Rule Britannia

As the religions were firmly established and controlling the masses in the first centuries of the AD era, the expansion of the Babylonian Brotherhood accelerated on the political and financial fronts, also.

Vital to this expansion was another branch of the reptilian full-bloods and crossbreeds who made their way over land and many centuries to New Troy -London via Italy, Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands. These were Nimrod worshippers and, appropriately, the very name of Italy derives from the word bull - a Nimrod symbol.

Once again they travelled under the heading of Phoenicians and they settled in the north of Italy in 466 AD in what is now Venice. These Phoenicians then became known as Venetians. They built a powerful maritime (of course) and financial empire which was based on lending people money that does not exist and charging them interest on it.


This is another common theme of the Babylonian Brotherhood over thousands of years and today this financial scam controls the purse strings of the planet. When you go to a bank for a loan, the bank does not print a single new note or mint a single new coin. It simply types into your account the size of the loan and from that moment you start to pay interest on what is nothing more than figures on a screen.


The bank has created ‘money’ out of nothing and insist that you pay them for doing so. If anyone else did that, they would be arrested for fraud, but the banks do it every day quite legally. This system was employed in Babylon and it has been expanded over thousands of years. It has rarely been challenged because the Brotherhood which devised this system have also controlled the kings, queens and leading politicians, who have imposed it on the people. More than that, the Brotherhood are the kings, queens and leading politicians! The ‘money’ created in this way is known as ‘fiat’ money.

The Phoenician-Venetians, under the control of the Babylonian Brotherhood, expanded their wealth and power by war, assassinations, piracy and by ruthlessly manipulating trade and money. They would support a country when it suited them and then immediately seek to destroy it if that advanced their Agenda. One of their common methods was to bankrupt any person, business or country that opposed them.


If that sounds exactly like the methods in use globally today, there is a reason for that.


The same Brotherhood now control the world banking and trading system via,

...and so on.


The reptile-Aryans of Venice married into the nobility, bought themselves titles, and simply invented others.


As a result, from around 1171, they became known throughout Europe as the ‘Black Nobility’. Once again the Phoenicians (or rather the reptile-Phoenicians) became the aristocracy.


They operated across northern Italy to Genoa and into an area that became known as Lombardy, going north into what is now Switzerland. Lombard is still a word widely used in the financial industry and Lombard Street is one of the best known streets in the City of London financial centre.


Northern Italy or Lombardy was the region invaded around the fourth century BC by Aryan ‘Celts’ called the Lombards who brought an influx of Nordic blood from Germany.


They were later absorbed by another Aryan people, the Franks, from where we get the name France. In short, they were different branches of the same white race with the reptile-Aryans, unknown to the rest of the population, invariably at the helm. As today, these reptilians and reptilian puppets looked human, but they were controlled within by a very different force working to a long term Agenda. Long term in our perception, anyway.


Switzerland remains a fundamentally important financial stronghold for the Brotherhood. This is why it is never attacked and never takes part in wars, even when every country along its borders is involved. Switzerland is a major financial centre for the people who are creating the wars and so they ensure it is not involved. See how simple history becomes when you know the Agenda!

Venice was for centuries a hub of the reptile bloodlines who expanded into the Far East with the journeys of the Venetian, Marco Polo, of whom there is far more to know than official history suggests.


The surviving royal families in Europe are the reptile bloodline of this Black Nobility, including Britain’s House of Windsor. This is why these royal houses, including the Windsors, are rife with Satanism and fundamentally connected with Freemasonry and other Elite secret societies. I will chart the history of the Windsors, their grotesque record of manipulation, and their reptilian-Satanic activities, in a later chapter.


The Black Nobility established close relationships with the bloodline families of Britain and they were behind the invasion in 1066 by another branch of their ‘family’, the Normans of William the Conqueror and the St Clairs, a family of Viking descent.


Once again the Black Nobility married into the British aristocratic families, awarded themselves titles, or invented them out of nothing. Two families were especially important in the Black Nobility takeover of Britain, the Savoys and the Estes.


The Savoys (after which the famous London hotel is named) ruled Italy from 1146 to 1945 and the Estes ruled the region called Ferrara from the ilOOs until 1860 when Italy became one country.


There are countless examples of how the Black Nobility infiltrated and took over Britain. Eleanor, the daughter of Peter, the ninth Count of Savoy, married the English king, Henry III. Peter ‘Savoy’, the Black Nobility count, was given large estates in England by Henry after he married his daughter and this included the title of the Earl of Richmond. From this foothold the Black Nobility count, now the Earl of Richmond, arranged a series of other marriages between the Black Nobility and the English aristocracy. His younger brother, Boniface, was even made Archbishop of Canterbury!


The Black Nobility have been controlling the Church of England for centuries, indeed from the start, and today one of their most active representatives, Queen Elizabeth II, is still the official head of the Church. The Black Nobility bloodlines are reptilian full-bloods and crossbreeds and pure Babylonian Brotherhood. They seized the reins of power in Europe to take their Agenda into another stage.

The founders of the European royal houses, many of which continue to this day, were Rupert, the Count of Nassau, and Christian, Count of Oldenbourg. Both lived in the 11th and 12th centuries, the very period when the Black Nobility-Babylonian Brotherhood launched its plan to control the whole of Europe.


From Rupert came the Hesse-Darmstadt and Hesse-Cassal lines, the Dukes of Luxembourg, the Battenborgs/ Battenbergs (later Mountbattens), the Prince of Orange and Nassau, and the Kings of the Netherlands.


From Christian came the Kings of Denmark and Norway, the Schleswig-Holstein line and the Hanovers, who became Kings of England. It was from the Hanovers that the present House of Windsor is derived. Other Black Nobility-reptile bloodlines included the Dukes of Normandy (like William the Conqueror, hence their support for him and the St Clairs), the Saxe-Coburgs (another Windsor bloodline), and the Plantagenets who produced the Tudor and Stuart monarchs of England. Here you see how the English aristocracy and the monarchs on the English throne have in fact been the Black Nobility.


The Scottish nobility, the clans and the ruling aristocratic families like the St Clairs, the Bruces and others I have mentioned, are also the Black Nobility in disguise, the reptile-Aryans from the ancient world. Of course they fight among themselves for power and many of them will not be aware of who they are and what is controlling them, but they are the same Anunnaki-reptilian bloodlines and invariably find themselves in the positions of royal, religious and political power.

Many of today’s most famous financial and business families are members of the Black Nobility lines of the Babylonian Brotherhood. The Warburg banking dynasty is in fact of the Abraham del Banco family, the biggest banking family in Venice when the city was at the height of its powers and influence. The Agnelli family, famous for the car giant, Fiat (remember fiat money?), is another of these Black Nobility bloodlines. This is why the Agnellis control Italy and dictate to its governments.


Another of the most powerful Black Nobility families of Venice were the de Medicis and it was they who sponsored the journey of Christopher Columbus to ‘discover’ the Americas. The reason for that will become clear soon. The de Medicis also sponsored the artist, Leonardo da Vinci, a leading initiate of the secret society network.


Da Vinci was able to predict some of the future development of technology because he knew what most of the public were not allowed to know. His famous depiction of the man within the circle was symbolic of the golden mean geometry on which the major sacred sites of the world are designed and located.

The influence of the Black Nobility expanded northwards into Germany and it is from this stream that the British royal family, the House of Windsor, originates. Until they changed their name in 1917, they were called the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, a German royal line going back to the Black Nobility of Venice-Lombardy and beyond that to Babylon. The Windsors are reptilian full-bloods and they know it. When the Black Nobility expanded into Germany, the del Banco family of Venice became known as the Warburgs.


Although they claim to be Jewish, the Warburgs are in fact a reptile-Aryan bloodline. This explains why they became bankers to Adolph Hitler and why other reptile-Aryan families like the Rothschilds claim to be Jewish while funding and supporting people like Hitler. (See .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free for the detailed background to this.)


In 1998 while on a speaking tour of South Africa, I was invited to have a private meeting with P. W. Botha, the President of South Africa during the 1980s, who wished to give me information about who controls that country.


He told me that during his presidency he was asked to host a delegation of the English Rothschilds in Cape Town. At that meeting they told him that money which once belonged to German Jews was sitting in Swiss bank accounts and it was available for investment in South Africa if they could agree an interest rate. Botha said he was outraged and refused to play.


But this was the money that has been recently located in Swiss banks and was stolen from the Jews who suffered under Hitler.


The Rothschilds have been lending it and making money from it since the war. That, my friends, is what the Rothschilds think of Jewish people and yet to expose the Rothschilds is to be branded ‘anti-Semitic’ by both Jewish people who have no idea how they are being manipulated, and by the self-righteous, self-indulgent ‘Robot Radicals’, better known as the political left. For a definition of how the ‘left’ think and behave, see any definition of how the political ‘right’ think and behave.


The Rothschilds were formerly known as the Bauers, one of the most famous occult families of Middle Ages Germany, and they originate not from Israel, but the Caucasus Mountains. They are shape-shifting reptilians hiding behind human form. The Elite Brotherhood families change their names from time to time to ensure that people won’t realize that the same bloodlines holding the positions of power weave their way through history.

The Black Nobility made its centre for a time in Amsterdam. Again many of them claimed to be Jews, but they were not, they were Aryan bloodlines which had journeyed there by various routes. Some originated from the Phoenician-Venetians and some were the Khazar Aryans from the Caucasus Mountains where their ancestors had mass converted to Judaism in the 8th century. What we call Judaism is just another offshoot of the Sun religion of the Aryans, as is Christianity. The leadership in Amsterdam was the successors to the black magicians of Babylon.


They were reptilians operating mostly, but certainly not always, within the white race. It was while the Black Nobility had their base in Amsterdam that the Dutch people were used to begin the white settlement of South Africa.


In 1689, one of this Black Nobility, called William of Orange, was manipulated onto the throne of England and at this time the reptile-Aryan leadership in Amsterdam moved to London to connect with the other reptile-Aryan bloodlines who had settled in London and Britain thousands of years before.


London became even more the epicenter of their increasingly global operations. It was after this that British people were used to settle South’ Africa and they went to war with the Dutch people there, the Boers, to establish control. Both peoples involved were pawns in a game they did not understand and their successors still don’t. William of Orange landed in England or Barat-land, on the shores of Torbay in 1688, the same place that the Trojan, Brutus, had landed when he came to establish London as his New Troy about 1,103 BC. Still today there is a statue of William of Orange in the fishing port of Brixham to commemorate his arrival near that spot.


 William was, of course, a student of the esoteric arts and his physician, Johann Schweitzer, also known as Helvetius, once claimed to have performed alchemy and turn lead into gold.

William of Orange became William III of England as husband of Queen Mary.


It was William’s grotesque treatment of the Irish which led to centuries of bitterness in Ireland which continues to this day. In 1694, William signed the charter for the Bank of England and the Black Nobility, together with the reptile-Aryan aristocracy already well established in Britain, made the City of London-New Troy the centre of global finance, a position it still enjoys.


Little wonder that the entrance to the City of London financial centre is marked by statues of winged reptiles holding the red cross on a white shield, the ancient Aryan Sun symbol, and also the symbol of the Rosi Crucis or Sumerian Gra-al, the reptilian bloodlines (more about that later).


Other central banks had already been created by the reptile-Aryan Black Nobility branches. They were the Bank of Amsterdam (1609), Bank of Hamburg (1619) and the Bank of Sweden (1661), but the Bank of England was the jewel. They were designed to lend those governments money that did not exist and charge them (the people through taxation) interest on the debt. The greater the debt the greater the interest and therefore the greater the taxation.


Get the idea? We’ve been had, my darlin’s, and it’s time to wake up.


Governments, of course, could create their own money interest free and have no interest to pay to the private banking cartel.


The reason they don’t introduce this most obvious system is because the governments are controlled by those who control the banks - the Babylonian Brotherhood. And they coordinate between their branches in the various countries to ensure that anyone who sought to do this would be immediately crushed economically and politically. The main coordinating body between the interconnected central banks is called the Bank of International Settlements, based in the Brotherhood stronghold of Geneva, Switzerland.


Just as the reptile Brotherhood control the monarchies because they are the monarchies, so they have created and controlled all the political parties, left, right and centre. The ‘radical’ Liberal Party in Britain, now the Liberal Democrats, used to be known as the Venetian Party and at their highest levels they are all the reptile-Aryan Party under different guises. Ever wondered why politicians appear to differ so much in public and yet introduce the same policies when they get into government? It’s all a conjuring trick on the human mind.

The list of people who arranged for William of Orange to take the British throne reads like a Who’s Who? of the reptile-Aryan-Phoenician Elite. Among the long list of the Phoenician, sorry, British, aristocracy who subscribed to the Bank of England at its formation (making unbelievable profits) was William Cavendish, the Duke of Devonshire, who also signed the invitation for William to become King. The Cavendish’s are based at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, now a tourist attraction, and I felt it to be one of the blackest places I have ever visited. As with all these stately homes of the Brotherhood, goodness knows what has gone on there over the centuries.

The Cavendish family crest is a reptile and a snake, whatever its origin it is highly appropriate. The Cavendish’s fused with the Kennedy family of the United States when Kathleen, the sister of President John E Kennedy, married the heir to the Devonshire fortune. When he died during World War II and she had claim to the Devonshire estates, she ‘conveniently’ died in a plane crash. The Kennedy’s are another Elite bloodline which go back to the ancient Irish kings and beyond. The arrival of William of Orange was also supported by the reptile-Aryan aristocracy of Scotland where many of the bloodlines based themselves.


The Phoenicians were in Scotland thousands of years BC, but some of the most famous ‘Scottish’ bloodlines came later from northern France and Belgium during the reigns of the Scottish kings, David I and Malcolm IV between 1124 and 1165. Classic ‘Scottish’ names like Stewart, Seton, Hamilton, Campbell, Douglas, Montgomery, Balliol, Graham, Lindsay, Cameron and Comyn, arrived in this period. These ‘Flemish’ people were bloodlines from Sumer, Babylon, Asia Minor and the Caucasus, who had made their way across land to Europe. Within 150 years of their arrival in Scotland they were running the show.


One of the most famous of Scottish kings, Robert the Bruce, came from the line of Robert of Bruges in what is now Belgium, one of the key Brotherhood centres today.


The battles between the Scots and the English were, although the people never knew, merely battles between different branches of the same Elite for supremacy in the Agenda. Some were reptile-Aryans, some were not. Bruce and the St Clairs/Sinclairs were reptilian for sure. It was one of Bruce’s descendants, the Scottish nobleman James Bruce of Kinnaird, who left Britain in 1768 for Abyssinia, now Ethiopia, to find a rare copy of the Kebra Nagast, the sacred book of the Ethiopians, and three copies of the Book of Enoch with which he returned to Europe in 1773.


James Bruce was a Freemason, a member of the Canongate Kilwinning No 2 Lodge in Edinburgh, one of the oldest in Scotland.1 The present British royal family, the Windsors, carry some of the blood of Robert the Bruce and of the Scottish, Irish and Welsh Elite, as well as the genetic stream of the reptile-Aryan branches in Germany.


The Windsors, like all the royal families (family) of Europe are representatives of the Black Nobility and Babylonian Brotherhood and related to William of Orange. They are, as I shall be describing, shape-shifting reptilians.

Anna Campbell, Countess of Balcarras and Argyll, was governess to the young Prince William, and Archibald Campbell, first Duke of Argyll, was alongside him when he sailed to England in 1688 to remove the sitting monarch, James II. A descendant of Anna Campbell was Jenny von Westphalen, who was related to both the Campbells and the Dukes of Argyll. Jenny von Westphalen was the wife of... Karl Marx, the Brotherhood clone who was used to create Communism. This was one of the great vehicles used to divide and rule the global population through fear. Incidentally the reason Marx condemned Jews was because, contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t one.

He was of a Brotherhood bloodline which is why he got the job as frontman for Marxism, a creed compiled not by him but for him (see ...And The Truth Shall Set You Free). These interconnecting bloodlines have been interbreeding and filling the positions of political and economic power throughout the centuries and the genealogy is recorded in the most minute detail. It is known which lines are more open to possession by the reptilians and which are not. When a position is to be filled, someone is selected from a reptile-Aryan line and if he or she has not already been ‘plugged in’ to the reptilian consciousness via secret society initiations, he or she is invited to join the club and away they go.

The interconnections and breeding of these bloodlines is simply endless. The modern Earls of Balcarras are related to Viscount Cowdray (Weetman John Churchill Pearson of the London Financial Times family). His mother was the daughter of Lord Spencer Churchill, the grandfather of Winston Churchill, and his sister married the Scottish Duke of Atholl. The Argyll-Balcarras lines manifest as the Lindsays and Campbells.


Robert A. Lindsay, the 12th Earl of Balcarras, became chairman of the National Westminster Bank, one of four major British clearing banks, and director of the Rothschild’s Sun Alliance Assurance. This same Earl was also a British Minister of State for Defence and for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs. His mother was a Cavendish, who are the Dukes of Devonshire, headquartered at Chatsworth House. And that’s just one tiny example of the way the bloodlines interconnect.

The Marlborough family, one of the most powerful British aristocratic families, also played an important role in putting William of Orange on the British throne. They are related to the Churchills and Winston Churchill was born at their ancestral home, Blenheim Palace near Oxford, where the gates are emblazoned with the Marlborough family crest, dominated by two reptiles (see Figure 19).


Churchill knew exactly what he was doing when he was the wartime Prime Minister in Britain.



Figure 19:

The Dragon crest of the Marlborough
family at Blenheim Palace.


The image of him left to us by official history is a farce.


He did not save the British Isles from tyranny, he was part of the tyranny to create a war in which all sides were fronted and funded by the same people. See .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free for proof of this. I could sit here all day detailing the Elite reptile-Aryan families and the way they have interbred and interconnected to hold the reins of power in all areas of human life over thousands of years. This world has been controlled since antiquity by the same tribe with their masters operating from the lower fourth dimension.

The reptile Agenda has been unfolding over many centuries. It is the long term plan for this tribe, and therefore the reptilians, to take over the planet completely. The agenda has a set timescale and a definite sequence.


This is clear by the way each move follows another with breathtaking efficiency under the supervision of the inner core which operates outside the public arena and, ultimately, from another dimension. For example, in 1665 war broke out between the Dutch and the British and the Great Plague killed 68,000 Londoners and caused two thirds of the people to leave the city. In 1666, on September 2nd, the Great Fire of London destroyed the city and was blamed, for historical purposes, on a baker in Pudding Lane. This happened while the plans were being arranged for William of Orange to become King of England.


When he arrived from Holland to take the throne, many branches of the Brotherhood bloodlines united in London or New Troy to create their operational headquarters. London, thanks to the fire, had created a blank sheet of land on which they could build their new financial centre. And who was the main architect of the new London? A high initiate of the Brotherhood network called Sir Christopher Wren. All a coincidence?


Replicas of St Paul’s Cathedral with its massive dome, an ancient ritual symbol for the Brotherhood, stand in Paris and Washington DC. One is called the Pantheon and the other is the Congress Building on Capitol Hill (named after Capitoline Hill, a sacred hill of the Babylonian Brotherhood in ancient Rome). In the years that followed the arrival of William of Orange, came the so-called Great British Empire. As a kid I always wondered how a few islands which you can hardly see on the globe could have an empire that spanned the world. Now the reason is obvious.


It was not the Great British Empire at all. It was the empire of the Babylonian Brotherhood which had based itself in Britain, and particularly London. As the ‘British’ Empire expanded into the Americas, Africa, Asia, China, Australia and New Zealand, the Babylonian Brotherhood’s control of the world expanded also. Other reptile-Aryan branches in countries like Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium and Germany, occupied other parts of Africa; and the Spanish and Portuguese took care of Central and South America. King Leopold II of Belgium, a member of the Windsor reptilian bloodline called Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, played a major role in the European occupation and exploitation of Africa.


Everywhere the reptile-Aryans went they sought to destroy the native culture and knowledge. They took out of general circulation the esoteric knowledge, memories and understanding of true history. Ancient accounts of the reptilians and the origins of the white race were largely destroyed or withdrawn to secret Brotherhood libraries, not least beneath the Vatican. Christianity was used as the vehicle for eliminating information that we vitally need to know.

It would seem that the contraction of these British and European empires, particularly in this century, indicates that this control has diminished. Not so. It has increased. Overt control, such as a dictatorship you can see, always has a finite life, because in the end there will be a challenge and rebellion against it. Covert control, however, control you cannot see, identify or target, can go on forever, because you don’t rebel against something you don’t know exists. A person who thinks he is free will not complain that he is not.


So what has happened throughout Africa, South America, Asia and the United States and Canada, is that overt control from Britain and Europe has been replaced by covert control. As these overt empires, particularly the British, have appeared on the surface to contract, they have left in these countries the secret society network, bloodlines and structures to rule just as powerfully as before, but now with no danger of a challenge from people with no idea of who is really in control. The global structure is quite simple.


The central Agenda is coordinated from the City of London, which comprises the financial centre known as the ‘Square Mile’, and the land along the River Thames running down to the headquarters of the British legal profession, the Houses of Parliament, the centers of government and British Intelligence, and across to Buckingham Palace, the home of the reptilian bloodline known as the Windsors.


The British Government is merely a front for the real Agenda that is operated from these few miles of prime real estate in the City of London and the City of Westminster. Paris is another key centre for the Babylonian Brotherhood and so is the Vatican. Look at the structures of government known laughingly as ‘democracy’, the structure of law, economics, the media and all the institutions you find in most countries today. Where did the original blueprints for these structures come from? London, exactly. We still talk of Britain as the ‘Mother of Parliaments’, for instance.


These structures were designed to give the appearance of freedom while allowing almost limitless control by the few behind the scenes. These are the very structures that the British Empire left behind when it apparently withdrew to allow those countries to govern themselves. Like hell they did. Physical occupation was replaced by financial occupation and overt control by covert control.

From London, the reptile-Aryan Elite dictates its policy and Agenda to its ‘branch managers’, the bloodline families in each country, which ensure that the London coordinated Agenda is introduced globally. This is why the same policies are being imposed in every country I visit. In the United States, the main branch managers for London are the Rockefellers who have orchestrated a cartel of families and frontmen like the Morgans, Harrimans, Carnegies, Mellons etc, under the over all supervision of London. In South Africa the bloodline branch managers are the Oppenheimers. I spent three weeks travelling, talking and listening all over South Africa in 1998 and it is a wonderful example of what I am saying here.


Look at the history for a start. First the Dutch settled the Cape when the Black Nobility were centred in Amsterdam. Then, after they moved across the English Channel to London, the British were used as the pawns of occupation. The Dutch East India Company in South Africa was pushed aside by the British East India Company. Explorers of the African interior, like Doctor David Livingstone, were funded by organizations such as the National Geographical Society, controlled from the City of London. Another wave of reptile-Aryan-British occupation was headed by Cecil Rhodes and his South African Company, also a City of London operation.


Rhodes was a major Brotherhood frontman, especially through a secret society called the Round Table which still exists today and is exposed at length in .. And The Truth Shall Set You Free. Rhodes and his South Africa Company started the diamond and gold mining empires called De Beers and Consolidated Goldfields which the Oppenheimers now control on behalf of the same Brotherhood that funded Rhodes.

Another offshoot of the South Africa Company was the notorious London-Rhodesia Company called Lonrho, headed most famously by the late Tiny Rowland. Lonrho has manipulated and exploited Africa and its people appallingly, which is in line with the present day Agenda. Quite clearly, the same group have controlled the African continent under different companies, people and guises, from the time the first white settlers arrived.

Before the transfer of power from white minority to black majority under Nelson Mandela in South Africa, the Oppenheimer family controlled something like 80 per cent of the companies quoted on the South African stock-market and they owned the gold, diamond and other mining industries on which the country depends. They also controlled the media through various frontmen. Then came ‘massive change’ as Nelson Mandela was released and the blacks were given their ‘freedom’.


Now, after this blow for democracy, the Oppenheimers still control something like 80 per cent of the companies on the South African stock-market, they own the gold, diamond and other mining industries on which the country depends, and they control the media via frontmen like Henry Kissinger’s friend, Tony O’Reilly, the Irish billionaire. O’Reilly resigned as chairman of the Brotherhood-controlled Heinz corporation and began to buy up newspapers all over the world, money apparently no object.


So what’s the difference between the Brotherhood’s control of South Africa before and after the ‘changeover’? One thing and one thing only: no-one is complaining anymore because overt control has been replaced by covert control.


When there was a white minority dictatorship the global condemnation could be heard constantly:

“It’s not fair”, the robot radicals would scream, “It’s racism, it’s dictatorship. Outrageous.”

And it was.


But now the rallies and the protests have stopped and Mandela is a hero to the world while the same people go on controlling South Africa as they did before, although now without a word of protest from the heart-on-the-sleeve, wave-your-banner merchants. The shanty towns and corrugated iron ghettos are still there in Soweto and in even more places these days, but they are not on the daily news anymore because everyone knows that South Africa is now free.


The ANC government is just as controlled and corrupt as the white one it replaced. Shell Oil, the Babylonian Brotherhood oil company controlled by people like Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, gave a whole tower block to the ANC at the time of the changeover, and it is, apparently, common knowledge among journalists worth the name, that Mandela takes no major decision without consulting the Oppenheimers.


In 1993, Mandela spent Christmas at the Nassau holiday home of Tony O’Reilly. In early 1994, O’Reilly bought South Africa’s biggest newspaper group. Oops, could I be questioning a global hero? Slap my wrist. In fact, Mandela is probably quite a genuine guy who has simply learned the realities of where the real power lies and he can’t summon the strength or desire to openly challenge the system anymore.


But there are many truly corrupt blacks, like Robert Mugabe, the President of Zimbabwe, who are only too willing to take the money and play the frontman for the Babylonian Brotherhood at the grotesque expense of the people. Only in this way can overt control operate behind black faces and there are reptilian bloodlines among the blacks as well as the whites.

The same situation exists throughout the world where you find the same bloodlines and their puppets in charge in country after country, in front of the camera and behind the scenes. The latter group hold the real power, of course.


So if it suits the Agenda to crash the US dollar or the Mexican Peso or bring down a government, or start a civil war, the branch managers in those countries go to work through their financial, media and secret society operations to ensure that it happens. In this way, the world can be run by a very few people in the City of London and other Brotherhood centers like Paris, Bonn, Brussels, Washington, New York, Switzerland and the Vatican.


It’s a simple and brilliantly organized structure, ruled from the top with a rod of iron, and no mercy is shown to anyone who does not do exactly as they are told. That’s why it has worked so efficiently for so long.


Add to that the fact that the truth of what is going on is so bizarre that most people will not believe it and you have the perfect situation for ongoing, unchallenged control.

Until now.





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