweh-Jehovah always saying?


He must not be seen:

" cannot see my face, for man may not see me and live".25

This was possibly one reason for the ban on the making of "graven images" of the gods. Yahweh-Jehovah has also been associated with a reptilian in some versions. The Sumerian tablets describe how their cities were overlooked by a large stepped pyramid or "ziggurat" close to the temple and palace. At the top of the ziggurat, the tablets reveal, was the "holy of holies" or "cella" where the gods "lived".


Here the humans chosen by their genetics were brought to have sex with the Anunnaki "royalty" and produce the bloodlines that became the kings, queens, and leaders of all sections of society -the same situation that we have today. The ziggurats were often referred to as "mountains" and this led to some of the gods being called so and so "of the mountain".


The layout of the ziggurat symbolized so perfectly the pyramid structure of our society in which the few at the top administer the global prison that the Anunnaki have created to control us. This is the structure through which their very existence is kept secret. Today's hybrid priesthood can be found throughout politics, business, banking, the media, and, especially, in the highest ranks of the secret society network.

As there are not many of these reptilians and their purest bloodlines compared with the human population, they have had to work and manipulate to introduce a structure of society in which,

(a) the key decisions are made by fewer and fewer people as power is continually centralized

(b) humanity is manipulated to police itself and keep each other in a mental and emotional prison.

The reptilians appear to take three expressions. There are physical beings who live mostly within the Earth (inner-terrestrials); physical beings that come from the stars (extraterrestrials); and non-physical beings, the real centre of power, which exist on other frequencies and use their hybrid bloodlines to manipulate unseen.


The reptilians have worked this scam in many parts of the galaxy, it would seem. It all sounds utterly bizarre and ludicrous. I understand that reaction and yes it is bizarre from a conditioned perspective. Unfortunately, it is not ludicrous. If only it was.


The Las Vegas-based John Rhodes, a long-time researcher into the reptilian Phenomenon, summarizes his conclusions like this:

"From their underground bases, the reptilian military ETs... (establish)... a network of human-reptilian crossbreed infiltrates within various levels of the surface culture's military-industrial complexes, government bodies, UFO/paranormal groups, religious and fraternal (priest) orders, etc. These crossbreeds, some unaware of their reptilian genetic 'mind control' instructions, act out their subversive roles as 'reptilian agents' setting the stage of a reptilian-led ET invasion."26

That last comment remains to be seen, but you will see revealed here the stream of evidence to show that the basis of what John Rhodes suggests is true. I had a strange meeting with him in Las Vegas and his family background apparently connects into the CIA airline during the Vietnam War, Air America.


I am wary of his agenda to be honest, but his themes, as quoted, are supported by endless evidence.

The fairy folk

The tales of underground worlds inhabited by fairies, elves, goblins, demons, dragons, and other non-human communities abound in folklore across the world and they were often known as the "shining ones", the same as the Anunnaki and the "gods" under other names in ancient texts. Even a brief glance at the basic themes of these stories confirms that they are talking about the same "extraterrestrials" that abductees and researchers of today's underground bases are describing.


The name in Norse folklore for this underground world of caverns, tunnel networks, and even vast cities, is Niflheim. The close similarity to Nefilim is obvious and they were said to reside within the Earth. The Norse people said that Niflheim was ruled by the death goddess, Hel. These subterranean networks could be accessed through the mounds and hill forts built by the ancients and the mountains, hills, and lakes they held to be sacred.


These "fairy folk" in all their names and guises were said to interbreed with humans to create hybrid bloodlines, abduct surface people, drink human blood, and take human reproductive materials. Sound familiar? And the main form in which these "fairies" and "elves", etc. appeared was reptilian. Elf or elven is still one of the Illuminati code names for the reptilian bloodlines.


The tales of non-human "gods" living within mountains or having their subterranean complexes entered through mountains is likely to be the origin of the endless myths about "holy" or "sacred" mountains. Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek pantheon of gods, is one example. Zeus, their king of the gods, was said to come down from the mountain to seed children with human women. Meetings between the mythical Moses and his god were often associated with mountains.


I will investigate these ancient and modern connections between modern "extraterrestrials" and the folklore "fairies" later in the book.27

The Anunnaki wars

The Sumerian tablets, according to translators like Zecharia Sitchin,* tell of wars between Anunnaki factions. The tablets say that the Anunnaki leadership, like Enlil and Enki, eventually gave much greater power to their children, who were assigned different parts of the world to rule and develop. Nannar, the eldest son of Enlil, ruled Mesopotamia, Palestine, Jordan, and Syria from the city of Ur, we are told.


* For some inexplicable reason, Zecharia Sitchin refuses to accept the existence of a serpent or reptilian race in the ancient world, despite the mountain of evidence. During a conversation with me in Cancun, Mexico, in 1998, he told me there was no evidence of such a race. Later he leaned forward across the table and said: "Don't go there". As you can see, I took his advice.


The crescent moon was his symbol and this was inherited by Islam. Nannar was known as Sin in the Semitic language and it is from this name of a reptilian god that we get Sinai and the Christian term "sinner" or "to sin".


The Christian cross was the symbol of U-TU "the shining one" and known to the Semites as Shamash. He was the grandson of Enlil and son of Sin, the tablets tell us. Shamash ruled the Lebanon, then a place of enormous forests, and his capital was Beth-Shamash ("House of Shamash"), which we know better as Baalbek. This is where a fantastic structure can be found to this day with its giant stones weighing more than three jumbo jets. Enlil's younger son was given control of Anatolia, now Turkey.


This was Ishkur or "He of the Mountain Land" and he became the god of the Nordic-Aryan Hittites. The Old Testament calls him Adad and the Hadad. R.A. Boulay believes this is also the Hebrew god, Yahweh/Yahveh or Jehovah. The daughter of Sin, known as Inanna or Ishtar (Semitic), was a warrior goddess deity of many lands under different titles. Ishtar's symbol was the lion and also the Pleiades and Venus.


Together with Sin (Shamash) and Ishkur (Adad), she became part of another ancient trinity of gods under many different names. Sin was the father, Ishkur the son, and Ishtar the female. From Ishkur and Ishtar, we get the New Age myth of the "Ashtar Command". Many New Agers claim this is a force of extraterrestrial "saviors" who are preparing to take the chosen ones off the planet when the brown stuff hits the spinning propeller. A sort of Jesus with a spaceship.

Other front-line figures in this next generation of Anunnaki leaders after the deluge included Marduk, son of Enki, the tablets say. Marduk was the god of Babylon. The ancient texts, tablets, and legends describe how these gods embarked on a battle for power that brought the world to its knees. Some of these conflicts, with humanity used as battle-fodder, are featured in the Old Testament.


One defining event described in the tablets involved the Anunnaki "god" known as Sin. The name comes from the Sumerian SW-EN or ZU-EN, as Boulay reveals in Flying Serpents And Dragons, and Sin clearly appears to be the "villain" of the Sumerian story called "The Myth of Zu". In this, Zu (Sin), the "evil dragon", tries to seize control of the Earth and the Anunnaki leadership by stealing "power stones", which the accounts refer to as the ME (pronounced "may").


For some reason these appear to be fundamental to the Anunnaki control and could have been computer chips or programs, or some type of crystal. There are indications that they shone or emitted light in some way. Scholars translate the ME as tablets of destiny or divine powers, and I wonder if these could be related to the "Ark of the Covenant, a device for which divine powers are claimed?


The Sumerian accounts say, quoting "Zu" (Sin):

"I will take the divine ME, And the decrees of the gods I will direct. I will set my throne and control all the ME. I will direct the totality of the Igigi ["Those Who Observe" or "The Watchers"]."

And later the Tablets report:

"He seizes the ME with his hands, Taking away the sovereignty of Enlil, The power to issue decrees. Zu then flew away, And retired to his mountain stronghold."28

The ancient nuclear holocaust

The story is told of how the Anunnaki "god" Ninurta volunteered to recover the ME stones. Zu created what seems to be a force field to protect himself from attack and the tablets say:

"While he controlled the ME, no arrow could approach him."

Enki, the chief scientist and engineer, creates a new weapon to penetrate Zu's defenses and he is eventually defeated. Other Anunnaki also made attempts to steal the ME stones as the battle for power and control between them continued, just as it does today.


Zu (Sin) was put on trial, but the outcome is not known. It is obvious, however, that the origin of the term "sin" in the Bible relates to defying the will of "God", the gods. The story of the battle between Zu and Ninurta describes the use of high-tech weaponry, and if anyone thinks that was not possible thousands of years ago, I am afraid the evidence suggests otherwise.


At Rajasthan in India, radioactive ash covers three square miles not far from Jodhpur. This is an area of high rates of cancer and birth defects and it was cordoned off by the Indian government when radiation readings soared astonishingly high. An ancient city was unearthed which, the evidence indicates, was destroyed by an atomic explosion some 8,000 to 12,000 years ago. It has been estimated that half a million people could have died in the blast and it was at least the size of those that devastated Japan in 1945.


Support for these modern finds can be found in the ancient texts. The Mahabharata epic tells of:

"A single projectile charged with all the power of the Universe... An incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10,000 suns, rose in all its splendor... it was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes an entire race."

It talks of corpses burned so badly they could not be identified. How their hair and nails fell out, pottery broke "without cause", and birds turned white. Within hours foodstuffs were contaminated.


Is that the description of a nuclear explosion or what?

This and a very long list of other texts, like the Ramayana, describe a horrific war between the Indian peoples and the Atlanteans. They fought in the sky using the flying vehicles they call Vimanas while the Atlanteans used their "Vailixi". The Indian accounts even describe a battle between them on the Moon and this supports the claims of people like Arizona Wilder, a mind-controlled slave who worked for the higher levels of the Illuminati.


She claims that the reptilians and the blond-haired, blue-eyed, Nordics, fought ancient battles on the Moon and Mars, as well as the Earth. All this happened during the pre-cataclysmic Atlantean/Lemurian "Golden Age" and this underpins the stories of how the once great and mighty Atlantis came to an end amid high-tech war and catastrophe.


But when the Anunnaki returned after the upheavals, the same mentality returned with them and the evidence shows that there were more nuclear holocausts. Archaeological discoveries in the Indus Valley show that cities were built there in the period between 3500 and 3000BC (when the Anunnaki-controlled Sumer Empire was well established) and they were destroyed about 2000BC amid enormous violence.


What's more, skeletons found at these sites record high rates of radioactivity. Around this same time of 2000BC, Sumer came to an end with an "evil wind", which has all the signs of nuclear fall-out. This "wind" brought the sudden demise of Sumer and the neighboring Akkadians. Texts known as Lamentations tell of a "calamity" that befell Sumer, one "unknown to man, one that had never been seen before". There was an "evil wind", a battling storm and a "scorching heat". Some kind of cloud shut out the Sun by day and the stars by night.


The texts continue:

"The people, terrified,

could hardly breathe; the evil wind clutched them,

does not grant them another day...

Mouths were drenched with blood,

heads wallowed in blood...

The face was made pale by the Evil Wind."

"It causes cities to be desolated,
houses to become desolate;
Stalls to become desolate,
the sheepfolds to be emptied...
Sumer's rivers make it flow
with water that is bitter;
its cultivated fields grow weeds,
its pastures grow withering plants."29

Even the gods had to evacuate these lands, we are told, and all the Sumerian cities were affected in the same way at the same time. Just as the nuclear devastation in the Indus Valley corresponds with the time period of this poisonous "evil wind" in Sumer, so it also corresponds with the timescale that saw the violent demise of the Biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.


Many sources point to these cities being located in what is now the southern end of the Dead Sea in Israel where unnatural levels of radioactivity persist to this day. They call this "Lot's Sea" after the Biblical character involved in the Sodom and Gomorrah story and for thousands of years it has been associated with the symbol of death. The story of Lot's wife says that she was turned into a pillar of salt when she looked back over Sodom and Gomorrah at the time of the destruction, but the words translated as "pillar of salt" can also be translated as a "pillar of vapor".30


This not only makes rather more sense than "salt", it fits with the emerging picture here. The accounts of the devastation of Sodom and Gomorrah describe how "God" decided to destroy these cities and warned his friends to get out. What a coincidence, then, that the Sumerian tablets explain in detail how the Anunnaki leadership (God = gods again), led by Enlil and some of his offspring, decided to destroy those locations in yet another internal war, this time with the one known as Marduk, the son of Enlil's half-brother and great rival Enki.


Still today it is the Enlil and Enki factions of the Anunnaki that most divide the Illuminati and create the ongoing conflict.

There is an enormous and unnatural scar in the landscape of the Sinai (Sin-ai) Peninsula, which covers an area of 112 square miles. Blackened stones (blackened only on the surface) can be found over a large section of the eastern Sinai and to conventional history and archaeology, which finds the idea of ancient high-tech weapons unthinkable, they remain a "mystery".


However, the scenes of these apparent nuclear explosions are to the west of Sumer and in the Sumerian lamentations we are told that the "evil wind" that poisoned the water and atmosphere, and brought that civilization to an immediate conclusion, was created in a "flash of lightning" and "spawned in the west". Can the mystery of Sumer's sudden demise now be solved? Could the "evil wind" have been nuclear fall-out? In around 1450BC, the classic Minoan (former Sumerian) culture was destroyed on Crete by another sudden disaster that archaeologists and historians can't explain. Once again all the cities were destroyed at the same time by some "fiery" holocaust.

Amid this series of immensely violent events and the internal war within the Anunnaki, the Sumer Empire collapsed. Its domains around the world began to self-govern, at least for a while, based on the knowledge, structure, beliefs, and myths of their former controllers. Since then, the reptilian Anunnaki have been manipulating from behind the scenes and through their hybrid bloodlines, and they are on the brink of replacing their formerly overt global empire (their Old World Order) with their covert global empire (their New World Order). They are the hidden force behind the introduction of the global centralization of power that is exploding all around us today.


The Anunnaki, at least after the final Atlantis cataclysm, sought to hide their reptilian form by keeping out of public view as much as possible.

Now you see them, now you don't

The reptilian bloodlines covertly operating within human society created many of the ancient Mystery schools to hoard the knowledge of true history, and the esoteric and technological expertise of Atlantis, Lemuria, and the post-cataclysmic world, especially the Sumer Empire. They also seized control of the other Mystery schools, which were formed with a more enlightened agenda.


This was one of the roles assigned to the Royal Court of the Dragon (also known as The Brotherhood of the Snake) from around 2000BC when it infiltrated the more positive Egyptian Mystery schools and made them vehicles of the reptilian "gods".


Manly P. Hall, the Freemasonic historian, summarizes what happened, although for "black magicians of Atlantis" also read "reptilians":

"While the elaborate ceremonial magic of antiquity was not necessarily evil, there arose from its perversion several false schools of sorcery, or black magic, [in Egypt]... the black magicians of Atlantis continued to exercise their superhuman powers until they had completely undermined and corrupted the morals of the primitive Mysteries... they usurped the position formerly occupied by the initiates, and seized the reigns of spiritual government.

"Thus black magic dictated the state religion and paralyzed the intellectual and spiritual activities of the individual by demanding his complete and unhesitating acquiescence in the dogma formulated by the priest craft. The Pharaoh became a puppet in the hands of the Scarlet Council - a committee of arch-sorcerers elevated to power by the priesthood."32

This is exactly what happened in the latter era of Atlantis and what happens today with the puppet politicians placed in "power" by those behind the scenes, the Illuminati, who dictate their actions and agenda. Those who will not do as they are told are assassinated, brought down by "scandal", fall to "ill-health", or are subjected to a media campaign of abuse that persuades the people to remove them.


In the Sumer Empire you had the reptilian "gods" dictating to their priesthood, who dictated to the administrators of finance and state. The same structure remains. The hidden Anunnaki dictate to their "priesthood", the initiates and bloodlines of the Illuminati, who dictate to the administration of finance and state. Their agenda is to create a global version of that structure -the world government, central bank, army, and currency.


The Mystery school network of old, with its fiercely compartmentalized levels of initiation, has evolved into the global secret society network of today. This is topped or "capstoned" by the Illuminati and, at the very peak, by the openly reptilian Anunnaki. It has had to be done in this covert way because there are not that many of them compared with the human population and they would be overwhelmed if enough people knew what is really going on.


Today's secret society network is simply the modern expression of the Atlantean/Lemurian Mystery schools, which were taken over by a malevolent force in the period before the cataclysms. Those with a positive and negative agenda fought for control of the Mystery schools restored after the deluge. Eventually the malevolent force won that battle and began to expand its power covertly across the world again.


With them they carried their own secret language, the language of symbols, which their initiates were taught to read and understand. I call this network the serpent cult, the serpent brotherhood, or the Illuminati. Those three are the same force.


Their secret language includes,

  • the lighted torch (Illuminated ones)

  • the pyramid and all-seeing eye (apparently used by the serpent Sirians in Atlantis)

  • the lion (the "Sun" and symbol of the serpent cult)

  • the snake, fish, and flying reptile (gargoyle), and other reptilian symbolism

  • the hard "K" sound used in names and words (Ka, Ki, etc)

  • the red cross or fire cross on the white background (the flag of England)

  • the trinity, symbolized as the trident and later the fleurde-lis and other three-pointed forms

The reptilian-Illuminati know that the balanced fusion of male and female energy create a third and immensely powerful force and this is one reason for their obsession with the "trinity". New Agers and others talk about the need to balance male and female and they are right.


But we lose the plot if we don't understand that there are different levels of this fusion. You can fuse the negative aspects of both energies to create a malevolent "third force" or you can balance the higher frequencies of male and female, so creating a positive third force. The world around us is, in fact, the manifestation of the negative balance and interaction of these energies.


We are led to believe this is a male-dominated world, but that is only on the surface. Behind the scenes it is really controlled by the negative expression of female energy. The extreme male energy is "out there" in front of our eyes in the three-dimensional world. It is macho men with guns and uniforms, the leaders of the major banks, corporations, media empires, and the military.


But they are put into power, the wars created, and the agenda advanced, by the extreme negative aspects of the female energy - covert, behind-the-scenes manipulation. If anything, the Illuminati, at the real seat of power, are dominated by the female. The negative extremes of the female energy covertly manipulate events and the negative extremes of the male energy play them out before our eyes. This is why we think it is a male-dominated world.


It looks that way, but that is not the whole story.

Destroying the ancient knowledge

There have been two main thrusts of the reptilian secret society network since those ancient times. First, to pass on advanced knowledge only to their chosen few and control how much of this information each of these initiates will be allowed to know (compartmentalization). And second, to manipulate events in the public arena to suck out of circulation all the advanced esoteric knowledge that survives there.


They achieved this by creating religions and a "science" that enforced a strict limitation of vision and possibility. These two "opposames", religion and science, then labeled the suppressed knowledge either evil or crazy. Their condemnations of astrology are only one example of this.

The Illuminati, through front-men like Columbus, Cortes, Cabot, and Cook, eventually returned to the former lands of the Sumer/Atlantean/Lemurian Empires. There, in the name of "Christianity" (an Illuminati creation), they systematically destroyed as much of the ancient knowledge as they could. This was achieved mostly by genocide, especially of the holders of the knowledge, like the shaman.


As Credo Mutwa said of the African experience:

"They milked the minds of the shamen and then killed them."

Find out what they know and then make sure they can tell no one else. This is the reason why Credo's information about the reptilian Chitauri has been out of public circulation for so long. It was vital for the Anunnaki-Illuminati to destroy or marginalize the cultures of the Native Americans, Central and South Americans, black Africans, the Australian aborigines, and the "Pagan" religion in general. This is what they did, of course, as even conventional history records, but it never tells you the real reason why or who was really behind it.


By replacing these native cultures with imposed Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, and all the rest, they could either crush the true knowledge with rigid dogma, or imprison it in a gruesome hierarchical structure of genetic "superiority", as with the Hindu caste system.


The interconnections of the Illuminati web can be seen in the story of Christopher Columbus. He sailed to the Americas in 1492 knowing basically where he was going because his father-in-law was a sea captain close to Prince Henry the Navigator, the Grand Master of a secret society called the Knights of Christ in Portugal.


The Knights of Christ were another name for the Knights Templar who fled France for Portugal and Scotland after a purge against them in 1307.33 Through this secret society underground, Columbus had access to the ancient maps that charted the Americas. It is known that he had "strange maps" when he set out for "India". Columbus was a secret society initiate and, according to the American Freemasonic historian, Manly P. Hall, he was connected to the same secret network in Genoa, Italy, as the man later known as John Cabot.34


Five years after Columbus landed in the Americas, Cabot sailed from the Templar port of Bristol, England, to "discover" what we now call North America. They could do this because they had access through the secret societies to the maps drawn by the Sumerian seafarers and even further back to Atlantis and Lemuria. Many ancient maps have been discovered that confirm beyond question that the world was charted thousands of years ago, but this is suppressed from the accounts of mainstream "history".


As I mentioned earlier, Piri Reis, an admiral in the Turkish Ottoman navy, produced a map in 1513 detailing what the land mass looks like under Antarctica. Modern surveys have confirmed that the map is extremely, and unexplainably, accurate. But, of course, it is explainable. As he said himself, he drew the map from far earlier ones he had seen -maps compiled before Antarctica was covered in ice.


Reis drew his map just 21 years after Columbus set sail. Columbus, like Cabot and the later Captain Cook, had access to the same source material that Reis did, and more. All three were given maps and funding by the bloodlines and their network. Captain Cook was backed by the Freemasonic Royal Society in London, for instance, and Columbus was sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of the land we now call Spain, and the infamous Illuminati bloodline in Venice, the de Medici family. They all go back genetically to the kings of Sumer and beyond to Atlantis and Lemuria.


Another key bloodline in the Illuminati to this day is the House of Lorraine (L'Orion?) in France. They employed Columbus, too, and there was another famous figure of history, who worked for both the House of Lorraine and the de Medici family... Nostradamus. Michel de Notre Dame or "Michael of Our Lady" had phenomenal esoteric and healing knowledge for his time because he was connected to the bloodlines that held, and still hold, the ancient knowledge from Sumer, Atlantis and Lemuria in their secret society web while systematically removing it from public circulation.

So we are looking at an unbroken theme - and scheme - through history of the same bloodlines and their secret society network controlling events in line with a specific agenda of global control by the reptilians. They have expanded their power out of the Near and Middle East by sea and land over the centuries. They became the leaders in royalty, politics and finance, wherever they went.


Then came a key period when they could begin to "go global" once again. When William of Orange, one of the bloodlines, crossed the English Channel from Holland in 1688, he was manipulated on to the throne of England to rule jointly with Queen Mary. This was the symbolic coming together of the bloodlines that had made their way into Europe by land with those that were taken to the British Isles long before by the Sumer Empire and even those who had survived the Atlantean cataclysms in Britain.


William's invasion came ashore close to the same spot where Brutus landed around 1103BC with his Trojans to found his "New Troy" or London. Very conveniently two decades before William's arrival, London had been devastated by fire, the Great Fire of London in 1666 (666 is an Illuminati-Satanic code) and this allowed a whole new city to be built by high initiates of the Illuminati. These included, most notably, Sir Christopher Wren, who designed St Paul's Cathedral at the top of Ludgate Hill.


St Paul's was built on an ancient site of worship to the Goddess Diana and this where Princess Diana was married to Prince Charles. (Incidentally, Wren's title of "Sir", an honor awarded to this day by the Queen and the British Government, often for services rendered, comes from an ancient reptilian snake-goddess called Sir and relates to one of the Anunnaki.)

The new City of London was built after the fire in the knowledge that it was to become a major global centre for the Illuminati bloodlines. So it was after the arrival of William of Orange, who became William III, and to whom all the royal families of Europe are related. In 1694, William signed the charter that created the Bank of England and the whole central banking system began to emerge with its masters dictating policy to all of them via organizations like the Bank of International Settlements in Switzerland.


What also followed the creation of the Illuminati operational stronghold in London were the British Empire and the other European empires. As these expanded across the planet to take over the Americas, Africa, Asia, China, Australia and New Zealand, they exported the bloodlines and secret societies and made every effort to destroy the native knowledge and culture.


Also, within those countries were the hybrid bloodlines created by the interbreeding between the Anunnaki and selected families in those regions long before, and these were the people who were left in the positions of power after the colonial invaders from Europe withdrew and granted the countries "independence". Credo Mutwa has identified many of the black leaders in Africa since "independence" to be from the same former "royal" bloodlines of Africa that claimed descent from the "gods".

When these European empires apparently collapsed or withdrew, this only happened on the surface, not in the fundamentals of control. There are two forms of dictatorship: one that which you can see, the overt tyrannies like Communism and fascism, and the covert dictatorship, which you cannot see because it operates in the strictest secrecy. It grows like a hidden cancer, eating into the positions of power in every area of society.


The obvious, open, forms of dictatorship have a finite life because eventually there will be a rebellion against control you can see, touch, and taste. There is an identifiable target on which to focus. However, covert dictatorship, control from behind the scenes, can go on forever until it is exposed because people do not rebel against not being free when they think they are. When the British and European empires appeared to unravel, these powers were only

exchanging overt control for covert. While they appeared to give "independence" to their colonies, the bloodlines and their secret society networks remained intact within those countries and they have continued to control them ever since. But because no one knows this and the people see a president or prime minister of their own color or nation, it is assumed that the country is "free" and self-governing. I document in The Biggest Secret how the United States of America has never been free of control from London to this day and that the federal level of US government is a private corporation controlled from Europe.


The President of the United States is merely this corporation's temporary chief executive, the same role as the president of the former Virginia Company, which was formed in 1604 by the British Crown and "aristocratic" bloodlines to steal North America in the first place. An extraordinary story, but true. At least 50 of the 56 signatories to the American Declaration of Independence were Freemasons and only one was known not to be.

When the Grand Master Freemason, George Washington, became the first President, he nominated eleven Supreme Court Justices, at least six of which were confirmed Freemasons. The same story has continued ever since. The inauguration of Washington in 1789 was a Freemasonic ceremony in which he swore the oath on a Freemasonic Bible. In January 2001 President George W. Bush took the oath using that same Bible, as did his father more than a decade earlier. It is the property of the New York Lodge, according to news reports.


Washington, who commanded the American colonial armies against the British Crown, was a knight of the Order of the Garter, one of the most elite Illuminati networks headed by the British Crown! It seems to be a staggering contradiction, but when you know the scam it makes perfect sense. (See The Biggest Secret for the detailed background to the American War of "Independence".)

There is no better example of the point I am making here than South Africa. During the period of apartheid, it was an open dictatorship by the few of the many. As a result there was a clear target and so internal and external rebellion led to the removal of that regime. Along came the first black president, Nelson Mandela. He is probably a nice man, but a powerless puppet in truth, and since then Thabo Mbeki has replaced him. Black people now have a vote and so South Africa is free. Yippee! Oh really?


The Illuminati global structure can be likened to a compartmentalized Pyramid or a spider's web. The operational "spider" at the centre is in Europe with London, Paris, Brussels, and Berlin the key cities. From Europe the agenda is dictated down the line to what I call the "bloodline branch managers" in the various countries of the world.


These "bloodline managers", like the Rockefellers in the United States and the Bronfmans in Canada, have a network of other bloodline families around them that control the politics, finance, business, media, and military, etc., in their particular country or domain within the web, much as the Anunnaki "gods" were given different regions to rule in line with the centrally dictated agenda.


And just as the gods fought with each other and tried to muscle in on another's patch, so these Illuminati branch managers do today; hence the infighting and conflict between them. It is the "manager's" job to orchestrate the events and policies of their country to follow the demands of the centrally controlled agenda. This is how the same events and policies can be introduced everywhere, often at the same time.

Now, South Africa is free, yes? The bloodline branch managers of South Africa are the Oppenheimer family and their network. Under the open dictatorship of apartheid, they controlled some 80% of the country's stock market, owned the gold and diamond mines on which the economy depends, and controlled the media through their various frontmen. Today, since the election of Mandela and Mbeki, the apartheid dictatorship has been replaced by "freedom".


I know this is true, I heard it on the news. Under this "freedom", the Oppenheimer family and its networks, continue to control some 80% of the South African stock market, own the diamond and gold mines on which the economy depends, and control the media through their frontmen, not least an Irishman friend of Robert Mugabe and Henry Kissinger called Tony O'Reilly. Isn't freedom just wonderful? And this has happened everywhere as the same forces have remained in control since the illusion of "independence". But look at the South African experience.


Under the overt dictatorship with apartheid there was widespread rebellion inside and outside the country. But now, under covert dictatorship... silence. Everyone thinks South Africa is now free and "independent".

So you see that the "hidden hand" method is by far the most effective way of controlling people and dictating events.


This exchange of overt for covert control has happened on every continent and this is how the Anunnaki and their hybrid bloodlines manipulate the world today.


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