part two
the freedom



chapter 17

we are the prison warders

I believe in... me

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves “who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?” Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn’t serve the world.


There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do... we were born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within us.


And as we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
Attributed to Nelson Mandela


Freedom may seem so far from our grasp when you read of the global manipulation.


In reality, it is but a thought away. That thought is our freedom. If we are going to remove the global dictatorship - and we are are - it will be done by changing the way we think and feel about ourselves. Who are the real Prison Warders who have systematically delinked us from our true and infinite potential? We are.

You, me, all of us. I outlined some ideas in The Robots’ Rebellion for the way we can organize and evolve our societies to ensure the freedom of thought and expression we seek. But they were only ideas, not rigid structures. Society, and how it is organized, reflects, like everything, human thought. If we feel fear, guilt, resentment, and hatred, and we desire for others to take over our responsibility, those thought patterns will create the dictatorship institutions of today. However, if we feel love, respect and forgiveness, for self and others, and we desire to retake control of our minds and responsibility, then society will express those thoughts.


The answer to the ills I have described in this book is within us and how we think and feel about ourselves. Everything that happens in this physical world is the result of a thought or thoughts. If we change thought, we change the physical world. In this closing section of the book, I am going to address this process because it is the means through which we can, and will, create a better world. The inner revolution becomes the outer revolution. The Earth is a mirror of the human mind.

It is appropriate at this stage to recap on a major theme of the book: creating our own reality. Look at your world and your life and you are looking at what you think of yourself at the very core of your being. It is easier to look outside ourselves for someone else to blame for what is happening to us. But we attracted those experiences and so the answer lies within, not without. We are absorbing magnetic energy from the cosmos and higher levels of ourselves and broadcasting that energy out through the chakra/vortex system into the world, all the time.


As that energy passes through us, it picks up our energy pattern. This precisely reflects our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of being. Through this means, the subconscious creates a physical replica of itself before our eyes, in people, places and experiences which reflect its sense of self. At any moment in any day, we are casting around us a magnetic image of what we think of ourselves. It is this which creates our reality by magnetically attracting to us experiences which correspond with that pattern. If you think you will always be poor, that is the magnetic energy pattern you will cast around you.


This will attract poverty to you on the basis of like attracts like. Look at yourself and most of the people you know. Observe for a while how many negative statements you and they make about the world and themselves. “I can’t do this”, “I could never do that.” The common theme is: “I’m not good enough”. As a result, we achieve little because that is what we expect to achieve.

This is understandable to an extent, because thanks to religion and the education/media system, we are deluged with messages telling us we are ‘sinners’ or ‘unworthy’ in some way. If you are a woman without a ‘perfect’ body, you are unworthy; if you are a little man with a bald head, you are unworthy; if you work in a factory, you are unworthy compared with the guy in the suit; if you were born out of wedlock, you are unworthy compared with those with ‘official’ parents. There is a never-ending list of images which, if we do not conform to some or all of them, we are considered, and consider ourselves, a failure or less worthy than someone else.


All this is crap, but it is persuasive crap if people are told it often enough from childhood. This is, in fact, the most powerful and effective of the mind manipulations I have been exposing. If we can be made to feel unworthy, of little consequence, and only here to do as we are told by our ‘betters’, then that is the magnetic energy field we broadcast and that is the physical reality we create. In doing so, we are handing our minds and our world to those who broadcast a reality in which they have the right to control everything and everyone. Years ago, as a journalist, I visited a hostel for women who had been attacked by their husbands or partners.


I was amazed to find that a number of these women were on their second, third or even fourth partner who had been physically violent towards them. I am not amazed anymore, because I can see why this was so. The women were attracting that punishment to them by what they thought of themselves. I did not meet one woman in that hostel who had any self-esteem and when I chatted with them, that lack of self-esteem clearly went back long before the first man attacked them.


This is not to dismiss what they suffered, nor to excuse what the men did to them. The men were also reflecting what they thought of themselves, because anyone who exhibits hatred and violence towards others is projecting outwardly a hatred of self. The victims are only mirrors for what the men think of themselves. The reason these two inner imbalances are attracted to each other is because the woman (who has such low self-esteem that she has an inner belief that she deserves to be punished), attracts the man (who wishes to punish others to avoid looking within). This is done through the attraction of two magnetic ‘capes’.


When one violent relationship breaks down, the woman simply attracts another until the cause (the lack of self-love) is removed. It’s the same with the man. Love at first sight, dislike at first sight.. .all such reactions are the result of this process.

The family connection is important to emphasize here. Apart from the relative few who eventually break away from the mental and emotional domination of their parents, most people are massively influenced by the messages of childhood. Everyone is, to some extent, and these messages can be positive or, far too often, negative. Our overwhelming source of information in the first few crucial years of our physical lives is our parents. And what they tell us about the world is a reflection of what they think of themselves.


They were the products of their own upbringing and what their parents thought of themselves. If our parents and grandparents were given negative images of themselves and their potential, they are likely to have passed this onto us. This is not done out of malice, merely misunderstanding. Our parents are the products of their upbringing, just as we are of ours. Each generation of victims creates, largely unknowingly, the next generation of victims. But we don’t have to. The cycle can be broken and that is what we are here to do. We are here to take the baton of conditioning and limitation from our parents, break those patterns, and hand a baton of freedom onto our children.

As the mind control and the human divisions of class, job, sex, colour and creed, have grown, the childhood messages for the majority have been extremely negative. If you are a woman, you are led to believe that you are here to serve men and conform to your place in a man’s world. A career of your own? What about your husband? In these circumstances, standing in a man’s shadow becomes the woman’s reality and that is the life she attracts and therefore creates. If we are born into a vast council housing estate amid poverty and unemployment, it is easy to see how through childhood and into adulthood we can be persuaded that life will always be like that.


We can believe that there is no way out of this cycle. It becomes our reality. We don’t expect to escape from our lot in life and so we don’t, because we are attracting to us what we expect. We don’t expect to have a say in what happens in the world and, again, that is what we create. It is the same with those who suffer from inhuman deprivation in parts of Africa, Asia, and Central and South America.


Children born into those conditions naturally believe that this is what life must be like because they have known nothing else. They inherit, and then pass on, the mindset that the West is rich and they are poor and it will always be so. As a result they remain poor and exploited because that is the magnetic reality they attract. If you can create the mindset, you create the physical reality, and this is what the manipulators seek to do.

Now look at this from the Global Elite point of view.


The children of the key families at the peak of the pyramid are brought up through childhood to believe that not only will they always be rich materially, they are also programmed to believe that they have a birthright and a genetic inheritance which ensures they will control the world and deserve to do so. That is what they believe and that becomes their magnetic reality. This energy pattern which they broadcast around them attracts the experiences and opportunities to manifest in their lives what is going on inside. They do indeed control a world made up largely of people broadcasting, and creating, the reality that they are unworthy and have no control over their lives. One reality dominates the other and it is not difficult to see why.


Of course, the attitude of the Global Elite which says they are superior and have a right to control others is a reflection of deep imbalances within them, a lack of love and respect for self, manifesting outwards as a lack of love and respect for others.


This will make them unfulfilled and unhappy people, always seeking happiness and a sense of fulfillment by yet more control and domination of others. But at the level of controlling the world, their day by day reality is very much that they are the controllers. Therefore they are. And each generation within the families of the Global Elite will program that into their offspring, so maintaining the reality through the decades. Whatever else is going on inside, someone who believes they are born to control will always dominate those who believe they are unworthy and need to look to others to tell them what to think and do. The ‘master’ and the ‘slave’ create each other.

There will be those who claim that all this cannot be true because while they are always saying they are confident of achieving this or winning that, they never do. That’s because they don’t really believe it. Far from describing what we feel inside, words are often used to hide what is happening within us. They are fronts, smokescreens, to our true self. Words only have real power when we believe what we say.


This is why two people can make the same speech and one will get a standing ovation and the other polite applause. If we truly feel the words we speak, they project an energy of enormous power, for it is the combination of the words and our inner self in unison. If another person just reads the words competently and professionally without feeling them with all their being, that potential power will not be there. I can say I am a black woman. I find it easy to say that. But I don’t believe it because I am not a black woman, I am a white man. Words are just words unless we believe them. It is not words that create our reality, it is what is going on inside of our multidimensional, magnetic, self.

When people verbally attack politicians or those in power of any kind, they believe they are proving that they won’t be pushed around by authority. Often the opposite is the case. People may attack politicians as “useless” or bankers as “greedy parasites”, but what happens when anything goes wrong? To whom do those same people look for answers and responsibility? Themselves? No. Politicians and bankers. What are “they” going to do about it, they ask. The words are just a facade, an illusion that people are taking control of their lives. The inner being is still giving its mind and life away to others and that continues to be the physical reality, no matter what the words may say.

The New World Order is the natural outcome of each generation handing over its responsibility and potential. The collective mind of the human race is the sum total of all human thought. Whatever dominates human thought will dominate the collective mind and this also creates a global magnetic reality. If the dominating thought patterns in the collective mind include a desire for someone else to take responsibility for our lives and do all the things we can’t be bothered to do, then the magnetic pattern thus produced will create a collective, global, version of that - the network called the New World Order.


It will attract together the imbalanced energy fields of the Global Elite to fulfill that reality. The Global Elite are the collective equivalent of a dominating husband who tells his wife everything she must do and think. That woman will have attracted that man and vice versa because of what is going on within both of them. So it is with the collective mind and the New World Order. It is our creation.

We are the Global manipulators because the people identified in this book are the global reflection, the mirror, of the way we manipulate each other. Look at how we all manipulate people by using fear and guilt to get our own way. We often do it without realizing it because it has become so much a part of the human psyche. The Global Elite are simply doing the same on a global scale. Look at how people play two sides off against each other to bring about a desired result in a family or business. The Elite are only doing the same on a bigger stage. It is only the scale that is different. They represent the sum total of human behavior on that vibration of control and domination which billions of people are using in their own lives day by day.


So when we look at the Rothschilds, the Henry Kissingers, and the David Rockefellers who are provably manipulating the human race along a dark and deeply unpleasant road, in my view, they are only the reflection of what is happening in the collective human mind. When we love, respect, and forgive ourselves and each other, and when we desire to take responsibility for our own lives, that will be the reality we will create around us and, together, we will create globally. The New World Order of centralized dictatorship will not be able to exist in such circumstances because it will not be the collective desire and, therefore, the collective reality. We will have thought it out of existence.


There is no such thing as a “natural order”. What we call the “natural order” is merely the physical expression of the dominating thought patterns in any society or on a particular frequency. When the thought patterns change, so does the “natural order”. There are many thought patterns that form together to create our inner sense of self and our outer physical reality. It’s not only the way we think now. It includes all the thought patterns, the inner resentments, hurts, fears, and guilts, we have held on to from earlier in our lives and in previous physical lives, sometimes going back aeons. If your life today does not reflect the way you are consciously thinking, it can be that way for a number of reasons. One is that you are holding on to patterns from the past which you may not even be aware of. How can you tell what they are?


Look at your life. It reflects what is going on inside. What is it about your attitude to yourself that is attracting your present experience? It is only by our subconscious creating an outer, physical, reflection of itself that we can identify what we are carrying deep within our psyche. Many people, at this time of the Great Transformation of the Earth and the human race, are going through highly negative experiences, mostly affecting the emotional level where so much of this psychological baggage from the past is accumulated. Although it may not seem so at the time (as I know from my own experiences), this process is actually very positive. It is giving us the opportunity to face our inner self and let go of the pain and weight of the past. We don’t live in and enjoy the now because our ‘now’ is dominated by the baggage of the past and the worry of the future.

Two other forces that help to create our present experience by affecting our inner pattern are our desire to serve the Earth and the human race, and, connected with that, the astrological vibrations we are feeling day by day. When we come with a
specific task to make a contribution to improving life on Earth, and there are countless millions, potentially billions, of such people on the planet at this time, we carry preprogrammed patterns which will help us to do the job. Sometimes such people will not be doing what they consciously want to do, but they will be following a pattern from their higher consciousness which will attract to them the experiences necessary to carry out their chosen task in this incarnation.


Astrological factors will be part of this, as they are for all people. The planets are like transmitters broadcasting a distinct vibration. Depending where they are on their orbits in relation to the Earth, different planetary vibrations, or combinations of them, are more powerful at different times in their effect on this planet. A good astrologer identifies these combinations and outlines their likely effect. Things don’t have to happen in response to these astrological changes because we have freewill, but they are more likely to happen.

At birth we absorb the energy pattern in the atmosphere of our birthplace. This will reflect the positions of the planets at that moment. So, as the planets continue to travel the heavens during our physical lifetime, we will be affected by them in a rather different way from someone born at another time and place because our inner ‘birth pattern’ will be different. Again a good astrologer - and the ability varies enormously as with every other profession - will be able to predict likely effects on people if they know their exact time of birth and where they were born.


They will also be able to make a reasonable assessment of what we have chosen to achieve in this life by assessing the energies we absorbed at birth. When and where we are born is rarely random. The movement of the planets and changing Earth vibrations they trigger are affecting us every second, and I believe it will be shown as the transformation proceeds that our DNA is synchronized with the planets.


There are many factors which go into the make-up of our inner energy pattern and therefore the physical reality it creates. But one thing above all will lead us to a positive, joyous, freedom more effectively than anything else.


That is to love, forgive, and respect ourselves. The first step to that is to deprogramme our minds from the manipulated messages of the Global Elite and allow ourselves to be, think, and feel, what we really are.


The real us, not the robot version.



Deprogramming the Mind

An ever-increasing number of people are deprogramming themselves from a lifetime of subtle and less than subtle mental dictatorship.


The minute-by-minute messages from the media, religion, and the ‘education’ system, together with the inherited ‘values’ we absorb without question, have been designed to create a concrete prison of dogma in our consciousness. I refer to religion and the other empires of manipulation as psychological fascism. It turns our mind into a rigid enemy, when it should be our flexible friend.

Letting go of dogma is the key. It doesn’t matter what form your dogma may take; there will be an opposing dogma to challenge yours. As these are brought into conflict, a divide-and-rule scenario follows. This is why religions and political parties were created. To the Global Elite, and therefore the Prison Warder consciousness, the so called ‘far Left’ is just as important as the ‘far Right’. The dogmatic Christians are just as important as the dogmatic Muslims or Hindus. The unions are just as vital as the ‘bosses’.


You need two to tango and two to fight. Creating extremes and playing them off against each other has been one of the most effective weapons in the Prison Warder control of this physical world. Tyranny takes many forms, most of them not obvious. More than that, most people who behave in dictatorial, authoritarian ways, don’t even realize they are doing so. They are so sure that they are right, they don’t stop to observe that they are imposing their beliefs on someone else and using the banner of ‘freedom’ to do it. Mental dictators don’t all look like Adolph Hitler or Josef Stalin.


They can also stand in picket lines, go on freedom marches, or sit around a candle in Glastonbury. We desperately need the re-emergence of female energy on the planet, but not to the extent that we replace one dogma with another. When it was suggested that I be interviewed on the BBC radio programme, Woman’s Hour, the programme researcher asked what a man could possibly tell women about female energy. This lady opposed, quite rightly, male chauvinism, but then expressed female chauvinism, another dogma which operates on exactly the same thought pattern as the one she was opposing! Some homosexuals who, again rightly, demand an end to their oppression and victimization, campaign for their beliefs in ways that oppress and victimize others, often other homosexuals.


They will, collectively, stop attracting discrimination when they stop giving it out. A British MP demanded that violent criminals be thrashed on live television after the National Lottery draw. What effect would this have, did she say? Less violence in society! And in the United States, perhaps the sickest and most violent society in the world, the death penalty is being extended to more states. Why? To deter violence and murder. They are killing people with electric chairs and firing squads because, presumably, they say life is sacred and anyone who takes life should be murdered. The mental gymnastics required for this beggars belief. All these examples are the same thought patterns promoted as opposites. They are dogmas, prisons of the mind.


What we believe is right for us we surely need to believe is also right for everyone. If we don’t, we are not serious about freedom for all, only freedom for ourselves and our own dogma. The difference between dictatorship and freedom is allowing all information into the public arena and respecting another’s right to make of it what feels good to them. Disagreement and harmony are not contradictions if respect for another view is there. When I challenge people and organizations in this book, it is not because of what they believe. They can believe what they like, that is their choice. I challenge them because from my perspective they seek to impose those views and to suppress others.


They can believe to their hearts’ content that a world government and a microchipped population is a great idea. It is when they impose those things on others that a challenge becomes legitimate and necessary. We need to keep in focus what we mean when we talk of freedom. If we don’t do that, we might, unknowingly, be acting in ways that stop ourselves and others being truly free. I will highlight here three groups who campaign for freedom in various ways and it’s interesting to see how the old thinking and dogmas can be promoted as the new.


If we don’t see the difference, then we remain programmed, manipulated, and freedom will be beyond our grasp.



The Robot Radicals

This is the name I give to those locked into the thought pattern considered to be on the ‘Left’ or ‘radical’ wings of the Elite-created Left/Right spectrum of alleged political ‘opposites’.


This thought pattern has its whole view of life controlled by where it considers itself and others to be on that mythical Left/Right scale. You are either Left or Right. There is no ‘in-between’ to a Robot Radical, precisely as the manipulators intended. It all appears so simple.


Left is good and Right is bad and you must be one or the other. It is a thought pattern which speaks of freedom, but actually believes in anything but. It is another form of inflexible, mental dictatorship decked out as freedom - the freedom to pursue and impose its own dogma. The Robot Radicals are a manipulator’s dream. Smash the Tories and all will be well. Summon the revolution of the people against the fascist state.


That’s what they said in France during their revolution. That’s what they said in Russia during theirs. Millions were slaughtered in the name of ‘people power’ and one tyranny was replaced by another.


Those on the Robot Radical vibration do not appreciate that the same force that controls their ‘opposition’ also controls them. They are the foot soldiers and propagandists for the Elite and the overwhelming majority have no idea that this is so. Any suggestion of a global clique manipulating Left and Right is such an attack on their simple good-guys-bad-guys/freedom fascist view that they find it easier to ignore or condemn the messenger than to open their minds to the evidence.

The nature of this mindset was brought home to me when The Robots’ Rebellion was published in the UK in 1994. It contains a wealth of information about the background to the ills that the Robot Radicals say they oppose. I do not claim that every last word and detail is accurate, because we are dealing with the history of a secret strategy, after all, but it makes (I and many, many, others believe) a significant contribution to the debate. Was it accepted as such by the Robot Radicals? Not quite.


My use of extracts from the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion was too much for political purity to take. It didn’t matter that I had emphasized, as I do in this book, that this is not a plot by Jewish people; it didn’t matter that I renamed them the Illuminati Protocols for the specific reason of getting away from their association with Jewish people; it didn’t matter that these Protocols, which came to light in the late 1800s, contain details of the very plan of manipulation which has provably unfolded through the twentieth century. It doesn’t matter because the Nazis used the Protocols against Jews after Hitler was given a copy by a man of Jewish extraction, Alfred Rosenberg, and so anyone else who mentions them must be condemned. How the Elite must laugh with glee.


A Robot Radical refuses to be selective or discerning and divide the two issues of who was blamed for the Protocols from what they actually say. What they are missing is a flexibility of mind and yet it could be theirs now, this second, if they summoned the courage to make that choice.

For some years in the 1980s, I was a national speaker for the British Green Party. I was attracted by their desire to protect the planet and their alleged support for freedom of information. When a Green Party group in Salford, Manchester, asked me to speak about my book at the Green Party national conference in the Autumn of 1994,1 was banned by the party hierarchy for, in effect, inciting racial hatred. The campaign was whipped up by two Robot Radicals called Derek Wall and David Black, the author of a charming little article about me headed “Son of God or Son of the Devil?”


They were supported by others in the Green Party’s Robot Radical clique, like Penny Kemp. I have a letter from the conference organizer which says that of the members of the committee who issued the ban only two had read the book and both went into the meeting determined to say it was not racist. They ended up being persuaded to vote for a ban by those who had not read it! And the membership which is so ‘anti-hierarchy’ allowed its own hierarchy to deny their right to hear me speak.

There are many genuinely open-minded people in the Green Party groups around the UK, but at the collective level, it is just another strand in the Elite web of mind control and self-deception. The sad thing is, they don’t realize it. I had intended to use the opportunity at the conference to talk about the underlying manipulation which is creating the problems the Green Party was set up to address, and the way that pollution-free energy sources are being suppressed which supersede anything the Green Movement has been promoting. The membership did not get the opportunity to hear this, however. The hierarchy in this ‘anti-hierarchy’ party had decided what they should and should not hear. Much better to do that than to have a black-and-white belief system challenged. It has become another Robot Radical party, at the hierarchy level, which talks of freedom, but refuses to live it.

You see this attitude constantly expressed in the various forms of Robot Radicalism, represented in the UK by newspapers like The Guardian, The New Statesman, and The Socialist Worker. So it is with other ‘radical’ parties and organizations who see freedom as having the right for their beliefs to take over the centers of control from those they disagree with. One form of imposition replacing another.


And each new generation is enticed into the web and locked into this Robot Radical thought wave which not only makes life easy for the manipulating elite, it also imprisons the new recruits in a barely-one-dimensional view which shuts out their higher consciousness. It is just another mental prison. It is a reflection of the thought patterns of the Global Elite. The Elite manipulate minds by emphasizing some information and suppressing or ignoring the rest. So do the Robot Radicals. They claim to be anti-racist, but, in reality, they are only against non-politically-correct racism.


If you claim to be against racism, it must mean all racism, surely. To see any race as inferior is not only deeply unpleasant, it is downright silly from the view of life that I hold. Our minds, our consciousness, incarnates into endless physical bodies and life situations, white, black, yellow, Jewish, Arab, all of them. To judge someone by their genetic spacesuit - body - is the ultimate misunderstanding, I feel. But the Robot Radicals posture their political purity (or knowingly work for the manipulators) by attacking as racists those who are legitimately investigating the global conspiracy, while they ignore completely the blatant examples of Jewish racism.


The child-like mind of the Robot Radical cannot challenge Jewish racism because the Nazis they so despise are anti-Jewish, and so they must not say a word against Jewish racism because they might be seen to be supporting the Nazis. Showing themselves to be against all racism is far less important to a Robot Radical than playing their silly political games on a black and white chessboard. So while New World Order researchers are condemned as racists because they name some people who happen to be Jewish (and far more who are not), nothing is said by the Robot Radicals about the Talmud, the Jewish Book of Law, which is among the most appallingly racist documents on the planet.


There is silence, too, about rabbis who say they would never drink wine that had not been bottled by a Jew. Yet there would be vehement condemnation of someone who said they would never drink wine that had been bottled by a Jew. The stench of hypocrisy fills the air.

In the same way, there is silence from the Robot Radicals when people like the Frenchman, Jean Briere, are fined or jailed for expressing an opinion. Briere, a former spokesman for the French Green Party, was given a three-month suspended prison sentence and fined £1,800 for “anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli remarks”. He had said the Jewish lobby had influenced the US to start the Gulf War and he described Israel as “racist, militaristic, theocratic, and expansionist”. The Robot Radicals would have been united in their condemnation of Briere and yet had he spoken those words about America and Americans, those same Robot Radicals would have burst into spontaneous applause.

What is the difference between the anti-Jewish laws in Nazi Germany and laws under which you can be fined and imprisoned for saying what Briere said? What is the difference between the controlled anti-Jewish media under Hitler and the way the Japanese magazine, Marco Polo, was closed down by its parent company in 1995 because of a campaign by the global Jewish hierarchy to stop its advertising revenue after it published an article questioning some of the official stories of the Nazi concentration camps? Both come under the heading of authoritarianism, but don’t ask a Robot Radical to see that. Their dogma could not cope with it. These apparent ‘opposites’ like Right and Left, fascists and Robot Radicals, are actually operating on the same thought patterns. They just use different words to describe the same thing: imposing their dogma on everyone else while seeking to deny a platform to views and information they disagree with.

When I spoke in Glastonbury, Somerset, in 1995, a Robot Radical from the local Green Party handed out leaflets and went to the media condemning me and The Robots’ Rebellion for spreading racial hatred. This campaigner for freedom, a David Taylor, wanted to ensure that I would not have the opportunity to speak in Glastonbury again, so denying the people the right to make up their own minds. He listed a series of staggering misrepresentations and untruths on his leaflet in support of his case.


This did not surprise me when I realized that Mr Taylor, despite his campaign and condemnation, had not actually read the book! I kid you not. When asked about the manipulation of the Freemasons, he replied that they were an organization that did a lot for charity, and when faced with the information about the way Roosevelt had provably manipulated America into an already manipulated Second World War, he said that unless the Americans had come into the war, Hitler would have won. Mr Taylor was speaking and acting for a collective mindset that grips the consciousness of hundreds of millions of Robot Radicals all over the world. No wonder the Global Elite have had such a free ride thus far.

The Robot Radical mindset is a telling mixture of naivety and arrogance and that is one heck of a combination! How ironic that the people who have done most to attack me for trying to make suppressed information available are those who claim in their angelic, politically-correct, lily-white sense of their own purity, that they stand for freedom from tyranny. The Robot Radicals are a tyranny and they are just too full of their own political perfection to realize it. And on the other ‘extreme’ you have the Robot Right, the same tyrannical thought pattern as the Robot Radicals, but wearing a different uniform. The Robot Radicals are convinced of their moral purity and the Robot Right are convinced of their genetic purity. But they are the same thought pattern disguised as opposites.

Nothing has illustrated the arrogance and naivety of the Robot Radical mindset in my recent experience, more than two people called Matthew Kalman and John Murray. They publish a magazine in Britain called Open Eye. This is some irony because I have rarely come across eyes and minds that were more obviously slammed shut. They claim to be interested in exposing manipulation and corruption and yet appear to take every opportunity to attack and undermine those who are successful in raising these issues in the main public arena. It was they who have led people to believe that I am a Nazi or Nazi sympathizer and anti-Jewish.


They wrote two grubby articles, one of which was published in the Robot Radical weekly, The New Statesman, under the heading “New Age Nazism”. The fact that I am neither ‘New Age’ or a ‘Nazi’ is brilliantly symbolic of the standard of their research. Apparently, anyone who has an open mind about history and the official line is, by definition, a potential Nazi to Kalman and Murray. They also admit contributing ‘information’ about me to The Guardian and for an outrageous article by ‘journalist’, Mark Honigsbaum, in the London Evening Standard, entitled “The Dark Side of David Icke”. At no time before these articles were written did either Kalman or Murray even take the trouble to talk to me.


Kalman is also editor of a Jewish ‘alternative’ magazine called New Moon, the November 1995 front cover of which portrayed me as Adolph Hitler. Inside was a Kalman and Murray ‘review’ of this book in which they claimed I was saying it is all a plot by Jewish people to take over the world. You’ve read the book and you can see the opposite is true. So why are they saying this? Virtually every article attacking me in this way was written by Kalman and Murray or had the ‘information’ supplied by them.


Either this duo are just being incredibly immature and silly (a strong probability) or they have another agenda. In my view, whatever their motivation, they have revealed magnificently how the best defence the Elite have against exposure is the Robot Radical mentality.

If people were in control of their own minds, the nonsense communicated by Kalman and Murray would be of no consequence. Unfortunately the Robot Radical mind can’t wait to give itself away. Most depressing was the number of people who believed the laughable ‘research’ behind these articles. Some began to hand out protest leaflets at my meetings. Many were from the Anti-Nazi League.

The leaflets were equally, often staggeringly, inaccurate. Most of the people doing it had not read my books or heard me speak. They were reacting to what they read in the media, almost all of which was inspired by our friends Kalman and Murray! Some invitations for me to speak were also withdrawn on the strength of the same information. The manipulators must be laughing themselves to death. Others behind the efforts to dub me a Nazi are, I am told by a good source, connected to the Raelian Foundation of which I wrote earlier.

What the Robot Radicals can’t see, and don’t want to see, is that the Global Elite fund Jewish groups and anti-Jewish groups; communist groups and anticommunist groups; the far Left and the far Right. The Elite have no need to bring these ‘opponents’ into conflict because they are so imbalanced within their being that they find each other like heat-seeking missiles and attempt to destroy each other without any help from anyone.


Whenever a person stands up to make suppressed information public, the Elite network uses both wings in the discrediting campaign. It uses its Robot Right organizations to come out in support of the writer or speaker and then activates its Robot Radical organizations to attack the person for being a tool of the far Right. That is precisely what has been tried with me, and most of the people involved will not realize how they are being manipulated.

If you really want to discredit someone, you arrange for anti-Jewish or antiwhatever events such as the smashing of graves, assaults on people, even a terrorist bomb in the extreme. You then point the finger at your target person or group. You say they are either directly responsible or ‘incited’ the actions by what they are writing and saying. Adolph Hitler used this very technique when the Nazis burned down the German Parliament building, the Reichstag, in 1933 and blamed it on the communists. This method has an added bonus for a manipulator - it creates fear in their own community or group, thus making them easier to control.


I am not saying that there are no genuine attacks on Jewish and other groups by desperately unbalanced and misguided people, but to say that all of them are genuine is equally naive. The combination of naivety and arrogance will ensure that most of the members of both ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ don’t realize that they are being used by the same force (Figure 16 ).


Figure 16


I would recommend that both the Robot Radicals and the Robot Right repeat over and over those words of John F. Kennedy. Whether he really meant them or not is by the by.


The words themselves are brilliant:

“We seek a free flow of information...a nation that is afraid to let the people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation afraid of its people.”

That is what we have in this world today. Self-interest groups afraid of the people, and the Robot Radicals and the Robot Right are the same as all the rest.


New Age - or the Old Age Revisited?

The inflexibility of thought I am addressing here can be found in all areas of ‘alternative’ thinking and lifestyles, including that which is known as the New Age. Significant parts of the New Age are, I believe, becoming little more than another religion which believes in reincarnation and it is seeking to impose its gathering dogma on others. I have been fascinated to experience how those who speak of freedom of thought and expression really mean freedom of thought and expression which agrees with their own.


This is what the old thinking does, as revealed by the Robot Radicals, and yet here the old thinking is packaged as new thinking for a New Age. I feel we have to be careful about this because much of this ‘new thinking’ appears to me to be like an old car resprayed. On the outside it looks new and fresh, but it is the same old vehicle underneath and the rust is starting to show.

One of the foundations of the New Age thinking is to urge people to ignore what the world may tell them they should think and to follow what their heart and intuition tells them. I could not agree more. But what do I see happening? I see people being told by elements within the New Age what they should think and do. This is not done as a suggestion, it is almost an order. Failing to accept this ‘advice’ is seen as confirmation that you have gone “off your path”. For “off your path” read “the path that someone else thinks you should be on”.


Are such people not seeking to impose their intuition and their belief system on others instead of respecting another’s right to follow their heart and instincts in the way they demand to be allowed to follow their own? I thought this was something the New Age was supposed to be challenging, not perpetuating. I see censorship in the New Age to keep out what would question the gathering and solidifying dogma at its core, and if people now awakening to a new reality are sucked into this, they could be swapping one form of thought control for another.


What is right for one is not right for everyone and once you begin to impose dogmas, it’s the Old Age revisited. If you look at any organization or movement, it invariably follows the same pattern. First it emerges to question the status quo of the time with another set of beliefs. Then, instead of evolving in the light of new information and experience, it solidifies and turns those original beliefs into a dogma which becomes the status quo of the next generations.


This dogma is defended with the same unyielding vehemence as the old dogma displayed in the past. Anyone who continues to seek and move on in their thinking and perceptions, is condemned as “extreme”, “loony” and not to be taken seriously - the same response of the old dogma when it was defending itself. At this point, such a movement or organization ceases to be a vehicle for positive change and becomes a block on that change. The Green Movement has been through this process. It is now a block on further understanding because it refuses to encompass areas of spiritual and scientific thought which question its original thinking.


The New Age Movement moved beyond the Green hierarchy by encompassing the multidimensional view of people and planet. But it, too, is now solidifying. It is fast becoming, in significant areas, what the Green Movement has become: a form of suppression, dogma, and diversion, not freedom. The New Age says we are all equal and yet creates the same hierarchical divisions of us and them, teachers and pupils, gurus and followers, that the Old Age has done.

One mindset which has swept the New Age is the idea that some “Ashtar Command 1 is going to send down spaceships to take off the chosen few. Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds remarkably like a cop-out and another version of the theme of ages - the messiah coming to save the good guys and good gals. All this can do - and does - is to create another form of dependency, another rigid belief system, when surely the transformation of humanity is about triggering everyone’s potential to be whatever they wish to be.


I have learned of an Elite project called Operation Bluebeam which is sending out thought waves on the wavelengths that channellers use. These messages are designed to mislead and divert people by purporting to come from extraterrestrials and other dimensions. Two of the inventions of Operation Bluebeam, according to an excellent source, are the “Ashtar Command" and the “Ascension” information. But make up your own mind. Workshops, meetings, and such like are great if they are designed to set free, to allow people to remember who they are and what they can do.


But if they are structured as the ‘Enlightened One’ teaching the less enlightened, it is another means of giving the mind away. I see people promoted as “Britain’s leading healer” or “Britain’s leading psychic” or even “Maitreya, the Christ and World Teacher, a hero, a titan in men’s midst”. What is going on here? We are all healers and all psychic. Who on Earth can say that one is better than the rest and why do we feel the need to claim that anyway? We are all each other, all part of the same whole, all with the potential of tapping into the healing force and passing it on to others. I believe we should be working together, not claiming superiority.


But parts of the New Age are showing every sign of being the Old Age under another flag. The New Age has made a positive contribution and in many areas it is positive in its intent and achievements today. The world is a more enlightened place with the New Age movement than without it. The same with the Green movement to an extent. But if we allow ourselves to be sucked into their dogma, we will be held back from further discovery. No-one knows it all, or even nearly so. Therefore there is always more to know.


Getting caught up in rigid perceptions will keep us from that never-ending flow of knowledge that is ours for the taking if, and only if, we keep our minds and hearts free from dogma.



Christian Patriotism

The phenomena of the same thought patterns dressed up in different ways is true of many areas of global conspiracy investigation.


This consists of a vast array of different people and backgrounds, and I am not generalizing about everyone. But I find here, too, the dogma and the illusion of freedom. The question I always ask when someone is proposing “freedom” is “Freedom to do what?” If you look at many of the conspiracy investigators and organizations, particularly in the United States, you often find that they are not talking about freedom, at all.


In the USA, the loudest voice challenging the New World Order is that of Christian Patriotism.


This thought pattern believes that the problems in America and the world result from the decline of Christianity and the answer is to restore the United States as a patriotic Christian nation. That’ll fix it. Is this the same patriotic Christian nation that destroyed without mercy the Native American civilizations which had lived on that continent for thousands of years? Is this the same nation that forced children generation after generation to be taught someone else’s beliefs and to be condemned if they didn’t accept them? It surely is.


Those two dogmas of Christianity and Patriotism are, irony of ironies, two of the rigid mindsets which have been used continually over the centuries to bring about the very New World Order the Christian Patriot now so opposes. They have been used because they are views of life with no shades of grey and whenever such thinking appears, manipulation is never far away. A child could do it.

I hear and read the views of some of those who are seeking to expose the New World Order and I am glad that they are speaking out. But when I see where they are coming from with their alternative society, I sometimes cringe in horror. I wrote to one guy in America congratulating him on his efforts to expose the conspiracy, but when he sent me material about his organization and its views, I was appalled. I was looking at tyranny spelled out as freedom. If all we are doing is seeking to replace the control and imposition of the Global Elite with the control and imposition of Christian Patriotism, or some other dogma, we are wasting our time.


There is a difference between having smaller units of government with control in the hands of people and communities and the chest-out-chin-up-fight-for-yourcountry-flag-in-hand-God-on-our-side patriotism that has been used by the Elite to play country against country century after century. So again, if we fall into the dogma trap, we can jump out of the pan and into the fire. We need to be selective in what we accept because no-one has all the answers.

This process of personal selection is not something that is encouraged, nor often even understood.


The Robot Radical thought pattern, for instance, believes that if you take a piece of information from a person or group you must, by definition, agree with everything that person or group stands for or says. Because I take information from sources like The Spotlight newspaper in the USA, I must therefore agree, according to the Robot Radicals, with everything that newspaper believes. I don’t.


There is an enormous amount about its outlook on life that is not only different, but opposite to mine. It is a bastion of Christian Patriotism, for a start. But it does some excellent research and has a long and proven record of accuracy. I am not going to ignore that research because I don’t agree with everything the paper stands for. I am searching for truth, not someone else’s version of political correctness.

Because I quote from research by the Lyndon LaRouche organization, the Executive Intelligence Review, I must, by definition in the Robot Radical mind, agree with everything they say and do. I don’t. Nothing like. But the Robot Radical looks on in bewilderment at that. If you only look at information that comes from people who share your own view of life, you deny yourself unimaginable amounts of information from other sources. This is what the Robot Radicals do, which is why they are so naive and limited in their appreciation of what is happening in the world. They are not interested in whether information is true, only the source from which it came. If the source is not politically correct in their childish minds, the information is condemned and dismissed without a second thought.

One of the most compelling aspects of conspiracy research is the way that thousands of people who would agree on almost nothing else, agree on the basic foundations of the manipulation, names, organizations, events. There are people investigating the conspiracy with whom I have virtually nothing in common in terms of our views on life. But if they come up with information which cross checks with what others are coming up with, then I will use it.

In Britain, Colonel Barry Turner has provided some excellent background for me from time to time. I don’t share his views on some things, nor he mine, but we do share a passionate desire to expose the global tyranny. Therefore there is mutual exchange of information and support towards that end. It’s called being adults. I have spent years challenging the policies of British Conservative MPs like Teddy Taylor and Theresa Gorman, but that doesn’t mean that I am not going to support them in their contention that the United Kingdom has gone too far in handing sovereignty to a centralized European cartel.


The very idea of supporting a Conservative MP on anything would give a coronary to a red or green Robot Radical. Yet it is this very selectivity and lack of dogma that frees us from the programming quicker than anything else and sets us on the road to mental, emotional, and physical freedom.


Being selective and following our own intuition is the only way to avoid that. Opening our minds doesn’t require us to accept everything we hear. It requires us to look at all views and information and to take from them what feels right to us and not just to someone else. One final point about the conspiracy research scene which relates very much to the theme of the same thought patterns manifesting in different guises. There is an I-know-it-all arrogance in some areas of conspiracy ‘research’. Apparently, a conspiracy researcher has been telling people that I stopped going to his shop because I realized he knew more than I did.


I know nothing of the man or his shop, but his invented story reveals much about the mentality of some involved in this area. Why aren’t we sharing information and supporting each other instead of claiming superiority? Conspiracy research is becoming another ‘club’ with its hierarchy and ‘gurus’. Such rigidity makes it child’s play to manipulate and infiltrate. Once we think we know it all, we are revealing how little we know. This book runs to 500 pages and yet it only scratches the surface of what is happening. So What is Freedom?

Those three versions of ‘freedom’, the Robot Radicals, elements of the New Age and Christian Patriotism, are not to my eyes, freedom at all. They are different ways of saying: “I know best”. Freedom, for me, is the right of everyone to follow the path they feel is correct for them and to respect another’s right to choose a different path. The only time their behavior deserves to be challenged is when they seek to impose their views on others.


This requires a switch in our attitudes. It means allowing people to believe things that we don’t agree with and to support their right to speak of those views openly without suppression. We need to start trusting ourselves. If a person says something we find distasteful, and we are correct in that response, the people in general will reject what is being put to them. Better it is out in the open, anyway. When all information and views are allowed access to the public stage, people can make a genuine choice of what they wish to believe. We have a fusion of knowledge and not an exclusion of knowledge.

Centuries of the latter have led to the imbalanced understandings of the human race because we have been subjected to imbalanced, one-sided, information. Truth does not come in neatly packaged parcels with names like socialism, fascism, Christianity, or New Age. We need to search for it by looking at all information and following our hearts.


Yet one-way freedom is what I so often see. It is one-way freedom when Christian or Muslim fundamentalists try to stop meetings of those who disagree with their view of life and when prison and death sentences are issued on people for believing something different. I don’t agree, as you may have noticed, with the Robot Radicals, but they have every right to speak their views. If freedom means anything, it means freedom for all.

This is crucial to the process of personal deprogramming. We cannot be free until in our minds and our hearts we allow others to be free. The idea that we are mentally and spiritually free because we are following what we believe to be right is an illusion. We are only truly free when we are as determined that others should be able to do the same. The suppression of one human being or animal is the suppression of all of us.


When we have no desire to impose our views on others and when we celebrate diversity of thought and lifestyle that have been freely chosen, then we can begin to say that the programming of this world and the Elite machine is breaking up and falling away within us. But not until.



Getting Streetwise

When people begin to soften their inflexible thoughts and responses, the influence the daily programming has upon them is diffused also.


They begin to see the subtleties of mind manipulation in a way a rigid mind cannot. This mental switch is open to everyone, no matter how unyielding their minds might be now. It can happen in an instant, once you decide you want it to happen. Scanning the information and the views available to us and picking out those aspects which we each feel good about involves taking pieces from everywhere and fitting them together to form our own evolving truth.


When we are asked to put a label on what we think and believe in these circumstances, we cannot answer. We are not ‘Left’, nor ‘Right’, nor ‘Centre’. We are not a ‘religion’. We just are. There are no instant labels for that. There are no labels at all. We refuse to be pigeon-holed because we are constantly seeking and evolving. If people can name an “ism” of any kind to describe what they believe, they are in some form of mental prison.


The difference it makes when you let go of the labels and the off-the-peg opinions and views promoted by the “isms” is beyond words. You see the world so much more clearly. The smokescreens begin to disperse. An open mind is not a naive one. Quite the opposite. Deprogramming demands that we are constantly selective in what we accept minute by minute through the media and other sources. For example, if people are opposing something it would seem obvious that they are against it. But is this always the case?

If you want to do something controversial, it is much easier if you also control the ‘opposition’ to what you are doing. You can ensure that while people have the illusion of democratic opposition and the right to protest, those leading the main opposition group or groups will lead their followers to ultimate, if ‘glorious’, failure. Everyone goes away thinking they all did their best and could do no more, when the whole thing was being controlled as an exercise in ‘democracy’ which was designed to fail in its goal of stopping whatever policy is involved.


The sheep mentality is so ingrained in the human race that it takes very few to infiltrate, direct, and control. Look at how one of the key officials of the Nation of Islam was working for the FBI in the period of Malcolm X and the black civil rights movement in the 1960s. That story could be repeated a million times and more in ‘radical’ organizations all over the world. Some of the protest groups use violence.


The Animal Liberation Front and Class War in Britain are two of them. When Class War, which claims to be ‘anti-state’, trigger violent clashes with the police during peaceful protest marches, who benefits? Those in authority who want to dismiss the peaceful opponents to their policies as “violent extremists” and those who wish to introduce more authoritarian laws to meet the challenge from the growth in (manufactured) “violent extremists”. Put it this way. If Class War was an arm of British Intelligence, they could not do a better job of undermining the vast majority of people who wish to protest peacefully.


When thousands of people gather to protest peacefully against the treatment of animals and a few idiots become violent or plant bombs, who benefits? Those in authority who wish to continue to treat animals with great cruelty while dismissing the protesters as “violent extremists”.


An open mind can see this, a rigid mind cannot.



Feeling and Healing

Even more important than thinking for ourselves is to feel for ourselves. In the centre of the chest we have a feeling centre called the heart chakra or heart vortex. It is from here that we express love in the fullest sense. It is from here also, and the solar plexus chakra, that we instinctively feel if something is right for us.


It doesn’t need words or explanations, it just feels right. This is our intuition speaking to us and our intuition is our connection to our higher consciousness. When I am faced with a choice between what my mind or my intuition is telling me, I go with the intuition every time these days. I often can’t explain why I go to a certain place or embark on an area of exploration and research. It simply feels right to do so. The mind, even an open one, can be influenced by the daily programming to some extent and it can go through lists of reasons why what our intuition is suggesting is not a good idea. “What will my friends think? What about this or that consequence? Don’t do it, you fool!”


The feeling centre is not subject to those pressures because it is connected to a level of consciousness and knowledge that is beyond the manipulations of this physical world. As the spiritual renaissance proceeds, the feeling centre is being powerfully reactivated among those who are awakening, and intuition is going to be the guide of the future. It will not always lead us to where our rational mind wants to be, but it will always lead us to where we need to be for our own and the planet’s evolution. If I had followed my rational mind since 1990,1 would still be sitting in television studios presenting sports programmes. I find the thought of still doing that quite awful!

It is the intuition more than anything that can help us to weave a path through the maze of misleading messages and manipulation our eyes and minds face every day. When this feeling centre becomes more sensitive to us, we will know that something feels instinctively right or wrong. When the mind opens and becomes less influenced by dogma and trivia, the more powerfully we feel our intuition.


The mind steps aside, gets out of the way. It has a part to play, of course, as part of a balance, but it is not there to dominate. A rigid mind, full of programmed perceptions, overpowers the intuition and delinks us from that flow of inspiration and guidance from our higher levels of understanding - mission control. In these circumstances, the feeling centers shut down like dormant volcanos. Therefore I do not accept that everyone on the planet is doing precisely what they came to do, as some New Age thinking believes.


We are all born into the circumstances we choose, but as we travel through life we can be diverted by other influences if we allow ourselves to accept the programming and close down the potential of the feeling centers, particularly the heart vortex, to guide us. If we do that we can become like a ship without a rudder and complete very few of the tasks we came to achieve. I am sure there must be many people who incarnated this time to play a big role in the transformation who have become so shut down by their programmed minds that they are laughing at, or condemning, those who are doing what they came to do!


This situation, however, can be put right very quickly.


Once we allow that flow of inspiration from higher levels to gather its power and guide us, the magnetic interaction with other energy fields - people, places, situations - will draw to us all the support, experiences, and opportunities we need to evolve both individually and collectively. This flow of inspiration and guidance is not to give our responsibility away. The guidance is not coming from some outside force. It is coming from a higher level of us. It is still the “I”, the multidimensional self. When we reconnect powerfully with that, we are instantly deprogrammed.


I am asked by many people for advice on what they should do and I always reply in the same way. I don’t know what is best for anyone else. I only know what I feel is best for me. The only person who knows what you should do, where you should go, or what you should think and say, is... you.

What does your heart tell you? Right. Go for it!





1 The “Ashtar Command” information sounds really doubtful to me. I get seriously negative “vibes” whenever I hear the name. Still, as with Sai Baba, each to their own.

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