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The old urban centers on the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S are in nearly perfect alignment. The image below is a cropped 3D projection centered on New York City.

This great circle line crosses through the middle of Washington DC and the middle of Boston, and it crosses right over the middle of New York City. It also crosses over Philadelphia and the Baltimore waterfront. The azimuth of this line as it crosses over NYC is 52, which is also the angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid.

The image below is an equal azimuthal projection, also centered on New York City, with this same alignment extended in both directions.

The alignment crosses between Teotihuacan and Cholula in Mexico and just as this alignment crosses into Mexico from the gulf it crosses over the ancient city of El Tajin and the pyramid of niches. The alignment also crosses over Baalbek, Lebanon and just north of the ancient city of Troy.

The alignment also crosses over Stonehenge. The azimuth of the alignment as it crosses over Stonehenge is 72 west of due north and 72 east of due south, which is not the same as the primary alignment of Stonehenge itself. However, the alignment from the center of Stonehenge to the center of the heel stone is 52 east of due north, which is the same as the azimuth of this global alignment as it crosses over New York City and the same as the angle of the Great Pyramid.

Because the equilateral azimuthal projection below is centered on the maximum latitude of the alignment at 53 33' N, 23 35' W, the alignment is horizontal on the image.

This is the same alignment that is shown on the two maps above. In addition to the cities on the Eastern Seaboard and the ancient sites listed above, this alignment also crosses over a number of other major cities of the modern era, including Mexico City, the national capital of Mexico; Mobile, Alabama; Atlanta, Georgia; London, the national capital of England; Lille, France, Stuttgart and Munich in southern Germany; Zagreb, the national capital of Croatia; Belgrade, the national capital of Serbia; Sofia, the national capital of Bulgaria; Beirut, the national capital of Lebanon; Damascus, the national capital of Syria; and Riyadh, the national capital of Saudi Arabia.

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