chapter 9
pyramid power

The covert network of control is but the physical version of the multidimensional prison, within which our lower consciousness has been, until now, entrapped for hundreds of thousands of years.

Those at the higher levels of the Elite-Illuminati-Brotherhood are, I believe, vehicles for the manipulation of the physical world by the Prison Warders of the Fourth Dimension. There are many connections between the Elite-Brotherhood and black magic, and once you get involved in that, it is easy for your consciousness to be taken over by an extreme negative force.


Such ceremonies and ritual can conjure up very dark and malevolent energies, which can possess the people involved.


Most Freemasons learn the lines of their ceremonies and go through the ritual without any idea of what they are playing around with and attracting to them. Most think it is just a gentlemen’s club, but the ceremonial has been designed to attract extreme negative energies which allow a “possession” by the negative elements of the Fourth Dimension.

When I spoke at a spiritual-healing exhibition in Birmingham, I was surprised to find it was being held in the main Freemasons’ centre in what is Britain’s second city. The Freemasons rent part of the complex to outside organizations to earn money. I was delighted because it allowed me to study the subject in the heart of what must be among the largest centers of Freemasonry in the United Kingdom. By ‘coincidence’ while I was there, I managed to see the inside of some of the temples where the public are not allowed to go.


The complex, called the Clarendon Suites, is built virtually without windows once you get through the main entrance. This is appropriately symbolic, I feel, of keeping out the Light. I walked into a temple of the Royal Arch branch of Freemasonry where the public are not allowed to go, and I will never forget the feeling of extreme negative energy hitting me the moment I stepped through the door. Goodness knows what they must do to attract that scale of malevolence! It took the breath away. And most of the members will not understand what they are doing.


Once you synchronize vibrationally with that sort of energy, it can take you over and control you - especially if you have no understanding of what you are messing with. You can become a mental robot of the Prison Warders, without knowing it. This is how people are snared and pulled into the net. It won’t happen to every Freemason because it depends on their intent and their own vibrational rate at the time, but it happens to those who are of a state of mind that is open to such possession.

Freemasonry, like the Elite network in general, can manipulate and deceive most of its own membership because it is structured like a pyramid. If you look at any organization, from a small business to a multinational corporation, you will see the same pyramid structure. At the top will be a very few people who know everything there is to know about the organization, its motivation, agenda, and the direction it wishes to go. The further you descend from the peak, you meet more and more people who know less and less about that overall picture. They are only aware of their part in the organization and not everyone else’s. This is a manipulator’s dream and it is the means through which the Elite can control so many people and organizations across the world.

Most of those working for the New World Order agenda don’t know they are doing so. The conspiracy couldn’t exist if everyone involved was in on the plot. Manipulating the manipulators and controlling the controllers is essential to its success. Take the CIA. It has a policy of ‘compartmentalization’.


Put more simply, the ‘need to know’ approach.


At the top of the CIA are those who know the true nature of its agenda. The further down you go, the less the CIA employees are aware of this wider perspective. There can be many people within the CIA who do their daily tasks quite innocently. They might think that what they are doing is serving the United States and is not at all sinister. But they don’t know how what they are doing connects with the work of others like them throughout the pyramid to produce a very unpleasant picture. Only those few at the top know that. It is in this way that the Elite control and manipulate.


Each of the various elements, the Council on Foreign Relations, Freemasonry, etc are also structured as pyramids, and they are themselves all a part of a vast global pyramid with the Elite at the top.


It may appear to be a mass of unconnected organizations and people, but there is a central controlling force that holds the structure together and unites it into a common cause and policy (Figure 8).


Figure 8


The Global Elite

At the apex of this global empire are the Elite who are, I believe, solidly locked into the Fourth Dimensional Prison Warder consciousness which decides the policy and oversees its implementation. I don’t know exactly the pecking order of power here, but I am confident about the various elements involved, at least. I believe that at the highest levels of the Global Elite are shadowy people who are not known to the public. I would say that the force behind the House of Rothschild is right up there, but I do not believe they are at the top. They too will be taking orders and maybe the Habsburg dynasty is above them in the hierarchy.


The Elite’s power stems from their misuse of the esoteric knowledge and their conscious connection to their ‘Gods’, the Prison Warders. Perhaps no-one I name in this book will be at that level. People such as Henry Kissinger, are yes-men, and super-gofers, albeit high powered ones. Many of the others will be used without their knowledge, or full knowledge, of what they are part of. I am naming the pawns, the gofers and super gofers, of this small group of people I call the Super Elite, the Black Magicians. These are the controllers of the All-Seeing Eye cult, which is the force behind the Global Elite and those who are manipulating the New World Order into being.


Some researchers believe that the Rothschilds are at the peak of the Pyramid (I don’t) and under them is a Council of Thirteen, a Council of Thirty Three, and then the Committee of 300, also known as the Olympians.1 The Global Elite as a whole is the group of people who are selected and initiated into the higher, sometimes highest, levels of knowledge in the whole human structure. While they will be working today to speed the emergence of the New World Order, they will also be looking for others who are deemed to be of the right caliber.


Then, as the present personnel ‘retire’ or die, the reins of the conspiracy are handed to the next generation of the Elite, just as Averell Harriman was replaced in his role by Henry Kissinger. In the same way Umberto Agnelli (Bil) is being prepared to replace his ageing father Giovanni Agnelli in the Elite hierarchy. So while the ‘they’ - the actual personnel - change with the generations, the agenda they are working from remains basically the same. It is like passing on a baton in a relay race and, because of the nature of the family structure of much of the Elite, the baton is often handed on across the generations of certain families.


This becomes even more understandable because the parents indoctrinate the children from the earliest possible age and later introduce them to the same secret societies and ceremonial which synchronizes them into the Prison Warders’ vibration.


The Illuminati

Not every member of a secret society or the other organizations I name is part of the Elite. There is a difference between Freemasonry and what I will term Iluminized Freemasonry, those parts of the order which have been infiltrated by Illuminati agents. The word Illuminati - ‘the Illuminated Ones’ - goes back into the ancient world. It is a covert force which has created or taken over groups and organizations to manipulate the world in the desired direction. The Illuminati’s greatest weapon is the advanced esoteric knowledge it has passed on through its initiation ISO ceremonies and the misuse and abuse of that knowledge.


The most obvious expression of Illuminism was the Bavarian Illuminati officially created by the German professor, Adam Weishaupt, in May 1776, and controlled by the House of Rothschild, the bankers to endless revolutions and wars. It was Weishaupt who used his wing of the Illuminati to infiltrate and take over Freemasonry. Weishaupt was trained as a Jesuit, which is short for the Society of Jesus. The founder of the Jesuits, the Spaniard, Ignatius Loyola, formed a secret society within this apparently Catholic order and the initiates were called the ‘Alumbrados’ which means the ‘enlightened’, the ‘illuminated’. Conflict followed between the Jesuit ‘illuminism’ and Weishaupt’s German version, battles which the traditions of Weishaupt mostly won although the Jesuit network is still very much a part of the Elite.


Weishaupt created 13 degrees of initiation in his Illuminati and the key personnel were to be found in the top nine degrees. The Illuminati is a pyramid, too. The members were given special Illuminati names, inspired by ancient Rome and Greece. Weishaupt was called Spartacus. These people became members of other secret societies like the Freemasons and ‘illuminised’ them - took them over and used them to destabilize nations and hasten the New World Order. They did the same within governments, banking, commerce, the military, and the media, on behalf of the Elite.

So there is Freemasonry and Illuminised Freemasonry. The former manipulates at one level, but it too is being manipulated by another covert force, the Illuminati, which in turn answers to its Global Elite. There are organizations within organizations (say, the Freemasonry network within a government) and another organization within those organizations (the Illuminati membership within the Freemasons). This Illuminised form of Freemasonry became known as The Grand Orient Lodges. It followed the modified Hegelian tradition of infiltrating two extremes and playing one off against the other to create the desired change. Using these methods, it was pledged to overthrow the rule of the monarchies, destroy faith in God, put an end to patriotism and nation states, abolish the ownership of property and dismantle traditional social order.


The Black Nobility

The Illuminati interconnects within the Global Elite with what is known as the Black Nobility, an ancient grouping of ‘blue bloods’. It has its base in Italy, particularly in Venice and Genoa. Both John Cabot (real name Giovanni Cabotto) and Christopher Columbus lived in Genoa before ‘discovering’ different parts of the Americas within four years of each other. Today another Giovanni is claimed by scores of researchers to be a member of one of the Black Nobility families. This is Giovanni Agnelli, longtime head of the Fiat Motor Company until 1996 and a leading Bilderberger.


The Agnelli family dominates Italy and it is said, only half jokingly, that the main responsibility of an Italian prime minister is to “polish Agnelli’s doorknobs”.2 Agnelli had a much publicised relationship with Pamela Churchill, Winston’s daughter-in-law, before she married.. .Averell Harriman. She was a leading fundraiser for Bill Clinton and became US Ambassador to Paris. The Agnelli family were closely connected with Mussolini, and Giovanni’s grandfather was made a senator for life by the fascist leader. Some families of the Black Nobility in Venice and Rome claim an ancestry back to the Roman Emperor Justinian, a man reputed to have taken references to reincarnation out of the biblical texts in the year 553.


They have a desire to return to a system symbolized by the Roman Empire and they are a major force within the Global Elite. This ‘noble’ line would appear to go back at least a thousand years, probably far longer, and emerged in part through the Guelf and Ghibelline conflicts in Italy in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Guelf came from Welf, a German prince competing for control of the Holy Roman Empire, and Ghibelline came from the name of the castle owned by his opponents, the Hohenstaufen family. The Guelfs supported the Pope and the Ghibellines supported the rule of the Hohenstaufen family. Great conflict followed, with the Guelfs triumphant in the end.


The Guelfs (Black Nobility) became immensely powerful through their later control of banking and international trade. They set up great financial centres in Lombardy and they dominated the scene so much that Lombard became the name given to all Italian bankers in Florence, Genoa, Venice, and Milan. Eventually they expanded their influence northwards to Hamburg, Amsterdam and London. Today the Black Nobility also control the financial centres of Switzerland where the spoils of the drug trade and other illegal activities are laundered behind the facade of Swiss respectability.


The Black Nobility were at the heart of the slave trade from where the fortunes of many leading American and British families originated and they were behind the Orange Order which put William of Orange on the British throne, and led to the Bank of England and the National Debt. In more recent times, the Orange Order has been behind the Protestant wing of the conflict in Northern Ireland.

The Black Nobility includes, or is at least connected to, the Dutch Royal Family of Prince Bernhard, one of the founders of the Bilderberg Group. Its connections extend to London and the British ‘establishment’ families of the old aristocracy and the new ‘money’ aristocracies. Members of the European bluebloods which are closely linked with the British Royal Family are involved. The Swedish, Dutch and Spanish royal families are often represented at Bilderberg meetings.


In the UK, Prince Philip and Prince Charles have attended Bilderberg meetings and Queen Elizabeth II is named as a member of the Committee of 300.3 It is believed by researchers who have investigated the Black Nobility, that at this level the British Royal Family is subordinate to the Italian members who trace their ancestry back to the original Guelfs and beyond. I feel that the vicious personal attacks on Prince Charles and the taped telephone conversations released to the media, which have done so much to damage him, are no accident. Is it part of a coordinated campaign to undermine him? Is he a rebel they wish to destroy? It is possible. Charles and his brother Andrew, turned down the offer to become Freemasons, an organisation with close connections to the British monarchy over the years.


The Illuminati/Black Nobility/Global Elite use many secret and less secret organizations in pursuit of their global tyranny and the most all-pervading of them is Freemasonry. Illuminised Freemasonry is the first level down from the Illuminati/Black Nobility, and you will find its membership involved in all the organizations in the network I described in the last chapter: the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and their like-minded brethren.

Figure 9



The vast majority of Freemasons in the world never progress beyond the bottom three levels of degree (Figure 9). But above them are another thirty higher levels in the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which owes its inspiration to the ancient Knights Templar. Even the 33rd degree is not the top because there are the Illuminati levels above that, and the 33rd degree itself is unofficially divided into two streams, one knowing far more than the other. At each stage, the initiate is told a little more about the true nature of Freemasonry and the real game plan.


Those who have reached the 33rd degree are on a different planet in terms of what they know, compared with the Masons on the bottom three levels. Joseph Smith, the ‘prophet’ who founded the appalling Mormon ‘church’, was a 33rd degree Freemason. The men who go down to the local Freemasons’ lodge in your town or city will not have a clue what their organization is being used for. They have to be kept in the dark if the plan is to work and what better way of doing this than to use these distinct levels of initiation. Only those considered to be ‘acceptable’ progress to the higher levels and find out what is really going on.


The vast majority of Freemasons are on the bottom three levels. They are the fodder and the front. Between the 4th and 33rd degrees, you find those of the ‘right mind’ who have influence in society, light up to presidents of the United States. Then you have the Illuminati levels, which you will not see mentioned in any Freemasons guidebook. Those are the people who actually run the show and they are the agents of the All-Seeing Eye cult. World Freemasonry is a massive pyramid of manipulation.

It was not always like this. It is said that Freemasonry was once a society that was exclusive to those who worked as stonemasons and builders on the churches and cathedrals. It was then called Masonry. Their lodges were like trade organizations some historians claim, and their secrecy and rituals were designed to protect their profession from unskilled outsiders. Most of the Masons’ work came from the Catholic Church, ruled from Rome. The immense wealth of the Church, most of it stolen directly or indirectly, paid for the construction of the great cathedrals on which the masons’ income largely depended. But disaster came when Henry VIII broke with Rome in 1534 and formed his own Church of England after the Pope refused him a divorce.


This event had many implications for the future (see The Robots’ Rebellion) and it ensured that many masons were made unemployed. Far from continuing the building programmes of Rome, Henry looted the monasteries and everything else he could get away with. He was broke, basically, and there were always wars to fight. One of his targets was the assets of the ‘fraternities, brotherhoods and guilds’. The masonry societies collapsed in the wake of this royal mugging and the desperate lack of work for their members. Many of the lodges disappeared, along with their ancient records, and little is known about their true history.

The lodges (branches) which survived did so by opening their memberships to people who were not stonemasons, or so the story goes. These newcomers - the businessmen, merchants, landowners, and aristocracy - were called ‘speculative’ masons and soon they far outnumbered the original members. This was the Knights Templar/ Illuminati manifesting on the public stage in the guise of Freemasonry. The first recorded initiation of a speculative mason in England was in 1646 when Elias Ashmole (don’t say it too quickly) joined a lodge in Warrington.


He was an astrologer and indeed esoteric knowledge was to be an important part of the new Masonry at the higher levels of initiation. Masonry had become Freemasonry and as the years passed, the only remaining connection with the stonemasons were the symbolic paraphernalia and names for the levels of initiation like apprentice, fellow craft, and master mason. The working tools of the stonemasons - the square, compasses, level, plumb line, gauge, gavel, and chisel - were still used in the bizarre ceremonies and rituals and the Freemason’s apron was another throwback to the stone masons. But Freemasonry now had a very different agenda.


During the rituals which the founders of the new Freemasonry introduced, bare-chested initiates were blindfolded with a noose around their neck and a dagger held to their heart. They had to swear to serve the order and keep its secrets, on pain of a grotesque ritual death. The penalty for divulging the secrets of the Second Degree (the Fellow Craft Mason) is,

“having my left breast laid open, my heart torn there from, and given to the ravenous birds of the air, or devouring beasts of the field as a prey”.

In the Third Degree (Master Mason) it is,

“being severed in two, my bowels burnt to ashes, and those ashes scattered over the face of the Earth and wafted by the four winds of heaven, that no trace of remembrance of so vile a wretch may longer be found among men, particularly Master Masons”.4



These are the sorts of ceremonies that conjure up the malevolent energies. At the same time, in public, Freemasonry is claiming to be a school of morality and it talks of fraternity and ‘brotherly love’! The public apologists for Freemasonry will tell you that these rituals are only symbolic, but there is much evidence that not everyone thinks so, including the Freemason known as Jack the Ripper. The powerful ties of loyalty (and fear, too, when necessary) engendered in the membership makes sure that very few have dared to disclose the secrets, even after leaving the craft. In fact, while people may cease to pay their fees or turn up at the lodge, the oaths still apply. There is no mechanism by which a Mason, once initiated, can unswear his oath.

Such oaths were invented to create fear and control. They were not part of the rituals of stonemasons, as some of their few surviving rule books, the ‘Gothic Constitutions’ as they are called, have proved. The penalty for revealing the secrets in those days was to be thrown out of the lodge. It beats having your bowels burnt to ashes, for sure. The Freemasonry rituals and oaths are based on a piece of invention in the eighteenth century - the Freemason story of Hiram Abif. According to the Freemasonry invention, Hiram Abif was the architect of Solomon’s biblical Temple.


The Gothic Constitutions of the stonemasons make no reference to such a man, but he became the Freemasons’ martyr figure. Invention has it that Hiram refused to betray the secrets to three fellow craft masons armed with masonic tools. They murdered him when he would not reveal his secrets, so the myth goes, and King Solomon ordered a search when Hiram appeared to be missing.


Hiram’s body was discovered ‘indecently interred’ and was reburied with ‘all respect and reverence’. Solomon ordered those responsible for the murder to be executed and in some versions of the story, the killers, Jubela, Jubelo, and Jubelum, were so full of remorse that they asked to be put to death. Jubela asked for his throat to be cut and his tongue torn out; Jubelo chose to have his left breast torn open and his heart fed to the vultures; and Jubelum was the one who asked for his bowels to be burned to ashes and scattered before the four winds of heaven. You can see where the Freemasons’ rituals and oaths come from. Their rituals play out the story and death of Hiram Abif, baring their breast with their trouser legs rolled up to bare their knees.5 The story of Hiram Abif is a fantasy.


The Freemasonic thought police have made great play of the ancient links with the building of King Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. They have turned it into something akin to the Vatican - and then some. But the Bible from which the figure of Hiram was taken, describes a very different man. First of all his name was simply Hiram. The addition of Abif came from the founders of masonic myth. Abif ‘s a miff, you might say. And what does the Bible say about this man? Does it say that he was “the most accomplished mason on Earth”, as the Freemasons claim? Not quite. It says that he was neither a mason nor an architect, but a worker in brass.


According to the Book of Kings, he arrived from Tyre after the temple was finished. The Book of Chronicles says he came before the Temple was built and was an ornamental metal worker. Any stone skills he had were in decoration, not construction. There is another Hiram in the Bible, the King of Tyre, who is not the same man. But he is also held in great esteem by Freemasonry because he is supposed to have supplied Solomon with Lebanese cedarwood for the Temple. And that’s another thing. The Bible says the Temple was built mostly of wood and was no bigger than a church hall of today (30 by 90 feet). The last thing they needed was a stonemason architect.


But while the story of Hiram Abif is a nonsense, it is possible that its themes originate in ancient Egypt when King Seqenenre was murdered for refusing to reveal the most secret esoteric knowledge to a rival. If so, this is yet further confirmation that the same stream of knowledge and manipulation stretches from antiquity into modern Freemasonry and the world today. My feeling is that the force that emerged as Freemasonry was, and is, the Knights Templar, which until then had been operating underground, following the papal purge. The pyramid structure allows the Elite, the few at the top of Freemasonry, to control the majority by misleading them and keeping them in the dark.


The Illuminati Protocols, found in the last century, did - whatever people may say about their origin - describe brilliantly how Freemasons are used:

“We shall create and multiply Freemasonic lodges in all countries of the world, absorb into them all who may become or who are prominent in public activity, for in these lodges we shall find our principal intelligence office and means of influence. All these lodges we shall bring under one central administration [The Illuminati], known to us alone and to all others absolutely unknown, which will be composed of our learned elders... In these lodges we shall tie together all revolutionary and liberal elements.


Their composition will be made up of all strata of society. The most secret political plots will be known to us and will fall under our guiding hands on the very day of their conception. Among the members of the lodges will be almost all the agents of international and national police since their service is for us irreplaceable in the respect that the police is in a position not only to use its own particular measures with the insubordinate, but also to screen our activities and to provide pretexts for discontents...”
Protocol 15

The protocols describe the Masons on the lower levels of degree - the great majority - as a part of a ‘show army’ who are there only “to kick dust in the eyes of their fellows”. Everyone is manipulating everyone else. Unless we know the secret society background of people employed by the controlling institutions, be it the police, politicians, doctors, military officers, editors and journalists, or government officials, and unless we know what that secret society truly stands for, how can we possibly know what agenda those who run a country or community are working from?


These people pledge their total allegiance to their secret society in these ritual ceremonies, so what happens to their allegiance to the public they have been elected or appointed to serve? While people in the secret societies are allowed into such positions of control and influence without even having to acknowledge their membership, the whole system is open to the most outrageous corruption. And that is what happens. The system is outrageously corrupt. Not every member is corrupt; most are not. But it doesn’t take many to have a terrific impact on society. Once you have Freemasons in the top positions, who decide which people are recruited or promoted within an organization, you can make sure that fellow Freemasons get into the key positions of power.


One generation of Freemasons follows another as the baton is handed over. When you have achieved this you can run an organization or a country almost as you like. Or a world. Freemasons also commit themselves to helping each other in distress. That sounds very nice, but what about those who are not part of the club, the ‘Profane’, as we are called? Does that mean we are subject to lesser consideration when faced with a Freemason in authority? In at least a number of cases, the answer is most certainly “yes”. The Freemasons have a series of signs and words which allow them to recognize each other, including the funny handshake.


These also include the Freemasons’ sign for “grief and distress” (i.e. Get me out of trouble), the verbal version of which is: “Will no-one help the widow’s son?” The widow’s son is Hiram Abif. These signs and signals come in very handy when you are arrested by Freemason police officers or appear in court before a Freemason judge. It doesn’t always work, of course, but we are kidding ourselves if we think it doesn’t happen. The political determination to tackle this dangerous injustice is simply not there, because either the politicians involved - of all parties - are Freemasons themselves or connected with the wider network, or they are frightened to act because their position depends on them not upsetting the secret society elite. Some leading politicians are high ranking Freemasons.


Lord Palmerston, the British Prime Minister at the time of the opium wars against China, was the Grand Patriarch of the Grand Orient [Illuminati] version of the order. The former French president, Francois Mitterand (Comm 300), was also a Grand Master of the Grand Orient.6 Most of the names I have mentioned in the book, those involved with the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and all the rest will also be Freemasons or members of some connected secret society. But they are all answerable to the same master - the Global Elite. In most countries there is an elite Freemasonry ‘cell’ which is particularly powerful and which may be unknown even to some high ranking Freemasons.


There are many cells linked to the Illuminati-controlled forms of Freemasonry, the Grand Orient Lodges. The French Revolution was partly hatched and coordinated by the Grand Orient Lodge in Paris. In Britain there are, according to some, an elite cell called the Parlour Club and a European elite group called the Club of the Isles.7 In the US they have the the Skull and Bones Society, which is closely related to Freemasonry, and so is the Orange Order which is at the heart of the Northern Ireland conflict.


The Round Table is designed on Freemasonic lines and links in with that network. The infamous Knights of Malta are another elite organisation which coordinates its covert activities with Illuminised Freemasonry and has enormous influence within the system. Its official head is the Pope! The best known of the Elite Freemasonry cells is the Propaganda Masonica Due Lodge (P2) based in Italy, but operating in other countries also.


When this was discovered, it produced one of the greatest political scandals in history. If we look at the background of the P2, you will appreciate how these Elite Freemasonry cells operate in countries around the world and the methods they use.


Propaganda Masonica Due (P2)

The P2 Lodge in Rome was founded in 1877 for those Freemasons who were visiting the capital from other parts of Italy. It had only fourteen members by the mid-1960s, but it was about to be launched into world prominence when it was ‘restructured’ by Licio Gelli at the request of the Grand Master of Italy, Lino Salvini. Once Gelli took over, the membership of the P2 Lodge soared within a few years to almost a thousand, although he was almost certainly the vehicle for other powers behind P2 who kept their control secret.


Some researchers believe this hidden control to be the Alpine Freemasons’ Lodge in Switzerland, which has had among its membership, Henry Kissinger and the founder of the Club of Rome, Aurelio Peccei (Bil). Others say this was only the ‘middle man’ between P2 and its real controllers, the banking interests centred on the House of Rothschild. P2 initiation ceremonies took place at its headquarters in the Excelsior Hotel under the supervision of a former Grand Master of Italy, Giordano Gamberini, but the name most associated with P2 is Gelli.

Gelli was a fascist supporter of Mussolini during the war and helped to organize the “rat line” which smuggled Nazis out of Germany when the Allies invaded. He fled to Argentina some years later when his background came to light and he made many political friends there, including the dictator, Juan Peron (for whom he became an economic advisor), and Jose Lopez Rega, the man behind the Triple A death squads responsible for thousands of murders. Rega raised vast sums by smuggling cocaine into the United States. When Peron came out of exile to take power for the second time, he fell on his knees in public to thank Gelli.


Many Nazis fled to South America after the war and P2 is closely connected with Nazi International. Gelli, as a committed fascist, would have been very much at home in such company. Indeed it was he who helped many Nazis, like Claus Barbie, escape to South America (which became a bigger version of Germany as it was under Hitler). Gelli was close to the Nazi dictator of Nicaragua, Somoza, and he was also connected with the Nazi paramilitary organization operating in Italy called U Gladio (a CIA front).

Gelli returned to Italy in the mid-1960s as Argentina’s honourary consul. He built a network of contacts in high places around him after he became a Grand Orient Freemason in 1965. This was helped by his membership in the Knights of Malta, which gave him an ‘in’ to the highest levels of the Vatican, a link he and P2 were to exploit so effectively. Gelli’s friends in the United States Republican Party invited him to the inauguration of President Reagan in 1981. (Reagan would later lay a wreath on the graves of SS storm troopers during the 40th anniversary ceremonies of the Second World War, the symbolism of which would have been very powerful for the Nazi mentalities in the CIA and the Global Elite, the real controllers of the P2.) Gelli also attended the inaugurations of Presidents Carter and Ford, and he called himself a friend of George Bush.

In July 1981, Gelli’s daughter was stopped at Rome Airport and documents were confiscated from the false bottom of her suitcase. They were copies of the United States document known as Supplement B. This was a supplement to the US Field Army Manual FM 30-31. It was dated March 18th 1970 and signed by General Westmoreland. It describes how to destabilize a country through infiltration of the controlling organizations and the use of agents provocateur.8 This is precisely what Gelli and his controllers did.

Gelli worked successfully to win official recognition for Italian Freemasonry from the centre of world Freemasonry, the United Grand Lodge in London. Italian Freemasonry has a long history of controversy and involvement in politics. It was banned by Mussollini, as was German Freemasonry by Hitler, not the least because they were both helped to power by secret societies and realized their influence. After the war, the American OSS, the forerunner to the CIA, put pressure on the desperate Italian government to allow Freemasonry to return and the Mother Lodge in London conferred official recognition. In doing so, they had officially recognized an organization that has the closest of connections with the Mafia.


These ties go back to the ‘Carbonari’, an amalgamation of Freemasons, the Mafia, and the military, which was formed in the nineteenth century to oppose Napoleon. The Carbonari were also closely linked with the Guelphic Knights - the Black Nobility. Through the 1970s, Gelli was recruiting some of the most powerful people in Italian society into P2 until he had created a state within a state, working from a common agenda. The names of the membership were known to him and maybe one or two others. Not even the other members knew all the names on the P2 membership list.


Using the well-tested Elite structure, he divided the membership into two divisions and then subdivided them into a series of other groups. Only the leaders of these groups knew who their members were - and then only those in their particular group. P2 members were controlled by the terror of knowing the horrific penalties for not doing as they were told. When, in March 1981, Gelli’s premises were raided by police they discovered 962 names on the P2 membership lists in his office safe and suitcase.


There were three cabinet ministers, forty other MPs, forty three generals, eight admirals and hundreds of civil servants and diplomats, heads of the security services, the chiefs of police in the country’s four biggest cities, industrialists, financiers, TV stars, and twenty-four journalists. I believe strongly that something similar is happening in the United Kingdom and many other countries, which mirrors the methods and aims of P2. Henry Kissinger was believed by some to be a member of P2 or at least a major force in its policy and methods. P2 certainly has a powerful foreign membership, which gives it tremendous influence within European and US intelligence and banking.


The Italian Prime Minister, Giulio Andreotti was close to Gelli. When Andreotti stood trial for involvement with the Mafia he named his character witnesses as the former United Nations Secretary General, Perez de Cuellar (a reputed P2 member), and.. .Henry Kissinger.9 The journalist, Mino Peccorelli, a member of P2, said it was actually run by the CIA. He wasn’t allowed to say it for very long, though. Peccorelli was murdered by a means acknowledged as a Mafia death-ritual for those who say too much.


More evidence for the CIA connection came from former CIA contract agent, Richard Brenneke, in an interview on Italian Television on July 2nd 1990. He said:

“We [the CIA] have used the assistance of these people [P2] to get in and out of the United States drugs and money, and to get in and out of Italy drugs and money. We used these people to create situations that would favour the explosion of terrorism in Italy and other European countries at the beginning of the 70s.


The P2 is still alive and it is still used for the same purposes as at the beginning of the 70s. The CIA has financed the P2 to the tune of $1 million to $10 million per month... That CIA money was used for several purposes, one of them terrorism. Another purpose was to obtain support in smuggling drugs coming from other countries into the US. There also has always been a connection between P2 and the CIA.”

Brenneke was another who said that Licio Gelli was only the nominal head of P2 and the real control came via Switzerland and the United States. The 1970s and early 1980s were terrible years for Italy. Terrorism sponsored by P2 included the bombing at Bologna Railway Station, in which eighty-five people died in 1980. A terrorist group called The Red Brigade was blamed for many atrocities, including the kidnap and murder in 1978 of the Christian Democrat leader and former Prime Minister of Italy, Aldo Moro, in which five of his bodyguards also died.


Terrorist groups like the Red Brigade and the Baader-Meinhoff Gang in Germany are not all that they seem. As with these two groups, their members are often trained by the CIA or other Elite organizations. They are part of the problem-reaction-solution process, a cover for the assassination of ‘difficult’ people, and a means to destabilize societies. At the hearing into the death of Aldo Moro, several members of the Red Brigade said they knew of high level US involvement in his murder. On November 10th 1982, the court heard devastating testimony from a close associate of Moro, Gorrado Guerzoni. He said that a top United States politician had threatened Moro that unless he changed his policies he would be dealt with. Moro wanted to stabilize Italy, the US politician wanted to destabilize her.


Aldo Moro’s wife, in her evidence, also said that a “high ranking United States political figure” had told her husband:

“Either you stop your political line or you will pay dearly for it”.

Who was the man that Gorrado Guerzoni named in court? Henry Kissinger.

This was widely reported in Italy, but not a single word appeared in the New York Times or the Washington Post, even though one of America’s most famous people had been accused in a court of law with involvement in the death of a leading foreign politician kidnapped and murdered by a terrorist gang. Free press? Sure there is. When Moro was kidnapped, the Italian government refused to negotiate his release.


This was strange because they had negotiated when others had been abducted. His family could not understand it at the time. It was as if the authorities didn’t want him released. The truth was that they didn’t. The Elite conspiracy does not have an allegiance to one country or political system. It has its members in all parties and countries and they cooperate for their common aims. To them borders and countries do not exist, except as a means to play one side against another. Two significant names found on the P2 membership list were the financiers, Roberto Calvi and Michele Sindona. It was while investigating the fake kidnapping of Sindona and his work as financial advisor to the Vatican and the Mafia that the police uncovered Gelli’s P2 scandal.


The Roman Catholic Church had long outlawed Freemasonry within its ranks, although many of its clergy and officials are members. During the period of Gelli, however, when official Vatican hostility to Freemasonry was significantly reduced, the P2 Lodge took over the Papal State through the infiltration by Gelli, Calvi, and Sindona. The Pope through these years of P2 infiltration was Pope Paul VI and it was he who reduced the opposition to Freemasonry within the Roman Catholic Church. Interestingly, a Canadian publisher, Daniel Scallen, employed the Pinkerton Detective Agency of New York to investigate the Pope’s behaviour.


A detective went to Rome in 1973 and reported that there were two Pope Pauls in the Vatican! He reckoned that plastic surgery had been used to make an impostor resemble the Pope.


When you see different close-up pictures of the Pope from this time, it is certainly feasible. There do appear to be distinct differences. Tapes of the Pope’s speeches at Christmas and Easter were analyzed by the FBI and found to be the voices of different people. During his investigations, the Pope’s niece admitted to the detective that there was indeed an impostor, and his family (who visited the real Pope regularly at the Vatican) was aware of this, she said.


The investigation ended when the detective was arrested in Rome and sentenced to four years in prison. He was later deported and then ‘disappeared’. There were some who found it far-fetched when I said in The Robots’ Rebellion that look-alikes were used for some public figures. It isn’t, you know. It has now been shown that the Saddam Hussein we saw after the Gulf War was not the same man we saw before the war. It was a plastic-surgery-created look-alike.10


When the P2 scandal broke, top ranking Vatican officials were implicated, including the Secretary of State, Cardinal Villot. It was Villot, according to Stephen Knight’s book, The Brotherhood, who many believe applied pressure on the Roman Catholic hierarchy to tone down its opposition to Freemasonry.


He was also named, in another investigation by David Yallop called In God’s Name, as a prime suspect in the murder of Pope John Paul I, who died after only 33 days in office in 1978. This Pope perhaps knew something of what was going on, both in terms of Freemasonry infiltration and the stealing of Vatican wealth.


The ‘Christian’ wing of the All-Seeing Eye cult wants to infiltrate and destroy Christianity in the same way its Jewish membership are working to undermine Judaism. Maybe Pope John Paul I was determined to act to bring an end to the manipulation, although others say he was an Illuminati Pope.


Anyway, he was found dead, murdered by agents of P2, and this was covered up with lies about ‘natural causes’. The doctors who were allowed to examine him appeared confused, with each suggesting a different cause - heart attack, cancer, and brain tumour. Take your pick. Many believe he was poisoned, but the truth was never investigated by the authorities. He was found dead at 5.30am and by 9.30am his body had been embalmed and his intestines removed and burnt. There was no post mortem. Standsfield Turner (CFR), the former CIA director, said that Pope John Paul’s personal physician, one of the first to examine his body, was an asset of the CIA.


Cardinal Villot himself died in 1979 before the P2 story was exposed. In the period leading up to his death, he said that he would reveal the story of the Pope’s demise, but he never did. The doctors who were allowed to examine Villot gave the cause of death as bronchial pneumonia. . .sorry, kidney trouble.. .no, hold on, hepatitis.. .no, er, internal hemorrhage. Remind me not to call the Vatican if I ever need a doctor.


Michele Sindona, the P2 member, financial swindler, money launderer, and later convicted murderer, became involved with the Vatican bank, L’Istituto per le Opere di Religione (IOR) and introduced his partner, Roberto Calvi, to the bank’s chief, Bishop Paul Marcinkus.


Calvi had his own bank, Ambrosiano, in which the Vatican bank became a major shareholder, thanks to the Freemasonic connections and Gelli’s close relationship with the top officials and the Pope. A massive fraud ensued and when Banco Ambrosiano collapsed in 1982, it had debts of £800,000,000. The Vatican bank paid creditors £164,000,000 which created a cash crisis for the Roman Catholic Church, similar to the one faced by the protestant Church of England in more recent years.

Roberto Calvi, who became known, as did Sindona, as ‘God’s Banker’, fled to Austria and then England, where he arrived on June 15th 1982. Two days later his secretary, Graziella Corrocher, who kept the books for P2, ‘fell’ from a fourth floor window at the Ambrosiano Bank. The following day Calvi was dead, too. He was found hanged from scaffolding under Blackfriars Bridge in London, with his pockets full of masonry, four miles from the Chelsea Cloisters where he was staying. Even as his body was being found and reported, Italian police and other officials were chartering a plane to England. They need not have been so hasty, there were plenty of Freemasons within the London authorities who could cover up his murder.


A City of London Inquest announced a verdict of suicide, which beggars belief. A man who wants to kill himself leaves his apartment, where the deed could have been done, travels to Blackfriars Bridge and despite suffering from extreme vertigo, he climbs down onto scaffolding underneath the arches which he could not have known was there. He then somehow rigs up the rope, fills his pockets with rubble, and hangs himself. Yeah, sounds feasible. A second inquest in June 1983 returned an open verdict, which at least was a little more sensible, though far from the outcome the evidence demanded.

There was certainly Freemasonic symbolism involved in his death and the Masons love their symbolism. Blackfriars was once the site of a friary church run by a Dominican Order who were called Blackfriars because of the black habits they wore. It was they who expanded the use of pulpits, hence the pulpit is a theme in the stonework on Blackfriars Bridge. Members of the P2 lodge dressed like Blackfriars for their rituals. Also, one of the masonic penalties talks of the victim being,

“.. .buried in the sand of the sea at low water mark, or a cable’s length from the shore, where the tide regularly ebbs and flows twice in twenty four hours...”.

One tarot card depiction of death is also a man hanged beside water. Whatever the detailed background, Calvi was clearly murdered, either for what he had done or for what he knew about what had happened. It was probably both. And that is the penalty faced by many Freemasons who have outlived their usefulness. It would be nice to think that the P2 scandal was an isolated case, but I do not believe that to be so. Yet to be uncovered in most countries (certainly in the most influential ones) are, I have no doubt, similar cells of elite Freemasons creating and controlling a state within a state.


I do not accept, either, that even the P2 has ceased to exist, nor that the Elite’s control of the Vatican has been purged. One other point is the name itself, P2. That indicates that somewhere there must be a P1. But where? Almost certainly the United States, or the United Kingdom, possibly both.


The Knights of Malta

During the period of the Crusades in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries when the Pope tried to remove the Muslims from Jerusalem, a number of ‘Knights’ orders emerged.


They included the Knights Templar (Knights of the Temple) and the Order of Knights Hospitaller of St John of Jerusalem. Both suffered persecution after the Crusades failed, but the Knights Templar survive to this day and their creed formed the basis of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry with its 33 degrees.


The Order of St John of Jerusalem changed its name with its changes of location. It became the Knights of Rhodes when it was given the island by the Pope and then the Knights of Malta, which it ruled as a sovereign state until the Order was removed by Napoleon in 1798. After a period of nomadic existence, or so their official history says, Pope Leo XII (a dogmatic Catholic extremist) established a new headquarters for the Order in Rome in 1834. Today they are called the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and they enjoy all the diplomatic rights of a head of state.


More than forty countries recognise their sovereignty and have full diplomatic relations with this official, and oh-so accurately described, state within a state. By Papal Decree, the international head of the Order, the Grand Master, has the rank of prince, the importance of a cardinal, and the title Most Eminent Highness. The overall chief, officially at least, is the Pope.


The Knights of Malta are major powerbrokers within the Elite network, with close ties to the Black Nobility and world politics, not the least in the United States. Alexander Haig (CFR), the secretary of state in the Reagan administration, is a member and some believe Reagan may have been. Valerie Giscard d’Estaing, the former president of France, was also a member. It was d’Estaing (Bil) and former German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt (Bil), who did so much together to promote European integration.11 The Order has particularly close links with the security services like the CIA. In 1948, it gave one of its most prestigious awards of honour to General Reinhard Gehlen, who was Adolph Hitler’s head of anti-Soviet espionage.


After the war, Gehlen was hired by the newly created CIA to organize its operations in Europe! CIA directors known to be Knights of Malta have been John McCone and William Casey, and so was George Rocca, a deputy chief of CIA counter-intelligence. The Knights of Malta were almost certainly involved in the guns-for-drugs Iran-Contra affair in the US, which brought Oliver North to world public attention.


North was represented at the hearings by the law firm of Bennett Williams, a Knight of Malta. One of the Americans who intervened to ensure that selected Nazi personnel escaped from Germany to the United States after the war was the industrialist, J. Peter Grace, the one-time American head of the Knights of Malta. This Order is an ultra-extreme authoritarian organisation which connects with the highest levels of the Elite web.


Research by the writer, Betty Mills, for her 1990 book, Colonel North, William Casey, And The Knights Of Malta, reveals that in the 1930s there was an attempted coup by the Order in America. At the centre of this was the Knight of Malta, John J. Raskob, but it failed when Marine General Smedley Butler refused to take part and instead produced evidence of the plan. He implicated Raskob, board chairman of the J.P. Morgan-controlled General Motors, and one of the thirteen founders of the Knights of Malta in the United States. Congressional hearings were held, but amazingly, or perhaps not so amazingly, Raskob was never called to testify.


And, as Betty Mills says:

“It is interesting and at the same time very disturbing to note that the 1930s plot to seize the White House is not to be found in history books or encyclopedias as far as we can tell”.12

Who controls the media and the official versions of history? Correct.


Once more we see how the Knights of Malta cross-reference with the other pieces in the puzzle, including the media. William F. Buckley, the publisher and oilman, is a member of the Skull and Bones Society, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Knights of Malta. Frank Shakespeare, another Knight, was president of CBS Television, vice-chairman of RKO, and the United States ambassador to the Vatican. Shakespeare has also served on the Elite-controlled Heritage Foundation under the ultra-right chairmanship of Paul Weyrich. This has links to the Habsburg family, one of the driving forces behind the Pan European Movement which led to the European Community, and a key family within the Global Elite.


The social historian Stephen Birmingham says: “The Knights of Malta comprise what is perhaps the most exclusive club on Earth. They are more than the Catholic aristocracy... [they] can pick up the telephone and chat with the Pope”.13 I would go further than that and say they control the Vatican in league with other Elite elements and, far from being the Catholic aristocracy, they are not even Catholic. This is only a cover for their activities and they worship a very different version of ‘God’, the Luciferic Consciousness symbolized by the Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye. The Vatican was controlled by the Elite via the Knights of Malta before Gelli’s P2 got involved.


Indeed, Gelli was a member of the Knights of Malta. The present Pope and official head of the Knights of Malta is the Pole, Karol Wojtyla, a former actor and employee of I.G. Farben. He has had one attempt on his life, which might have been a warning to “do as you’re told or else”. It’s difficult to say. Certainly he carries with him the bent or broken cross, depicting the distorted figure of Jesus. This was an invention by Satanists in the fifth century and used by black magicians. It was outlawed in the Middle Ages.


In 1978, the year that Pope John Paul I was murdered and Pope John Paul II took over the papacy, a set of Vatican stamps was issued featuring a pyramid and an all-seeing eye.


The Orange Order and Sinn Fein

Behind the ongoing conflicts in the world’s trouble spots you will find the Global Elite secret society network manipulating both sides. The news is full of stories about “freedom fighters” and “arms struggles” around the world. Most of the people involved believe they are fighting for “freedom” in their country or community when they are really being used as part of a coordinated global revolution to destroy communities and nation states on the road to world government. In Northern Ireland, the arms struggle has cost the lives of 3,000 people on both ‘sides’ of the so called Catholic and Protestant Divide.


At the lower levels, there is no doubt that two perceived ‘sides’ exist if only in the minds of those involved. But the Protestant political and paramilitary groups are underpinned by a secret society, the Orange Order. This is the same secret society controlled by the Black Nobility that put King William of Orange on the British throne and imported the Dutch central banking system to Britain in the form of the Bank of England.


The Catholic political and paramilitary wings are also part of the secret society network and far from “fighting for freedom”, they are a Lansky-style organized crime syndicate. Why, at the highest level, can’t they have been working together all along to play one side against the other in classic modified Hegel fashion while at the same time projecting at the public mind a belief in two deeply opposing forces?


Pollard’s The Secret Societies Of Ireland says that the force behind the revolutions of Europe had Ireland in its sights:

“These emissaries from France aimed at bringing England low, and spreading the doctrine of world-revolution by means of an alliance between the Catholic malcontents of the South and the Republican Presbyterians of the North.”

One vehicle for the Irish strand of the world-revolution was the Irish Brotherhood, later the United Irishmen, founded by the Freemasons, Wolfe Tone and Napper Tandy in 1791.


The writer and researcher of the eighteenth and early nineteenth century, Robert Clifford, said that the Irish revolutionary network maintained contacts with similar international movements through the Illuminist Jacobin Club in Paris (a force behind the French Revolution), the Revolutionary Society in England, and the Scottish Committee of Reform.


The Fenian Society, later the Irish Republican Brotherhood, was formed between 1857 and 1858 under the guidance of James Stephens who, from the start, saw this Brotherhood as a part of the much wider European revolutionary movement.


Fenians travelled to Paris to study the methods of the Carbonari, the Italian Elite-Brotherhood network, very closely connected to the Black Nobility. In 1865, the Fenians joined the secret society network under Karl Marx known as the International Working Mens’ Association and founded the Irish Brotherhood in London on September 28th 1864, which, with help from the American Fenian Brotherhood, was not primarily designed to win democracy, freedom and justice for the Irish people.


It was created to exploit their thoroughly understandable sense of injustice to further the world (Elite) revolution. Marx saw Ireland as an important weapon to undermine England and it has been used that way ever since with the Irish people as the pawns of the manipulators on both ‘sides’. Robert Clifford wrote:

“What unhappy deluded people then were the lower associates, who were informed of nothing, but were to be mere agents of rebellion and murder, and were hurried on into the abyss of horrors by a few political liberties who grasped at dominion, and wished to wade to the helm of the state through the blood of their countrymen!


...In those parts where the whole population was Catholic, hand bills were distributed, purporting to be the Constitution of the Orange Men, which was death and destruction to every Catholic; for, if the common people could once be stirred up to rebellion, it was easy to turn their minds against government as the centre of the Orange Men.”

Meanwhile, you say something similar to the Protestants about the Catholic leaders and, bingo, you have the horror of Ireland throughout the twentieth century.


It is classic modified Hegelianism or, you might also say, Kissingerism or Harrimanism (Figure 10).


Figure 10


The secret society network in Ireland is phenomenal forsuch a small population and it is this which led to the creation of Sinn Fein in 1905, the political wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA). This network is, in turn, connected to the web controlled by the Global Elite and it is through this that the well-documented links between the IRA and other terrorist groups have been coordinated.

The New Covenant Times said in its January/March 1994 edition, that the loyalist paramilitary movement was deliberately backed by an MI5 operation called “Tara” with the intention of creating so much violence and tit-for-tat murder by both the IRA and Protestant loyalist paramilitary, that the UK Parliament would agree to allow Northern Ireland to be absorbed into the Republic of Ireland.

Some of the background to this came out in the story of Colin Wallace, the subject of a book by the journalist, Paul Foot, called Who Framed Colin Wallace? He was a part-time soldier and an outstanding public relations officer at the army headquarters in Northern Ireland. Later he was moved to another department under the control of MI5. It was a department dealing with the promotion of disinformation.


Here Wallace became aware of the “Tara” operation and its links to the suppression over 20 years of the history of child sexual abuse at the Kincora Boys’ Home. When Wallace asked to be removed from the project, he was immediately sent to England and charged with a ‘security offence’. Later he was charged with murder. I have nothing in common with most views expounded by MP Enoch Powell (Bil) over the years, but on one thing I believe him to be entirely correct: that not only was Wallace framed by the establishment, his treatment implicated individuals at every level, from the Cabinet Office to junior policemen and civil servants.


The conflict in Northern Ireland has a very much wider background than we have been led to believe14 and a source within the UK establishment who worked on Northern Ireland related projects, told me that the catholic and protestant parliamentary leaderships meet to discuss strategies!


I am sure something similar has been happening in the Middle East as the ‘peace’ negotiators, Arafat and the late Prime Minister Rabin, combined to offer the Palestinians the ‘gift’ of long-term slavery dressed up as ‘freedom’.


The Skull and Bones Society

This is an important society within the Elite pyramid which has tremendous influence within the United States.


It is run with the strictest secrecy from its headquarters at Yale University, in a windowless mausoleum appropriately known as ‘The Tomb’ where the members meet twice a week during term time. The detailed history of the Skull and Bones is a mystery, but it is believed to have been introduced into the US more than 150 years ago as Chapter 322 of a German secret society and was also known at one time as the Brotherhood of Death.


The Illuminati in disguise. The symbolism of the initiation ceremony would appear to indicate at least close links with Freemasonry. It was started in 1832-1833 by General William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft, a famous American family name. In 1876, Taft was to be the Secretary of War in the Grant Administration and his son, William Howard Taft, was the only man to be both President and Chief Justice of the United States.


The Skull and Bones Society is deeply racist and was founded on the fortune made from illegal drugs. The society was incorporated in 1856 as the Russell Trust and by a special act of state legislation, its trustees are exempted from filing corporate reports to the Connecticut authorities.

The initiation ceremonies for the Skull and Bones still take place at Deer Island in the St Lawrence River. The island is owned by the Russell Trust Association, along with most of the land on which Yale University stands. The Russell family made its enormous wealth from the opium trade in the nineteenth century through the drug syndicate known as Russell and Company. Its business was to take opium from Turkey and transport it illegally to China. Their only rivals were the Perkins syndicate, based in Boston, which had intermarried with other families of the British genetic line who had previously been involved in the slave trade.


The Russells eventually bought out the Perkins and became the centre of the US opium racket, in league with other ‘blueblood’ families like Coolidge and Delano (Comm 300 family designate), both of which produced Presidents of the United States. The head of Russell and Co in Canton while all this drug racketeering was going on was Warren Delano Jr, the grandfather of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.


These American families also connected with British families involved in the opium trade like the Keswicks (Jardine Matheson) and many others supported by the British governments of Lord Palmerston, the symbolic head of Grand Orient Freemasonry. The Keswicks and Jardine Matheson have been members of the Committee of 300. Given the source of its creation, therefore, it was only right that the Skull and Bones Society was launched with a pirate’s flag as its symbol. The link between the Skull and Bones and the families of the Eastern Establishment named throughout this book was to continue to the present day...names like Bush, Rockefeller, Harriman, Whitney, Payne, Vanderbilt, Bundy, and so on.


The writer, Anthony C. Sutton, acquired copies of Skull and Bones membership lists going back to 1832.15 About 20-30 families, overwhelmingly from the Eastern seaboard, dominate the Order. Most claim ancestry with the British aristocracy or have a genetic line going back to the English Puritan families who arrived in America around 1630-1660. These families either secured financial power themselves or married into wealth via the sons of the moguls like the Rockefellers and Harrimans. One side had the money; the other had the genes from the perceived elite bloodlines of the ‘Mother Country’.


It is not only in Asia that they have arranged marriages. In these Anglo-American families it is done to protect or ‘advance’ the genetic lines of the pseudo-bluebloods who owe the origins of their inherited wealth and influence to drug running, slavery, and carefully chosen marriage partners. These intermingled families help and support each other in their quest for financial, political, and genetic dominance.

A big Skull and Bones family is the Lords of the well known New York law firm, Lord, Day, and Lord. Their present clients include the New York Times and the Rubin Foundation, which funds the Elite’s Institute for Policy Studies in Washington. Winston Lord (TC, Bil) became the chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1983.


The Bush clan are well represented, too, in the Skull and Bones. Prescott Bush was initiated in 1917 and then married into the family of financiers and wheeler dealers, the Walkers.16


George Herbert Walker Jr. was another Skull and Bones man. In 1948, Prescott’s son, George Herbert Walker Bush, joined the Order, a move that would be exceedingly helpful in his climb to become head of the CIA and president of the United States. Pat Buchanan, one of Bush’s challengers at the Presidential election, accused him of running “a Skull and Bones Presidency”. Yale and the Skull and Bones are also recruiting grounds for the CIA and it was from his student days that Bush almost certainly began his career with the Elite-controlled spy agency. His father Prescott Bush is most famous within the Order for raiding the grave of the Native American Apache leader, Geronimo. In May 1918, Bush and five other Skull and Bones members ransacked the grave at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.


They took turns to stand guard while the others robbed the grave, and took away artifacts and Geronimo’s skull. This was taken to Skull and Bones headquarters at Yale where it is used in their sick rituals and ceremonies. This horrible story is told in an internal history of the Skull and Bones Society. It was quoted to Ned Anderson, the Tribal Chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe, when he was negotiating to have Geronimo’s remains returned to the tribe’s custody. A 1989 article in the New Yorker said that “one Bonesman.. .recalled during the early 70s seeing perhaps 30 skulls, not all of them human, scattered about the Tomb”.

This is the mentality which goes on to enjoy positions of power within the American administration - in George Bush’s case, the presidency. Once again it is a mentality, a vibratory state, that can be locked into the Prison Warders frequency. Fifteen students a year are hand picked to join the Skull and Bones. They are selected in their junior year, but only become members in their senior year before they go off into the outside world. They can then continue to secretly promote the aims of the Skull and Bones in the worlds of politics, business, banking, the media, education, and all the other spheres of influence.

Fear and the threat of blackmail are weapons the society uses to keep its members in line. Part of the initiation ceremony is to lie naked in a coffin with a ribbon tied to their private parts while they masturbate and shout out details of their sexual experiences. I must say I have never seen George Bush in the same light since I realized that.


Apparently these sexual discussions continue throughout the lives of Bonesmen, although only at the initiation is it done from a coffin. When a student is initiated, he is given his Skull and Bones name. He becomes a ‘knight’ in the tradition of other secret societies like the Knights of Malta. The older knights in the S and B are called Patriarchs, and those of us on the outside - the masses - are called Gentiles, barbarians, and vandals.

If you look at the period of the Russian Revolution to the end of the Second World War alone, you can appreciate how the Skull and Bones has been a common theme throughout these years of conflict and manipulation. On the board of the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company which helped to fund the Bolshevik Revolution, maintain the Soviet dictatorship, and fund both sides in the two world wars, you find nine members of the Skull and Bones Society, including W. Averell Harriman, Harry P. Whitney, Knight Woolley, and Percy Rockefeller.


On the board of W. A. Harriman (Brown Brothers, Harriman from 1933) were eight members of the Skull and Bones, among them W.A. Harriman, E. Roland Harriman, Knight Woolley, and Prescott Bush. Very obviously, the Skull and Bones Society was, and is, an important means of coordinating the Elite operations.


Averell Harriman is a prime example of how Skull and Bones members have orchestrated the direction of the United States and the world, but many of the Americans I have mentioned in this book are members of the S and B. Its members have been behind the eugenics movement, the creation of the World Council of Churches, and the American Civil War (in which the Skull and Bonesmen worked with the Rothschilds, who had an agent on each side, Judah Benjamin and August Belmont). I have in Figure 11 (overleaf) fitted together the overall structure into the global pyramid of control. I do not claim for a moment that this is 100% accurate.


We are talking of a force shrouded in secrecy and disinformation, after all. But it will give you some idea of how it fits together. It was constructed by the Elite with control of the following in mind: governments and politicians; political opinions of all shades; the economic system; the world military; the media; the intelligence agencies; public opinion manipulation; ‘health’ - the pharmaceutical industry; the illegal drugs network; population control - eugenics; education; food production; and so forth. These interconnecting elements hang together on a structure controlled from the top. It involves the covert infiltration of the authorities which guide the direction of society and the covert manipulation and coordination by key Elite satellites in the centre of the structure like the Round Table and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


All these threads and lines of command eventually feed into the United Nations and its ever mushrooming network of agencies and power. I do not wish to give the impression that this network is all powerful, nor that it manipulates without internal pressures and strife. The network can only control and manipulate the mass of the people if we cooperate with it. If we cease to concede our right to think for ourselves and stop cooperating with the controllers, their ‘power’ is no more. Also, the Elite do not always agree on everything. One long-time researcher into the New World Order said the Elite were like a gang of bank robbers.


They agree on the crime, but they argue over the methods and the division of the spoils. I think such pressures will play a major role in its imminent destruction.

One name in the diagram there which you may not have heard of is the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, 120 Belsize Lane, London NW3 5BA, which, according to many books and investigators, tops the network of mass mind manipulation research establishments and its findings are used to direct the policies of the Global Elite network.


In 1921, just as the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations were being formed, the Duke of Bedford, Marquess of Tavistock, gave one of his buildings for research into the effects of shellshock on British soldiers in the First World War. This was carried out under the direction of the British Army Bureau of Psychological Warfare under Sir John Rawlings-Reece (Comm 300). A student of Sir John Rawlings-Reece was Henry Kissinger.


It was Tavistock, according to researchers like Eustace Mullins and others, that introduced the drug culture of the 1960s; and designed the mass bombing raids on civilians during the Second World War to break the spirit of the people. Mind manipulation and brainwashing will also be used on people useful to the Global Elite to ‘encourage’ them to see the world in the required manner.17

The Tavistock nexus has grown far and wide and links into the Club of Rome and the Bilderberg network. It connects with the Ditchley Foundation, which was founded in 1957 by Sir Philip Adams, a long time employee of the British Foreign Office, which is in turn controlled by the Royal Institute of International Affairs andthe Bilderberg group. In the United States, the Tavistock network includes the Stanford Institute, the Institute for Social Relations, the Hudson Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Hoover Institution, the Centre for Strategic Studies at Georgetown, and the Rand Corporation (which has Zbigniew Brzezinski among its number).


This mind control network is itself linked (with the tax-exempt foundations) into the education system, including the business and banking schools which develop methods of controlling people through the financial system. Again the overwhelming majority of people involved will have no idea where the directives and policies really originate.


The Brookings Institution in the US is responsible for developing policies to manipulate the population through the money system, and so is the Mont Pelerin Society. A leading light of this, and of the Hoover Institution, is economist Milton Friedman, the inspiration of the monetarism disaster introduced by those political puppets, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, in the 1980s. You’ll note also that the whole structure not only connects from the top, down; the various elements connect crossways too.


There are infinitely more link-ups and organizations involved than I have mentioned in the diagram. Within most of these organizations, the lower levels will not know what they are being used for and it is important to recognize that the system of compartmentalization and the ‘need to know’ principle means that the different levels are following different agendas. At the lower levels within the CIA, British Intelligence, and the KGB, they would have been genuinely fighting the Cold War. Their agents in the field would have been spying on each other in the belief that East and West were sworn enemies.


But at the higher levels, they had another agenda because they knew that the Cold War was a sham to serve Elite ambitions.



These multidimensional agendas controlled by the all-knowing Elite continue within the economic, political, and military systems today and while most of the people involved in the Global Pyramid don’t realize what they are part of, the mindset established at the top sets the agenda that filters down through all the levels.


You could call this the ‘culture of corruption’ that we see so often in society, even in the lower echelons of business, the police, and politics. Throughout this pyramid there is one common and all-pervading force, guide, and motivation. It decides the policy and holds the strings of those who manipulate our lives.


This force is the guiding light, or rather darkness, which controls the thinking and the direction of those at the top of this Pyramid of Deceit. It is the Prison Warders’ consciousness and its principal vehicle is known to us as black magic.



Postscript to 21st century edition

In the 2004 presidential election both candidates, George W. Bush and John Kerry, were initiates of the Skull and Bones Society - two masks on the same face as usual. And an initiate of Licio Gelli’s P2 Freemasonry lodge in Rome was a man called Silvio Berlusconi.


He went on to become prime minister of Italy and the country’s major media mogul.


Just a coincidence nothing to worry about!




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