March 21, 2010

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David Vaughan Icke is one of the most controversial and entertaining conspiratorial historians commenting today.


Formerly a professional athlete and politician, David Icke underwent a kind of conversion in which he realized he was "a healer who had been placed on Earth for a purpose." Today, his focus is clearly on "who and what is really controlling the world."


He has written numerous books that, in aggregate, have been dubbed "New Age Conspiracism" and has attracted a worldwide following. While his book The Biggest Secret (1999) has been called the "conspiracy theorist's Rosetta Stone," in his interview with the Daily Bell, he reveals a new and even bigger book featuring his latest research on how,

"Humans are being manipulated from the Moon by what is being broadcast from it."

He also speaks about an upcoming promotional tour and further analyzes the setbacks and progress of the elite conspiracy to control the world in all its reptilian glory.





Daily Bell: Good to meet you. You're prolific and everything we'll ask you likely has an answer in one of your books. But for the purposes of this interview, we'd like you to answer these questions as if for the first time - though please feel free to reference books and articles as you go.

David Icke: OK, sounds good.

Daily Bell: We'll jump right in. How did you end up in a career exposing the reptilian, hybrid power elite?

David Icke: Well I had what you might call a very extraordinary experience, or what you might call a spiritual experience, but that has connotations and it was not a religious experience but a series of things happened to me.


I was a television presenter, I was a professional footballer, a soccer player as you call it in America, and I then went off to become a journalist. Then I went into television.

I was a national television presenter in Britain with the BBC, then I moved vaguely into politics when I became a national spokesperson for the British Green Party in the 1980s, which allowed me to see very clearly that politics was not the answer. Then toward the end of the 80s I was working for the BBC, presenting television programs, speaking for the Green Party and I had this feeling that there was a presence around me. When I was in a room, I was not alone.


This went on for a year and it got more and more powerful until I eventually started to get more and more focused on this - as it got more tangible.

Daily Bell: Can you describe it in more detail?

David Icke: Yes, I was staying at the Kensington Hilton.


I was alone in the room and the feeling of this presence in the room was so powerful that I actually sat on the bed and said,

"Look if there is something there or someone there, would you please contact me because you are driving me up the wall."

A few days later, I am with my son and he is reading some books in a news shop on the Isle of Wight.


I said,

"Let's go get some lunch."

As I turned, my feet would not move.


It was like two magnets were pulling them to the ground. And a thought came in my mind to go in and look at the books on the far side of the store. What on earth am I thinking! But I walked over to an area where there were romantic novels. On top of all these novels was this book called Mind to Mind.


It had a woman's face on it and her name was Betty Shine. I picked it up and read the blurb and she was a psychic/healer.

I bought the book, took it home and read it very quickly and was very interested in what I had read. So I wrote to her, originally to talk to her about this rheumatoid arthritis that I have and how her hands of healing might benefit me. I saw her couple of times. The third time I saw her, we are doing the treatment, and I feel a spider's web on my face.


It made me sort of sit up a bit, because in her book she mentioned that when someone or something is trying to connect with you, you may feel this.

Daily Bell: Did you find out what it was?

David Icke: I had never felt it before or since.


But about 10-15 seconds after I felt this spider's web, she launched her head back and said,

"OMG, I'm going to have to close my eyes for this one - this is powerful!"

So then she starts saying that she has this figure in her mind and is being asked to communicate with me.


Anyway, here I was, a little television presenter, and suddenly I am being told that I am going to go out on the world stage eventually and reveal great secrets. There is a great shadow across the world and there is a great story that has to be told.

She told me,

"One man cannot change the world but one man can communicate the message that can change the world!"

She said I would write five books in three years on certain subjects, which I thought was hilarious because writing five books in three years on subjects I knew at that time nothing about was ridiculous!

Daily Bell: And was it some sort of a joke?

David Icke: No, it wasn't. It happened to the month, actually!


I wrote five books in three years to the very month as it turned out. My life during that period suddenly changed. The BBC decided not to renew my contract for very bizarre reasons and therefore I was out of work.


I could have got other work in the media, but I just wanted to go with what I was feeling and see where it was leading.

Daily Bell: It led to a new career, obviously.

David Icke: My life became a daily experience of meeting people and coming across documents and books, all of which were handing me puzzle pieces in a certain picture, which at the time I knew nothing about.


In the first few years all these puzzle pieces resolved themselves into a network of bloodline families that were manipulating and controlling world events by controlling the banking systems, the political system, etc. These families were behind the pharmaceutical cartel, the oil cartel, the bio-tech cartel, the global media and mainstream media and etc, on and on.

What was interesting was that almost from the start of meeting the psychic, one of the fundamental themes that came into my life was Babylon and what is now called Iraq.


This region is where these bloodlines came out of and eventually became what the world knows as royal bloodlines. And the individuals involved became known as demi-gods, part god part human.

Today, these families and bloodlines have gradually expanded out of Sumer and Babylon. They created the Roman Empire, and through the Roman Empire, they took control of Northern Europe and also London.


Today, Berlin and Paris are big centers for these bloodlines, too. Belgium, by the way, is where NATO and the European Union are. But London became a very major center. Wherever you go or you follow these bloodlines, wherever they locate their headquarters, an empire follows. You had the Babylonian Empire, the Roman Empire, and when these families moved up into northern Europe, you started having the British Empire.

What happened as these empires took over and colonized the world, was that the bloodlines went with them and seeded themselves within these communities, including what became the United States and Canada, etc. Now alongside these bloodline families travels a secret society that manipulates the bloodline families and their agents and gofers into positions of power.


So this is why you find secret society networks wherever they colonize, be it North America, Africa, Australia, wherever.

Daily Bell: Why don't more people know about this secret history you have uncovered?

David Icke: More and more do. But it has been concealed.


There are two types of control - a control you can see called dictatorship, such as fascism, communism or apartheid. But these forms of power very rarely go on indefinitely since eventually people will rebel. Thus, the greatest form of control is a control where a people - the target population - thinks it's free but is not. They are manipulated but will not rebel because they would be rebelling against their own perceptions of freedom.

So this is the preferable state of affairs. And this is what happened when we observe the British Empire.


The Empire withdrew - from the United States, from Canada and elsewhere. It was withdrawn physically, but actually it was sleight-of-hand. The bloodlines left behind their own controlling relatives and agents under different names. So you can see, they have gone on controlling those countries ever since in secret.

Britain has "lost its empire," people say. But it's not Britain we're talking about. The center of this global web of bloodlines and secret societies is actually in Europe for historical reasons, and London, too.

The bloodlines have set up a global corporation run like a massive business on one level and a secret society on another. The spider sits in the web in Europe with the corporation, but you have headquarters in each country, subsidiary companies of the corporation. They will follow the blueprint that is dictated from the headquarters - so all the secret societies and bloodline families operate exactly the same way.


You have the headquarters in Europe and then in Canada, United States, each country you have this network, another web, a sub web, etc.

Daily Bell: Your books cite evidence for all of this?

David Icke: I have been to 50 countries researching this structure over that past 20 years and a number of times I have seen the same things being introduced in the same countries using the same excuses in different parts of the world. Sometimes the legislation is even worded the same way. This is their structure.


The aim is to create a global version of George Orwell's 1984.

The idea is to centralize power in every area of our lives and it has gotten to a point where this centralization of global power was actually given a name, innocently enough, by the people on which it was being inflicted - "globalization."


Globalization is just the centralization of global power in every area of our lives, which is the agenda unfolding. Of course, there are many misunderstandings, and you get people on the left protesting against the big, bad corporations. The corporations are not the generators of globalization but THE VEHICLES FOR IT.


The generator of it is this global secret society web.

You know, I said years ago, there will come a point where this will break the surface and people will see it because when you are covertly manipulating something, there comes a point where you have to start building the bricks and mortar visibly. All over the world now people are starting to see Big Brother. They are starting to see more control and greater surveillance and the lack of privacy.


They are seeing more and more laws that are Draconian or fascist in nature, and it is because of this agenda that's been unfolding for thousands of years, step by step by step, that it has now reached the point where it's closing in on its end goal. But this is not all bad, by any means. In fact, in some ways it's a fantastic thing! People are finally starting to lift their heads out of the sand.


A shared perception of what's going on is starting to take place.

Daily Bell: So it's all coming true, from your perspective. Are you getting proper credit, or are you still running into resistance? You call yourself the most controversial speaker and author in the world.

David Icke: I don't say that. It's a tag that has kept up with me over the years. But it IS difficult to find someone more controversial.


For instance, when I started this journey, as I said earlier, the first few years were all about uncovering the global structure of control - the banking control, the political control, the media control - and how they all fit together and how it was all orchestrated by the same group.

But then something else came into my research - the question, why are these bloodlines, today, different than you and I? What started to come into my life, again, in tremendous synchronistic abundance were experiences and people that provided me with ancient information and modern information that helped me solve the problem.


What I found eventually - and without doubt, so far as I was concerned - was that there was interbreeding between non-human reptilians and humans, which created a hybrid bloodline.

Now, when people first hear that they think it's crazy. But why? If you can limit people's sense of possibility, which is a massive part of this manipulation, then you limit their sense of what is possible. No, no, it's not impossible.

Anyway, when I started looking at this, I realized this story of a reptilian race interbreeding with humans in the ancient world to create this bloodline was actually a very common story in ancient legends and stories. It even connects to the biblical story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, with what? A serpent!

If you don't put it out there, then it can't circulate. And when you start talking about that connection, then it gets highly controversial because Icke is saying WHAT? So I've always been controversial.

But let me tell you something... When my new book comes out, the tag of the most controversial speaker in the world will take on a whole new level! What I'm explaining now, for instance, in my latest research - is that the Moon is not a heavenly body but a construct!


Humans are being manipulated from the Moon by what is being broadcast from it.

Daily Bell: You're not kidding? That's certainly bound to cause a stir.

David Icke: It's never been properly explained before. But I go into great detail about how it's done, how the Moon connects into the human body computer and the human brain.


And basically what is happening is a Luna-like version of what is portrayed in the Matrix movies where reality seemed solid but was only a dream. With my perception of what the Moon is, controversy will escalate once again.

My investigations and resultant books have occurred in phases.


One phase was the investigation of the banking scams, the political scams and connections of what I talked to you about. Another was the reptilian phase, and another from about 2003 focused on the nature of reality - the illusory nature of reality, which has its counterpart on the worldwide web, as I show very clearly with great support in detailed evidence in this new book.

Daily Bell: Give us a little more detail about the mechanisms at work.

David Icke: Yes, the body is basically a biological computer system. Crystalline... the fabric of every cell.


The membrane of every cell is crystalline. DNA is crystalline. I have been to an alternative doctor's clinic where he has taken my blood and put it under a massive microscope. We have viewed it to the point where my blood turned quite blatantly into a quartz crystal. So we are receiver-transmitters of information.

What happens is that information - lunar reality is encoded in what we call photon energy. It's weight, form and vibration, if you like. And what the five senses do is they decode vibrational information and turn it into electrical information. It's like if you tune into your computer in South America or Australia or America to the World Wide Web, even though you are in a different part of the world you are accessing a collective reality.


It is the very fabric of the universe we are experiencing, what I call in my book 'the cosmic internet.'

So when you add that to the reptilian stuff and add that to the manipulation of the world and the bloodline families and you add that to the Moon isn't real, you have built up quite a CV of controversy! (laughing).

Daily Bell: From what we can tell, then, you welcome controversy.

David Icke: I'm a seeker of knowledge, especially when it comes to social control.


All of this is fundamental to understanding how the few control the many. If you want to manipulate how people experience reality, then you can manipulate the reality, or you can manipulate the way they decode reality. That is much easier.


We are not our bodies, we are infinite consciousness, and the body is just the vehicle to experience this reality.

Daily Bell: Of course, people experience reality in all sorts of ways.

David Icke: That's true. And if you can manipulate how the human body computer decodes reality, then you can control how millions of people perceive the world and therefore you can control their behavior.


It's very much the same principal as a stage hypnotist. I went to see some shows when I was researching all of this. You can see people sitting on a stage being implanted with a belief by the hypnotist. Then the subject will take a bite of the potato and decode it as an apple, because the hypnotist has reprogrammed his brain.

Try to tell those people on the stage when they are in that state that what they are seeing or what they are tasting is not true, and they will claim YOU'RE crazy. This comes back to the sense of reality, the sense of limited possibility. When people say to me "you're mad, you're crazy, that's impossible" that's their programming speaking.

But when you start awakening, as people are awakening all over the world, you start to see things that you've never seen before. At this point now, it's blatantly obvious, WHY didn't I see this before?


Like I said earlier, enormous numbers of people are now beginning to do that, hence the interest in my work and similar stuff.

Daily Bell: Your book, The Biggest Secret, has been called the conspiracy theorist's Rosetta stone. Why?

David Icke: Well I think what The Biggest Secret did was it jumped over the cutting edge and went well beyond.


It was the first book where I really started to connect the dots. But unfortunately what happened in Britain after I had my awakening and started talking about some of this stuff is that I went on national television and as a result I faced the most fantastic levels of ridicule.

Through the early 90s I couldn't go anywhere in Britain, down any street without being laughed at. Going into a pub was impossible, there was uproar. A comedian only had to say my name on the television and he got a laugh, no joke necessary.


When you undergo something like that, it can destroy you or make you stronger. If you're lucky, it can pry you out of that prison where most people live in - the fear of what others think. Most people spend their days trying to live up to a version of how they believe they should behave based on what people think.

And this is a process that I have talked about and written about for years. Humans don't need a sheepdog; we keep each other in line, by imposing norms and jumping on anyone that challenges them.


So what happened to me, that mass ridicule in the 1990s, cleaned me out. I no longer feared what others would think. And that was essential, absolutely essential, because this journey that I have been on is also about my personal development, my personal de-programming.

The layers of the onion were peeled off so that I was capable of doing what I am doing in the most effective way. My role, as I see it, is to constantly challenge the cutting edge and keep walking forward.


Socrates said,

'Wisdom is knowing how little we know'.

The world is a collective.


If the world is going to be free, it's only going to be free if we free ourselves of fear. All these things are what hold us in our own self-made prisons because, in reality, a few cannot control the many, unless the vast majority acquiesces.


We need to set ourselves free.

Daily Bell: All right. But from what - reptilian humanoids and the Babylonian Brotherhood?

David Icke: The Babylonian Brotherhood is the name of this network of secret societies that we talked about earlier.


The elite reptilian hybrids are the result of this interbreeding between humans and this reptilian race. And what is interesting is wherever you go in the world you will find knowledge of this interbreeding. Wherever you go, you find serpent worship because these reptilian entities were perceived as gods.

Serpent worship is the oldest form of worship. They have found evidence of it in the Kalahari Desert area of South Africa, 70,000 years ago. And the people of that area, the sand people known as the Bushman and also the Zulu, hold these beliefs.


The story is that modern humans were seeded in Africa in an area called the Stiletto Hills, near the Kalahari Desert, by the great dragon. You go to the Far East, to Japan and China, what is the very symbol of those cultures? The Dragon. The reptilian dragon!

This is a cultural memory of interbreeding with these reptilian gods.


The ancient Chinese Emperors claimed the right to be Emperor because of their genetic connection to what they called the serpent gods. But people reject it by reflex action and never look at the evidence to support it. One thing I would say is I am a kamikaze pilot. When I put this stuff out about reptilians and the Moon and reality, I do the hard research and I back it up with evidence - and the evidence is enormous.


But most people in the mainstream will not even look at it!

Daily Bell: Are any of your ideas linked to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

David Icke: I mention the protocols in my new book. I've got a chapter in the book that I call the Zion Mainframe.


What is Zionism? Most people will say, well that is Jewish people. Well actually it is not, it's a political system. It's a political system and at it's core is a secret society.


Do people know where it came from? Well no. OK, I will tell you it came from the House of Rothschild. The House of Rothschild is fundamental to this, as they came from a family in Germany who were called Bauer, and they changed their name to Rothschild. Which actually translates as "Red Shield."

The original Rothschild, Amschel Bauer-Rothschild, had a red shield on his house in Frankfurt when he started his banking dynasty. And that shield was the symbol that is known as the Star of David, which is not actually a Jewish symbol.


It's an ancient esoteric symbol found all over the world.

Daily Bell: Yes, the use of the Star of David as a Jewish symbol does seem fairly recent. There are references in antiquity, however, to a "shield" of David, but that is not the same thing.

David Icke: In fact, excavations in Tel Aviv found the star of David on the floor of an ancient Muslim mosque. Israel is not a homeland for Jewish people.


Israel is a fiefdom owned by the Rothschilds. Now what the Rothschilds have created is Zionism, because they wanted to have a foothold in the Middle East, that would create mayhem as part of an agenda for long-term global control. This is not the government of the Israeli people in Tel Aviv. It is a government front for the Rothschilds.

The Rothschilds spent five million pounds back in the 50s to build the Knesset. Imagine what that would be today. The Knesset is the Israeli Parliament. The Supreme Court building was built by the Rothschilds as well.

Throughout my books when I mentioned Zionism, I always call it Rothschild Zionism so that people are constantly reminded of the real source of what it is and who created it and who controls it and not the illusory connection that is for the benefit of the Jewish people.


It's not, it's for the benefit of the House of Rothschild and the global agenda of this network of families of which they are one. But a very, very significant one. So, when these so called Protocols of Zion came up, what they were, or claimed to be, and I'm not saying they are genuine or not genuine, I'm just saying we need to look at this and not dismiss it by reflex action.


I will go on pursuing any line of inquiry that will lead to a greater understanding that could lead to that outcome.

Daily Bell: What do you think of modern medicine? Are you cured of arthritis?

David Icke: No I am not cured. The one thing the psychic predicted that has not happened is that I still have arthritis.


In general, modern medicine is an absolute abomination. It's a despicable attack on human health on the human immune system and human vitality. In my new book, I look at this modern medicine scam, this corrupt mafia and I take it apart.

The eugenics movement in America, for instance, was very strong in the first part of the 20th century and included many big names. Organizations like Planned Parenthood, a Rockefeller funded organization, actually started as a eugenics outfit. It changed its title after the war based on the bad name that the Nazi's gave to eugenics.


The Rockefellers sent over a whole team of top eugenics specialists from America to help the Nazis in their research into race purity during World War II. People don't realize that. This is absolutely true and a documentable fact by the way.

Daily Bell: Would you characterize yourself as a philosopher?

David Icke: Hm-mm well, I don't know. Isn't it funny how people like to label everybody and they like to label themselves.


Who are you? I'm a philosopher. Who are you? Well I'm a doctor. NO, you are none of those things. That's what you are experiencing. What you are is consciousness. And what we do is constantly misunderstand the difference between who we are and what we are experiencing.

Once we identify who we are with what we are experiencing we are immediately pulled into limitation! I just am. We all just are. I don't give myself any kind of label, I just am. And I am seeking to know more and more about what's happening in the world.


When I get information, then I communicate it. That's all I am doing.

Daily Bell: Is your work a metaphor - an allegory - even though it's not understood that way?

David Icke: I use analogies a lot, but, no, I am not interested in allegory.


You know there were people years ago that said,

"When he says reptiles, he really means Jewish people."

No I don't! I mean bloody reptiles, with scales!


You see, because some of the stuff I say is so far out from what people perceive is possible or happening, they think I'm operating in the realm of allegory.

"He can't really be talking about reptiles!"

But I am.

Daily Bell: Do you see yourself as free-market oriented?

David Icke: Again, that is another label.


What I believe is that people should have the right to live the life they want to lead as long as they don't impose their will on other people. I have a simple philosophy on life and if we followed or lived our lives in accordance with it, we would not need any laws any more.

My philosophy is simple,

"do what you like as long as you don't impose on others."

No other laws are necessary.


You are free to do what you want to do. If you want to do this, go ahead. All agreed, go ahead and do it. You see I am exposing people who are doing what they want to do and forcing it on other people.


That's when I get interested.

Daily Bell: Is that how you got interested in economics?

David Icke: The economic system that we have today is absolutely grotesque.


Again people don't realize what the economic system is. We lend people money that doesn't even exist and charge them interest on it. It's just figures on a screen. And they lend you these figures on a screen and you must pay interest back on money that has never, does not or will never exist! This is what the banking system is.

Banks are allowed to lend money at least ten times on what they have on deposits - it's called fractional reserve lending.


Which means when you go into a bank and ask for $50,000 loan, they don't give you $50,000, they don't move precious metal anywhere or print any money, they just type into your account $50,000.


And from that moment you are paying them back $50,000 plus interest that doesn't exist, it's just been conjured out of nowhere on a screen.

Every time you put a dollar in the bank, you are giving the bank the right to lend at least $10 it doesn't have and charge interest on it. There is never ever anywhere near enough money in circulation to pay back all the loans and all the interest on the loans outstanding. It's built in by design.


So that means people are losing their homes, losing their businesses, losing their land, it's built into the system.

It has to happen because there is not enough money in circulation to pay back the interest and the loans outstanding. You pay Peter to pay Paul while there is an economic expansion going on but as soon as a depression comes in, then the amount of money in circulation is reduced by the banks refusing to issue credit.


Then suddenly the amount of money in circulation is even less, far less that is necessary to pay all the outstanding principal and interest on the loans, so therefore more people lose their homes and their businesses in very large numbers.

I think we can come up with a better economic system, one that is fair. We have to stop charging interest on money. Interest on money has been a modus operandi of these bloodline families going right back to Babylon.

Daily Bell: Have you read Austrian economics?

David Icke: No.

Daily Bell: Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the next 100 years?

David Icke: Absolutely, 100%, solid gold optimistic.


The reason for exposing this global manipulation, this global conspiracy is for one reason - to bring it to an end. Now more and more people, vast numbers of people, are waking up to how the world is controlled.


And that's fantastic!

You know people go,

"Oh it's ever so negative what you saying about what these people are doing."

Well please excuse me! Knowledge is never negative. Ignorance is negative.


And if you think it's negative and fearful to expose what is going on in the world so we can do something about it, then you are saying something about you and not the information.

Over the next few years, there are going to be many challenges and it's going to seem for a while this system is unstoppable. It isn't!


In my lifetime, and I am 58, this system of control is coming down and we are going to live in a very, very different world. I am incredibly optimistic. One 100 years from now, well... I would like to be here 100 years from now.

Daily Bell: What is next for you?

David Icke: I have a new book coming out next month. It's at the printers and it's the biggest work I have ever done.


It is nearly 700 pages, 355,000 words, 325 illustrations and 32 pages of original color art. For me it's a major work and it's called HUMAN RACE GET OFF YOUR KNEES - THE LION SLEEPS NO MORE.


It's a very comprehensive book and I think it's going to have a massive impact. I will also be speaking in America this year; I will be in New York, Chicago and San Francisco in October. I will be speaking in Europe too, Amsterdam, Athens and London on September 11.

Daily Bell: Do you have anything to add?

David Icke: Well, as I said my books and my website ( have as much information as people can consume really.


I've been at this a long time and this is my life. I don't take holidays or anything like that. I don't want them. I have produced a fantastic amount of information for people. It's all there, most of it for free. Now this new book is going to create the usual amount of name-calling. But I've heard it all before.


If you don't push the cutting edge, the cutting edge never moves.

Daily Bell: Thank you for sitting down with us. You have been generous with your time and we're sure readers will appreciate it.


Daily Bell After Thoughts


Readers can make up their own mind about David Icke and his vision of the way the world works.


But we do want to point out that he does something very interesting - that almost no other public personality does in quite the same way. This former professional soccer player and television presenter has made himself over into an almost shamanistic figure, one who makes a living by clothing his observations (though, yes, he does deny it) in allegory.

Now we make no judgments and cast no aspersions.


But what is most interesting about him in our view - and despite his denials - is the wonderfully imaginative and muscular way he builds up his observations. The characterizations of the elite as reptilian, for instance - agree or not - is an amazingly provocative archetype. It has burrowed its way into Western culture like a tapeworm. Carl Jung would be proud.

Is it coincidence? He seems to use these techniques over and over. In his upcoming book, for instance, Icke apparently wants to compare the cultural commonality of human beings - and our tendency toward certain shared (shame-based) perspectives - to a kind of biological Internet.


Thus, he clothes his arguments once again in a tangible, if imaginative, metaphor.


The Moon, so far as we can tell, is to be presented as a geological server and humans are perceived as PCs with "crystalline" blood that allows them to resonate to the messages being sent by the earth's nearest orb.

Again, he will claim none of this is predetermined or calculating, but stems from his research and discoveries.


Nonetheless, these are fictional techniques used by story-tellers throughout the ages. Even more fascinating from our perspective, they are methodologies that have fallen out of favor in the present day. Today's novelists and playwrights use Icke's techniques only self-consciously; presenting them in a manner that allows the audience to perceive the artifice from the beginning.


This sort of post-modernism is "all the vogue" and has been for a while. Icke, therefore, is a throwback.

Seen from this point of view, in fact, his entire oeuvre becomes a recognizable mythos and Icke himself becomes identifiable as a magical healer or a priest of secret mysteries. He is, of course, well aware of the evolving nature of his presentations, and even refers to them as phases. And while this interview ran long and was edited to ensure a (hopefully) cogent presentation, his methodologies should be clear enough to anyone who chooses to read - or see. (In our opinion anyway.)

What he does is both compelling and unusual - and worthy of comment.


He is making a series of controversial observations and bringing them to life using age-old techniques. And, yes, the utilization of this approach is indeed shamanistic. Icke presents himself - and we cannot think of anyone else who does so similarly - as a kind of magical "other" wielding archetypes as old as humanity to animate his perceptions.

Of course, we live in an age of sophistry and militant mundanity, an era that has spawned a million universities and tens of millions of professional pundits, many of whom proclaim a high-level of insight when it comes to storytelling. Yet such is the fashionable contempt for Icke's message, that we would bet very few academic studies have been done on Icke or his activities (at least very few that deal with the reasons for his impact as a presenter of a compelling mythos rather than alleged "rascism," etc.).

Here is a man who is singlehandedly proposing a kind of creation myth, and making a living doing so.


Again, leaving aside its reality, or purported practicality, the level of imagination and determination he brings to the task is noteworthy. Unnoticed by fashionable thinkers of our modern era - and a little like the poet William Blake, strangely enough - he is in the middle of creating his own cosmogony.


Its popular acceptance and penetration in this day and age, for whatever reason, is worth pondering.