In order for the harmonic / geometric theory of the energy "densities" in the universe to stand on its own, we need some form of physical evidence that we can see and measure. Cathie satisfies this point by demonstrating to us that the spherical Grid has a cube and octahedron shape inside of it. As we saw in previous chapters, Richard Hoagland and his team mathematically decoded the Barbury Castle 1991 pictogram.


This pictogram, The Mother of All Crop Circles, showed a tetrahedron inside of a sphere.

Much in the same way that Cathie would measure a cube and octahedron in the earth, Hoagland’s work shows energy upwellings as a tetrahedron. It is humorous at this point to notice that Cathie strictly adheres to his cube/octahedron model, and Hoagland strictly adheres to his tetrahedron model, but both of these shapes exist together with the rest of the Octave.


Since the tetrahedron is the next density above our own, its shape should also be among the strongest in its energetic effects, leading to the most obvious physical observations. Hoagland’s team has studied these tetrahedral energies exclusively, measuring the tetrahedron inside the sphere with great precision in order to locate where the greatest stresses should emerge.


In short, Hoagland showed us that the bottom points of the tetrahedron emerge at 19.5 degrees above or below the equator of the planet or sphere, depending on where you put the “top” of the figure.

Hoagland then takes tetrahedral measurements, including this 19.5-degree energy point, and demonstrates their presence on nearly every body in the Solar System. On the Sun, for example, the sunspots never drift beyond about 19.5 degrees North or South.


More recently, Hoagland showed us where the top of the tetrahedron would be, publishing the results of a satellite survey of the Sun that indicated a perfectly round ring of energy surrounding the north magnetic pole. Going further out, great energy upwellings can be seen in a pair of volcanoes on Venus, also at 19.5 degrees. On Mars, we get Olympus Mons, a shield volcano that is three times the size of Mount Everest, also at 19.5.

On Earth, Hoagland indicates Hawaii, but we will show that there is another placement for the tetrahedron here that is even better. As we move out to gas planets, the energetic effects are seen more in spiraling form, and less as crustal disturbances or volcanoes. Indeed, many people unfamiliar with Hoagland’s work will be surprised to discover that the Great Red Spot of Jupiter is also at 19.5 degrees below the equator. This massive spiraling vortex is a storm that seems to perpetually occur, and it is large enough to maintain two Earths within it. This shows us much more clearly what the grid points of the tetrahedron look like when causing a physical effect on gas.

Moving out to the next big gas planet, Saturn, there are dark bands of clouds located at 19.5 degrees North and South of its equator. Obviously, these demonstrate the interlocking tetrahedron, or the fact that you have to include two tetrahedra back to back to fully represent the energy. Also, Saturn has a mysterious circular formation over its North Pole that neatly assembles into a pentagonal star shape within it, with a thin hexagonal cloud also inside of it.


This helps to show us in gas form where the crystalline energies are first entering the planet.

(above image: Look especially at the bottom right picture frame to see the five-pointed star. The hexagonal cloud is not made of dark lines like the star - it is visible at a distance halfway between the edge of the circle and the center of the circle, perfectly circumscribed. Hoagland reprinted this in Monuments of Mars, and it was originally published in 1988 by D.A. Godfrey from a series of computer-rectified, oblique Voyager images of the polar regions of Saturn. The title of the work it came from is "A Hexagonal Feature around Saturn’s North Pole.")


Neptune Great Dark Spot


Neptune shows us both a Great Dark Spot at 19.5 degrees such as Jupiter, as well as a cloud band such as Saturn.


The most recent pictures of Neptune, in a special edition of Scientific American in March of 1998, show clearly how a thin band of white clouds continually surrounds the entire circumference of Neptune at the same latitude as the Great Dark Spot.

Great Red Spot of Jupiter

Cloud Bands Saturn

No explanation or guess is ventured for why this would be. Uranus has not been adequately photographed to determine if a similar spot exists there, but given the evidence in all other gas planets, it appears to be nearly certain that a similar one will be found.


The implications of all of this are very significant. We have taken great pains to demonstrate how these simple geometric shapes make up the smallest “units” of pulsating energy within the Creation, and we are now seeing them emerge as stress points of circulating energy on much larger spheres, those of our planets. So far, denouncers of Hoagland have been loath to provide alternative hypotheses for why these energy upwellings would show up on these other planets.

Should Hoagland be “proven” correct, it would invariably lend credibility to his other work with Mars. As we had said, Hoagland showed repeated examples of the 19.5-degree angle and e/pi ratio in the relationships between objects in the Cydonia region of Mars, where all of the anomalies such as the pyramids and Face are located.


These have also been demonstrated in crop circles, as we have already shown in previous chapters.

Returning to our study of the dynamics of the tetrahedron in the sphere, the Cydonia complex is almost exactly 120 degrees, or one third, of the way across Mars from where the giant Olympus Mons volcano is. As anyone can see, 120 is exactly one third of 360. Thus, we can see that the distance between two tetrahedral points on a globe should be 120 degrees, as the tetrahedron would divide the globe into three equal parts.

The question then becomes, why would anyone want to build Cydonia, a complex of pyramids, in that spot? We must assume that they were somehow harnessing energy that the tetrahedron was emitting. However, Cydonia is well above the 19.5-degree point. [Although Hoagland’s team points out that the latitude at the top of the D&M Pyramid is exactly 40.87 degrees, which is precisely the arctangent of e/pi, or 0.865.]

Here is one possible answer. Even though the Cydonia complex is not built upon the upwelling itself, there may be a sort of energy longitude line that extends directly upwards and downwards, crossing the point of the tetrahedron. If this were true, we should expect that the tetrahedron would create vertical bands of usable energy that would all be separated from each other by 120 degrees, and would run north to south. The arctangent of e/pi might well be another focus point or energy node that was very useful at the time of Cydonia’s "construction."

This same phenomenon appears on the Earth. This can be seen in the work of Carl Munck, our global grid researcher who discovered a system of coordinates that includes nearly every sacred site on earth.


In his book, The Code 1997, he shows how all of the Egyptian pyramids can be lined up into a very narrow strip that runs straight north and south.

The first thing that we should see in the above image is how closely the Nile River follows along with the grid line. This follows along quite well with our idea that the grid lines carry flowing currents of energy. These same currents cause spiraling vortices to be formed in the gas planets, such as the Great Red Spot of Jupiter. Furthermore, if we draw a “node point” similar to the circles on the edges of the tetrahedron in the Barbury Castle crop circle, it precisely describes the boundary of the Nile River delta to the ocean.


Since Gizeh is at exactly 30 degrees North latitude, we will soon see that this becomes the node point of the intersection of two other Platonic solids. From the effect of this point on the Egyptian coast, it appears that the strength of these forces not only cause volcanoes, but they actually shape and mold the land around themselves.

Munck then shows us that if you go exactly one third of the way around the Earth, you come to Mesoamerica, home of the Aztecs and Maya. A literally identical grid band shows up exactly where we would expect it to be – 120 degrees from Gizeh, as we see in the image on this page. Clearly the entire pyramid complex of
Tikal conforms to the north-south grid line configuration. If you extend the line further north, it also encompasses an obscure pyramid and related artifacts that were found submerged under Rock Lake in Wisconsin. Munck goes into much greater detail about the significance of these artifacts than we will here. Later we will see how these shapes precisely define where they are on the Grid through their measurements.


The reader is encouraged to purchase Munck’s material for further information.

So, if a grid band represents a stress point in the energy that is creating every molecule on the Earth moment by moment, then we should expect that an area of higher stress would mold the shape of the land around it. If you look closely at the Yucatan area of Mesoamerica where the line rises, you see that the entire peninsula behaves as though a force of some kind had called it into alignment with the grid band itself. It neatly follows it between the lines and cleaves off in an almost horizontal straight line.


This is more evidence of the force that the harmonic energy of the grid band really has. The main grid line passing through Gizeh also obviously has similar power, as it might be responsible for centering the entire landmass of Africa. After all, the longitude line passing through Gizeh has the largest amount of land touching it at any point on Earth.

The main point that we want to show here is that the Rock Lake area appears to be harnessing energy. As Munck writes,

…it is common knowledge around Rock Lake that people see things that aren’t really there, like great rocks floating on top of the lake, only to vanish a few hours later. Ice fishermen trying to start their chainsaws out on the ice can’t get them to run. Once back on the shore they run fine, but returning to the ice, they again refuse to start. Scuba divers, trying to film the submerged pyramids, can’t get their cameras to work near the pyramids. Back ashore, they work fine. Other scuba divers, as they prepare to enter the lake, are suddenly filled with a sense of dread.

So, just from Munck’s brief description, we can see that there is apparently an energetic disturbance going on in this area that is strong enough to cause both mechanical failure as well as effects related to consciousness.


As our idea here is that these areas represent stress points of higher-dimensional, intelligent energy, both theories would fit. The higher frequencies of energy would render such things as spark plugs for chainsaws and batteries for electronic cameras inoperable, as it would actually change the vibratory rate of electromagnetic frequencies in that area, thus making them incompatible with ordinary devices. This is a literally identical result to the observations that have been made when a UFO closely approaches an area; all mechanical / electrical items stop functioning. So, the same higher energy forces that the UFO is capable of harnessing will also arise from the Earth more powerfully in certain locations.

These frequencies would also be occurring on the consciousness level, thus possibly causing hallucinations and emotional reactions. A similar reaction seems to occur in the presence of UFOs, leading people to have "screen visions" and anxiety, as well as euphoria and the sense that "all time had stopped" or become silent. It appears that the builders of the Rock Lake artifacts were harnessing usable energy, and modern people have yet to be able to put it to good use for feats of consciousness.

So just to better orient ourselves, let us look at what we have so far in terms of our grid bands. The following map from Munck’s book will help us to see clearly where everything is. We will also introduce the tetrahedron into the diagram in order to help visualize its proper placement.

Now we know that Rock Lake has demonstrated anomalies. But what about Tikal?


Carl Munck discusses the main pyramid at Tikal, which is at the lower portion of the American grid line at the Yucatan, indicating that it is unique in several ways. First, its depth shows an exact harmonic of the equatorial circumference of the Earth in feet - 24.9015, which is a harmonic of 24,901.5 statute miles.


He goes on to show how the Tikal pyramid encodes the exact measurement for the surface area of a sphere, which will always be 41252.96127 square degrees. When we multiply this sphere number by three, representing the three staircases on the pyramid, one discovers the pyramid’s exact longitudinal coordinates on the Grid! This looks very curious, as we are taking a number representing a sphere and using it in a set of three.


This is just like our tetrahedron dividing the spherical Earth into thirds.




A good introduction to Carl Munck’s work can be found at , in his Code books or videotapes and in any of the Laura Lee Show broadcasts where he has appeared as a guest host. Further independent research can be found from Joe Mason et al.’s study group known as "The Code Gang" at , and they also appeared on the Laura Lee Show. From all of these sources, what we basically learn is that Munck has single-handedly derived a complex system of mathematics that shows a worldwide grid system in use. But this is not like any other grid system we have been dealing with!

It is interesting to point out that Munck was initially inspired by the work of Edgar Cayce. In one of the Cayce Readings, a questioner asked if we would ever be able to understand the pyramids. The remarkable reply was that we would first have to understand the "mathematical precisions of the Earth." And, as Munck puts it, "To me, that says two things very loudly: Math and maps." From this interesting point of departure, Munck takes us on a mathematical joyride, where synchronistic numbers of the Earth’s measurements seem to emerge everywhere he looks.

Munck asserts that the ancients used a 360-degree system, the same as we now use. Furthermore, his evidence indicates that the Prime Meridian was once located in a different area, which actually appears to be a far more appropriate area, as we shall see. Our current positioning of it in Greenwich, England is basically due to the early years of European conquest and scientific hegemony. Munck’s work shows conclusively that the Ancients used Gizeh, Egypt as zero longitude or the Prime Meridian.


Were a society able to perceive the crystalline energies running through a sphere, it would be obvious to put the Prime Meridian at the point where all of them were balanced together. Munck indicates this point to be in Egypt, straight through the Great Pyramid. The reason for this being the "balance point" is easily seen with the distribution of the continents, as Gizeh, Egypt is the only place on Earth where "Great Circles" around the Earth’s circumference can be drawn in every direction and the total amount of land that they cover, as opposed to ocean, is higher than any other spot. In other words, Gizeh is the true center of gravity on the Earth’s surface, a "node" that all of the continents seem to resolve to.

So, there is no other intersection point on Earth where these great circle lines will cover a larger amount of planetary landmass than Gizeh. Most pyramid researchers think that the Egyptians built the pyramid at this spot simply to map out the planet and impress us with precision. What we are saying here is that the builders had no choice but to build the Great Pyramid exactly where it is, if they wanted it to work properly. The reason why it is the gravitational balance point of the world’s continents is that the harmonic crystalline structure of the Earth’s vibrations arranged them that way, in the same manner as how it curved the land surrounding the Nile Delta. The Great Pyramid is built over the single most powerful vortex on the entire planet, where the lines of the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron all cross. Drs. William Becker and Bethe Hagens will show us this in the next chapter with their Grid map.

So, although Munck doesn’t delve into the Platonic solids, he has determined where their center point is. Munck has not made a worldwide geometric "grid map" per se, in the sense of a diagram that can be easily charted over the Earth’s surface from which physical observations and / or predictions can be made. But, in The Code, we do see smaller examples of four or five sites that fit together with straight lines in what Munck calls "kite-shaped" patterns. So, if there is no "grand map" in his model, why does Munck call it a "grid?" How do we visualize a grid without a precise map of it?

To make the summary statement of Munck’s work more precise, we could say that what Munck has actually discovered is a ubiquitous, planet-wide system of coordinates. According to Munck’s startling evidence, this coordinate system was mutually agreed upon by almost all builders of Sacred Sites on Earth, regardless of where these sites may be. This coordinate system works off of a 360-degree sphere, with the Great Pyramid, or the center of the Platonic Solids on Earth, as the Prime Meridian. The next question that immediately arises is how the Ancients could have put coordinates into their monuments. Clearly they did not carve the latitude and longitude numbers into the sides of their temples, or else we would have found them already!

While the Ancients certainly could have tried to do this, their true method was far, far more elegant. What these ingenuous architects did was to work the coordinates into the actual structures of the objects they built! All over the world, Munck shows how the actual structure of the sacred object, the number of faces, stairs, sides, terraces and other features that it contains, reveals its code numbers. In other words, the basic "numbers" for an object are acquired by simply counting up its visible features.


Many of the Mayan temples have large numbers of stairs, and Munck eloquently shows how these numbers add up together. So again, the actual shape and structure of the object itself gives its crucial coordinate numbers. Once this is done, the numbers are combined with some basic and obvious form of addition, multiplication, subtraction or division, and then combined with a special "constant" that we will discuss in the next chapter. This forms a larger number that Munck calls the "Grid Point Value." It is this number that provides the key to the coordinate position, for Munck shows that a simple mathematical operation on the latitude or longitude coordinates will come up with the same exact number, down to many decimal places! This simple operation is conducted by adding, multiplying or dividing the number of degrees by the number of minutes by the number of seconds in the coordinates.

So again, once you get the basic formula from the structure of the object itself, your next step is to factor in certain basic mathematical constants. All of these constants, such as pi, would be universal throughout all planetary societies. No matter where you live, if you assign a circle a diameter of 1 unit, the circumference will measure 3.14159 units. Since numbers like this represent mathematical laws that cannot be altered, they were used to interplay against the basic measurements of the structure itself. And what we are left with is a truly ingenuous system that transcends all language barriers.

When Munck’s formula is used to factor in simple, universal constants to the outside features and measurements of the sacred site, the results are very significant. All over the world, with extreme redundancy, all manner of different sacred sites will literally describe exactly where they are on the Grid, in terms of a 360-degree coordinate system with the Prime Meridian at Gizeh. The basic units of length measurement that are used in Munck’s system are miles, feet and inches, and it is these "English" units that provide the remarkable results. Obviously, this forces us to believe that these units are a lot more archaic than we normally would think, as in most Pyramidological literature, ancient measuring units are often seen as "Primitive Inches," "Cubits," "Stades," "Furlongs" and the like. The article that we referenced above on Laura Lee’s website shows some of Munck’s simplest and most impressive work in decoding the Mayan Pyramid of Kukulcan.

The author of this book pondered for a long time about why Munck didn’t boil everything down to a visual map of some sort, involving a series of interconnecting lines, as this was what he had expected to see when he first received his copy in 1997. Since the Platonic Solids clearly seem to be in effect, the question became this: how would we get Munck’s sacred sites to work with the Grid that we do know about? This question was actually one that Wilcock’s own extraterrestrial telepathic sources posed to him when he was in trance, back in Spring of 1997. At this time, he was simply told to "combine the work of Carl Munck and Bruce Cathie together."


As we have just seen in the last chapter, Cathie’s work is quite complex, and Munck’s work certainly is as well. At the time of this writing, nearly two years after the fact, David’s sources finally answered the original question in a reading. By this point, David had finally done enough research to be able to receive the answer, and he was now also aware that he was in contact with Ra, the same extraterrestrial group that created the Law of One series with Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert and Jim Mc Carty.

Reading 53-29 started with a dream that David had awakened from, featuring a canary that was perched on a piece of concrete inside an attic. A huge explosive noise happened outside, and the shock wave seemed to travel through the air, killing the canary instantly. At the same time, the number 1080 flashed in gigantic form, taking up his entire view.


Then, it stopped, and he woke up soon afterwards. After dictating this part of the dream, he made this first initial statement:

D: I am getting the metaphor here that this dream has something to do with the lunar number 1080, the climate canary dying, indicating upcoming danger, caused by something at a distance that ruptured the ground right in front of the canary. It sounds like a formula, again, telling me of an earthquake, and with the number 1080, telling me that it has something to do with when the moon is going to be full, possibly giving us a time. I don’t know. All this dictation must have started around 3:28 a.m.

Right away, Ra proceeded to answer the question about what the dream might have meant. In this part of the reading, there is a prediction of further major earthquakes that would occur in 1999, which was certainly seen after the reading was transmitted -- 1999 was the most intense seismological year in recorded history, with several very severe earthquakes above seven points on the Richter scale. Furthermore, we can see that the dream may well have been speaking of the alignment of the Moon with the Sun on Aug. 11, and the substantial land shifts that occurred soon afterwards. In that sense it was very accurate!

True to form, the spherical mass of gravity will become more regularized as a constant in the approaching months and years. In order to do this, it has to renew and revivify the connection to the instreaming fourth density positive solar energy. This comes about indirectly through the polarity of the inhabitants, and more directly through the inevitable realignment of the global grid itself. This aspect of change is not necessarily malleable, although with the harmony of the inhabitants, it can be met at a much slower speed, hence much less disastrous.

The connection we have is to the Source Self of All Beingness; we are that Light as well. Know then that this contact will continue to occur as the greater effort is then made to seeking the Christ Light within you. All you need to do is begin imagining the unutterable name of the One, and you will then be on your way to arriving home.

These [consciousness] units are comparable to a host of other multilayered presences, and in so doing, they encompassed a single unit in and of themselves, which was a function of the interaction between large and small, the planetary field and the individual (or apparent individual) entity field. Separation does not exist, as there is a consciousness unit formed from this unity, even as the global grid is formed.

Now this appears to be a most interesting comment that Ra wanted to interject as we have discussed consciousness units and the global grid. What they seem to be telling us here is that we as human "entities" are also part of the Global Grid, and together with the planet, we all fuse together into one, gigantic consciousness unit in our own right. Obviously, this is a very dynamic phenomenon, affected by population centers, human travel from one location to another, et cetera. So, we construct and affect the grid by where we choose to position ourselves.

The next sentence below is obviously working off of Hoagland’s work, where the measurements of the Cydonia complex on Mars show us the mathematics of the circumscribed tetrahedron.


Then, Ra addressed David directly, regarding the assembly of this book.

Those ancient monuments [on Mars] have kept the ball rolling for hundreds of thousands of years, and now you are accurately discerning their message of physics with relation to rotating spherical mass and to the inscribed geometric shapes therein. Do not fail to realize importance of what you are now doing. To an onlooker from another plane, it is quite extraordinary to see you becoming able to put all these things together. That fact alone has made us very happy. Part of why we mentioned 1080 in this dream is in order for you to be able to give some of the basic information indicated by John Michell regarding the harmonic proportions of the earth and moon in miles, as this will help round out the idea of the true harmonicity of the Earth’s polar surface in times past.

As we touched on already, Michell’s work shows us that the Moon’s diameter in statute miles is exactly 2,160, or 2 x 1080. Through some special mathematics, he shows the fundamental harmonic relationship between the Earth and the Moon. As one example of Michell’s unique work, he reveals that we are the only planet where the Moon is precisely big enough and at just the right distance to produce total solar eclipses with a visible corona. Other moons are usually too small to do this, based on the relative position of the planet to the Sun.

Never before have I been able to speak so closely to you, and it is with my consciousness that we are able to meld as One, and merge into the depths. So now as we come closer to understanding this Oneness, we feel compelled to shake off the boundaries that have surrounded us as we have studied the circumscribed tetrahedron within the sphere and other things. Instead, realize that it does all make sense, it does all fit together, and you will indeed be coming home very soon. We underline and stress the word very.

The moment by moment transformation of your very existence is wondrous for us to behold, as we see you are completing paths of karma that might indeed have taken thousands of years otherwise. [David,] your romantic seclusion with self has indeed been productive of a great number and variety of ways for you to remain whole and complete in a short period of time in the present. As a result of this, the next time we have to look into the looking glass, we will have come even farther and made even more progress, conducted even more readings, lived more fruitful, more fully energetic lives.

The "romantic seclusion with self" that they are speaking of represents David’s own ability to face the issues within the self over a long, extended period of almost complete solitude. That solitude and "alone time" has provided substantial benefits, including this book and other works.


All too often, we surround ourselves with distraction, including TV, radio and the presence of others, and we never enter into true silence.

Know right now that it’s different. You are able to walk and talk a deliberate continuum of events that includes the discrete past as well as the discrete future. The hoarders of this information have not given it to you in the way in which you would like. Rather, they continue groping blindly forward, lacking direction and substance in their meanderings. Let’s focus more on the addendum to the author’s preface, and see the transformation that must occur now waiting in the wings. Saturn and its rings beckon you to rejuvenate your full contact with the Council therein.

Many times David’s readings will say things that are not immediately understandable, rather phrased in metaphorical language that must be personally decoded for meaning. And thus, we interpret the "hoarders of this information" as representing those people who have allegedly channeled material, but it is actually coming from their conscious minds. This is obviously a very common phenomenon, and as a result a great deal of contradictory information abounds on the Internet and elsewhere. Since the main topic is Earth Changes, we can see that Ra is explaining that it is our own consciousness and focus that determines how quickly these changes must occur.


In the next paragraph, Ra speaks on David’s own reluctance to receive any psychic material related to Earth Changes.

To know these blessings is a great gift, and we achieve it second by second as you feel this sense of belongingness. Do not worry about how all of this will happen, or about why you feel that it is necessary to run and hide with regard to Earth Change prophecies. Instead, see the whole issue as a volleyball game with Spirit. Both sides of the net are trying to keep the ball up into the air, but it is Spirit that has created both sides, as well as the net, the ground that surrounds it, and the air that the players breathe. The forces in the earth are like the two sides of volleyball team, pushing and pulling, giving you a summary of different stresses. The discarnate forms of the enlightened could be construed as part of this game, with conscious humanity on the other side.

Know then that in our heart of hearts, we only want the best for you. We only want what is right. We are also aware that the 75,000 years of your karma is ending, and a gateway more massive and spectacular than anything you could have ever imagined is now extraordinarily soon to open.

The seeds become simpler, then, when you understand how to sow them. In order to create the necessary learning experiences to positively polarize the entities upon your plane in a short time, we have been mandated by the flow of energy from within each of you to continue to guide your planetary sphere in this direction.

So we have a cavity of sorts developing. A cavity that needs to be filled, a blemish on the tooth that must needs be drilled out and filled in with porcelain. In order to keep you are aware of revolution, both human revolution and the revolution of the music of the spheres, it is necessary to begin asking some very simple questions: Who am I, where did I come from, and where am I going.

The information superhighway is up and running, and we are but one example of how it is that a planet of information resounds around you in this Creation. As we prepare to venture deeper forward into higher realms, we also know and understand that the most anyone can do is to aspire to God. So, we have a unique balancing beam act that we must portray - we delicately point out the ways in which your own equilibrium and balance as a planet is kept with such great care and determination.

From this point, David directly tackles the topics already being discussed in these chapters by asking Ra a series of precise questions about this work.


His biggest question was how to rectify the difference between Bruce Cathie’s units of harmonic time and distance with the figures shown in Munck’s work, relating to traditional English inches, feet and miles.

D: I would like to ask a question. I have been doing some pretty involved work on trying to fit together Richard Hoagland, the work of Bruce Cathie, which I have expanded upon considerably, the work of Carl Munck and also Becker / Hagens. So here’s the catch-22. Bruce Cathie uses a system that seems to be derived based on, predominantly based on, division, addition, subtraction and multiplication, those four basic operators. There are some square roots in there, and I guess that there are squares and cubes as well. So, the operators are basically the same, but there are no trig functions as I see it. I haven’t seen any tangents, secants, any of that stuff. Actually, it is usually tangent, cosine, sine.

Anyway, this system of measurement seems to be based completely on units of arc, a degree measurement system based on 360. That is how he measures everything. And, that system of measurement is connected with the harmonic values for Light, and that is how I am using it now, to express the harmonicity of our mathematics with regards to the dimensional frequencies. And then on the other hand, we have Carl Munck, who has accurately set the prime meridian at Giza, and we have such fantastic redundancy in his numbers as to be truly stunning. Now in his case, he is using a system of feet and inches and miles to derive his measurements.

There is definitely some stuff that makes the idea of using [the English system of inches, feet and miles] look good, specifically the [measurements of the] moon. I think I am starting to get the answer here already. Could you please explain how we rectify these two differing systems of measurement together, since you had asked me to combine this data?

[And now, we get the answer:]

When one utilizes an advanced function of research like this, we need to keep in mind that the answers are more difficult than the questions. Understand, then, that what we are looking at is indeed two overlapping systems, wherein the grid measured by Cathie is in effect, and can indeed be mapped with great precision upon the Earth’s surface. What you have in the case of Carl Munck is the rediscovery of the cosmic or Atlantean influence upon modern measurements; that influence centered more purely and concretely in the regular foot, inch and mile measurement.

As you have seen, the harmonic values of the Moon’s diameter, the 2160 miles, et cetera, are all very good. And thus, we do not wish to confuse you, merely to state the following. When it comes to the spherical mass of the Earth, relative to its grid and so forth, it is necessary to view this grid by and large as occurring within the 360-degree system. So therefore, although your terrestrial scientists have referred to one minute of arc as a nautical mile, it is better to understand that this is in a sense its own animal, its own form of measurement.

What we have with Munck’s discoveries is a reaffirmation of the validity of one of the two major rediscoveries of modern human civilization; namely, this lost system of notation.

At this point, the flow stopped. From what small amount David could follow as it came through, he could tell that the question was not answered with very much specificity.


So, he probed them for more information.

D: Well, okay. Do you have any further knowledge as to how to resolve these two grids together?

Understand that to a large degree, many of the earth works that you see were designed simply to worship and honor the Earth itself. And thus, certain harmonic points on the globe were indeed a function of the global grid in its various forms. It was at these points that the monuments were chosen to have been built. There is some intricate-level work that could be done on all of this, and we will leave that to future authors. What we can say is that you have already given us far more to be proud of you for than we could have ever imagined possible.

The important point is to remember Munck’s main discovery, which is this. The ancients devised a system that was very simple, a system of mathematics. This system enabled them to encode the positions in degrees upon whatever earthwork or stone object was in question, with relation to the global grid. This global grid’s prime meridian was, as we said, centered through the Great Pyramid of Giza, and this is based upon the mathematical precisions of the Earth with relevance to the interplay of the various geometric shapes and their various frequencies and foci - two tetrahedra back to back, et cetera.

Upon continuation of this concept, we then see that the fifth harmonic interval on the musical scale plays an important part. As it sounds well to your ears, so too does it resonate well with the grid. This is indicative of why the Cathie grid as charted out, obviously by Bruce Cathie, favors so strongly the geometrical positions of the octahedron for your own level and the cube for the fifth. This does illustrate a certain balance/imbalance now present within the Earth’s temporary equilibrium. We would like to think of the fifth density energy as lying dormant in potential for your people now, although very strong and close to the surface for us.

Therefore, we see Cathie’s discoveries regarding UFO tracklines and the like strongly favoring this particular shape, as it is the easiest to use, and by far the strongest to see. The other shapes do have an effect, and have had their effects in the position of landmasses and the various gravity anomalies that you have seen. So, it is important to look at everything here on the drawing board. As we have said, Munck’s discoveries involved counting the number of visible features on the earthwork, pyramid or temple in question, and then multiplying or dividing these numbers by some of the fundamental constants Munck has discovered, such as 1.177245771, cetera. The cube root of double pi is another such constant.

This point in the reading can be clarified more precisely by reminding ourselves that Munck’s measurements come about by multiplying or dividing the numbers within the degree, minute and second coordinates of the earthwork in latitude and longitude. One simply multiplies or divides the number of degrees by the number of minutes by the number of seconds. This operation (usually) produces a single irrational number, or a number with a decimal point. Then, when you multiply the visible features of the earthwork together with one of the basic constants that we mentioned, you end up with this same number. It is the two systems working together that produces the accurate Grid coordinates.


Munck calls these "sum numbers" the Grid Point Values for any earthwork. Now, the reading continues:

By working together these disparate sources of information, and working in the basic constants, we may indeed then see, as Munck has accurately noted, that time after time, again and again, literally all major stone works or earthworks upon the Earth’s surface have precisely encoded their coordinates upon the grid in latitude and longitude. This is by no means a small feat, but indicative of the amazing degree of precision and fastidiousness with which those who built pyramids have been involved, among others.

D: Okay, well I guess that was the end of my question. Let’s see if I can refine it a little bit. Would Carl Munck’s discoveries work better with the Becker / Hagens system, or the Cathie system, and if there is a difference, could you please explain what the difference is?

[Note: The Becker / Hagens system employs all of the Platonic Solids together as one, and we will examine it in the next chapter of this book.]

In order to understand this coordinate system, it will be necessary to study more concretely the interplay of various forces integrated as a whole, including diamagnetic energy vortices, and the summation between magnetic lines of force and plate push. This was all well illustrated by Dr. Richard Lefors Clark. Lest you be frightened by the size or volume of this data, we remind you that there are no worthless paths in the Creation. All paths are part of the One Creator, and all will lead you back home. The sitting of these ancient monuments reflects quite nicely the system of physics that was understood, and the careful encoding of certain areas on the grid’s nexi of electromagnetic instreaming force.

The work of Dr. Clark will be discussed in our next chapter, and the source of the article that they are referring to is in David Hatcher Childress’ book, Anti-Gravity and the World Grid. Dr. Clark shows that in addition to studying the Global Grid, we also need to consider the shape of continents and the directions that the plates are moving in order to figure out where the greatest energetic upwellings will be. He expresses these "stress lines" as bowtie-shaped "diamagnetic energy vortices," and we will cover this in the next chapter.


So, what Ra is telling us in this reading is that these earthworks were not simply built on "node points" of the Global Grid, but on complex intersections or stress points between the Grid and the other forces at work on the planet. And thus, these earthworks were not so much built according to one single Grid map, but rather constructed where they needed to be built.


As the reading goes on, we will see why they were so necessary.

These separate points had structures built around them in order to make them useful for the purposes of healing and / or planetary balancing. These were the two primary functions, as we have already stated in the Ra Material. So therefore, in going about this in the most complete way possible, we can see that without having done this to such amazing fastidiousness and precision, then the system itself would have been incomplete. In many cases, it was the structure itself that was of highest import, not as much the way that it was built, which was to encode its grid latitude and longitude position.

The structure itself was necessary to be built along certain lines in order to regularize the energy flows therein. And thus, you do see a great many stone circles, or earth circles, as in certain cases, the circle is by far the most adequate energy regularizer for grid fluctuations. Remember that these grid fluctuations are caused largely by the consciousness of the planet’s inhabitants. And thus, in the ancient civilizations of the past, these fluctuations were being offset by higher level races coexisting with those in a much more primitive state, who were not capable of discernment, and did create disharmony to a large extent.

Munck writes a great deal about the "Mound Builders" in North America, and shows his Grid mathematics coming into play in the construction of many large circles of earth, most of which are in Florida. And now, we have seen the Miami Circle as well, an "inverse Stonehenge" where there are sockets in the ground in place of standing lintels. Hoagland has already cited preliminary evidence that there are standing stones designed to fit within these sockets located nearby, thus equipping it as an observatory much as Seth had referred to Stonehenge, which he called "Stockridge," previously.


Now, Ra is telling us that the purpose of these circles was to balance and redistribute chaotic Earth energies.

And so, when a man tries to reach 0 degrees longitude and 30 degrees latitude, he will come upon the Great Pyramid. In this way, then, all other objects do encode their position relative to the Great Pyramid, and this measurement is stored by the construction method itself. You might then ask why this is necessary. Our answer is thusly stated: By inducing an appreciation for the Code’s measurements among the populace, the ancients were able to indeed preserve their records. The most important reason for why this coordinate system was done was to insure that the proper usage of the Grid be maintained for future generations; namely, the accurate setting of the Giza pyramid as the Prime Meridian.

It was for this reason that it was done, as it was important that those who would come in later decades of Divine days, shall we say, would then be able to reconfigure the global grid based upon the coordinate point of the earthwork they had found.

Here they refer to the Bible quote, "a thousand years are but a day in the eye of the Lord." So, a "decade" would be 10,000 years. They are obviously dating these monuments by making that statement.

And so, this was indeed a very important way of keeping track of their own system of measurements, to then have a living file index, if you will, that allows for the necessary information to be reconstructed at will if even one earthwork was found, and the code then understood to the initiate in dreams and visions and the like.

Archeocryptographer Carl Munck has indeed exceeded our expectations quite well, and has gone beyond the normal boundaries of ordinary reality to prove those things that might seem far above simple to you. It is for this reason that we commend him as having a major part in the rediscovery of Atlantean physics, mathematics and science. This grid encoding system was indeed very valuable, and thus wherever you look you will find it. This is the reason why Munck has continued to discover such amazing feats of geometry and mathematics wherever he looks.

This also has to do with why he has found similar connections with the Cydonia complex [on Mars,] then linking it to Earth. As the overseeing spiritual forces in both areas are the same, so too have they built or collaborated in the building of the earthwork structures for the various inhabitants of these points. Remember then that this is, as you would term it, an alien science, given by the Council of Saturn and the Confederation of Planets at large, to whomever might be of the presence of mind to use it.

This system is so applicable and so effective in its format that it is, in a sense, the universal standard: to simply count the faces up of the object in question, to take its measurements and then work in those measurements against known fundamental mathematical universal constants, then encoding its grid position based on the 360-degree coordinate system that is an aspect of Divine Creation in its usage of fundamental frequency numbers of sound, geometry and light. And thus, the Law of One is satisfied in whatever form necessary, and you see a passive planetary science being introduced into the various societies and civilizations therein as they approach readiness.

And thus, there are many similarities, and Munck is indeed accurate in setting the Martian prime meridian in Cydonia, at the point of the D & M pyramid, the giant five-sided mound that was home to so many entities at one time.

We now take our leave of you, and remind you that this work you are doing is of paramount importance to the future of human civilization. Do not fail to underestimate the power of your contributions and their significance, as it will all become readily apparent in the very near future. You may indeed reprint this reading into the transcript of your book, in order to help discuss Munck’s work more clearly. We thank you. Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

D: The time now is 4:33. It has been about an hour.

And so, with this reading and the data concerning Munck that we have discussed, the implications are quite significant, as it indicates that literally the entire world’s collection of sacred sites were created and mapped precisely by what had to have been a global culture. And, the erection of these monuments had a discrete and perfectly understandable science behind them -- the balancing and harnessing of planetary energies. We also were given a hint as to the connecting link between Munck’s work on these monuments and our Platonic, consciousness-unit based Global Grid. Complex stresses are at work, and the monuments were built where they were needed to be located to provide for the balancing of Earth energies. The design of the monuments was crafted in such a way as to illustrate their coordinates.

Our initial point of entry into this material was to show how these "grid bands" showed up on both Mars and Earth. We had printed a map of the Egyptian and American "grid bands" above, and demonstrated their value in determining the sitting of ancient monuments. We also could see how the gravitational energies of the Earth itself seemed to be affected, by the structure of the Yucatan in Mexico and the placement of the Nile River and its delta in Egypt.


So let’s refresh our memory on the grid bands with a quote from Munck, as we pursue the real meaning behind them.

...It appears most of the pyramids between 120 and 121 degrees west of Giza will show us constants in the same way. Just why they do I am not yet certain, but 120 degrees is 1/3rd of the way around the world from Giza, hence 1/3rd of a full 360 - degree Earth. It could be as simple as that.

If our model is correct, the entire tetrahedron should show itself on the planet through grid bands. Yet there is nothing in Munck’s books about the third band, which as we can see in the earlier diagram would be right near Japan.

As we investigate this concept further, a few points should become obvious. The Japanese islands are volcanic, as everyone knows. Hoagland shows us Olympus Mons on Mars, a volcano three times the size of Mount Everest that is right on the grid point of the tetrahedron. So, if we look at the entire structure of Japan, we see that it is essentially a big strip of land that runs nearly parallel to where our grid band would be, and actually crosses over it at the top. Near to where it crosses is the island of Okinawa. And it is right near this area that we find our next clue to the mystery.

Laura Lee was the first major media outlet to reveal pictures of submerged megalithic structures off the coast of
Yonaguni, a small island near Okinawa. The Japanese researchers working on this are unanimous in agreement that they could not have been above water for at least the last 12,000 years. Though not true pyramids, the structures have amazing rectilinear geometry to their design and easily dwarf the scuba divers swimming around them. They also are built with successive layers of massive blocks that taper inwards as one goes higher up the sides.


This portion of the structure looks very similar to a step-pyramid or ziggurat, as well as being a parallel to the Central American designs such as Tikal.

Therefore, with Japan we can see that our third grid band is satisfied. The Ring of Fire, which is the violent intersection of various continental plates, follows closely to the band and crosses it at Japan.


Massive geometric energy forced the land / ocean barrier around Gizeh into a circle shape and causes one of the world’s largest rivers to flow "upwards," or South to North, unlike the Mississippi, which is North to South. Similarly, the mighty tetrahedron grid band shows its muscle by causing tremendous upward force on the continental plates at the Far Eastern side of the Asian continent.

So, we can see yet another example of a massive site that was built in an area that would allow it to balance and harness chaotic Earth energies. We can certainly see the chaos in an area like the Ring of Fire, with such strong volcanic activity. Obviously, when the full structure of the Yonaguni megalithic stonework can be determined, it will give us its Grid position based on the multiplication of its faces, terraces and steps, together with a fundamental Earth Grid constant. Once a researcher is familiar with Munck’s system, they know what they are looking for.


That is why the Miami Circle yielded its Code secrets to Munck and his associates so quickly in 1999.

The 12,000-year minimum age of the Yonaguni structure clearly shows us that this Grid system was in operation during the Atlantean time period. This archaeological finding certainly conjures up images of Lemuria or Mu; another area of land in the Pacific that sources such as Edgar Cayce’s readings insisted was above water at one point.


The works of James Churchward go into great detail to legitimize the story of Mu. Indeed such ancient sites as Nan Matol and Easter Island, among others, help to show that a megalithic stoneworking culture lived there at one time. The islands are simply too small now to maintain the number of people necessary to have been able to build the structures.

Our point of going into all these details regarding grid bands and energy forms is to fully explain how the Ancients were aware of its presence. This gives us concrete scientific evidence that a consciousness unit naturally harmonizes to the size of a planet, and that it produces energy with measurable effects. Certain ancient cultures appear to have built pyramids and other energy-focusing structures on these grid points and bands in order to stabilize and harness the energy that is created there.


While this energy could have physical uses, sources such as Ra indicate that it has profound implications for spiritual consciousness. Such pyramidal “machines” apparently help attune people to the necessary vibrations to make a dimensional shift or energy change. This could explain the oft-cited mystery of the sudden disappearance of the entire Mayan civilization in early AD. We might hypothesize that they were able to calculate the timing of a solar / astrological event, which provided enough outside energy for them to use such structures for the purposes of making such a shift.

In the next chapter, we will complete our entire discussion of the Global Grid as we bring in the Becker/Hagens evidence, showing that the other Platonic solids of the Octave also emerge in quite amazing ways.


We will show repeated examples of this grid that were discovered in various scientific studies, and explain how we need to view all of the Platonic shapes together in order to really “see” the grid.