The network today

After thousands of years of evolution, the reptilian network is now a vast and often unfathomable web of interconnecting secret societies, banks, businesses, political parties, security agencies, media owners, and so on. But its basic structure and Agenda remains very simple.

The centre of the operational web is the City of London with interlocking leaderships in places like France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy and the United States. These are the spiders in the web with the City of London, ‘New Troy’, the most important. From this centre the Global Agenda and policies are administered and their ‘branch managers’ introduce those policies in each country. So if it suits the Global Agenda to crash the US dollar, the Mexican peso, the South African rand, or the Far East stock-markets, the branch managers in those areas will take the action necessary to do that.


The Brotherhood don’t suffer, indeed quite the opposite, because they know what is coming. The major Brotherhood banks in the United States, like the Rockefellers’ Chase Manhattan, increased their profits on the Mexican peso in 1991, the year the value of the peso collapsed, because they sold their peso holdings just before the crash. In 1987, the late billionaire financier and Rothschild relative, Jimmy Goldsmith, sold all his holdings just before the world stock-market crash. A coincidence, of course.

At the heart of the web, or the top of the pyramid, whichever analogy you choose, are the reptilians. These operate mostly in the background from underground bases and overwhelmingly by possessing the reptilian-human bloodstreams which resonate most closely to the reptile consciousness of the lower fourth dimension. These reptile full-bloods and reptile-possessed people hold the major positions of power in the world or work in the background controlling those in the positions of apparent power like prime ministers and presidents.


Having a reptilian or reptilian-controlled human as president might sound fantastic if you have allowed yourself to have your vision of possibility suppressed to the size of a pea, but when you see the evidence put together over thousands of years, it makes perfect sense of the ‘mysteries’ of history. People ask me the understandable question of why anyone would want to dedicate their lives to taking over a planet when they knew they were going to die long before it was achieved.

Answer: The consciousness controlling that body is only using it as an overcoat, a space suit, until it wears out. When that happens, it possesses another one. These same reptilians have been occupying the bodies of all the main players in the conspiracy going back to ancient times.

The obsession with interbreeding within the Brotherhood bloodstreams comes from the need to hold the reptilian genetic inheritance and therefore maintain the vibrational connection between the human body on the third dimension and its controlling force on the lower fourth. It was to hide this truth that they arranged for the destruction of ancient historical records, texts, and accounts over the centuries as they ravaged and raped the native societies of the world.


The reptilians wanted to destroy all memory and records of their earlier open existence and control in the past. If they could do that, humanity would have no idea that they were being controlled through physical bodies that look human by a fourth-dimensional force that is not human.

The truth of what happened and continues to happen is held under the strictest secrecy at the highest level of the secret society network and only a relative handful of people know the story. Each section of the global pyramid is itself a smaller compartmentalized pyramid.


These are like watertight compartments on a ship or, more appropriately given its covert nature, a submarine. As above, so below. For example, the Freemason’s pyramid answers to a common leadership and then this leadership in turn answers to a higher one. The Illuminati degrees begin where the Freemasons degrees end so the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite and tenth degree of the York Rite appear to be as far as anyone can go and for most Masons that’s true.


But if someone is considered the right mentality and bloodline by the Brotherhood, they move on to the next level, the Illuminati degrees or to another of the highly secretive inner-circle groups like the Round Table which operate above the levels of the official secret societies like the Freemasons and the Knights of St John of Jerusalem (Malta). At their peak, the hierarchies of the secret societies fuse and connect with a common leadership and at that level they are all the same organization working to the same Agenda, despite their countless internal quarrels and conflicts.

This secret society network places its trusted initiates into the most influential positions in the world of banking, business, politics, the media, the military, medicine, etc, and again at their highest levels, these apparently unconnected organizations and institutions fuse into the same pyramid peak and are controlled by the same people.

Figure 25:

The pyramid of power in which all institutions ultimately
fuse into the same tiny Elite. This allows the same Agenda to be
orchestrated through all areas of society.


It is like Russian dolls, one doll, or in this case, pyramid, inside another, until you reach the global pyramid which encompasses all of them (see Figure 25).


The public faces of these organizations, and those who control them behind the scenes, might connect into the network by being a Freemason, a Knight of Malta, an initiate of the Skull and Bones Society, or as a member of a group of secret and semi-secret organizations called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, the Club of Rome, and the Trilateral Commission, which I will explain more about in a moment.


The point I am stressing here is that while all these groups have different names and apparently different aims, they are all the same organization controlled in the end by the same leadership.



The spider

The secret societies and groups which form the vast web of interconnected operations are an expanded version of the same network which goes back into antiquity. Some researchers say that the upper hierarchy appears to consist of the Council of 3, the Council of 5, the Council of 7, Council of 9, Council of 13, Council of 33, the Grand Druid Council, the Committee of 300 (also known as the ‘Olympians’), and the Committee of 500. Many groups have no name to avoid detection.1


I’m sure that there is one, maybe two, people, sitting atop this pyramid, a sort of High Priest and High Priestess of the world because, as I will expand on later, the most important hierarchy to which all others are subordinate is the Satanist hierarchy. If you want to control the game, you have to control all sides and this structure allows that to happen.


The Brotherhood control the ‘fors’ and the ‘againsts’ in politics, banking, business, the media, and politics. They have agents in all governments and agents in the other political parties ‘opposing’ those governments; they have agents on both sides in wars and political conflicts; in the drug-running cartels and in the anti-drug agencies ‘opposing’ those cartels; within the organized crime syndicates and the police and security agencies ‘investigating’ those syndicates; within terrorist groups and the intelligence agencies ‘investigating’ those groups. Just because someone says he stands for freedom and peace does not mean that he does.


In fact, if he did he would not need to say it because it would be obvious. I have a simple rule. Anything that calls itself ‘democratic’ stands for anything but. Look at the number of Democratic Fronts around the world which spend their time imposing a dictatorship.



The Round Table network

One of the major networks is governed from the centre by the Round Table (see Figure 26). As we have seen, the Round Table has branches all over the world and in 1920 and 1921 it added the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) to its web. The RIIA itself created its own offshoots.


The Council on Foreign Relations in New York developed its own subordinate network within the United States which connects the Babylonian Brotherhood with US government departments, Congress, media owners, editors, journalists, the tax-exempt foundations like the Rockfeller Foundation, universities, scientists, ambassadors, military leaders, ‘historians’, bankers, and business people.

Figure 26:

The Round Table network.

Each major country has such a network which follows the Agenda dictated from the global centers in the City of London, Germany, France, and Switzerland. I was attacked in my absence once on a Cape Town radio station by an ‘astrologer’ who said that the conspiracy I am exposing could not exist because it could not be organized over such a long period.


As usual he had not read any of my books or done any research whatsoever before dismissing the possibility and if he had he would realize that, because of the structure I am describing, it is not only possible to follow the same Agenda across the generations, it is perfectly straightforward. Why don’t big corporations or banks cease to exist when one generation of leadership retires or dies?


Because the next generation takes over. Exactly. So it is with the Brotherhood and its Agenda. Perhaps the astrologer might consult his own birth chart and identify the planetary conjunction which is closing his eyes to the obvious and the planet which impels him, like billions of others, to dismiss and condemn information they have made no attempt to read, check, or understand.

In May 1954 came the first official meeting of the next organization in the Round Table web, the Bilderberg Group (Bil), which was named after the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands, where that opening meeting took place. Or that’s the official story, anyway. Bil or Bel was also the Sun God of the Phoenicians. Bilderberg translates as ‘Bel of the rock’ or ‘Bel of the mountain’.


The Bilderberg Group was chaired from 1954 to 1976 by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, the former Nazi SS officer and German spy working for the NW7 Intelligence department operating within the unspeakable chemical giant, I. G. Farben, which ran the Auchwitz Concentration Camp.2 Pope John Paul II is said by some researchers to have worked for I. G. Farben, also. It makes sense because the Brotherhood pick the Popes, of course.


Prince Bernhard, a German who married into the Dutch Royal Family, just as William of Orange had done, is a reptilian blood relative and great friend of Britain’s Prince Philip. Together they launched the World Wildlife Fund, now the Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF). The last thing they were interested in was protecting wildlife as we shall see in a later chapter. In 1968 came the Club of Rome, headed by the Bilderberger and Freemason, Aurelio Peccei (Comm 300), the number two at Fiat to the Black Nobility Bilderberger, Giovanni Agnelli.


Peccei once said to his friend, the former US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig (TC, Knight of Malta), that he felt like Adam Weishaupt reincarnated.3


Weishaupt was the man behind the Bavarian Illuminati. The Club of Rome, set up at the Rockefeller family’s private estate at Bellagio in Italy, created the environmental movement. The Rockefellers and the Rothschilds have played the environmental movement like a violin.


The Club of Rome has used the environment to centralize power and confiscate land. It claims to be campaigning to ‘save the planet’ when in truth it is just another front for the Agenda intent on controlling the world and, what’s more, a front peopled by those who are demonstrably creating the very environmental problems they say they wish to stop. The same applies to the so-called Club of Budapest which is trying to do with ‘spirituality’ what the Club of Rome has done with the environment.


The Club of Budapest is headed by Ervin Laszio, an associate of the Club of Rome’s, Aurelio Peccei. Another important Round Table satellite is the Trilateral Commission which was created by the Rockefellers in the United States in 1972 and it has a role in the network of coordinating the Agenda between three parts of the world, the United States, Europe and Japan. In .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free, I expose these organizations and their membership at great length, but for those who have not read that book I’ll give you an idea of the scale of their influence on daily life and world affairs.


Whenever I mention someone who was, is, or would later become, a member of these groups, I will use the shorthand of RIIA, CFR, Bil and TC. I cannot at this time tell you much about the modern membership of the Royal Institute of International Affairs because it is so secretive and if anyone can help me with that I’d be much obliged. Some of their most important members I do know, however.

These interlocking groups have among their number the top people in global banking, business, media, military, intelligence agencies, education, and politics. A look at some of the people who attended the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 gives further indication of the sort of people we are talking about. The chairman was Prince Bernhard, the husband of Queen Juliana of the Netherlands (Comm 300), who has herself been a regular Bilderberg attendee.


The present Queen, Beatrix, is another Bilderberg promoter. Other Bilderberg chairmen have included Sir Alex Douglas Hume (Lord Home), one of the Elite Scottish bloodlines and a former British Prime Minister, and another British aristocratic bloodline, Lord Carrington, who became chairman in 1991. More about him in a second. Prince Bernhard was head-hunted to be the Bilderberg chairman by Lord Victor Rothschild, the spy, conman of colossal proportions, and one of the major manipulators of the 20th century.


Other attendees of that first meeting included: David Rockefeller (CFR,TC); Deak Rusk (CFR, TC, Rhodes Scholar), the head of the Rockefeller Foundation and Secretary of State under John E Kennedy; Joseph E. Johnson (CFR), head of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (War!) and US Secretary for the Bilderbergers; Denis Healey (TC, RIIA, Comm 300, Fabian Society), the British Labour Party Minister of Defence from 1964-1970 and Chancellor of the Exchequer 1974-1979; and Lord Boothby, who worked with Winston Churchill on the unification of Europe, later known as the European Union.

NATO was a creation of the Brotherhood and is designed to evolve by stealth into a world army by encompassing more and more countries and by manipulating ‘problems’ which give it the opportunities to operate outside its designated area. The last five Secretary-generals of NATO alone have all been Bilderbergers, Joseph Luns, Lord Carrington, Manfred Woener, Willy Claes, and Javier Solana.


The head of the World Bank, the Rothschild partner, James Wolfensohn, and a stream of his predecessors like Robert Strange Macnamara, are Bilderbergers. So are the first two heads of the new World Trade Organization, a Brotherhood creation which imposes heavy fines on countries who seek to protect their people from the merciless global financial and trading system.


The first head of the World Trade Organization was Peter D. Sutherland of Ireland (Bil, TC, Comm 300), the Director of the General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT), Commissioner of the European Community (Union), and chairman of Allied Irish Banks and Goldman Sachs. He later became head of British Petroleum (BP).

Sutherland is an Elite clone make no mistake and he was replaced at the WTO by an Italian Bilderberger, Renato Ruggero. Both the World Bank and the World Trade Organization connect with other global financial agencies like the International Monetary Fund and the G-7/G-8 group to impose their will and policies on developing countries in Africa, South and Central America, and Asia, and to ensure they are controlled by the transnational corporations which answer to the same overall leadership.


The Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) is another scam designed to dramatically increase the ability of the transnational corporations to destroy a country’s economic base by imposing their will on the government and walking away with the profits while avoiding the tax and business laws the other businesses have to face. The central banking network connects into the Round Table-Bilderberg operation. A number of heads of the Bank of England including Sir Gordon Richardson have been Bilderbergers and the same applies to the other central banks like the United States Federal Reserve, the cartel of private banks controlled from Europe which controls the US economy.


The current head of the ‘Fed’ is Alan Greenspan (CFR, TC, Bil) and he replaced Paul A.Volker (CFR, TC, Bil). You get the picture. Every few weeks in the United States and Britain, the media speculate on the possible content of statements by Greenspan and the Governor of the Bank of England or the Bundesbank about the state of their countries’ economies. These statements can, and do, send the stock-markets rising and falling on the basis of what these people say If they put interest rates up or down it can have a spectacular effect on the markets and people’s lives. Who do you think controls these people and the statements they make? Exactly.


A friend of mine who invests heavily in the US markets began to study the investment patterns of the major corporations, banks, and insurance companies, in the period immediately before Bilderberger Greenspan was due to make his financial statements. On every occasion he found that the big players either massively buy or sell stock or bonds of a specific kind in the three days before Greenspan speaks.


And the statement made by Greenspan has, on each and every occasion, had a fundamental effect on precisely the stock or bonds the Brotherhood have bought or sold. If you want to know what the stockmarkets are going to do, watch the buying and selling patterns of the Brotherhood families and corporations who control the markets. Interlocking with ‘gofers’ like Greenspan and major players like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, are ‘renegade’ financiers such as George Soros (Bil) who simply follow orders. It was Soros who made billions by attacking the British pound in September 1992, costing the people unbelievable amounts of money as the Chancellor of the Exchequer tried to defend the currency. Who was that Chancellor? Norman Lamont... Bilderberg Group.


Soros did the same to the Swedish currency with the same outcome. Who was the Swedish Prime Minister at the time? Carl Bildt... Bilderberg Group. It was the fear of standing alone caused by that Soros raid which turned a majority of Swedish public opinion to favour entry into the European Union, something most Swedes now appear to bitterly regret.

The careers of so many politicians have taken off dramatically after they attended Bilderberg meetings. In the 1970s the career of the British Conservative Party politician, Margaret Thatcher, soared when she began to attend Bilderberg meetings and her election to Prime Minister was made certain in 1979 by the explosion of scandals and strikes which brought down the Labour Government.


A year later Ronald Reagan and George Bush were elected to the White House and they introduced exactly the same extreme economic policies that Margaret Thatcher was doing under the name Thatcherism. It wasn’t Thatcherism at all, it was the Agenda unfolding as interest rates took off to levels that crippled the Third World and made them ripe for the decolonization programme through financial control. Also, the privatization mania under Thatcher-Reagan-Bush handed over state assets to the Brotherhood transnational corporations at knock-down prices.


When Thatcher had outlived her usefulness she was dumped, because everyone 15 expendable to the cause. In 1991, a relatively unknown Governor for Arkansas called Bill Clinton was invited by David Rockefeller to the Bilderberg meeting in Baden-Baden, Germany. A year later this man of British (Black Nobility) royal blood was President of the United States. In 1993, a British Labour Party Home Affairs spokesman called Tony Blair was invited to the Bilderberg meeting at Vouliagment, Greece, and a year later after the sudden and unexpected death of the Labour leader, John Smith, it was Blair who took over.


From the moment that happened, a series of scandals and conflicts destroyed the credibility of the ruling Conservative Government of John Major making it certain that Blair would become Prime Minister in a landslide victory in 1997. When I was on a speaking tour of Australia in early 1997, I predicted that not only would Blair be elected as Prime Minister, the election would take place on May 1st because, going back to ancient times, that was a very important day to the Babylonian Brotherhood. Examples of this are the May Day fertility rituals and the also May 1st celebrations in the Brotherhood-created Soviet Union. The Bavarian Illuminati was officially formed on May 1st 1776.

Tony Blair was such an important frontman for the Brotherhood that I just knew they would bring him to power on May 1st. In Britain they do not have fixed term governments, the Prime Minister can call the election any time within five years of coming to power and so he is the one who officially announces the date. What did John Major do?


Under instruction from the Tribe, he called the 1997 General Election for May 1st and Tony Blair, a big-time Brotherhood chosen one, was elected Prime Minister on that day. From the moment he came to power, Blair and his Bilderberger Chancellor, Gordon Brown, began to introduce the Brotherhood Agenda for the Millennium years in Britain and Europe. This included conceding the government’s power to set interest rates to the Bank of England, a move which happened within days of the election.


The economic policies followed by Bilderberger Brown were no different in fundamentals to those of the previous Conservative Chancellor, Kenneth Clarke, whom Brown replaced. This is not surprising because Clarke is also a Bilderberger and attended the meeting with Tony Blair in Greece and again at Tumberry, Scotland, in May 1998. Brotherhood Labour yes-man replaces Brotherhood Conservative yes-man as the official head of the nation’s finances and the only thing that changes is the name on the door.


Britain, like America and virtually every other country in the world, is a one-party-state while the public go on thinking they are free because they have the right to put a cross on a piece of paper every five years and choose the next Brotherhood puppet to run their country. In the United States, staggeringly, they vote electronically and this makes it so easy to rig.

Tony Blair became an immediate bosom-buddy of Bill Clinton (CFR, TC, Bil) and they speak with one (Brotherhood) voice. Blair’s ‘minder’ in the Labour Government has been Peter Mandelson (RIIA), nicknamed the Prince of Darkness. He is one of the most important Brotherhood link-men within the British Labour Party and continues to be so despite his resignation from the cabinet over a financial scandal. Incidentally it was when Peter Mandelson took charge of the Labour Party’s image-making in the 1980s that they changed their party symbol from the red flag to the classic Brotherhood symbol over the ages... the red rose.


Chancellor Kohl of Germany is a Bilderberger and so were his predecessors, Brant and Schmit. Many prime ministers and leading politicians in the Netherlands, including Ruud Lubbers, are Bilderbergers and it’s the same throughout Europe with people such as Carl Bildt and the assassinated Olof Palme (Sweden), Uffe Ellemann-Jenson and Ritt Bjergegaard (Denmark). Jacques Santer, the head of the European Commission, is a Bilderberger.


He is the most important public voice in the European Union and he runs his centralized dictatorship with the stunning arrogance that Brotherhood initiates find so easy to manifest. European royalty is represented at Bilderberg meetings by the Dutch, Swedish, Spanish and British royal families, or in truth: family.


Lord Mountbatten, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles have attended Bilderberg meetings.



The “peace-keepers”

When Brotherhood organizations use a word in their name they invariably mean the opposite. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace manipulates war and ‘Democratic Fronts’ all over the world introduce dictatorships. It can be the same with ‘peace-keepers’ and ‘peace negotiators’.


Henry Kissinger goes around the world talking about “peace” and yet when he leaves a country all hell often breaks out. It’s not that he’s a bad negotiator, he’s just doing his job for the Tribe.


His company, Kissinger Associates founding director Lord Carrington (RIIA, Bil, TC), was heavily involved in starting the Bosnian war which has moved the world closer to a global army under NATO control. This is a constant theme. Start the war and then negotiate the ‘peace’ to suit your Agenda. At the start of the Bosnian conflict, the status quo was the United Nations Peacekeeping Force.


But it was exposed, by design, to be ineffective and with horrific pictures pouring from the television screens every night, the global cry was:

“Something must be done, this can’t go on, what are they going to do about it.”

That ‘something’ offered by the very people who had engineered the war, was a 60,000 strong NATO world army, the biggest multinational force assembled since the Second World War. It is in these circumstances that the Round Table network can be used to ensure the right appointments.


The first peace negotiator appointed by the European Union in Bosnia was, yes, yes, Lord Carrington, chairman of the Bilderberg Group, President of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Trilateral Commission member, and one of the Committee of 300. He was replaced by Lord David Owen (Bil, TC) and Carl Bildt (Bil), the former Swedish Prime Minister. The United Nations appointed negotiators were Cyrus Vance (Bil, CFR, TC) and the Norwegian, Thorvald Stoltenberg (Bil, TC).


When their negotiations came to nothing, along came an ‘independent’ negotiator, Jimmy Carter, the first Trilateral Commission President of the United States, and a CFR member. The cry of “Do something” got even louder as the horrors in Bosnia continued unchecked and then came Richard Holbrooke (CFR, TC, Bil), the peace envoy of Bill Clinton, who negotiated the Dayton Agreement which introduced the NATO world army in Bosnia.


Holbrooke answered to the then Secretary of State, Warren Christopher (CFR, TC), and the Defence Secretary, William Perry (Bil). They reported to the President, Bill Clinton (CFR, TC, Bil) who followed the orders of David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger, leading lights in the CFR, TC, Bil, and RIIA. The first head of the NATO world army in Bosnia was Admiral Leighton Smith (CFR) and the civilian end of the operation was controlled by Carl Bildt (Bil). Oh yes, and the American ambassador in the former Yugoslavia was Warren Zimmerman (CFR).


What’s more, the financier, George Soros (Bil), just happened to have a series of tax-exempt ‘foundations’ throughout the former Yugoslavia before and during the war. Just a coincidence, nothing to worry about. This is only one example of the techniques and organizations used to change the world by making wars and deciding what happens as a result of them. Problem-reaction-solution. Some of the names behind the Bilderberg Group and the wider network are very familiar, the Rothschilds, David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, and Lord Carrington.


I have written much about the Rothschilds, but it is important to know about the other three as well. They are not the very top of the pyramid people, but they are right up there at the operational level:


David Rockefeller (CFR, TC, Bil, RIIA, Comm 300)

The Rockefellers (previous name Rockenfelder) became the most powerful family in the United States with the help of Rothschild money and, no doubt, through other sources, too.


The manipulation of the United States and the wider world abounds with the name Rockefeller, be it J. D. Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, Winthrop Rockefeller, Laurance Rockefeller, or the most notorious of them in the second half of the 20th century, David Rockefeller.


If the Rockefeller family and its networks and interconnecting bloodlines had never existed, the United States would be a very different place today: a land with far greater freedom than it currently enjoys, as would the world in general. David Rockefeller, the long-time head of the Chase Manhattan Bank and still unofficially in charge, was secretary of the Council on Foreign Relations Study Group which created the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of Europe after the Second World War.


Marshall Plan funds were used to promote the European Union and to undermine the authority of the nation states. The man appointed to head the Marshall Plan in Europe was... Averell Harriman (Comm 300, Skull and Bones Society) who based himself at the Rothschild’s Paris mansion. David Rockefeller was chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1946-53 and created the Trilateral Commission under the leadership of Henry Kissinger (CFR, TC, Bil, RIIA, Comm 300) and Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR, TC, Bil).


Brzezinski was a professor at the Brotherhood-founded Columbia University and authored the book, Between Two Ages: America’s Role In The Technotronic Era, which mirrored the Brotherhood vision for the world. He was National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter, the man David Rockefeller selected in 1976 to become the first Trilateral Commission President of the United States. David Rockefeller is the man behind all the presidents because he controls the money, media, and politics, to ensure that both presidential candidates answer to him.


That was true of George Bush and Bill Clinton in 1992 and Bob Dole and Bill Clinton in 1996. If you control the money, the media, and the party machines, you can put anyone you like in the White House and you can get rid of them while they are still in office if that suits your agenda and timescale. This is why those who truly represent the interests of the people never reach the upper levels of politics.


But it is not just in the United States that this is so. David Rockefeller has been the banker and puppet master of Russia and the Soviet Union, schooling and dictating to people like Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. Gorbachev, a reptilian shape-shifter, was used by Rockefeller and Kissinger to bring down the Soviet Union to allow those countries to begin the process of integration into the European Union and NATO. Yeltsin was speaking at Trilateral Commission events before he became President of Russia.


You find the hand of David Rockefeller everywhere, for instance, symbolically up the backside of the glove puppet called Maurice Strong (Bil, Comm 300), the Canadian oil millionaire or billionaire, who has massively manipulated the environmental movement as the first Director of the United Nations Environment Agency and the top man at the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil.


Wherever David Rockefeller goes the stench of corruption, manipulation, and genocide, follows. Which reminds me of someone else...



Henry Kissinger (CFR, TC, Bil, RIIA, Comm 300)

Henry Kissinger became world famous after 1968 as the Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to President Richard Nixon, the only man in US history to hold both posts at the same time.


But Kissinger’s enormous service to the Babylonian Brotherhood goes back a long way before then and continues to the present day. He was born in Germany in 1923 and grew up a Jew under Adolph Hitler.


But if Kissinger really is a ‘Jew’, why was he one of those involved in Project Paperclip, the Anglo-American Intelligence operation which allowed Nazi genetic and mind experimenters and torturers like Josef Mengele to escape from Germany at the end of the war to continue their work in the United States and South America? Because he could not give a shit about Jewish people, that’s why.


They are just cattle to him like every other race, except his own, the reptilians. Kissinger is a Satanist, mass murderer, mind control expert, and child killer. He arrived in the United States on September 5th 1938 and later became a naturalized American citizen. In 1972 the Polish KGB agent, Michael Goleniewski, told the British Government that KGB documents he saw prior to his defection in 1959 included the name Henry Kissinger as a Soviet Union asset.


According to Goleniewski, Kissinger was recruited by the KGB into an espionage cell called ODRA and was given the code name BOR or Colonel BOR. He built his power-base and ‘reputation’ at Harvard and he was on his way. As I reveal in detail in ...And The Truth Shall Set You Free, Kissinger has been the man behind all the presidents since Nixon, even though he has not been involved officially.

It was he who arranged for the Watergate scandal which removed Nixon and brought in Gerald Ford (CFR, Bil) as President and Nelson Rockefeller, Kissinger’s crony and mentor, as vice-president. It was Nelson Rockefeller who advised Nixon to appoint Kissinger in the first place.


The Watergate scandal was exposed by journalists Woodward and Bernstein of the Washington Post, a paper owned by Kissinger’s friend, Katherine Graham (CFR, TC, Bil). I was approached by a scientist working for the Brotherhood against his will, who was ordered to a meeting at the White House during the Bush administration (1988-92).


He was astonished to find Kissinger in the Oval Office dictating events while Bush sat there and nodded. Kissinger had no official role in the Bush administration to the knowledge of the American public and yet there he was calling the shots. Kissinger’s ‘shuttle diplomacy’ consisted, and consists, of misrepresenting each side to the other, so sparking war after war. In 1973, Kissinger ‘was given the Nobel Peace Prize for stopping the Yom Kippur War which he had actually started. When Kissinger and Carrington come into your country, its time to go on holiday, because all hell normally follows the moment they leave. Ask the people of Burundi and Rwanda...

When George Bush became President in 1988, he appointed two executives of the Kissinger Associates to his administration. Brent Scowcroft, the head of the Washington office, became Director of the National Security Council, and Lawrence Eagleburger, the President of Kissinger Associates, became Under-secretary at the State Department. As I’ve said, Kissinger Associates was behind the war in Bosnia and the first ‘peace’ negotiator appointed by the European Union was Lord Carrington, a founding director of Kissinger Associates.


This company was also instrumental in the Gulf War, arranging loans for Iraq through the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) as early as 1984 to allow Saddam Hussein to finance arms purchases through a little known subsidiary of Fiat, the Italian car giant owned by Giovanni Agnelli, the Black Nobility Bilderberger. Charles Barletta, a former Justice Department investigator, was quoted about this in the Spotlight newspaper in Washington on November 9th 1992.


The report said:

“Barletta added that federal probers had collected dozens of such incriminating case histories about the Kissinger firm. But Henry Kissinger seems to possess a special kind of immunity. I’m not sure how he does it, but Kissinger wields as much power over the Washington national security bureaucracy now as in the days when he was the Nixon administration’s foreign policy czar. He gets the payoff; others get the blame. Kissinger will remain unscathed until Congress finds the courage to convene a full-dress investigation into this Teflon power broker.”

Kissinger operates in the highest levels of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and the Club of Rome, and he is a member of the Grand Alpine Freemasonry Lodge in Switzerland, which controlled the notorious Italian terrorist lodge known as P2.


The world will not be safe while this man is on the streets. Another of his ‘specialities’ is genocide in the Third World to dramatically reduce the number of non-white faces and to cull those members of the white races considered the lower stock. This programme is being introduced by manipulating famine, disease (including those created in laboratories), war, sterilisation and ‘population control’.


See ... And The Truth Shall Set You Free.

Lord Carrington (RIA, TC, Bil, Comm 300)

Peter Rupert Carrington comes from a banking family and is an extremely close associate of Kissinger.


These are the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum of global manipulation. Carrington was on the board of Hambros Bank (Comm 300 designate) which was connected to the Michel Sindona-P2 Freemasonry scandal in Italy.


The Elite P2 Freemasonry Lodge controlled by the Mussolini fascist, Lucio Gelli, was the force behind the Red Brigades terrorists in the 1970s who planted the devastating bomb at Bologna railway station and murdered the leading politician, Aldo Morro, after Morro had rejected Henry Kissinger’s order to change his policies. P2 and the Hambros-Carrington connected Michel Sindona were also involved in the control of the Vatican Bank.


Another casualty was the Italian P2 Freemason and banker, Roberto Calvi, who was hanged under Blackfriars Bridge near the City of London’s Square Mile in 1982 after the scandal became public. Carrington’s other business interests have included some familiar names, Rio Tinto Zinc, Barclays Bank, Cadbury Schweppes, Amalgamated Metal, British Metal, Christies the auctioneers, and the chairmanship of the Australian New Zealand Bank.


In his book, The English Rothschilds, Richard Davis reports that Lionel Rothschild was a frequent visitor to the Carrington’s home in Whitehall. The two families are related by the marriage of the fifth Earl Rosebery to Hannah Rothschild, daughter of Meyer, in 1878. During the ceremony she was ‘given away’ as they say by Prime Minister Disraeli.

Carrington, then, is of the Rothschild-British aristocratic reptilian bloodline. He has the perfect background and attitudes for a Brotherhood manipulator and he has been appointed to perform many tasks for them. He was the British Foreign Secretary who ensured that power in the former Rhodesia was transferred from the white minority government of Ian Smith to the black dictator, Robert Mugabe, and things have got worse, not better, for the people, exactly as planned.


It was Carrington who resigned as Foreign Secretary because of the ‘mistakes’ he made which led to the Falklands War in 1982. You would have thought that he would have been kept well away from things military after that, but no, from 1984 to 1988, he was the Secretary-general of NATO and in 1991 he became the chairman of the Bilderberg Group. While in that post, he was appointed to be the first ‘peace’ negotiator in Bosnia.

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Control of the media

The names Rothschild, Rockefeller, Kissinger and Carrington appear on the boards and ‘advisory’ boards of global media corporations and that’s no surprise. To control humanity through the mind and emotions you simply have to control the media. Without that it’s impossible.


This is made so much easier because the overwhelming majority of journalists in the world, including the so-called ‘big names’ in each country, are either agents for the Brotherhood (the small minority) or they don’t know their arse from their elbow when it comes to understanding what is going on in the world. I’ve been a journalist and so I have seen both sides and what is termed the communications industry is really the blind (journalists) leading the blind (their readers and viewers).


My experience as a journalist, and as the target of journalists, has shown me very clearly how remarkably few brain cells you need to do the job. Every day on television stations all over the world, journalists and correspondents give their viewers the official version of the event they are reporting.

“White House sources say this..., the Prime Minister says that..., the FBI say the other... “

In all my time in journalism I cannot recall a single conversation in a newsroom that didn’t reflect the official version of life and the world. Most journalists are not manipulating, they are simply stunningly uninformed and often incredibly arrogant. They believe that if anything of magnitude was going on they would know about it because they are ‘journalists’. In truth they are the last to know.


Arrogance and naiveté, the mental combination that produces so many journalists, is a telling and highly destructive combination. Add a padlocked mind and you’ve got the job. One BBC interviewer said to me in all seriousness that we should be no more concerned about the membership of the Freemasons than we should the membership of the local squash club. I’m not kidding.


I have given many journalists the story of what is going on and they have either dismissed it without even looking at the evidence or they have ridiculed the information without looking at the evidence. I remember meeting a guy, I think his name was Taylor or something, in Los Angeles in early 1997. He worked for The Observer newspaper in London. I told him about the paedophile activities of George Bush and his drug running operation. I offered to put him in touch with some of those who had been abused by Bush.

What did this ‘journalist’ do? He went away and wrote an article making personal attacks on me, including the fact that my eyes appeared bloodshot. Not surprising after a non-stop speaking tour of Australia, New Zealand and the United States over a period of two months, but how can anyone write about the state of someone’s eyes when they are being offered, as he put it himself, the “Story of the century”? Because he’s a journalist, that’s why I offered to put the British Sunday People in contact with similar sources, but they didn’t want to know.


As the old saying goes:

“You cannot bribe or twist the great British journalist, but seeing what they will do unbribed, there’s no reason to.”

Of course there are journalists who are exceptions, and honourable ones, but they are so, so rare and ask them what happens when they try to write the story as it really is.

Journalists dance to the official tune and become the copy typists and town criers for the official version of life. They are the ‘gofers’ for those higher up the media pyramid. At the top are bankers who provide the funds to buy the media groups. These bankers also control the major industries and business networks and the newspaper, television, and radio operations cannot survive without the advertising revenue from these people.


The threat to stop advertising has led to many an expose of the truth ending up in the bin. Below the bankers and industrialists come the media ‘barons’, the Murdochs, Blacks, O’Reillys, and Packers. They toe the line of the funders and advertisers and they appoint their editors to make sure that the same policy appears in the papers and broadcast media day after day.


The editor appoints the journalists and they have to follow the same line the editor has been told to follow. The journalist answers to the editor, the editor answers to the proprietor, and the proprietor answers to the banks and the corporations - the Brotherhood. This is what we call ‘news’. We are led to believe that the great media egos like Murdoch, Packer, and Ted Turner don’t like each other.


Maybe that’s true and maybe its a smokescreen, it doesn’t really matter. Whichever of them heads an organization, the same policy prevails, so the Brotherhood could not care less which of their puppets owns a newspaper because their policy will be followed whatever. These ‘barons’ are not in control. They are frontmen, that’s all. Look at Ted Turner, the Council on Foreign Relations member who was supposed to be taking on the system with his Cable News Network (CNN).


He sold out to Time Warner, one of the greatest Brotherhood operations on the planet, and CNN pounds out the official line hour after hour, day after day. When someone genuinely wants to start a television station or newspaper to tell the truth, they can’t get advertising or funding or they have their share price undermined via the unimaginable amounts of money the Brotherhood banks, corporations, and insurance companies move around every day.


This opens up such media operations to a hostile takeover. The three television networks in the United States, CBS, ABC, and NBC are controlled by members of the Round Table network and so are the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and a long, long list of others. The same goes for country after country.

Two of the lesser known groups which make the point about control of the media are Hollinger Inc. and ‘Independent’ Newspapers. Hollinger owns 68% of newspapers in Canada and more than 250 papers and magazines worldwide, including major US papers, The Jerusalem Post, and Telegraph Newspapers in London.


Hollinger is a front for British Intelligence. During the last world war, an Elite section of British Intelligence called the Special Operations Executive formed a front organization called War Supplies Ltd under the leadership of two British agents, George Montagu Black and Edward Plunkett Taylor. It was Taylor who later wrote the banking laws for the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. After the war this British Intelligence company continued under the name of the Argus Corporation and more recently it changed its name again to Hollinger.


Today it is headed by Conrad Black, the son of the British spy, George Montagu Black, who set it up in the first place. Conrad Black is a member of the inner sanctum of the Bilderberg Group. His father was close to the Bronfman gangster family who, like the Kennedys, made a fortune from running illegal booze during the prohibition the Brotherhood themselves had introduced.


The Bronfmans today own the liquor giant, Seagrams, as well as a substantial drug running operation. On the ‘advisory’ board of Hollinger are Henry Kissinger, Lord Carrington, and Edmund de Rothschild!

Independent Newspapers is owned by the Irish billionaire and former rugby player, Tony O’Reilly. It includes newspapers in Ireland, Britain, France, Portugal, Mexico, South Africa, and New Zealand. The South African President, Nelson Mandela, spent Christmas 1993 at O’Reilly’s holiday home at Nassau in the Bahamas and soon afterwards the Irishman bought the Argus group, South Africa’s biggest newspaper chain.4


This is now a mouthpiece for Mandela’s African National Congress (ANC). Since 1994, O’Reilly has bought 60% of the Argus Group, 43% of Newspaper Publishing in Britain, 55% of Australian Provincial Newspapers, 25% of Irish Press Newspapers, and 44% of Wilson and Horton the largest newspaper group in New Zealand.5


He also has extensive interests in cable television in Ireland, and radio and television in Australia and New Zealand. His acquisitions will go on and money will be no object because for all his self-promotion he is just a puppet. His Sunday Independent in Ireland devoted an eight page supplement to him called “A Man For All Continents” and it included seventeen photographs of him with his friends... Henry Kissinger (Bil, CFR,TC, RIIA, Comm 300), Margaret Thatcher (Bil), Valery Giscard D’Estaing (Bil), and Robert Mugabe.


One of O’Reilly’s close friends in Ireland is the former Prime Minister, Garret Fitzgerald (Bil, TC).6 O’Reilly also idolizes Churchill, apparently. His friendship with the Zimbawe dictator, Robert Mugabe, began while O’Reilly was still chairman of Heinz and Mugabe will still put a giant-sized can of Heinz beans on his head to amuse visitors to the State House.7


In 1992, Mugabe joined O’Reilly at his mansion in County Kildare, Ireland, and these two Jesuit-educated initiates celebrated high mass in a medieval private chapel built around a crusader’s (Knights Templar) tomb.8 O’Reilly and his business associates have since bought a 60% stake in Associated Newpapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ) with the intention of launching a new English language daily.9



The Agenda today

The control and manipulation of the media and the other institutions which direct human thinking and perception is not only to achieve power for power’s sake, there is a much bigger reason for it. The Agenda is for the complete takeover of the planet by the reptilians without anyone realizing that it has even happened.

Figure 27:
The structure the Babylonian Brotherhood is
seeking to introduce early in the new Millennium.

They are well on their way to achieving this unless people wake up.


The basic structure is designed around a world government which would take all the major decisions in the world (see Figure 27). This would control a world central bank, currency (electronic, no cash), and army. All this would be underpinned by a microchipped population linked to a global computer.


Under this structure would come three superstates - the European Union, the American Union, and the Pacific Union (Asia, Far East, Australia). This edifice of power would dictate to the current nation states which are planned to be broken up into regions to dismantle any unified response to the structure I’ve described. It would, quite simply, be a global fascist dictatorship and we are so close to this unless there is a revolution of thinking among the mass of humanity.


The network I have summarized in this chapter allows for this Agenda to unfold because there are Brotherhood agents working within all the political and economic groups needed to make it happen. The more global problems that can be created, the more pressure there will be for global solutions - the centralized control. The second tier, the ‘unions’ of superstates, is well on the way.



The Superstate ‘Unions’

The European Union with its central bank and single currency has been evolved from a free trade area called the European Economic Community or Common Market. There was no mention of the superstate when we joined, but that was always the Agenda and it has been achieved by the stepping stones approach: moving towards the goal step by step with very few realizing where these steps are heading.


Had Adolph Hitler won the war he had an economic design for Europe he called it the Europaische Wirtscraft = gemeinschaft. This translates as... the European Economic Community!


Hitler lost the war, at least on the surface, but we got the same policy anyway because it was part of the Agenda. If I summarize how the European Union has been engineered and the people and organizations behind it, you will see how the hidden hand operates and be more aware of the tactics being employed to do exactly the same in the Americas, the Pacific region, and Africa.


A United States of Europe under centralized control was the aim of the Knights Templar way back in the 12th and 13th centuries and under their different names and incarnations this same force has achieved that target via the Freemasons, the Bilderberg Group, and others. The Bilderberg Group is particularly important, however, in the creation of the present superstate. The men behind the formation of the European Economic Community on behalf of the Brotherhood were Jean Monnet (Comm 300), Count Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi (Comm 300) from Austria, and Joseph Retinger (Comm 300), a Polish ‘socialist’ who helped Prince Bernhard to create the Bilderberg Group.


Monnet, the son of a French brandy merchant, went to Canada in 1910 and there connected with the Hudson Bay Company, an old Black Nobility operation, and the Lazard Brothers Bank. He became a confidant to presidents and prime ministers, including Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and his influential friends gave him a very lucrative contract to ship materials from Canada to France during the First World War.


When the war ended he was appointed to the Allied Supreme Economic Council and became an advisor to the group around Lord Milner (Round Table, RIIA, Comm 300) and Colonel Mandel House (Round Table, CFR, Comm 300) which was preparing the Treaty of Versailles and creating the League of Nations. Monnet was appointed the Deputy Secretary General of the League of Nations and later vice-president of a company called Transamerica which was owned by the drug-money-laundering Bank of America. Monnet was perfectly placed to be the puppet through which other powers could manipulate into being the European Economic Community.


Count Richard N. Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote’ a book in 1923 calling for a United States of Europe. He was named after Richard Wagner, of whom Hitler had said that to understand Nazi Germany one had to understand Wagner. A close friend of the Count’s father was Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism (Sionism - the Sun cult). The Count’s book was called Pan Europa and he went on to form the Pan European Union with branches right across the continent, supported by leading politicians and the Anglo-America Establishment, including Colonel House and Herbert Hoover.


The Count said in his autobiography:

“At the beginning of 1924, we received a call from Baron Louis de Rothschild; one of his friends, Max Warburg (Hitler’s banker) from Hamburg, had read my book and wanted to get to know us. To my great surprise (sure!), Warburg spontaneously (sure!) offered us 60,000 gold marks to tide the movement over for its first three years...


Max Warburg, who was one of the most distinguished and wisest men that I ever came into contact with, had a principle of financing these movements. He remained sincerely interested in Pan-Europe for his entire life. Max Warburg arranged his 1925 trip to the United States to introduce me to Paul Warburg and Bernard Baruch.”10

The European Community, now Union, is another creation of the Brotherhood with all the old familiar names involved.


Winston Churchill (Comm 300) was a supporter of the European superstate and he wrote an article in 1930 for the American publication The Saturday Evening Post, called “The United States of Europe”. A few years later he would play his part in advancing the war which led to the creation of that very structure.


Count Coudenhove-Kalergi was given enthusiastic backing from people like John Foster Dulles, Nicholas Murray Butler, the President of Columbia University and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (‘War’), and Dr Stephen Duggan, the founder and first President of the Institute of Education which was 100% controlled by the Council on Foreign Relations. The United States Congress passed seven resolutions on the political union of Europe and one of them stated:

“The creation of a United Europe must be regarded as an essential step towards the creation of a United World” (world government).

Jean Monnet also headed the Committee for the United States of Europe which had the same goal. Since the creation of the European Economic Community (EEC) it has been evolved as planned, by the stepping stones method, to become the centralised fascist state it was always designed to be.


Two admirers of Monnet are Merry and Serge Bromberger, and they set out the plan in their book, Jean Monnet And The United States Of Europe:

“Gradually, it was thought, the supranational authorities, supervised by the European Council of Ministers at Brussels and the Assembly in Strasbourg, would administer all the activities of the continent. A day would come when governments would be forced to admit that an integrated Europe was an accomplished fact, without their having a say in the establishment of its underlying principles.


All they would have to do was to merge all these autonomous institutions into a single federal administration and then proclaim a United States of Europe.”11

That is where we are now.


Again you have the structure of the core few at the centre dictating the overall plan and the interlocking networks in each country manipulating their people and Parliament to follow that overall Agenda. The two Prime Ministers of Britain before, during, and after our entry into the European Community were Labour’s Harold Wilson (Bil) and the Conservative Edward Heath (Bil, TC).


They were both close associates of Lord Victor Rothschild and Heath made Rothschild head of his ‘policy unit’ during his four years as Prime Minister between 1970 and 1974. It was in this period, in 1972, that Heath signed the Treaty of Rome which ensnared the United Kingdom into the Brotherhood’s European spider’s web. Sitting beside Heath at the signing ceremony was his Foreign Secretary, Alec Douglas Hume (Lord Home), a chairman of the Bilderberg Group and a member of an ancient Scottish bloodline. The whole thing was manipulation on a vast scale.


The ‘opposition’ Labour Party when we went into Europe under Harold Wilson (Bil) included in its leadership, Roy Jenkins (Bil, TC, RIIA), who would go on to become the President of the European Commission, James Callaghan (Bil, RIIA), and Denis Healey (Bil, TC, Comm 300), chairman of the International Monetary Fund Interim Committee and member of the council of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


Healey was at the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 and attended more of their gatherings than any other British politician in his period in active politics. Good Old Denis, the man of the people? Excuse me. In this same period the leaders of Britain’s third party, the Liberals (now Liberal Democrats) were Jo Grimond (Bil) and Jeremy Thorpe, author of the book, Europe: The Case For Going In.


I wonder when they were in the highest political positions in the land, if Wilson, Heath, Jenkins, and Healey, ever got together and pondered on the remarkable twist of destiny which led four people, who attended Oxford University in the same period, to become the leading political names of 1960s and 1970s, just as the United Kingdom was committing itself to membership of the European Community. Wilson (Jesus College, University College), Jenkins (Balliol), Heath (Balliol), Healey (Balliol), Grimond (Balliol), and Thorpe (Trinity College) are such an inspirational example of what can happen when you have an Oxford education.


The fact that Oxford has always been a major Brotherhood centre and, with Cambridge, is a key recruiting ground for manipulators of the next generation, is purely coincidental, of course.

Heath, a shape-shifting reptilian, was manipulating Britain toward membership of the Community right through the 1960s and he was agreeing to the political union of Britain in Europe as early as April 1962 when he was Lord Privy Seal. Before taking Britain into Europe, Heath attended a meeting in Paris in October 1972 to negotiate the conditions with the French President Georges Pompidou (Bil), a former employee of Guy Rothschild.


Douglas Hurd was the British Foreign Secretary who signed the fascist Maastricht Treaty in February 1992 which turned the European Community into the European Union, the superstate. Hurd was a private secretary to Ted Heath between 1968 and 1970 and his political secretary from 1970 to 1974 when Heath was Prime Minister and signing Britain into Europe.


Hurd was also Minister of State to Lord Carrington in the run up to the Falklands War and it was Hurd who recommended an ‘honorary’ knighthood for Henry Kissinger. Since that time influential and apparently opposing political figures like the Conservatives Ted Heath (Bil, TC), Kenneth Clarke (Bil), Geoffrey (Lord) Howe (Bil, Comm 300), the Labour Party’s Tony Blair (Bil), Gordon Brown (Bil, TC), and the Liberal Democrat leaders, David Steel (Bil, TC) and Paddy Ashdown (Bil), have pressed and argued for further and further erosion of British decision making and the swamping of freedom by the centralised, bureaucratic European Union.


Blair has blatantly filled his ministerial team negotiating with the European Union with people who want the UK to join the single bank and currency. Among them, before his resignation in a financial scandal, was our friend Peter Mandelson, the man members of Parliament have dubbed: “the Prince of Darkness”. At the time of writing, the three major British political parties are headed by Tony Blair (Bil), William Haig (Bil), and Paddy Ashdown (Bil).

We are being conned and the Brotherhood initiates at the top in the banks and corporations have been activated to frighten the people into believing there will be an economic collapse if a country does not join the single bank and currency. What nonsense. Norway refused to join the European Union and has had great economic prosperity, not least through its exports to the European Union countries!


What I have described in Europe is planned for the Americas, the Pacific region, and Africa. The American Union is designed to evolve from NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the Pacific Union from APEC, Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, the ‘free-trade area’ formed in 1994 after much campaigning by the Rhodes Scholar and former Australian Prime Minister, Bob Hawke.


NAFTA was negotiated between George Bush (CFR,TC, Skull and Bones), the paedophile President of the United States, and Brian Mulroney, a rapist of mind controlled women, who was Prime Minister of Canada. I’ll expand on their activities in a later chapter. Bush said when he signed the free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico on August 12th 1992 that he wanted to see NAFTA stretch from the tip of North America to the tip of South America.


His ‘opponent’, Bill Clinton, said at a gathering of leaders from throughout the Americas on December 10th 1994:

“History has given the people of the Americas the chance to build a community of nations, committed to liberty and the promise of prosperity... early in the next century (I want to see)... a huge free trade zone from Alaska to Argentina.”

Other elements of the Agenda include:

  • the microchipping of the global population

  • the complete control of energy supplies

  • the destruction of alternative forms of healing that expose established medicine as a fraud

  • global marshal law

I will write more about this towards the end of the book. The one-party-state and the one-world-Agenda rolls on and here I have given only an outline of the people, organizations and events to which I have referred because they are all covered in intricate detail, and sourced, in .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free.




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