from a 1993 reading


Another question from P.L.

"Are certain ones of the 300 in direct contact in receiving their orders from the aliens, or is it through mind control. Dr. Coleman did not mention the alien influence. Is it possible that he is unaware?"


This Awareness indicates that the entity in London, the Baron Rothschild, is reported from good sources to have held a meeting at some point in his home, among certain important people, and during that meeting, he informed them that he wanted them to meet someone special.

The entity reportedly brought in a Reptoid. This was reported from several sources, and the Reptoid introduced himself as being from Draco, and the entities were told that he was a representative of others like himself, who were now on the planet earth and were helping to set up the changes and transitions necessary for the earth to become part of the Orion Empire and the Draconian Federation.

This Awareness indicates that this is evidence of a direct communication between who is probably the most powerful human on earth in regard to monetary power -- and perhaps even political power, because money is the motor of all politics -- between this entity and the representative of the Draconian forces. This indicates a direct communication that has most likely taken place between these entities, apart from the dinner event that was described by entities present.

This Awareness indicates also, if you recall from Adolf Hitler's writings, he spoke of meeting the 'Supermen' and "His eyes were terrible, and I was afraid." He spoke of meeting this superman when going into an underground cavern. The entity was very much subservient to the directives of those so-called "Supermen". These were the extraterrestrials who were guiding Hitler in his effort to conquer the world.

The so-called Third Reich was intended to set up a government which controlled all of Europe, and would later spread to other parts of the world. The Fourth Reich is, of course, the New World Order, as another attempt in a surreptitious way to create a world dictatorship, a world totalitarian system, not much different from that which Adolf Hitler envisioned when he spoke of the New World Order in 1933.

This Awareness indicates it does not appear the entity who wrote the book fully understood the physical realities of and influence of these aliens on this conspiracy, but even if the entity did understand this, he might not have felt it appropriate or prudent to include such information in the book. For one thing, it could be hazardous to his health.


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