Where have all the children gone?

The Satanic networks are a vital part of the global mind control programmes designed to create a race of mindless zombies and an endless flow of mind controlled assassins, crazed gunmen, and agents provocateur. Human robots -mind controlled slaves - have been with us for thousands of years and it is an epidemic today. As Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler say in their detailed investigation into mind control:

“The basic techniques were developed in German, Scottish, Italian, and English families and have been done for centuries. Some report that techniques go back to ancient Egypt and ancient Babylon to the ancient mystery religions. The Nazis are known to have studied ancient Egyptian texts in their mind control research. The records and secrets of the generational bloodlines are very well guarded secrets.”1

Control of the human mind and emotions is the very foundation of the reptilian control of the human race. Control a person’s mind and you control them. The external manipulation of the mind takes many forms and the question is not how many are mind controlled, but how few are not.


Every time you allow a newspaper, news programme, or manipulating advertisement to affect your perceptions and decisions, you are being mind controlled. The emergence of today’s vast network of mind control centres and operations can be traced back to the British Army’s Directorate of Psychological Warfare commanded by Brigadier General John Rawlings Rees.


This interlocked with the Tavistock Clinic which was founded in 1920 under the direct support of the British royal family through the Duke of Kent. Later came the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London and this is the centre of a global web which includes the Stanford Institute in the United States. The aim of these organizations is the control of humanity via the external manipulation of the mind.


Rawlings Rees was a vehement racist and supporter of the eugenics ‘master race’ movement. He studied ‘war neuroses’ during World War I and he believed that by using the right conditions neurotic behaviour could be stimulated and controlled. He wrote in his book, The Shaping Of Psychiatry By War, published in 1945, that the Tavistock Group had demonstrated during the Second World War that there was a ‘psychopathological tenth’ of the population who were genetically stupid. The numbers of these people had to be controlled, he said, to protect civilised society and it was necessary to take steps, including the use of psychiatry, to prevent their increase in numbers - especially in the backward colonial countries which threatened the civilised world.


This was the usual reptilian-Aryan bullshit and Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and Adolph Hitler, could not have put it better. Rawlings Rees said there was another ten per cent of the population whose genetic superiority and psychological training made them suitable to occupy the seats of power (the reptilians and their crossbreeds). The other eighty per cent between these two extremes could, he suggested, be useful servants to the genetic elite if their neuroses could be controlled.


Rawlings Rees wanted to see psychiatrists involved throughout society, in the home, at work, and in schools, and he arranged for the Tavistock group to train what he called the ‘shock troops’, the psychiatrists posing as ‘advisors’ to the business, military, political, and educational management. Their job was, and is, to shape the way people think in the educational, political and business sectors and therefore control the direction of the world.


I was told by a member of the House of Lords in Britain that Dr David Owen, now Lord Owen (Bil, TC), the British Foreign Secretary in the 1970s, founder of the Social Democratic Party, and peace negotiator for the European Union in Bosnia, was trained at Tavistock, but I have not yet been able to confirm this or otherwise at the time of writing.

In 1947, Rawlings Rees took his ‘vision’ to the United Nations and formed the World Federation of Mental Health with Montegu Norman, the Governor of the Bank of England who had funded and manipulated Adolph Hitler and the Nazis to power. As usual, dozens of affiliated, and centrally controlled organizations with an identical agenda were formed around the world.


In each country these groups targeted people for mind manipulation that ensured their unquestioning service to the Brotherhood Agenda. Many of these people became the leaders of the Third World countries which, on the surface, were winning their ‘independence’. In truth they continued to be controlled by the same people as before. Running alongside this was the United Nations Social and Cultural Organization under the leadership of another Brotherhood mind programmer, Julian Huxley.


The late Dr Fred Wills, the Foreign Minister of Guyana, summed up the situation brilliantly when he said the United Nations was the world’s largest, continuously-run, brainwashing programme for leaders of developing countries. The same applies to the leaders of the industrial countries too, who also have their minds played with before they are allowed to enter the positions of political and economic power. Rawlings Rees’s protégé, Eric Trist, was involved in a Tavistock project to ‘restructure’ the thinking of business management.


This plan included breaking the power of the trades union movement and manipulating the thinking of top management. Among the corporations who hired Tavistock to do this were Shell, Unilever, the coal industry (then government owned), and a number of the leading financial institutions.

Major corporations today use ‘psychologists’ and they employ ‘facilitators’ or ‘group leaders’ to run business meetings. What are they really there for? And who are they working for? This all fits into the Tavistock plan to have ‘psychiatrists’ at every level of society hiding behind other job descriptions. Tavistock was behind the drug culture of the 1960s and the hippie movement and it was they who controlled the purveyors of the ‘tune in, drop out’ philosophy.


This was underpinned by the Brotherhood-CIA operation which made the drug LSD widely available. They are constantly in search of more powerful techniques to imprison the human race in complete servitude. Aldous Huxley, a Tavistock agent, and guru of the 60s ‘revolution’, revealed the agenda at a lecture to the California Medical School in San Francisco in 1961.


He said:

“There will be in the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude and producing dictatorship without tears so to speak. Producing a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them, but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel - by propaganda, or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods. And this seems to be the final revolution.”

We are at that very point today. The work of John Rawlings Rees was continued by other Tavistock operatives such as Dr Kurt Lewin as Tavistock developed ever more sophisticated techniques for the individual and mass control of the human mind. These have increased the speed at which humanity has become unthinking and robotic.


Tavistock became the centre of a global network as unlimited funds were made available through ‘charity’ trusts sponsored by the British royal family and from familiar sources like the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, the Mellons, and the Morgans. Tavistock created ‘terrorist’ groups are used to create conflict and turmoil in countries where the Brotherhood want to change the government or justify the imposition of ‘peace-keeping’ troops.


In the 1950s, Brigadier General Frank Kitson commanded a Tavistock project which used mind control and torture techniques on prisoners in British prisoner of war camps in Kenya. These robots were then released to penetrate groups opposing British control, destroy them from the inside, and kill their leaders. Others formed their own groups to fight the genuine ones and so Kenyan was fighting Kenyan. This is why the SAS are operating in Africa and South America today under the cover of the World Wide Fund for Nature and the ‘security’ organizations, as I shall document. This has happened in Algeria, Rwanda, Burundi, the Congo, the list seems endless.


The same Brigadier General Frank Kitson who created such conflict and terror in Africa was sent to Northern Ireland in 1970 to launch the initial bombing and murder campaign which triggered the Northern Ireland conflict that still continues today. Such conflicts all over the world lead to demands that something must be done and that ‘something’ is always further centralization of power. It is not surprising to learn, therefore, that Eric Trist launched the Tavistock operation in the 1980s designed to use its enormous international network to programme the collective psyche to accept a world government.

In 1991, the Tavistock journal, Human Relations, reported on the world government project. The collapse of the Soviet Union (orchestrated by the Brotherhood) had created great opportunities for world government and the end of the nation state, the report said.


It proposed a reformation of the United Nations to hand over all operations to a network of hundreds of thousands of (centrally controlled) ‘non-governmental organizations’. These would operate across national borders and not be subject to any control by elected governments. All this is a systematic plan to impose the will of the reptilians on the collective human mind and it has constantly gathered pace since the 1950s.


After the Second World War the Brotherhood emphasis changed from control of territory to control of minds and finances. People will eventually rebel against occupation of their land, but it’s very much more difficult to identify, and therefore resist, occupation of their minds and their financial choices. Winston Churchill told an audience at Harvard University on September 6th 1943, that to control what men think offered far better prizes than taking away other people’s lands or provinces or grinding them down in exploitation.


The empires of the future, he said, would be the empires of the mind. Lord Bertrand Russell said in his 1957 book, The Impact Of Science Upon Society, that when the techniques of mind control had been perfected, every government that was in charge of education for more than one generation would be able to control its subjects securely without any need for armies or policemen. That is what ‘education’ is doing to our children today.

Along with the British Psychological Warfare Department and the Tavistock operation, research also expanded rapidly under the fascists in Germany and Italy. Josef Mengele, ‘the Angel of Death’, conducted mind control experiments on thousands of twins under the supervision of Heinrich Himmler at the Kaiser Wilhelm Medical Institute in Berlin. Mengele was born into a rich Satanic reptilian bloodline. He was an expert in demonology and the Cabala and was at least a Grand Master in the Illuminati, though probably much higher.2


As the camp ‘doctor’ at the Auchwitz Concentration Camp run by I. G. Farben, he was able to experiment on countless thousands of inmates. When the Allied armies were closing in on Germany in 1945 the British-United States Intelligence operation called Project Paperdip was launched to allow Mengele and the Elite Nazi leadership, ‘scientists’, ‘doctors’, and military personnel to escape. Mengele disappeared from Auchwitz in January 1945, and the public were led to believe he had escaped to South America. In fact, he travelled world-wide, working at both the Tavistock Institute in London and in the United States where he was known as Dr. Green or Greenbaum.3


The official records in Germany detailing Mengele’s mind control research were taken by the Americans at the end of the war and the millions of sheets of paper involved are still stored in the Suitland Annex in Washington DC where they are kept under strict security. Most of Mengele’s research gleaned in the concentration camps is still classified.4


Researcher Fritz Springmeier established the names of a number of people who had security clearance to access these files and every one was connected to the Brotherhood networks, including the Illuminati. Many other documents have been destroyed and in the bowels of the CIA headquarters at Langley, Virginia, just across the river from Washington DC, is a basement area known as the Pit where documents are shredded around the clock.5

Mind control survivors from this period recall Mengele’s spotless uniform and shiny boots which he wore during programming sessions. They remember his thick German accent, the space between his front teeth, and the way he jabbed with his thumb.6 As in the concentration camps of Germany, he often had German shepherd dogs to frighten children in his programming sessions.


Coordinating Project Paperclip and the subsequent mind control programmes in the United States were the Dulles brothers, cousins to the Rockefellers, both Satanists, reptilians, and Nazis to their core. John Foster Dulles became the US Secretary of State after the war while his brother Allen Dulles was appointed to head the new Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA. From this influx of Nazi mind-doctors into the United States came the now notorious and unspeakable mind control programmes known as MKUltra.


MK stands for mind control; they used the German spelling of kontrolle in deference to the German Nazis who inspired the methods and techniques. It was headed, officially, by Ewen Cameron, an extremely sick individual, and a member of one of the Elite Scottish reptilian bloodlines. His favorite book as a child was Frankenstein which, he said, inspired him to follow a career in psychiatry. From his base in Montreal, Canada, he coordinated the infamous MKUltra mind control operation with funding from familiar names like the Rockefellers and he had regular meetings with Allen Dulles and the CIA.


One of Cameron’s institutions administered 60,000 electrical shocks to patients in one year alone: 1961. Cameron’s code name was ‘Dr White’ and indeed colour was part of his research. He was trying to discover how to make brown eyes blue. Can it really be a coincidence that the country singer, Crystal Gayle, who is reported to be a mind controlled slave,7 made a hit record called Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue?

Many of the rituals and methods employed in the mind control projects are inspired by the ancient mystery schools. Admiral Stanfield Turner, the Director of the CIA, admitted publicly in 1977 that millions of dollars had been spent studying voodoo, witchcraft and psychics, and at the Senate hearing on August 3rd 1977, he said that the CIA had been mind controlling countless people without their consent or knowledge.

MKUltra had involved at least 185 scientists, 80 US institutions, among them prisons, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and 44 medical colleges and universities. Some 700 drugs are used by the Babylonian Brotherhood’s mad professors in their mind control projects to create their human robots. This is why so many drugs were found at the Jonestown Compound in Guyana in 1978 when ‘cult’ members were murdered in their hundreds.


The People’s Temple ‘cult’ was created by CIA operative, Jim Jones. It was not a new religion as portrayed in the media, it was a mind control experiment. See the chapter Cult or Con in .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free. Drugs have been used since ancient times to mind manipulate people and take them into altered states of consciousness. They can also suppress the will and allow what is called ‘demonic possession’.


The CIA-British Intelligence networks fund drug research (in other words the public do) to find more and more effective ways of suppressing consciousness and will. This includes vaccinations, food additives, and electromagnetic techniques. One of the centres involved in drug research for the CIA is the California Medical Facility at Vacaville where the work was done by Dr Arthur Nugent. Countless experiments have been carried out and continue to be so.


They include the use of mind controlling drugs on servicemen at the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland (since exposed in a television documentary). One of the experiments is in Haiti where the Vodoun cult, a CIA-front, has turned most of the people into little more than zombies.


Prozac is a drug that constantly appears in research into these matters and it is not confined to individual mind control projects, it is being issued like confetti by doctors who serve the profits and ambitions of the drug cartel instead of their patient’s wellbeing. It is one of the world’s most prescribed drugs for depression and, as I write, Eli Lilly is seeking approval to market a version of Prozac for children in peppermint and orange flavours. Already some 400,000 youngsters under 18 are being treated with Prozac in the United States alone and that is just the start. This is a mass mind control operation we are seeing here, creating a race of zombies like the ones in Haiti.


Eli Lilly is closely connected to the Morgan and Rockefeller networks, US Intelligence, and George Bush. Other pharmaceutical companies involved in drug research for the mind control projects include:

  • Sterling Drug (a spin-off from Hitler’s I. G. Farben) which is connected to the bloodline family, the Krupps, the CIA’s Tinker Foundation, and the Order of St John of Jerusalem

  • Monsanto Chemical Company where the president Earle H. Harbison Jr is also president of the Mental Health Association and director of the infamous Bethesda General Hospital where slaves are programmed for a mind control operation called Project Monarch.8 Monsanto is heavily involved with genetically manipulated food


Trauma-based mind control

Project Monarch is one of the many offshoots of MKUltra, a programme which, despite official denials, is not only continuing today under other names, it has massively expanded. The foundation of these projects world-wide is a technique called trauma-based mind control and now we can see how the Satanic networks fit into this picture. The mind has a defense mechanism which compartmentalizes the memory of extreme trauma.


This is why people cannot remember serious road accidents. Their mind creates an amnesiac barrier around the event so they don’t have to keep reliving such horrible memories. From ancient times this has been understood by the Brotherhood. In the concentration camps of Nazi Germany the methods of exploiting this phenomena for mind control were further perfected. Mengele and the Nazis realised that if you could systematically traumatise someone through torture, sexual abuse, and by sacrificing and torturing others as they watched, you could shatter a person’s mind into a honeycomb of self-contained compartments or amnesiac barriers. Satanic rituals are widely used to do this.


Once the mind’s unity has been shattered, these various compartments, each unaware of the other’s existence, can be programmed for various tasks or experiences.

Using trigger words and hypnotic keys, sounds, or signals, these compartments can be pulled forward and pushed back like a mental filing cabinet. One self contained compartment or fragment of mind becomes the person’s conscious level and it is then returned to the subconscious and another compartment accessed. This means that after the victim has performed a task they forget what they have done and who with.


This condition has become known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The latter is more accurate because the compartments are not ‘personalities’ as such, they are fragments of mind which have disassociated, become detached from, the rest of the consciousness. It is like moving a radio dial across the stations, the compartments, tuning into one and then another. Even this technique is primitive compared with the latest methods. I knew from my research that there is an obsession among Satanists and paedophiles with having anal sex with young girls, as well as boys, and the British therapist, Vera Diamond, told me that this is a way of creating multiples.


Anal penetration is so painful to a child that it sends a surge of energy up the spine which explodes in the brain, causing further ‘personality’ splitting. It is called vaso-vagal shock. She showed me a painting by a female victim of this and it portrayed a surge of white energy rising from the bottom of the spine and exploding in all directions in her head. So even anal sex has an ulterior motive for those who understand its mental and emotional effect.

Most people are MPD or ‘multiples’ to an extent because we are all shutting out what we would rather not face, but we are talking here about an extreme and calculated version of it. Many soldiers become multiples when they witness unimaginable slaughter, as their mind walls off the memory and they have no recollection of what they saw.


Traugott Konstantin Oesterreich, a professor at Tubingen University in Germany, wrote a classic study of Multiple Personality Disorder and ‘demonic possession’ in 1921 called Possession, Demonical And Other. This revealed that trauma-based mind control was being used in France, Germany and Belgium long before the dawn of the 20th century. Survivors and professionals have told of how the British used agents programmed through MPD in the First World War.9


Although the trauma may be forgotten, subconsciously it is still affecting them and their lives, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many people who are sexually abused and systematically traumatised as children appear mentally and physically unstable, especially if the programming has stopped and the compartment walls begin to dismantle. I have sat in on sessions with the British therapist, Vera Diamond, and seen people switch between vastly different ‘personalities’, one after the other, by the use of a single word or sentence. It is incredible to experience.


One of her clients has to be attached to a plastic bag which collects her urine because her bladder has been destroyed by torture. Her medical records are so enormous it shocked a doctor who saw them. When I met her, this lady was just 30... 30... years of age. In the UK the psychologists, social workers, and police, glean their knowledge of Multiple Personality Disorder from the Tavistock group which claims to be the authority on treating the problem while secretly using it to programme people.


Dr William Sargant, a psychiatrist at the Tavistock Institute, wrote in his 1957 book, Battle For The Mind:

“Various types of belief can be implanted in many people after brain function has been deliberately disturbed by accidentally or deliberately induced fear, anger or excitement. Of the results caused by such disturbances, the most common one is temporarily impaired judgment and heightened suggestibility. Its various group manifestations are sometimes classed under the heading of “herd instinct”, and appear most spectacularly in wartime, during severe epidemics, and in all similar periods of common danger, which increase anxiety and so individual and mass suggestibility.”

There you have another reason why the public are fed a constant diet of events which induce fear, anger or excitement. Once again, the knowledge of this is not new, it is just more widely used and focused today. People, or rather zombies, in a programmed state are used for many things.


They are activated to carry out assassinations, as with the killers of John Lennon and Robert Kennedy. Sirhan Sirhan, the mind controlled puppet alleged to have murdered Robert Kennedy in 1968, was on a ‘mind expansion’ course with the Rosicrucians when he began to hear messages telling him to kill Kennedy. I detail the background to this in .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free. We can now see why so many assassinations are performed by people with the same mental profile - the so-called ‘lone nutters’. They are neither alone nor, in most cases, insane if they were allowed to live in their natural state. They are programmed people, often since childhood.


By this method, you can use these mind controlled robots to plant a terrorist bomb and then ensure they are in the right place at the right time to be accused and charged with the outrage. You can also program that person’s mind while in custody to make sure that he even thinks he was involved. The infamous CIA mind controller called Dr Louis Jolyon ‘Jolly’ West, who features strongly in .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free, gave a ‘mental examination’ to Timothy McVeigh, the microchipped former US soldier who was convicted of the Oklahoma bombing. West was deeply involved in MKUltra and one of his keenest supporters was the then Governor of California, later President of the United States, Ronald Reagan.

We have seen a spate of ‘lone nutters’ in many countries who commit mass murder by going apparently crazy with guns. In the United Kingdom we have had horrendous examples of this in the little towns of Hungerford in Berkshire in 1987 and Dunblane in Scotland on March 13th 1996. A ‘nutter’ called Thomas Hamilton walked into a school in Dunblane and opened fire on little children in a gymnasium.


He killed 16 five and six year olds and a teacher. The effect on the collective psyche of hundreds of millions of people across the world, especially of course, in the UK, was devastating. Shortly after that came the massacre in Port Arthur, a small town in Tasmania, Australia, when another lone gunman called Martin Bryant went ‘crazy’ on April 28th 1996 and killed 35 people. This was followed in England by a guy attacking children and their teachers with a machete at a school in Wolverhampton.


In March 1998 came ‘America’s Dunblane’ when two youngsters, Mitchell Johnson aged 13, and his cousin, 11-year-old Andrew Golden, opened fire on their school friends and teachers at the Westside Middle School in Jonesboro in Arkansas, just 130 miles from Bill Clinton’s political base at Little Rock. 27 shots were fired killing four students and a teacher and wounding eleven others.

Often reports emerge after these events that some of the killers were involved in Satanism. Similar incidents happened in Pearl, Mississippi, on October 1st 1997, and in December the same year at West Paducah, Kentucky, and Stamps, Arkansas. Again, it was claimed hat those involved in Pearl had been taking part in Satanism. There have been many more since. These events have all the hallmarks of mind control operations. So what goes on here?

Look at the profiles of many of these people. Most have a background of being a bit strange, troubled or simple - “Not the full quid”, as neighbours described the Port Arthur killer, Martin Bryant. This is perfect when you want them and their horrors to be dismissed as the work of a lone nutter. In Bryant’s case, he had apparently just returned from a two week stay in the United States when he went berserk with his gun.


People close to him said his character had changed after he came back from the US, although he had a long history of psychiatric problems and Bryant was a creation of the global mind control centre at Tavistock in London. He was ‘examined’ in 1983-84 by Tavistock’s Dr Eric Cunningham Dax, who decided on his future ‘treatment’. Dax was for decades a close associate of Dr John Rawlings Rees, the inspiration for the Tavistock brainwashing operation. It has been shown that terrorist groups like the IRA have what they call ‘sleepers’, people who lie low unused for years, even decades, until circumstances occur in which they and their cover can be exploited for a particular task. It is the same in this world of mind control. There are people programmed to live in the community with a certain character profile until the time comes when they can be used. They are known in the ‘trade’ as ‘dead eyes’.


They have no idea that they are being used in this way because they are not in control of their minds, their programmers are. There are so many unanswered questions, interestingly, about why the Dunblane killer, the Freemason Thomas Hamilton, was allowed to legally keep guns when his strange behaviour should have ensured his license was refused. And why did the police in Port Arthur take an hour to respond when the scene of the massacre was close to the police station and they had been informed within minutes of Bryant’s first shot?


Also, Bryant, Hamilton, and so many other people who commit such outrages are reportedly taking Prozac. Side effects include nervousness, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, hypomania, and violent behaviour when the drug is withdrawn. Doctors are warned not to prescribe Prozac to anyone with a history of ‘mania’. A number of people involved in mass shootings in the United States have been taking this drug. Traces of the active ingredient of Prozac were also found in the blood of Henri Paul, the driver of Princess Diana’s Mercedes when it crashed in Paris in 1997.

So what is the motivation behind these gun massacres? The manipulation of the mind and emotions. Where did these mass murders take place? Not in the gangland areas of London, Glasgow, Los Angeles, or Sydney, but in quiet little communities where everyone felt perfectly safe. In the same way, the ‘McVeigh’ bomb and the school shootings did not happen in New York or Washington, but in Oklahoma. We would be advised not to underestimate the effect on the collective psyche in terms of fear and a desire for the authorities to ‘protect’ people from that fear.


That means more cameras in the streets and more security guards and cameras in schools so that children are brought up to accept the culture of being ‘protected’ from danger by ‘Big Brother’ authority. A front page headline in, I think, the London Daily Mail encompassed the very reaction the manipulators wanted to stimulate. It said after the Australia killings:

“Is nowhere in the world safe anymore?” When these things happen in quiet communities, it encourages even more powerfully the response of “My God, this could happen to me and my children - hey, we need protecting”.

A traumatized mind is far more susceptible to mind manipulation. The Brotherhood want to remove all guns from the general population in preparation for their final coup d’etat. No-one wants to rid the world of weapons more than me, but we need to ask about the motivation behind the immense pressure for gun laws inspired by... Hungerford, Dunblane, Tasmania, Oklahoma, etc, etc. Problem-reaction-solution.


Getting hold of illegal weapons is so easy that gun laws would not stop anyone who really wanted to kill. The gun used by Martin Bryant in Port Arthur was stolen and he had no licence. Gun laws would not have stopped that, but the reason such laws are being introduced all over the world is to prevent the population from defending themselves when the order goes out to round up those who are challenging the Agenda.


In the UK the distraught parents who lost children in Dunblane were sickeningly and callously used to spearhead anti-gun legislation by the very people who orchestrated the murder of their loved ones. I don’t think I would use a gun, but who knows what a person would do in certain circumstances? My instincts are that I don’t see the point of using violence to oppose violence, but many people would and the Brotherhood know that. For this reason they want an unarmed population.


Adolph Hitler introduced gun laws shortly before he began to transport people to his concentration camps. Similar camps, or ‘holding facilities’, have already been built in the United States by an organization called FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which was set up by Zbigniew Brzezinski, a shape-shifting reptilian, and the man who launched the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller. FEMA is headed by James Lee Witt and I would advise you to take a look at his eyes if you get the chance on television and ask yourself what they remind you of.

Mind controlled human robots are also used to pass messages between people outside the normal channels. These include unofficial communications between world leaders and between personnel within the Brotherhood-controlled illegal drugs network which involves presidents of the United States and many other world leaders and officials. People programmed through Multiple Personality Disorder apparently develop a photographic memory.


The words of the communication are dictated under a form of hypnosis and then compartmentalized, often using a high voltage stun gun which lowers blood sugar levels and makes the person more open to suggestion. Later a trigger word, sentence, or action, activates that ‘personality’ compartment and the human robot repeats the message word for word like a recorded tape. I have no doubt that many world leaders are themselves under the influence of mind control by their handlers and I am convinced that the UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair, with his distant eyes and fixed smile, is under some sort of mental influence. People look at some of the people I name and say: “But he seems such a nice chap, he’d never do that”.


The point to remember is that the minds of these people, including many prime ministers and presidents, are compartmentalized and they can be switched from one mode to another. They are not one personality, but multiples of them and we need to appreciate this if we are going to follow the plot. Their closest friends won’t realize that what they see is only one compartment of their mind. If they saw them switched to another compartment, they would not recognize them as the person they think they know. Mind controlled ‘multiples’ are also used to infiltrate organizations the Brotherhood wish to discredit and destroy. Once on the inside they are triggered to behave in ways that turn public opinion against the organization.

Mind controlled robots, including very small children, provide bizarre sex for presidents, foreign leaders, politicians, and businessmen. Often this is done to encourage these leaders into the Brotherhood’s way of thinking or to compromise and blackmail them into doing as they are told. When I say bizarre, I mean it and I don’t find the information that follows easy to write or speak about. But it is so important that this veil is lifted, not least for those who are being subjected now, this minute, to some of this grotesque torture. For the most obvious of reasons, these human robots are rarely able to talk about what has happened to them.


They are either in zombie mode and can’t remember, or, when they are past their sell by date from the Brotherhood’s perspective, they are murdered and sometimes their body parts used for black magic rituals attended by some very famous people. You think you know the personalities of people you see on the television? Please read on.


Fortunately, one very brave woman who was mind controlled as a young child has spoken out after escaping from US government slavery She was taken through long and painful deprogramming sessions lasting more than a year which dismantled compartments in her mind and allowed her to remember what happened to her - and who did it.


She is Cathy O’Brien, an American of Irish decent, who together with Mark Phillips, has produced a self-published book about her experiences called Trance Formation Of America.10 It is a stunning tale that she has to tell, but there have been millions more like her (still are) and that will continue to be the case until humanity wakes up to its responsibilities. Cathy describes in great detail the conversations she heard, the rooms and decor in the White House, the Pentagon, and top secret military establishments across the US. She can also describe physical details of the people involved which she could only know if she had seen them naked.


There are a number of researchers who question some of the details in Trance Formation Of America and, as always, I have many questions myself. But the themes and many of the names in Cathy’s book have come up again and again in the accounts of other recovering mind controlled slaves and in the research of myself and many others. Her story is a summary of what is happening all over the world so I will tell it at some length.

Cathleen (Cathy) Ann O’Brien was born in 1957 in Muskegon, Michigan. Her father Earl O’Brien is a paedophile and one of Cathy’s first memories was being unable to breathe because his penis was in her mouth. Such trauma automatically triggers
Multiple Personality Disorder without any need for programming because the child’s own mind wishes to shut out the horror.


Her father’s friends were also allowed to abuse and rape the young Cathy and her brothers, just as her father and mother had been abused as children. Her mother was sexually abused by Cathy’s grandfather, the leader of a Masonic Blue Lodge. Her mother’s brother, Uncle Bob to Cathy, was a pilot in Airforce Intelligence who claimed that he worked for the Vatican. Uncle Bob was also a commercial pornographer and Cathy’s father forced her and her older brother, Bill, to take part in pornographic films made for the local Michigan Mafia which was connected, she says, to the ‘porn king’ Gerald Ford, then a US representative.


He would later be the vice-president of the United States under Richard Nixon and president when Nixon was ousted by Henry Kissinger and company via Watergate. Ford also served on the Warren Commission ‘investigating’ the assassination of President Kennedy and decided the official version was true even though it was impossible. While Cathy O’Brien was a little child at school, she says she was raped by Gerald Ford in the office of the Michigan State Senator, Guy VanderJagt, who also raped her.


VanderJagt would become the chairman of the Republican Party National Congressional Committee which supported the child rapist and murderer, George Bush, the Queen of England’s friend, in his successful campaign to become President of the United States.

Eventually, Cathy’s father was caught sending child pornography through the post a film of young Cathy having sex with a boxer dog. To avoid prosecution, Cathy was handed over by her father to the United States Government and the Defense Intelligence Agency. Her father was delighted with the deal because he was now immune from prosecution and could continue his pornography and paedophile activities while the authorities looked the other way.


The agency was searching for sexually abused children with Multiple Personality Disorder who came from families with a history of intergenerational child abuse. They wanted the children for their studies into genetic mind control which operated under the title, Project Monarch, an offshoot of MKUltra. The name Monarch comes from the Monarch butterfly, more symbolism which relates in part to the butterfly net.


The man who arrived at Cathy’s house to give her father the ultimatum to “Hand over your daughter or be prosecuted” was... Gerald Ford. Cathy’s father was sent to Harvard University near Boston to be instructed in how to prepare his daughter for the mad professors of the government agencies.


Cathy says in her book:

..... in keeping with his government-provided instructions, my father began working me like the legendary Cinderella. I shovelled fireplace ashes, hauled and stacked firewood, raked leaves, shovelled snow, chopped ice, and swept - ‘because’, my father said, ‘Your little hands fit so nicely around the rake, mop, shovel, and broom handles...’ By this time my father’s exploitation of me included prostitution to his friends, local mobsters, and Masons, relatives, Satanists, strangers, and police officers...

.... Government researchers involved in MKUltra Project Monarch knew about the photographic memory aspect of MPD/DID, of course, as well as other resultant ‘super-human’ characteristics. Visual acuity of an MPD/DID is 44 times greater than that of the average person. My developed unusually high pain threshold, plus compartmentalization of memory, were “necessary” for military and covert operation applications.

Additionally, my sexuality was primitively twisted from infancy. This programming was appealing and useful to perverse politicians who believed they could hide their actions deep within my memory compartments which clinicians refer to as personalities.”11

All these methods of trauma, and others I will reveal, are not just gratuitous torture. For example, heavy exercise with little sleep causes the overproduction of endorphins in the brain and this makes the person start to robotically react to commands.12 This is part of the training methods in the military, of course, which is nothing more than a school for mind control. The “Yes sir” mentally is pure mind control and subordination to the will of another. Soldiers are not encouraged to think and question, only to do as they are told. You want to be mind controlled? OK, simple - join the military.


The sexual theme of the programming and abuse is also inspired by the manipulation of sexual energy, the creative force, and at the point of orgasm the mind psyche is wide open to access other higher or lower dimensions, depending on the state of being of those involved. These mind control programmers have high-tech equipment which stimulate those parts of the brain which trigger the orgasm and so open the mind of the victim to the lower ‘demonic’ dimensions, the reptilians.


The programming techniques are highly sophisticated and often very subtle. One common Monarch technique is the ‘double bind’ in which you say two opposites in the same sentence to cause confusion: “Don’t believe any of this, it’s all true” is an example.13


Slavery is not confined to history. Slavery is happening all over the world today, including, no, especially, in Britain, the United States, and other ‘civilised’ countries. Paedophiles make the news from time to time, but they are the tiniest tip of a massive network that goes right to the top (sorry, gutter) of ‘free’ societies.


The truth about the abuse of boys at the Kincora Home in Northern Ireland was suppressed because one of the abusers was an agent of British Intelligence. It also involved at least one famous politician in Northern Ireland, but this fact has been covered up, not least by a now retired official of British Intelligence called Ian Cameron. Such child abuse networks provide the perfect vehicle to satisfy the sexual desires of those in control and for blackmailing those they wish to control. I want to know the names of those involved in whatever country you live. If you know something, please tell me. The information will be in the strictest confidence and if it can be substantiated I will make it public. If you hesitate just think about the children being abused today, now, this minute.

Cathy O’Brien says she was abused by Father James Thaylen when she sought comfort at a Roman Catholic Church called St Francis de Sales in Muskegon and another priest, a Father Don, helped Gerald Ford’s friend, Guy VanderJagt, to confuse and abuse her in line with the ‘requirements’ of Project Monarch. Later she was sent to a Roman Catholic School, one of many used by the Brotherhood to safely house their mind controlled children under the strict regime designed to increase the depth of their Multiple Personality Disorder.


Her school was Muskegon Catholic Central High School where she was raped by Father Vesbit many times, on one occasion during a Satanic ritual involving other mind controlled boys and girls in his private chapel. The Roman Catholic Church is the epitome of hypocrisy and deeply, deeply, sick. As this book has explained, it was the creation of the Babylonian Brotherhood from the start, back at the time of the Roman Empire. The Roman Catholic Jesuit movement is an important vehicle for the manipulation of the global conspiracy. Like the Knights of Malta, who help to control the Vatican, the Jesuit hierarchy does not even believe in Christianity! That’s just a front.


The whole conspiracy is a lot of masks, mirrors and smokescreens. The Jesuits, the Knights of Malta, and the Roman Catholic hierarchy are part of the Babylonian Brotherhood. They were, and are, keen supporters of mind control outrages like Project Monarch and MKUltra. How appropriate, given that the Roman Catholic Church has survived by terrifying, brainwashing, and mind controlling its global congregation. Cathy says she was pressured and manipulated from a young age by the CIA’s Roman Catholic branch into keeping secrets through a technique known as the Rite to Remain Silent. And there were so many secrets to keep locked away in her compartmentalized mind.


In the years that followed, she says she was under the control of the US ‘Democrat’, the senator for West Virginia, Robert C. Byrd, and her abuse by him and the government agencies expanded. Byrd is a ‘constitutional’ expert working to undermine and destroy the best parts of the American Constitution. She claims that Byrd controls a network of mind controlled slaves and loves nothing more than to whip them mercilessly until they are close to death.


One of Byrd’s associates, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont, would later torture Cathy by putting a needle in her eye while her daughter, Kelly, was forced to watch, she writes in her book.14 Leahy was vice-chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and served on Byrd’s Senate Appropriations Committee. Leahy and Byrd played out a public game of ‘opposing’ each other while actually working together to the same goals. The same masquerade goes on in the parliaments of the world every day.


Byrd, a cocaine addict,15 often bragged to ‘safe’ people of how he mind controlled President Jimmy Carter while he was Carter’s ‘confidant and advisor’. The hypnotic voice of Byrd became the ‘voice of God’ to a praying and meditating Carter who faithfully followed the ‘guidance’ he believed was divine.16

Cathy’s torture and mind control was inflicted at many government establishments around the States, including the NASA Space and Rocket Centre at Huntsville, Alabama, where she and later her daughter, Kelly, were used for pornographic films. Yes - Man on the Moon, Space Shuttle - NASA does all this. Religions are used constantly to manipulate people and as a ‘respectable’ cover for torture and mind manipulation. One centre of Cathy’s mind programming was Salt Lake City, Utah, the headquarters of the Mormon Church.


Another establishment for mind controlling slaves is known as the Charm School at Youngstown, Ohio. This is a sex-slave ‘school’ where Cathy says she, Kelly and countless other women and children, were tortured and abused with electric shocks, sleep deprivation and sexual trauma. Cathy says an unnamed member of the Mellon banking family (more close friends of the Windsors) was the ‘governor’ of the Charm School. Other well known people involved were US Representative Jim Traficant and Dick Thornburgh, then Governor of Pennsylvania and later US Attorney General and Secretary for the United Nations, Cathy writes.17


She, and so many others like her I have spoken with or read about, say that part of their torture programming took place at Disneyland in California and Disneyworld in Florida. The opening of the Disney park near Paris has given the opportunity for similar programming for mind-slaves in Europe. The Disney company is a major Brotherhood operation and its films and theme parks are perfect for creating the illusions that confuse the mind of the multiple. Satanic rituals go on here and trauma-based programming when the parks are closed, Cathy says.


Children are targeted for kidnapping here and the ones they want get ‘lost’ in the crowds. One obvious example of a children’s story full of mind-programming symbolism is the MGM epic, The Wizard Of Oz. The word ‘Oz’ is short for Osiris, another theme of the programming. Some slaves have the ‘golden penis of Osiris’ placed upon them.18


The story of The Wizard Of Oz was published in 1900 by Frank Baum, a member of Madam Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society, and it became a film in 1939. It is a mass of mystery school, Satanic and mind control symbolism and Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler include a superb analysis of the story in their book, The Illuminati Formula Used To Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave.


Other programming centres include Las Vegas, Nevada, and its surrounding area. The fantasy themes of the casinos in Vegas, like the MGM Grand, are used and one of the slave ‘auction’ sites is a remote spot 20 miles from the city.19

While still a child, Cathy says that she was raped, abused and tortured by some very famous people. She says that she was raped by Pierre Trudeau, the long time Prime Minister of Canada, who as a Jesuit, was working closely with the Vatican; she was raped again by Gerald Ford when he was actually President; raped by Ronald Reagan while he was President; and raped many times in the most brutal fashion by Dick Cheney, the White House Chief of Staff under Ford and the Defense Secretary of the United States under George Bush. Cathy is able to describe Cheney’s office in the Pentagon in great detail. If you accept her often highly detailed evidence you can only conclude that Cheney, like Bush, has an immensely imbalanced mind capable of staggering violence and murder.

Cathy says that Cheney told her on one occasion: “I could kill you - kill you - with my bare hands. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last”.20 These were the characters who launched the Gulf War to show that ‘violence does not pay’! Cheney, Bush, and others have ‘fun’ playing something they call The Most Dangerous Game. It involves threatening government slaves like Cathy and other mind controlled children and adults with appalling consequences if they are caught.


They are then allowed to ‘escape’ into a forest, usually in some top secret military area like Lampe, Missouri or Mount Shasta, California, which are surrounded by a high fence to prevent any escape. George Bush, the man who called for a “kinder, gentler America”, Dick Cheney, and Bill Clinton often go after them with guns, Cathy says in her book and newspaper interviews. When they are caught, they are brutally raped, sometimes killed, she says.


The Mount Shasta compound, where Bush and Cheney shared an office, is, according to Cathy: “The largest covert mind control slave camp of which I am aware”.21 There she saw an enormous fleet of unmarked black helicopters, which, as researchers have revealed, are part of the Brotherhood’s private army which is being installed to instigate the coup d’etat against dissidents when the moment is deemed right.


These helicopters have often been reported near the scenes of ‘alien’ abductions and cattle mutilations. Part of the cover for these military and mind control operations at the Shasta compound, Cathy says, is the country music scene at Lake Shasta.

Cathy says she was forced to marry a mind controlled Satanist called Wayne Cox, a member of the Jack Greene country music band. Greene, a CIA operative, was also a Satanist, she says.22 Cox’s job was to further traumatise her to create more compartments which could be used to program new ‘personalities’, Cathy writes. One night, she says Cox took her with him to the ruins of the Union Railway Station in Nashville and, using a flashlight, found a homeless man asleep. He ordered Cathy to “Kiss the railroad bum goodbye” and proceeded to shoot him in the head.


That was horrific enough, but then he produced a machete and chopped off the man’s hands before putting them into a zipper bag.23 As Cathy has stated at public meetings many times, Wayne Cox is a serial killer who invariably chops off the hands of his prey. This is a Satanic signature.


In an interview published in the Contact newspaper, Cathy said:

“By 1978, Wayne Cox, my first designated controller, was actively ritually and dismembering bums, children, and those who “wouldn’t be missed” and blatantly distributing body parts from his Chatham, Louisiana, home base to key Satanic capitals of several states which included the “Little Rock-Missouri route.”24

Government agencies know this, she says, but he is immune from prosecution because he works for them. Cox led Cathy to another spot on the Union Station site, the tower at the old railway depot, and waiting in the room for them, she says, were Jack Greene, members of his band and others, dressed in black robes. They were standing around a black leather altar, she claims. She describes the room as being draped in red velvet and lit by candles. Cathy was laid on the altar and subjected to rape and torture while the Satanists performed a black magic ritual that involved sex, blood, and cannibalism.25


Years later when ‘married’ to another CIA asset, Alex Houston, she would be made pregnant and artificially aborted many times so the foetuses could be used for Satanic rituals, she says.


Bohemian Grove

There is a sexual playground for leading American and foreign politicians, mobsters, bankers, businessmen, top entertainers, etc, who are initiates of the Babylonian Brotherhood. It is called Bohemian Grove, 75 miles north of San Francisco in California, near the hamlet of Monte Rio alongside the Russian River in Sonoma County.


I went to the area in 1997 to have a look around and when I told the hotel receptionist where I was going she warned me to be very careful because some people who had been to investigate had never been seen again. Here at Bohemian Grove, Cathy, and others I have interviewed, say they were forced to serve the perversions of their abusers. These include Satanic rituals, torture, child sacrifices, and blood drinking, which take place on the exclusive 2,700 acre estate in among the redwood trees.


As Cathy says in her book:

“Slaves of advancing age or with failed programming were ritually murdered at random in the wooded grounds of Bohemian Grove and I felt it was only a matter of time until it would be me”.26

She says the Grove has a number of rooms for different perversions including a Dark Room, a Leather Room, a Necrophilia Room, and one known as the Underground Lounge, spelt as ‘U.N.derground’ on the sign. I’ve seen a covertly taken picture of robed men at Bohemian Grove standing alongside a large fire worshipping a 40 foot stone owl (see picture section). The owl is the symbol of Moloch or Molech, an aspect of Nimrod/Baal.


Moloch demands the sacrifice of children and it was to this deity that the children of the Babylonians, Hebrews, Canaanites, Phoenicians and Carthaginians, were sacrificially burned. This picture provided visual support for the claims over many years that Druid rituals were being performed at the Grove with people in red robes marching in procession chanting to the Great Owl, Moloch. The Romans called the owl by the same word that meant witch.


The Greeks said the owl was sacred to Athene, the ancient Mesopotamian ‘Eye Goddess’, and her staring owl-like images have been found throughout the Middle East.27 The owl was also the totem of Lilith, the symbol of the bloodline genes passed on through the female, and other versions of the triple goddess of the Moon. The owl has been symbolized as a witch in bird form and is associated with witches in the symbols of Halloween.


The symbolism of being able to see in the dark and with a 360 degree range of vision are also appropriate for a Brotherhood deity. These world famous Brotherhood initiates at Bohemian Grove burn a Celtic wicker effigy at the start of their ‘camp’ to symbolize their ‘religion’. The population of Britain has been manipulated into doing the same every November 5th when effigies of Guy Fawkes are burned to mark the day on which he tried to blow up Parliament.

A local community newspaper, The Santa Rosa Sun, reported in July 1993 about the Cult of Canaan and the legend of Moloch at Bohemian Grove, but police investigations into alleged murders on the site have predictably led nowhere.


Regular attendees at Bohemian Grove are known as ‘grovers’ and among them are people like,

  • George Bush

  • Gerald Ford

  • Henry Kissinger

  • Dick Cheney

  • Alan Greenspan, the head of the Federal Reserve

  • Jack Kemp (Bob Dole’s running mate at the 1996 US election);

  • Alexander Haig, the former Defense Secretary

  • Casper Weinberger and George Shultz, former Secretaries of State

...and a long list of the best known politicians, businessmen, media people, and entertainers in the world, let alone America.


Steve Bechtel, the head of the world’s biggest construction company, attended Bohemian Grove in the 1980s while his company enjoyed massive contracts thanks to the spending decisions of the World Bank and its president A. W. Clausen, another ‘grover’. According to researchers, there is a waiting list of some 1,500 people anxious to pay the initiation fee of $2,500 and annual dues of $600. This is a ‘summer camp’ and Satanic centre for the Elite who run the planet and this is where many of the real decisions are made before they become public.

I have a picture from 1957 of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon sitting at a table at Bohemian Grove listening to Dr Glenn Seaborg, who was involved in the discovery of plutonium and worked on the Manhattan Project which produced the bombs that were dropped on Japan.

A photo taken in 1957 at Bohemian Grove, this has not been doctored!
The three main attendees pictured are future president Ronald Reagan,

Glenn Seaborg (the man who headed the Plutonium work of the Manhattan Project)

and future president Richard Nixon.


Doctor Edward Teller, the ‘father of the H-bomb’, was also a member. Both Reagan and Nixon, part of this Elite Satanic club more than 40 years ago, would go on to become presidents of the United States. In fact, every Republican president since Herbert Hoover in 1945 has been a member and most Democrats, including Bill Clinton.

It was in Sonoma County, not far from Bohemian Grove, that 12-year-old Polly Klaas was murdered, quite obviously by Satanists, in October 1993. She was kidnapped from her bed while her mother and sister slept in the next room. Her grandfather, Joe, had publicly endorsed a book called Breaking The Circle Of Satanic Ritual Abuse by the former Satanist, Daniel Ryder.


It exposed the ties between Satanists and the mind control programmes MKUltra and Project Monarch. While a man was reluctantly charged with Polly’s murder, the facts point conclusively to a retaliation by the Satanists against her grandfather. A woman called the FBI to say she had escaped from a coven in Sonoma County and that Polly might be killed as part of a five-day Satanic Halloween Festival. She said Polly might be found near the Pythian Road on Highway 12 which, coincidentally, is close to a 1,600 acre spread called the Beltane Ranch.


The FBI ignored this warning and Polly’s body was later found near the Pythian Road. She had been sexually assaulted and decapitated, but the authorities claimed she had been strangled. The man who kidnapped her, Richard Alan Davis, was not even charged with the murder by the Sonoma County District Attorney’s office until they were forced to act by protests from police officers.

One of those who controlled Cathy O’Brien was Lt Colonel Michael Aquino of the US Army, a top man in the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Psychological Warfare Division. I have named him in my last three books as the head of a Satanic Church known as the Temple of Set, an organization inspired by the leader of Hitler’s SS, Heinrich Himmler. When it was exposed that America’s psychological warfare was being headed by a neo-Nazi from a Satanic Church, the official response was that a man’s religion was his own business! But, as Cathy soon found out, people like Aquino and the rest of this disturbed and possessed bunch, are above the law, because their mentality controls the law right up to the President and beyond. Aquino’s wife, who works with him, is called Lilith Sinclair.

Lilith is a symbol of the reptilian bloodlines and the Sinclair/St Clair bloodline you know all about by now.28 She founded the Lilith Grotto within Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan and is a member of that Church’s Council of Nine.29 The term ‘Council of Nine’ is a recurring theme in the Satanism/Brotherhood structures.


LaVey’s Church of Satan is a good example of the way Satanism and the mind control operations interlink. The United States has become the home for a stream of Satanic organizations inspired by those in Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere. New York and California have long been major centers for Satanism and the Brotherhood. California was settled in the early 20th century by Haitians who practiced voodoo and Satanists from Europe, South America and Cuba also headed for California and the San Bernandino Valley.


Anton LaVey, student of Aleister Crowley, was the most famous of these and he founded the Church of Satan in 1966. LaVey’s maternal grandmother came from Transylvannia, legendary home of the blood sucking ‘vampire’, and he loved horror movies. It was LaVey, it is claimed, who found Marilyn Monroe working in the strip clubs and used his contacts to make her a movie star. He has had connections with some of the biggest names in business, politics and entertainment, including President John E Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Peter Lawford, and Jayne Mansfield.


Sammy Davis was an early member of LaVey’s Church of Satan and Jayne Mansfield was a high priestess. Michael Aquino of the US Psychological Warfare Department worked with LaVey before they had a disagreement and Aquino launched his breakaway, Temple of Set. This is now, apparently, based in Austin, Texas, the political base of George W. Bush, the son of the man himself.

Cathy conceived a child, Kelly, with her ‘husband’ Wayne Cox, and soon Kelly was being used in the same way as her mother. She says that Kelly was raped many times by George Bush and Dick Cheney. Bush’s Satanism and paedophilia are common themes of my research. In his book, The Franklin Cover Up: Child Abuse, Satanism, And Murder In Nebraska, the Nebraska State Senator John W. DeCamp exposed a Satanic child abuse ring in Omaha, headed by the top Republican, Lawrence King.30 It was King who sang the national anthem at the 1984 and 1988 Republican Conventions, but was later jailed for stealing some $40 million from the Franklin Credit Union.


It was while investigating this scam that DeCamp uncovered the Satanic ring which involved local police chiefs and Harold Andersen the publisher of the local paper The Omaha World-Herald. Some of the paedophile ‘parties’ identified by DeCamp and his contacts were attended by... George Bush. Another Bush-related activity described by researchers was Operation Brownstone.


A Brownstone building in Virginia, close to Washington DC, was used to compromise politicians during the Bush presidency by providing children for sex and filming what happened. Before he arrived for a presidential visit to Australia in December 1991, the publication Inside News asked the question: “Is George Bush the world’s leading child abuser?”. Bush’s abuse of children is well known to anyone who has cared to look and you don’t have to look far, either.

Both Cathy and Kelly were forced to have sex with animals for videos made on the orders of President Ronald Reagan, Cathy says in her book. “Uncle Ron” liked nothing more than to watch these videos and they were known as Uncle Ronnie’s Bed-time Stories.31 They were recorded and produced, Cathy says, by his pornographer, Michael Dante (also known as Michael Viti).


She says that Dante had connections with the Mafia and the CIA (same thing at their top levels), and was a close associate of politicians like Guy VanderJagt, Gerald Ford, Dick Thornburgh, Jim Traficant, and Gary Ackerman.32 It was Dante who installed the tiny hidden cameras which recorded the sexual activities of US and foreign politicians so they could be blackmailed into supporting the Brotherhood Agenda, Cathy recalls.


How many ‘leaders’ today are following certain policies against the interests of the people because if they didn’t, the evidence of their sexual exploits would be revealed. Cathy writes that Reagan’s leading pornographer was a man called Larry Flynt of the pornography magazine, Hustler.33


He was the subject of a film called The People V Larry Flynt. He too has CIA, Mafia and Vatican connections, she says.34 Bill Clinton was compromised in this way, on one occasion, by his boss, oops, sorry, ‘opponent’, George Bush, Cathy told an American alternative newspaper. It happened at the Lampe, Missouri, mind control facility known as Swiss Villa. She says that Bush ordered her daughter, Kelly, to perform oral sex on Clinton while Clinton was doing the same with Cathy.


She recalls the following exchange:

“Clinton pushed his way out from under me and told Bush while he glanced around for the camera: “You didn’t need to do that. I’m with you anyway. My position does not need to be compromised.” Clinton was apparently referring to the blackmail tactics amongst the Order of the Rose elite. World leaders were always compromised through covertly filmed bizarre sexual activity as was my experience at the Bohemian Grove.”35 (The Order of the Rose is another exclusive secret society)

After this encounter, Bush and Clinton, discussed introducing Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, to the child abuse scene, Cathy says. Bush offered to “Open her up”. Clinton said he would have to discuss it with Hillary. 36


Clinton and his vice-president, Al Gore, were quite a pairing. Two former Satanists from different groups have said that Gore is addicted to drinking blood.37 This makes sense because Arizona Wilder, the Brotherhood Mother Goddess who escaped from their clutches, told me how she has seen Gore at sacrifice rituals when he shape-shifted into a reptilian. Many Satanic initiates have the same addiction to the adrenalchrome which is released in the body just before a person is sacrificed.38


It is produced by the pineal gland during periods of terror. Cathy says that she and Kelly were raped by another Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney, who is addicted to sex with mind controlled slaves.39


Mind controlled mothers and young daughters were, and are, regularly transported to Niagara Falls just over the Canadian border for Mulroney to rape them.40 It was Mulroney in his period as Prime Minister who forced upon the Canadian people the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which is set to become the Americas’ version of the European Union. The agreement was manipulated into existence by his fellow rapist, George Bush, and later by Bill Clinton.


Under the orders of President Reagan’s personal attaché, Philip Habib, Cathy says, she was forced to have sex on several occasions with the Brotherhood stooge, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi royal family serve as puppet leaders while suppressing their people with a brutal religion which they themselves do not even begin to observe. American mind controlled slaves are also ‘sold’ to Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and other countries to help fund the covert operations of the New World Order.

Cathy was so powerfully mind controlled that she was ‘promoted’ to become what is known as a Presidential Model, a mind controlled slave who is detailed to operate with the top people in the White House and the Pentagon. She was used to pass messages between Reagan, Bush and their foreign associates such as the dictators, Baby Doc Duvalier of Haiti, President Miguel De La Madrid of Mexico and Manuel Noriega of Panama, a paid CIA operative working for the US government illegal drug trade.


Cathy says she observed one party attended by Air Force officials and their wives, drug barons like the Puerto Rican, Jose Busto and the ‘hero’ (I feel ill) of the Iran-Contra drugs-for-arms scandal, Oliver North. Upstairs were Noriega, Michael Aquino, and Senator Allen Simpson, the ‘Republican’ from Wyoming, she says.41 While all this was going on, George Bush was having a “war on drugs” to “save the American children”.


Cocaine addict Bill Clinton would later do the same. Cathy says she met Clinton a few times and on one occasion in Arkansas, he was trying (successfully) to persuade a supporter, Bill Hall, to become involved in the drugs trade. Hall need not worry, Clinton said, because it was “Reagan’s operation”. Cathy says that Clinton told Hall in her then mind controlled presence:

“Bottom line is, we’ve got control of the (drugs) industry, therefore we’ve got control of them (suppliers and buyers). You control the guy underneath you and uncle (Uncle Sam, the United States Government) has you covered. What have you got to lose? No risk. No-one’s going to hang you out to dry. And whatever spills off the truck as it passes through (Clinton laughed here and snorted another nose4ull of cocaine) you get to clean up.”42

Later that night, Cathy says, she was taken by Bill Hall’s wife to meet Hillary Clinton at the Hall’s guest villa. There Mrs Clinton, another cocaine user,43 performed oral sex on Cathy and then insisted it was done to her.44 Both President Clinton and his first lady knew Cathy was a mind controlled slave and they know what is going on. So does Al Gore. They keep quiet because they are part of what is going on.


Hillary Clinton is a sixth degree Illuminati witch and slave handler, according to some researchers.45 Cathy acted as a robotic messenger for Clinton who was very adept at triggering her programming, as she has stated publicly many times. Clinton and Bush may seem to be opponents in ‘different’ political parties, but they are part of the same scam. Cathy O’Brien says she has confirmed from her own direct experience what researchers like myself and others have been suggesting for years: Bush was President during the ‘Reagan years’, President through his own ‘official’ period in the oval office, and pulled strings again during the ‘Clinton’ regime under orders from a higher authority.


Cathy says she met Bush and Clinton together years before Clinton was even publicly considered a possible presidential candidate. She once observed them at Swiss Villa at Lampe, Missouri. The ‘infirmary’ on the site is home to a CIA near-death trauma centre, she says.


Cathy, under mind control, had delivered a large amount of cocaine there in a motor-home when she saw the two future presidents:

“...I noticed then Governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, at a corner table with Hillary talking to the then vice-president George Bush, and their two special forces ‘toy soldiers’ (mind controlled) who had transferred the cocaine to the infirmary building. My mind control owner, US Senator, Robert Byrd, told me that Bush and others had been grooming Bill Clinton for the presidency in the event that the American public became disillusioned with Republicans and believe that electing a Democrat would make a difference. Clinton obediently followed Bush’s orders. Since the implementation of what Hitler termed ‘New World Order’, knew no party lines, the question should be raised as to the agenda of Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign manager, James Carville, and his wife, Mary Matalin, who was Bush’s campaign manager. “46

Another Clinton-Bush connection is their love of hunting mind controlled men, women, and children, in The Most Dangerous Game. Cathy describes one of her experiences at Swiss Villa when Clinton and Bush went hunting with dogs for herself, her daughter, Kelly and two mind controlled ‘toy soldiers’, one of whom had Italian-looking features:

“Swiss Villa appeared deserted, except for Bill Clinton and George Bush who stood at the edge of the woods with their hunting dogs at the ready to embark on ‘The Most Dangerous Game’ of human hunting. (Clinton shared Bush’s passion for traumatizing and hunting humans)... Bush and Clinton were dressed alike in camouflage pants, army boots, and wind breakers. The two also shared the trademark of wearing a cap of cryptic meaning. This time, Bush’s camouflage cap had an orange insignia which said ‘Dear Hunter’. Clinton’s blue cap read: ‘Aim High’ and had a picture of a rifle on it. Clinton appeared awkward with his hunting rifle, while Bush looked like an expert marksman with his black rifle with elaborate scope.

“‘The rules of the game are simple’ Bush began, triggering me by using the same words that always preceded a most dangerous game.

“Clinton interrupted: ‘You run. We hunt.’

“Bush continued: ‘This will be called “Hunt for a Virgin”’ (Clinton chuckled) ‘and she’s it.’ He pointed to Kelly who was still in my arms. ‘I catch you, she’s mine.’

“Clinton spoke up: ‘You’ll have plenty of time to play with the dogs because they’ll have you pinned down while we...’ (he slid a bullet in the chamber for emphasis) ‘...hunt down the bigger game.’ Clinton glared at the ‘toy soldier’ with the waxy face. Toy soldier was a term I often heard referring to the mind-controlled robotic ‘special forces’ young men who operated under the New World Order.

“The two guys ran for the woods. Carrying Kelly I began running, too. Judging from the close proximity of the dogs barks, I had not gone far when they were turned lose. The five barking dogs caught me right away and surrounded me. Kelly screamed as one snapped at her leg and I automatically slapped at its face. I was convinced that the dogs were going to tear us up by the time Bush and Clinton walked into the clearing. They seemed to be engaged in a serious conversation until Bush looked up and smiled.

“‘She’s mine’, he claimed (referring to Kelly). ‘But then, she always has been. Let go.’

“As I walked passed Clinton, who was deep in thought, he mumbled ‘I thought you’d be fucking a dog or something’. We walked the short way back in silence with Clinton veering off to the right as Bush directed me toward the two helicopters. The door of the helicopter next to me slid open and Clinton pushed the Italian into the helicopter. ‘I caught this one. He’s going to ride jump seat.’ Bush motioned for him to sit in the leather chair marked for death by the black rose while I rode in the actual jump seat.

“‘Come here little one’ Bush coaxed Kelly. ‘You can sit on Uncle George’s lap.’ He lifted her onto his lap as Clinton got in front with the pilot who was started the engines. ‘Over the lake, Jake’, Bush told the pilot.

“Flying over Swiss Villa’s deep remote lake, Bush set Kelly aside, stood up as far as he was able in the helicopter, and slid the door open. The powerful wind blew Bush’s greasy strands from his face as he gestured for the man (the Italian) to stand up.

“‘Free fall’, Bush instructed. ‘That’s an order.’

“‘Yes sir’ he replied as he stepped out of the door fully clad in his camouflage uniform and military boots - with no parachute. I watched in horror as he fell to his death in the water below, splatter and submerge...”47

The United States might lose its freedom? My God. The United States has never been free. The mind controlled slaves are programmed to mind control others and there are now fantastic numbers of mind controlled children and adults at large. There are whole armies of them like the Delta Force, the ‘toy soldiers’, in the United States and other ‘elite’ (often psychopathic) groupings like the SAS and the Parachute Regiment in the United Kingdom.


The name, Delta, symbolizes the pyramid and also relates to the Nile Delta and the ancient Egyptians. ‘Delta’ programming creates killers, assassins. The training alone for these people is classic mind control, never mind all the individual stuff they experience. The children being prepared to join the Delta Force later in life are put through indescribable horrors to desensitize them from pain and death, both for themselves and others.


One of the techniques to do this is to bond the child into a close relationship with another child and then to incinerate their friend while they are forced to watch. The Brotherhood know that to take over the world by open force eventually they must have a mind controlled army which would not be affected by what they do to their fellow countrymen and even their own families. Why in wars like Bosnia and in mass murders like those in Algeria do people report how sons have slaughtered their own families along with the rest of a village or community?


Because they are mind controlled to do it, that’s why. It is the same with the ‘suicide bombers’ and other ‘kamikaze’ operations. In the same way it is the mind controlled Elite, and their lower level ‘gofers’, who are in the positions of political, business, military, administrative, media, and religious power in the world. To an untrained eye, such programming is undetectable, but these people are following a programmed Agenda. At a deep level, they are automatons controlled by reptilians.

When the slaves outlive their usefulness or their programming begins to break down, they are murdered. The so-called Presidential Models like Cathy O’Brien are rarely allowed to live beyond their 30th year and when that came for Cathy in 1987/88, she was told it was her last year of life. Fortunately as her book explains, she and the then eight year old Kelly would be rescued from death by a businessman called Mark Phillips.


He says he had considerable knowledge of advanced mind control techniques from his time working for the Ampex Corporation and the US Department of Defense as a civilian subcontractor. This gave him contact with the leading research scientists in this field and he had access to knowledge that is denied to the mainstream psychiatric profession, he writes in Trance Formation Of America. Psychiatrists, like doctors and scientists, are also mind-manipulated by the suppression of information which gives them a distorted picture of what is possible.


Mark Phillips says he was apparently regarded as ‘safe’ because of his background and security clearance and he was approached by a man called Alex Houston for support with a business deal. Houston was now the ‘handler’ of Cathy and Kelly and he married Cathy at the instruction of her controller, Senator Robert C. Byrd, their book says.48

Alex Houston, a rapist, paedophile, and drug runner, according to Cathy, was an entertainer, a ventriloquist and stage hypnotist, who, she says, also had his mind and mouth worked by someone else - the US government’s mind control network. She says it was his job to maintain her and Kelly in their programmed mode by following the instructions he was given, which included food and water deprivation and constant trauma. Houston used his travel to venues as a cover to transport Cathy and Kelly to their ‘assignments’ and Cathy says this introduced her to the truth about the United States country music industry and, indeed, the entertainment industry in general.

Country music, she discovered, was used by the Brotherhood’s US agencies to distribute massive amounts of drugs into American society and as a cover for its mind control projects. It was these agencies, she says, which paid for the promotion and hype that turned a singer called Boxcar Willie into a country music star. Some of this promotion, Cathy says, took the form of high-tech television commercials designed to have a hypnotic effect on the viewer.


He became the leader, she writes, of the country music segment of the ‘Freedom train’ - the internationally recognized code name for the slave operations of Project Monarch. The name Boxcar Willie was not selected at random, it would seem. It makes a statement about the man and his role. Cathy names Boxcar Willie as a paedophile rapist of mind controlled women and children, including Kelly, who, she says, he raped regularly in three different mental institutions.49


He is also heavily involved in the cocaine operations controlled by the government agencies, she says, and he was the man Bill Clinton’s friend, Bill Hall, began to work with after Clinton persuaded him to become involved.50


It was Boxcar Willie who inspired the moving of the country music ‘capital’ to Branson, Missouri, to be close to the CIA mind control and drug operation based at Lampe, Missouri, according to Cathy in her book.51


Many people in the entertainment industry are either connected with the conspiracy or mind controlled by it, she says. One of the latter was Marilyn Monroe, a lover of President John F. Kennedy. Both were to be murdered. The singer, Madonna, is a mind controlled slave according to Springmeier and Wheeler in their book on this subject. Springmeier says he was given a catalogue of the Vidimax occult porn video club based in New Jersey which included a video involving Madonna. It sells videos of people being murdered (snuff videos), cannibalism and sacrifices.52


Springmeier and Wheeler say Madonna was a mind controlled slave given the name, Louise Chiccone, living in New York East Village when a film was made of her being raped and the rapist being taken away and sacrificed. Vidimax sell this video apparently for $19 to their members.53


If, as they say, Madonna is a multiple, she will most likely have no recollection of this. Elvis Presley, a member of the Theosophical Society, has been named as a multiple slave by survivors and Cisco Wheeler, herself a recovering slave, says that her experiences led her to believe this about Elvis. His handler was his manager, ‘Colonel’ Tom Parker, she says.54


When Elvis died (if he did), the Sun International Corporation released a Presley album called Orion with a winged sun-disc on the cover. This is an ancient Egyptian and Sumerian symbol used by the Order of the Oriental Temple and other Brotherhood groups. Barbara Streisand is a mind controlled asset of the Brotherhood, as revealed in detail by the recovered slave, Brice Taylor, in her book, Thanks For The Memories. Another mind controlled singer, according to Cathy, is Lorretta Lynn, a slave of the CIA. Her mental and emotional problems are caused by this, Cathy says.


Lorretta’s road manager Ken Riley is a paedophile and best friend to Cathy’s handler, Alex Houston. Both were connected with US congressman, Gary Ackerman, the ‘Democrat’ from New York, who, Cathy reports, ran an elaborate drug operation through Long Island docks.55 A mind controlled woman named by Mark Phillips is Seidina ‘Dma’ Reed, the daughter of actor-singer, Jerry Reed. Seidina had been used many times with Cathy in pornographic films, he says, under the control of her husband, the sadist, David Rorick, (also known as Dave Rowe).


Rorick was trained in mind control by Alex Houston and Seidina’s famous father Jerry Reed knew all about it, according to Mark Phillips. Seidina was a favourite sex slave of Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the US.56 The singer and actor Kris Kristopherson, a drug-addicted alcoholic born into a CIA family, according to Phillips, is also involved as a seriously imbalanced controller and mind manipulator of slaves, Cathy recounts in her book and public statements.57 She writes that she was tortured by him and Michael Aquino, using high voltage electric shocks.58


Kristopherson, a Jesuit, is an associate of Senator Robert C. Byrd, Cathy’s controller, she says. In that position, Byrd was, in mind control parlance, said to be ‘married’ to Cathy even though she was officially married to Alex Houston. Cathy says of Kristopherson in her book:

... Kristopherson nearly strangled me to death with his penis which further sexually aroused him, late in the Summer of 1987 during another incident related to Byrd.”59

A world famous psychopath and drug runner for the government, Cathy writes, is the rock and roll legend, Jerry Lee Lewis, a friend of Elvis Presley. Cathy says she was threatened on many occasions with the words: “We’ll sell you to Jerry Lee”. Frank Sinatra and JFK’s brother, Ted Kennedy, are reported by recovering slaves to have been particularly brutal, also. I spoke at a conference on mind control in the United States and met Brice Taylor who, like Cathy O’Brien, also became a Presidential Model.


Her handler from the time she was a little girl in southern California was the comedian, Bob Hope, a member of Bohemian Grove. She had also worked extensively with Henry Kissinger, a highly skilled programmer, and Nelson Rockefeller, the four times Governor of New York. Rockefeller became vice-president of the United States when the paedophile, Gerald Ford, replaced Richard Nixon after Watergate. Brice claimed to have been forced to have sex with John F Kennedy when she was or[ly 12, although she said: “I was made up to look 16”.


Bob Hope is also named by Springmeier and Wheeler in their book as a slave handler and as a British Intelligence operative during the Second World War as he toured the world hosting concerts for the troops.60 Hope and media mogul, Rupert Murdoch, were both awarded ‘knighthoods’ by the Roman Catholic Church in Los Angeles, California. They became Knights of the Order of St Gregory and while I was writing this book Hope was given an honorary knighthood by the Queen to elevate him to the same rank as Bush, Kissinger, and the other chosen few the Windsor’s reward for services to the cause.


Bob ‘isn’t he a hoot’ Hope has been used to draw many top names in Hollywood into the net and one of his most famous films, The Road To Mandalay, was appropriately named because the most elite group at the Bohemian Grove is known as the Mandalay Camp. Hollywood and the entertainment industry is rife with both slaves and handlers.

Another famous figure named by Springmeier and Wheeler as a Satanist is the world’s best known ‘Christian’ preacher, Billy Graham.61 Springmeier and Wheeler have assembled a list of people who have seen Graham ‘in action’. They also say he uses Project Monarch slaves for sex and he launders drug money through his evangelical operation. Graham is a Brotherhood stooge who carries messages between world leaders.62


The witnesses say that Graham is a multiple who switches personalities, and the ‘person’ people see at the pulpit is only one compartment. There are others which are very different. ‘Christianity’ is a cover used by countless Satanists and programmers and Dr Loreda Fox says in her book, The Spiritual And Clinical Dimensions of Multiple Personality Disorder, that “Most survivors whom I have worked with had Satanist parents who were high in positions in churches; many were pastors”.63


Christianity was the creation of the Brotherhood and is still controlled by it.


Billy Graham, a 33rd degree Freemason, is a close friend of George Bush and Henry Kissinger. He and Bush famously ‘prayed’ together after Bush had given the go ahead to kill countless men, women and children in the Gulf War. Another friend of Graham, Allan Dulles, was the Satanist Director of the CIA, who helped to fund Hitler. Dulles was one of the main architects after the war of MKUltra and Project Monarch.


Billy Graham’s first three Christian crusades were funded by William Randolph Hearst, the American newspaper tycoon and high degree Brotherhood initiate.64 Other world tours have been funded by bloodline families like the Rockefellers, Whitneys, and Vanderbilts. The main people in the Billy Graham Crusades and his Evangelical Association are Freemasons and they have included William M. Watson, President of the Occidental Petroleum Corporation of the Brotherhood frontman, Armand Hammer (Arm and Hammer). The Billy Graham television shows put messages on the screen carrying Monarch activation codes, Springmeier and Wheeler say.65


When Billy Graham’s family first went to the United States they were known as the Frank family and were related to Jakob Frank the leader of a branch of Satanism called Sabbatuanism, later, due to his leadership, Frankism.66 The evidence that Springmeier and Wheeler present to support these claims about Graham is simply enormous and covers some 24 pages. A Presidential Model told me that Pope John Paul II is a programmed multiple and that certainly fits the picture.

Cathy O’Brien says that she and her daughter, Kelly, escaped from Project Monarch when Mark Phillips came on the scene. He says he worked with Alex Houston on a big business deal involving Hong Kong and China, but then he was told by a representative of the Chinese Ministry of Defense about Houston’s background and his involvement with the CIA, drugs, money laundering, child prostitution, and slavery. Phillip’s informant, who, he says, produced documentary proof, said that Houston was a “very bad man” and that his crimes were “of the White House”.


Mark Phillips writes in Trance Formation Of America:

“My first response to this ‘officer’ was that Houston was too stupid and crooked to be connected with US ‘Intelligence’. This comment was quickly countered with a gut-wrenching photograph of Houston. He was smiling a demonic grin while apparently having anal sex with a small, very young, frightened black boy. Later he was identified to me as Haitian.”67

Phillips says he made contact with an old friend, now dead, who had been an Air Force general in the Intelligence Division and maintained close connections with the upper levels of US and foreign intelligence. He says the general told him about the CIA slave trade world-wide and that Cathy and Kelly had been subjected to trauma-based mind control. Mark Phillips recalls:

“I was growing numb. The first words out of my dry mouth were: ‘How would you spring these people out of it?’
“He smiled and said: ‘I wouldn’t! What are you going to do with them if you get them out?’

Before I could answer, he interrupted and said: ‘Look. You’re still the same, but nothing else is with Uncle (the USA). Now most of the CIA, FBI, and the Mob (Mafia) are the same and they’re making moves on the military. ’“68

Phillips says he was insistent that he wanted to attempt a rescue and he writes that his friend gave him the mind control codes (based on Christianity and God) that would activate Cathy to go with him. The full and detailed story is told in their book. Phillips says he took them to Alaska while leaving messages for the authorities that he had no intention of exposing the truth. He said he told them he would “...take them to Alaska and play like a voiceless chameleon”.


This he hoped would spare their lives at this stage, he says. Phillips told me that they have also been helped by many good people in Intelligence who want to root out this sickness. There is an internal ‘war’ unfolding within the Intelligence community, it would appear. In Alaska, Mark Phillips says he used his knowledge of mind control, with covert support from his contacts, to deprogram Cathy’s compartmentalized mind.


This immense task absorbed almost every spare waking moment month after month after month, he says. Cathy began to remember what had happened, she says, and what a story she now had to tell. Kelly’s deprogramming proved even more difficult and she suffered from severe asthma caused by the constant trauma she has suffered. Attempts were made by the CIA mind controller, Dr Louis Jolyon West, and his associates, to take Kelly from Cathy and Mark.


Eventually the authorities used the ‘law’ to ensure they had control of her once again. Kelly became a political prisoner under the custody of the State of Tennessee. This is a story constantly repeated. Brice Taylor and Arizona Wilder lost their children when they broke away. Brice’s daughter is also called Kelly, a common illuminati name for such children. Her daughter was also sexually abused by Bush. The media and public were banned from court cases involving Kelly O’Brien and she was denied the right to an independent attorney, Cathy says.


The court also banned the words ‘president’, ‘politics’, ‘New World Order’, ‘mind control’ and ‘George Bush’69 All this was ‘justified’ by the interests of ‘national security’. These restrictions were significantly eased after the publication of their book. The authorities refuse to deprogram Kelly from her Project Monarch-MKUltra mind control by invoking the National Security Act (amended by Reagan in 1984) which allows them the excuse of ‘national security’ whenever they want to put the lid on something.


Whenever you see governments using the guise of ‘national security’ to deny justice and information, what they really mean is the security of their own criminal behaviour. Cathy and Mark say they have had their life threatened many times, but they have sent their information, with documented and sometimes audio tape support, to a catalogue of US politicians, government agencies, and pressure groups, including presidential candidate and Brotherhood yes man, Bob Dole. The silence has been deafening.

Cathy says she witnessed many conversations about the New World Order which support the themes that I and scores of others have written about, including the plans for a military coup of the United States. As Cathy’s experiences confirm, the attempt to complete the takeover of the world is not a theory, it is REAL. It’s happening now.

Cathy says that she heard both Reagan and Bush insist that the only way to “world peace” is the “mind control of the masses”. She reports that she was able to observe the planning of the New World Order project, Education 2000, while under the control of another of her and Kelly’s programmers and sexual abusers, the reptilian Bill Bennett, a Jesuit-trained mind controller, who became US Education Secretary under Reagan-Bush.70


She was then placed under the control of Bill Bennett’s associate Lama Alexander, the former governor of Tennessee, with whom Cathy says she had been forced to take part in a Satanic ritual in an affluent area of Nashville.71 Bill Bennett’s brother, Bob, who is also alleged to have raped Kelly at the Bohemian Grove in 1986, later became legal counsel to Bill Clinton.72 Another of Bill Bennett’s roles was to head a ‘war on drugs’ for George Bush! Well at least Bennett could not be accused of a lack of experience in the subject.


The Bennetts’ were the ones who took her through one of her reptilian experiences I described earlier in the book. Cathy says she was used to compromise and provide ‘favours’ for key politicians to ensure support for Education 2000. She learned that this project, also known as America 2000 and Global 2000, is designed to increase children’s ‘learning’ capacity while destroying their ability to critically think for themselves.73


Our children are being mind controlled every day at school and most of the teachers don’t even know they are doing it, because they have been conditioned by the same system. A friend who works in education research in the United Kingdom has had access to suppressed surveys which show that children are asking fewer and fewer questions about the ‘facts’ they are told in school -particularly after they move to the senior schools.

Cathy says she witnessed how the United Nations is just a vehicle for the manipulators. George Bush referred to the New World Order as his ‘neighbourhood’ and talked of how he simply told many other world leaders, like King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, what to do and say. No doubt the same applies to Saddam Hussein with whom Bush shared oil ‘kick backs’ totalling hundreds of millions of dollars (see .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free). The US Secretary of State (formerly UN ambassador), Madeleine Albright, is a Brotherhood initiate. I call her the High Priestess of US politics. George Bush once described her in Cathy’s presence as... “the reverend mother of all sisters (slaves)”74


Albright knows about the US government mind controlled slaves and supports that policy. Yet there she was in front of the television cameras at the United Nations and as Secretary of State, lecturing other countries on human rights. Cathy recalls that Brian Mulroney, the Canadian Prime Minister and child rapist, talked about the plan for the New World Order while with Cathy and Reagan at the same White House cocktail party at which she met Albright. Cathy says she was subsequently taken to a White House bedroom with other slaves, including one controlled by the US Senator, Arlen Spector. Mulroney then arrived to rape them after activating their sex slave programming.75


Cathy says she noticed that one of the slaves had a red rose tattooed on her left wrist and other people she met over the years, including Mulroney, wore the symbol of the red rose which indicates membership of the Order of the Rose, an Elite offshoot of the Rosicrucians. Other people connected to the Order of the Rose include Clinton, Bush, Byrd, Bennett and Trudeau. How fascinating, then, that the United Kingdom Labour Party should change its party symbol in the 1980s to a... red rose.

The handlers of slaves like Cathy carry with them a black or grey three-ring notebook - often these days a laptop computer - which lists the access keys and triggers.76 Others memorise them. The data contains details of the methods of torture, the dates it happened, and the most important parts of the code are said to be written in ‘Enochian’ Hebrew (the ‘magical’ language of the Egyptian mystery schools), and Druidic symbols.77


The scale of what is going on simply defies the imagination. I was told by a contact about thousands of caged children kept at the China Lake Naval Weapons Center in the California desert at Ridgecrest. This is in the same region as the mass grave for ritually murdered children at Lancaster, California, I mentioned earlier. Vast areas of land in this region between Los Angeles, the infamous San Bernandino Valley and Las Vegas, Nevada, are occupied by the United States Forces. It is also one of the greatest areas of Satanism on the planet. It includes the Edward’s Airforce base, China Lake, and the town of Bakersfield.


Springmeier and Wheeler write that other programming sites close to China Lake are Papa Ludo’s Store and Tavern which has a secret underground programming centre, and Scotty’s Castle in the appropriately named Death Valley.78 The ‘local’ for the CIA personnel operating at China Lake is the Hideaway Tavern. Northwest of the airfield at China Lake the authorities have built a hexagram (Star of David - Seal of Solomon) on the ground, each section of which is a quarter of a mile long.79


These lands run into the deserts of Nevada which are full of Brotherhood operations in and around their wholly-owned city of Las Vegas. I have driven through all these areas and it is one of blackest places you will ever experience.

Interestingly, the Springmeier-Wheeler research also documents the involvement of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center which I had also heard from other sources. They say that ‘batches’ of babies numbering one, two and three thousand, were kept at China Lake in cages piled to the ceiling of large hangers.80 The cages, known as ‘Woodpecker Grids’ were electrified and the babies were tortured with powerful electric shocks.81 A male survivor of Project Monarch tells of seeing the rows and rows of cages at China Lake and one of the programmers, he said, was dressed like a catholic priest.82


He described how the electric current running through the cages made a humming sound and he said that children were sacrificed by people in black hooded robes in front of the children in the cages. This took place on a marble slab which served as an altar.83 Charles Manson was a slave programmed at China Lake and his cult was based only 45 minutes drive away at the Myers and Barker ranches.84 Josef Mengele (Dr Green or Greenbaum) and Ewen Cameron (Dr White) both worked at China Lake after the war. It was then called the Naval Ordinance Test Station or NOTS.

Survivors of China Lake recall flashing lights. The flashing creates disassociation, particularly with those who are programmed, and this is why the phenomenon of flashing lights was introduced into our culture. Discos and pop concerts are an obvious example. The operation at China Lake is closely connected with the California Institute of Technology at Pasedena.85


Children are transported to China Lake by train, car and air. One of the main delivery routes into China Lake is by plane from the Santa Rosa airstrip near Bohemian Grove. The airstrip was built during World War Two as a training base. FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, has a radio station there.86


FEMA is officially the government agency which responds to disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes. But in truth it is a major arm of the Brotherhood and it is building concentration camps in the United States capable of holding thousands of people. This is no theory, video footage exists of some of these places. They have railway lines running into them in classic Nazi fashion. The tops of the barbed wire fences, which were formerly designed to keep people out, have now been changed to keep people in. The Santa Rosa strip is supposed to be closed, yet planes are leaving there every night and they do not put their lights on until they are hundreds of feet in the air.87


They land at China Lake early in the morning. If you think the numbers of children claimed to be involved are an exaggeration, the truth is that this is only a fraction of the children in mind control projects and Satanic abuse rings in every country in the world. The children come through the breeding programmes, through adoption agencies (particularly, it seems, Catholic ones), some from kidnapping in the Third World, and from parents who sell their own children. They also come through the network of Social Services agencies.


There are organizations whose job it is to find children of the right genetic background for these projects. The best known was the CIA/FBI group called the Finders and programmed children are also trained to procure other children. One case which came to light in February 1992 involved an American lawyer called Patrick Gagel, who exported three thousand children from the United States to Peru for ‘adoption’ and they were never seen or heard of again.88


Gagel was arrested by Peruvian police, but then released after pressure from ‘on high’.89 This is another common theme in which the perpetrators of such abominations can operate outside the law. Don Ecker, the state director in Idaho for the UFO investigation network known as MUFON, wrote the following in the July-August 1989 edition of UFO magazine:

“According to a recent report just received from Westchester County, New York, researchers have discovered that in a small area of the county, which has been the site of numerous UFO overflights and reported human abductions, over 3,000 missing children reports have surfaced. After extensive investigation by local police departments, these children have not yet been found at centers for young runaways or in red light districts. Researchers and law enforcement officials are baffled.”90

The mind controlled Elite

The Brotherhood scientists realized that the ability to disassociate quickly is passed on from generation to generation through genetics. This is why the CIA targeted Cathy O’Brien. She was the daughter of parents who had themselves been sexually abused as children and therefore the parents ability to disassociate to cope with their childhood trauma would have been passed on to their children. This makes the children much more open to disassociation via trauma-based mind control.


There is no greater example of this than the bloodline families themselves. They put their children through staggering traumas and abuse and this multigenerational genetic ‘baton’ has made these families particularly  open to disassociation by mind control. They apparently put their children through a series of tests around the age of 18 months to determine which of them are most open to disassociation. They are then programmed through their childhood to think the way the Brotherhood wants them to think so they will take the Agenda forward into the next generation. It is the mind controlled manipulating the mind controlled.


According to the experiences of Cisco Wheeler and many of the other victims and therapists involved in this subject, the child of the Elite families are conceived according to ancient rituals and their programming is agreed and set out largely before they are even born. One of these prebirth rituals is called the Moon Child ceremony. Mothers who give birth to a so-called ‘dark child’ are called a ‘Rosemary’ - the rose of Mary. Roman Polanski, the husband of Sharon Tate, the actress murdered by Charles Manson’s cult, made a film called Rosemary’s Baby.


Polanski’s film was about a woman impregnated by a demon summoned by a Satanic cult. Over the centuries it became understood that if you torture a child in the womb the baby would disassociate or ‘split’ and so mothers are traumatised during pregnancy to traumatise the child. Needles are inserted into the womb to stab the baby. Many are induced prematurely because of the effect that has on them and it is also part of the selection process.

A child who shows the instinct and spirit for survival in a premature birth will normally enlist that same spirit during the trauma-programming which will often take them to near death. After birth, a programmer is assigned to them. This is normally a woman, although it can be male. The Brotherhood children are often assigned a programmer known in the hierarchy as a Grande Dame.91


Children are ‘bonded’ to the programmers and taught to become dependent upon them. The idea is to manipulate the children to worship the programmer and see them as a god. The child is only allowed to develop a close relationship with the programmer and that relationship is based on adoration, dependency and obedience. They are taught total obedience to the programmer and later to the Agenda and the Brotherhood hierarchy. Once the process of crying has developed their lungs, they are taught not to cry through a series of punishments and rewards under the system known as behaviour modification. Already they are becoming robots.


One foundation technique is to give them intense love and affection for the first 18 months of their lives and then suddenly withdraw it and treat them with extreme cruelty. This is a technique known as ‘love bombing’ and when the switch is made from love to cruelty the trauma this creates in the child is enormous. They will also be allowed to bond with a pet and then the pet is killed. The programmer the child loved so much is now the person the child fears with equal intensity.


Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, herself a victim of government programming, describe what follows:

“Everything imaginable can be used to overwhelm the caged little child’s senses and create dissociation. Rotten foul odours of the child’s excrement, of ammonia, and rotten food while it huddles in its cage will overwhelm the child’s sense of smell. Being fed blood overwhelms the sense of taste. The chanting of the programmers dressed in Satanic garb, banging noises, rock music, and the electric hum, and ultrasonic stimulation overwhelms the child’s sense of hearing. The child’s natural developing sense of shapes is taken advantage of by spinning the child and making it feel like it is going to fall. The child will also be deprived of sleep and drugged...

“...The fourth stage is to strip the child of everything nice and lovely in the world. The child is caged and tormented by electric shock. The child’s senses will be overloaded and they will become numb. Eyewitnesses have described these hundreds of numbered children as ‘zombies’... In the fourth step, the child is starved, cold, and naked. When they finally see their beloved master or beloved adult caretaker appear after suffering from 42 to 72 hours, they are excited and they dissociate the pain of the previous hours of deprivation. Help appears to be on the scene. At that point the programmer/ beloved adult shows her/his most vicious side, and the child in order to deal with how this loving caretaker has not only rejected them, but is now hurting them, dissociates along the same lines of dissociation created by the trauma of the premature birth.”92

How can the Brotherhood initiates be so inhuman? Because they are reptilians, or rather that group of reptilians on the lower fourth dimension and they do not have the emotions that we feel. This treatment is, in part, to ensure that any consciousness which incarnates into these bloodlines with the aim of removing their power, will find it almost impossible to manifest its true self. Those chosen for programming are usually very intelligent because people with low intelligence and creativity have been found to be almost impossible to program to the level required.


Springmeier and Wheeler say that at the age of three the Elite Brotherhood children selected for later advancement into the hierarchy are taken before the Grand Druid Council and formal approval is given at a presentation by the Queen Mother of the Council. Interesting how George Bush told Cathy O’Brien that Madeleine Albright, the US Ambassador to the United Nations and Secretary of State, was the ‘Reverend Mother of all slaves’.


I stress again that this Grand Druid Council has nothing whatsoever to do with the many thousands of people who call themselves Druids today and they are not connected with these events in any way. We need to understand that the use of a name by the Brotherhood does not mean that everyone using that name is involved. Most of the Druids I have met in Britain are lovely people with love in their hearts and I have no desire to cast condemnation on them. Quite the opposite.

The most preferred candidates for programming are fittingly, like Cathy O’Brien, blond-haired and blue-eyed ‘Caucasians’ who are not physically defective in any way. The Brotherhood bloodlines are not only those which carry the names of the classic bloodline families. The Brotherhood also use ‘breeders’, women who give birth to their unofficial children. They use ‘brooder’ families where women bear Brotherhood children, or rear children from the time they are babies, who are connected to classic bloodline families, although there appears to be no relationship.


Children are swapped, sent to foster parents (like Sir Francis Bacon), or mothers suddenly ‘give birth’ when no-one even knew they were pregnant, which, of course, they weren’t. This allows Brotherhood bloodline members to be placed in the positions of power in politics, banking, business, the media and the military, without there being an outcry from the public that the same families are in all the positions of control.

Those who are not put through the birth trauma and programmed from the womb have to begin their ‘preparation’ before the age of six because this type of programming is more difficult after that. Some are still brought into the programme after that age, but this is rare. These children are put through even more gruesome torture to break down their developing minds. The programmers find out what phobias and fears the children have and use those to terrify them.


This includes putting children in dark confined places with spiders and snakes. The children are told that if they ‘play dead’ the snakes and spiders won’t bite them, so encouraging them to dissociate. Putting them in coffins emphasizes that. They are forced to kill and eat other children and they are immersed in excrement, urine, and blood. Most of the slave children will have experienced all these things and more by the age of four or five.93 One common sign of programming or childhood sexual abuse are eating disorders like bulimia.


That is not to say that all bulimia is caused by that, of course not, but it is a regular occurrence in ritually abused and mind controlled people, as is attempted suicide and self mutilation. Finding it difficult to hold a stable relationship is another and so is a squint in the left eye. Cathy O’Brien says she was tortured by having a needle pushed into her eye. This eye trauma, and sometimes the insertion of a microchip behind the left eye, is quite common.


Baron Guy de Rothschild has a drooping left eye. He is a major slave handler and programmer, but he would have been put through childhood trauma as part of his preparation for his role in the Brotherhood. The programmers create monsters and then those monsters create the next generation of monsters while the whole thing is controlled by the reptilians. The idea is to break the children’s spirit so they will do exactly as they are told without question.


That is precisely the aim and the methods of the British public school system and its like around the world, a system which, like the deeper mind-programming projects, are turning out the leaders and administrators who run the world to the Brotherhood reptilian Agenda.


The false memory scam

When Cathy O’Brien and thousands around the world began to recover their memories of abuse, the authorities retaliated with an organization called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) which has sought to discredit their stories. It began in the United States in 1992, fronted by Pamela Freyd and her husband, Peter, a mathematician at the University of Pennsylvania, who have both been accused by their daughter, Jennifer, of abusing her as a child.


Branches of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation have appeared in other countries, including the UK, and, as a result, many journalists have written deeply destructive articles dismissing the memories of mind control and ritual abuse victims as illusions. The FMSF claim that the victims of abuse are suffering from false memories and are not remembering what really happened. Of course this can happen, but the False Memory Syndrome Foundation is not satisfied with ‘some’.


It wants all of them to be dismissed in this way, which is utter nonsense. It has hounded responsible therapists, accusing them of putting the memories into their clients minds. Why the therapists would want to do that has not been explained, nor how those people who have never forgotten their childhood sexual and Satanic abuse could be suffering from a false memory.


A FMSF ‘scientific’ adviser, Doctor Harold Merskey, testified in court that a woman claiming that her doctor sexually abused her as a child might be suffering from false memory syndrome, when the doctor had already been struck off for previous paedophile activities he had admitted. Merskey had not even examined the woman and said his conclusion came from observing her in the court!

One of the leaders of the FMSF Doctor Ralph Underwager, was forced out when it was revealed publicly that he and his wife, Hollida Wakefield, had given an interview to a Dutch paedophile magazine called Paedika in 1993, in which he said that sex with children was “An acceptable expression of God’s will for love”.


Three members of the Advisory Board of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation in the United States have been Doctor Martin Orne, a notorious CIA mind controller at the University of Pennsylvania; Doctor Louis Jolyon ‘Jolly’ West at the University of California, another infamous CIA mind controller (featured, like Orne, in .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free); and James Randi, a magician known as The Amazing Randi.


Amazing indeed to hear a tape of him, as I have, propositioning teenage boys for sex and boasting about his ‘nine inch willy’. Or maybe that tape and the transcript in my file is a false memory. Randi has also been used to discredit psychic powers and phenomena through a ludicrous organization called the Committee for the Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal or CSICOP. This is headed by Paul Kurtz, the chairman of Prometheus Books, which publishes the works of James Randi and books about children’s sexual encounters with adults. Kurtz is Professor emeritus of Philosophy at New York State University in Buffalo.


Another member of CSICOP, Vern Bullough, the Professor at the Faculty of Natural and Social Science at the University of New York, is the ‘Human Sexuality’ Editor at Prometheus Books. He is also a board member of Paedika, the Dutch paedophile magazine which interviewed Ralph Underwager of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. A number of people are board members of both FMSF and CSICOP. What a web we weave. Discrediting psychic phenomena, life after death, or the memories of childhood ritual abuse, its all the same to these guys.


And what do both organizations have in common? They serve the Brotherhood Agenda by suppressing the exposure of the mind control and ritual abuse networks and the knowledge of the true nature of life. I am also staggered sometimes by the ‘research’ of some ‘conspiracy writers’ who dismiss the existence of Project Monarch and the highly detailed and documented work of people like Springmeier and Wheeler.


If you read such authors in the light of the evidence presented here and elsewhere, one wonders if these ‘conspiracy writers’ are merely poor researchers or part of the agenda to lead people away from the truth. One writer comes to mind immediately who turns out ‘conspiracy’ books full of old information with no original research and yet dismisses the detailed documentation and personal experience of Springmeier and Wheeler.

How easy it has been to keep people in ignorance by destroying the true records of the reptilian involvement in human history and by selling a version of life that is a perversion of the truth. It means that people are so divorced from reality that even when they are given the true, or truer, picture of the world, most people either laugh at the reptilian information or go into a state of complete denial over Satanism and mind control. “They wouldn’t do that”, I hear people say. Oh yes they would, and they do, and they are doing it to someone now.


The reptilians can continue with the global dictatorship in all its grotesque forms because most people aren’t bothered what is going on in the world and who is controlling their lives and those of their children. They are so pressured by debt and fear that they keep their heads down and their eyes closed; or they are more concerned at the price of beer, the latest ‘scandal’ on the television soaps, or how their soccer team is doing.


Michael Aquino, the Satanist at the US government’s Psychological Warfare Department, once told Cathy O’Brien:

“95 per cent want to be led by the other five per cent and the 95 per cent do not want to know what is really going on in government”.

How sad that this is actually true. Anyone who still believes that the outcome of soccer matches or the price of beer is really important in the wider picture of life on this planet, might benefit from reading the following. It is an account in Cathy’s own words of what happened to her child, Kelly, again and again:

“Kelly became violently physically ill after her induction into George Bush’s ‘neighbourhood’ and from every sexual encounter she had with him thereafter. She ran 104-6 degree temperatures, vomited and endured immobilizing headaches for an average of three days (as is consistent with high voltage trauma). These were the only telltale evidences aside from the scaring burns left on her skin. Houston forbade me to call a doctor, and Kelly forbade me to comfort her, pitifully complaining that her head ‘hurt too bad even to move’. And she did not move for hours on end.


Kelly often complained of severe kidney pain and her rectum usually bled for a day or two after Bush sexually abused her. My own mind control victimization rendered me unable to help or protect her. Seeing my child in such horrible condition drove my own wedge of insanity in deeper, perpetuating my total inability to affect her needs until our rescue by Mark Phillips in 1988.

“Kelly’s bleeding rectum was... one of (the)... physical indicators of George Bush’s pedophile perversions. I have overheard him speak blatantly of his sexual abuse of her on many occasions. He used this and threats to her life to ‘pull my strings’ and control me.

The psychological ramifications of being raped by a pedophile president are mind shattering enough, but reportedly Bush further reinforced his traumas to Kelly’s mind with sophisticated NASA electronic and drug mind control devices. Bush also instilled the ‘who ya gonna call?’ and ‘I’ll be watching you’ binds on Kelly, further reinforcing her sense of helplessness. The systematic tortures and traumas I endured as a child now seem trite in comparison to the brutal physical and psychological devastation that George Bush inflicted on my daughter. “94

Come on gang, I know this chapter must have been terribly hard to read, but it’s time to wake up.


This has GOT to stop.


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