by David Icke

18 January 2013

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British royal and political Establishment

with its global significance peers over the cliff.


It is starting to get silly now and the arrest and questioning of major political and Establishment figures must take place in at least the next few weeks if the police investigation is to retain any public confidence.

The evidence for a massive pedophile ring infesting the royal palaces, Downing Street and the Westminster Parliament is overwhelming and mounting by the week. The implications of the full truth being revealed can hardly be overstated - the devastating discrediting of the major political parties and the end of the monarchy.

It would bring about a total public re-evaluation of everything they have believed about the country they live in and the forces that dictate its laws, direction and methods of operation. The same is true for much of the rest of the world because what I am about to describe is happening in every country - not least in the United States.

The revelations about record-breaking pedophile and child procurer Jimmy Savile have exposed the former BBC ‘star entertainer' as a purveyor of sheer evil on a scale that would challenge any imagination. Here are the cold and shocking numbers according to the police - and these are not even nearly the whole story:

450 people of both sexes have made complaints about Savile involving 28 police areas throughout the country and among them are 34 alleged rapes.


The abuse spanned a period of 54 years between 1955 and 2009 when Savile was 82. The abuses happened to 23 children and young people on BBC premises, at 14 hospitals and at least one hospice.


More than 70 per cent of his victims were under 18 and one was as young as eight.



Metropolitan Police Commander Peter Spindler said that Savile's crimes were 'vast, predatory and opportunistic' and he had effectively 'groomed the nation'.


Sounds good, but I would not personally trust the Met's investigation Operation Yewtree to pursue the full truth about Savile any more than I would have trusted him to produce the school nativity.

Spindler added - ludicrously - that Savile used his celebrity to 'hide in plain sight'. Oh, no, no, no, mate. That will not do. Savile got away with it for 54 years because he was protected by the highest levels of the pedophile-Satanist-controlled British Establishment for whom he was procuring children.

Lest we forget:

Disc jockey Jimmy Savile was a very close friend of the royal family including Lord Louis Mountbatten, Prince Philip and Prince Charles from the 1960s until he died aged 84 in 2011.

Savile was also a close friend of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who ran one of the most pedophile-infiltrated administrations of modern times - yes and with all the competition, too.



Now a new front is emerging to expose the ring's sickening activities - the notorious Elm Guest House in Rocks Lane, south-west London.


I have been on the trail of Elite pedophilia and Satanism on both sides of the Atlantic for two decades but I still shake my head at the same recurring names year after year in location after location.

Names emerging from sources seeking to expose what happened at Rocks Lane have included a Thatcher cabinet minister who has come up so often it is extraordinary testimony to the Establishment's ability to cover up that he is still at large and considered worthy of political influence.

Another ‘Elm name' familiar to me is Anthony Blunt who is alleged to have used the name 'Anthony Goldstein' when visiting Rocks Lane.


Blunt was one of the infamous ‘Cambridge Five' British Intelligence insiders who spied for Russia. Four of them were Blunt, Burgess, Maclean and Philby and the 'Fifth Man', never named, was Lord Victor Rothschild although there were actually more than five.

And Blunt leads us once again to the British royal family


What David Icke has said since 1998 about pedophile and child killing Prime Minister Ted Heath is backed-up here by barrister Michael Shrimpton, an Intelligence and national security consultant, from his own contacts and inside experience:





What David Icke Has Said Since 1998 About...

Pedophile and Child Killing

by David Icke

17 January 2013

from DavidIcke Website


Prime Minister Ted Heath is Backed-Up here by Barrister Michael Shrimpton, an Intelligence and National Security Consultant, from His Own Contacts and Inside Experience






The NSPCC's Savile Dossier said

the entertainer's abuse ‘simply beggared belief'



Michael Shrimpton says that Prime Minister Heath (1916-2005) was a pedophile who murdered his young boy victims or had others do it, often by throwing them into the sea after Heath had abused them on his yacht.

The record-breaking pedophile and BBC 'star' Jimmy Savile supplied boys for Heath - many of them from the Jersey children's home, Haut de la Garenne, with the support of those who ran the home.


Savile at Haut de la Garenne.


These facts were covered up by Heath Cabinet Secretary John Hunt, Baron Hunt of Tanworth, who Shrimpton says was also a pedophile.


Hunt was appointed by the Queen to be a Companion, Knight Commander and Knight Grand Cross of the British Order of chivalry known as the The Most Honorable Order of the Bath of which the Queen is the head and Prince Charles the Grand Master.


Hunt was also given a Papal Knighthood by Pope John Paul II - so was Jimmy Savile who was also knighted by the Queen.


Savile and Hunt were both given a Papal knighthood by the

biggest child-abuse network on Planet Earth:the Roman Catholic Church

(Church of Babylon relocated).

Jimmy Savile was a close friend of Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip and Prince Charles from the 1960s and this continued for decades AFTER the cover up of Heath's pedophilia and child murder in league with Savile.


You mean they didn't KNOW? Is someone having a laugh? British Intelligence didn't know? Ditto.

What's more... AFTER the Heath-Savile cover up, Savile became such a close friend of Heath's successor and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her husband Denis that he was invited to be with them on New Year's Eve every year for more than a decade.



Thatcher's government and circle of associates and aides was alive with pedophiles including Chester MP Peter Morrison, a close aide to Thatcher from 1975 to 1990.


He was a notorious pedophile, well known to colleagues and the media, and yet Thatcher and her Cabinet and inner circle did NOTHING while he was abusing boys in North Wales children's homes and elsewhere. Anyone in that circle MUST have known.


Thatcher minister Edwina Currie wrote in her published diaries:

'One appointment in the recent reshuffle has attracted a lot of gossip and could be very dangerous: Peter Morrison has become the PM's PPS [Parliamentary Private Secretary].


Now he's what they call a 'noted pederast', with a liking for young boys; he admitted as much to [Conservative Party chairman] Norman Tebbit when he became deputy chairman of the party but added' 'However, I'm very discreet' - and he must be!


She [Thatcher] either knows and is taking a chance, or doesn't; either way, it's a really dumb move.

[Conservative MP] Teresa Gorman told me this evening (in a taxi coming back from a drinks party at the BBC) that she inherited Morrison's (woman) agent, who claimed to have been offered money to keep quiet about his activities.


It scares me as all the press know, and as we get closer to the election someone is going to make trouble, very close to her indeed.'


Morrison with Thatcher

I named Edward Heath as a serial pedophile and child killer in my book, The Biggest Secret, first published in 1998 - seven years before he died.


I also named him and his Chancellor of the Exchequer Anthony Barber as practicing Satanists, as I did the leading members of the royal family.


Heath was read what I said by an excuse for a 'journalist' days after publication and he did nothing because to do so would have had the truth exposed in court - as it would be now if anyone from the Thatcher cesspit wants a go.


Michael Shrimpton mentions Barber in this interview as being in league with Heath and Cabinet Secretary Hunt.

If Operation Fairbank, the police investigation into political and 'elite' pedophilia, does not make arrests of big political and royal names so they can be questioned under caution then it, too, will be shown to be a cover up given the evidence that mounts all the time.

Michael Shrimpton goes on to talk about what he says happened to,

  • the abducted little girl Madeleine McCann

  • the assassination of Princess Diana

  • the murder of weapons expert David Kelly who could have trashed the lies used to justify the Blair invasion of Iraq

  • what he says was the murder of former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook

I can't confirm what he says about Madeleine or Cook but for sure I can with everything else with regard to Heath, Savile and the Conservative Party and government.


Nor do I agree with all of his assumptions about who was behind it all, and certainly not that British Intelligence are the ‘good guys'. But it is very interesting information very much worth hearing.

Michael Shrimpton is the author of the book, Spyhunter, which he's apparently having trouble publishing in the UK.




Michael Shrimpton Exposes Ted Heath (and others)



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And while all this happening, and with people in desperate financial straits through the bank-created economic crash and government austerity policies, the Addams family can still do this...