by Peter B. Meyer
August 15, 2023

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The Golden Age of Atlantis

Atlantis existed several hundred thousand years ago.


Most of the Atlantic times were eras of Light!

Only the last phase, the period from 17,500 BC to 10,500 BC was, in contemporary terms, a dark but learning age...

The Golden Period of Atlantis had the highest level of Light consciousness in any advanced civilization ever achieved on planet Earth, higher than Lemuria and Mu.


It has become somewhat fashionable to consider Lemuria as the utopian civilization, and while it did indeed reach a relatively short stage of high consciousness, the majority of it in that era were not really in physical bodies, but rather in the etheric deity and did not face difficulties that took place in the earthly physical stage.

In the Golden Age of Atlantis, pyramids were three- or four-sided, depending on the purpose, and were generally made of marble, granite and complex crystals.


Three-sided pyramids were used as antennas to attract and amplify energies and channel them to the grid of layers to energize houses and factories and create energy fields for various purposes.

There were many brilliant souls among them.


Beings you know like,

Galileo, Isaac Newton, Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Edison, Marcel Vogel, Ronna Herman and Da Vinci,

...among others, were among them.

To this day, the period of Atlantis' civilization in Earth's history is not known because the literature on the subject in the archives of the library of Alexandria was destroyed 2,300 years ago.


The rulers of Alexandria wanted to achieve one of humanity's boldest goals:

by bringing together all the world's knowledge under one roof.

In its heyday, the Library of Alexandria housed an unprecedented number of scrolls and attracted some of the greatest minds of the Greek world.

But by the end of the 5th century BC, the great library had disappeared...

Many believed it had been destroyed in a catastrophic fire.


The truth about the rise and fall of the library is much more complex.

In the continuation, our Pleiadian correspondent Michael Love explains our return to Atlantis and the still available but hidden
Arkansas crystal vortex...



Light Levels of High Vibration


Pleiadian light forces transmission - August 2023:

Greetings, Starseeds of the new Earth.

We bring you this special message for immediate planetary transmission.


The Pleiadians often share stories to raise your consciousness and awaken old memories within you. This transmission is coded to trigger your divine memory.

The knowledge we share comes from the Altera Law of One Being and is sent from the Akashic Records of the crystalline grid, which contains the entire history of Earth.

In the Earth year 2023, the planet is flooded with record amounts of high-vibration light, raising the consciousness of all life in this cosmos.


Your DNA optics are reconnected, leading to an influx of new knowledge and profound truths emerging from your consciousness. As Earth's beings awaken with unprecedented speed, more information about the planet's history is also emerging.

Let us return to the great Atlantis event to remember our legacy of advanced crystal technology.

You, as Starseeds, are deeply drawn to the magic of Atlantis and Earth's crystals because you have powerful memories of the ancient days of this magnificent civilization.


The energies left behind from that time still resonate within you, they are etched into your being.

You may remember something of your magnificent work in the great Atlantis:

  • Working on your ascension.

  • Serving in grand temples as a scientist/priest.

  • Collaborating with souls you are close to today.

  • Utilizing the natural energy of earth and majestic crystals.

  • Experiencing a great catastrophe that cut short your work.

  • Attempting to save crucial information and technology.

It is time to reconnect with your ancient higher self and use the profound knowledge of advanced crystal technology that you possessed in ancient Atlantis.

This knowledge was used for,

healing, ascension, transformation and are the basis of several exotic technologies.

Great; long ago, you lived and walked among the Gods of Earth, in the golden civilization of Atlantis.


Within this shining civilization, you dotted and led this planet with advanced knowledge and technology.

Your main city, Poseidon, located in the original five-ringed city of Atlantis, had powerful vortex portals, including the temple of healing, the temple of sound, the temple of one, the temple of regeneration and the temple of knowledge.


Many of you have clear memories of working and living in these beautiful crystal temples.

The primary cities and temples of Atlantis had 13 beautiful Atlantic master crystals. They were created using Sirian, Arcturian and Pleiadian technology that is nothing short of otherworldly.

The 13 Atlantic master crystals were awe-inspiring crystals of radiant beauty and immense size, about 20 feet (6 m) wide and 50 feet (15 m) high.


They appeared as beautiful translucent and shiny colored blocks that reflected the vibrant colors of the rainbow.


Each master crystal radiated an enchanting colored aura that stretched for miles and illuminated the surroundings with their divine radiance.


Their presence was enchanting and filled the ancient Atlanteans with a deep sense of wonder and spiritual energy.

In the advanced civilization of Atlantis, the 13 Atlantic master crystals played a central role in providing energy and powering essential aspects of society.


These magnificent crystals used superconducting lattice properties and converted any type of energy from one form to another.

As in modern electronic devices, these crystals could,

receive, store, transmit and amplify energy.

Each master crystal was carefully placed at the heart of key infrastructures, such as advanced technology centers, healing rooms and communication centers.


This crystal was ingeniously incorporated into the intricate architecture of Atlantis.


All buildings and structures in those ancient days were built with these beautiful crystals as integral elements of their design, those sublime pastel colors radiating glowing light.

The master crystals acted as energy generators to power the city's advanced machinery, transportation systems and crystal-powered vehicles.

Colored light emitted by the master crystals served as an efficient communication system through which information could be instantly transmitted over long distances.


The mesmerizing vibrations of the crystals also contributed to a harmonious and heightened state of consciousness among the Atlantean population, which promoted spiritual development and collective unity.


These technological feats enabled Atlantis to thrive as an advanced civilization, guided by the wisdom of the Atlantic master crystals and their ability to channel and control cosmic energies.

Greater Atlantis also possessed an intricate network of massive scalar healing crystals, housed in the sacred temple of healing.

These crystals were expertly tuned to the vibrational frequencies of the human body and served as powerful energy amplifiers and conductors.

Strategically placed around these magnificent crystals in the healing temples, people experienced harmonic vibrations that stimulated the body's self-healing mechanisms and promoted holistic well-being.


These colossal crystals, precisely cut with a pi ratio, emitted scalar energy, a powerful form of healing energy known for its profound effects on the human body.

These magnificent crystals amplified and concentrated the power of scalar energy, enabling miraculous healing within minutes.

Penetrating deep into the body's energy centers and cell matrix, scalar energy restored balance and alignment, regenerating even damaged parts of the human body.

These magnificent crystals amplified and focused the scalar energy's potency, facilitating miraculous healing within minutes.


Penetrating deep into the body's energy centers and cellular matrix, scalar energy restored balance and alignment, even regenerating damaged parts of the human body, defying conventional understanding of healing processes.

These ancient healing chambers used the same technology as modern holographic medical MedBeds technology.


As the modern world rediscovers the significance of scalar energy, the memory of these ancient master crystals continues to evoke wonder and fascination, connecting us to the advanced wisdom of Atlantis.

The 13 Atlantic master crystals were not just quartz crystals; they were an extraordinary fusion of quartz, other crystals and natural glass.


They also contained traces of,

  • gold

  • silver

  • platinum

  • diamonds

  • beril...

Within their sublime structure, these crystals also contained something special:

mono-atomic elements, which gave them unparalleled technical prowess and capabilities.

The Egyptians, descendants of Atlantis, learned how to heat this material to produce a fine powder called Ethereum or prima Matra, known as manna or monatomic powder, the elixir of long life.


This monatomic powder also greatly expanded the vibration of their light body, allowing them to pass through Stargates.

In modern times, high-spin monatomic elements have been paired with superconductors that challenge the laws of physics. In scientific tests, they have demonstrated the ability to defy gravity, the laws of mass and weight, possess the energy point zero to transcend both time and space.

The sublime beauty and powerful essence of these divine crystals still resonate in the psyche of modern descendants of Atlantis on Earth.


In modern times, the concept of these crystals is widely recognized as Andera crystals.


Although authentic versions of these crystals are rare today because of their deep location in the earth, special mining operations can produce them likewise as diamonds are mined.

Many of these have been found in Arkansas, as well as in mines in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, where secondary ancient Atlantic mining took place.

Throughout history, legends about these majestic master crystals have persisted, and their memory continues to evoke a sense of reverence and fascination in those who hear their stories.

They are also called the "grail stones" and the "fire stones" because their legacy remains engraved in the collective memory of humanity as symbols of divine beauty, wisdom and enlightenment.

According to the ancient teachings of the Atla-ra priesthood, the primary ring city of Atlantis was not located thousands of kilometres from the East Coast of the Americas, but was directly connected to the land of the East Coast of the Americas before the Great Flood rearranged the Atlantic Ocean.

The landmass America, in general, was also part of Atlantis; in the middle of the continent, where present-day Arkansas is located, the main Atlantic crystal seeding and mining operation was located.


The energy vortex in this area, created by Ley lines, drew the Atlanteans to the area where they used advanced Pleiadian and Arcturian technology to seed and grow powerful crystals, some of which weighed as much as 100 tonnes.

About 13,000 years ago, before the great catastrophe approached, you, as members of the Atla-ra priesthood, took steps to save the knowledge and crystals.


Weeks before the catastrophe, you placed the Atlantic master crystals deep underground and sealed them with a dimensional seal for protection, both in,

  • Arkansas

  • Brazil

  • Mount Shasta

  • Bimini

  • Lake Titicaca...

In modern times, still buried under 6 miles (10 Km) of sediment, beneath these sacred sites, lie the ancient Atlantic crystals, dormant for more than 14,000 years.

These main crystals, programmed and encoded by the benevolent scientific priests of Atla-ra, have now been awakened


The energy wave of these crystals is working in tandem with the planned coding shifts, resulting in an unprecedented transformation of the crystalline energies within the earth.

As the crystal shift unfolds, the Atlantic master crystals play an important role.


As your innate understanding of Atlantic crystal technology awakens, you will lead humanity in harnessing the powerful energies present at these sacred sites.

The concept of crystalline portals on Earth has long intrigued spiritual enthusiasts and seekers of knowledge. These portals, akin to magnetic portals harnessing the sun's energy, bring together plasma emissions and light waves.

Imagine Earth as a dynamic entity connected to celestial energies.


Like magnetic portals channeling the sun's massive energies, crystalline portals exist that collect plasma emissions and light waves. These crystalline portals serve as conduits of energy and information and intensely affect both Earth and humanity.

An incredible transformation is unfolding within the essence of human biology.

Humanity is about to shift from a carbon-based biology to a silicon (crystal) based biology.

This shift is a monumental milestone in the evolution of our consciousness and physical existence.

Silicon is ideally suited to support human biology because it shares the same properties and valence points with carbon.


At the epicenter of the biological shift, the crystal vortexes of sacred sites, including Arkansas, play a central role in receiving and transmitting crystalline codes.

These codes, ultimately originating from the central sun and then transmitted through the sun to the earth, set in motion the transformation process in humanity.


This crystalline grid operates in dimensions 5 to 12 and paves the way for a higher level of consciousness and vibrational existence.

As you awaken further, you will remember the full knowledge of crystal technology and learn to manipulate matter, space and time.


The crystals themselves, with their powerful harmonic energy, will help you raise your vibration and reconnect you as the great custodian of the sacred crystals of Atlantis.

Remember, that you took an unbreakable oath to the Atla-ra angelic council to preserve the sacred knowledge and save the master crystals. You also pledged to rebuild the ancient crystal grid in a future time and reactivate the Atla-ra master crystals.

That time is now!

Together, with Earth's 4.5 billion Starseeds, you will reawaken Earth's crystalline grid and create an incredible future for all beings on this planet.

Nikola Tesla said,

"in a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and although we do not yet understand the life of a crystal, it is nevertheless a living being."

Engage with these incredible living beings and invite them to reveal themselves to you. As you explore their technical intricacies, their primal answers will unfold in stunning revelation!

Greetings with divine blessings and divine speed,

Michael and the Pleiadians




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