(1) Alex Collier shares the horror of Reptilians and Grays

(2) The Farming of Humans in Underground Tunnels

(3) On the Consumption of Humans

(4) Our Galactic and Intergalactic Genomes

(5) On Which Primate Foundation did the Seeders build the Human Race on Earth?

(6) Danaan, E. (2022) The Seeders

(7) In the 'Seeders' (6) we can read about this:

"This is the reason why, through to this day, there are very specific bloodlines that have carried these DNA-strands, whose individuals are abducted throughout generations, by benevolent organizations such as the (Orion) Council of Five (Seeders, p. 288) in order to reactivate their dormant DNA genes to produce body-vessels that are able to match and receive the intense frequency of highly-advanced extraterrestrial souls.


DNA emits a clear, sharp frequency and it needs to be the right frequency match for welcoming safely an extraterrestrial soul."

(Seeders, p. 589)

(8) A Short Introduction to the Modern Disclosure Movement

(9) In an article on the Gemmen (10) the suggestion is raised that Mélanie Charest would be a Gemmen starseed. This would logically be impossible if this 'rule' of resonating soul-genetics would really be a requirement for any soul to incarnate. There simply would be no one on this planet with Gemmen genomes, unless somehow the Council of Alnilam/Five (7) tinkered with her genomes and added a few Gemmen genomes to her genetic template.

(10) The Gemmen - One of the Seeder Races