chapter 12
the hidden hand

“He who gains most advantage from a crime
is the one most likely to have committed it.”
The Roman playwright, Seneca

The covert force which is responsible for all those apparently unconnected economic events is also at large in the national and global political arena. The hidden hand of the Elite and its pyramid of deception can be shown to be behind a stream of officially unconnected political assassinations and scandals.


For instance,

  • What apparent link can there be between the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, the Oklahoma bomb in 1995, the Vietnam War, and the drugs-for-arms operation during the Reagan-Bush administration in the 1980s, known as Iran-Contra?

  • What could be the connection between the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, the Watergate scandal which brought down Richard Nixon, the Bay of Pigs invasion against Castro’s Cuba in 1961 which did much to discredit John F. Kennedy, the removal of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1990, and the suppression of information about the UFO phenomenon which has been identified since the war?

The answer is the Elite and the cult of the All-Seeing Eye.

The same force has been behind all of these events and countless others which, on the surface and in the media, are not connected in any way. In this chapter, I’m going to show how these political assassinations and events were part of the same ongoing plan, which removes anyone who gets in the way, either by physical or character assassination. Understanding this is important because one method through which the human mind is diverted from seeing these connections is for each event to be promoted as a ‘one-off.


This is done by the Tone assassin/no conspiracy’ approach. The same strategy is used when each national civil war and revolution is said to be confined only to that country, and not part of a world revolution instigating trouble across the planet toward a common end.



The Vietnam War

So many events and implications were triggered by the war in Vietnam.


The United States embarked on that debacle, the public were told, to challenge the spread of ‘communism’. We have already seen that ‘communism’ was the creation of the same Elite who publicly promote ‘capitalism’. There is, therefore, another reason behind a war that killed so many on both ‘sides’. Retired Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty was chief of special operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Kennedy years and he was directly in charge of the global system providing military support for the covert activities of the CIA. He wrote a book called The Secret Team and in the film, JFK, the character Colonel X was apparently based on Prouty who advised the film-makers.1


On April 13th 1995, Prouty talked on Radio Free America about the background to the Vietnam War. He said that on January 29th 1954, the CIA Director, Allen Dulles, secured approval during a meeting at the White House for the creation of an organization called the Saigon Military Mission. The man selected to head this ‘Mission’ was the then Colonel Edward Lansdale, who had been working with the CIA to overthrow the government of the Philippine President, Ramon Magsaysay. The idea was to move Lansdale to Vietnam to do the same sort of work there. Vietnam at that time had been divided at the 17th parallel into North and South Vietnam by something called the Geneva Agreement.


There were to be elections and either Ho Chi Minh in the North or Ngo Dinh Diem in the South would be elected to rule over all of the country. That was the theory, anyway. The Elite wanted a war instead. This would provide massive profits for the banks and arms companies (the same people), help to destabilize American society, create divide and rule in the Far East, and provide a cover for an enormous trade in hard drugs. Prouty said that to create the appearance of an enemy to justify a war, the Saigon Military Mission (Allen Dulles and the CIA) embarked on “psychological warfare” - terrorism. They moved more than a million Vietnamese from the North to the South between 1954 and 1955.


American Navy transports carried more than 657,000 of them and CIA airlines transported 300,000. Hundreds of thousands of others were persuaded to walk. These people had no food or money and they began to form into gangs of bandits to steal what they needed to survive. As this began to grow, the Americans who had purposely created the problem, dubbed these bandit gangs “insurgency movements” from the North and they were given the name the “Viet Cong”. Thus the ‘justification’ had been created (problem-reaction-solution) for the Vietnam War.

Robert McNamara (CFR, TC, Bil), Kennedy’s defense secretary at the time of Vietnam, and later head of the World Bank, has now publicly confessed that Vietnam was a war that should never have been fought. He said that it was a war that the United States could not win and never even tried to win. Indeed, he might have added that it was a war that was never officially declared. McNamara’s middle name is “Strange” and it was an inspired choice given his immense record of manipulation. He was the man behind the jungle clearances using the notorious Agent Orange. Quite why he has chosen to ‘reveal all’ now is not clear.


Both McNamara and Prouty agree that President Kennedy wanted to withdraw from Vietnam and end the war. Prouty says that Kennedy approved a document called National Security Action Memorandum 263. This said that all US soldiers and other personnel would be out of Vietnam by 1965. This followed a stream of meetings called by the president to discuss Vietnam, most of which are recorded in the Government Printing Office publication, Foreign Relations Of The United States 1961-1963 (Volume IV): Vietnam (August to December 1963). McNamara says that Kennedy also refused to endorse the introduction of US combat forces in Vietnam.


The Elite, however, did not want the war over that quickly and after Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 there was no withdrawal. According to McNamara, the successor to Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, released false reports about a North Vietnamese attack on US destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin. No such attack took place, McNamara says, but thanks to the unquestioning reporting of this ‘fact’ by the media, it further “justifed” the escalation of the war.2 Throughout the 1960s, employees of the Morgan banking empire were officials in the military arms of government.

On July 4th 1971, a group of young Americans gathered in Detroit, Michigan, to issue a formal indictment against a list of people they said were responsible for the carnage called Vietnam. The men they named were: William E Buckley Jr; Daniel Ellsberg; Henry Kissinger; Henry Cabot Lodge; Robert McNamara; Andre Meyer; David Rockefeller; Nelson Rockefeller; Dean Rusk; Walt W. Rostow; and Maxwell D. Taylor.


Those names abound with members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group. To tell the full truth, that list needs to be very much longer. Vietnam was just another engineered human catastrophe. It happened only because it was made to happen in pursuit of the New World Order. Yet if you recall, the boxer Muhammed Ali was jailed for the ‘crime’ of refusing to take part and American men are still looked down upon for “avoiding the draft” to Vietnam. Being someone else’s cannon fodder makes you a ‘man’, does it?


Others were treated like lepers when they came back from Vietnam because of the way American ‘pride’ had been damaged by failing to win. My God. My God.



John F Kennedy

President Kennedy’s alleged Tone assassin’, Lee Harvey Oswald, was an asset of the CIA who was set up to take the blame.


He was the ‘patsy’, as they say in America. Investigations by New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, showed that Oswald could not possibly have been responsible. Anyway, as the cine film taken by onlooker Abraham Zapruder proves, Kennedy was killed by shots from the front of the car, not the back where Oswald is supposed to have been shooting from a book depository.3 The assassination was the work, not of one man, but of a highly trained and coordinated squad of professionals.


Oswald, who realized he’d been set up and was prepared to say so in court, was taken through a public place where the nightclub owner Jack Ruby killed him. Ruby himself later died very conveniently or at least disappeared. The plan was complete. It was a lone assassin and the lone assassin was now dead. End of story. Long live President Johnson. District Attorney Jim Garrison, the man featured in the film, JFK, is still the only person to have tried a suspect with the murder of the president. This was Clay Shaw. Garrison’s case against Shaw was severely damaged by the intimidation and murder of his main witnesses and Shaw was found not guilty. Later it became known that Shaw had been working for the CIA all along.


Shaw was also a director of Permindex, a Mossad front company which operated as an assassination bureau. Garrison established that witnesses to the assassination were threatened when they gave a version of events that did not match the official line. Many people who gave evidence to the Warren Commission which ‘investigated’ the assassination said that their statements were altered in the report and in some cases their signatures were forged on statements they did not make. There were so many obvious indications of official murder and official cover-up. Kennedy’s body was rushed out of Dallas for a ‘post mortem’ in Washington, under military control.


The pathologist was surrounded by officials while the examination took place and he was told what to find. The president’s brain, the examination of which would have shown the direction of the bullets that killed him, went ‘missing’ and has never been found. Scores of other people who clearly knew something about the assassination went to an early death by car crash, shooting, or the Global Elite classic, the faked ‘suicide’. The events in Dallas, Texas, on that tragic day, November 22nd 1963, were an Elite coup on the United States of America. It was so well done that very few even noticed that a coup had indeed taken place.

There has been endless speculation about who killed Kennedy. Was it the CIA? The Mafia? Who? As usual, much disinformation has been spread to confuse and divert, but when you look at the pyramid nature of the manipulation, it probably involved many different agencies who were controlled by the Elite. This way there could be coordination between elements within the CIA, the FBI, the organized crime syndicate, the Dallas police department, the military, the ‘Justice’ Department, the media, the incoming President Johnson, and many others.


Freemasonry was certainly a thread in this, too. Near the site of the killing today is an obelisk monument to Freemasonry with the flame of Lucifer positioned on the top. Mossad and the CIA were the prime agencies involved, I believe, right down to the driver of Kennedy’s car, agent William Greer. The basic training of all drivers in intelligence agencies and security firms all over the world is: If you hear shots, your right foot hits the floor, and you get the hell out of the area as fast as the car will move. Greer stopped! Maybe he was a reincarnation of the guy who drove the Archduke Ferdinand.

John and Bobby Kennedy were clearly bad news for the Elite for some reason, probably more than one. JFK’s was a Bilderberg Group presidency, as Carter’s was a Trilateral Commission administration. Kennedy, as far as I know, was not a Bilderberger, but many of his leading staff were. Dean Rusk, George W. Ball, McGeorge Bundy, Arthur Dean, Walter Roscow, George McGhee, Robert McNamara, and Paul Nitze were all Bilderbergers. His assistant secretary and undersecretary of state, was... Averell Harriman, one of the main architects of the Vietnam War.


Kennedy had asked the Brown Brothers, Harriman partner, Robert Lovett, to give him a list of possible candidates for his Cabinet! He also accepted the advice of Nelson Rockefeller to appoint Dean Rusk as his secretary of state, a man he had never even met.4 Rusk took leave of absence from his job as head of the Rockefeller Foundation, to accept the job. Kennedy (CFR) also ‘chose’ Douglas Dillon (CFR) to be secretary of the treasury. Dillon was a trustee of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund. Rockefeller-connected place men have also held the treasury post 256 ... and the truth shall set you pee under Eisenhower, Johnson, and probably every other president of modern times.


It is worth looking at the Kennedy assassination in some detail because it offers a superb example of the methods used by the Elite and the extent of their influence on events. I am indebted in parts of this section to the brilliant book by Michael Collins Piper called Final Judgment, The Missing Link In The JFK Assassination Conspiracy. John E Kennedy was the son of Joseph P. Kennedy, the US Ambassador to London at the time that Tyler Kent was being jailed for revealing the shocking pre-war cables between Roosevelt and Churchill. Joe Kennedy was a sinister character who operated in the criminal underworld and made a fortune out of running booze during the prohibition era.


He apparently had no love for Jewish people to say the least and he became a bitter enemy of Meyer Lansky, the head of the Organised Crime Syndicate. There were two main groups within organized crime, La Cosa Nostra, better known as the Italian Mafia, and the Jewish operation dubbed the “Kosher Nostra”. Lansky led the latter and, contrary to popular myth and media stories, it was he, not the Italians, who was the “boss of bosses” in organized crime. Joe Kennedy’s bitter relationship with Lansky worsened still further, it would appear, after Lansky’s men highjacked one of Kennedy’s consignments of bootleg whisky from Ireland.5


According to the family of Chicago Mafia boss, Sam Giancana, the “Jewish Mafia” in Detroit, the so called Purple Gang, issued a contract on Joe Kennedy’s life for operating his liquor activities through their territory. Kennedy, the Giancanas’ say, went to Chicago to plead for his life with the Mafia bosses and their influence saved him.6 This was the background from whence emerged John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States. When JFK turned his eyes to the presidency he had a number of hurdles to overcome, especially the Kennedys’ deep animosity with the Jewish lobby in the US and the Meyer Lansky Crime Syndicate. Kennedy needed the money and support of both the Jewish lobby and organised crime if he was to have any chance of winning.


In 1957, he further enraged Israel (the Rothschilds/Global Elite) and its massive network in the US when, as a young senator, he supported the demands by Algeria for independence from France. Israel bitterly opposed this. But father Joe Kennedy decided to swallow his pride and put aside his feelings to make sure his son became president.


According to DeWest Hooker, a New York entertainment executive, he once approached Joe Kennedy with a business proposal to set up a television network independent of Jewish money and control.


Hooker says of the meeting:

“Joe admitted that when he was ambassador to England that he had been pro-Hitler. However, in Kennedy’s words, ‘we’ lost the war. By ‘we’ he didn’t mean the United States. When Kennedy said ‘we’, he meant the non Jews. Joe Kennedy believed that it was the Jews who had won World War II.

“Kennedy said: ‘I’ve done everything I can to fight the Jewish power over this country. I tried to stop World War II, but I failed. I’ve made all the money I need and now I’m passing everything I’ve learned to my sons’. “I don’t go with the ‘loser’, Kennedy told me. ‘I’ve joined the “winners.” I’m going to work with the Jews. I’m teaching my boys the whole score and they’re going to work with the Jews. I’m going to make Jack the first Irish Catholic President of the United States and if it means working with the Jews, so be it. I have sympathy with what you’re doing Hooker’, Kennedy said ‘but I’m not going to do anything that will ruin Jack’s chances to become president’.”7

Events certainly support Hooker’s claims.


Joe Kennedy arranged for planted ‘news’ stories to appear claiming Nazi support for his son’s opponent, Richard Nixon, and JFK began a series of meetings with the Jewish lobby, particularly Abraham Feinberg, the president of the Israel Bond Organization who, unbeknown to Kennedy at the time, was raising private money for Israel’s secret nuclear programme headed by Victor Rothschild.8 Kennedy assured him that he would be good for Israel and the US Jewish lobby. Feinberg said of Kennedy: “My path to power was cooperation in terms of what they needed - campaign money”.9 Feinberg apparently produced a donation of $500,000 from Jewish sources. Privately, however, Kennedy was appalled at what he was seeing.


The newspaper columnist, Charles L. Bartlett, said that Kennedy, a close friend, had driven over to see him after the meeting with Feinberg and company. Bartlett said: “As an American citizen he was outraged to have a Zionist Group come to him and say:

“We know your campaign is in trouble. We’re willing to pay your bills if you’ll let us have control of your Middle East policy”.10

Bartlett said Kennedy had pledged that if he became president he would end the power of special interest groups, particularly foreign ones, to dictate the outcome of election campaigns and foreign policy through their financial and political manipulation. In the meantime he had clearly decided that he needed their money to win power in the first place, as he did with Meyer Lansky and the Mafia.


Joe Kennedy went back to Sam Giancana of the Chicago Mafia, who saved his life when the Jewish mobsters put a contract on him. Giancana’s family say that Father Kennedy begged Giancana to support his son in the election and agreed a deal.


When Giancana said he was not convinced that Kennedy could offer him anything for his help, father Kennedy is said to have replied:

“I can. And I will. You help me now, Sam, and I’ll see to it that Chicago - that you - can sit in the Goddamned Oval Office if you want. That you’ll have the president’s ear. But I just need time...My son, the President of the United States, will owe you his father’s life. He won’t refuse you ever. You have my word.” 11

JFK, meanwhile, was making his own deals with the mobsters.


FBI phone taps and documents reveal that John “Jack” Kennedy had “direct contact” with Meyer Lansky during the 1960 presidential campaign.12 So here we had a situation in which the Kennedys’ had agreed pacts with the Israeli lobby (Israel and the Rothschilds in effect) and organized crime. In return the Israelis/Rothschilds wanted control of President Kennedy’s Middle East policy and the mob wanted to be left alone to operate their international crime syndicate, headed by Meyer Lansky, without interference from the government law enforcement agencies. They were in for a shock on both counts. Kennedy double crossed them and they were beside themselves with rage and resentment. Both would be involved in Kennedy’s assassination.

As Michael Collins Piper reveals so superbly in his book, Final Judgment, there are key elements to the Kennedy story that have been suppressed because of where that knowledge would lead - Israel. Kennedy won the 1960 election by just 100,000 votes, the smallest margin in American history, a confirmation of how crucial the financial and political support from the Israeli lobby and organized crime turned out to be.


But JFK had no intention, it would seem, of giving them what they paid for. Quite the opposite. Almost from his inauguration, Kennedy waged a secret war with Israel and it’s prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, over American policy in the Middle East and Israel’s nuclear weapons programme.13 Kennedy decided on a “no favourites” policy in the Middle East to ensure American influence in all those countries and he was horrified when he heard of Israel’s development of a nuclear bomb.


Ben-Gurion denied his country had such a programme, but as history has shown, he was lying. Abraham Feinberg, who arranged for Kennedy’s election funding from the Israeli lobby, told the president that his demands for inspections of Israel’s nuclear plant at Dimona, could “result in less support in the 1964 presidential election”.14 In 1962 and ‘63, Kennedy also introduced a total of seven bills to Congress to reform the laws over campaign financing by special interest groups. All of them were crushed by the lobbying of those same groups.


Kennedy was becoming seriously unpopular with the thugs and terrorists who controlled, and control, Israel at the expense of Jewish people as a whole. Kennedy further increased the tension with his support for a just solution to the problem of Palestinian refugees displaced by Israel. He pressured Israel at the United Nations to conform to a UN resolution demanding justice for the refugees, but Israel’s foreign minister, Golda Meir (a later prime minister) described her “astonishment and anger” at Kennedy’s policy.


All this added massively to the hostility with Ben-Gurion and, on the Israeli’s part at least, the animosity developed into a fierce hatred of Kennedy. On June 16th 1963 Ben-Gurion resigned as prime minister and defence minister. While other official reasons were offered for his decision, behind the scenes he believed that Kennedy’s even-handed policy in the Middle East threatened the very existence of his beloved Israel.


He could not change Kennedy’s mind and so he wished someone else to try. In one of his last exchanges with Kennedy, he said:

“Mr. President, my people have a right to exist.. .and that existence is in danger”.15

According to the research of Michael Collins Piper in Final Judgement:

“ his final days as prime minister, (Ben-Gurion) ordered Israel’s Mossad to orchestrate the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Based upon additional evidence uncovered, we believe that Mossad took the necessary steps and achieved that goal.”16

Mossad certainly had many close connections with others who wished to see an end to Kennedy, especially the CIA and Meyer Lansky.


Kennedy had both of those in his sights also. While Kennedy had accepted campaign money from Lansky and the Mafia, he really wanted to destroy them. Once in office he appointed his brother Bobby as attorney general and he began a massive drive against the organized crime syndicate. Lansky and the Mafia were outraged at what they saw as a double cross.


With his close ties to the CIA and Mossad, Lansky had previously been untouchable, but now he and his international operation were under threat. Kennedy also realized that the CIA was out of control and operating its own agenda. It had set him up for tremendous criticism in the Bay of Pigs disaster, the failed attempt to remove Castro from Cuba. Lansky’s crime network was also involved in that because their casino and prostitution rackets in Cuba were destroyed by the arrival of Castro. Kennedy sacked Allen Dulles, the head of the CIA and funder of Adolph Hitler, and pledged to “splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds”.17


The CIA, like Lansky and the Israeli lobby, knew that the survival of their power structure was threatened by John and Bobby Kennedy. Any one of these groups had the power and organization to have Kennedy removed and here he was taking on all three.

More than that, he had decided to withdraw the United States from the Vietnam War, much to the dismay of Lansky, Mossad, and the CIA who were using the conflict as a cover for their drug running operations in South East Asia, and to Israel who believed that while the attention of the US was concentrated on Vietnam, it could not keep a close eye on what was happening in the Middle East. The arms manufacturers and global banks also wanted the war to continue, of course.


And there was yet another reason why Kennedy was deeply unpopular with the Global Elite as his presidential policies became clear. He wished to destroy the power of the Federal Reserve Board by issuing interest-free money. In fact he had already made a start with that before his death and some of his interest-free notes are still in circulation today. This was the Elite’s worst nightmare.


The last president to issue interest-free money had been Abraham Lincoln and look what happened to him. The forces ranged against Kennedy by 1963 were simply enormous. Indeed, when you look behind the facades, they were all the same organization controlled by the few.


This will become clear as we look at the organizations working together to assassinate John F. Kennedy (Figure 14).


Figure 14



Israel, Mossad, and the Anti-Defamation League

Israel is not a home for Jewish people.


Let us not mince words here. The time for pussyfooting around is over. Israel is a base for the terrorists who created and control that state to operate, on behalf of the House of Rothschild and the Elite, a global terror and manipulation network. That is why it was created after the war and the influence of its intelligence arm, Mossad, is so vast for such a tiny country because Mossad is really the intelligence agency of the Rothschild-Rockefeller-Global Elite, while genuine Jewish people who live in Israel (the vast, vast majority) are used as an innocent front, a smokescreen, for this.


So, too, is the suffering of Jews in Nazi Germany which resulted from the manipulating of the Nazis into power by, among others, ‘Jewish’ financial and political forces. The way Jewish people have been stitched up is astonishing. It is no good some writers condemning the whole thing as a Jewish plot. It is not. The mass of Jewish people are victims, not perpetrators of the events I describe. It is those who control Israel who are among those behind the plot, not Jewish people, as at least some brave rabbis and other Jews have had the guts to point out.

Mossad, like the State of Israel itself, was created by groups such as the Stern Gang and others, which terrorised Palestine out of existence after the war, under the financial and political direction of the House of Rothschild. Lord Victor Rothschild, the former British intelligence officer and KGB spy, was at the forefront of this. According to Simon Schama’s book, Two Rothschilds And The Land Of Israel (Collins, London, 1978), the House of Rothschild had acquired 80% of the land of Israel.


They also paid the expenses of the early settlers, manipulated into being the 1917 Balfour Declaration which recognised Israel as a Jewish homeland, funded the Nazis and created Mossad and the terrorist underground in Palestine. Israel was founded by, and has always been controlled by, the Rothschilds and the rest of the Elite. The “Jewish homeland” scam is just a smokescreen and Jewish people are pawns in the game. The leaders and participants in this terror network later became leaders and prime ministers of the new Israel.


People like David Ben-Gurion, Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin, and Yitzhak Shamir, the head of the Mossad assassination squad at the time of Kennedy’s murder. The Anti-Defamation League is a Mossad (Rothschild) front in the United States and further afield. As we have seen, it evolved from an organisation set up before the First World War to brand as “anti-Semitic” the New York police commissioner who was determined to destroy the mobsters. To this day the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) works, mostly covertly, to condemn as “anti-Semitic” anyone getting close to the truth. The former Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky, has confirmed all this in his books, By Way Of Deception and The Other Side Of Deception, which massively expose the extent of Mossad’s world-wide operations and what he calls the “Judeo-Nazis” who control Israel and the Mossad.


The ADL has tremendous influence, even control, of the mainstream media via other parts of the Elite network. As with Mossad, it prefers to use other people and organizations as fronts for its activities, so no-one knows where the motivation for stories, attacks, and assassinations is really coming from. Mossad (“The Institution for Intelligence and Special Tasks”) has a genius for diverting attention from its own responsibility by producing “patsies” to take the blame - “false flags” as they are called in intelligence parlance.


The ADL, which is part of B’nai B’rith, is based at United Nations Plaza, New York. B’nai B’rith means “Sons of the Alliance” and was established in 1843. Many of its speakers openly supported slavery during the American Civil War and it covertly supports and controls the Ku Klux Klan. Today this same B’nai B’rith seeks to label leading blacks as “anti-Semitic” and racist!18


The Meyer Lansky Crime Syndicate Meyer Lansky was devoted to Israel and therefore the Rothschilds. His network played a crucial role in supplying guns and funds to the terror groups of Rabin, Begin, Ben-Gurion, Shamir, and others, as they shot and bombed the State of Israel into being. He then became a major supplier of the same to Israel. Lansky, Mossad, the Anti-Defamation League, and Israel were as one. Morris Dalitz, an intimate of Lansky in his gangster network, was given the Anti-Defamation League’s annual Torch of Liberty award. His terror activities were not deemed as important as his contributions to Israel and the ADL. Indeed, his terror activities on behalf of the ADL may well have swung the voting.

Whenever the heat was on in the United States, Lansky would run to Israel and he eventually settled there. Lansky (Israel) was trailing John Kennedy for a long time and, of course, Lansky hated the Kennedy family because of his conflict with Father Joe. It was a Lansky henchman on the West Coast called Mickey Cohen who was behind the introduction of Kennedy to the film star, Marilyn Monroe, after which they began a now much publicized relationship. The vehicle for this meeting was Cohen’s close friend, the entertainer Joey Bishop, who was a member of the Frank Sinatra clique known as “The Rat Pack”.


The idea was to use Monroe to pump Kennedy for information about his attitude to Israel, should he become president. She was, of course, later murdered, although it was made to look like “suicide”. Those who killed her also killed Kennedy. Mickey Cohen was Lanksy’s man in Hollywood where the film industry had long been a propaganda machine for the Elite’s agenda and version of ‘history’. It still is today, only the names have changed. Cohen also specialized in compromising screen stars sexually and then blackmailing them. Nice man.


He was another financer and political manipulator on behalf of the Jewish terror groups and the State of Israel. Still, I’m sure “God” would have approved. One of Cohen’s close associates was.. .Menachim Begin, then head of the terrorist group, Irgun.


Jimmy “the Weasel” Fratianno, a leader of the West Coast Mafia, told of a meeting he attended in Bel Air to raise money for Begin’s terrorists:

“After (Cohen’s) little speech, we start moving around the room and Mickey’s rabbi introduces us to a guy called Menachim Begin, who’s the boss of Irgun, an underground outfit in Palestine. This guy’s wearing a black armband and he tells us he’s wanted back there for bombing a hotel that killed almost a hundred people. He’s a fucking lamster (on the run).”19

Begin, as Prime Minister of Israel, later won the Nobel Peace Prize! Gary Wean, a detective sergeant in the Los Angeles Police Department, had the job of monitoring Cohen’s activities.


In his book, There’s A Fish In The Courthouse, Wean confirms the story about Marilyn Monroe and the Cohen-Begin connection:

“ At the time the rabbis were pushing them hard as hell to squeeze every bit of dough they could get out of Hollywood for Israel. Begin was spending more time hanging around Cohen in Hollywood than in Israel. Begin desperately wanted to know what Kennedy’s plan was for Israel if he became president.”20

Another of Cohen’s associates and a leading errand boy and operative for Meyer Lansky was Jack Rubinstein. He’s better known today as.. Jack Ruby, the man who killed the Kennedy “patsy”, Lee Harvey Oswald.




The connections between the CIA, the organized crime syndicates, and Mossad are endless, not least with the global drug running operations in which the three of them cooperate.


During the war the Americans used Meyer Lansky and the Mafia in a plan known as Operation Underworld and it is common knowledge that they were also used in plots to remove Fidel Castro in Cuba, an operation in which Jack Ruby also played a part. The Global Elite elements within the CIA and the Global Elite’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Mossad, are the same organization.


Before, during, and after the assassinations of both John and Bobby Kennedy, the key coordinator of these connections was one James Jesus Angleton, who was educated in his early years in England at Chartridge Hall House in Buckinghamshire and Malvern House in Worcestershire. He was recruited by the CIA’s predecessor, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), after leaving the Skull and Bones university of Yale. In 1947, he joined the new CIA and progressed to the highly sensitive and pivotal post of head of CIA counter-intelligence. According to his biographer, Tom Mangold, his major patrons were Allen Dulles, the CIA director fired by Kennedy, and Richard Helms, who was appointed CIA director by Lyndon B. Johnson after Kennedy’s assassination.


Mangold says that, in effect, Angleton was given such a free reign to pursue his own agenda that there was virtually no monitoring or control of his activities. He was a law unto himself. This becomes very significant to the story when we realise that one of Angleton’s key roles was the official CIA liason with Allied foreign intelligence agencies.. .particularly with Mossad (Rothschilds). He was the head of the CIA’s Israel desk! More than that he had long and intimate ties with David Ben-Gurion, the Israeli Prime Minister, who despised Kennedy and saw him as a threat to the existence of Israel. Kennedy’s war with the CIA also threatened the existence of Angleton’s job and power base.


Angleton had many reasons to want Kennedy out of the way, but the most important was his connection to, and likely control by, Israel, which then, as now, controls much of the CIA operation.


Wilbur Crane Eveland, a former advisor to the CIA and member of the policy-planning staff at the White House and Pentagon, said:

“Stemming from his wartime OSS liaison with Jewish resistance groups based in London, James Angleton had arranged an operational-intelligence exchange agreement with Israel’s Mossad, upon which the CIA relied for much of its intelligence about the Arab states.”21

My goodness, I bet those intelligence reports were unbiased!



Lord Victor Rothschild

There is also the British connection to consider here.


While working in London for the OSS, James Angleton became a close friend of the spy, Kim Philby, and worked with Lord Victor Rothschild, the “fifth man” in the spy network of Philby, Burgess, Maclean, and Blunt. Lord Rothschild, the friend of Winston Churchill, was in fact far more than the “fifth man”. He was the string puller of British Intelligence, a controller of, and agent for, Mossad,22 and a dedicated manipulator for the House of Rothschild and the Global Elite.


When Angleton was posted to Rome in 1944 by the OSS, it was Rothschild who gave him contacts in the Jewish underground there.23 Angleton was also a friend of the British Intelligence operative, Peter Wright, the man behind the books, Their Trade Is Treachery and Spycatcher, which were suggested and organized by Lord Rothschild.


The books named the former MI5 chief, Sir Roger Hollis, as the “fifth man”, so diverting attention from Rothschild.


Wright’s contention that Hollis was the Soviet spy was supported by Angleton on Rothschild’s behalf. Angleton was in Rothschild’s debt for earlier favours and support. The British (Rothschild) connection to Angleton and the CIA/Mossad clique was fundamental. It was Rothschild who had powerful connections with all the parties involved, British Intelligence, Mossad, the CIA with it’s head of counterintelligence James Jesus Angleton, and other contracts at the highest Elite levels in the United States.

Crucially it was Lord Victor Rothschild who masterminded the Israeli nuclear weapons program which Kennedy wished to stop. Within months of Israel’s formation, Rothschild and his close friend, Chaim Weizmann, set up a special nuclear physics department at Rehovoth. It was named after Weizmann, the head of British Zionism and the first president of the new Israel.


Weizmann had also been a key manipulator behind the Balfour Declaration, the letter sent by British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour to Victor Rothschild’s uncle, Walter, in 1917, confirming British support for a Jewish state in Palestine. Victor Rothschild covertly gathered information for the nuclear scientists at the Weizmann Institute from researchers and experts all over the world, including Albert Einstein, members of the British Atomic Scientists Association, and the mathematician and philosopher, Bertrand Russell, who, with Einstein, helped to create the Pugwash Conferences on nuclear weapons.24


Roland Perry writes in his book The Fifth Man:

“The dream of an Israeli bomb was ambitious indeed, but it spurred Rothschild to keep abreast of all things nuclear so he could pass on data to the Weizmann Institute, which was planning a nuclear reactor at Dimona in the Negev Desert. Under a modified guise of concern about the spread and dangers of nuclear weapons, he was able to keep contact with appropriate scientists around the world.”25

In this way, Rothschild had access to the Manhattan Project which led to the atomic attack on Japan, and he was an associate of Klaus Fuchs, the German physicist who was later jailed for giving nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union.


Rothschild, who did the same, got away with it. His leading role, with money and information, in the creation of the Israeli nuclear weapon was publicly rewarded in 1962 when Rothschild was made an Honorary Fellow of the Weizmann Institute.


Shimon Peres, who became Prime Minister of Israel following the murder of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995, worked with Rothschild to persuade the French to build the nuclear facility at Dimona.


The French wing of the House of Rothschild would have had enormous influence on the French Government. Peres, then director of the Defence Ministry, promised in return to support the French and British in their efforts to retake the Suez Canal from Egypt’s President Nassar, something Israel wanted to happen anyway!26 Peres and Asher Ben-Natan, a Mossad agent at the Defence Ministry, signed a top secret agreement with the French and her prime minister, Bourges Maunoury.27


Roland Perry writes:

“In it, the French promised to supply a powerful 24 megawatt reactor, the technical know-how to run it, and some uranium. The secret deal was only known to about a dozen individuals, including Rothschild, and with good reason. The fine print of the document allowed for the inclusion of equipment which would permit the Israelis to produce weapons-grade nuclear fuel.

“In 1957, French engineers began building the two-storey reactor facility at Dimona on the edge of the Negev Desert, which secretly went down six levels below ground. The subterranean construction would be the place where nuclear weapons would be built.”28

This was the nuclear programme, the very creation of Rothschild, which President Kennedy wanted to end.


So here was Lord Victor Rothschild (the man behind the use of Regulation 18b to jail people without trial for exposing the Second World War as a scam) with a stream of reasons to want Kennedy out of the way. He was also closely connected to all the people and organizations which assassinated the president. At the time of Kennedy’s death, Rothschild was working for Shell Oil, but this post was a front for his covert manipulation and wheeler-dealing within British intelligence on behalf of the Elite.


The House of Rothschild was deeply involved in the Kennedy assassination, of that I have no doubt.




This company was a central part of the coordination between Mossad, the CIA, and the Lansky Syndicate.


Serving on its board was Clay Shaw, the CIA operative indicted for Kennedy’s murder by New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, as highlighted in the film, JFK. It was because Shaw was linked to Permindex, the pivotal vehicle in the whole plot, that so much dirt was thrown at Garrison.


Shaw was also managing director of International Trade Mart and on the board of that company was Edgar Stern Jr, whose parents were leading financial supporters of the US Israeli lobby.29 The Sterns were among Shaw’s closest friends and he was also connected to the Lansky syndicate.

Permindex (short for Permanent Industrial Expositions) was a subsidiary of a company called CMC, founded in 1961 by an Eastern European Jew, Georges Mandel, who called himself Giorgio Mantello. Its cover operation, like that of Permindex, was presenting business exhibitions. One of its chief shareholders was the Banque De Credit International (BCI) based in the Elite stronghold of Geneva.


This bank was established by Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum, the longtime director of finance and supply for Mossad.30 Rosenbaum was also an international vicepresident of the World Jewish Congress, a co-founder of the World Zionist Congress, and a director of the Jewish Agency in Geneva, successor to the Palestine Liberation office, a coordinator of Jewish terrorism against the Arabs and the British in Palestine. The newspaper, Ha’aretz, once declared that “Tibor Rosenbaum is Israel”.


He worked closely with the Rothschilds (including Lord Victor for sure) and together with Baron Edmond de Rothschild, the French aristocrat, he set up the Israel Corporation which sought money abroad for Israel’s development projects, so allowing her tax money to be spent on funding the military.31 Among the names that Rosenbaum sponsored was the ‘financier’ and Lansky drug money-launderer, Bernie Cornfield.32 It was through Rosenbaum’s bank that the Lansky Syndicate laundered most of its money in Europe. So did Mossad and the CIA.33 The chairman of Permindex was Major Louis M. Bloomfield, a devoted supporter of Israel. Permindex was based in his home city of Montreal, Canada, before being relocated to Rome, where the CIA’s James Angleton had endless intelligence and underworld connections.


Bloomfield was involved in Operation Underworld, the joint American intelligence operation with Lansky and the Mafia, while he served with Britain’s counter-intelligence elite during the war, the Special Operations Executive (SOE). Operation Underworld was run from the Rockefeller Center in New York. Bloomfield’s boss was Sir William Stephenson, who set up British intelligence operations in the United States before the war and was also connected with Lansky, Mossad, and the Rockefellers.34


Stephenson is said to have been the character on which James Bond is based. Operation Underworld later became a centre for gun-running operations to the Jewish terrorist underground in which Stephenson, Bloomfield and Victor Rothschild played crucial parts. Working with Bloomfield in this were Meyer Lansky and Samuel Bronfman of the Canadian underworld family.

It was a company set up by William Stephenson’s Special Operations Executive that we know today as the Hollinger Group, controlled by the Canadian and leading Bilderberger, Conrad Black, the owner of the global media empire which includes the London Telegraph Newspapers and The Jerusalem Post. On the board of the Hollinger Group are a stream of Bilderbergers and CFR/TC members, including Henry Kissinger and Lord Carrington. This is even more interesting when you think that the Permindex chairman and SOE operative, Louis Bloomfield, was really a frontman and attorney for the Canadian Bronfman family, who made their fortune from running booze during prohibition and from general gangster activities.


The Bronfman gang were close to Conrad Black’s father, another booze merchant and intelligence operative with the SOE, and the Bronfman’s are long term financial supporters and members of the Mossad front, the Anti-Defamation League. Bloomfield first met Clay Shaw during the latter’s service with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during the war, an organization to which Bloomfield was also assigned. Shaw was based in London and became a friend of Prime Minister, Winston Churchill (Comm 300), whose personal advisor was.. .Sir William Stephenson. Also serving with the OSS in London at this time was James Jesus Angleton, the CIA’s head of counter-intelligence and the Israel desk when Kennedy was killed. And who was the man controlling British Intelligence at this same period?


Lord Victor Rothschild, another close friend of Churchill, the man behind Israel’s nuclear weapons project and one of the key people behind the creation of Israel. Rothschild knew Shaw, Bloomfield, Stephenson, and Angleton, who were all part of the team which conspired to kill Kennedy. Either directly, or through this group, Rothschild would have known, or had the means to communicate with, Meyer Lansky.


Rothschild’s connections with Mossad and Israel were fundamental. He was at the heart of the Jewish terror and intelligence groups which brought Israel into existence. One of these intelligence groups, the Hananah or Hananah “B”, the terrorist wing, became what we know as Mossad.35


The Rothschilds’ own “in house” intelligence agency, which had been operating since the early days of the Rothschild dynasty, also fused with Mossad.

Bloomfield and Shaw came together again on the board of Permindex and worked together on its cover operation, the setting up of trade exhibitions around the world. On November 22nd 1963, President Kennedy was on his way to speak at the newly created Dallas Trade Mart when he was assassinated. It was that appointment at the trade mart which led his motorcade to pass through Dealey Plaza where the fatal shots were fired.


A coincidence? I don’t think so, somehow.



French Intelligence

The death of President Kennedy and the many attempts on the life of the French President, General Charles DeGaulle, were orchestrated by the same organization - the Rothschild-controlled, Mossad.


One of the assassination attempts on DeGaulle was immortalized by the Frederick Forsyth ‘novel’, The Day Of The Jackal. Interestingly, in this same period there was a terrorist group known as the Jewish Anti-Communist League or JACL,36 and this group cooperated with a renegade “cell” within French Intelligence called the OAS.

The Israeli-CIA backed OAS was the group directly behind the attempts on DeGaulle’s life. They opposed him for what they saw as his betrayal of France in giving independence to Algeria. Also opposed to this were Israel and Mossad, and the issue was one of the many conflicts they had with Kennedy, who supported Algerian independence as a young senator. Once again the endless connections unfold.


During World War II, the CIA’s head of the Israeli desk, James Jesus Angleton, served as American intelligence liason with French Intelligence, the SDECE, and maintained many contacts with their operatives who shared his love of Israel. He also had strong connections with the Corsican Mafia in France which worked with the Lansky Syndicate. Drugs produced in the laboratories of Marseille by the Corsican Mafia were transferred to the streets of America by Lansky and Angleton’s CIA.


Israel and Mossad rarely do their dirty work themselves, nor the CIA come to that, and a former French Intelligence agent and diplomat told Michael Collins Piper, the author of Final judgement, that Mossad used a French team to assassinate Kennedy:

“Even the CIA contract the services of the intelligence community (they like the French style) to wash dirty linens. The right hand does not know what the left did. The cover-up team doesn’t know who execute. And the executioners are not interested in the aftermath of their mission. They don’t care less.”37

The intelligence officer said that Yitzhak Shamir, the then head of the Mossad assassination unit and later Israeli Prime Minister, arranged for the French team to kill Kennedy in collaboration with Colonel Georges deLannurien, the deputy head of French Intelligence.


As Collins’ informant said:

“It was no coincidence that on the very day of the execution of the president by the French team, that (deLannurien) was at Langley (CIA headquarters) meeting with James Jesus Angleton, the Mossad mole.”38


Funny how Shamir doesn’t mention any of this in his ‘autobiography’, Summing Up. In that he says that Mossad stood for “honesty” and “moral standards”.39

No I’m not kidding. Shamir also says that he heard of the Kennedy assassination with “stunned disbelief” and somehow knew that everything would now be different.40 Ahem, excuse me Yitzhak, but wasn’t that the whole idea?



New Orleans

The City of New Orleans was important in the plot. From there a man called Guy Bannister, a former FBI and Naval Intelligence operative, ran a ‘detective agency’, a cover story for it’s CIA intelligence work.


According to the former CIA contract agent, Robert Morrow, who was close to the New Orleans operation, the immediate CIA superior of Bannister was.. .Clay Shaw, the Permindex director, and the only man to face trial for the murder of Kennedy, a charge he survived thanks to the murder and intimidation of key witnesses.


One of Bannister’s close friends was A.I. Bosnick, a leading figure in the New Orleans office of the Mossad-front, the Anti-Defamation League. Bannister’s office at 544 Camp Street in New Orleans was also an informal branch of the renegade French intelligence cell, the OAS, which provided the actual assassins for Mossad and the CIA in Dallas. An OAS representative working out of Camp Street was the mercenary, Jean Souetre, who had ties with Meyer Lansky’s allies in the Corsican Mafia.


A CIA document discovered in 1977 by Dallas researcher, Mary Ferrell, revealed that French intelligence were trying to locate Souetre, an OAS terrorist, because he was considered a threat to the life of Charles DeGaulle. The document, dated April 1st 1964, listed some known sightings of Souetre. It said that he was in Fort Worth on the morning of November 22nd 1963 (so was Kennedy) and that he was also in Dallas that same afternoon when Kennedy was shot. Within 48 hours of the assassination, the document said, Souetre was picked up in Texas and expelled from the United States.41


Souetre said that the man referred to in the document was really another French assassin called Michel Mertz who, he claimed, used his name. It was through Bannister’s office that Lee Harvey Oswald, himself a CIA asset, was unknowingly set up as the patsy. He was given a false story and told to pose as a pro-Castro communist by the CIA without realising why. It seems that plan A was to persuade the public that Oswald killed Kennedy out of support for Castro.


It is possible that Oswald was funded by the Anti-Defamation League. Certainly the plan to give Oswald a pro-Castro public persona was supported by the ADLcontrolled media. The NBC television and radio affiliate in New Orleans, WDSU, interviewed Oswald about his “pro-communist, pro-Castro” views in August 1963 and then turned the tape over to the FBI. They also invited him to a debate about Castro and filmed him handing out pro-Castro leaflets in Dallas.Why so much airtime for Oswald in the months leading up to the Kennedy assassination? Maybe the fact that WDSU was owned by the Stern family, very close friends of Clay Shaw, and major contributors to Israel and the Anti-Defamation League, would answer that question.


After the assassination, the WDSU interviews with Oswald were immediately broadcast nationally by NBC, so providing support for the idea that Oswald was a “lone nut” who killed Kennedy in support of Castro. (Johann Rush, the young camerman who took the film of Oswald handing out the leaflets, emerged 30 years later as the “expert” whose “enhancement” of the Zapruder film was supposed to have “proved” that Oswald was the lone assassin!)42


The Sting It appears from the excellent research in Final Judgment that Dallas and Dealey Plaza was full of different people and groups who, after the event, could be linked by investigators to the assassination.


This was done to provide so many possible assassins and scenarios for investigators that the waters would be seriously muddied. It is a classic diversion tactic. Only a tiny few at the scene, the assassins in the Mossad-CIA-OAS ZR-Rifle Team, knew that the plan was to kill Kennedy. The others were there for other reasons and among these groups, it seems, was a CIA team who believed the plan was to fake an assassination attempt on the president.


The idea, they believed, was to blame the attempt on Castro and cause so much outrage in America that Kennedy would drop his plan to make some kind of peace with Cuba or, ideally, he might even be pressured to launch an invasion and remove Castro. It is probable that the CIA’s E. Howard Hunt, with his connections to the Bay of Pigs disaster and the anti-Castro Cuban resistance groups, was one of this CIA “fake assassination” team, possibly its leader.


If the story is true, no-one would have been more surprised than Hunt and his colleagues when Kennedy was actually shot and Hunt’s CIA team almost certainly included one Lee Harvey Oswald.


This is the mission Oswald would have been told he was assigned to before he began to promote himself so publicly as a pro-Castro communist when he was nothing of the kind. The story about the CIA “fake” team in Dallas was told to Gary Wean, formerly of the Los Angeles Police criminal intelligence squad.


Wean met his informant through the Dallas Sheriff, Bill Decker, who had said:

“There’s a man in Dallas I’ve known for a longtime. He knows the entire truth about Oswald’s involvement. He’s scared to death to go to the Dallas Police Department or FBI. There has been a terrible double cross somewhere and everybody is scared shitless of everybody else.

“You wouldn’t believe the crazy suspicions and accusations heaped on all law enforcement in the South by imbeciles in D.C. and the chaos it has created.”43

Later Wean met with Decker’s informant and he referred to him only as “John”.


Wean was told that E. Howard Hunt (who would later be one of the Watergate burglers) had informed Oswald that Kennedy himself was not aware of the fake assassination plan, but high-ranking cabinet officers did know about it. Oswald was told that he would flee the country after the fake ‘assassination’, but he would be allowed to return once Castro had been dealt with.44


So Oswald thought the assassination was designed purposely to fail and he certainly realized immediately after Kennedy was killed that he had been set up to take the blame. Intelligence agencies do not operate as one entity, they use compartmentalization to ensure that different elements have no idea what the others are doing.


Gary Wean did not reveal the identity of “John” for obvious reasons, but after 1991 he was safe to do so. “John” was Senator John Tower, who in 1961, had become the first Republican this century to win a senate seat in Texas. Tower was a strong supporter and ally of the CIA throughout his career and would later help to cover up George Bush’s fundamental involvement in the Iran-Contra arms-for-drugs scandal.


On April 5th 1991, John Tower died when his plane exploded.



The Cover Up

The cover up began from the moment the fatal shots were fired, indeed the cover stories were arranged well before.


Oswald was presented across the world as a lone assassin who did it for Castro and Cuba. Oswald, however, said after his arrest that he had been set up. He wasn’t going to go quietly, so he had to go physically. Step forward Jack Ruby (Rubenstein), who shot Oswald at point-blank range as police “escorted” him through a public place after his arrest. Ruby was portrayed as a Dallas night club owner who killed Oswald to avenge Kennedy’s death. Er, I don’t think so, somehow.


Ruby’s first phone call after his arrest was to Al Gruber, a close associate of Mickey Cohen, the Meyer Lansky henchman in Hollywood. It was Cohen who worked with Menachim Begin to set up the John Kennedy-Marilyn Monroe connection which ended in the film star’s murder by the same crowd. Gruber had arrived in Dallas shortly before the Kennedy assassination to visit Ruby, a man he hadn’t seen for ten years.45 Ruby’s lawyer at his trial was Melvin Belli, the friend and attorney of Mickey Cohen.46 At least one meeting has been confirmed between Belli, Cohen, and Begin.47


Jack Ruby worked for Al Capone and spent most of his life operating within the organized crime syndicate, especially for it’s boss of bosses, Meyer Lanksy. Ruby has been portrayed as a Mafia man to divert attention from his real employer - Lansky. His association with Lansky led to Ruby’s connections with the CIA, Israel, and the anti-Castro groups.


Marita Lorenz, a former CIA operative, said at a libel hearing involving E. Howard Hunt of the CIA and The Spotlight newspaper, that the day before Kennedy’s assassination she met in Dallas with Hunt and a group of other CIA operatives including.. Jack Ruby. Hunt, she said, was the paymaster for a top secret operation, the purpose of which she had no idea.


She was told that her part was to act as a “decoy”.48 Instead she left Dallas and didn’t take part. It seems likely that Ruby, like Oswald, eventually realized that he had been set up. His family fired his lawyer, Melvin Belli, after Ruby was convicted and sentenced to death. But before his appeal could be heard, Ruby conveniently died in jail.49 Ruby’s demise, or at least disappearance, came after he made it clear he had some very important things to say about Kennedy’s death. He asked Earl Warren, the head of the commission investigating the assassination, to be transferred for his own safety from Dallas to Washington to tell his story. Warren refused and the story was never told. I wonder why?

In the light of what you have read in this book and in particular in the last few pages, let us look at the make up of the Warren Commission which decided that yes indeed Lee Harvey Oswald had worked alone. The Warren Commission was appointed by Lyndon Baines Johnson, the man who became president as a result of Kennedy’s death. If you apply the question of: Who benefits? to the Kennedy assassination then Johnson is high on the list. What’s more, he was closely connected to all the other players who benefited massively from the killing. Johnson had longtime connections with Meyer Lansky and had been taking bribes from the syndicate in return for political favours since he became a Texas Senator.


Johnson, as Final Judgement makes clear, was a megacrook and only by using the Elite networks did he avoid going to jail for a very long time. When Johnson replaced Kennedy, the administration's war on organized crime was immediately disbanded. Johnson was also a favourite and keen supporter of Israel. Again, after Kennedy was gone, Johnson quickly reversed America’s neutral policy in the Middle East to one of virtually unlimited financial and political support for Israel.


Researcher and author Stephen Green wrote of the Johnson period in his study of America-Israel policy:

“...during this time US financial support for Israel far exceeded that given any other nation in the world, on a per capita basis. And US diplomatic support for Israel in the UN and elsewhere was no less generous.”50

Johnson also reversed Kennedy’s policy of withdrawing from Vietnam and that war escalated to the enormous benefit of the Lansky-CIA-Mossad drugs operation in South East Asia and the coffers of the arms manufacturers and bankers.


Johnson quickly halted the Kennedy plan to issue interest-free money and curtail the power of the Federal Reserve banking cartel. Lyndon Johnson, yet another crook to occupy the White House, gave all the participants in Kennedy’s murder everything they asked for after becoming president in the wake of JFK’s death. Johnson was the man whose very survival depended on the truth about the assassination (and his own involvement) never being publicly known.


This was the same man who appointed the Warren Commission to establish the killer!


Among it’s members were:

Chief Justice Earl Warren: 33rd degree Freemason and a man under the control of the organised crime syndicates, according to some researchers.


That would certainly fit the picture. Warren was also a close friend of the leading newspaper columnist, Drew Pearson, and, through him, another columnist, Jack Anderson. It was Pearson who wrote stories aimed at diverting attention from the real assassins. He supported Israel slavishly through his columns and his biographer wrote that:

“Over the years the Anti-Defamation League had helped Pearson enormously. It provided information he could not obtain elsewhere, backed his lecture tours, even assisted in the circulation of his weekly newsletter”.

Allen Dulles: The head of the CIA fired by Kennedy. Dulles helped to fund and support the Bolsheviks and Adolf Hitler, and the Dulles law firm handled the US affairs of the Nazi cartel, I.G. Farben. He headed the CIA during its gruesome mind-control project, MKULTRA, and was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Bilderberg Group. Dulles was a Nazi in his attitudes and a keen supporter of eugenics.

John J. McCloy: At the time of Kennedy’s death and the Warren Commission, he was chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations. McCloy was also a chairman of the Ford Foundation and of David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank. He was a US delegate at the founding of the United Nations, a member of the Committee of 300, and helped Jean Monnet (Comm 300) to create the European Community. During the war he opposed a policy of accepting the Japanese surrender without dropping the atomic bombs. After the war, he ordered the release of Hitler’s banker, Hjalmar Schacht, from his sentence for war crimes, as he did with other Nazis.

Gerald Ford: 33rd degree Freemason, member of the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, and the Rockefeller-Elite-controlled Eastern Establishment. Vice president to Nixon at the time of Watergate. Nixon’s forced resignation gave Ford the presidency and he appointed Nelson Rockefeller to head a ‘commission’ on the security services after Watergate to ensure that nothing of substance was done. It wasn’t.


While president, Ford would write to Senator Frank Church, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, demanding that the committee’s report on US assassination plots, including that of JFK, be kept secret.51 Another man involved in the ‘investigation’ of the Kennedy assassination was J. Edgar Hoover, 33rd degree Freemason and legendary director and manipulator of the FBI. He hated Kennedy, who planned to remove him after the 1964 election. Hoover was connected to both Meyer Lansky and the Anti-Defamation League.


Michael Milan, a former Lansky associate and undercover FBI operative, said:

“I also knew that (J. Edgar Hoover) and Meyer Lansky sometimes broke bread together. Mr L. was never rousted, was rarely served with federal subpoenas, and was generally left alone to conduct business”.52

Hoover had very close links with the Mossad-front, the Anti-Defamation League. In 1947 a foundation was set up in his name thanks to money from the ADL. The Hoover Foundation’s first president was Rabbi Paul Richman, Washington director of the ADL.53 Hoover was also a close friend of Louis Bloomfield, the head of the Mossad assassination front, Permindex!

These, then, were the men who decided that Oswald was the lone killer! More than that, the CIA department given responsibility for dealing with the Warren Commission ‘investigation’ was the counter-intelligence department controlled by... James Jesus Angleton, the Mossad mole and a prime organizer of the assassination. The FBI-Warren Commission coordinator was William Sullivan, a close friend of... James Jesus Angleton.

The cover up has continued to this day with books and magazines funded by the assassins and their successors claiming that the Mafia, Castro, the KGB, etc. etc. killed Kennedy. Each one is designed to further obscure the real culprits, the Israel CIA-Meyer Lansky-OAS network operating together under a central command, probably the House of Rothschild.


Do you think the media is not controlled enough to keep the truth from the public for more than thirty years?


As the former Mossad agent, Victor Ostrovsky says:

“(I realized) that the occupation of the North American media is complete. In subjects dealing with the Middle East in general and Israel in particular, there is no longer a free press...I had always known there was a double standard when it came to dealing with subjects that were dear to the Jewish community. I had not known, however, how hypocritical that community and the media that lie at its feet can be. I had known that it had all but taken over the film industry and has a strong grip on Washington...Now through intimidation and double dealing, it obviously has taken over large portions of the American media. To all those who knew this all along, and were silent, and to those who remain silent now - shame on you.”54

The editor of Life magazine, Richard Billings, ran a vehement campaign to discredit Jim Garrison’s investigations into the assassination, as Garrison has documented.


Billings would later serve on the staff of the House Assassinations Committee, alongside it’s director, G. Robert Blakey, an associate of Meyer Lansky’s friend, Morris Dalitz. The committee decided the “Mafia did it”. The Time-Life organization later merged with Warner to create the Time-Warner media empire.


This is an Elite-controlled organization which now owns Turner broadcasting and its global ‘news’ channel, CNN. Warner Brothers was absorbed by a company called Seven Arts set up by a Meyer Lansky operative, Louis Chesler, and used to launder syndicate money. When Seven Arts won control of Warner Studios, major blocks of shares in the company were owned by the Investors Overseas Service of Bernie Cornfield, the frontman for the Rothschilds and Mossad’s Rabbi Tibor Rosenbaum, the funder of Permindex.


In 1993, the Bronfman’s (the gangster family who controlled the Permindex chief, Louis M. Bloomfield) bought a controlling interest in Time-Warner. How facinating, then, that Oliver Stone’s ‘expose’ of the Kennedy Assassination, JFK, was distributed by Warner Brothers. Stone’s film, a mixture of fact and fiction, blamed the military-industrial complex and the CIA and not the real conspirators, Mossad. Stone has since done a similar diversion job on Richard Nixon. The executive producer of JFK, the man responsible for finding the money for the film, was Arnon Milchan, who was identified as a major arms supplier and undercover operative for Israel.


Journalist Alexander Cockburn wrote in The Nation on May 18th 1992 that Milchan,

“was identified in one 1989 Israeli report as ‘probably’ (Israel’s) largest arms dealer. A company he once owned was caught smuggling nuclear weapons fuses to Iraq”.

The public relations company hired by Stone to handle publicity for the JFK film was Hill and Knowlton in Washington D.C., the firm which coordinated the propaganda supporting America’s involvement in the Gulf War. The Hill and Knowlton executive who headed the JFK publicity was Frank Mankiewicz, who began his career with the Anti-Defamation League in Los Angeles.

To this day, the Kennedy assassination continues to stink. John Kennedy knew from his own family background and his experiences in politics that a Hidden Hand controlled the United States.


I have read many reports that he said this at Columbia University, ten days before he died.

“The high office of President has been used to foment a plot against the American people. Before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of his plight.”55

I have never been able to confirm this quote, and it is almost certainly an urban myth, but what it says about the presidency is clearly correct.


In his book, Defrauding America, Rodney Stich also reveals further evidence of CIA involvement in the Kennedy assassination and its cover-up. Stich, a former federal inspector, uses his own knowledge, experience, and informants from within the intelligence network, to reveal the web of interconnected corruption throughout the US government.


One of his contacts was Colonel Trenton Parker, a former high level CIA operative, who was connected with the agency’s counter-intelligence unit known as Pegasus. Parker said that the Pegasus group had tape recordings of people planning the Kennedy assassination. He named them as “Rockefeller (which one, I wonder), Allen Dulles, Johnson of Texas, George Bush and J. Edgar Hoover”.

Parker went on:

“I don’t have the tapes now, because all the tape recordings were turned over to [Congressman] Larry McDonald. But I listened to the tape recordings and there were conversations between Rockefeller and Hoover, where Rockefeller asks: ‘Are we going to have any problems? I checked with Dulles. If they do their job, we’ll do our job.’ There are a whole bunch of tapes, because Hoover didn’t realize that his phone had been tapped.”

Parker said that the Pegasus group had also given files to Congressman McDonald about CIA criminal activities between 1976 and 1982.


McDonald, a member of the Joint Armed Services Committee, let it be known that he was going to reveal startling evidence about CIA and government corruption when he returned from a trip to the Far East. But he did not return. He was on the Korean Airlines flight 007 shot down by the ‘Soviet Union’. The plane’s flight computer was reprogrammed to divert the aircraft into Russian airspace and they were waiting to shoot it down.56


Two ‘sides’ - same masters.



Bobby Kennedy

JFK’s death triggered a spate of political assassinations in the United States during the 1960s as the New World Order imposed itself.


His brother Bobby Kennedy, the attorney general who led the challenge to the Lansky syndicate, was murdered in 1968 after making a speech at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles as part of his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.


It is said he was killed by another “lone assassin”, Sirhan Sirhan. Bobby’s death benefited Richard Nixon, who had been supported in his political career by Prescott Bush, father of George. Nixon eventually became president at the election in which he would have faced serious opposition from Bobby Kennedy.


Nixon’s director of security in his 1968 election campaign was James Golden, who took leave from his job as director of security at the Lockheed Corporation. Coincidentally, it was a guard from Lockheed, Thane Eugene Caesar, who was standing right alongside Bobby Kennedy when he was shot. Caesar, an employee of the Lansky syndicate, worked at Lockheed’s Burbank centre in the top secret area reserved for the CIA’s U-2 spy plane project. Lee Harvey Oswald was also affiliated with the U-2.


Another employee of Lockheed was Richard Gernt Butler an associate of the neo-Nazi, Keith Gilbert. This same Keith Gilbert, was charged with the failed attempt to assassinate the black civil rights leader, Martin Luther King, in February 1965, four days after another black leader, Malcolm X, was murdered. Gilbert said in prison that he was supported by some powerful forces and it later emerged that he was funded by another white supremacist, Loren Eugene Hall.


In turn, Hall had been a witness for Edwin Meese, the legal counsel for Ronald Reagan (then governor of California), in a case linked to the JFK assassination. District Attorney, Jim Garrison, issued an extradition request to Reagan for the California resident, Edgar Eugene Bradley, in connection with the death of JFK, and Reagan asked Meese to handle it.


In the course of this, Loren Hall was among his informants. Reagan delayed Garrison’s request until Nixon became president and then refused it without comment. Meese would later become US attorney general, the nation’s chief law officer, under President Reagan. Loren Hall and his son Loren Junior would be indicted for running a drug ring in Oklahoma in 1989.


Loren Junior called a press conference to say that the drug operation was being used to raise funds for the Contras in Nicaragua, so beloved of Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Behind the scenes, those who killed JFK also killed Bobby.


It was becoming increasingly likely that Bobby would win the Democratic nomination and he had an excellent chance of becoming president. This would have renewed JFK-style policies in relation to the Middle East and Organised Crime. Just as important, with Bobby in the White House the opportunity was there to blow the lid off the JFK assassination. Therefore Bobby was murdered using a mind-controlled assassin and if the former CIA operative, Robert Morrow, is to be believed, Mossad and the CIA used SAVAK, the Iran (Mossad-CIA) secret police force to do their dirty work this time.57


It is certainly true that in the weeks before the murder, the Bobby Kennedy campaign had been infiltrated by Khyber Khan, a high ranking member of SAVAK, who used a cover story about falling out with the Shah. Bobby Kennedy believed him after previous experiences with Khan, but Khan brought in more SAVAK operatives to join him at Kennedy campaign headquarters.

Lord Victor Rothschild, who was a close friend of the Shah, was involved along with the CIA’s James Jesus Angleton, in the overthrow of the Iranian leader, Mohammed Mossadegh, in 1953 which led to the creation of SAVAK. The patsy they used for the assassination of Bobby Kennedy was an Arab, Sirhan Sirhan. In the weeks before he killed Kennedy, Sirhan Sirhan, joined the Ancient Mystical Order of the Rosicrucians and followed their mail order course on “how to control your mind waves”.


He learnt how to put himself into a trance by staring into his own eyes in a mirror. During these trances, he began to write incoherent threats of violence and assassination. He didn’t remember doing this, but afterwards he recognized the handwriting as his own. Sirhan apparently worshipped Bobby Kennedy, but, it is said, he felt betrayed when Kennedy supported the deployment of 50 war planes to Israel. Sirhan had hated Jews since he was bombed and shelled by the Israelis as an Arab boy in Palestine in 1948, the story goes. After this perceived betrayal in the two weeks before he shot Kennedy, Sirhan’s trance experiences became more and more extreme.


He thought he saw Kennedy’s face come out of the mirror towards him and he wrote “Kill Kennedy” in his trance notebook. “Kennedy must be assassinated before June 5th 1968” it said. June 5th was the anniversary of the Israeli victory over the Arabs. The question is: Who was in control of Sirhan’s subconscious mind? Himself or someone else? In the view of Sirhan’s psychiatrist, Bernard L. Diamond, he self-programmed himself to kill Kennedy.58


Pardon? Yeah, sure he did.

Let us consider the remarkable ‘coincidences’ which allowed this ‘selfprogrammed’ man to complete his mission. On the night of the killing, June 4th, Sirhan said he met a friend for dinner and intended to go on to a Rosicrucian meeting. But his ‘friend’ had a newspaper in which Sirhan saw an advertisement for a parade celebrating the anniversary of the Israeli victory. The ad said the event was “this evening”, but what Sirhan didn’t realise was that he had somehow been given a copy of the next day’s paper. The parade was actually the following night, the 5th.

Ignorant of this, Sirhan changed his plans for the evening and went off to the parade. Of course, he didn’t find it. According to the account given by Sirhan under hypnosis by Bernard L. Diamond,59 he now felt lonely and just happened to remember a girl he knew from high school who, he thought, could be found at the Ambassador Hotel where, purely by ‘chance’, Bobby Kennedy’s event was taking place that same night.


Sirhan drifted around the hotel for some hours getting himself drunk. At about eleven o’clock he decided to go home - his last conscious memory of the night. Under hypnosis, he then described walking out to his car, but he felt too ill and drunk to drive. He noticed his gun on the back seat and, concerned it might be stolen, he hid it in the top of his trousers. Back in the hotel he drank coffee with a “dark, attractive” (never identified) woman. On the way to buy another coffee, he said he found himself in an alcove with “dazzling lights and mirrors”.


He felt dazed and bewildered. Mirrored doors led to the hotel kitchen, but he didn’t go through them. Instead he went to the kitchen by a longer route. Sirhan found himself in a hypnotic trance like those he experienced with the Rosicrucian course. He told Diamond of how he leaned on a table feeling sleepy and unsure of where he was. Suddenly he looked up to see a group of people coming towards him. He noticed that one of them was Bobby Kennedy and in his conscious mind he decided to shake his hand. Instead he pulled out the gun and started shooting.


As psychiatrist Diamond said:

“Sirhan executed the crime in a twilight state, knowing next to nothing about what was happening”.60

And so how come Bobby Kennedy was walking through the hotel kitchen at exactly the wrong time? He had wanted to walk through the crowds after his speech, but his ‘minders’ insisted that he leave via the kitchen to avoid possible danger!


The man most insistent that Kennedy go through the kitchen was... Frank Mankiewicz, the former public relations man for the Anti-Defamation League who handled the publicity for Oliver Stone’s film, JFK!61 Also alongside Kennedy was Thane Eugene Caesar, the ‘security guard’ employed at the last minute, and a man connected with the Meyer Lansky Syndicate. Lone assassin? No conspiracy? You must be joking.


To make sure there were no mistakes, according to the CIA’s Robert Morrow, a Pakistani-American also shot Kennedy with a CIA handgun disguised as a camera. In his book The Senator Must Die, Morrow shows a picture of the Pakistani with his “camera” seconds before Kennedy was killed. Other researchers suggest that no bullets fired by Sirhan Sirhan actually hit Kennedy and that the real killer was Thane Eugene Caesar.

Whatever precisely happened, Bobby Kennedy was murdered by the same forces that killed his brother and they used a mind-controlled assassin who has remained programmed and mentally scrambled ever since. It is by this same method of hypnotic mind control that many computer programmers in the UK defence industry have suffered bizarre “suicides” and other deaths. Many victims have worked for the General Electric Company and its subsidiary, Marconi, and yet another cover up has suppressed the truth.

One other name I believe was associated with the murders of both John and Bobby Kennedy was the Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onasis who made an incredible fortune by using his ships to transport drugs. Interestingly, it is a Greek custom that if you kill a man, you have to look after his wife and family. Onasis married Jackie, John Kennedy’s widow.



Malcolm X

Malcolm X was murdered while speaking at the Audubon Ballroom in New York.


All the other speakers at the event pulled out at the last minute. Across the street was the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, but they refused to respond. In the end Malcolm’s aides had to run over to the hospital, grab a stretcher, and carry him there themselves. One of his close aides, Leon 4X Ameer, went to the FBI to say that elements within the government and the black organization, the Nation of Islam, had been involved. A few days later, at the age of 32, he was dead.


The cause of death was given as suicide, then a drugs overdose, and finally natural causes. I wonder if his doctor was trained at the Vatican! The black consciousness movements had long been infiltrated by the FBI and CIA and assassinations could be arranged from inside as well as outside of these black organizations.


This FBI operation was called Cointelpro and was headed by.. .William Sullivan, the friend of the CIA’s Mossad mole, James Jesus Angleton!


Sullivan was the liaison between the FBI and the Warren Commission and his Cointelpro operation relied heavily on information from the Anti-Defamation League.62 (The Elite’s control and manipulation of black groups equally applies to anti-black groups like the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan was an Elite creation, founded by the Satanist Albert Pike, the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Rite of Scottish Freemasonry in the American South.


He was an associate of Guiseppe Mazzini, the leader of the Bavarian Illuminati after the death of Adam Weishaupt.63 A statue of Pike still stands today in Washington DC in honour of his work on behalf of the Elite.) The FBI used an anti-communist group called BOSSI to infiltrate the Nation of Islam and Malcolm X’s breakaway group, the Organization of Afro-American Unity. The head of BOSSI was Anthony Ulazowitz and his chief operative was John Caulfield. Both were publicly exposed during the Watergate scandal as two of the main characters in Richard Nixon’s dirty tricks department.


Caulfield had been used by the Warren Commission to ‘investigate’ an anti-Castro group. Common names and ties can be identified between the killings of the Kennedys, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, the Watergate scandal, and a stream of lesser known murders and events.



Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King’s campaign for black rights and against the Vietnam War cost him his life on April 4th 1968.


A former FBI agent would later tell the House Select Committee on Assassinations how staff in the Atlanta FBI office cheered when the news of the shooting came through.

“They got him,” one man said. “They got Zorro” - the FBI code name for King. “I hope he dies, the son of a bitch” said another.

The former agent burst into tears as he recalled the story. Dr King was also a target of William Sullivan’s Cointelpro operation at the FBI. Same names, same people, same force.

Before Dr King’s arrival at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee, a man approached the reception desk and said he was an ‘advance man’ for Dr King. He insisted that King’s room be changed because, said the ‘advance man’, “he would like to have a room on the second floor overlooking the swimming pool”.64 Staff at the motel said they didn’t think he was a black man, but a white man wearing black face makeup. This is a ploy used by intelligence services for agents provocateur who cause trouble at black demonstrations and make the blacks take the blame for it. This character certainly had nothing to do with Martin Luther King because he didn’t have any ‘advance men’. King was shot dead when he walked out onto the balcony to talk with his driver.

The black police officer in charge of the security for Dr King was sent home against his will hours before King was killed and by then the security team had been reduced from eight men to one lone policeman. The only two black firemen at the station next to the motel were sent to other stations just for that day and when King was shot, the ambulance was delayed because it was blocked in by appliances from the same fire station.


As retired Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty said:

“No-one has to direct an assassination - it happens. The active role is played secretly by permitting it to happen.. .This is the greatest single clue.. .who has the power to call off or reduce the usual security precautions.. .”.65

That is what happened with Martin Luther King as it did with Yitzak Rabin, the Israeli premier, in 1995. According to the Israeli press, Rabin had a number of secret meetings with Henry Kissinger in the weeks before his assassination. Israel’s security is fantastic as I have witnessed myself at Tel Aviv airport and no-one could kill an Israeli prime minister in the way it happened unless it was allowed to happen.


Witnesses said they were sure that the shots that killed Dr King came from the ground and not from the second floor of the rooming house where another ‘patsy’, James Earl Ray, was staying. The point where the bullet entered and left Dr King confirmed this. James Earl Ray could not have done it. A former FBI ballistics expert said that part of the rifle would have needed to be buried six inches into a wall for Earl Ray to have shot Dr King from where he was supposed to be. But James Earl Ray was convicted. Just another lone assassin. No conspiracy. Sure.


A central character in the King assassination appears to have been Jack Youngblood, a US Intelligence operative, who has been named by some researchers as the “Eggs and Sausages Man”, because he began to appear regularly at a cafe close to the rooming house where James Earl Ray was staying. When shown a picture of Youngblood, James Earl Ray confirmed that it was the man who had been following him prior to the King assassination. One of Youngblood’s associates was Frank Fiorini, who later changed his name to Frank Sturgis.


This man was one of the Watergate burglars.66 The journalist, Lewis Lomas, investigated the King and Malcolm X assassinations and wrote a book, To Kill A Black Man. He revealed that John Ali, the treasurer of the Nation of Islam organisation to which Malcolm X was connected for some time, worked for the FBI. At one point, Ali was the most powerful man in the Nation of Islam. Lomas was following leads which could have linked the murders of JFK and Martin Luther King, particularly through the Guy Bannister ‘Detective’ Agency in New Orleans which played a key role in the JFK assassination. Lomas intended to implicate the intelligence agencies in Dr King’s death in a film he had been contracted to make. A few days into the filming, the brakes failed on his car and he was killed.


The summer after the Memphis assassination, Dr King’s brother was mysteriously drowned in his swimming pool. Neighbours heard screaming, splashing, and then silence. Two years after that, Dr King’s mother was murdered when a Tone nutter’ walked into her church and opened fire. It is a matter of public record that all these events took place at a time when the FBI of J. Edgar Hoover was plotting to stop the black civil rights movement and those opposing the Vietnam War. So was the Anti-Defamation League on behalf of the terrorists who control Israel.

Another famous name pops up here, too. Jesse Jackson. He has become the best known black man in America and he was featured on Christmas Day 1994 on the British network television station, Channel Four, giving an ‘alternative Queen’s Speech’ to the one being delivered by Queen Elizabeth II on other channels at the same time. Quite an honour, if you like that sort of thing.


Jackson was in the Dr King party when King was killed, although King had told his aides that he intended to part company with him. Immediately after the assassination, Jackson turned up at a press conference in a blood-stained shirt and told the story of how he held the dying Dr King in his arms. It made Jackson famous. This greatly angered other people at the scene because they knew it wasn’t true. Nearly twenty years later, Jackson admitted on the Phil Donahue TV Show that he had lied. He had not held King’s head in his arms at all. Where the blood on his shirt had come from has never been credibly explained.


After George Bush (CFR) was elected president in 1988 he and Jackson (CFR) held a joint press conference in which Jackson endorsed the view that James Earl Ray should not be released from jail on parole. This from a man who was there when Dr King died and who has said many times that it was not the work of a lone assassin. What goes on?

The 1960s were a particularly bloody period for assassinations in the United States, but they continue today right across the world, to oust those who are not playing the Elite game and replace them with those who will. There are scores of cover stories to hide the real instigators of these murders.


It could be a ‘lone nutter’, an Elite-controlled ‘terrorist’ group, a plane crash (it’s easy to destabilize a small plane with the technology they have today), suicide, induced heart attacks, and so many other little ‘accidents’.




On the global stage, one of the finest exponents of the art of political manipulation in modern times is the Elite’s Ambassador-at-Large, Henry Kissinger, who has used a series of frontmen to do his bidding.


One of the best known is George Bush. From Watergate and the early 1970s, these two names began to turn up everywhere. Kissinger was not born and bred in the United States. He was born in Germany in 1923 and grew up as a Jew under Adolf Hitler. He arrived in the United States on September 5th 1938, and later became a naturalized American.


In 1972 the Polish KGB agent, Michael Goleniewski, told the British government that KGB documents he saw prior to his defection in 1959 included the name Henry Kissinger as a Soviet Union asset. According to Goleniewski, Kissinger was recruited by the KGB into an espionage cell called ODRA. He was given the code name BOR or COLONEL BOR, Goleniewski claimed. Kissinger built his power-base and reputation at Harvard before becoming a leading figure in the New World Order. US foreign policy under Kissinger followed the tried and trusted British approach for centuries - maintain the balance of power under the rule which says “My enemy’s enemy is my friend”.


It was this approach which, in part, was behind the strategy of the Kissinger-Nixon Administration of forging links with communist China. During this time, before and after Watergate, Kissinger (Comm 300) was in close contact with his friends in British Intelligence circles whom he worked with over the decades. These have included other Committee of 300 members like Sir Eric Roll (Lord Roll of Ipsden), and Lord Victor Rothschild the manipulator of British intelligence and Mossad, and Soviet spy along with Philby, Burgess, Maclean, and Blunt. Blunt left the staff of the Warburg Institute to work for MI5.67


Kissinger had close connections with Britain and I have no doubt that British elements including Victor Rothschild were involved in the Kennedy assassinations, Watergate and the removal from office of Richard Nixon. Kissinger himself has admitted in a speech at Chatham House which was supposed to remain private, that he was often closer to the British Foreign Office than his own US State Department.68 Kissinger had an enormous influence on George Bush and some Bush biographers describe him as little more than a ‘Kissinger clone’.


Bush was born into the heart of the New World Order conspiracy as the son of Prescott Bush and was given all the background and experience he needed to be its frontman. He was a member of the Skull and Bones Society, a 33rd degree Freemason, member of the Committee of 300, Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, oilman, ambassador to China and the United Nations (both under Kissinger), chairman of the Republican Party National Committee, CIA operative before, during and after the JFK assassination, head of the CIA, vice president, and then the prize he had been groomed for since he was a boy, president of the United States.


After Richard Nixon was returned to office in November 1972, he made Bush the chairman of the Republican Party National Committee. Bush took over, ‘coincidentally’, in January 1973, during the trial of the Watergate burglars. They had entered the headquarters of the Democratic Party in the Watergate Building in Washington on the night of June 17th the previous year. These were the so called ‘Plumbers’, a White House surveillance team spying on the Democrats in the run up to the election. Or so we are led to believe. In reality, they made a botched job of it because they were meant to be caught. That was the idea.


Behind this ‘scandal’, many researchers now believe, and I certainly agree with them, was Henry Kissinger, the frontman for the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds. Kissinger left his executive job at the Council on Foreign Relations to join the Nixon administration, which contained more than 115 members of the CFR.69 Nelson Rockefeller, who became vice-president as a result of Watergate, said that Kissinger took the job because he asked him to.70 Watergate was a setup to give total power to Kissinger, and therefore the Elite. This was a crucial period in the global manoeuvrings by the New World Order manipulators to remove what shreds were left of government for the people, by the people.


Watergate and the removal of Richard Nixon was another coup d’etat on America. Nixon was no political angel, but he was just another stooge. George Bush became chairman of the Republican Party National Committee at exactly the time the Watergate story was really breaking and his mentor, Henry Kissinger, was both national security advisor and secretary of state, the only man in American history to hold those two posts at the same time. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, the journalists from the Elite controlled Washington Post, were given Watergate ‘clues’ from their informant ‘Deep Throat’, and turned them into front page headlines.


The owner of the Post, Katharine Graham (CFR, TC, Bil), must have been delighted with their well informed journalism. Their stories put so much pressure on Nixon that he had no time to oversee the government of the country. So Graham’s friend Henry Kissinger did that instead.

It is public knowledge that it was Kissinger who persuaded Nixon to create the White House Special Investigations Unit (the Plumbers) with the job of stopping White House leaks. Kissinger cited to Nixon the leaking of the ‘Pentagon Papers’ in 1971 to justify the need to set up the unit.


It emerged later that one of the Watergate burglars, E. Howard Hunt, a CIA planner of the Bay of Pigs invasion which discredited Kennedy, and a man involved at some level in the Dealey Plaza operation, had been to the Miami CIA station to recruit people for Kissinger’s White House Unit two months before the Pentagon Papers were leaked.71


Create the problem, then offer the solution.


The White House Unit was full of CIA and other intelligence operatives and it was funded by Bill Liedtke, the president of the George Bush company, Pennzoil, and a close friend of Bush, the Republican Party chairman. Wright Patman, the chairman of the House of Representatives Banking and Currency Committee, confirmed that one of the Watergate burglars was sent $100,000 by the chairman of the Texas committee of the Campaign to Re-elect the President, known, appropriately, as CREEP. The burglar who received the money was Bernard Barker, a CIA man since the Bay of Pigs invasion.


The man who sent the money was... Bill Liedtke, George Bush’s business partner and one of his closest friends.72 Congressional investigator, Wright Patman, established that the $100,000 was actually donated by Robert H. Allen, who was Liedtke’s chief financial officer at CREEP in Texas. The money went from Houston into Mexico to be laundered and then back via Liedtke to Watergate burglar, Bernard Barker.73


In 1982, Robert H. Allen was given the Torch of Liberty Award by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the dreadful Elite-Mossad front supported so vigorously by Henry Kissinger. Another business partner and close friend of Bush, Robert Mosbacher, was also implicated in the CREEP money laundering policy. Yet Bush said he knew nothing of what was going on! Are we really expected to believe that George Bush, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, a man with fingers in more pies than a bakers’ convention, did not know that his closest friends and business associates were involved in laundering contributions to CREEP and channelling it to Watergate burglars? Are we really?


Senator Patman was getting close to implicating some famous names in the Watergate break in, but he was unable to continue his investigation. His committee, which had a Democratic majority, ordered him to stop and the plan to subpoena twenty-three CREEP officials to testify before Congress was cancelled. Why would they do that?


Perhaps the Kentucky Democrat, William Curlin, had the answer when he said:

“...certain members of the committee were reminded of various past political indiscretions, or of relatives who might suffer as a result of a pro-subpoena vote.”74

A vicious attack on Patman and his investigation was led by the House Republican leader, Gerald Ford (CFR, Bil), the 33rd degree Freemason, member of the Warren Commission, and puppet of the Rockefeller-Morgan-Harriman-Mellon empires of the Eastern Establishment.


When Nixon was forced to resign over Watergate, Gerald Ford became president. Nixon was doomed after the release of the infamous ‘smoking gun tape’, the recording of a conversation between himself and his chief of staff, H.R. Haldeman on June 23rd 1972, in which he discussed ways to frustrate the Watergate investigations.


When Bush heard the tape had been released, he was extremely disturbed. He knew that “the Texans” mentioned on the tape was a reference to himself and his close associates, Bill Liedtke and Robert Mosbacher.


In the Woodward and Bernstein book, Final Days, they report a conversation about Bush’s reaction between William Timmons, the White House Congressional Liaison, and Dean Burch, a White House counsellor:

“Dean, does Bush know about the [smoking gun] transcript yet?”
“Well, what did he do?”
“He broke out into assholes and shit himself to death.”

But Bush could breathe easy. He would not be exposed by the tape to the wider public.


Robert Mosbacher survived unscathed, too, and was to become Secretary of Commerce in the Bush presidency. Kissinger’s conversations at the White House were not recorded, but those of Nixon always were. The man in charge of the recordings and the tapes which condemned Nixon was David Young, a Wall Street lawyer appointed by Kissinger and a man who had worked for the Rockefellers.


The existence of the “Smoking Gun Tapes” was revealed by Alexander Butterfield, the White House liaison with the secret service. The overall head of the secret service was Kissinger. Another Kissinger appointee very significant in the demise of Nixon was Rockefeller-puppet and Knight of Malta, Alexander Haig (TC) (CFR), who would go on to be military head of NATO and Ronald Reagan’s secretary of state. Nixon still refused to resign despite the tapes, and the nightmare for Kissinger, Haig and their fellow conspirators, was for Nixon to appear before an impeachment trial at which the whole plot could be exposed. Eventually pressure from Bush and Kissinger forced his hand.

Ford (CFR, Bil) took over as Kissinger’s frontman (using the title President of the United States), and he pardoned Nixon for any offences he may have committed, thus avoiding further investigations or trial.


Ford named Nelson Rockefeller (CFR, Bil) as his vice-president and made him head of an ‘investigation’ into the activities of the intelligence agencies in the light of Watergate. Also on the Rockefeller Commission was Ronald Reagan. It found nothing of worth and did nothing of substance. The Elite now had complete control of the United States administration.


With the help of Ford and Rockefeller, and supervised by Kissinger, the nature of government administration was to become a fully-fledged dictatorship. That has continued to this day, through the political and economic cartels which have chosen and controlled the presidents who have followed: Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton. Whoever follows Clinton will be chosen in the same way. Watergate was more than just a break-in.


It was the destruction of what was left of the democratic process and all the main people behind it escaped prosecution.




After a period as the United States representative in China while the Chinese and Henry Kissinger were supporting Pol Pot in Cambodia, George Bush returned home in 1975.


He received a telegram from Kissinger saying that he was being nominated by Ford (Kissinger) to be the Director of the CIA. This is a major Elite organization, as is British Intelligence, which is probably above the CIA in the Elite pyramid. It was British Intelligence that helped to set up the CIA after the war.


The familiar names step forward again. A key figure behind the formation of the Office of Strategic Services, later the CIA, was General William J. Donovan. He studied law at Columbia University under Professor Harland F. Stone, who would later become US Attorney General and appoint Donovan as his assistant. Another of Stone’s protégés was J. Edgar Hoover, who would be head of the FBI, and one of Donovan’s classmates was Franklin D. Roosevelt, the future President.


In the First World War and between the wars, Donovan accepted a number of intelligence assignments from the New World Order brigade, including J.P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, and the Rothschilds, and on one occasion he spent an evening with Adolf Hitler. In 1941 he was appointed head of the new OSS intelligence agency by his friend from Columbia, Franklin Roosevelt. Donovan was assisted by James Paul Warburg, the son of Paul Warburg.


It was James Warburg who said:

“We shall have a world government whether or not you like it - by conquest or consent.”75

However, it seems Donovan was not actually in charge of the OSS.


According to Eustace Mullins in The World Order, Our Secret Rulers, Winston Churchill’s military secretary, Colonel E.I. Jacob, was told by Major Desmond Morton Church, the Prime Minister’s liaison with British Intelligence, in September 1941:

“Another most secret fact of which the Prime Minister is aware is that to all intents and purposes US Security is being run for them at the President’s request by the British. A British officer sits in Washington with Mr Edgar Hoover and General Bill Donovan for this purpose. It is of course essential that this fact should not be known.”

The leading British coordinator of the OSS and its policy was William Stephenson, the head of the Special Intelligence Section of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and he was given a floor of the Rockefeller Center rent free. From there he ran a network of British agents in the United States which, according to Mullins, were involved in the murders of German sailors in New York, acts designed to entice Hitler to declare war on America.


Stephenson and Louis Bloomfield, the head of Permindex, also ran Operation Underworld with the Lansky syndicate.


Mullins suggests that three other members of the British Chiefs of Staff behind the creation of the OSS were: Lord Louis Mountbatten (Comm 300, Bil), a cousin of the King and related to the Frankfurt banking families, Rothschild and Cassel; Charles Hambro, director of Hambros Bank and the Special Operations Executive; and Colonel Stewart Menzies, head of the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS).


Lord Victor Rothschild was also at the heart of it. OSS agents in Europe were trained at the British espionage headquarters at Bletchley Park, close to Woburn Abbey, from where Sefton Delmer (agent to Committee of 300 newspaper tycoon, Lord Beaverbrook) operated a British dirty tricks department. Woburn was the home of the Duke of Bedford, Marquess of Tavistock.


The British Bureau of Psychological Warfare became known as the Tavistock Institute. After the war, Donovan was special assistant to the US prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials to ensure that British and American involvement with the Nazis was not revealed. President Truman disbanded the OSS in 1945, but it was reformed as the CIA in 1948 under the control of Allen W. Dulles, a major funder of Adolf Hitler. Appropriately, Dulles, a director of Hitler’s bankers, J. Henry Schroder (Comm 300), chose them to handle CIA funds.


The CIA is an arm of the tax-exempt foundation syndicates controlled by the Rockefellers/ Rothschilds, like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie organization, through which much of the CIA policy is decided. But although the CIA is extremely important to the New World Order, the real power in American intelligence circles is the National Security Agency (NSA), an organization that keeps its head down while the CIA does its dirty work. So while Bush was head of the CIA and even when he was president, he would be answerable to higher masters within the Elite.


In his book, The Matrix, Valdamar Valerian reports the following conversation with a man claimed to be a CIA operative:

“Don’t kid yourself...the CIA is just a whipping boy. NSA are the ones with the hit teams. Look into their records - you won’t find a thing. Look into their budget - you can’t. The CIA is just a figurehead, but as far as intelligence goes, the NSA’s far superior to them - far in advance in the ‘black arts’. The CIA gets blamed for what the NSA does. NSA is far more vicious and far more accomplished in its operations. .. .The CIA gets the information, but the military heads the show...


“There are about 18 or 20 people running this country. They have not been elected. The elected people are only figureheads for the guys who have a lot more power than even the President of the United States.

[Valerian]: “You mean the president is powerless?”

“Not exactly powerless. He has the power to make decisions on what is presented to him. The Intelligence agencies tell him only what they want to tell him.”76

Bush was not heading an independent CIA, but an element within the so called ‘Inner Fed’ of the secret government which consists of the CIA, NSA, FBI, NASA, and the Federal Reserve.


Much of the funding for this cartel of manipulation comes from its involvement in the hard drugs trade.

Many of the people involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion in the early 1960s, who would also turn up in the 1980s in the Iran-Contra drugs-for-arms scandal, would be employed by George Bush during his period at the CIA. Bush was not new to the intelligence game and I believe his connections with the CIA go back to the 1950s. In The Immaculate Deception,77 Russell S. Bowen names him as a top CIA agent since before the Bay of Pigs invasion, when he worked with Felix Rodriquez and other anti-Castro Cubans. Intriguingly, the top secret code name for the Bay of Pigs Invasion was “Operation Zapata”.78 Bush’s oil company was called Zapata Oil.


Rodriquez would turn up again in the Iran-Contra scandal during the Reagan-Bush administration, which made more hard drugs available to the young people of the United States. When you look at the personnel in the Plumbers group involved in the Watergate break-in, a remarkable number of them were also involved in the Bay of Pigs. A CIA coordinator, William Buckley said that if he told what he knew about the Bay of Pigs and the Kennedy assassination “it would be the biggest scandal ever to rock the nation.”79


Buckley would later be assassinated in the Middle East. There is plenty of documented evidence that George Bush was a longtime CIA asset, since before the Kennedy assassination when the family friend, Allen Dulles, was head of the CIA. There is evidence that Bush was closer to the Kennedy assassination than people have believed.80 From his office at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, Bush put together his team. Among them was the infamous Theodore Shackley, whom Bush named as the CIA’s associate deputy director for covert operations. Shackley had been head of the CIA Station in Miami during the early 1960s, from where E. Howard Hunt and his Watergate burglars would emerge.


Shackley went on to head the CIA station in Saigon during the Vietnam War, where he masterminded Operation Phoenix. This involved the deaths of tens of thousands of Vietnamese civilians who were ‘suspected’ to be working for the Viet Cong. Just being able to read and write was enough to invite this suspicion, apparently. Oliver North, the ‘star’ of Iran-Contra, worked with Shackley on Operation Phoenix, which is reputed to have murdered 40,000 South Vietnamese villagers for Meyer Lansky and the CIA. Shackley ran a huge assassination and drug operation in South East Asia in the 1970s in which two other Bush men, Donald Gregg (Bil) and Felix Rodriquez, were involved. This operation was threatened by John Kennedy seeking to withdraw from Vietnam.


This same Theodore Shackley was now appointed to an important position in Bush’s CIA and he would later be recruited as Bush’s ‘speech writer’ during the 1979-80 election campaign.

The idea that someone like Shackley would be hired to write Bush’s speeches defies the imagination. No doubt his other ‘talents’ were the real reason for his presence. Today Shackley apparently lives in Medellin, Colombia, the home of the drug cartel. How thoroughly appropriate. Thomas Clines, a former second-in command at the CIA station in Miami, was another Bush appointee to his CIA administration who would be involved in Iran-Contra, a scandal Bush was to say he knew nothing about. During Bush’s tenure in the CIA, the operatives knew that they could virtually do as they liked because their director had a gift for looking the other way.


The power over the US Intelligence operations was concentrated in Bush’s hands as a result of a series of measures by President Ford. In the words of the Elite’s New York Times, Ford: “.. .centralized more power in the hands of the Director of Central Intelligence than any had had since the creation of the CIA”.81 Bush turned the screw on journalists who asked unpleasant questions while, at the same time, he was paying other ‘journalists’ to be CIA informants. One reporter who suffered from Bush’s wrath was Daniel Schorr (CFR) of CBS.


Bush was pictured on the front page of the Washington Star angrily remonstrating with Schorr on Capitol Hill for leaking information which put the CIA in a less than good light. Schorr, who was on Nixon’s list of ‘enemies’ during the Watergate affair, was sacked by CBS.


The late owner of CBS, William Paley (Comm 300), owed much to the Bush family. The credit which enabled him to buy the TV network was personally arranged by Prescott Bush, who was a CBS director in the 1950s. The contacts George Bush made at the CIA would be invaluable when he became vice-president to Ronald Reagan on January 21st 1981. Reagan’s personal fortune dates from a time shortly after becoming governor of California when he bought some land cheaply and sold it at a vast profit to a group of benefactors who have never been publicly identified.82 (I bet I could have a decent shot at who they were!)


He was, at 70, the oldest man to be inaugurated as president. His mind was failing and he needed long afternoon naps each day. Almost every word he spoke, even in relatively off-the-cuff situations when greeting foreign leaders, was written for him on cards by his aides. George Bush was president in fact, if not in name. After an assassination attempt on Reagan by another ‘lone nutter’, John Hinckley,83 his sharpness of mind further deteriorated and his need for sleep increased. This gave George Bush almost complete control of affairs and in the background would have been hovering his mentor, Henry Kissinger.

Bush built a network of organizations within the government with himself at its head. These were the Standing Crisis Pre-Planning Group, the Crisis Management Centre, the Terrorist Incident Working Group, the Taskforce on Combating Terrorism, and the Operations Sub-Group. These were all subordinate to, and controlled by, the Special Situation Group chaired by Bush. If ever there was a lineup of problem-reaction-solution and ‘managed crisis’ organisations, then this was it. Through this network would come the arms-for-drugs operation, Iran-Contra.


Bush hired his former CIA associate, Donald P. Gregg, as his main advisor on national security and Gregg brought with him a ‘former’ CIA assassinations manager, Felix I. Rodriquez, whom Bush had known back to the time of the Bay of Pigs invasion and during his period as head of the CIA. Gregg and Rodriquez were involved with Theodore Shackley in the assassination and drug-running operation in Southeast Asia, and the two now worked out of George Bush’s office! It was strictly illegal under US law for the government to supply arms to Iran or to supply the Nicaraguan ‘freedom fighters’, the Contras, in their war with the Sandinista government. It was certainly illegal to accept payment with drugs in return. The Reagan-Bush administration would do all of these things.

One of the ways the US government secretly undermined the Sandinistas was by mining harbours in Nicaragua. This was done by a company called Continental Shelf Associates Inc which is based on Jupiter Island, Florida. Jupiter Island is an interesting place. It became the fiefdom of the Harriman set.. . including George Bush, who has a home there. Jupiter Island has been a base for generations of New World Order families. Continental Shelf Associates (CSA) lists many oil companies and government agencies among its clients. They include the Rockefellers’ Exxon and the Bush-Liedtke company, Pennzoil.

CSA was used by the US military for coastal mapping and reconnaissance in Grenada before the invasion in October 1983 and during US operations in Lebanon. The company was run by Robert ‘Stretch’ Stevens, a close associate of Theodore Shackley and Felix Rodriquez when they were all involved in Vietnam and the Bay of Pigs. A CSA company at the same address is Acta Non Verba, which means ‘action, not words’.


A high level CIA officer quoted in George Bush, The Unofficial Biography, said of this CSA subsidiary:

“Assassination operations and training company controlled by Ted Shackley, under cover of a private corporation with a regular board of directors, stockholders, etc, located in Florida. They covertly bring in Haitian and South East Asian boat people as recruits, as well as Koreans, Cubans, and Americans. They hire out assassinations and intelligence services to governments, corporations, and individuals...”84

The bombs planted in the harbours of Nicaragua caused such a row in the US that the laws against such action, the Boland laws as they were called, were still further strengthened.


But at a secret meeting of the National Planning Group on June 25th 1984, Reagan, Bush, Casey, and other top officials decided to ignore the law. They would fund the Contras through Honduras, just as they had used El Salvador against the Sandinistas. Bush and Oliver North, an official of the National Security Council, travelled together to El Salvador.


While Bush is so keen in public about “Wars on Drugs”, the smuggling of hard drugs gets uncomfortably close to him time and again. On January 18th 1985, Felix Rodriquez is known to have met his namesake (but not thought to be a relative), Ramon Milian Rodriguez,85 an accountant and money launderer who worked for the Medellin cocaine cartel in Colombia.


From his prison cell in Burner, North Carolina, Ramon told the investigative journalist, Martha Honey:

“...[Felix offered] in exchange for money for the Contra cause he would use his influence in high places to get the [cocaine] cartel US goodwill...Frankly one of the selling points was that he could talk directly to Bush. The issue of good will wasn’t something that was going to go through 27 bureaucratic hands. It was something that was directly between him and Bush.”86

This could easily be done, given that Felix Rodriquez was working from Bush’s office.


A memo in early September 1986, sent to Oliver North by retired Army Major General, John K. Singlaub, said that Rodriquez was talking of having ‘daily contact’ with Bush’s office and this, said the memo, could damage President Reagan and the Republican Party. Oliver North would also write in his notebook that “Felix has been talking too much about the VP [vice-president]”.87


In his 1987 book, Out Of Control, Leslie Cockburn presents devastating evidence of Bush’s involvement in Iran-Contra and the drug running. He says that planes chartered by the CIA and packed with cocaine flew directly into the Homestead Airforce Base in Florida using a CIA code signal.

In 1986, the Reagan-Bush administration admitted that Adolfo Chamorro’s Contras, who were supported by the CIA, were helping a Colombian drug trafficker transport drugs into the United States, and the testimony of John Stockwell, a former high ranking CIA official, revealed that drug smuggling was an essential component of the CIA operation with the Contras. George Morales, one of South America’s biggest traffickers, testified that he was approached in 1984 to fly weapons to the Contras.


In return, he says, the CIA helped him to smuggle thousands of kilos of cocaine into the United States via an airstrip on the ranch of John Hull, a self confessed CIA agent, and associate of Oliver North. At the time, George Bush was having a war on drugs - for public consumption only. Meanwhile, the other wing of Iran-Contra was continuing, the arms-for-hostages-deal with Iran. Oliver North was heavily involved in the supply of arms to Iran, via Israel, in return for hostages. The release of the hostages was explained, in part, by the efforts of Terry Waite, the representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury.


Waite was being used without his knowledge by North who was quite happy for him to take the credit for releases which were, in fact, the result of arms sales via Israel. Waite would eventually be taken hostage himself.


Bush, who as George Shultz publicly confirmed, supported the arms-for-hostages policy, was telling the nation:

“We will make no concessions to terrorists”.

The money and drugs involved in the arms transfers to Iran were laundered through Switzerland, that centre for Global Elite activities.


Jean Ziegler, a member of the Swiss Parliament, writes in his book, Switzerland Washes Whiter:

“The Commerce developed by North and his accomplices was as simple as it was lucrative. With the expert assistance of the Swiss magnates, as well as some discreet help from the Swiss Secret Service, they delivered American and Israeli weapons to the Imam Khomeini. The Imam paid for some of the weaponry in dollars, but for most of it in drugs [morphine base and heroin].


The Godfathers of Turkish and Lebanese networks installed in Zurich turned the drugs into cash on the international market. After taking their cut of the profits, the Godfathers deposited the remainder in numbered accounts that had been opened in the main banks and financial institutions of Geneva and Zurich.”

In an interview for Italian Television in May 1990, the CIA agent, Ibrahim Razin, said that he had learned from a leading Mafia boss that Licio Gelli of the P2 Freemasonary Lodge had sent a telegram in February 1986 to Phil Guarino, a close associate of George Bush.


According to Razin, the telegram said: “Tell our good friend Bush that the Swedish tree will be felled”.


Three days later, the Swedish Prime Minister and Bilderberger, Olof Palme, was assassinated. Razin, who went into hiding in fear of his life, said that Palme was killed because he knew too much about the American arms trafficking to Iran which, Razin said, P2 had been involved in. Part of the reason for the arms to Iran, he said, was the payback from Bush and his colleagues for the Khomeini regime delaying the release of American hostages in the so called “October Surprise”.


This was when the Reagan-Bush campaign had negotiated with the Iranians not to release American hostages until after the election against Jimmy Carter to prevent Carter getting the credit, and therefore the votes, for their release. The plane which flew 51 of the 52 hostages home left Iran as Reagan and Bush were being inaugurated. While all the leading politicians are implicated with, or controlled by, the Global Elite network, there is great rivalry between some of them and this allows the Elite to play them off against each other. Even at the higher levels of the pyramid, the personnel are being manipulated by those even nearer the top. George Bush flew to Paris to meet with Iranian officials, including Ayatollah Mehdi, at the Hotel Ritz on October 19th 1980.


Among those accompanying Bush were William Casey, the soon-to-be head of the CIA; Donald Gregg, the CIA operative; Robert McFarlane, who had been a member of President Carter’s National Security Council; Senators John Tower and John Heinz; and a long-time CIA and Office of Naval Intelligence operative, Gunthar Russbacher. It was John Tower, a Texas senator at the time of the Kennedy assassination, who told the CIA’s police detective Gary Wean about the CIA’s “fake” assassination plot involving E. Howard Hunt.


Russbacher described the event in intricate detail to Rodney Stich, a former federal inspector and author of the book, Defrauding America. Russbacher claims he flew Bush back to the States in a two seater SR-71, which allowed Bush to arrive in time to make a speech at the Washington Hilton. This event was used to deny the Paris meeting on the grounds of time and logistics. But Ari Ben-Menashe, an agent with Israel’s (and the Rothschild’s) Mossad, also confirms the meeting took place. He was there because Israel was the middleman for the arms deal between the US and Iran. Bush has always denied being in Paris or that he knew anything about the October Surprise and arms shipments to Iran.


Defrauding America includes copies of a number of letters from the National Security Agency which describe the Iran operation. Each is marked.. .”Copy to V.P. George Bush.”


Poor old George needs to consult one of those mail order books you see: How To Improve Your Memory. It may seem hard to believe that a drug-for-arms operation run illegally from George Bush’s office could be covered up so well that he would then be elected president, but the extent of media control should not be underestimated. Cover ups are the daily bread of the Elite. They can’t cover up everything, just as they cannot control everything, and they have had some spectacular failures on both counts. But as a rule they are extremely effective in keeping information that would expose the game from the public.

In late 1986, the Iran-Contra scandal blew. On October 5th, a plane left the Ilopango air base in El Salvador with arms and ammunition for the Contra terrorists in Nicaragua. The flight had been coordinated by officials within George Bush’s office. As the plane came low to make the drop, it was grounded by a Sandinista missile. Three people died in the crash, but cargo handler, Eugene Hasenfus, parachuted into the hands of the Sandinistas. Bush was alerted in a call to his office by drug-runner Felix Rodriguez. The truth was out. Or some of it was.


The power of the Elite channels can be the only explanation of how, despite the overwhelming evidence against him - far, far, more than I have outlined here - Bush evaded prosecution, even though Buz Sawyer, the pilot of the crashed plane, was found to have the private phone number of George Bush’s office in his pocket! Hasenfus also stated that George Bush knew about the whole thing. But Bush denied any involvement or knowledge of what happened, and subordinates like Don Regan, Admiral John Poindexter, Oliver North and Major General Richard Secord were sacrificed and scapegoated.


They were heavily involved, of that there is no doubt, but Bush got away with it, as did Reagan and his Secretary of Defense, Casper Weinberger (CFR, TC). North, who was up to his eyes in the intrigue, faced hearings and, given the evidence, it was staggering that he should not only escape punishment, but emerge as almost an American hero. Of all the peoples in the world, certain expressions of the American psyche have been the easiest to dupe.


Others involved, like CIA Director William Casey, had health problems. In the aftermath of the Iran-Contra revelations, Casey (who knew the whole story) literally could not speak following an operation for a ‘brain tumour’ that took away his ability to talk. Two months later he was dead. In his presidential election campaign, Bush pledged to build a ‘kinder, gentler’ America.

The Tower Commission was appointed to investigate the Iran-Contra affair, chaired by our old friend, the Texas Senator, John Tower. This is the same John Tower who, according to CIA man Gunthar Russbacher, was on the plane with Bush when he flew to Paris for the October Surprise meeting with the Iranians! The John Tower who knew the real story of Lee Harvey Oswald.


Also on the Tower Commission was Brent Scowcroft (CFR, TC, Bil), a Kissinger ‘yes man’ and an executive of Kissinger Associates; and Ed Muskie, another do-as-you’re-told politician who could be twisted to suppress the truth. Muskie was himself implicated in both the October Surprise and Iran-Contra. As you can see, the Commission was thoroughly independent. It cleared George Bush of all blame and involvement. When Bush became president he made John Tower his secretary of defense.


Tower was asked by reporters if this appointment was a pay-off from Bush.


His response?

“As the Commission was made up of three people, Brent Scowcroft, and Ed Muskie in addition to myself, that would be sort of impugning the integrity of Brent Scowcroft and Ed Muskie...We found nothing to implicate the Vice President...! wonder what kind of pay-off they’re going to get?”88

I can tell him. Bush appointed Brent Scowcroft as his National Security Advisor.


The Senate refused to accept Tower’s appointment and he began to speak of the injustice he believed had been done to him. He died in a plane crash on April 5th 1991. When the Senate turned down Tower, a decision Bush probably engineered, he selected Dick Cheney (CFR) as defense secretary. Cheney was the senior Republican member of another committee which cleared Bush of involvement in Iran-Contra, the House Select Committee to Investigate Covert Arms Transactions with Iran.


A group of other people, including former defense secretary, Casper Weinberger, were given a pardon by Bush for their involvement in Iran-Contra. This came on Christmas Eve 1992, a matter of weeks before they were due to face a trial which would have implicated Bush. In January 1993, he then passed over the presidency to Bill Clinton who continued the cover-up because - as we shall see in the next chapter - he was involved too! The Washington Post and the rest of the mainstream media which had turned a comparatively minor break-in at the Watergate building into a scandal that dethroned Richard Nixon, kept their heads down as the United States government sold arms to terrorists in exchange for drugs for American children.


It is actually possible to coordinate a drug running and arms running operation from the White House and get away with it. Unbelievable, maybe, but true all the same.



The Oklahoma Bomb

On April 19th 1995,1 believe that the Global Elite, via elements within the US government, the CIA and Mossad, murdered some 168 men, women and children in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.


I do not agree with the approach of the ‘people’s militias’ which have expanded enormously across the United States in the face of the evidence that the New World Order agenda includes a coup d’etat on dissidents who oppose the tyranny. The militias arm and train themselves in readiness for what they see as the inevitable day when the New World Order troops will arrive on their doorstep. Meeting violence with violence is not my scene.


I would not pull a trigger if my life depended upon it. What would be the point? I wish to see an end to violence, not add to it, and my own view of life and creation could hardly be more at odds with that of the ‘Christian Patriotism’ at the heart of the militias’ belief system. But for months before the Oklahoma bombing, I was reading reports from America of how the government was targeting these militias and hounding them, not the least because they were having some considerable success in circulating information about the plans of the Global Elite. Then, suddenly, came that horrific bomb and the blame was dumped not only on a few people, but on the whole of the militia movement.

What was Bill Clinton’s response and that of his attorney general, Janet Reno, the subject of much criticism by the militias? To use the bombing as an excuse to increase the powers of the FBI to infiltrate and attack these groups and, as Clinton put it, to “ease the restrictions on the involvement of the military in domestic law enforcement”. This is similar to the policy of UK Prime Minister John Major, when he allowed the MI5 intelligence agency to become involved in domestic law enforcement.


The idea is to turn the intelligence agencies and the military into the world police who will enforce the New World Order. Clinton also used Oklahoma to urge the media to ban “anti-government extremists” from their papers, screens, and microphones and attacked the talk radio shows which involve the public and offer a rare opportunity to communicate information which differs from the official line. A former official of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) was harangued and accused of stirring up the climate of opinion that led to Oklahoma. How was this man supposed to be doing this? By saying that the BATF, which was responsible for the Waco massacre, was rotten to the core when he worked for it and remained so today.

I wonder how many Americans saw the irony of a president denying that America was becoming an authoritarian state while at the very same time he was using the bombing to push it closer to exactly that. And who supported the ‘Democrat’ president in this? His chief ‘opponent’, Newt Gingrich, the ‘Republican’ Speaker of the House. What a surprise. Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Gingrich, are all stooges for the same One Party State in which the same force controls both the Republicans and their ‘opponents’, the Democrats.


The Oklahoma bombing could well have been problem-reaction-solution of the most grotesque kind. Do you think that a force which creates wars that cost tens of millions of lives, kills presidents, and blows passenger aircraft out of the sky, would not sacrifice the lives of children for their sick ambitions? If only that were so. The FBI and the Bill Clinton/Janet Reno Justice Department claims that one explosion destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, and that the bomb was concocted by the former soldier Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols from fertilizer and fuel oil. McVeigh has said that he was microchipped while serving in the US forces.


This is done to many US soldiers and, as you will see in a later chapter, a microchipped person can be used to do almost anything. For an event like the Oklahoma bomb, however, they would require support from powerful sources. Ted Gunderson of Santa Monica, California, a man of 28 years experience with the FBI, believes the official explanation of the bomb to be both ridiculous and impossible.89 Gunderson, and other contacts within the FBI, believe that the blast was caused by an electrohydrodynamic gaseous fuel device known as a barometric bomb.


To know how to make such a bomb you would require security clearance at the highest levels of the government/military and have access to a wide range of chemicals and electronic technology. The barometric bomb has “Q” clearance, which puts it on a level of security and secrecy with nuclear weapons components. If Gunderson is correct, someone like McVeigh and others charged with him, could not possibly have such knowledge or resources. The very idea would be ludicrous. Gunderson says he spoke to one of the inventors of the barometric bomb and was told that the devastation caused to the building was exactly in line with what such a device would achieve.


The bomb works like this. There is a first explosion using an explosive known as PETN and this releases a lethal cloud of chemicals, ammonium nitrate, and aluminum silicate. The cloud, Gunderson says, is energized with a “high potential electrostatic field”. There then follows a second blast a few seconds later using another explosive called PDTN which ignites this cloud and creates an explosion of greater magnitude than TNT.


To confirm that a top secret barometic bomb was used in Oklahoma there would need to be traces of the appropriate chemicals and there had to be two explosions a few seconds apart and not just one, as the Clinton administration and the FBI are claiming. At a court hearing in El Reno, Oklahoma, on April 28th 1995, the FBI Special Agent, John Hersley, said a shirt that McVeigh was wearing when arrested was found to contain traces of the explosive PDTN.90


And when Gunderson checked with the seismographic record at the Oklahoma Geological Survey at the University of Oklahoma, it revealed that there had been.. .two explosions, ten seconds apart. The first went off at 9.02 am and 13 seconds and another followed at 9.02am and 23 seconds. That could not possibly happen with a fertiliser bomb, a claim for which there is no credible evidence anyway. Other bomb experts have suggested different devices to the one described by Gunderson, but they agree with him that the government ‘explanation’ is ridiculous.


Rubble from the Murrah building was piled up against the general records office across the street on the other side of the truck which supposedly exploded with the fuel-fertilizer bomb. The only way the rubble could have blown in that direction was by an explosion inside the Murrah building. Very conveniently, the building was demolished by the authorities and the debris removed before it could be properly investigated.

There is an excellent chance that elements of the US government and its agencies blew up its own building and killed some 168 men, women and children, to further the goals of the New World Order under problem-reaction-solution. Stunned? Who wouldn’t be? I think, however, that this is a bomb too far for the Elite. I believe the truth will eventually come out and reveal a much wider picture.


The government has consistently increased the size of the ‘fertiliser’ bomb it claims was built by McVeigh and co, because the size of the bomb and the extent of the devastation are clearly at odds. It was first announced that the ‘fertiliser’ bomb weighed 1,000 pounds, but this has since increased in stages to reach some 4,800 pounds. As a result, the description of the vehicle used to carry it has had to change in line with the ever greater weight involved.


The bomb was first carried in a delivery van, according to government announcements, but now it has changed to a removal van. Stand by for the articulated truck to make an appearance! As Michael J. Riconosciuto, the designer of the barometric bomb said, a fertilizer bomb would have scattered fertilizer all over the site. This did not happen at Oklahoma.91


Many government officials who would normally have been in the building that day were not there, including some of those from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF), who were supposed to have been the target of the bomb because of their genocide at Waco. Also, Michael J. Riconosciuto revealed to Spotlight that records and components of his barometric bomb were stolen in two raids on a well guarded warehouse in Aberdeen, Washington State, in 1988. On the first occasion, he said, those involved were set free by police without charges and on the second the police watched the robbers carry out the raid and yet did nothing!92


The whole thing stinks and yet the American people have allowed themselves to be so duped that they have permitted, and even demanded, the increased powers of the government to open mail, tap phones, search homes, and take away papers and documents at will. These powers have been achieved by using the excuse of a bomb which elements within the government are almost certainly responsible for. Problem-reaction-solution.


I believe that the Anti-Defamation League will prove to be seriously implicated and we can expect more ‘set-ups’ of this nature to discredit those who expose the truth.



Wake Up America... Wake Up World!

All this has happened so many times before.


The Kennedy assassination was used by his successor, Lyndon Johnson, to increase the powers of the State, as have other such engineered events and ‘problems’. The CIA, often in league with Mossad, has been responsible for some horrific terrorist outrages abroad involving the murder of children, thousands of them if the full truth be told.


In Beirut in 1983, a car bomb planted by the CIA-Mossad went off. It failed to kill its intended target, a muslim cleric, but instead murdered 91 passers-by, a story later revealed by the former CIA operations analyst in Vietnam and Latin America, Gordon Thurlow.93 We are dealing here with a consciousness working through these people that knows no scale of horror it would not use to achieve its end and, as we saw in Oklahoma, it is supported by a media peopled by a combination of the few who know what is going on and the many who are nothing more than manipulators’ mouthpieces, while having no idea that this is so.


The way the ‘journalists’ and television ‘correspondents’ simply repeated the government’s version of events without question was incredible. Anyone who suggested that the New World Order was happening was dismissed as ‘paranoid’ and yet at least 99.9% of those reporters will never have read a single word about the conspiracy. Nice to know that those who inform us are so informed themselves!


Margaret Thatcher

The sort of methods of covert manipulation and cover-up I have mentioned here are happening around the world every day. Even the demise of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in 1990 is also linked with the stories I have outlined here.

Assassinations can become a problem when investigators won’t let them go away, as with the JFK killing in particular, and it is easier and ‘cleaner’ from the Elite point of view to remove people more subtly by creating events, often economic in nature, which undermine leaders and cause them to be removed ‘democratically’. Margaret Thatcher, a Bilderberg attendee, was an Elite choice who served the cause well economically during the 1980s when she and Ronald Reagan set the themes for the decade under the control of Paul Volcker, the head of the Federal Reserve and the International Banking Commission.


One of the people who did most to ensure that Margaret Thatcher became conservative party leader in the 1970s was Sir Alfred Sherman, who would later be advisor to the Serbian leader Radovan Karadzic, the man responsible for so much suffering and horror in the civil war in the former Yugoslavia. Thatcher was selected by the Elite, possibly without her knowing what was really going on. But politicians are only there to be used as appropriate to the plans of the Global Elite and she outlived her welcome when she continued to oppose the removal of national sovereignty by the European Community through a European currency and central bank.


In May 1989, The Spotlight newspaper reported that the Bilderberg Group meeting on La Toja Island off Spain in that same month, had decided she had to go. A year later she was removed by her own MPs while still in office.

Mrs Thatcher would not have been removed by people going to Conservative MPs and saying: “Hey, the Bilderberg Group says she’s got to go.” It is much more covert. The media is used to undermine the target, drip, drip, drip style, and unrest, doubts, and fears, are stimulated among ministers and MPs who want to keep their jobs. The threat of losing their privilege because “We will never win the next election with Margaret Thatcher as leader” is a wonderful way to concentrate the minds of politicians to believe that “something must be done”.


A momentum is created which in the end makes the target politician’s removal inevitable. When, in Britain, we hear of the “men in grey suits” who decide when the leader of the Conservative Party will come and go, we are looking at Elite/Brotherhood representatives within that party. Not top of the pyramid people, or anything like, but those who do as they are told when a change is demanded. The same with other parties in other countries.


There are so many world events I could list over the last 40 years that would all come back to the same group.



The UFO Cover-up

Throughout the period since the war, reports by the public of UFOs have been continually dismissed by the authorities. They don’t exist, we are told. About the same time that the Warren Commission reported its covered-up version of the Kennedy assassination, the Condon Report came out which did a similar job on UFOs. It said there was nothing about the phenomena worth investigating. If that is the case, why are the files on UFO reports designated at ‘above top secret’?


Because this is probably the biggest cover-up of them all, that’s why. A cover-up of the truth that the American elite have flying saucer, anti-gravity technology which makes the Space Shuttle look like an antique, and to smokescreen the fact that extraterrestrials are visiting this planet from the Fourth Dimension. This whole area is a minefield of disinformation and we need to keep a very open and flexible mind here, especially as the UFO investigation field will have been seriously infiltrated by those who wish to deflect us.


But there are now an average of 150 reported UFO sightings a day. If you accept the claim that only ten per cent of sightings are reported, that’s more like 1,500 a day, across the world. They can’t all be flown by Earth humans and while the Elite could use their craft to set up specific events to manipulate the human mind, there are, in my view, also increasing numbers of true extraterrestrials operating on this dimension. Some are here to help, others to hinder the transformation of humanity and Planet Earth. The latter are linked with the Global Elite, either by face-to-face contact, or via channelling and consciousness control.


I have presented a lot of evidence relating to UFOs in The Robots’ Rebellion, but there is much more available for those who wish to research further. What’s for sure is that there is a whole library of information about UFOs and extraterrestrials which the public is not being told about, including the background to human abductions and the mutilation of cattle and other farm animals all over the world, in ways that can only be done by technology not known in the public arena.


Either it is the work of extraterrestrials or of the human scientific elites at the underground bases in the United States (at places like Area S-4 near Groom Lake in Nevada and the Dulce facility in New Mexico).


John Lear, a one-time pilot for the CIA, told a Dallas UFO Group in 1988:

“The nation has been brainwashed by a CIA mind-control operation based on fear of ridicule. There have been at least one million abductees in the US since 1947. In the last 13 years, there have been over 40,000 cattle mutilations in the US. There are approximately 70 alien civilizations known to be visiting us at the present time.


“Gordon Cooper, one of our very best astronauts, lost his chance to go on the Apollo flights because he dared to speak out about UFOs in a letter to the United Nations. During the past few years, there has been a steep increase in the number of missing persons. It is estimated that there are about ten million of the Grays [an alleged ET race] in bases on the Earth and Moon, but it is not known whether they are able to return to their home base.


They enter and exit their underground bases through interdimensional transference, a hyperspace manoeuvre which accounts for the apparently nonsensical stories of UFO witnesses who report having seen UFOs going in or out of mountains. Those witnesses are truthfully describing a manoeuvre that is at present incomprehensible to our science.

“It was President Eisenhower who allowed the reins of power to pass from the hands of the President into the control of the Pentagon. Ever since Eisenhower, the real rulers of this nation have been a military junta.” 94

Again Lear’s claims may be disinformation. But the themes cross-check with an enormous number of other reports (which, of course, might also be disinformation).


I am now certain to my own satisfaction that the human form was created by extraterrestrials; that negatively-inspired ETs from the Fourth Dimension have sought to control this planet throughout known history by actual appearances and (mostly) by controlling the consciousness of those humans operating within a negative frequency range; that those who have conspired to install the New World Order since ancient times have been puppets of these beings (quite possibly, in part, the “Melchedekans” or “Elohim”) and the same applies to the Global Elite of today.


I feel that contact has probably taken place between the Elite and certain negative ET races, and the most unspeakable genetic experiments are being carried out in the underground bases around the world, especially in the United States, on those who are written off as ‘missing persons’.


The Nazi mentality is alive and well and controlling America under the direction of an extraterrestrial consciousness which is the Nazi mentality. I believe that these ETs of the Fourth Dimension feed off negative human emotion. They feed off the energies of fear, guilt, and misery, and therefore seek to increase our pain and sense of fear and hopelessness, both for nourishment and to diminish our sense of worth and potential, thus making it easier to control the vibratory prison.


When we love and respect ourselves, we cut off the food supply and open our minds and hearts to breach the blocking vibration. This we can and will do. The reason for the UFO cover-up is to keep information from us about other civilizations and worlds that would open people to a far greater perspective of life and Creation, and to keep hidden the Global Pyramid of manipulation which (at its highest levels) is knowingly in contact with - and guided by - a negative force from another dimension. The number of scientists and computer programmers in the UK and the USA working with advanced technology who have met strange, unexplained, deaths is ridiculous. Most have been written off as.. .’suicide’.


One after the other has died, many of them linked to the Star Wars project and Marconi, a subsidiary of General Electric in the UK. If the Elite do have ‘flying saucer’, antigravity craft (and I believe they certainly do), or technology in the ‘defence’ field they wish no-one to know about, it is just such scientists and computer programmers who might know about it, either by accident or design. Maybe they found out too much about that or the technology linked to Star Wars, which may really be part of the global electronic communications network designed to monitor billions of microchipped people.


Each mysterious death has been claimed to be unconnected to the others, under the familiar lone-assassin-no-conspiracy-type approach. Secret technology is put together under the rules of compartmentalization. Each company or scientist only works on part of the project. Only a tiny few know how each part fits together to produce the finished article.95


One of the most famous scientific victims of the Elite was Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who died in a federal penitentiary in 1957 while the authorities destroyed all his work they could find. His organs were removed at an ‘autopsy’ and were never seen again. Reich’s last book was called Contact With Space, which detailed his UFO research.


He understood how the Earth reflects the human mind and he recognized the barrenness and desertification of once beautiful landscapes as the result of humanity’s emotional barrenness. He identified the lifeforce energies, which he termed orgone energy. He labelled positive energy ‘OR’ and the negative ‘DOR’. Reich believed that a particularly virulent form of negative energy, which he called Melanor, was emitted by some of the extraterrestrial spacecraft he said were visiting the planet. This Melanor took the form of a black powder-type substance which “smelled like dead bodies”. This has been mentioned in a number of stories by people claiming to have seen UFOs.

Reich said that by using the knowledge of positive orgone energy, the lifeforce, he and his small team had grown grass to knee height in the Arizona desert, where it had never grown before in modern times. He also realized that this energy could be harnessed to provide ‘free energy’ for all the warmth and power we need, without pollution and (virtually) cost free.

This is what could be happening all over the world if the knowledge of how to do it were not suppressed. The ‘unsolvable’ problems of this world are only unsolvable because the solutions are kept from us. Throughout his career in the United States after fleeing Nazi Germany, Reich was harassed by what he called the ‘hoodlums in government’, the ‘higs’.


He developed a weapon which, he said, made UFOs disappear and he discovered how to change the weather and make it rain in the desert. This was only a technological extension of what the Native Americans could do with their rain dances. They were both utilizing the same energies.


In Contact With Space, the book that helped to speed the end of his life, Reich was getting close to the truth. He wrote:

“Am I a spaceman? Do I belong to a new race on Earth, bred by men from outer space in embraces with Earth women? Are my children offspring of the first interplanetary race? Has the melting pot of interplanetary society already been created on our planet, as the melting pot of all nations was established in the USA 190 years ago? Or does this thought relate to things to come in the future? I request my right and privilege to have such thoughts and to ask such questions without being threatened to be jailed by any administrative agency of society...In the face of a rigid, doctrinaire, self-appointed, readyto-kill hierarchy of scientific censorship it appears foolish to publish such thoughts.


Anyone malignant enough could do anything with them. Still the right to be wrong has to be maintained. We should not fear to enter the forest because there are wild cats around in the trees. We should not yield our right to well-controlled speculation. It is certain questions entailed in such speculation which the administrators of established knowledge fear...But in entering the cosmic age we should certainly insist on the right to ask new, even silly questions without being molested.”96

Sadly, for Reich, the freedom he so rightly proclaimed was denied to him, as it has been for so many others who have been killed for the crime of acquiring knowledge of science and UFOs which the Elite and their extraterrestrial/Luciferic masters wish to remain hidden.


His fellow ‘scientists’ looked on as he was crucified. It is even speculated that another reason President Kennedy was killed was that he found out about the ETs and pledged to make the information public. In 1965, a leading journalist, Dorothy Kilgallen, was investigating both the UFO cover-up and the Kennedy assassination.


She said in her column in the Los Angeles Examiner of May 22nd 1965, that she had met “a high British official of cabinet rank” in London who had told her that British scientists had examined a crashed UFO crewed by small men, less than four feet tall.97 In the same year, she interviewed Jack Ruby in a Dallas jail. Ruby, the man who killed the ‘patsy’, Lee Harvey Oswald, told her something which, she told close friends, “would blow the Kennedy case sky high.” Within days she was found dead. Verdict: suicide. Her friends searched her apartment for the notes of her meeting with Ruby.


None were found.98 The UFO scene is awash with disinformation and that means there is something going on which those in power don’t want the public to know. I believe there is a scenario in which a threat from an extraterrestrial force is hyped up by the Global Elite to the point where public terror will allow them to install a world government and army. This was one of the suggestions in the Report From Iron Mountain. I have no doubt, as I said in The Robots’ Rebellion, that at least some abductions attributed to ‘aliens’ are actually carried out by humans as part of a mind manipulation and microchipping operation.


The Rockefellers (via billionaire Laurance Rockefeller) have been linked with the ‘research’ into extraterrestrials.” As this book was being completed, I was approached with information about what was claimed to be a mass mind manipulation policy on the people of the United Kingdom, headed by the National Security Agency (NSA) in America with the blessing of the British authorities. This has involved among other things the staging of ‘UFO’ sightings, ‘alien’ abductions, and the microchipping of people, including some of those involved in UFO research. I want to know a lot more about this to see if it checks out. If you know something and you would like to talk to an open mind, please contact me.

One thing’s for sure from where I am sitting: there is an underground facility connected with RAF Rudloe Manor in Wiltshire, England, which the British people ought to know about, and the same goes for places like the top secret Mount Weather underground city near the little town of Bluemont, Virginia, about 46 miles west of Washington D.C. Some of the things you see in the James Bond films are not all fiction. Neither of these facilities, or the others, are operating in the interests of the people. Mount Weather is likely to be a centre from where the parallel government of the United States, the one that really runs the country, coordinates its operation. It is also the place which supervises the surveillance of Americans who challenge the tyranny. Congress, the ‘elected’ representatives of the people, has been refused any information about what goes on there. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the free world.

The same Hidden Hand which was behind the Bay of Pigs, Vietnam, the Kennedy, King and Malcolm X assassinations, Watergate, Iran-Contra, terrorist bombings, and the demise of Margaret Thatcher, is also responsible for the disinformation and cover-ups over UFOs and extraterrestrials. On the surface, these often very different subjects and events appear to be unconnected, while they were - and are - coordinated by one force: the Global Elite, controlled by the Fourth Dimensional Prison Warders of the Luciferic Consciousness.


But the truth about UFOs, whatever that may turn out to be, is not far from being known, and the veil is lifting on so much that has been kept secret across the generations. This is the time when the hidden will be revealed and the cause of the manipulation removed. When the Elite network has been dismantled in our lifetimes, what a different world this will be. For it is this which is behind the global conflicts, the trafficking in hard drugs to young people, and the minute-by-minute abuse of what we call democracy and freedom. Yet still the mass of the people allow their minds to be misled like bewildered rabbits caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.


I have sketched out the mere bones (or should I say the skull and bones) of George Bush’s career up to 1989.1 have not even mentioned his endless business dealings, or the number of times his business associates found themselves appointed to the government payroll. That would take many chapters in itself, but the information is all there and I recommend the book, George Bush, The Unauthorised Biography, if you wish to know more.


He has been a constant theme in the New World Order for over forty years.


You have read some of his background and the way his hand was symbolically holding a smoking gun when some terrible events were unfolding. So what did the American people do about it? I’ll tell you. They made him president...





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