Ruled by the Gods

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.
Albert Einstein

The ancient legends and accounts say that the highly advanced cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria were inspired by the knowledge brought by extraterrestrial races from many parts of the galaxy and other dimensions of the universe.

When we open our minds to the suppressed knowledge, we understand that the world we think we live in is only one frequency range of existence. As I mentioned earlier, Creation consists of infinite dimensions of life vibrating at different speeds. Think of the frequencies of the countless radio and television stations broadcasting to your area now. They are all sharing the same space that your body is occupying. You can't see them and they can't see each other because they are vibrating to a different frequency.


When you move the dial from one radio station to another, the first station does not suddenly stop broadcasting because you are no longer listening. It goes on broadcasting -existing -just as before. The only difference is that you are no longer tuned to its frequency. All the infinite frequencies of life and existence in all Creation are sharing the same space.


Most people call these different frequency ranges "dimensions" and that's fine because people know what they mean. More accurately they are "densities" because the slower that energy vibrates the more dense and "solid" it appears. The faster it vibrates the more ethereal and non-physical it seems to be. Eventually it is vibrating so quickly that it leaves the frequency range - the density - of our physical senses and we cease to see it. The frequency range we can see I will call the Third Density or Third Dimension.


At the moment we are tuned to this frequency, the range of our physical senses, and so we can see it and touch it. When we "die" we leave this frequency range and our physical body and we continue our eternal journey elsewhere on another density or dimension. Our consciousness, the thinking, feeling us, is eternal. In the end all frequencies and all expressions of life are the same energy. We are each other.


This is the Law of One that the Illuminati Temple of the Sun has sought for thousands of years to suppress. Some extraterrestrial and other-dimensional beings know how to change their frequency so they can move between densities, appearing and "disappearing" as they move frequency, much like a radio dial. This is why people have reported seeing entities "disappear" before their eyes. They have not, in fact, "disappeared" at all.


They have left the frequency range that person can access. It's the same with UFOs.

We are not alone

The three main physical forms from constellations, planets, and stars like Orion, Sirius, the Pleiades, Mars, and the others I have mentioned, appear to have been:

  • the white race or the "blue-eyed blonds"

  • a reptilian race of various expressions

  • the so-called "greys" of modern UFO folklore (see picture section).

Also there was the advanced black race and another, which, according to those who claim to have been abducted by non-human entities, has an insect-like form. In UFO research these have become known as insectoids.


I can understand how difficult this will be to accept and comprehend from the conditioned view of reality. But first of all I am not asking anyone to accept anything that I say -it's just information, make of it what you will -and, second, the world is nothing like our conditioned view of reality. I would also stress that, like all of my books and talks, this text is presented in layers, each one adding to the ones before.


So the detailed information to support the existence of the reptilians, greys, and Nordics, and their interbreeding, will be revealed as the story unfolds. Understanding the connection between the Nordics, the reptilians, and the greys is to understand so much about the world today.


W.T. Samsel, author of The Atlantean Connection, writes:

"During the first half of the Lemurian age, the involvement of extraterrestrial beings was simply in the role of the observers. That is to say that they did not intervene, interject or become involved with the subjects of their study at that point in time. The development and progression of the human race on Earth was under the observation and study of these relations from the stars. In 'The Atlantis Connection' I refer to this as the 'Titan project'. The three main extraterrestrial groups, which comprised the Titan project, were those from Sirius, the Pleiades and Orion, although there were indeed other extraterrestrial races, which also shared involvement.


This is where the reptilian variety comes into play. As where Sirians, Pleiadeans and those from Orion did interact in cooperation with each other under the mutually agreed upon conditions of the program, I would have to classify the reptilians as a renegade or rebel element which did not adhere to the 'rules' or doctrines of the Titan research project as set down by the three main project participants."1

These two races, the blue-eyed blonds and the reptilians, would seem to have been at war in many parts of the galaxy with factions on both sides also joining together to create alliances for their mutual benefit. This reptilian race is the dominating force behind the Illuminati (at one level anyway), but with considerable involvement from the greys and some elements of the extraterrestrial white race or "Nordics" as they are known in UFO research circles. The rest of the global population are pawns in their battles and alliances.


The reptilians and Nordics interbred with each other to create hybrid bloodlines. There was also reptilian interbreeding with other races around the world, but the Nordic connection would appear to be the most important to them.* This fusion implanted a reptilian genetic code into the DNA and these are the bloodlines that have ruled the world for thousands of years and are still in the positions of power to this day, as we shall see.


* It is the reptilian bloodline that most concerns us in this book, but there are others of extraterrestrial origin, also. Cherokee and Mayan records in North and Central America and the Greek historians, Appollodorius and Diodorus, are among those that claim the Pleiadians, home to both the white race and reptilians, were involved in Atlantis and mated with humans to seed a large race of people.


Bloodlines that were once Egyptian pharaohs and European royalty are now presidents of the United States, and leading bankers and media owners.


A fundamental theme running from the "Golden Age" of Atlantis and Lemuria-Mu to the present day is that of the snake or serpent.

  • Both civilizations were known in legends as the Dragon Lands and the Motherlands.2

  • The Greeks called Atlantis "Hespera" (a name for Venus) and they said it was guarded by a dragon.3

  • Native American records call Atlantis "Itzamana", which means "Dragon Land" or the "Old Red Land".4

  • The Algonquins use the name Pan for the Atlantean continent, a name also given to the goat god of the Greeks. Pan was originally a dragon or goat god of the Atlanteans, some records of the early Egyptians and Greeks suggest.5

  • The very name, Mu, pronounced Moo, is close to the Polynesian name for Dragon.6

  • An Indian Tamil text, Silappadikaran, describes a lost continent in the Pacific and Indian Ocean it calls Kumari Nadu or Kumari Kandam, which means the "Dragon Land of the Immortal Serpents".7

You cannot be Sirius

These technologically advanced extraterrestrial and other-dimensional beings created Mystery schools and a secret society network in Atlantis and Lemuria to pass on levels of their knowledge to chosen initiates. Legends claim that a race came to the Earth from Sirius, the "dog star" and brightest in the sky, which is some 8.7 light years from here.


The term "Dog Star" comes from its position in the constellation of Canis Major and it is also known as "Orion's Dog." The legends and accounts say that the beings from Sirius brought an infusion of highly advanced knowledge to Atlantis and Lemuria-Mu and founded the Atlantean Mystery School. According to Robert Temple in The Sirius Mystery (Destiny Books, Vermont, USA, 1998), the Dogon tribe in Mali, Africa, claim that beings from Sirius visited their ancestors and gave them knowledge of the universe.


He says that they describe the Sirians as amphibious and "serpent-featured" -a recurring theme as you will see. Temple suggests that the Anunnaki of the Sumerian tablets could be these beings from Sirius. He further proposes that the body of the Sphinx is that of a dog and not a lion, thus symbolizing the Dog Star, Sirius,9 and some researchers also suggest that the face of the Sphinx is that of a woman, not a pharaoh. The Egyptians certainly depicted their lion bodies very differently to that of the Sphinx and the dog is a common symbol in ancient mythology.10


In fact, ancient Egyptians revered the dog and their dog symbol was a code for Sirius." The Sirius system was symbolized as feminine and so a dog's body with a woman's face would make sense, although there is still a case for it to be a lion, also. Sirius is connected with the color red because it looks red when it appears over the horizon.12 Red is the color used for Sirius in ritual and symbolism.


For a long period of its existence, the Sphinx was colored red. It was an obvious conclusion that this could relate symbolically to Mars, the "red planet", but in the face of the other evidence, Sirius is perhaps more likely. The Queen's shaft in the Great Pyramid was designed to point to Sirius, according to modern researchers. Robert Temple presents a wealth of interconnecting evidence to support his belief that an amphibious race from Sirius came to the Earth in far ancient times and brought with them the knowledge that founded those advanced civilizations. The Sirius system is also depicted as a snake or serpent in a Greek representation in the Louvre Museum in Paris.13

Temple's research began when he heard that the Dogon people in Mali, northwest Africa, had told French researchers in 1931 some remarkable information about the Sirius system. According to these researchers, the Dogon also knew about all the planets of the solar system out to Pluto, and of moons that have only recently been confirmed. They said that a star orbited Sirius and it was so heavy all the people of the world could not lift it.14


At the time, the star they were talking about, now called Sirius B, was not yet discovered by scientists. The Dogon are claimed to have said that it took about 50 years to orbit Sirius A and that it was "infinitely tiny".15 We now know this is true. Sirius B is a dwarf star and fantastically heavy. The story goes that they said there was a third star, which also orbits Sirius A, and takes 50 years to complete a circuit. Again this was undiscovered at the time, but its existence was confirmed by astronomers in 1995 and it is known as Sirius C.16


The Illuminati symbolism of three - the trinity - appears to be related, at least in part, to these three stars of the Sirius system. The constant reference to the number 50 in ancient myth could relate to these 50-year orbits, Temple suggests, and they also symbolized Sirius B and C as "the twins" using their combined orbit periods of 100 years as a code for them, he says. Certainly there is endless reference to "twin" symbolism throughout the ancient world. The Dogon call Sirius B, Digitaria, and Sirius C, Sorghun, or the "female star".17


They also call it the "sun of women" or "star of women".18 To them, the most important star is Sirius B, which, they rightly said, was invisible to the eye. Still today their religious rituals and rites are based on the cycles of the Sirius system. The Dog Star, Sirius or Sirius A, has two and a half times the mass of our own Sun and is thirty-five and a half times brighter. When you consider that our Sun contains 99% of the mass of this solar system, Sirius is some baby. Sirius B contains 1.053 times the mass of our Sun.2 It is incredibly compressed, however, and thus is very small.

A focus on Sirius can be found at the heart of most ancient societies -and secret societies. The heat in the summer months was believed to be, in part, caused by Sirius and so they became known as "dog days". The Egyptian calendar was regulated by the movement of Sirius (Sothis to the Greeks) and the Sothic calendar was founded on the rising of Sirius one minute before the Sun, the so-called heliacal rising in the Summer. The number 23 was important to the Dogons, as it was to the Egyptians and the Babylonians. Some researchers say this was connected to the heliacal rising on July 23rd when Sirius, the Earth, and the Sun are in a straight line.


Others speculate that this could create a "star gate" connection between the two systems, a sort of interdimensional (inter-density) portal. This moment was the beginning of the calendar for the new year in many cultures. It is said that the eyes of the Sphinx (the dog?) line up with the exact period on the horizon where Sirius rises on July 23rd and that the pyramids are also lined up to that point on the horizon.


This, incidentally, is the time every year that the Illuminati elite gather at Bohemian Grove in Northern California wearing their hooded robes for their infamous rituals under a 40-foot stone owl, as detailed in The Biggest Secret. I will mention more about this later on. The Freemasons and other secret societies within the Illuminati web have Sirius as their focus. It is known as the Eastern Star - the very name for the Freemasonic organization that allows women to become initiates.23


Sirius is the first star to rise in the east in the latitudes of Egypt. The symbol of the Eastern Star is the symbol of Satanism, the inverted pentagram, and that is their symbol for Sirius (Figure 2). The pentagram within a circle is used by Satanists in their rituals to draw other dimensional demonic entities into this world or to "draw down the Kingdom of Satan into manifestation on Earth", as one writer put it.


The pentagram is symbolized by the goat head known as the "Goat of Mendes" or "Baphomet", the image the Knights Templar secret society was accused of worshipping when it was purged in France after 1307.

Figure 2

The inverted pentagram, classic symbol of Satanism, and, apparently, a symbol for Sirius.


The goat head is also associated with the Sirius system. The ancients designed massive temples to point directly at the spot on the horizon where Sirius appeared at the "rising" and their key rituals were focused on Sirius, just as many of the Illuminati's are today. One example of these Sirius-aligned structures is the Temple of Isis at Denderah in Egypt.24


The goddess, Isis, is a symbol of Sirius in Egyptian myth. Robert Temple suggests in The Sirius Mystery that Isis is Sirius and the "sister-goddess" of Isis, Nephthys, represents Sirius B. Isis was said to be visible and Nephthys invisible, just like Sirius A and B. Another Sirius symbol was Anubis (Anpu to the Egyptians), the one portrayed as the dog or jackal-headed god and associated with Osiris, the "Sun God" of Egypt.25 There was also a goddess called Anukis who sails in a celestial boat with Sothis and Satis, again the three stars of Sirius perhaps because they are associated with goddesses, and Sottis was the Greek term for Sirius.


The symbol of the dog or wolf is often found in cults that worship the serpent or reptilians. Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman, says that their legends call Sirius the "Star of the Wolf". The leader of the reptilian "gods" known as the Anunnaki is named in the Sumerian tablets as An (later Anu). He was represented by the jackal or dog. Associated with Sirius in Egyptian belief was Orion and, interestingly, modern UFO researchers connect the reptilians with both Sirius and Orion.


Isis (Sirius) was the companion of Osiris (Orion?) in Egyptian myth. Among the major Illuminati symbols to the present day are the eye, the triangle or pyramid, the five-pointed star, the obelisk, and the dome. The Egyptian hieroglyph for Sirius was the obelisk, dome and five-pointed star; the Bozo tribe of Mali, cousins to the Dogon, call Sirius the "Eye Star"; an Egyptian hieroglyph for Sirius was a triangle -three points representing the three Sirius stars; and the triangle symbolised water in Pythagorean code. 26


The eye was a symbol of Osiris in Egyptian myth. The bow and arrow is another symbol used by the ancients for Sirius and they knew it as the "bow star". The Egyptian word meaning Bowman also referred to a "heavy star metal" -Sirius B -and their word for heavy star metal was close to the words meaning dwarf and weight.27 The Sumerian account called the Epic of Gilamesh tells of a star that is so heavy it cannot be lifted (Sirius B). This star was associated with An or Anu, the leader of the Anunnaki. The chief Egyptian god, Osiris, was also called An.


In Sumerian accounts, An, the jackal-dog-headed god, had a daughter, the goddess Bau, the goddess of the dog. It has been suggested that Bau is the origin of the term "bow wow" for a dog's bark.28 It certainly bears no resemblance to the sound a dog makes. In the Sumerian epic, Gilgamesh is given 50 companions, which could be symbolic of the 50 years it takes for Sirius B to orbit Sirius. What's for sure, the ancients perceived Sirius and Sirius B as very important to their lives.

The Dogon are said to call these amphibious beings from Sirius, the Nommo or "Masters of the Water". The accounts of this extraterrestrial race are widely supported by ancient reports. The Sumerians claimed that strange beings from the sea founded their civilization. The historian, Alexander Polyhistor (born 105BC) wrote that these beings were amphibious and were happier to go back to the sea at night.29


They are described as "semi-demons" (half human, half not human) and animals endowed with reason.30 Other legends say that they were superhuman in their knowledge and their length of life. They were "the immortals" and returned to "the gods" in a ship, taking with them examples of the Earth's fauna. Interestingly, the Dogon call Sirius "the Land of the Fish" and "the pure Earth", and the day the Nommo landed on our Earth is known as the "day of the fish".31


The Babylonian priest Berossus wrote that the origin of humans in Babylonian belief could be traced to the "fish god" Oannes, who was known as Dagon to the Philistines. What they said about Oannes, the Sumerians said about "Enki", one of the key leaders of their reptilian Anunnaki. Enki was symbolized as closely connected with water and it was said that he rode in a ship that could go under the water or fly in the sky. He was described as a giant who had scales like a fish or reptile. In the Babylonian legend, Oannes was one of the "Annedoti" ("the repulsive ones") who had the heads and legs of men, but the body and tail of a fish.32


This is the origin of the mermaid stories, no doubt. The Greek gods known as the "Old Men of the Sea" were depicted as "mermen". It was said that if you fought with them, they changed shape and the legendary founders of Athens, Cecrops and his son, were said to be half-human-half-serpent amphibians. The Greek god, Python, was another halfman-half-serpent figure with mythological connections to Sirius, and both Isis and Osiris were portrayed with fish or serpent tails in some effigies. Poseidon of the Greeks and Neptune of the Romans were symbols of the same theme.

The Anunnaki (Annedoti) seem to be very connected to water and their bloodlines use code names to this day that often relate to being "of the water". The major bloodline families appear to locate either in very hot regions, like Texas, Arizona, Nevada, and California, or, more often, in cold damp places where there is lots of water. The Netherlands is a major centre for them and that is one of the dampest countries in the world with much of it reclaimed from the sea. Also, the cold and damp castles and palaces of the aristocracy in Europe are their preferred habitat.


The recurrence of Anu, as in the Anunnaki (and An or Anu, their "leader"), is a common theme in ancient mythology. We have Anubis and Anukis, and in the ancient Sanskrit language the word anu-pa means "a watery country".33 The ancient legends and beliefs suggest that the Sirius system is very watery with dense vegetation -perfect for amphibians and the reptilian species. Chinese traditions claim that their civilization was founded by an amphibious being called Fu-Hsi or Fuxi in 3322BC.


One description says he had a serpent's body and a man's head and he is said to have begun the repopulation of the world after the deluge with an incestuous interbreeding with a character called Nu Gua, who is also described as half human, half serpent. Another ancient Chinese figure was Gong-Gong, who was "a horned monster with the body of a serpent". This sounds very much like Set of the Egyptians and Ogo in the myths of the Dogon. Other amphibious entities in Chinese tradition are Emperor Yu (Yu relates to reptiles) and his father Gun (a name relating to fish), and Chinese drawings of their historical, mythological characters are similar to those drawn by the Dogon.

Today there are streams of reports across the world of people seeing UFOs flying in and out of seas and lakes, not least at Lake Titicaca in Peru/Bolivia, the highest navigable lake on Earth. The respected UFO researcher, Timothy Good, gives many examples of this phenomenon in his book, Unearthly Disclosure, (Century, United Kingdom, 2000).


He calls these craft USOs, or Unidentified Submergible Objects, and includes the accounts of witnesses who have seen them around the world, especially in places like Lake Cote, Costa Rica, and the mountainous El Yunque rainforest in Puerto Rico.34 The Dogon describe the arrival of the Nommo in an "ark" that sounds very much like a spacecraft. Robert Temple says the Dogon indicate that the Nommo landed in the region of Egypt and describe the tremendous noise and vibration when the "ark" landed, causing a whirlwind of dust.


They say of the Nommo, a term they also use in the singular:

"He is like a flame that went out when he touched the Earth."

Dogon legend says the ship, or "ark", landed on three legs, Temple writes. A larger craft hovered in the atmosphere. The Nommo said that some of their number would be called "the disrupters", and one would "die on the cross", the Dogon legends apparently say.35 Peruvian creation myths tell of a great disk that came out of the sky and landed on an island called the Island of the Sun. This is a place I have visited twice on the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca.


During the Great Deluge, the top of this island was the first piece of land to emerge as the water receded, they say.

There are skeptics who seek to discredit the stories of the Dogon, the Nommo, and their tales of Sirius. They say the French researchers who first published the information had simply invented everything.


But Credo Mutwa, the Zulu shaman and that nation's official historian, says that his people have the same traditions. He says they call Sirius the "Star of the Wolf" and their ancient accounts say that a "sea-dwelling fish people" from Sirius came to the Earth. They also speak of a "gigantic war" on Sirius in which the fish people drove out those who we now know as humans. Credo further confirms that the stories attributed to the Dogon are not the only ancient records of the Sirius system. The Zulu's knew Sirius B as the "pit" star long before it was identified by modern technology.


Credo wrote in his book, Song Of The Stars (Station Hill Openings, Barrytown, New York, 1996):

"Not only among the Zulu, but the Dogon, and many widespread African tribes, there are stories of the Nommo, who resemble the king of the Water People in our legend. They are said to be intelligent beings who have visited the Earth several times. They are usually described as somewhat like human beings, but with skins like reptiles. I have heard them described as a cross between a little demon and a dolphin."36

The translations of the Sumerian Tablets by Zecharia Sitchin claim that the Anunnaki came from a planet called Nibiru, which, he says, has a vast elliptical orbit that takes it way out beyond Pluto and back between Mars and Jupiter every 3,600 years. The idea of Nibiru referring to a planet has never felt right to me. A massive comet, maybe. But either way there is a fundamental connection between the reptilian Anunnaki of the Sumerian tablets and Sirius-Orion.


Researcher Mark Amaru Pinkham says in his book, The Return Of The Serpents Of Wisdom (Adventures Unlimited, Illinois, USA, 1997), that the symbol of the Sirians in Atlantis was a triangle, sometimes with an eye in the middle.37 This pyramid with the capstone missing and/or the all-seeing eye is an ancient symbol used by the Illuminati and can be found today on the dollar bill, the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, and on a stream of logos used by Illuminati companies (Figures 3, 4 and 5). You also find it on the logo of the British Intelligence operation, MI5 (Figure 6).


According to the story, the design for the Great Seal was handed to the founding father and Rosicrucian, Thomas Jefferson, by a mysterious stranger dressed in a cape with a hood that covered his face. After the end of Atlantis the survivors took this symbol to places like Egypt and from there it continued to be used by the Illuminati secret society network that reemerged after the cataclysm.

The three-pronged trident was the symbol of the royal line of Atlantis and this later became the three-pointed Fleur-de-lis, a symbol of the Illuminati bloodline to this day. The key Atlantean "god" was the fire god, Votan38 who would turn up later in the Americas and Europe as Wotan and Wodan. The American organization, the Lemurian Fellowship, which researches the history of the lost continent, says that an extraterrestrial race from Venus, known as the Kumaras, were the leaders of the Lemurian civilisation.39


The Fellowship says that the Kumaras created a Mystery school to initiate chosen people into the advanced esoteric knowledge. It was structured as 13 schools (levels of initiation), they say, with each one more advanced than the one below.40 This is the classic structure of secret societies throughout history. Those who passed the initiation into the 13th school would then be allowed to teach the knowledge themselves as a member of the "Order of the Serpents".

William Bramley in The Gods Of Eden (1993) calls this the Brotherhood of the Snake. You can see snake and serpent symbolism in the logos of Illuminati companies and the logo of the leading UK communications network, British Telecom, is one example (Figure 7). Lemurian kings and queens were 13thlevel initiates of the "Dragon Bloodline", according to the Lemurian Fellowship.

As with the serpent cult or serpent brotherhood through the ages, the Lemurian initiated were worshippers of the Sun. But was it our Sun or was it Sirius, the brightest star in the sky? Records discovered in India by the leading author and researcher on Lemurian history, Colonel James Churchward, confirmed this Sun worship. One of Lemuria's names, apparently, was "The Empire of the Sun" and the Sun symbols of I the Illuminati may also relate to that and the Atlantean "Temple of the Sun".41

Atlantis and Lemuria existed for hundreds of thousands of years and Atlantis broke up in stages over a long period before the final destruction. Both cultures expanded across the world with their priests and "royal" bloodlines or "Dragon Kings", founding colonies in all parts of the globe.


With them went their serpent symbolism which has survived to this day in places like China and, most certainly, within the Illuminati. It was during the Atlantean-Lemurian era that the same knowledge, stories, and symbolism were communicated all over the planet, and the royal bloodlines of the extraterrestrial races were seeded everywhere.


This explains how, after the cataclysm, when European races "discovered" the Americas, Australia, and other apparently unconnected regions of the world, they found the people telling the same stories and following the same basic religions as each other (Figure 8). The common origin was Atlantis-Lemuria. As they traveled and colonized the Americas and what became Egypt and the Middle East, Europe, Scandinavia, and China, the Atlantean and Lemurian initiates used their advanced techniques to build pyramids and other vast structures that we would struggle to build even today.


Researchers have established that these great structures were built in geometrical relationship to each other over fantastic distances in different parts of the planet. It appears to be a mystery how this could be done, but it's not. The sacred places of the ancients (and the Illuminati today) were invariably the vortex points on the global energy grid. This is a web of force lines, known as ley lines or meridians, which encircle and interpenetrate the planet.


I'll go into more detail about this later.

Figure 8

The endless legends of the "gods" traveling from a sunken land

to found civilizations around the world can be explained by the movement of peoples

from Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean and Lemuria, or Mu in the Pacific

When these lines cross it creates a spiraling vortex of energy and the more lines that cross, the bigger the vortex, obviously. It was at these multi-line vortexes, like Stonehenge, that the Atlanteans and Lemurians built their temples, pyramids, and so on. The grid is geometrical and the vortex points are in geometrical relationship to each other.


Therefore, anything built on those points also have the same geometrical relationship with other structures on other points. Simple, once you have the knowledge to locate the vortexes, which the Atlanteans and Lemurians could. The famous ancient and modern "sacred sites" are invariably associated with the Atlanteans and Lemurians. Sedona in Arizona, famous for its massive vortexes to this day, is claimed to be an ancient colony of the Lemurians, as is Mount Shasta in northern California.


Sedona is also associated by researchers of UFO activity with a reptilian underground base where members of the reptilian race work with their human or part-human puppets in the Illuminati on the scientific and generic agenda. The base would appear to be under Boynton Canyon in Sedona.


This is not far in American terms from the reservation of the Hopi tribe, which has Lemurian connections.

The Atlantean/Lemurian colonies

A branch of the Atlanteans and Lemurians who colonized the planet were called,

  • the Carians (Carian = "Serpent Sea People of the Atlantean Fire God")

  • the Eus-Cara (same basic meaning)

  • the Tuarkes (Serpent People of the All Glorious Fire God") 44

  • the Tuarkes became the Tuaraks, who settled in North Africa with their Atlantean knowledge

  • the Eus-Cara became the Basques of Spain

  • the Carians became known as the Phoenicians - a very important fact, as will become clear soon 45

James Churchward also documents the Carians in the Americas. The Taureg people of North Africa today, descendants of the Tuarkes, have allowed some visitors to see their ancient cavern system in the Ahaggar Mountains where they have murals of their Atlantean ancestors holding snakes and swords with tridents on the blades.46 People invited into the underground temples of the Tuaregs claim to have seen green reptile "monsters" called Ourans, which the Tuaregs worship as the physical representations of their serpent goddess or "grandmother".47


The Tuaregs also perform a dance in honor of the Atlantean fire god, Volcan or Votan. The Atlanteans and Lemurians established colonies in Egypt, then known as Khem or "Land of the Fire Serpent". The letter "K", the sound used so often by these reptilian bloodlines apparently, was written in the form of a serpent in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Khem was the name of the deity symbolized as a black goat and late called Pan.


The goat is still a symbol of worship for the Illuminati and Satanists today under the name Baphomet. There are many surviving records that claim a lineage of Egyptian kings going back tens of thousands of years before the formation of the Egyptian civilization described by official historians. This supports the stories of an Atlantean/Lemurian colony in Egypt long before the cataclysm.

The colonization of Greece is also far older than officially claimed and this colony (called the Athenians) went to war with Atlanteans before the deluge. Plato wrote of this war and official historians have dismissed it because they say that Greece did not exist that long ago. They are mistaken. The "Classic Greece" they focus upon was a later expression of that culture, not the first. The original Greece existed before the cataclysms that sank Atlantis. The Atlantean colonists of Greece worshipped a serpent goddess called Athene or Neith.48


The Greek historians, Jane Harrison and Robert Graves, say that this deity was symbolized as a serpent, snake, sphinx, or goddess covered in snakes.49 There are some people - myself among them - who believe that the face on the Sphinx on the Giza plateau is a woman and not a man as officially claimed. Wherever the reptilian bloodlines have located, the worship of a serpent goddess has always been the centre of their rituals under names like Athene, Barati, Isis, Semiramis, El, Artemis, Diana, and Hecate.


Other Atlantean/Lemurian colonists were known as the Pelasgians ("Peoples of the Sea"), the Danaans, and the female Amazons.50


The Pelasgians worshipped the serpent Moon goddess Dana, later Diana (Artemis), and the Atlantean goat god called Pan. They first landed on the Peloponnese in Greece and settled in Arcadia, according to ancient Greek records. Arcadia has always been a sacred place to the Illuminati bloodlines and was apparently a name for Atlantis.

The Danaans left Atlantis to settle in Asia Minor (now Turkey), Greece, and the islands of the Aegean. They are claimed by some authors to descend from the Old Testament Tribe of Dan, but so much in the Bible is symbolic rather than literal or downright untrue. The name Danaans derived from their serpent Moon goddess, Dana or Diana. The Danaans made the headquarters of their serpent-worshipping culture on the island of Rhodes, a name that originates from a Syrian word for serpent.51 Rhodes was the home of the Danaan brotherhood of initiates and magicians known as the Telchines.52


The Greek historian, Diodorus, said these initiates had the ability to heal, change the weather, and "shape-shift" into any form. Thousands of years later, one of the most important of the Illuminati secret societies, the Knights Hospitaller of St John of Jerusalem, now the Knights of Malta, located on Rhodes and for a while were known as the Knights of Rhodes. Ultimately, they came from the same source as the Knights Templar. The name Rhodes, which is connected to the German "Rot", meaning red, as with Rothschild ("Red-shield"), became a code name for the bloodlines. Red = Sirius?


These guys don't choose their locations or their names by accident. Malta, too, was an important centre by 3500BC and the home of a major Mystery school. Under Malta is a vast network of tunnels and megalithic temples where secret rituals took place and still do. Malta's original name was Lato, named after Mother Lato, the serpent goddess.53


The Knights Templar secret society was formed in the late 11th century to protect the reptilian bloodline or "Le Serpent Rouge", the red serpent or serpent blood, together with their associated order, the highly secretive Priory of Sion.54 The goals of the Knights Templar and the Illuminati were, and are, to place these serpent bloodlines in all positions of power worldwide and thus form a reptilian, centrally controlled, fascist state. We are now getting very close to that. The Danaans also settled on Cyprus (later controlled by the Knights Templar) and in ancient times it was known as la-Dan or the "Isle of Dan".55


The name of the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, a place so important to the Druids, has the same origin, no doubt. The Taurus Mountains in Turkey, the Baleric Islands, and Syria (Sirius?) were among other Danaan settlements and they traveled from Atlantis to Britain where they became known as Tuatha de Danaan or the "People of the Sea". These carried the Anunnaki reptilian bloodlines. The female Amazons were another branch of the Atlanteans and Lemurians and myths say they came from a paradise called Hesperides or Hespera, a name for Atlantis.56


They, too, followed the goddess Athene or Nieth and venerated her symbol, the double-headed axe. They founded shrines to the serpent goddess in many places, including the famous centre for Diana worship at Ephesus and other locations along the Turkish coast. The "Canaanites" also descended from Atlantis/Lemuria.57


Mark Amaru Pinkham describes the migration of Atlanteans to "Canaan" in The Return Of The Serpents Of Wisdom:

"One branch of these Atlantides were the Tyrrhenians, the people after whom the present Tyrrhenian Sea is named. The Tyrrhenians eventually split in half to become the Etruscans and the Carians or Phoenicians, a tribe which eventually migrated to Canaan (pronounced Ka-nan with the K sound of the serpents), a territory on the Asia Minor coast, which can be translated as the "Land of the Fire Serpent".58

Running for cover

As these colonies and settlements were established, the serpent bloodlines from Atlantis and Lemuria were placed into the positions of ruling royal power, just as they had been, at least in the latter stages, before those continents sank. These are the same bloodlines that run the world today. Just before each of the cataclysm, many Atlantean and Lemurian royal bloodlines and initiates fled to other parts of the world, heading mostly for high places to escape the impending flood. Atlanteans went to Britain, one of their colonies, to Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa, the mountains of Turkey and Iraq, and the Americas.


All along the American continent are the ancient legends and accounts of highly advanced beings, the founders of their culture, arriving with great knowledge from the sunken land in the Atlantic. On the western seaboard of the Americas and in Asia, they talk of similar advanced "gods" arriving from a sunken continent in the Pacific. Polynesians claim that survivors from this lost continent traveled to India before returning to the remnants of their homeland, the Pacific Islands, and becoming the Polynesians.59'


James Churchward says that these peoples also settled in Egypt via India. Chinese legend talks of a continent in the same area called Maurigosima, which sank amid cataclysm, but its king, Peiru-un, escaped to mainland China and continued his bloodline there.60 This happened a number of times as Lemuria and Atlantis fell to cataclysmic events.

I will focus from here on what happened after the stage-by-stage destruction of Atlantis in the period from around 10,000BC to 5000BC. When the Earth settled down after the incredible upheavals, the survivors from Atlantis and Lemuria began to re-colonize the planet. And one of their key centers became known as Sumer, the "cradle of civilization", in the eyes of official history.


This was the restarting of civilization after the cataclysm. Sir Laurence Gardner is the current front man of the ancient Imperial Royal Dragon Court and Order, which was originally created in Egypt about 2000BC to support the agenda of the so-called "Dragon Kings" or reptilian bloodlines. Gardner says that Sumaire in the old Irish language means dragon.


He writes:

"It is also reckoned that the subsequent culture of the region, phonetically called Sumerian (pronounced "Shumerian") was actually Sidhemurian ("Shee-murian"). In fact, the case for this is now considerable, since the early Ring Lords of Scythia (the Tuatha De Danaan king-tribe) were actually called the Sumaire."61

Another researcher, Frans Kamp in the Netherlands, tells me that Sumer means "Land of the Dragon" in the language of the Scandinavian Vikings. The founders of Sumer were the same reptilian Anunnaki who had controlled Atlantis in its latter stages and led it to destruction. Their obsession with technology and control by machine, so characteristic of the final era of Atlantis, can be seen in the world today.


There is a reason for that: the Anunnaki are still in control.

One theme of the Atlantean and Lemurian legends is that, especially in the latter stages, there emerged a very dark force that took over the Mystery schools and the seats of power and used their advanced knowledge in the most horrendous and malevolent ways. They manipulated people's minds and caused mayhem with the misuse of esoteric "magic" - the manipulation of energy. Massive conflicts erupted and some accounts suggest that even the cataclysm itself could have been caused by the way they imbalanced the Earth's energy field.


This was the Anunnaki at work just as they are today.


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