December 03, 2004

from GodLikeProductions Website


Through the Teachings of Keylontic Science, we learn the “Mechanics of Creation” and we learn that Earth and its life-forms exist in one of many systems known as a 15 Dimensional Time Matrix.

Time matrices are “holographic” systems that Source (God) has created within Source Itself, in order to experience anything that It desires. Therefore, all things and all life expressions take place WITHIN the energy of Source. Nothing can ever be separated from Source, because everything is within Source and everything is created of the energy of Source.

Source IS conscious and Source experiences individuation and the illusion of time and space within a time matrix through a process of “stepping down” this conscious energy into smaller and smaller pieces. In this manner, Source can experience itself as a “manifest” form and experience multiple manifest realities at the same ‘time’ and within the same ‘space’.


In many time matrices, including ours, Source has lost this consciousness of itself as Source during this process of “stepping- down” into the manifest reality of individuation. This has created an illusion of “Separation from Source” in many individuations of Source including in Humans.

We are ALL individual expressions of Source, and we, as individuated expressions of Source, all have parts of our conscious energy within each of the 15-dimensional frequency levels of this time matrix.


This is a result of the process of Source stepping down It’s energy in the “The Stair Step Creation Process”.


In this process, Source maintains Itself as the perpetual and infinitely self-sustaining energy of Source, that can never be depleted.



One 15 Dimensional Time Matrix with

5 Harmonic Universes and Identity Levels


Ascension is the process of merging the many parts of our conscious energy that are in the different levels of the 15-dimensional time matrix.


It is the process of bringing all of these parts that have been stepped down, back into conscious connection with each other so that we can experience the expansion of “At-One-Ment” with Source.


In Ascension, we “transmute” the physical body form by integrating more and more of the “Multiple Levels of Conscious Energy” of our Selves into our biological energetic template. In this way, we are effectively “expanding” our Selves and merging with the infinite conscious energy of Source that initiated our individuation in the Stair Step Creation Process.

Integration of the higher identities progressively changes the nature of the biological form, so biological & spiritual evolution are one. Originally identity integration took place through one Immortal lifetime. Due to distortions, that span 11.5 dimensions of frequency, the process now takes place through successive reincarnations. Reincarnation was not the natural evolutionary process of the original human lineage, but it has been operational for over 5 million years.


The distortions have occurred in what is called the “Energetic Manifestation Template” or Kathara Grid.


Distortions within our manifestation template have thus resulted in an inability to undergo the natural process of biological Ascension. The origin of these distortions and the role the Human races have played in both the healing and propagation of these distortions can be found in the “Dance For” programs that are available on the Azurite Press product list.


Through Keylontic Science we can reclaim our immortal bodies and re-enter our natural state of evolution. The human body was designed to embody 12 dimensions of consciousness in One Incarnation.

Through the Sacred Teachings of Keylontic Science, we can RE-learn and REMEMBER, our true original Source-intended divine structure. By working with the Keylontic Science techniques that are founded upon Sacred Mechanics, we can also remember how our personal energy systems (Inner Template) operate as they were originally intended as True Divine expressions of Source and also how we can begin to Heal the distortions.

Each level of our consciousness that exists on levels of the 15-dimensional time matrix, is PART of US. These parts of us have names such as Soul, Over-soul, Avatar and Rishi. And at each of these levels, there is an increasing “body” of knowledge and understanding of the mechanics of our own creation from Source and of our own personal relationship with Source.


As we begin the process of integration of these parts of ourselves in a process called “Soul Integration”, we become more aware of these parts of our Selves and can integrate the knowledge and understanding inherent in them. Through understanding the foundation structures upon which the body and consciousness are built we can learn to consciously direct the path of accelerating our personal biological and spiritual evolution, rejoining the races of the Higher Evolution.

The races on this planet and planet Earth itself, are in the midst of what is called a Stellar Activation Cycle (SAC). These cycles occur every 26,556 years. This SAC commenced in 2000 and will end in 2012.


SAC’s are important periods of time for the Earth and Earth races because it is during these times, that the process of biological Ascension is accelerated. From now until 2012, more and more frequencies from the outer levels of the 15 dimensional time matrix will be “anchoring” here into the planetary grids (Earth’s energetic template). Once these frequencies are anchored into the earth, they can then be received by Humans and all other life forms on the planet.


Humans can greatly assist in anchoring these frequencies into the planet, ourselves and other life forms, by preparing our physical body templates in specific ways through the use of Keylontic Science techniques. In utilizing these technologies and assisting in the momentous activities during this SAC, Humans will often face many difficult personal challenges because of the distortions in our own personal energetic templates. In assisting the anchoring of these frequencies however, we will be healing our own templates distortions, in addition to those of the planet and other life-forms.


We will also be assisting all biological life forms and the entire elemental kingdom to undergo the process of Ascension.