chapter 13
the One Party States

I saw a television program a few years ago about research into animal behavior and it featured a rather unpleasant experiment in which a mouse was placed in a network of glass tubes. Every few seconds it came to a junction and had a choice of going left or right.


The mouse thought it was free to go wherever it wished, but in fact the choices were strictly controlled. Its freedom was an illusion.


The human race today has allowed itself to be like that mouse in the tubes. The multidimensional manipulators are very clever in their use of buzz words. They link them together to create an accepted meaning, which is often the opposite of the real situation. If you say something often enough, people will believe it. The word ‘freedom’ has been equated with ‘democracy’, and democracy is equated with the parliamentary systems of government in the ‘free world’.


We are programmed to see the three elements of freedom-democracy-parliament as the same thing. They are not. The ‘democratic’ systems are part of the smokescreen designed to fool us. If you know you live in an authoritarian regime which controls your thoughts and behavior, the media, and the economic highs and lows, the desire for freedom in the human heart will eventually rebel against this. People are much easier to control and suppress if this is done while they go on thinking they are free. Such is the nature of our ‘democracy’.

We can take the example of Westminster, this Mother of Parliaments, to see what a phoney democracy we have. Most Members of Parliament are not elected by the people, but by the committee or members of their constituency party! The United Kingdom parliamentary system is made up of constituencies which return an MP to parliament at the General Election. But only a relative few of these constituencies are ‘marginal’ in that the outcome is in doubt. Most are either overwhelmingly Conservative or Labour. The public are mind-controlled to believe that their income should decide whom they vote for.


The Conservatives have the ‘image’ of low taxation and voting Conservative is, for many - depressingly many - just another part of their social status. Detached house, two cars, vote Tory. In the poor and deprived areas, many of which have been devastated by the people-are-numbers housing policies of Labour governments and councils, the majority vote Labour because “they’re the party of the working classes”.


Yes, they are the party which sees economic success as more people standing for eight hours a day next to a factory machine, or a mile underground in a coal mine.


These rigid mindsets mean that constituencies which are mostly affluent return Conservative MPs, no matter how competent or otherwise the person with the blue rosette may be; and in the poor areas, the one with the red rosette, whoever he or she may be, will become the Member of Parliament.

In these constituencies - the overwhelming majority - the would-be MP only has to persuade the local party members to select him or her to stand at the election and they are virtually certain to be elected to Parliament. It is what they call being selected to stand in a “safe seat”. So if the Elite want someone to be elected to further the New World Order, it is no problem. Find them one of the endless safe seats and they are in.


Even if an MP with his or her own mind slips through the net, they will be told how to vote by their party or face sanctions against them, like a block on their advancement or, as in the case of the Conservative MPs opposed to further integration into the European Union, suspension from the party. This is democracy, Elite-style, because it was they who created the parliamentary structure after the power of the monarchies was curtailed or removed by the ‘people’s’ revolutions. If our new MP does as he or she is told, they may advance into government or even be Prime Minister. More than that, if they are clones of the Elite, the advancement can be very quick.

In the United States, I understand, there are still some people who believe that the public select the president. If only it were true. Two things select the president: money and the media. The Elite controls both. You need fantastic amounts of money to run for the presidential nomination within your own party, never mind the presidency itself. To do that you need silly money. Only the banking/business establishment has those resources and their money goes to the one they want.


Sometimes it also goes to a candidate they know has no chance of winning because that makes sure that his opponent - the one they really want - will be the next occupant of the White House. Add to this the media coverage which supports one candidate and undermines the other, and you have a rigged election promoted as the democratic process. Once the candidate is elected, it is pay back time. They who pay the piper call the tune.

Certain legislation and an agreement to select certain people in the main positions within the administration are arranged before the election funds begin to flow.


Give David Rockefeller a call and ask him who the next president is going to be. He’ll know by now. The background staff are far more powerful than a prime minister or president if they work in concert. They don’t have to be popular because the public don’t know they exist or what they do. But the politicians do have to court popularity, particularly at election time. This makes them easy prey for those in the background. We have a television comedy programme in the UK called Yes, Minister, which involves a civil servant manipulating a minister to do exactly as he wants. It is very funny, but in the reality of the political system, such manoeuvring is deadly serious.

The politicians and the media perpetuate an illusion and so divert attention from those who truly run the world. The politicians give the impression that they have the power, and the media supports this gigantic myth by reporting events and decisions as if the politicians were the ultimate sanction. Hour by hour we have the presidents, prime ministers, and their underlings, pictured and quoted. We see them meeting at ‘summits’ and issuing statements about events over which they have little or no power. But the public have to be persuaded by the media that ‘elected’ politicians are the global decision makers.


If we don’t accept that illusion, we start to ask questions about who does, therefore, control events. The media report the world as if politicians are at the top of the pyramid, when they are only the puppets, trigger-pullers, and mouthpieces for those who are really at the top. As a result, those who control our lives can stay in the shadows while those who only appear to be in power are constantly in the spotlight. The diversion is brilliantly orchestrated.

It is vital for those of us who live in the ‘democracies’ to realize that we do, in truth, live in a One Party State. When we appreciate that, we will stop looking to politicians to tell us what to do and start thinking and acting for ourselves. We will stop believing that by voting for a different party at election time we will change anything of substance. Politicians of whatever party are not going to change the world because they are just pawns. We all have to take that responsibility and stop handing it over to “them”, the politicians, economists, and anyone else who will have it.


The illusion that we have a ‘choice’ of who governs us will continue to persuade us to give our responsibility away unless we get wise to the fact that we don’t have that choice.


Figure 15


All political movements are controlled by the same force (Figure 15). If you have two main parties from which the government is chosen each time and they vote the same way on all the legislation that really matters, there is no ‘choice’ for the elector.


This is the case with the Democratic and Republican Parties in America. The USA, this home of ‘freedom’ as the presidents are constantly telling us, is a One Party State. So is the United Kingdom.


There is no fundamental difference between the Labour and Conservative Parties. It is impossible to vote for a party in Britain which has any chance of forming a government that is not in favour of further centralization of power in Europe, with one currency and a central bank. I am sure you will find the same themes all over the world. When people point to other, smaller, parties, offering an apparent alternative, they are missing the point. If the parties who have any chance of winning agree on the fundamentals, elections become an irrelevance, a farce.

What confuses people is the way that politicians who are working to the same ends appear in public and even privately among their colleagues and friends, to be promoting very different, sometimes opposite, attitudes to life. This allows them to appear to be opponents when they are really on the same side.


Dr Kitty Little, a researcher into the infiltration of British politics and intelligence agencies for more than 50 years, explained the technique in her booklet, Treason At Westminster:

“It is probable that some of those infiltrators who have in the last 20 years reached the top of the Labour and Conservative parties, had training in the art of concealing their true opinions. Fuchs [the German physicist who worked on the atomic bomb project] has described his formal instruction in what he called ‘controlled schizophrenia’, and even boasted that when drunk he could retain his assumed character with the political opinions of those with whom he worked.


Similarly another member of the [subversive] organization, Philby [Kim Philby, the spy] wrote: ‘I will conclude by mentioning a factor which has unnecessarily puzzled some western commentators on my case. That was the liberal smokescreen behind which I concealed my real opinions. One writer who knew me in Beirut has stated that the liberal opinions I expressed in the Middle East were ‘certainly’ my true ones. Another comment from a personal friend was that I could not have maintained such a consistently liberal-intellectual framework unless I had really believed in it. Both remarks are very flattering. The first duty of an underground worker is to perfect not only his cover story, but his cover personality.”1

When we look at the apparently ‘different’ political views, we are so often looking at a facade.


A series of people wearing masks to hide their real intentions and opinions. Behind the mask are the Global Elite and the All-Seeing Eye, and it is this ‘democratic’ masquerade 2 which acts as the smokescreen for the One Party States.



America’s One Party State

Nothing makes this more obvious than the example of George Bush and Bill Clinton, two apparent ‘opponents’. One is a Republican, the other a Democrat, but both are controlled by the same group.


Both are frontmen for the One Party State and they are connected by,

...on and on it goes.

Bush swept to victory against Michael Dukakis in 1988 on a tidal wave of Elite money.


Henry Kissinger’s presence was again at the heart of the Bush government with two members of his company, Kissinger Associates, taking leading roles. They were Brent Scowcroft, head of the Kissinger Associates Washington office, and Lawrence Eagleburger, the president of the company. Scowcroft was director of the national security council and Eagleburger, the undersecretary at the State Department. A founding board member of Kissinger Associates, Lord Carrington, was Secretary-General of NATO from 1984 to 1988.


Quite a line up for one company! Bush also promoted the Elite strategy of ‘saving’ the environment, just as Bill Clinton (CFR, TC, Bil) and Al Gore (CFR) would do. On the other side of the Atlantic, exactly in tandem, Margaret Thatcher (Bil), turned a mental somersault and began to proclaim the need to protect the environment after once calling environmental campaigners “the enemy within”. The word “drugs” is also a constant theme which links the Bush and Clinton presidencies. Drugs are a massive form of income for the Elite and a front-line weapon in the destabilization of society.


We shall look first at the Republican wing of the One Party State in the form of Mr George Bush.




Updating 2012:



Government is One Party United Against You






The Invasion of Panama

The Bush attack on Panama on December 20th 1989, was connected with drugs, though not in the way it was portrayed by the government and the media.


This is another fine example of how the truth of a situation is submerged in political rhetoric and media camouflage. We are told that American troops invaded Panama and abducted President Manuel Noriega because of his drug running activities and to save American children from the evil of drugs. There is a chance that the very opposite is the case. Noriega was on the payroll of the CIA while Bush was the Director and he was being paid some $110,000 a year for his ‘services’, which included running drugs.


When Bush was challenged about this after the invasion of Panama, he said he had never met Noriega, but then suddenly remembered the meeting. Noriega was involved in the drugs market and rigged elections, but the American government and the CIA knew that when they employed him. The 1984 Panama election was won by Arnulfo Arias, but Noriega took power with a mixture of extreme violence and fraud. President Ronald Reagan then dispatched Secretary of State George Shultz (CFR, TC, Bil, Comm 300), to give legitimacy to Noriega and even to declare that Panama’s democratic principles were a lesson to the Sandinista government in Nicaragua!

The Bush-Noriega relationship began to change during the Iran-Contra period, according to Noriega, when he was visited by Admiral John Poindexter, the head of the National Security Council, on December 17th 1985. Poindexter was prosecuted for his part in Iran-Contra. Noriega told CBS reporter Mike Wallace that Poindexter demanded that he support the US war against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. When he refused, Poindexter threatened economic warfare and the destabilisation of Panama.


What Poindexter wanted was for Panama to invade Nicaragua with American support, Noriega said.3 At no point was Noriega’s alleged involvement in drugs mentioned. But the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) did contact him about drugs. They wrote to congratulate him on helping them to stop Panama being used as a drug and drug-money-laundering centre!4 Just one month later, the Reagan-Bush administration demanded that Noriega be removed on the grounds of drugs, corruption, and lack of democracy.


The need for ‘democracy’ in Panama is an insult. Again Noriega was certainly no saint, but the CIA have supported, and imposed, some of the most grotesque far Right dictatorships across the world to suit their own agenda, including the financing of terrorists to murder women and children by the thousands. It is not easy working out the motivations of the Drug Enforcement Administration, because within it are people committed to stopping the flow of drugs into America and others equally determined to increase it. A number of DEA and CIA operatives have described how some officials of the Drug Enforcement Administration are involved in expanding the availability of hard drugs in the United States.


Noriega’s former chief advisor, Jose Blandon, has claimed that the DEA has protected the biggest players in the drug empires and that DEA officials paid Noriega $4.7 million to keep quiet. In February 1988, Noriega was indicted on drugs charges, all but one of which related to activities before 1984, when he was on the CIA payroll! Economic sanctions against Panama followed - the economic warfare which Poindexter had promised. If Noriega had agreed to support the US war with Nicaragua, or hadn’t fallen out with Bush in some way, he would still be dictator of Panama instead of being in a US jail.

When Bush became president, he made the ludicrous statement that Panama posed an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to US national security and foreign policy. US News And World Report said on May 1st 1989 that Bush had authorized $10 million in CIA expenditure on projects against the Panamanian government. Some of the money was delivered by the CIA’s Carlos Eleta Almaran, who had recently been arrested for drug trafficking. Those charges were ordered to be dropped by Bush after Noriega was ousted.


By December 20th 1989, with Noriega still there despite the CIA’s best efforts, US forces invaded Panama. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of civilians, including children, were killed. Noriega was abducted to America for trial and sentence on drug charges. The rest of the ‘free’ world, including Britain’s Margaret Thatcher, offered not a word of protest. The judge at his trial refused to allow any CIA documents to be seen in his defense and he was sentenced to 40 years for running drugs.

What would the government and CIA officials get if they came to trial! They’d have to reincarnate a number of times to complete the sentence. When you observe the background to Noriega’s arrest, it is extremely relevant to know that the men the Bush regime imposed on the people of Panama to replace Noriega were closely connected with the money laundering, drug trafficking, business. The new president, Guillermo Endara, was an official of at least six banks involved in drug-money-laundering.


The money laundered through these sources came from the Colombian drug smuggling ring led by Augusto Falcon and Salvador Magluta, who were reported to be smuggling one ton of cocaine a month into Florida from the late 1970s until 1987.5 The new vice president of Panama installed by Bush was Ricardo Arias Calderon, whose brother was president of the First Internamericas Bank when it was controlled by the Cali drug cartel. Official figures show that drug trafficking and money laundering in Panama after Noriega has been greater than it was when he was there.


One of those captured by the invading US forces was the Mossad agent, Michael “Freddy” Harari, who, with other operatives like David Kimche, worked with the CIA on behalf of Mossad with the Medellin and Cali drug cartels. He was allowed to escape in an Israeli jet because, if he had been put on trial, the whole CIA-Mossad drug operation would have been blown.6 The War on Drugs George Bush became America’s ‘Mr War on Drugs’. Hard to believe when you see the company he kept and the operations he was involved in during Iran-Contra and the invasion of Panama. Bush is a global drug trafficker!

He led ‘anti-drug’ campaigns during the Nixon and Reagan presidencies and another during his own. None of them worked, and, in the words of Congressman Glenn English, his war on drugs was “little more than lip service and press releases”. One of these claimed that his South Florida Task Force, set up under Reagan, had ended the marijuana trade in South Florida. This was an outrageous claim, but when Francis Mullen Jr, of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), challenged the statement, he was sacked. Bush even used the CIA to arrange drug ‘busts’ that were designed to give the public the impression that he was succeeding.


CIA operative, Trenton Parker, has told how the Colombian drug dealers each donated cocaine which was landed at Miami International Airport in March 1980 and left in a place where it would be found by customs officials.7 This is often done to give the illusion of success. On other occasions the small fry are targeted while the major players, with their links to the highest levels of world politics and intelligence, are allowed to ply their trade unmolested. Only rarely do genuine officials apprehend the big names. Even then it can be because they have outlived their usefulness to the manipulators. Parker also described how it was the CIA who called together the top Colombian drug dealers for two meetings in late 1981 under the Reagan-Bush administration to form a cartel to improve the shipment of drugs into the United States.


The first meeting, he said, took place at the Hotel International in Medellin, attended by about 200 drug dealers. The now infamous Medellin Cartel was officially created in December 1981.8 The CIA formed the Colombian drug cartels? Yes. But, then, what is amazing anymore? Nothing of substance that Bush promised in his various drug ‘campaigns’ was ever delivered and, more than that, the revelations of his links with drug dealers continue to mount, as they do with Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. We have already seen the Shackley-Gregg-Rodriguez connections through the Iran-Contra arms-for-drugs scandal when more - not fewer - hard drugs were brought into the United States to further destabilize American society.


For fourteen years Bush was also a friend of Don Aronow, who (according to one published account9 and a number of other researchers) was connected with the Meyer Lansky crime syndicate, drug running and drug money laundering. Then there is the Zapata Oil Corporation, which was set up by George Bush. This company was a CIA front and that its subsidiary, Zapata Offshore, was implicated in drug smuggling while Bush was its top man. Michael Maholy, who worked for the State Department and the CIA for two decades, said that drugs were brought by sea to the Zapata Offshore rigs, unloaded, and then flown ashore in the helicopters, constantly carrying goods and personnel between the rigs and the American mainland.


He said he saw this happening and confirmed it through the cables that he handled. Maholy said the ships of a company called Pacific Seafood were used to ferry the drugs between countries.10 It is a big mental leap, I know, to appreciate that the world market in illegal hard drugs is controlled and supervised by Elite elements within organizations like the CIA and British Intelligence, which are supposed to be there to protect society from the consequences of hard drug addiction. But there it is. Nothing is ever what it seems. It has been accepted that the CIA experimented with LSD before it was promoted as the ‘freedom’ drug of the 1960s.


The Elite have been involved in the manipulation of society through drugs for a very long time. It goes back many centuries and reached a new peak with the Opium Wars against China in 1840 and 1858, when Chinese efforts to stop the flow of opium into their country were thwarted by the might of the British Empire. Queen Victoria’s Prime Minister, who was involved in both wars, was Lord Palmerston, the Grand Patriarch or Master of Grand Orient (Illuminati) Freemasonry and a member of the Committee of 300. The vehicle for this trade in opium from India to China and elsewhere was the East India Company, a group of Scottish merchants who were aligned with the Knights of St John of Jerusalem and the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits). Some researchers believe that the company’s real masters were the banking families of northern Italy, the Black Nobility.11


The strategy used by the British in China has become a blueprint for invasion by-drug-addiction ever since. They sponsored a mass addiction to opium until Chinese society and vitality was torn asunder. The British government used a network of terrorism and organized crime, like the Triads, the Hong Society, and the Assassins, to carry out the trade on their behalf. When the Chinese rulers reacted to stop the supply, the British used their military and naval might to defeat them. And the ‘peace’ treaty after the conflict then gave the British a guaranteed right to increase the flow of opium; to be paid compensation for the opium the Chinese rulers had confiscated; and to have sovereignty over strategic ports and offshore islands. This is how Hong Kong came under British rule. It was used as the centre for Far East drug trafficking and that is still its role today.

Most of the gold and money transactions on the Hong Kong financial markets are the pay-offs and money laundering of the drug trade. The Treaty of Nanking of 1842 gave Britain control over Hong Kong, plus $21 million in silver. It was written by the colonial minister, Edward Bulwer-Lytton (Comm 300), whose writings were to so inspire Hitler, the Nazis, and others such as Madame Blavatsky. His son was the Viceroy of India at the height of the opium trade between India and China, a period camouflaged by the writings of Rudyard Kipling about the British Raj (British drug runners).


In the book, The Opium Clippers, Basil Lubbock names the owners of the British vessels engaged in the opium trade as the East India Company; Jardine Matheson; Dent and Co; Pybus Bros; Russell and Co; Cama Bros; Duchess of Atholl; the Earl of Balcarras; King George IV, The Prince Regent; The Marquis of Camden; and Lady Melville. It was Lady Melville’s ancestor, George, who welcomed William of Orange to the throne and was made Lord Privy Seal. After the second opium war, which ended in 1860, the British merchant banks and trading companies established the Hong Kong and Shanghai Corporation as the central bank of the Far East drug industry. According to all research I have read about the drug network, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, with its global connections, continues to be a financial centre for the drug industry to this day.12


So was the Nugan Hand Bank (based in Sydney, Australia), another CIA/Mossad operation run by Francis Nugan and Michael Hand, a Green Beret and a colonel in the US Army assigned to the CIA. Hand was in frequent contact with George Bush after his election to vice president, according to CIA operative, Trenton Parker.13


Look at some principal officers of Nugan Hand:

  • Admiral Earl F. Yates, President, chief of staff for strategic planning of US forces in Asia and the Pacific during the Vietnam War

  • General Edwin F. Black, President of the Hawaii branch, the commander of US troops in Thailand during the Vietnam conflict

  • George Farris, operative with the Washington and Hong Kong branches, a military intelligence specialist

  • Bernie Houghton, the Saudi Arabia representative, a US Naval Intelligence undercover agent

  • Thomas Clines, of Nugan Hand in London, a director of training in the CIA’s clandestine service who was involved in Iran-Contra and operated with Michael Hand and Theodore Shackley during Vietnam

  • Dale Holmgreen, of the Taiwan office, flight service manager in Vietnam for Civil Air Transport which later became the infamous CIA airline, Air America

  • Walter McDonald, head of the Annapolis, Maryland, branch, the former deputy director of CIA economic research

  • General Roy Manor, the Philippine branch, the chief of staff for the US Pacific command and the US government’s liaison with President Ferdinand Marcos

  • William Colby, Nugan Hand’s lawyer, a former director of the CIA.14

Just the kind of people you would expect to be running a bank, eh? Well, at least they would be, if you wanted your bank manager to give you advice on running covert operations and training terrorists.


A director of Nugan Hand, Donald Beazley, was chairman of City National Bank of Miami, which handled funds for the Anti-Defamation League.15


Michael Hand was found dead in his Mercedes Benz in the late 1970s on a remote road outside Sydney. He had ‘shot himself. It was a remarkable suicide in that he had pulled the trigger and then, before he died, he must have wiped all his fingerprints off the gun because none were found. An Australian government investigation revealed that millions of dollars in Nugan Hand records were unaccounted for and that it was serving as a money laundering operation for drug traffickers. These profits were being used by the CIA to finance gun smuggling, and illegal covert operations around the world.


There was also evidence that the CIA was using the bank to pay for political campaigns against politicians in many countries, including Australia, to ensure the voters supported the CIA choice. Yes, this is still the ‘free’ world we are talking about.

Banks with household names across the world are vehicles for laundering drug money as it passes from account to account until its origins are lost in the web of transactions. The gold and diamond industries, dominated by the Rothschilds and the Oppenheimers through companies like DeBeers, are also used to wash drug money. The money buys gold or diamonds from those companies and then they are sold to produce ‘clean’ money. The network of interconnecting Anglo-American families in the Elite web of manipulation, who have been responsible for the engineering of conflict and economic depression through the generations, are also behind the world illegal drugs market.16


Some of the most famous names, merchant banks, and companies in the world are making a good slice of their fortunes directly or indirectly from the drug addiction of the young. We are entering the time when those people will have to face that responsibility publicly as part of their eternal evolution and the public are going to be astonished at some of those involved.

The same families and organizations were responsible for the slave trade and alcohol prohibition. The latter was a means to create the massive network of organized crime in the United States. The structure thus produced was perfect, as intended, for drug trafficking once Prohibition was over. The main groups campaigning for Prohibition and an end to the “evils of drink”, groups like the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and its Anti-Saloon League, were financed by the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts and Warburgs via the Rockefeller Foundation, the Russell Sage Foundation, and similar tax-exempt foundations. Prohibition was another con by the Elite used for longer-term motives. Incidentally, it also made a fortune for Joseph Kennedy, the father of JFK.

Professor Alfred McCoy’s 1972 classic, The Politics Of Heroin In South East Asia, and his 1991 update, The Politics Of Heroin - CIA Complicity In The Global Drug Trade, tell of how CIA helicopters in Vietnam were carrying drugs from the fields to the distribution points, when the American public thought they were there to fight ‘communism’. He describes how a Pepsi Cola bottling plant was used for this trade and how the media suppressed this information.


58,000 Americans and goodness knows how many Vietnamese were killed in that conflict and nothing sums up more powerfully the lack of respect this mindset has for human life than the way the CIA smuggled drugs into America in plastic bags hidden in the body cavities of the dead soldiers being returned home for burial from Vietnam. CIA operative, Gunthar Russbacher, has told how some bodies were gutted and filled with drugs for shipment back to the States.17 The bodies carried secret codes which allowed those carrying the drugs to be identified on arrival at West Coast airbases, particularly the Travis Air Force Base in California. The drugs were then removed and made available for the young people of America.

One man who had his eyes opened to all this during the Bush presidency was Lieutenant Colonel James “Bo” Gritz, one of America’s most decorated soldiers, with sixty-two citations for valour, five Silver Stars, eight Bronze Stars, two Purple Hearts, and a Presidential Citation. My outlook on life and that of Bo Gritz could hardly be further apart, but his experiences deserve to be heard by anyone who thinks that government is still - or ever was - ‘for’ and ‘by’ the people. In an address to the American Liberty Lunch Club, recorded on the video, A Nation Betrayed, Gritz describes how he twice visited a man called Khun Sa, who was the recognized “overlord” of heroin trafficking in the Golden Triangle of the Far East.


Heroin is a derivative of opium. Gritz became involved when he was told that the release of US prisoners of war (still being held after the conflicts in Laos) was being stopped by American government officials involved in drug trafficking. He found this to be correct. The government did not want the prisoners released because they knew about their officials’ involvement in the drug trade and might talk about it when they returned home. Kuhn Sa and his operatives in the Golden Triangle told Gritz about some of the Americans they had worked with in the past.


They named Theodore Shackley, whom George Bush appointed to a top job in the CIA and used as a ‘speech writer’. They also listed Richard Armitage, then a US Embassy official and later on the campaign staff of Ronald Reagan, who appointed him the assistant secretary of defense. No wonder there was so little interest in releasing US prisoners of war who could blow the whole thing. Armitage is reported to be a close friend and advisor to Colin Powell, the US Chief of Staff during the Gulf War, who was presented as a possible presidential candidate, standing as a self-styled “Rockefeller Republican”.18 The Elite are involved in drugs for three main reasons. First to make unthinkable amounts of money - billions per year - to finance covert operations against elected governments and society in general.


Drug profits produce money which does not need to be channelled from government sources where it could be traced. Secondly, the ‘problem’ of drugs has produced (understandably) such a reaction of “something must be done” that people are agreeing to the erosion of rights and freedoms in a way that they never would unless there was a ‘solution’ required to ‘stop’ the supply of drugs and its terrible effect on the structure of society. It also provides the US (Global Elite) with an excuse to intervene in the affairs of other countries. Thirdly, we have the opium-to-China syndrome. If you want to divide and rule and stop people manifesting their full potential, what better way of doing it than to get a significant section of the young generation (and many others besides) hooked on hard drugs?


What the British provably did to the Chinese is what the Elite is seeking to do to the young people of the world, to sap their natural vitality, their sense of worth, and the knowledge of their infinite potential to achieve anything they wish to achieve. The war on drugs is another phoney war. As Bo Gritz put it:

“No president that’s ever declared a war on drugs has ever fought one.”19

And Michael Levine, a former agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration, said that the war on drugs was the:

“...biggest, whitest, and deadliest lie ever perpetrated on US citizens by their government.”20

And who have been the two frontmen for every “war on drugs” since the Nixon administration? George Bush and Bill Clinton. We’ll hear more of Clinton’s drug activities shortly.



The Gulf War

George Bush is an oilman. Much of his colossal fortune comes from oil and those companies provided the bulk of his election funds.


When Bush policies led to a rise in the price of oil, both his income and that of the oil cartel went up by enormous amounts. It was the same for another oilman, James Baker, Bush’s secretary of state. In the wider sense, the more the Arab oil producers could be divided, the more power the United States, the British, and other industrial countries would have over them.


Conflict in the Middle East, which raises the price of oil and causes turmoil and hostility within the Arab world, is good for oilmen and good for divide and rule. If you can arrange such conflict to involve a group of countries fighting under the United Nations flag, you are accelerating the move to a world army under central global control - one of the fundamental aims of the New World Order. The Gulf War did all of these things. If Saddam Hussein, a close friend of Bush for many years, was not in on the plot, then he was brilliantly set up. In July 1990 Bush attended the NATO Summit at Lancaster House in London, chaired by the NATO Secretary General, Manfred Worner, who (like his predecessor, Lord Carrington) was a Bilderberger.


Some researchers established that the possibility of a new Middle East War was discussed and so was the deployment of NATO forces outside their designated region, the so-called “out-of-area” deployment. From this Summit came the London Declaration which called for closer cooperation between NATO and the countries of the former Soviet Union. This has since evolved, as was always intended, into the policy of absorbing those countries into NATO as part of the world army strategy. The Elite is obviously anxious to make sure this absorption policy is adopted, because once NATO begins to expand and operate outside Europe and the North Atlantic, it gets ever closer to being a world army.


The idea is to extend NATO’s area of operations by inviting more countries to join and to engineer events using the problem-reaction-solution strategy which lead to a fusion of NATO and the UN ‘peacekeeping’ forces and the formation of the world army. This is the background from which the Gulf War needs to be viewed.

Disputes between Iraq and Kuwait are not new. Kuwait has been under British and Elite control back to the days when the economic potential of oil was discovered. It is a dictatorship, an unpleasant one, and the idea that the Gulf War was to ‘free’ Kuwait is just ridiculous. If Kuwait is to be freed, the dictators of the Royal Family elites need to give up their power and the British manipulation of that country and its people has to end. Saddam Hussein was encouraged by the Americans and the British to go to war with Iran in 1980. If the findings of some researchers are accurate, Saddam was led to believe by British and American Intelligence that the Khomeini regime was in such chaos, the war would be over quickly. They lied. It dragged on for eight years amid appalling suffering and loss of life.


But it was good for the oil companies, the banks, the armament companies, and divide and rule. The British government armed both sides in this conflict and some (but only some) of this scandal has surfaced through the Scott Inquiry into illegal arms sales to Iraq. I wonder if this inquiry has heard of a company called Midland Industrial Trade Services, which is claimed to be the Midland Bank’s secret arms operation.


This is based, I am told, behind the facade of an ‘ordinary’ branch of the Midland in Victoria Street, Westminster, London SW1H ONJ. I wonder also if the Scott Inquiry has heard any allegations that Midland Industrial Trade Services were introduced to the Iraqis by Kissinger Associates? I’m sure there is nothing whatsoever in these rumours from very well informed sources. The Midland Bank, that pillar of respectability, involved in secret arms sales? The very thought is ridiculous. Isn’t it?

The Iran-Iraq war is a grotesque example of modified Hegelianism. The CIA looked after Khomeini during his exile in Paris to ensure he was ready and waiting to take over when the Shah, another CIA puppet, had outlived his usefulness. At the same time, as The Wall Street Journal of August 16th 1990 reported, it was the CIA in 1968 who supported the Baath Party in Iraq and installed Saddam as dictator. Now Saddam would be used again, knowingly or otherwise, to start up another war in the Gulf, another war planned long before.


George C. Andrews reports in his book, Extra-Terrestrial Friends And Foes:

“A little known fact about the Gulf War is that one month before our Declaration of War on December 15th, 1990, Secretary of State, James Baker, signed the US Army report from the 352nd Civil Affairs Command on the New Kuwait [unclassified, and therefore available to those interested].


This report describes in detail how extensively Kuwait will be destroyed, how the oil wells will be set on fire, and then how it will all be rebuilt ‘better than before’, with despotism, instead of democracy, even more strongly entrenched than it had been before. The report includes a list of US corporations who are to be assigned the profitable task of rebuilding Kuwait and extinguishing the oil well fires, as well as the Arab names they will be operating under.

“Why have none of his political opponents thought of asking the obvious questions: How did George Bush’s so called ‘blind trust’ make out during the time frame of the Gulf War? Why are the huge business deals between Bush and Hussein still off-limits to the public’s right to know?”21

To readers of this book, the answers to those questions will be obvious.


The ‘blind trust’, by the way, is the farce which insists that presidents must hand over all their business dealings to a trust during their term in office, which is supposed to make sure that they can’t make political decisions which affect their own investments and companies. Do you believe it works like that? No, nor me.


Bush’s ‘blind trust’ was controlled by William Farish III, his close friend and grandson of William Farish, the President of Standard Oil of New Jersey when they were working with I.G. Farben and supplying Adolf Hitler. I will come to Bush’s business links with Saddam shortly.

American reconnaissance advised President Bush around July 16th and 17th 1990 that Iraqi troops were assembling along the border with Kuwait. Nothing was done. On July 25th Saddam Hussein met with the US Ambassador in Baghdad, April Glaspie, who told him she was acting on the instructions of President Bush. She said that the Bush government had “no opinion on the Arab-Arab conflict, like your border disagreement with Kuwait.”221 wonder if the Argentine government were told something similar before they invaded the Falklands? Glaspie added that she had instructions from the President to seek better relations with Iraq. She then left for a summer holiday, another indication to Saddam that the Americans were disinterested in the whole thing.

That date of July 25th is most significant because it was in the days before that, according to CIA and Naval Intelligence operative, Gunther Russbacher, that George Bush, Brent Scowcroft (Kissinger Associates), and other close advisors drew up an agreement to be submitted to President Gorbachev, through which he would agree not to intervene if the United States invaded Iraq. Remember this was before Glaspie met with Saddam and while Bush was ignoring the Iraqi troop buildups. Russbacher says he was briefed on the plan in mid-July by Scowcroft and Bush’s CIA chief, William Webster.


Russbacher was one of the pilots of four CIA SR-71s which flew to Moscow on July 26th from the Crows Landing Naval Air Station in California, refuelling twice on the way. On board were Scowcroft and Webster. Russbacher, who spoke Russian, met with Gorbachev who signed the agreement.23 While all this was going on, Bush still had nothing to say in public about the troops’ buildup along the Kuwaiti border. By July 31st perhaps 100,000 troops were involved. Still Bush was silent. Two days before the invasion, John Kelly (CFR), an assistant secretary of state, was asked by a congressional hearing if the US would defend Kuwait in the event of an attack.


He replied:

“We have no defense treaty with any Gulf country”.24

On August 2nd, Saddam invaded Kuwait.


That same day, and again on August 6th, Bush met with Margaret Thatcher at Aspen, Colorado, and at the White House. The British prime minister was, as usual, highly belligerent about the need to teach Saddam a lesson. Henry Kissinger was behind the scenes, too, in the form of Brent Scowcroft, the national security advisor, a long-time Kissinger aide back to the days of the Nixon presidency, and an executive of Kissinger Associates. Scowcroft was urging military intervention.


The Bush tone began to change. The Saudi Arabians were told by the Americans that Saddam was likely to invade their country next - utter nonsense - and Bush ordered US troops to assemble along the ‘threatened’ Saudi border. There would be no intervention, the world was told. The US forces were only there to protect Saudi Arabia, Bush said. Economic sanctions were to be the weapon used against Saddam. The Saudi Arabians, Germans, and Japanese would be badgered into contributing large sums towards American costs. But sanctions were never going to be the real weapon. The rhetoric became ever stronger.


Bush labelled Saddam “the new Hitler” and he said that the Second World War had shown that appeasement of such people was not the answer. He might have added that it also was not the answer to fund both sides at the same time and to help finance Hitler’s war machine, as his father had done. For those who knew the game plan, it was easy to see what was happening.


On August 23rd, Kissinger’s man, Brent Scowcroft, said it all:

“We believe we are creating the beginning of a new world order out of the collapse of the US-Soviet antagonisms”.25

The term, the New World Order, would now be used by Bush and enter into political-speak around the world to the point of tedium.


Bush (Comm 300) received enthusiastic support from Margaret Thatcher and the Freemason President of France, Francois Mitterrand (Comm 300), who both sent forces to the Gulf to support the Americans. They presented themselves as a United Nations force. In effect, a world army.


Bush said in a speech to Congress on September 11th:

“Clearly no longer can a dictator count on East-West confrontation to stymie concerted United Nations action against aggression. A new partnership of nations has begun, and we stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers a rare opportunity to move toward an historic period of cooperation. Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective - a new world order - can emerge...”26

For ‘fifth’ read ‘first’.


On November 8th, Bush announced that the forces in Saudi Arabia would be substantially increased.


The ‘defensive’ force was now to switch to offensive mode. A week later Bush left on a tour of Europe and the Middle East gathering support for the invasion. He met for three hours with President Assad of Syria, a tool of the Elite, who pledged to increase his contribution to Bush’s forces to 20,000 men.


The Bush ‘United Nations’ forces attacked on Wednesday, January 16th.


120,000 air sorties were unleashed on Iraq, mostly, it turned out, against civilian areas. The operation was headed by Bush’s chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Colin Powell, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, who has ancestral links with many old American and British families. Every allied supreme commander and US secretary of defense since the Second World War has been a member of the CFR.


The number of dead and injured from the bombing of Iraq, the resulting disease, and the continuing economic sanctions can hardly be comprehended. Conditions for the innocent civilians in Iraq are terrible under the economic stranglehold, but the West looks on.


So this is the United Nations in all its glory, this is the bastion of jaw, jaw, not war, war. This is the promoter of peace. This is the New World Order. The future president, Bill Clinton, supported the Gulf War and the United Nations policy.


There is another stunner in all this, too. The United States government funded Saddam Hussein to fight the war against the United States and UN forces! It was done through a branch of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL) in Atlanta. Congressman Henry Gonzalez exposed the BNL scandal in 1991 after he noticed that this little branch of the Italian government bank had loaned Iraq $5 billion. This came after November 1989 when the White House guaranteed bank loans to Iraq if they were used for the purchase of US farm products.


If Saddam defaulted, the US taxpayers picked up the tab for the loan and since he was always defaulting, that was obviously going to be the outcome from the start. Instead of buying food, Saddam spent the money on arms, including purchases from the Matrix Churchill machine tool company in England (which was the subject of a court case in which the British government was implicated, and this led to the Scott Inquiry). Although many US investigators warned Bush that the money was being used for arms, the loans were allowed to continue.

The scam was so obvious, when you look at the other evidence. Son George was doing the same as Father Prescott did with Hitler. Funding an aggressor so you can start a war with him. Some of the money was spent on buying poison gas from a CIA front called Cardeon Industries in Chile.27 When the war started, Saddam defaulted on the loans and the US taxpayers are now paying for the money spent by Iraq to fight their own sons and daughters. The cover-up of this, as usual, led to the scapegoating of the small fry.


The whole thing was blamed on the bank manager at the BNL’s Atlanta branch, Christopher P. Drogoul, who could never have sanctioned that sort of money without the highest authorization. US District Judge, Marvin Schoob, said the claim that the Atlanta branch could loan $5 billion without the approval of the head office in Rome could only come out of “never, never land.”

The judge said that Drogoul and four other employees at the branch:

“...were pawns or bit players in a far larger and wider-ranging sophisticated conspiracy that involved BNL-Rome and possibly large American and foreign corporations and the governments of the United States, England, Italy and Iraq...Smoke is coming out of every window. I have to conclude that the building is on fire.”28

This is the last thing the Bush administration and the Global Elite wanted to hear.


Judge Schoob was removed from the case and replaced by Judge Ernest Tidwell, who refused to allow any evidence to be presented about the CIA or Bush White House involvement in the bank. Drogoul was persuaded by his attorney, against his better judgment, to plead guilty. The funding of the Iraqi arms build up before the Gulf War and its prosecution by the UN was a calculated plan to trigger the conflict, and it involved the Bush administration, the British government of John Major, the Italian government, the Soviet Union, and the other leading governments controlled by the Global Elite.


It also involved a familiar name: Henry Kissinger. As early as 1984, Kissinger Associates were arranging loans from the BNL to Iraq to finance its arms purchases from a little known subsidiary of Fiat, the Italian car makers (headed by leading Bilderberger, Giovanni Agnelli). Charles Barletta, a former Justice Department investigator, was quoted about this in the Spotlight newspaper of November 9th 1992.


The report said:

“Barletta added that federal probers had collected dozens of such incriminating case histories about the Kissinger firm [director, Lord Carrington]. But Henry Kissinger seems to possess a special kind of immunity. I’m not sure how he does it, but Kissinger wields as much power over the Washington national security bureaucracy now as in the days when he was the Nixon administration’s foreign policy czar. He gets the payoff; others get the blame. Kissinger will remain unscathed until Congress finds the courage to convene a full-dress investigation into this teflon power broker.”

Hear, hear.



The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI)

The Bush (Republican) and Clinton (Democrat) wings of the One Party State have another mutual connection, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, which had close links with the Italian BNL.


The BCCI was formed in the early 1970s and expanded rapidly to boast 400 branches in 78 countries.


Its name is remarkably similar to the Banque De Credit International (BCI) of the Mossad agent, Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum, which was used to fund Permindex and launder syndicate CIA and Mossad drug money at the time of the Kennedy assassination. Its “successor”, the BCCI, was a major player in the drug money laundering network and was used for this purpose by the Elite elements within the CIA, British Intelligence, Israel’s (or the Rothschild’s) Mossad, and others, who control the world market in illegal drugs.


Money to fund covert operations, terrorist groups like Abu Nidal, coups throughout the world, and the financing of Iran-Contra and Saddam Hussein, was also channelled through the BCCI. Money could be transferred between apparent enemies through this network, as with Saudi Arabian money which found its way to Mossad. In this case, Saudi and other Gulf money was laundered through the BCCI and transferred to CenTrust in Miami, which was later seized by federal investigators. The BCCI owned 28% of CenTrust. Allegations emerged that Robert Gates, the man Bush had nominated as his Director of the CIA, had obstructed an investigation into drug money laundering by the BCCI.


Gates withdrew his nomination to be CIA Director, as he had once before, when implicated in Iran-Contra. The BCCI crashed amid a worldwide scandal in 1991. It was the world’s biggest banking collapse and cost investors billions of dollars. Three years before the crash, Robert Gates was describing the BCCI as the Bank of Crooks and Criminals.29 The BCCI began to operate in Pakistan in 1972 with most of its funding provided by the Bank of America and the CIA. Bank of America also loaned money to people to buy stock in BCCI, probably to hide the scale of its control, and the B of A knew all about money laundering. In 1986, it was fined $7 million for 17,000 acts of washing dirty money. Some researchers say that the Bank of America is owned by the Rothschilds.


At the hub of Rothschild involvement in the BCCI was Dr Alfred Hartmann who, at the same time, was the managing director of the Swiss branch of the BCCI; the head of the Zurich Rothschild Bank A.G.; a board member of N.M. Rothschild in London; and a director of.. .Italy’s BNL.30 The involvement of the Rothschilds at the heart of the BCCI was never mentioned or investigated by the lap dog media, nor the alleged involvement of the Rothschild ‘gofer’, and currency speculator, George Soros (Bil).31 George Bush and Bill Clinton both had considerable connections with the BCCI, among them one Jackson Stephens, owner of Stephens Incorporated, a big investment bank based in Little Rock, Arkansas, the home of Bill Clinton. Stephens was one of the founders of the BCCI. He had connections with a company called Harken Energy and arranged a loan for them from a Swiss Bank affiliated with the BCCI.


This would have greatly pleased George Bush Junior, the president’s son, who sat on the Harken board. Another son, Jeb Bush, also had numerous dealings with the BCCI. He was often seen in the bank’s Miami office32 and George Bush’s deputy campaign manager, James Lake, worked for a major owner of the BCCI at the same time. When Bush’s ‘opponent’, Bill Clinton, ran for president, his main financial backer was Jackson Stephens who made the donations via his Worthen National Bank which was connected to the BCCI. Stephens was implicated in deals in which the BCCI secretly and illegally took over the First American Bank of Washington and others.


This was the man who funded the president. George Bush’s involvement with the BCCI was considerable, according to the Chicago journalist, Sherman Skolnick, who made a detailed study of the bank. He has claimed publicly, including an interview on Radio Free America, that Bush, Saddam Hussein and others, used the BCCI to split $250 billion in oil “kick backs”, the skimming off of money paid by western oil companies in the Gulf. He claims the records implicating Bush in deals with Saddam and Manuel Noriega were in the hands of the Bank of England and that the money was channelled through the BCCI and Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), branches in the USA.


Henry Gonzalez, the chairman of the House Banking Committee, identified links between the BCCI and BNL. Skolnick told interviewer, Tom Valentine, on Radio Free America:

“The bulk of the money went through BCCI. That bank was formed in the 1970s with seed money from the Bank of America, the largest shareholders of which are the Rothschilds of Chicago, Paris, London, and Switzerland...The bank is also linked to the financial affairs of former President Jimmy Carter, and his friend and one-time budget director, banker Bert Lance.

“Some of the...Democrats who have been involved in this whole affair have been published, for example, in the May 3 issue of The Wall Street Journal. During the 1988 presidential campaign, additionally, BCCI was one of the major financiers of the Michael Dukakis campaign. ...BCCI financed the Democratic Party in the United States and arranged deals for Republicans outside the United States.”33

Jimmy Carter personally dedicated a number of BCCI branches and they made an $8.5 million donation to one of his favourite charities.


Carter’s foreign travel after he left the White House was paid for by the BCCI and his banker friend, Bert Lance, was bailed out of big financial difficulties by a man called Ghaith Pharaon, a front man for the BCCI.34 This would fit with a contact’s suggestion that the man behind the BCCI was an Arab, Gaph Feherton, a major funder of Jimmy Carter’s presidential campaign.


Andrew Young, Carter’s former United Nations ambassador and a fellow Trilateralist, had a loan of $160,000 written off by the BCCI and he was paid to promote the bank to individuals and governments in Africa and Central America.35 The Republican senator for Utah, Orrin Hatch, was making stirring speeches in support of BCCI even while it was being indicted for drug money laundering. The Democrat Clark Clifford and his law partner Robert Altaian, the BCCI’s lawyers, were at the centre of the story, also.


Price Waterhouse, the BCCI’s auditors for nearly 20 years, were giving the bank a largely clean bill of health while all the corruption was going on. Skolnick said records detailing the alleged Bush-Saddam deals were held in the Chicago branch of the BCCI, which was seized by the Reagan-Bush Administration in 1988 (along with other BCCI assets in the United States).


Skolnick went on:

“The same bank has records showing joint business ventures between General Manuel Noriega, former dictator of Panama, and George Bush. In January of 1990, the federal prosecutor in Tampa had former top officials of Florida’s branch on trial. They were allowed to escape prison with only a slap on the wrist and a small penalty. Here’s why: they told the Justice Department that if they were going to prison, they had documents from their bank showing that George Bush had private business ventures through their bank with a series of dictators including not only Saddam and Noriega, but others as well...


“...Saddam’s oil was shipped to Texaco. In 1985 a Texas jury, at the behest of Pennzoil, issued the largest damages verdict in American history against Texaco. Pennzoil claimed that Texaco damaged them in a deal with Getty Oil. Who owns Pennzoil? George Bush and his friends [the Liedtke brothers referred to earlier, in relation to Watergate]. ...As a result Texaco fell under the domination and supervision of Pennzoil. Where did the kickbacks to Saddam reportedly come from? They came from the deals between Texaco and its subsidiaries purchasing oil from Iraq.”36

If you placed end to end all the questions that George Bush needs to answer, but won’t, they would stretch from Washington to Baghdad.


Via Panama City. An official investigation was ordered to expose the BCCI scandal. It was chaired by Democrat senator, John Kerry, of Massachusetts. It exposed nothing. Senator Kerry was chairman of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, which received large contributions from the BCCI. Senator Kerry is also a member of the Skull and Bones Society, as is George Bush. The corruption across American politics, media, and business, is staggering and so it is in the United Kingdom wing of the Global Elite operation, where the BCCI had its main base.

The report on the bank by Lord Justice Bingham decided that the collapse was due to,

“a tragedy of errors, misunderstandings, and failures of communication.”

For goodness sake, it was one of the biggest drug money and illegal arms money laundering operations the world has yet seen.


It implicated some of the biggest names in global politics, banking, and business, and financed terrorists, drug cartels, and covert operations by the CIA, Mossad, and others. The Bank of England completed the cover-up through an arrangement with the bank’s principal owners at the time of the collapse, Abu Dhabi.


This agreement allowed important records and witnesses to leave Britain. How convenient. In his review of Dirty Money, a book about the BCCI, the journalist Robert Sherrill said:

“Dirty Money clearly leaves the impression that many officials are less than enthusiastic about digging deeper into the scandal. Could it be because of that rumoured list of 100 politicians that the BCCI paid off? Or because ‘key investigators’ have indicated that if they continued their probe it might take them ‘into the highest levels of political power around the world’ in ways that would dwarf even the wildest conspiracy theory? Whoa! That would never do.”37

On that note we will take our leave of George Bush and welcome Mr Bill Clinton.


He defeated Bush, with support from the Washington Post among many others, and on January 20th 1993 he officially became the 42nd president of the United States. George Bush (CFR, TC, Skull and Bones Society, 33rd degree Freemason, and Republican), was replaced in the White House by Bill Clinton (CFR, TC, Bilderberger, Rhodes Scholar, 33rd degree Freemason, and Democrat).


The names changed, the controllers did not. The One Party State rolled on.



Bill Clinton

William Jefferson Clinton was born in Hope, Arkansas, and brought up in Hot Springs.


His Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University gave him a grounding in the World government philosophy and he knew what was required for political advancement from an early age. Clinton said in an interview in 1994 that he knew from Carroll Quigley’s books that a permanent shadow government of bankers and government officials existed which controlled the political agenda from behind the scenes. He said that, while still a young man, he realized that it was necessary for him to gain access to this inner circle if he was to become part of the decision-making process that shapes the world.38


That is exactly what he did. His desire for high office was no doubt fired when he shook hands with John Kennedy as a boy.


He was another product of the Global Elite production line of presidents: easily manipulated, knows how to do as he’s told, and with a mountain of unpleasant information about him waiting to be revealed if he steps out of line.

“We’ll give them a Democrat president this time, just to let them think they still have a choice”, you can almost hear the manipulators say.

David Rockefeller, the Kingmaker of America, had met with Clinton in the mid-1980s at Winrock, the farm built by Winthrop Rockefeller, a former governor of Arkansas.39


The state of Arkansas is an Elite centre. The southern wing of the Scottish Rite of US Freemasonry is based there and it was from this organization that the Ku Klux Klan emerged. The Klan’s emblem is the Maltese Cross, the same as the Knights Templar, the Knights of Malta and the Knights of the Golden Circle, which played a major role in the Rothschild manipulation of the American Civil War. The Ku Klux Klan is the old Knights of the Golden Circle under another name, controlled by the same force. It is said to be funded today by Mossad.40 According to the German magazine Neue Solidaritat, the guru and foster-father of Bill Clinton was Parson Wo Vaught, a 32nd degree initiate in the Scottish Rite.41


If you think the background to George Bush is amazing, well old Bill has a few surprises in store, also. Indeed, these ‘opponents’ have so much in common. He progressed politically and became governor of Arkansas, the position he held when he was summoned by David Rockefeller to the Bilderberg Group meeting in Baden Baden, Germany, in 1991. The invitation came after the controllers had decided that he would be the next president of the United States. Bill Clinton, according to the American Freedom Network, is a member of many secret societies, including an Illuminated Freemasonry order which claims allegiance to the martyred Knights Templar leader, Jacques de Molay.


In Arkansas, Clinton sat at the head of a complex network of drug running, money laundering, and general corruption. His biggest financial backer when he ran for president was, as we’ve discussed, Jackson Stephens, one of the founders of the BCCI. The Citizens for Honest Government organization produced an investigative video into Bill Clinton’s background in 1994 and they interviewed a former friend of Clinton in the Arkansas days, Larry Nichols. It would appear that Clinton misjudged Nichols. He thought he could be trusted to keep quiet and take the perks. Clinton gave him the job of Marketing Director of the Arkansas Development Finance Authority (ADFA).


It was a State-run operation created by Clinton to, he said publicly, invest tax money in low interest bond loans to local businesses, colleges, schools, and churches. It would stimulate jobs, he said. When Larry Nichols took up his post, he saw the truth.


Nichols said:

“...I’d been there about a month and I realized that I was at the epicenter of what I’d always heard about all my life...I was literally working, sitting, in the middle of Bill Clinton’s political machine. It was where he made his pay offs, where he repaid favours to people for campaign support. I was in an interesting seat and I knew it. If you needed a million dollars, you had to get your application handled by the Rose Law Firm and pay them $50,000. There were five other companies in the state of Arkansas that were actually more qualified in bond structuring and applications, but the Rose Law Firm got ‘em all.”

[This, by chance, was the law firm run by Hillary Clinton (CFR)]

“I started checking around, and I kept asking...the comptroller, Bill Wilson. did people make payments on these loans? He looked at me and said: They don’t.’ He thought I knew. Well, that blew my mind. And this is about two months in. It was getting tough then. So I started gathering documents. After everybody left I would stick around as if I was working on the annual report. That would give me access to the documents and I made copies of them all.”

Nichols established that Bill Clinton’s Arkansas Development Finance Authority was laundering drug money! ADFA was a front for giving loans to his business friends, who would then fund his election expenses, while at the same time it was also used to launder drug profits.


Nichols went on:

“There was a hundred million a month in cocaine coming in and out of Mena [an airstrip] in Arkansas. They had a create a problem in a little state like Arkansas. How do you clean one hundred million dollars a month? ADFA until 1989 never banked in Arkansas. What they would do is.. .ship the money down to.. .a bank in Florida which would later be connected to BCCI. They would ship money to a bank in Georgia, which was...later connected to the BCCI. They’d ship to Citicorp in New York, which would send the money overseas.”42

At the centre of this operation was Clinton’s closest friend, Dan Lasater, who would be jailed with the president’s brother, Roger Clinton, for cocaine offences. Doc Delaughter, the police investigator in charge of the Lasater case, said he gathered detailed statements from people connected with Clinton’s friend and his use of drugs to get young girls hooked and under his control for sexual favours.


The policeman revealed how he suffered harassment from his own police department during his investigation and, he said, he knew that was because of the connection between the state police and Governor Clinton’s office. Lasater spent less than a year in a minimum security prison for his drug offences and when he was released, Bill Clinton granted him a full pardon. Legislation enacted by Governor Clinton helped Tyson Foods to become the biggest company in the state. The owner, Don Tyson, was given $10 million by ADFA and never paid a cent of it back. He did, however, put $700,000 into Clinton’s election campaign.


Doc Delaughter said he had enough evidence on Tyson to launch an investigation into a possible drug distribution racket. The interconnected corruption was astonishing.

Larry Nichols said:

“The first loan made at ADFA was to Park-O-Meter.. .As I started looking, I found that the secretary-treasurer was Webb Hubbell...Guess who drafted the legislation... which created ADFA? Webb Hubbell. Guess who introduced the legislation to our legislators and got it passed through our house? Webb Hubbell. Imagine this. Guess who did the audit and the evaluation on the (Park-O-Meter) application. Rose Law Firm, you guessed it. Who signed it? Webb Hubbell, Hillary Clinton.”43

Nichols said that when reporters made inquiries about the Park-O-Meter loans, they found that instead of making parking meters, Park-O-Meter was actually building retrofit nose cone compartments that were being shipped to Mena. The nose cones were being used to smuggle drugs back into the country and onto the streets of America!


Nichols went on:

“Webb Hubbell, the Rose Law Firm, are guilty, I say to you, of conspiring to defraud the state of Arkansas, the Federal Government, and conspiring to solicit the sales and the laundering of money for illegal drugs. This is your president. This is his circle of power. These are the people when he got elected president...he took them straight to Washington with him.”

Webster “Webb” Hubbell was named acting US attorney general by Bill Clinton when he was elected to the White House! Hubbell was soon back in Arkansas, however, to plead guilty to charges of defrauding clients at Hillary Clinton’s Rose Law Firm of an estimated half a million dollars.


This was the man who was responsible for the Ethics in Government Act, which required Arkansas legislators to report conflicts of interest. Astonishingly, this act specifically exempted governor Bill Clinton, his appointees, and relatives. Go on, pinch yourself. You’re not dreaming this. Before Hubbell left Washington he was responsible for finding a permanent attorney general for Bill Clinton. This was Janet Reno, who became head of the hilariously named US ‘Justice’ Department (which decides who, when, where, and whether, to prosecute).


Webb Hubbell is not the only government appointed crook that Janet Reno has come into contact with in her career. She had been District Attorney for Dade County, including downtown Miami, which was exposed as perhaps the most corrupt judicial system in the country. Reno’s lack of action in the face of the evidence, led to an FBI undercover investigation which, in 1990, resulted in nearly half the judges in Miami being indicted on extortion charges.


The decisions and judgments during Janet Reno’s term at the Justice Department have served perfectly the aims of the New World Order, including the genocide at Waco (of which more later) and the suppression of information about drug running operations (including those out of Mexico, involving the leaders of the Mexican government). Researchers believe that Reno is a front for Webster Hubbell to be the real attorney general.

One of America’s biggest drug trafficking operations, perhaps the biggest, was set up at the Mena airstrip in Arkansas in 1982 by Barry Seal, a pilot for the Drug Enforcement Administration!44


He moved his trade to Arkansas because of the hassle he was having from the authorities in his home state, Louisiana. He had no such hassle in Arkansas.


Russell Welch, the policeman in charge of the Seal investigation, revealed:

“He said 1983 was his most profitable cocaine smuggling period ever. He said that the airplanes that he had placed at the Mena Airport, there were four of them, a couple of Cessnas, a couple of Panthers, and one or two stragglers here and there, different airplanes. He said they were purchased solely for the purpose of cocaine smuggling.”

Welch added that the planes had special, and illegal, cargo doors which could be opened in flight to drop the drugs and money at other sites in Arkansas.

But where were the prosecutions? In the ten years during which the Mena drug operation was common knowledge, there was not one major prosecution. Yet when Clinton became president, he announced... guess what? Yes, a war on drugs. This was shortly before he revoked random drug testing for White House staff and dropped 121 posts at the Office of National Drug Control. Barry Seal is also part of the link between Bill Clinton, Oliver North, the Reagan-Bush administration, and Iran-Contra. According to court records, eye witness reports, and press accounts, Oliver North held a series of meetings at Little Rock in the early 1980s to set up the illegal Contra weapons pipeline.


One of the main operatives was Barry Seal and another was Terry Reed, a former combat pilot in Laos, who moved to Little Rock in 1983 and set up a training base for Contra terrorism at Nella Ark, eleven miles north of Mena. Reed said at his own trial in 1989 for fraud charges that at least one of the early meetings to plan the Nella Ark centre was attended by Bill Clinton’s brother, Roger, and he said other meetings were attended by Clinton’s close associate and drug runner, Dan Lasater. Yet again we see the One Party State in action. While the Republican Reagan-Bush presidency was involved in Iran-Contra, the ‘opposition’ in the form of Democrat governor, Bill Clinton, was covertly supporting it in Arkansas.

The power of the Elite to control the major newspapers and broadcast media was seen again in January 1995, when a 4,000 word article exposing the Barry Seal drugrunning operation at Mena and its connections to Iran-Contra and the CIA was withdrawn from the Washington Post. It was immediately dubbed “The Greatest Story Never Told”. The article was due to appear in the “Sunday Outlook” section, after eleven weeks of debate and argument among the staff. Lawyers had been through every line and approved it legally, the type had been set, and the illustrations completed. The contracts with the authors had been signed and Leonard Downie, the executive editor, had given his consent.


Then suddenly, it was pulled and the Post’s managing editor, Robert Kaiser (CFR), said it was a “non-existent story” and a “reprise of rumours and allegations”. Sure it was. The owner of the Washington Post is the Bilderberger, Trilateralist, and member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Katherine Graham. The authors of the article were Doctor Roger Morris, formerly of the National Security Council under Johnson and Nixon, and Sally Denton, the former head of the Special Investigations Unit at the news agency, UPI. Both have long records of this type of investigation.


Their expose was compiled from detailed research which included access to Barry Seal’s bank and telephone records, invoices, appointment books, handwritten notes, personal diaries, and recorded conversations, plus police records and surveillance reports. The article said that Seal was flying planes out of Mena to export weapons to Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, and the Contras in Nicaragua, and they returned full of cocaine for sale in New York, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis, and other cities.


Morris and Denton say that Seal had such close ties with the CIA that he believed he could smuggle what he wanted, whenever he wanted, and they point out that nine separate attempts by state and federal authorities to stop him were blocked. All this took place, incidentally, during the Reagan-Bush “War on Drugs”.


The article withdrawn by the Washington Post had said:

“Over the entire episode looms the unmistakable dark shape of US government complicity in vast drug trafficking and gun running”.

And it asked the questions that the mainstream media have failed to ask:

“For three presidents of both parties - Messrs Reagan, Bush, and Clinton - the old enduring questions of political scandal are once again apt: What did they know about Mena? When did they know it? Why didn’t they do anything to stop it?”45

The involvement in drug trafficking of Bill Clinton, George Bush, and the CIA was also revealed by businessman Terry Reed and his co-author, John Cummings, in their 1994 book, Compromised: Clinton, Bush, And The CM.46


Reed was a former US Airforce Intelligence Officer who became a successful businessman. He was recruited by the CIA to set up a CIA front company in Mexico selling high technology and consultancy.


When Reed realized it was being used to ship drugs, he tried to get out of the operation and to return to Arkansas, then governed by Clinton. As usual, Clinton and the CIA sought to silence and discredit Reed by accusing him of what they were doing. He was charged by Clinton and the Arkansas authorities with drug running! Reed also reveals in his book how Time magazine and other publications and newspapers were involved in disinformation and cover-ups to keep the truth about drugs from the public.


Barry Seal was not convicted for his drug crimes. Instead he was murdered. This happened as he was beginning to speak openly about what he knew. He told how he was ordered by the CIA and the Drug Enforcement Administration to photograph Sandinista officials in Nicaragua loading drugs onto a plane for shipment to the United States.


This photograph was used by President Reagan in a televised speech in March 1986 as propaganda against the Nicaraguan regime. This led to Congress voting another $100 million in aid to the Contra terrorists in Nicaragua who were running drugs in league with the CIA. This drug running operation was done with the knowledge of the then Vice President Bush. Seal later admitted to reporters that the Sandinistas in his photograph were not loading drugs at all. He also spoke of the Contra drug smuggling network and its connection with the Colombian cartels.


Soon after this, in February 1987, Seal was dead. This period was littered with murders and suspicious deaths in Arkansas. On August 23rd 1987, two boys, Kevin Ives and his friend Don Henry, were out walking in the early hours in the area of the Mena airstrip. Later they were found dead on a railway line. The State Medical Examiner, Fahmy Malak, a man appointed by Bill Clinton, ruled that the deaths were an accident. The parents disagreed and asked for a second opinion, a request that was met with resistance from the authorities on all fronts.


They won a court order requesting samples for the second opinion of everything the crime laboratory had, but Malak still refused to hand them over. Eventually other opinion showed that Don Henry had been stabbed in the back and Kevin Ive’s skull had been crushed before they were placed on the railway line. Malak still said it was an accident. The boys had both fallen asleep on the tracks, he said. It’s just the place you would choose to go to sleep, isn’t it? Six people who talked to the police about the boys’ murders were themselves killed. Keith McKaskie knew what was planned for him. He said goodbye to his family and friends in 1988 and days later he was murdered.


The following year, Jeff Rhodes, a young guy from Benton, Arkansas, rang his father to say he had to get out of town because he knew too much about the deaths of the boys and McKaskie. Two weeks later Rhodes was found shot dead. Keith Coney was fleeing for his life on his motorcycle when he collided with a truck; Gregory Collins was shot; Richard Winters and Jordan Ketelson were both killed by shotgun blasts.


The head of the Saline County Drug Task Force who had uncovered evidence of the Arkansas Police Department’s involvement with drug smuggling and the cover-up of the boys’ murder, was forced into hiding. This was all going on while President Clinton was governor for Arkansas.

Investigating Bill Clinton or making allegations against him would appear, from endless evidence, to be a very dangerous occupation. Danny Casolaro, a reporter investigating Clinton and an alleged bonds racket, was found dead in a West Virginia hotel.


Paul Wilcher, a Washington lawyer, was investigating Clinton and was due to meet Danny Casolaro’s former attorney. Wilcher was found dead sitting on the toilet in his apartment. Prosecuting attorney, Charles Black, asked Governor Clinton for funds to continue the Mena drugs investigation. The money never came, but Black’s mother was brutally murdered. Police said there was no connection.


Ed Willey, the manager of Clinton’s campaign finance committee, was killed with gunshot wounds.


Verdict: “Suicide”.


John Wilson, a city councillor in Washington who was reported to be planning to expose Clinton’s dirty tricks, was found hanged in 1993.


Verdict: “Suicide”.


Kathy Ferguson, the wife of Danny, an Arkansas police patrolman and Clinton bodyguard, talked about a number of sexual incidents involving Clinton, and she said her husband had taken Paula Jones to Clinton’s hotel room where he, allegedly, dropped his trousers and propositioned her. Kathy Ferguson was found dead with a gun in her hand.


Verdict: “Suicide”.


Husband Danny then denied Clinton’s connection with Paula Jones.


Danny is still alive. Paula Jones says Kathy was telling the truth. Jon Parnell Walker, a senior investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation, was pressing for an investigation into the collapsed Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan company, linked to Clinton under the heading the “Whitewater Affair”. He fell from the balcony of a new apartment in Arlington, Virginia.


Verdict: “Suicide”.


C. Victor Raider II was cochairman of Clinton’s presidential campaign, but they fell out. Raider and his son, Montgomery, died when their small plane crashed.


Herschel Friday was a member of Raider’s committee and an expert pilot. He died when his plane exploded. Dentist Ronald Rogers was on his way to talk to a journalist about Clinton when his plane crashed in clear weather. Luther “Jerry” Parks from Little Rock had compiled a study of Clinton’s sexual activities. Clinton owed him $81,000 for providing guards during the presidential campaign and his wife said he had threatened to reveal the information he had unless he was paid. Parks was shot dead on September 26th 1993.


Park’s son, Gary Parks, said his father had names, dates, places - everything about Clinton’s liaisons. He said he also had details of Clinton’s drug taking and that of his brother, Roger. Shortly before his father’s murder, the phone lines at his home were cut, the security system turned off, and the files on Clinton were stolen. In Arkansas, no autopsy need be performed on anyone ruled to have committed suicide, even if the evidence points to murder.


This law was introduced by Bill Clinton in one of his last acts as governor. The death most publicized in connection with Bill Clinton is that of his lifelong friend, Vincent Foster, a lawyer at Hillary Clinton’s company, the Rose Law Firm.


His death by ‘suicide’ came during investigations into the financial scandal known as the Whitewater Affair. The Clintons said their investment in the Madison Savings and Loans company was a loss-maker. Others say it was a scam to skim off federal money. What is beyond question is that it cost the taxpayers $60 million. Robert Fiske was named as special prosecutor to lead the ‘investigation’ into Whitewater and that same week, the Rose Law Firm began to shred documents.


One of the shredders, Jeremy Hedges, said:

“They had his [Fosters] initials pretty much all over... everything from the box to the manila files to - I even saw his signature on one of the Rose Firm letterheads.”47

A demonstration was held outside the Rose offices when people heard what was going on.


Again in that same week, there was a fire at the Worthen Bank Building owned by Jackson Stephens, one of the founders of BCCI, and Clinton’s main financial backer. Stephen’s bank advanced the Clinton presidential campaign $2.8 million. Less than two years earlier, the bank had earned a profit on a transaction involving student loans controlled by Bill Clinton. The size of the profit? $2.8 million.48


Clinton channelled ADFA funds through the Worthen Bank after 1988. The fire there destroyed documents related to the Whitewater investigation.

On July 20th 1993, Vincent Foster, a senior partner with Hillary Clinton and Webb Hubbell in the Rose Law Firm before his appointment as White House deputy counsel, and the man handling the Clinton’s personal legal affairs, was found shot dead at Fort Marcy Park, off the George Washington Parkway on the west bank of the Potomac River across from the capital. The verdict was our old friend: suicide. The gun was still in his hand, which is hardly what would have happened as he reacted to the consequences of the shot. The suicide verdict was made before there had been either an autopsy or a ballistics test. Larry Nichols has a police memo proving that Foster was found in his car, not the park. In March 1994, when the speculation would not go away, the White House issued a photograph of Foster’s body at the scene which was said to prove that it was suicide.


The gun was in his right hand. Foster was left-handed. The photo shows the body surrounded by brown leaves. But he had died in the summer and reporters at the scene soon after he died said there were no leaves on the ground. The White House also announced (five months after Foster’s death) that four members of Bill Clinton’s staff had ransacked Foster’s office the night he died! They included Patsy Thomasson, Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant. It was done, they said, for reasons of “national security”. God help us. Patsy Thomasson was a leading assistant to Clinton’s pal Dan Lasater, when he was, as shown in court, dealing drugs.49


Thomasson was also named in law enforcement files for drug trafficking and it was she who stopped drug testing for White House employees. This is the President of the United States we are talking about here. This is the White House, the supposed centre of power in the most powerful country in the world. And people go on allowing it to happen. Clinton was actually re-elected in 1996!

There is another intriguing aspect to the Foster story. Documents shown to the London Sunday Telegraph reveal that Foster was jetting around the world and making strange visits to Switzerland while still working in private practice at the Rose Law firm.50 Records show that he was flying with Delta Airlines (at discount rates only available to senior government officials or those involved in work for the federal government), before he was publicly connected in any way to the government. Twice he made trips to Switzerland with American Airlines and Swiss Air, staying for little more than 24 hours before returning home. Switzerland is a major coordinating centre for the Global Elite.


These visits took place on November 3rd 1991 and December 7th 1992. The latter was in the transition period between the Bush and Clinton administrations. On July 1st 1993, Foster used his American Express card to purchase another ticket to Geneva, but then cancelled. Later that month he was dead. His wife, Lisa, knew nothing of these trips to Switzerland, apparently. Many researchers link Foster to the Arkansas computer firm, Systematics, owned by.. Jackson Stephens.


They also link him to Mossad. The suspicious deaths and the intimidation go on. In the midst of all of this, Larry Nichols was approached by attorney Gary Johnson, who wanted to help him expose the money laundering and general corruption at Clinton’s ADFA scam. Coincidentally, Johnson lived next door to Gennifer Flowers, one of the women Clinton denied having a sexual relationship with. What anyone does in their private life is up to them, but it is what followed here that Americans might consider worth addressing. Gary Johnson had a security camera at his front door and this captured Clinton entering Gennifer Flower’s apartment. He went in with his own key. Johnson had this recorded on tape and could prove that Clinton was lying.


Attorney Gary Johnson was attacked at his home and suffered the most terrible injuries. The people who did this stole his tape of Bill Clinton. This is America in the 1990s. How could all these things be covered up, glossed over, and the Clintons not face a public investigation into all these matters I have highlighted?


Larry Nichols has the answer:

“A lot of people wonder how Bill Clinton could control a state the size of Arkansas with the absolute authority that he did. It’s not hard. You see, after twelve years, after kissing the people that have the money, Bill Clinton controlled the legal system, he controlled the judges, he controlled the attorneys, he controlled the banks.”51

Which is precisely what the Elite do on a global scale. And when Clinton went off to the White House, he played the same game.


Democracy is no longer just phoney, it is virtually non-existent. A new kid on the block in the American media is House Speaker Newt Gingrich, the latest ‘star’ of the Republican Party, who lambasts Clinton and demands ‘change’. This is what Clinton demanded before continuing business as usual.


What happened to the proposed Clinton blitz on the medical system? He and Hillary were going to take on the drug companies, they said, and the shares in those companies went down. Then the Clintons changed their minds and the shares went up. What happened in between? It doesn’t matter who is president of the United States or prime minister of the United Kingdom because the same force will be in power until we do something about it.


President Bush helped to engineer the Gulf War, pressed for the introduction of the GATT ‘free trade’ agreement, and the expansion of the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA) throughout the Americas. His successors from the ‘opposing’ party, Bill Clinton and Al Gore, both supported the Gulf War, and they have supervised the passing of the GATT through Congress and proposed the expansion of NAFTA into South America.52 Who led the Republican Party in its support for GATT and voted with the Clinton Democrats? Who also voted for NAFTA?


Clinton’s great ‘critic’, Newt Gingrich, and another Republican leader, Bob Dole. At the Trilateral Commission meeting in Copenhagan, Denmark, in May 1995, two US members, former Speaker of the House, Tom Foley, and Senator William Roth, were reportedly questioned about why Gingrich and Dole had made mild criticisms of the World Trade Organization before supporting it. Foley and Roth assured the Trilateral Commission members that Gingrich and Dole were merely involved in “necessary political posturing” and their support was “never in doubt”.53 Sums up the political process, really. When ‘Republican’ Dole ran for president, his cochairman for finance was... Jackson Stephens.. .the backer of ‘Democrat’, Bill Clinton!

It was the same Newt Gingrich, a vehement promoter of Israel, who made a speech at a gathering of military and intelligence officers in Washington in 1995 calling for the subversion of Iran. The scheme he articulated was first expressed by an Israeli government propagandist called Martin Indyk, who was appointed by Bill Clinton to serve as Middle East policy ‘expert’ on the National Security Council. The same anti-Iran and anti-Iraq policy appeared in the March/April 1994 issue of Foreign Affairs, the magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations, of which Gingrich is said to be a “proud member”. Bill Clinton is also a member of the CFR and so is his national security advisor, Anthony Lake, who called for the “dual containment” of Iran and Iraq in the Foreign Affairs magazine.


How nice to have such amazing agreement between ‘opponents’. On September 2nd 1994, Avonoam Bar-Yosef, writing in the prominent Israeli daily, Ma’Ariv, said that seven of the leading members of Bill Clinton’s National Security Council were Jewish.


The article, headlined “The Jews who run Clinton’s Court”, quoted the rabbi of the Adath Yisrael synagogue, as saying:

“.. .for the first time in American history.. .the US has no longer a government of Goyim [Gentiles], but an administration in which the Jews are full partners in decision making at all levels”.

Newt Gingrich’s wife, Marianne, is collecting $2,500 a month as vice-president for business development for the Israel Export Development Company, which aims to attract American businesses to a high tech business park in Israel. She first met her boss, David Yerushalmi, while on a tour of Israel sponsored by the Israel lobbying group, the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee.54


Arne Christianson, a former official of the same American-Israel Public Affairs Committee, is now a top policy advisor to her husband, Newt Gingrich.


The Bush and Clinton administrations, as with Clinton and Gingrich, share many common threads and on anything that involves the New World Order agenda, they all vote the same way. They are also awash with members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, the vehicles for the Rockefellers and the Elite to manipulate the US and the world.


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The British One Party State

In the United Kingdom, as elsewhere, there is a nexus of people and organizations which connect banking, business, and politics. We have government ministers linked to companies and organizations which their legislation has affected.


We have members of parliament taking bribes to ask questions in the House of Commons on behalf of companies. We have them paid to ‘lobby’ for interest groups. We have former cabinet ministers walking out of government and into top posts. Lord Wakeham was the energy secretary who supervised the privatization of the UK’s state-owned electricity industry.


The merchant bank, N.M. Rothschild, has made a fortune from its work on government privatizations - including that of the electricity industry and the coal industry, thanks to contracts agreed while Lord Wakeham was in charge at the energy department. When Lord Wakeham left the government, he became a director of...N.M. Rothschild. Norman Lamont, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, was sacked by Prime Minister John Major and became a director of.. .N.M. Rothschild. Lamont worked for the Rothschilds before going into government, as did the Treasury Secretary, Anthony Nelson, and John Major’s former Welsh Secretary, John Redwood, who unsuccessfully challenged him for the leadership in July 1995.

The story of the Redwood challenge is very interesting. John Redwood, formerly of All Souls College, Oxford, was ‘seconded’ from N.M. Rothschild to head the Downing Street policy unit of Margaret Thatcher, a role Lord Victor Rothschild, the political manipulator and alleged spy, had enjoyed under the premiership of Edward Heath (Conservative, Bil) and unofficially under Harold Wilson (Labour, Bil). Redwood’s policy unit was behind the orgy of privatizations of state utilities which has handed control of essential public services to the banking elite.


This policy has made enormous sums of money for N.M. Rothschild. Redwood then returned to Rothschilds before becoming an MP via the safe Conservative seat of Wokingham in Berkshire. If a monkey stood for the Conservatives in Wokingham, it would be elected. Once in parliament, he (Redwood, not the monkey) was appointed to the Department of Trade and Industry at the time his original privatisation plans were being introduced.55 Now there’s a coincidence for you. Isn’t life just amazing?

In early June 1995, the Bilderberg Group met at Burgenstock in Switzerland. According to Spotlight sources,56 the Bilderberg elite decided that John Major would be given a choice: get back into line and support a Federal Europe with a central bank and a single currency or be removed from office. In that same month, Major was persuaded to resign as leader of the ruling Conservative Party and offer himself for re-election. He said he was fed-up with the rumours of a challenge to his leadership by MPs opposing further centralisation of power in Europe. “Put up or shut up”, was the message. The man who “put up” was John Redwood who publicly opposed a federal Europe.


His main supporter in the election was his N.M. Rothschild buddy, Norman Lamont, another man ‘opposing’ a centralised Europe. What was the outcome of this challenge, however? Redwood lost and Major used this as an opportunity to purge his cabinet of those arguing against a Federal Europe. More than that, a deal was probably done in which Major agreed to hand over power to Michael Heseltine who favours a federal Europe. Major and Heseltine had a three-hour meeting on the day of the vote and after his ‘victory’, Major appointed Heseltine as “Deputy” Prime Minister at the head of a network of power. It may be that Heseltine was given the reins of government (under the control of the Global Elite) and in return Major was assured of enough votes to survive as a figurehead, puppet prime minister.


So who benefited by that challenge from John Redwood and Norman Lamont, the two “anti-federalists” from N.M. Rothschild? Those who want to see a United States of Europe - the very thing Redwood said he stood to oppose. What another amazing coincidence then, that a few days before the Redwood ‘challenge’, we find among the guests at the Bilderberg meeting in Switzerland the name.. .Norman Lamont. He went as a Rothschild representative together with Emma Rothschild, Lord Victor Rothschild’s daughter. Well, I never. Norman “save our sovereignty” Lamont attending a meeting of the organization that has been behind the manipulation to create a Federal Europe for more than 40 years.


The same meeting which decided that John Major must come into line on Europe or be ousted. Norman, my old son, you have been rumbled. The Labour MP, Giles Radice, the chairman of the European Movement, would have seen Lamont at Burgenstock because Radice was also there. How strange he didn’t mention that while Stormin’ Norman was so publicly ‘opposing’ a federal Europe. Radice must have forgotten. Another British government ‘name’ at Burgenstock was Lamont’s Conservative colleague William Waldegrave, the then secretary of state for agriculture and a man implicated in the arms to Iraq scandal. Waldegrave has close connections with the Rothschilds and served under Lord Victor Rothschild in Ted Heath’s Downing Street Policy unit (1971-73).


Interestingly, James Goldsmith, the billionaire financier who formed a political party to “oppose” a European superstate, is a frontman for the House of Rothschild and a second cousin of Baron Edmund de Rothschild. He’s also a close friend of George Bush. It is important to remember that the Elite seek to lead the organizations both for and “against” what they desire, to ensure complete control of the “debate” and its outcome.

Also on the board of N.M. Rothschild are Lord Armstrong (TC, Bil), the former head of the civil service and cabinet secretary during Margaret Thatcher’s privatising mania. So are Sir Clive Whitmore, former permanent secretary at the Home Office; Sir Frank Cooper, former permanent secretary at the Ministry of Defence; and Sir John Fairclough, former chief scientific adviser. N.M. Rothschild has twenty-six non-executive directors on the board, several connected with government.


The company was involved in the privatizations of British Gas, British Coal, the electricity industry, the water industry, the Forestry Commission, and the Royal Ordnance Factories. According to the Daily Telegraph of January 26th 1995, it has developed the image of “the government’s favourite bank” in the light of its success in being selected so often by a process “independent” of government departments, which chose the banks to advise the companies being privatized. Sir Michael Richardson was vice chairman of N.M. Rothschild and chairman of the Rothschild company, Smith New Court, when this privatisation work was being won during the Margaret Thatcher years. Sir Michael, a senior Freemason, is a close associate of Margaret Thatcher.

We can always rely on the media to expose these matters, however. The Sunday Telegraph of January 29th 1995, ran an article justifying the Rothschild/Wakeham/government connections and saw nothing wrong with them. The Sunday Telegraph, like The Daily Telegraph, is owned by the Bilderberger, Conrad Black, and on the board of Telegraph Newspapers plc is Evelyn de Rothschild, the chairman of... N.M. Rothschild!


The article failed to mention that. They must have forgotten, too. The House of Commons Register of Members’ Interests revealed that 200 of the 243 Conservative backbenchers during the Major government elected in 1992 held a total of 276 paid directorships and 365 paid consultancies. The potential for corruption is quite, quite, extraordinary. And when do they find time to represent their voters? Maybe this is why virtually no MP or member of Congress actually read the detail of the GATT agreement before voting it into law! The same with representatives throughout Europe who didn’t read the detail of the Maastrict Agreement on centralizing power in a European Union before they voted in favour.


And what of the Labour Party, that other wing of the One Party State? They supported both GATT and the Maastrict Agreement, as did the Liberal Democrats. Here we see modified Hegelianism again. Two ‘opposite’ forces, socialism and capitalism, were brought into opposition by the Elite in the early years of this century in Britain and they have fused into one force, which now differs only in words, not deeds. There are certainly scores of unanswered questions relating to leaders and high ranking members of the Labour Party through this century.


Doctor Kitty Little is a long time researcher into the corruption and infiltration within the British Intelligence agencies. Her scientific career has included research for the Ministry of Aircraft Production during the Second World War followed by nine years at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell. In her submission to the 1995 Nolan Committee on Standards in Public Life, she tells the story of an attempt to recruit her to the Communist Party at Oxford University in 1940. Oxford University, you will recall, was a bastion of the Milner Circle and the Round Table, particularly All Souls, New Chapel, and Balliol.


The communists, she said, had gone “underground” by joining the university Labour Party and she attended a meeting of a Labour Party “study group” in a room at University College. The main speaker at the meeting, who clearly believed he was among “friends”, began to reveal the plot to “destabilise the United Kingdom and Commonwealth, ready for a Marxist takeover”. She later realized that this was part of the plan to introduce the global centralized control called the New World Order. The plot was outlined by the speaker at that Oxford meeting to destroy United Kingdom defenses, engineer a Marxist takeover of Rhodesia and South Africa, and to use what became known as the European Community as a smokescreen to hide the changeover to a centralized, Marxist, rule of Europe.


The plan was also to destroy British manufacturing industry. He went on to describe how members of the political section of this subversive organisation were going to infiltrate the British parliament and civil service, some entering each of the political parties. Many would go into the right wing of the Labour Party, others to the left wing of the Conservatives. Eventually there would be a fusion into a new “Centre” party.


He said that the British distrusted extremists and so posing as “moderates” occupying the centre ground would allow them to dismiss their opponents as “Right wing extremists”. This subversive organization did not have a name, he said, because that would make it harder for people to prove it existed. The speaker said that he had been chosen to be the head of the political section of this organization and he expected himself one day to become the prime minister of the United Kingdom. All this was said in 1940 and that man did indeed become prime minister.


His name was Harold Wilson.

Wilson was the British prime minister throughout the period between 1964 and 1976, except for the four years between 1970-74 when the Conservative Party leader, Edward Heath, was in office. Harold Wilson and Ted Heath were both Bilderbergers and both close associates of Lord Victor Rothschild. Wilson took over the Labour Party leadership with the death of Bilderberger, Hugh Gaitskell, in 1963.


Significantly, Gaitskell was not in favour of a federal Europe. His death was very convenient because Wilson became leader at an opportune time. Conservative Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan (Comm 300, RIIA), was driven from office by the Profumo spy scandal in the same year that Gaitskell died, opening the way for the Bilderberger Sir Alec Douglas Hume (Lord Home) to take over the Premiership. Hume would later be a chairman of the Bilderberg Group and also served on the Committee of 300. The following year Hume faced - and was defeated by - Harold Wilson, in the 1964 election.


The political upheavals in Britain mirrored those in the United States where Lyndon Johnson became president in 1963 after the Kennedy assassination in which, in my view, Lord Victor Rothschild was involved. Dr Little says that when she made her story public, the Daily Express journalist and writer of intelligence ‘exposes’, Chapman Pincher, showed a copy of her allegations to Harold Wilson. He was issuing libel writs like confetti at the time, but his only reaction to Dr Little was to say she had mistaken him for a Tom Wilson.


She knew she had done nothing of the kind, but she checked the entire university records and there was not even one “T” Wilson enrolled there in this century! She knew Wilson as an Economics Fellow at Oxford because it was he who researched and compiled most of the Beveridge Report which created the welfare state and the social security system after the war. Beveridge, she says, was little more than a figurehead who put his name to it. On the surface, the report was admirable in many ways, but from the perspective of the 1990s it can perhaps be seen to have wider implications.


It created dependency and control while destroying opportunities for self-reliance and independence outside the Elite-controlled system. Now that dependency has been created, the welfare state is being dismantled and what is left is being handed over to ‘privatisation’ - the elite bankers in other words. This is leaving people at the mercy of some very unpleasant people and organizations. Should the underclass react violently to this, the Elite have another opportunity to introduce harsher laws under problem-reaction-solution.

Dr Little said in her submission to the Nolan Inquiry, that the intentions set out by the young Harold Wilson in Oxford were transmitted to Moscow and by the end of 1941 a double agent in the Kremlin had given the details to Britain’s MI5. This was circulated to senior MI5 officers, but no action was taken. During this period, Kitty Little said, the “senior subversive infiltrator” within British Intelligence was Lord Victor Rothschild, the man who controlled the use of Regulation 18b during the war. He was also named in a 1994 book as the unidentified “fifth man” in the Burgess-Maclean-Philby-Blunt communist spy scandal, although his involvement in covert activities was far, far greater than claimed in that book. Dr Little has had access to sources at some very high levels over the last 50 years.

She says that Lord Rothschild was not the “fifth man” in a KGB spy scandal. Instead, he was the spider at the centre of a web of infiltration and corruption. He controlled the activities of Philby, Burgess, Maclean, Blunt and Guy Liddell, the acting head of MI5. She names another man in this circle as Tommy Harris, about whom little is known, except that he was a good cook. Harris cooked meals for the group when they met regularly at his home. Maclean was not directly involved with them. His work at the Foreign Office was to feed geology reports to Guy Rothschild in France who used them to control essential resources, especially uranium.


According to Dr Little, the Rothschilds now control 80% of the world’s uranium. This spider’s web of corruption within the British establishment was not about spying for the Soviet Union. This is more camouflage. The aim was to further the ambitions of the New World Order. Harold Wilson’s nameless subversive organisation had (has) three sections, the political (led by him), the economic, and the ‘biological’. The head of the biological section was the overall controller. Until his death, that was Lord Victor Rothschild. Who is it today?


Lord Rothschild helped to finance MI5 agent, Peter Wright, in the production, with Chapman Pincher, of the ‘expose’ book called Their Trade Is Treachery, which names the late MI5 chief, Sir Roger Hollis, as the fifth man and ‘clears’ Lord Rothschild. Later Rothschild arranged for Wright to produce another book, the infamous Spycatcher, which also named Hollis. Margaret Thatcher’s vehement opposition to the book’s publication ensured it was a best seller around the world and added to its credibility as an ‘expose’. Leading this opposition to Spycatcher on behalf of the government was Lord Armstrong, the cabinet secretary to Margaret Thatcher and friend of Rothschild. It was in a court hearing over Spycatcher that Lord Armstrong (Bil, TC) made his famous distinction between lying and being “economical with the truth”.


When he retired from government office, Lord Armstrong became a director of... N.M. Rothschild. In a letter to the Speaker of the House of Commons on May 1st 1987, Dr Kitty Little says:

“Early in the war Wing Commander Arnold, then head of a section in MI5, had reason to think that Rothschild was not to be trusted. He took steps to have the most sensitive material kept from him, but found Rothschild’s backers too powerful to do more than that. Later, when Sir Roger Hollis was Director-General, he asked Wing Commander Arnold for a detailed report of events from that era.

“When Wilson became leader of the Labour Party a very serious problem arose, since it was the head of the political section of the subversive organization who was in line to become the next Prime Minister. Shortly before his death, the late Sir Theobald Matthew, the then Director of Public Prosecutions, told me that he considered that he and the Director General of MI5 had almost sufficient legally admissible evidence to prosecute. Sir Theobald said that in his opinion when a Minister used his official position to take action to promote objectives of a criminal a manner that would be criminal if he were acting as a private citizen, then those actions are still criminal. This is only logical, since Ministers are better placed than private citizens to do irreparable harm to the nation. Sir Theobald died while Wright organized a smear campaign against Sir Roger Hollis and the Deputy Director-General, that was launched with the aid of Lord Rothschild and Philby. And so Wilson escaped prosecution.”57

It is astonishing how many people die at the most convenient times.


Dr Little says that Lord Rothschild was actively seeking to discredit MI5 and after 1979 ordered Peter Wright and Chapman Pincher to indulge in character assassination and disinformation. It is notable that Spycatcher claimed an MI5 plot to destabilize the Wilson Labour government in the period we are talking about. Could this not be yet another smokescreen to hide the truth that in fact MI5 was making legitimate investigations?


Rothschild covertly collaborated with ‘socialist’ Harold Wilson (Bil) and worked openly with ‘Conservative’ Edward Heath (Bil, TC), who occupied 10 Downing Street between them for eleven years. Heath invited Rothschild to head his government’s policy unit, the Central Policy Review Staff, and to select its personnel!58 One of Rothschild’s roles was to supervise British Intelligence and to reorganise the Foreign Office. I wonder if this included Group 13, the Foreign Office assassination squad? Yes, the British Foreign Office has its own assassination squad. From this time the run down of Britain’s aircraft, shipbuilding, car, steel and machine tool industries began to quicken - exactly as Wilson had predicted in 1940.


And the man behind the plan under Wilson and Heath was Victor Rothschild who was working towards a European superstate and the end of national sovereignty. During their periods in office, both Heath and Wilson made organisational changes to MI5. Wilson limited the techniques of investigation that were allowed, and demanded to be told if any MPs were under investigation. Heath went further and placed many other decision makers “out of bounds” for the security services and the police. These two opponents had a number of things in common, including their enthusiasm for the European Community.


Edward Heath took Britain into Europe and is to this day a vehement campaigner for full integration into a centralized Europe with a European central bank and currency. Wilson began the move to metrication in Britain, which is ending British forms of measurement and replacing them with the European version. Dr Little says she was told that Heath and Wilson were friends when they first arrived at Oxford University in the 1930s.


She says of Harold Wilson’s sudden resignation little more than a year after winning the 1974 General Election:

“I have every reason to think that before the end of 1975 they [MI5] were within sight of having sufficient legally admissible evidence for a prosecution. Wilson resigned. Callaghan succeeded him as Prime Minister, and had the members of MI5 who had been carrying out the investigation of Wilson’s criminal activities removed, on the grounds that they were ‘Right wing extremists’.”59

Jim Callaghan (Bil) has since kept abreast of foreign policy as a joint president of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


His fellow presidents are Lord Carrington (TC, Bil, Comm 300) and Harold Wilson’s former chancellor and home secretary, Lord (Roy) Jenkins (TC, Bil), who, with Lord (David) Owen (TC, Bil), Bill Rogers (Bil), and Shirley Williams, left the Labour Party in the early 1980s to form a centre party, the SDP, now the Liberal Democrats. All these people worked closely with another prominent Labour government minister under Harold Wilson and James Callaghan: the Bilderberger, Trilateralist, chairman of the IMF Interim Committee, Committe of 300 member, and council member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Denis Healey.


I wonder if, when they were in the highest political offices in the land, Wilson, Heath, Jenkins, and Healey ever got together and pondered on the remarkable twist of destiny that led four people who were at Oxford University in the same period, to become the leading political names of the 1960s and 1970s, just as the United Kingdom was committing itself to the European Community. Indeed Jenkins would go on to be president of the European Commission and Heath would take the UK into the community.


Wilson (Jesus College, University College), Healey (Balliol), Jenkins (Balliol), and Heath (Balliol) are such an inspiration to us all. Look what an Oxford education can do for you. In this same period, even the Liberal Party leaders did Oxford proud in the form of Jo Grimond (Balliol, Bil), and Jeremy Thorpe (Trinity College), the author of the book, Europe: The Case For Going In.


Later leaders of the Liberal Party (now the Liberal Democrats), David Steel and Paddy Ashdown are also Bilderbergers and supporters of the European superstate. Once again, maybe all these connections are simply a coincidence, but you have every right to know they exist. It’s called democracy. All those members of the Bilderberg Group involved in the creation of, and membership of, the European Community does challenge the idea of coincidence a little though, don’t you think? But then, as George McGhee, a US ambassador to West Germany and Bilderberg attendee said: “the treaty of Rome, which brought the Common Market into being, was nurtured at Bilderberg meetings”.60 Precisely.


One other point about the findings of Kitty Little and similar researchers is that of Rhodesia, the country named after its creator, Cecil Rhodes. It is now Zimbabwe. The new Constitution for Rhodesia replaced dictatorship by white rule with dictatorship by Robert Mugabe for the benefit of the Elite. It was agreed upon in the autumn of 1979 at a conference at Lancaster House in London, chaired by Lord Carrington, who had taken over as foreign secretary from David Owen after Margaret Thatcher’s election victory a few months earlier.


The constitution was presented to the assembled Rhodesian political leaders, black and white, by Carrington, who insisted on an answer by the end of the week. One man in the Rhodesian delegation who would have seen the inherent flaws in this was John Giles, a constitutional expert. On Tuesday October 4th 1979, on the very day that the Rhodesians were due to discuss the Carrington proposals, John Giles went missing and was later found dead. Dr Kitty Little was at Lancaster House that day to meet Ian Smith, a friend of many years. She has been trying ever since to make the background to both the conference and the death of John Giles public.


The previous day, Dr Little says, Giles had been to Hamley’s (the famous London toy shop) to buy Christmas presents for his children. On the morning he disappeared he rang his wife, sounding very cheerful and upbeat, but later that morning he was observed looking suddenly very worried about something. In the afternoon, an official car, a Granada Ghia, came to pick him up. He was never seen alive again. While Lord Carrington’s proposals, in the absence of Giles, tied the Rhodesian delegation in mental knots and won the day, the police were advised that Giles was missing. The next morning, John Giles was found dead on a path close to the rear entrance of Lancaster House. Verdict: “Suicide”.


His death would not have been made public at all, unless an ambulance man had alerted the press. The coroner, who did not call policemen at the scene to give evidence, decided that Giles had jumped from a first floor window at Lancaster House, which those who have been to the spot say was an impossibility, given where the body was found. And that’s another thing. The Lancaster House staff used the service door of the building and would have had to step over the body to get in and out. It was supposed to have laid there through a whole afternoon, evening, and night. Yet it wasn’t found until the following morning.

The case was handled by the local police and the authorities refused to discuss it with the Rhodesian-Zimbabwe Special Branch. No police file exists on John Giles, I understand. Kitty Little insists that Ken Flower, the head of the Rhodesian Central Intelligence Organization was, or had been, a member of Britain’s intelligence section, MI6. She also says that it is now known that MI6 was working to destabilize Rhodesia in order to force the dictatorship swap that Lancaster House was really designed to produce.


According to Dr Kitty Little’s impeccable sources, Ken Flower might qualify for the Guinness Book Of Records as the doublest of double agents!


While head of Rhodesian Intelligence he was also working for MI6, the KGB, East European Intelligence, the CIA, and a number of African Intelligence networks. He worked with the “D” group of MI6 operatives who, to quote Dr Little, “did nasty things and had them blamed on Ian Smith”. Zimbabwe is obviously very important to the Elite and the multinational corporations, one of which, Rio Tinto Zinc, had enjoyed the experience of having Lord Carrington on its board. There is considerable evidence to support Kitty Little’s contention.


Two months after the Lancaster House conference, it was revealed that Margaret Thatcher (Bil) and Lord Carrington (TC, Bil, RIIA, Comm 300) had ordered a massive surveillance operation on the delegates. Telephones were tapped, rooms bugged, diplomatic communications were monitored, and the British used Rhodesian security to interpret the African language. This was revealed by reporter Barrie Penrose in the London Sunday Times of February 3rd 1980, under the headline, “Minister’s Phone was Tapped by Secret Services”.


This, said the article, was why “Lord Carrington could conduct the conference on the basis of brinkmanship. The intelligence services told him what the brinks were”. Which leads to another question: if the rooms and free phones were bugged, why did they not know what had happened to John Giles until he was found dead the next morning? Ummm. Kitty Little contends that Margaret Thatcher was kept in the dark by Carrington about a host of foreign policy subjects and only selected information was allowed to reach her.


This clearly would have coloured her views of which policy to follow. It is emerging that for all her apparent power, the “Iron Lady” was another puppet, perhaps even more than most. In the light of what Kitty Little says, it is interesting that (as I mentioned earlier) I was approached by the wife of a former official of the South African government, who said she had seen documents explaining how the Trilateral Commission had ordered Britain out of Rhodesia. Both foreign secretaries involved, Lord Carrington (Conservative) and David Owen (Labour) are connected to the Trilateral Commission. Carrington was a member and Owen would become one soon after Carrington replaced him as foreign secretary.

Since the sudden death of John Smith (TC, Bil), the ‘new’ Labour Party has come to power under Prime Minister Tony Blair, an Elite chosen one, who was supported by the establishment and Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. Gordon Brown, his Bilderberg Chancellor of the Exchequer, immediately conceded the government’s right to set interest rates to the Bank of England. The leadership of the three main political parties in the UK are agreed on almost all that matters to the New World Order agenda, as they were in the days of Wilson, Heath and Jo Grimond/Jeremy Thorpe.


When you look behind the words and camouflage, there is hardly a jot of difference between them on the way ahead - integration into the European Union and a single currency and bank. They only differ, in public anyway, on the timescale. On the fundamentals of economic policy it is hard to prise them apart. So what has been the effect of all this on a key ambition of the manipulators - the creation of a Federal Europe with centralised control? While we’ve been having this farce of a debate over whether the UK should agree to a single currency and a European Central Bank, the truth is that we are already committed to it. The politicians involved know it too.


They are just kidding you, laughing at you probably. The UK Conservative Party claims (for public consumption only) to oppose the centralization of power in Europe while Conservative members in the European Parliament are also members of the alliance grouping known as the European People’s Party, which openly calls for a United States of Europe. This is actually written in its constitution!61 One way the confidence trick has been hidden is by increasing dramatically the numbers of laws being introduced at all levels of government, particularly in Europe.


By the mid-1980s, the published laws emanating from Brussels together with parliamentary legislation, Ministerial Rules, and Orders in Council, exceeded in just six months, the sum total of all laws introduced in Britain before 1900.62 This tidal wave of legislation is not an accident. It is there to ensure that millions of pages are voted into law without the lobby fodder politicians, or even the government ministers, having time to read them, let alone assess what they really mean amid the calculated gobbledygook and ambiguity.


Another smokescreen is the belief that those who run the European Union are stupid and incompetent. Not at the highest levels they’re not. Butter mountains and wine lakes may seem to be the result of incompetence, but who benefited from these policies? The multinational corporations who were able to absorb all the smaller farmers and producers put out of business by the surpluses. That was the idea. It all has to be done covertly because if the public knew what a federal Europe really means they would not agree to it.


In 1947, a group of Conservatives and Liberals produced a document called Design For Europe and one paragraph revealed their approach very clearly:

“Moreover - and it is as well to state this bluntly at the outset - no government dependent upon a democratic vote could possibly agree in advance to the sacrifice which any adequate plan must involve. The people must be led slowly and unconsciously into the abandonment of their traditional economic defences...”63

Edward Heath was agreeing to the political union of Britain in Europe as early as April 1962 when he was Lord Privy Seal.


He told the Ministerial Council of the Western European Union that,

“ have decided that those who join the Economic Communities as full members must also join the Political Union. I am sure that this was the right decision.”

(Command Paper 1720.)

Meanwhile the people were being told that the Common Market was only a free trade zone.


Before Mr Heath (Bil) took Britain into Europe, he attended a meeting in Paris in October 1972 to negotiate the conditions with the French President, Georges Pompidou (Bil), a former employee of Guy Rothschild. John Davies, Heath’s Secretary of State for Industry, was at the meeting and told the Conservative Party’s Monday Club that the following had been agreed: UK technology would be merged with European industry. Britain had led research and development for more than 50 years and so it was ‘only fair’ that someone else should have a turn - France. As Britain ran down her manufacturing industry, London would become the money market of Europe. Heath further agreed to run down sterling and abolish the monarchy.64


(The barrage of bad publicity that has destabilized the Royal family in recent years is designed to destroy the monarchy. Who has been tapping their ‘phone calls? The manipulators. Prince Charles and Princess Diana are being played off against each other by ‘advisors’. The target year for the end of the monarchy is 1999.)


Edward Heath (Bil) and Sir Alec Douglas Hume (Bil) signed on behalf of the UK, a Treaty of Accession to the Treaty of Rome and we were in the European spiders web. Also accepted by Mr Heath at the time of Britain’s entry and by Harold Wilson and James Callaghan during the ‘renegotiation’ of British membership, was that Britain would renounce her national sovereignty and become part of a federal Europe.


Local government was reorganized to reshape the country in preparation for this, and devolution of power to the regions of the UK is being promoted to prepare for the plan for a Europe of ‘regions’. These regions would be given limited powers akin to the county councils of today and they would be administered by those who control the European superstate. The Maastricht Treaty on European Union even uses the word “municipal” elections when it talks of national elections within Europe.65 Very appropriate, given the game plan. In 1980, the European Commission published their map of regions. Those which have been proposed in the former Yugoslavia as a result of the war are virtually the same as those on that map. When the absence of ‘England’ on the map was questioned, Dr Little and her colleagues were told that the national government would no longer be an “administrative unit”.


But while all this agreement was going on behind the scenes around the time of British entry, Mr Heath was denying in public that there would be any loss of sovereignty. The lack of interest in the people’s wishes reached a new low when a document published by the European Assembly in February 1984 said that anyone who even voted in the June 1984 European elections, would be deemed to have supported the idea of European Union! Equally outrageous was that the Maastricht Treaty on European Union had not even been published at the time of the UK general election which Prime Minister John Major claimed had approved the document! Isn’t democracy just fantastic? We’re having elections now in which only the clairvoyant can make an informed choice.


When Douglas Hurd, the then foreign secretary, signed the Maastricht Treaty in February 1992, he committed Britain to a United States of Europe. He and the government will tell you differently.


They will say there is a get-out clause which says:

“Unless the United Kingdom notifies the Council that it intends to move to the third stage [political and monetary union], it shall be under no obligation to do so.” What they don’t tell you is this Protocol was over-ruled by another on page P/UP-UEM/en61, which has these paragraphs:

“The high contracting parties...declare the irreversible character of the Community’s movement to the third stage of Economic and Monetary Union by signing [my emphasis] the new Treaty provisions on Economic and Monetary Union.


“Therefore all Member states shall, whether they fulfill the necessary conditions for the adoption of a single currency or not, respect the will for the community to enter swiftly into the third stage, and therefore no Member state shall prevent the entry into the third stage.”

Mr Hurd signed those provisions and therefore committed the UK to those terms. In other words, having lost the power of veto, the UK either accepts political and monetary union or pulls out of the show altogether. The public ‘debate’ is a fraud. Mr Hurd, Mr Major, and the pro-Europe Chancellor, Kenneth Clarke (Bil) knows that.


So does Tony Blair (Bil), an Elite “chosen one” and Paddy Ashdown (Bil). Mr Hurd was one of those who stood in the Conservative leadership election after Margaret Thatcher was removed, on the orders of the Bilderberg Group, for her opposition to political and monetary union. Mr Hurd, who recommended Henry Kissinger for his knighthood, was well schooled in European affairs. He was private secretary to Ted Heath (1968-70) when Heath was leader of the opposition, and was then appointed his political secretary (1970-74) after Heath became Prime Minister.


Hurd was also a minister of state at the Foreign Office under Lord Carrington in the run up to the Falklands War. One of the people who helped to whip up the atmosphere which led to the demise of Mrs Thatcher, was Sir Geoffrey (now Lord) Howe (Comm 300), a former president of the European Council of Ministers.


So what awaits us now, unless we get off our backsides very quickly? A Europe of regions controlled by the unelected European Commissioners and the six members of the Executive Board of the European Central Bank who will have control of the single currency and the reserves of each member ‘State’. These six people, who will control the whole of the European Union, shall “be appointed from among persons of recognized standing and professional experience in monetary or banking matters”. (Maastricht Treaty, Article 109ª, page UPUEM/ eu41.) In their eight years of guaranteed security of tenure, these super six bankers of the Global Elite “may not seek or take instructions from Community Institutions.. .or any other body”.


The European dictatorship will be complete. That is what the One Party Staters have been working towards behind their masks of opposition. Their ambitions are almost fulfilled. Only you - we - can stop them.



The Global One Party State

Meanwhile the wars, which achieve so much for the Elite, continue.


When the truth about the Iran-Iraq War, the Gulf War, and the Bosnian conflict comes out, as one day it will, the trails will lead to some very famous people and some front line companies - especially those involved in armaments - in the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries. Who armed Saddam Hussein? Britain and America did. Who armed the Iranians? Britain and American did. Who armed the Serbs in Bosnia? Britain and America did.


The time will come when the proof will be overwhelming that this is the case and some leading armament companies and politicians are going to face some serious questions. If you know more, please tell me. In an article in The Spotlight on December 19th 1994, writer Warren Hough, claims that Henry Kissinger was accused by French President, Francois Mitterand, of being the “master manipulator” of the Yugoslav conflict. The allegation is said to have been made at a meeting of the European Security Conference in Budapest, Hungary.


Warren Hough’s article continued:

“As part of their war plans, the Serb leaders spent millions of dollars on contracts and payoffs in the US Wall Street sources say that most of these short-lived deals were apparently set up to make money for Kissinger’s consulting firm, Kissinger Associates, [founding director Lord Carrington, a ‘peace’ negotiator in the former Yugoslavia] and for two of Kissinger’s cronies, Lawrence Eagleburger and Brent Scowcroft.


This populist newspaper, after reviewing confidential bank records in New York City, warned as early as 1992 that Eagleburger (a former secretary of state) and Scowcroft (White House national security director in the Bush administration) concealed a compromising ‘cash nexus’ to the Serbs while they were formulating supposedly impartial US positions toward the warring ethnic factions of the former Yugoslavia.”

Interestingly, an ‘advisor’ to the Serb leader Radovan Karadzic, has been Sir Alfred Sherman who has operated from an apartment in Pale near Sarajevo, next door to Karadzic’s office, according to published research. Sherman is known as the “inventor of Margaret Thatcher” and he was at the forefront of the manoeuvring that led to her election as leader of the British Conservative Party.


She later awarded him a knighthood and together they founded the “think tank”, the Centre for Policy Studies66 from where the economic madness of the 1980s partly originated. The Serbs were funded by the Elite via Belgrade banks involved in massive drug money laundering. It is also amazing how many ‘foundations’ were set up in the former Yugoslavia by the financial speculator and Rothschild frontman, George Soros (Bil). He has them in Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia and Belgrade. Soros is a close friend of Lawrence Eagleburger at Kissinger Associates, the former US ambassador to Belgrade and close ally of Slobodon Milosevic! Now what’s that I can smell? Air freshener anyone?


According to writer and researcher Ben C. Vidgen, writing in Nexus magazine in February 1996, America, Germany and Israel were running a secret airlift of arms to Croatia and Bosnia from the start of the conflict. French journalists revealed in 1994 that CIA agents were luring Bosnian Muslims into reckless and hopeless counter-attacks against the Serbs on false promises of US support.


The White House call these reports “malicious lies”. But then George Kenney, an American official in charge of Yugoslav affairs at the US State Department until he quit in disgust on August 11th 1992, said that Muslims were indeed tricked into rejecting a number of partial truce offers on the assumption that American aid would ensure them victory. Warren Hough says that while the Muslims were set up, the Kissinger network was playing the “good guy, bad guy” game, which the manipulators use so often.


It involved the two Serb leaders, Slobodan Milosevic and Radovan Karadzic.


Hough wrote:

“Under this scenario, Milosevic - the client of Kissinger Associates - publicly repudiate and condemned the illegal onslaught of Karadzic’s troops against Bosnian Muslims. But covertly the Milosevic government furnished the ‘renegade’ forces of Karadzic with all the armaments and other support they needed to wage an implacable ‘war of extermination’ against their Muslim neighbours. Muslim resupplies were, of course, blocked by the UN arms embargo.”

The research claims also that Saudi Arabia, itself a fascist tyranny, was being set up by this plan. According to Spotlight, King Fahd was repeatedly reassured by his ambassador in Washington that the US planned to lift the arms embargo in time to allow decisive reinforcements to reach the embattled Muslims.


As a result the King convinced other Islamic leaders to have faith in Washington. Now the Saudi monarchy is denounced as a gullible fellow-traveller of the CIA, or as a traitor to Islam. Which, of course, suits the manipulators wonderfully well. In the light of all this, there are some interesting connections between the ‘peace’ negotiators in Bosnia. Lord Carrington (RIIA, Bil, TC, Comm 300), Lord Owen (Bil, TC) and Sweden’s Carl Bildt (Bil) followed each other as official peace negotiators for the European Union in the former Yugoslavia.


The United Nations peace negotiator, who worked closely with his great friend, Lord Owen, was Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of State, Cyrus Vance (CFR, TC, Bil, Comm 300), and a director of the Rothschild bank, Manufacturers Hanover Trust. When Vance resigned, the UN appointed another negotiator to work with Lord Owen - Thorvald Stoltenberg, of Norway. Yes, you guessed it again, a member of the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group. And when they each failed to achieve peace, who was it who suddenly flew to Bosnia, amid worldwide publicity, as an ‘independent’ peace negotiator? Why, it was Jimmy Carter (CFR), the Trilateral Commission’s first President of the United States.


Later came Richard Holbrooke (TC, CFR, Bil), the peace envoy of Bill Clinton (CFR, TC, Bil) and the US ambassador to Yugoslavia was Warren Zimmerman (also TC, CFR), who reported, like Holbrooke, to Clinton’s Secretary of State, Warren Christopher, of the CFR and Trilateral Commission. And who was it who arrived in Rwanda on an undisclosed “diplomatic mission” days before the outbreak of that horrific conflict? Lord Carrington and Henry Kissinger!

Maybe this is all smoke without fire. Maybe the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group just happen to run peace negotiation courses. Maybe pigs can fly. Make up your own mind. My feeling about the former Yugoslavia when I wrote the first edition of this book was that the conflict was being used overwhelmingly to embarrass the UN Peacekeeping Forces and NATO. This was designed to create a situation of “something must be done” which would lead to greater powers for the UN/NATO alliance and, in effect, create a world army. As usual, the more atrocities and suffering that the public see, the greater the demand that “something must be done”. What has happened since?


The Bosnian conflict has led to the creation of a 60,000-strong NATO ‘peacekeeping’ force which includes some 30 countries. It is a world army under central control - exactly as the Elite plan demanded. It is the biggest multinational force to be assembled since the second World War and it has been made possible by untold human suffering. The main front man for this NATO world army was Bill Clinton (CFR, TC, Bil), the yes man for David Rockefeller and the Elite. One of those appointed to oversee the civilian operation in Bosnia after the ‘peace’ agreement was Carl Bildt (Bil), and the officer in charge of the multinational force (world army) was named as US Admiral Leighton Smith (CFR).


If you want confirmation that the world army in Bosnia is part of the Elite plan look no further than a full page advertisement in the Washington Post on December 6th 1995. It was placed by an organization calling itself the Committee for American Leadership in Bosnia and it supported Bill Clinton’s plan for a world army in Bosnia.


The ad was signed by, among others, Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR, Bil and a founder of the Trilateral Commission); Congressman Stephen Solarz (CFR); Rothschild frontman and currency speculator, George Soros (Bil); Michael Armacost (CFR), the president of the Elite’s Brookings Institute; and Leslie Gelb (TC), the president of the Council on Foreign Relations and a columnist on the New York Times.


The policy on Bosnia is the Elite’s policy from start to finish. We have one party states within a one party world under a one party army.

How many more have to suffer before the political stooges stop being duped? How many more tragedies do there have to be before the human race says “Enough!” and takes control of its own destiny? If that is to happen, we need to stop looking to politicians for the answers and start organizing ourselves in our own communities to build local economies and organizations which can operate outside this manipulation. A good statement of intent, in my view, would be a mass boycott of all state, national, and European elections. To vote under the present circumstances is to give credence to a system that is an insult to freedom and democratic choice, a system that is designed to control us and not to set us free.


By refusing to vote and have any part of it, we can show how we feel. We can say to the manipulators: We know what you are doing and the game is up. We will no longer be manipulated into supporting and maintaining the one party state and a one party world.





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