by eyeswideopen

March 2014

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On the 6 May 2006, before a gripped audience of over 2000 people at London's famous Brixton Academy, David Icke pulled together over fifteen years of painstaking research and determined investigation into The Global Elite, The Shadow Government, The Global Conspiracy and the monumentous "sting" perpetrated on a cosmically and spiritually asleep human race.


He reveals who, how and more importantly why we are controlled, manipulated and trapped in the five sense illusion of "reality" that we manifest as our everyday experience.



  • Who controls us and their history

  • How they do it without being seen

  • Why they do it and what they take from us

  • How much worse they intend to make it

  • How to break free from their control



Parte 1








Parte 2








Parte 3