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The Flying Serpent statue in the centre of Temple Bar (left) in London, the former Knights Templar lands and home to some of the most important secret societies within the Babylonian Brotherhood.

The dragon and the fire cross marking the entrance to the City of London financial district (right), one of the most important centers on the planet for the Brotherhood. The red cross on the white background was a sun symbol for the Phoenicians, the logo of the Knights Templar, and is the flag of England.

A reptile statue (above) found in graves of the Ubaid people who lived in what is now Iraq up to around 4,000 BC. Mother and baby are depicted with lizardlike features. This culture predates the Venus cataclysm which probably forced the surviving reptilians underground or into another dimension.

The White Horse at Uffington in Wiltshire (below), dated at 3,000 BC, the time the Phoenicians had arrived in Britain. The white horse was a Phoenician symbol for the Sun.

Gargoyles and flying serpents (above) have been placed all over the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and many are smaller versions of serpent symbols found at Maya sites in Mexico. Gargoyles are symbols of the reptilians and were chosen by the Brotherhood secret societies, especially the Knights Templar; to ‘decorate’ endless cathedrals, churches, stately homes of the aristocratic bloodlines and other buildings.

Illustrations by Clive Burrows, the Isle of Wight artist, of what people see when humans shape-shift into reptiles. This is particularly common among world leaders in politics, banking, business, the military and so on.


More Clive Burrows portrayals of reptiles overshadowing a human while not actually occupying the body Burrows produced these illustrations from descriptions by one of the countless people I have met who see the reptiles of the lower fourth dimension. They appear to attach to humans by two of the lower chakras.

The ancient images on the wall of the temple at Saqqara, Egypt, depicting one of their ‘gods’. Look at the close up of this ‘god’ and it correlates remarkably with the descriptions of the ‘serpent race’. It even seems to me to have wings, as with the winged Draco.


The Pope with his ‘fish head hat’, a symbol of the Babylonian god-figure, Nimrod.


Doves on the sceptres of British royalty The dove is a symbol of Queen Semiramis, Nimrod’s partner in Babylon. Note also the use of Maltese crosses which were found on caves in the former Phoenician land of Cappadocia in what is now Turkey


The Maltese Cross can also be found on the British Coronation Crown...

... and on the uniform of the Nazis. Hitler’s fanatics also used the skull and bones, the reversed swastika (a Phoenician Sun
symbol), and the eagle, a symbol which evolved from the Phoenician-Egyptian sun bird, the Phoenix.


Prince Albert, Duke of Clarence and Avondale, pictured in 1890, two years before he ‘died’; and Adolph Hitler pictured in the German army 25 years later in 1915. Are these the same men? Was Hitler the grandson of Queen Victoria? There are certainly many fascinating connections.

London, Paris, and Washington, and many other major cities were designed under the laws of sacred geometry and have many remarkably similar buildings and monuments. Domes and obelisks are particularly prevalent. Here (left to right) we have St Paul’s Cathedral (London), the Pantheon (Paris) and the Congress Building (Washington)...

...and (left to right) the Egyptian obelisk called Cleopatra’s Needle in London, the obelisk from Luxor in the Place de Ia Concorde in Paris, and the Washington monument in Washington DC

The eternal flame is the classic symbol of the Babylonian Brotherhood. Here it is held by the Brotherhood hero, Prometheus (left), at the Rockefeller Centre in New York...


... it can also be seen on the Statue of Liberty on an island in New York Harbour (left), and its mirror image on an island in the River Seine in Paris (right).

The flame is used as a Brotherhood signature after their assassinations. A flame was placed on President Kennedy’s grave at the Arlington Cemetery (below) and the Freemasons erected an obelisk and flame in Dealey Place (far below) close to the spot where he was murdered.

A replica of the Statue of Liberty flame placed on a black pentagram stands above the Pont de L’Alma tunnel in Paris where Diana died. An urn and flame have been placed on the island where she is ‘buried’.


The Arc de Triomphe, the Sun symbol centre of a massive geometric pattern in the street plan of Paris. Twelve roads feed Th to the ‘Etoile’ or star circle and the points of the Sun are even depicted on the road. The Arc is in direct line down the Champs Elysees with other arches, the Luxor obelisk in the Place de Ia Concorde, and the enormous black glass pyramid erected outside the Louver Museum.

The Island where Diana is said to be buried in the lake at the Spencer ancestral home at Althorp Park in Northamptonshire. Islands, lakes and tree groves are all fundamental symbols in the legend of the ancient Goddess Diana.

President Kennedy’s motorcade in Dealey Plaza at the moment he was shot on November 22nd 1963 - 656 years to the day from the time the Inquisition began its purge of the Knights Templar. Note that Kennedy’s car in the foreground has no
security guards, but the one behind has four!

Assassinations don’t just happen, they are allowed to happen.

The Pont de L‘Alma Tunnel in Paris (left), the Bridge or Place of the Moon Goddess, and above the tunnel are the crossroads, the traditional domain of Hecate.

One of the 17 close circuit cameras (far right) on the route from the Ritz to the Pont de l’Alma looks down onto the entrance to the tunnel (right). It would have seen Diana’s car enter and recorded any other vehicles or activity But like all the others, it was switched off at the time.

The Mercedes (right) crumpled on impact with the 13th pillar (above) and Diana died in this ancient sacred sacrificial site for the Goddess Diana.

Mohamed Al Fayed (above) and the Sun symbol headgear pictured in the Daily Express. The gold lion is a symbol of the Sun cult and the two horns are similar to those said to have been worn by Nimrod in Babylon.


The headwear is remarkably similar to that worn by Isis (above right) in her Egyptian depictions.

(Left to right) Henri Paul was the scapegoat of the crash while bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones, and Diana’s brother Earl Spencer, have some serious questions to answer.

The 40 foot stone owl beside the sacrificial fire at Bohemian Grove in Northern California during a Summer Camp for the Babylonian Brotherhood Elite. The owl is symbolic of Moloch, the deity to which children in the ancient world were sacrificially burned alive - and still are today.

The obelisk and the dome again. An artist’s impression of the Canary Wharf building beside the River Thames, the tallest building in Europe, and opposite is the new Millennium Dome. The zero time meridian of Greenwich Meantime runs close to
this point and that is no coincidence.

Extraterrestrial invasion? No, Brotherhood manipulation.


This is claimed to be the VRlL-7, one of the Nazi ‘flying saucer’ craft developed during the Second World War and later perfected in the United States and elsewhere.


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