Mars: Cultural Propaganda v. Reality

According to the Andromedans, Mars is three times the size that the public is told it is. We are told in literature that Mars is 4,200 miles in diameter, when in fact it is 11,421 miles in diameter. This past March of 1995, in a San Diego newspaper, it published a report that showed a picture of Mars in springtime. It said that in 1971, the Viking orbiter discovered huge amounts of ozone in the Martian atmosphere.


Now, how many books do you know of that have told you that there is ozone in the Martian atmosphere? None. It was a controlled leak. We are told that the atmosphere is predominantly carbon dioxide. How can this be, when it is supposedly devoid of plant life? When you see the polar cap melt in the spring, as shown in books, how is it that they can also say that the highest temperature on Mars is 141 degrees below zero? The polar cap on Mars is made of water. Will someone please tell me how water melts at 141 degrees below zero?

According to the Andromedans, the average temperature at the equator on Mars is 59 degrees. In 1979, NASA admitted seeing clouds float over Olympus Mons, allegedly the largest volcano in the solar system. But, Olympus Mons is over 72,000 feet high. That's one hell of an atmosphere if you have clouds at 72,000 feet.


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Tetrahedronal Geometry and Magnetic Frequency Generation in the Solar System

The monuments on Mars. According to Morenae, the "face" on Mars is a tomb, and there are apparently many monuments like that all over the surface. The Andromedans also say that if you look at the surface of all the planets in the solar system, at 19.5 degrees North and South, there are monuments - on every single planet in our solar system.


The reason that they are there is that they cause a magnetic frequency that apparently causes or creates a sound which polarizes our solar system in direct opposition to who we are as spiritual beings. In other words, we vibrate at a specific frequency. As long as the solar system vibrates at this other frequency, we cannot leave the solar system on a soul level. I do not understand all of this, but I am sharing it with you.

Venus used to be a moon of Uranus, and Mercury used to be a moon of Saturn. What the big plan and design of all this is, I don't know. When I asked about the Earth, I was told that the Earth was an ice planet in a different orbit that it has now. When I asked who moved it, the response was "that's something the Pleiadians will have to answer." The Pleaidians aren't all bad, but they are not telling everything either.


They have been involved in our solar system for a long long time. I was told that the only reason that the Andromedan council is involved at all is because the Pleaidians went to them and requested it. Our solar system was involved in a war 117,000 years ago. Part of it was caused by the Pleaidians, who simply left. Some of them came back. Atlantis was an ET colony. The Pleaidians never took responsibility for what they did, and now they have to come back and try to fix it. The problem is, when they came back, their past hit them square in the face.


We are a reflection of who they used to be, and they have a heard time dealing with it. In order to fix the problem, they have to step back into the "warrior" mode, and they don't want to do that because it is so destructive. So, as a result, they had to get some help.


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A Picture Tells a Thousand Words: Holographic Image Technology

They have a camera that they can take a picture and separate it out to get data all the way back to conception. Say I have a liver problem. They can go back and get the data relative to my healthy liver and project it holographically and heal the liver. This is holographic technology. It is literally me, healing myself.


We have the same capabilities using our minds. The key is to open it up to the idea that everything that we record in our mind is recorded holographically. Every single thought is recorded holographically. When you are trying to create something in your life, through your mediations, don't look at it the way you normally do.


Move around it, behind it, on top of it, beneath it. Train you mind and subconscious to see it for what it really is. They say we have this ability - they need technology to do this, but we don't, because we have the benefit of already having been on 11th density.


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Life in the Cosmos: Bullets


As you can see, the earth is on the fringe of our galaxy. If it were more toward the center, we would not have had whatever opportunities we have had for self rule. We take for granted whatever freedoms we've had. The Andromedans say that there is biological life on 7 planets and 15 moons on our solar system, but human technology is not sufficiently advanced to detect it.

The Galileo probe that moved into the atmosphere was supposed to have been destroyed on entry, but NASA now says that it will be transmitting for several weeks from the surface. Surface? What surface? They have been telling us all along that there was no surface. The major function of the orbiting part of the Galileo mission is to keep an eye one of Jupiters moons.

Q: Many of us have wondered why we are here on the planet in the first place. Do you have any information on that?

AC: I have been told that some of us have been here a long time, evolving, learning not to withhold love. I have also been told that some of us have come back in time from the future to this time now, to "right a terrible wrong." That's all I know.

[ Editor Note: There is data in Robert Monroe's last book, Ultimate Journey, that also indicates that many of us have come from a period past 3000 AD to this point in history to learn what this kind of planetary situation is like, in order to be able to more adequately and appropriately function on the Earth as it is in the future ]

Q: What is your understanding of the human energy fields?

AC: It is my understanding that there are eight of them that compose a holographic imprint of all that we are individually, focused into one intent which is the physicality we are in right now. In other words, we are multidimensional, and it takes eight levels of intent to create me being here, talking to you at this time.

Q: Several years back, I was told by a friend of mine in the CIA, that his brother, who had retired from NASA as the director of operations, told him that the 1990 meeting between George Bush and Gorbechev on a boat off the shores of Malta, was solely for the discussion of an object orbiting around Mars. The comment by this man was that both of them were scared to death. This would correlate with the 1989 takeover that you mention on your tape.

AC: I was told that we were given technology and allowed to colonize the moon and Mars. The best technology was taken to Mars, and some our strongest genetic human beings were taken there. After that happened, in 1989 the Draconians broke the deal, invaded Mars and destroyed the human colony there. I was told this happened in March of 1989. Along with that, our government was told by the Draconians to totally trash our environment, in order to bring the people to their knees. They were given a promise by the Greys that they would use their technology to clean the planet up once the government had extinguished self-rule on the planet.

According the Morenae, the Greys have no intention on keeping that promise. The bottom line is that We-The-People need to stand up and take over the leadership roles on our planet. I don't know how we will do it, but if we do it together, we will succeed. We have to put all the stupid things aside and look at out priorities. What are our priorities? The environment, each other, and our children. We have to do this. Somehow we have to do this.

Q: I would like to know if the Andromedans are going to help us, when they plan to do this and whether or not they will inform us, so we could unite in a more uniform effort to overcome the problems that we have?

AC: They have actually made that decision by telling all of the extraterrestrial races to be out of here by August 12, 2003. Some of the crop circles have been done by the Andromedans as messages to some of the other races that they have to be out of there by that time. They have made a decision to intervene. If it is going to be any sooner, I am told that it requires at least 10% of the population to request it.


We each have to individually ask, and it has to be at least 10% of the population. They said "by the time you finish your prayer, we will be here." They want to help, but we have free will. If they just come in without being asked, then they are violating our free will the same way the Greys and Draconians have. They will not do it. It is not the standard they live by.

Q: Do you have any idea how the Andromedans will extract aliens who refuse to leave?

AC: I have no idea, but if there are any in the earth, the only way I personally can see would be to enter in at the poles and force them out, which means it could get really weird here. Could you imagine reptilians running across the interstate highway?

You said that the next ten years are going to be weird. Is this part of that weirdness, and what else is there that we could expect? You said that they lost Mars and the moon doesn't seem to be a good place to go.

Right. The moon was just a jumping point to colonize Mars. Because of its lack of atmosphere, long-term habitation cannot exist on the moon - which is why they had to go to Mars. Well, they lost both of them, and the world leaders, and everybody who made all these deals with the aliens, now find themselves in a real problem - they have no where to hide.


They can't skip out of here. To counter that, they are now using the United Nations and the Global Biosphere program to create reserves, mostly in the United States. The reason? Over 78% of the fresh water in the world is in North America. If you control the water, you control the food and the people. If you control the people, you're a "king."

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The Next Great Escape: The UN Global Biosphere Program

Now, in September of 1995, Bill Clinton gave 18 million acres of Yellowstone National Park to the United Nations Biosphere Program. It is no longer part of the United States. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call the ranger station there and ask them if it is a UN Global Biosphere Reserve, and listen to the response you get. It's no longer outs. Yosemite and Rocky Mountain National Park have both been "nominated". He is just giving it all away. They are going to literally take the land right out from underneath us.

What is interesting is that in this plan, parts of these Biosphere Reserves will forbid any human use whatsoever. People will not be allowed in them at all. Around them they will have 150 mile buffer zones. As you look at Yellowstone, they are drawing up plans to remove all people within 50 miles of the park.


Supposedly, this is all to allow the animals to come back. If you look at 100 wolves, they need approximately 22 million acres of "roaming territory", which is equivalent to the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island and New Hampshire, added together. What are you going to do with all those people, just so 100 wolves can live there? This is already happening.

The leading proponent of this is the Nature Conservancy. What they are doing is that they are buying the land, holding it for a few years, then giving it to the U.S. Government, who in turn is giving it to the United Nations. What is wrong with this picture? The ultimate goal over the next five years is that the United States of America, as we know it, will cease to exist.


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Flights Among the Stars: Spirit Journey's

Q: What happens to the individual spirit when it leaves the body? Where do we go?

AC: This is going to stretch your belief systems. I want you to look at the idea that when we cross over and we all "see the light" and "meet our loved ones", my understanding is that the physical location of that process would be where the Van Allen Belt is. We go there, and we are processed there. Part of the processing is looking back at our life to see where we withheld love, and then we come back to balance where we withheld love. If they had not messed with the religions, we would have learned this lesson a long time ago.

[Editor Note: If this is so, then what impact will the HAARP project have on this process? Other sources indicate that this is the last reincarnation life for all of us on this Earth]

Q: Could you explain further what the Andromedans said about our ability to project holographically with our minds?

AC: They said that all of our experiences are recorded holographically. When you look at me, for instance, your brain is not only recording what you see, but also my energy field, the thoughts in my energy field, and more. The mind is recording that all the time, and they say that we have the capability to tap into it. Moranae made reference to the fact that the whole universe is changing, because thought is changing. They are one and the same.

Q: Can the holographic camera you mentioned before just access this incarnation, or can it go further back?

AC: It can go further back.

Q: Back to the state of our DNA prior to the removal of the 10 strands?

AC: Yes, and we have this information about that state recorded within our energy field. Everything we have ever been is recorded there. Read between the lines, please.

Q: What about the cancer problem?

AC: According to Moranae (or Moraney), part of the cancer problem is genetic. When our physical bodies were created, they put in certain genes to make the bodies grow faster. When they stripped us of the 10 strands, some of the genes that should have taken out they left in. Something in us kicks this gene into gear and it starts to manifest. The vibration of love can cure that.

[Editor Note: Science today is trying to get the public to buy into the notion that cancer is entirely genetic, avoiding the problem of environmental toxins in the food and water that have been deliberately put there, and the litigation connected with it. All of it is an extension of the Neo-Darwinism characteristic of the genetic priesthood of scientism - science as a religion ]


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Intention, Following Instinct and Effect of Frequency Shifting

Q: I am wondering, as we focus our attention on light and love, won't that connect with higher forces that are waiting to work with us?

AC: We are already connected. The thing that they are really looking for is our intention, and if you could stop before you slapped a dog or .....whatever decisions you make in your life, stop a moment and ask yourself "what is my intention behind this decision?" It is intent that created this mess.


We have to take responsibility. So many of us are making decisions based on an automatic response to past stimuli - we are not consciously aware of our intent, nor are we matching the intent with our gut instinct. If you have a gut instinct to not do something, do not go somewhere, then don't do it -- and honor it -- and honor your Self.

You know, these frequency changes that are coming? The Andromedan perspective is that those that will be affected the most here on our world are the men. They say that a lot of the men on our world are going to be leaving - transitioning. The obituary columns in newspapers will be 10-15 pages long.


The reason for this is that the majority of men are full of self-imposed isolation. They have shut themselves down. If they do allow energy to move through their bodies like women do, a lot of men are not going to make it. They will have brain aneurysms and heart attacks. If you are not in a space of love, then you are in a space of fear.

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Hale Bopp: The Blue Star and the Empire Strikes Back

According to Moranae, Hale Bopp is a protocol ship from Orion. It has four spiral structures on it, and it carries two moons behind it. When it enters our solar system in 1997, the two moons will go into orbit with Mercury, and our government is going to make a "They're Here" public announcement.


They are not here to help us. They are here to make sure control is maintained. It is due here February-March 1997. This "comet" has changed course three times. Comets don't do that. Some reporter asked NASA about these course variations, and NASA replied that it was because of the gravitational pull of planets. Thank God the reporter was smart enough to ask "what planets?"


The discussion with NASA ended there. Change is coming, and you should get ready for it. We are running out of time, and we can do this. We can do it ourselves and we can be proud of the fact that we can do it. When UN helicopters start flying, don't turn on each other - it is exactly what they want you to do.

Q: What I understood you to say before was that evil was a function of our own beliefs - and, that matter is a function of our beliefs. Do I have that right?

AC: Yes sir. So, everything is a belief system. So, what is the intent behind what we believe? I will go back to what Morenae had said earlier, that it is not so much what you believe as to why you believe it.

Q: So, if you stand on those two things, there is no matter and there is no evil.

AC: Technically, that is correct, but I am not at that level.

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The Future, Self-Responsibility and Self-Determinism

Q: I see a parallel in a lot of belief systems, and I wonder if it is a part of the overall historical world programming. Basically, the New Age people think there is going to be a transition into a new consciousness, like you are talking about. I see the same kind of mechanism in the Christian belief system, in terms of the "rapture."


I see a lot of people involved with the UFO material thinking "they are coming down to save us." There are four or five different versions of this, depending on what state of consciousness those groups happen to be in. Basically, to me, the message is "just lie down and let the tanks roll over you." It is to deflect one away from (the concept of) personal responsibility. Do you have any thoughts on that?

AC: Yes sir, I do. I once asked Vissaeus to give me a "definition" of our future and what it was going to be. He said that he couldn't tell me - that it all involved probabilities. I said to him, "then what can you tell me?" He said, "well, I can give you a definition".


This is the definition of where we are supposed to be going - and he says that we will reach this point. He said: "Responsible freedom of self determination, becoming truly self-confident and free to unconditionally be responsible for one's self, without be coerced to accept some higher authority." What we are looking for, we already are.


As far as wanting to be saved, and I know this is a real touchy subject, if you want to be saved, that's fine. But, between now and the time you do get saved, be responsible for yourself, and teach your children to be responsible for themselves. We are supposed to become a race of leaders - not a race of sheep. We are supposed to be chiefs - that is what they teach their people - nobody falls behind - we all evolve together. The children are supposed to be taught everything that we know, and more.

Nothing is supposed to be withheld from children, because they are the next level of consistency. I can't believe what they are "teaching" children in school today. They are teaching them nothing. Nothing. They can't solve any problems for themselves. They are being taught what to think so they can spit back facts, like a computer.


They are not being taught to think for themselves. Folks, we owe it to them to teach them how to think for themselves. Schools are just baby-sitters. In the Andromedan system, the people who are held in the highest regard are the teachers, because they are the ones that affect all the future generations.


Here, half of the teachers are starving. We are doing this think backwards. We are going to have to make changes, and its going to have to be us who does it. Whether it's home schooling, or we go to Washington and fire everybody and start all over again.

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The Andromedan Perspective on Human Biblical Matters

As far as the "savior scenario" is concerned, I have been told that it has been put into our belief systems to disempower us. Now, this is touchy, so I am just going to share with you what they have said. And, I am going to "pick" on the New Testament, and I apologize. Again, I am not trying to offend anybody. I am just sharing information that they have given me. This is their perspective.


Most of the Old Testament, especially Genesis, consists of pirated versions of Chaldean texts that were constructed in 651BC. The being that we have been taught is one person, Moses, is in fact two people. One of the people was Moab, a Chaldean chief, and the other one was Prince Sesostres in Egypt. The authors in 651BC put the two together and created a composite character. So, it is not what it appears to be.

When we get to the New Testament, the nine Epistles of Paul were apparently brought from India by Apollonius of Tyana. The four Gospels were obtained by Harriman Armandi in India. There were Hindu in their original form, written by Apollonius, who was also known as Paul the Apostle.


The being that we know as Jesus did in fact live. He was crucified through the palms. But, according to the Andromedans, he did not die, but lived out the rest of his life and died at Massada in 64 AD. Now, I don't know about all of this - I wasn't there. They also say that the last version of the Gospels and the Epistles were translated by Euphilius, a Catholic bishop, and that the original books in their original form are at the University of Upsal, and that they are called the Codex Argentinus.


The original handwriting is in Sumerian. That is all I know, and again that is their perspective.

Q: What about Adam and Eve?

AC: It was a tribe, not just two beings, according to the Andromedans. We received the "Cliff Notes" version of it.

Q: The idea that Moses may in fact have been a composite character doesn't seem to detract from the idea that "he" was in the right place at the right time, and was able to be a leader.

AC: You are absolutely right. Now, where is the best place to hide a lie? Between two truths. You change it just enough so you can't put the pieces together. Remember, this whole thing is about self-responsibility, self-rule and self choice. They have altered the truth just enough that it has kept all of us holding back, waiting, and waiting. Lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime.


Here we are, making a decision to hold ourselves back, because we are waiting for someone to come and save us. It isn't going to happen. They say it just isn't going to happen. They don't want to come in here and "save" us, because they don't want to baby-sit, and then if something "happens", we can always "blame them", and the cycle starts all over again. We don't have time - the Earth is sick.


We have no other place to go. I know this is not the answer you want to hear. It's not the answer I want to hear, because it means I really have to bust my ass to fix my life. But, I don't have a choice. It's just the way it is.

Q: But there is a saving reality. There is the truth that brings people the challenge to grow internally to be able to keep up when the planet goes into 4th and 5th dimension. It puts a great responsibility upon us as individuals.

AC: Right. Now, let is assume that Jesus is a reality. Jesus did say, "ye shall be greater if ye shall have faith." There's a profound message in that - "these things I do, ye shall do greater, if ye have faith." There is a profound message there. Please don't ignore it. You are awesome. Every one of you is awesome. Don't buy what you have been told (in cultural social reality). It is a lie. You are awesome.

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The Near Future From The Andromedan Perspective: Probable Occurrences in the Next Nine Years

I want to share probable occurrence in the next nine years. These are things that they say are a 90-100% probability:

1. Scientific proof of dimensions and higher self consciousness is going to occur. We probably won't hear about it for 15-20 years unless we straighten things out now.

2. Reincarnation will be scientifically proven and demonstrated. This is all within the next nine years and are major consciousness shifts. Now when this happens, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't mean you run to Hinduism and Buddhism and say, "this is the way, this is the way." That's not what it means.

3. Acknowledgement of life elsewhere in the universe. They are already starting to set you up for that.

4. We will have extraterrestrial contact with at least nine different races. If you don't think that is going to freak out the preachers, just watch. I want to hear what Billy Graham has to say about that.

5. Introduction of clean, free energy devices based on magnetic fields. This technology has already been developed. What they are saying that it is going to be introduced and be out there.

6. Knowledge that the earth is hollow and capable of sustaining life within, and knowledge of a city called Kalnigor that was originally built by Lyrans. Those are our human forefathers in the galaxy.

7. Knowledge of the lost lands of Atlantis. This has already occurred. It is off the coast of Portugal, but they have done a great job of keeping it hidden.

8. Discovery of a large temple complex in the Pacific, 150 miles southeast of Easter Island, that belonged to Lemuria. Morenae said the Russians already know its there.

9. The knowledge that what we see in the physical is a holographic imprint created and directed from a higher portion of ourselves. Now, if that's true, that means we've got nobody to blame. It means that responsibility rests right on your shoulders. And, you've got to own it, because you can't dump it off on someone else. Stop being a victim, because you're only in denial that you created the situation. If you created it, then you can un-create it, but you have to take responsibility and be clear on your intent.

10. Knowledge that human consciousness is not in the brain, but is located entirely in the energy fields that surrounds the body. That's who you are. You are not the body.

11. We shall have the realization on how our past and present educational processes have not prepared us to be creative, conscious thinkers.

12. That organic life exists on seven planets and fifteen moons in our solar system. Now, ladies and gentlemen, NASA wants to talk about microorganisms that they found on some rock they think came from Mars. You want to find life in this solar system? Get together and tell NASA to send a probe to Uranus. There is plant and animal life. I swear to you that it's there. As we speak. That's why they stay so far away from it. Their attitude is "pay the bill and shut up."

13. The general discovery that each of us is a part of the whole, and that we are a significant part of the idea of what we call "God", and that "God" is the idea called love.

14. That this accelerated self-discovery being experienced was created and activated by all of us.

15. That we, as a product of extraterrestrial genetic manipulation, are possessors of a vast gene pool consisting of many different racial memory banks, also consisting of at least 22 different races. Because of our genetic heritage, and because we are spirit, the benevolent extraterrestrial races actually view us as being royalty. Now, that has to be the best-kept secret in the solar system. At least on this planet, anyway. They actually consider us royalty - all of us.

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More on the In-human UN Biodiversity Treaty

AC: You know, my wife and I talk a lot about this work. It's really easy to just "do nothing". To just hide. But, we want to start a family, and if I do nothing and allow this charade to got on, there is a chance that our child will not have the opportunities that we have had - not that it has been easy.


Our forefathers, who were rich men, sacrificed everything because they saw a pattern of tyranny. History is repeating itself over again. When you drive home tonight, you should count your blessings, because you don't have to pass a check point and show your ID, like they do in some other countries.

Two hundred years ago, the United States changed the consciousness of the world. Today, because of the liberties that we have, we are under attack. Please don't take what we do have for granted. The easiest way for them to get to us is economically. Four days I ago, credit card debt in the United States reached $1 trillion.


If you look at all the public and private debt, coupled with the Federal debt and all the rest owed to other countries, all of us have on our back at least a $60 trillion debt. Now, I am a former CPA and I know numbers. There is no way to pay back all of this. The reality is, though, that we can change all of this.

The politicians are selling us out. We are talking about the "BioDiversity Program". I want to read two lines to you from this "Protecting Yellowstone" piece. They say, " in the UN Global Biodiversity Assessment vision of reality, human beings are just one strand in nature's web, having no more rights that any other creature".

Does that sound like a human being wrote that? Now think about that. It says that a human being has no more rights than any other creature. Now, its one thing to live in harmony, but are you going to tell me that an ant or cockroach has the same consciousness as you and I? No. But, they want to lump us all together. What is wrong with this picture?

Now, a friend of mine in Texas is very interested in storing food, because of the changes that are coming. He got this little handout which says "Government Coming At Us", and I would like to read some of it to you. It says that "it is now the law in Texas that if you get caught speeding 65 to 70 miles per hour, you get 2 tickets. One ticket is for speeding.


The other is for wasting gas. If you are caught speeding at 71+ mph, you only get a speeding ticket". Will someone tell me the message they are sending?

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Free -Thinking Humans Appear To Be The Enemy

Q: Maybe they want people to go faster and kill themselves.

I don't know. Maybe. Here's the second part: "Students in San Antonio told their parents about strange things that were on a test they were given at school. A group of parents asked to see the test and were refused permission to see it. They sued and won the right to see the test. The Texas Education Association appealed, saying that parents have no rights in the education of their children.


The TEA vowed to take the case to the Supreme Court - all using our tax dollars. If they win, you lose control of the education of your children. If they win the case, home schools and private schools will be next." Now, this is significant. We are talking about future generations here. What they are saying is that our children are the property of the government. What is wrong with this picture?

If there is anything that frustrates me, it is apathy - people who talk but do nothing. Walk your talk, folks. There are risks to freedom, but there is only one risk to bondage - breaking free. If you want to feel good about yourself - do something. We are running out of time. The UN already owns 18 million acres of Yellowstone, and it is only the beginning. What are you waiting for?


The US military troops are teaching UN troops how to go door to door. The US government wants to hire a mercenary force to come in here and take over. Now, freethinking people are the enemy. They are going to try to shove some bullshit new religion down your throat. It's all about self responsibility. Christianity has taught that for a long time - now it's time to walk it.

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Humans Shackled By Lack of Vision

AC: We received a tape that talks about the Gunderson Railroad Company in Oregon getting a contract to build 107,200 railroad cars that have 143 sets of shackles in each one. I have done some checking, and it's an absolute reality. So, they intend on transporting 15,000,000 people in these train cars. What's wrong with this picture?


This is the United States. You have to end the denial. If you believe nothing else about the ET's, and I am telling you with all of my heart, they are behind all of this. The regressive are into control, and the only way you can control is to dominate. Now, if there is a planet that has self-rule, you are not in control of it. There is no mystery to this.


But, because we are who we are, sons and daughters of God, who have been given free will, they have to coerce us into giving up our free will. Religions, which have had a positive effect as far as unifying people and supplying a basic foundation of values, are now being used to control and manipulate. The Gunderson information came from Phil Schneider.

According to the Andromedan perspective, we have outlived our religions by 450 years. Instead, more and more religions are popping up everywhere - all it is doing is dividing us. There is no common vision. Indecision married with a lack of vision - that is where we are now as a race. This does not mean that somebody has to come forward and say "I've got the answer so all of you follow me."


I don't know about you, but that doesn't work for me. It has already been tried and it was a disaster. The world is no better than it was 2,000 years ago. All they do is kill the teachers, and then its business as usual. But, if we all stand up and say, "hey, we are doing to do this together," and we make a leap of faith in each other, and even for a week just trust each other, maybe we can make a change here. But we are the ones who are going to have to do it.

The people at the top have sold us out a long time ago, and they are so petrified that they even lie about lying. So you can't believe anything. Ten days before Kennedy died, he said "the office of the Presidency is being used to subvert the rights of the people, and it is my right to tell them", or something like that.


In 1978, Congress admitted during hearings that there probably was a cover-up, and then they sealed the records for another 75 years. If "Oswald did it", then why the cover-up? Why seal the records? Because everybody who was involved is still alive. If we knew the truth, what would happen? This is the government you pay for.

So, I am not advocating anything except that in 1996, whoever is in office now should be thrown out, and that we should start over again. That means that you must go to town council meetings, PTA meetings, school board meetings - everybody needs to get involved. Get off your ass, turn off the TV and get out there and speak. Tell your Congressman, "look, if you bullshit us once, you're out of here. We're tired of this."

We are now legally, under the UN, a natural resource. Parts of the US are going to be withdrawn from human use. What are they going to do with the people that are in these areas? We have already lost part of Yellowstone, and as I have said, other areas in the US have been nominated.


I don't own a gun, but do not allow Congress to take apart the Bill of Rights. If you live by the sword, you die by it - sometimes you die without a sword If I choose to have a gun, though, I want the right to go and get it.

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If We Are Eternal, Then What's the Fear About?

AC: All matter is changing because all thought is changing. The Andromedans have said this, and we talked about it yesterday. During a period 357 years in the future, there is tyranny in our galaxy. It's not going in the right direction. We are supposed to become more social and more free - not more imprisoned and more suppressed. It begins with us.

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press is almost a joke today. That is why the government is trying to come down on alternative newsletters, because they are telling you truth - that's why they want to shut down the Internet, because it is growing so fast that people are waking up.


World governments are getting flak from the ET's. The only reason that these aliens can be here is because they feed off fear. It is the only power they have over us. We are souls. We are Spirits. We are Eternal. Every religious book tells you that - so, what's the fear about?.

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Belief Systems and the Creation of Physical Reality

AC: Let us pretend for a second that I start a "rumor", and I start a "rumor" that my cat Sam can talk. Some people believe this, and for them it becomes a reality. Now, because they believe it, they are focusing their intent on the fact that Sam can talk. Now, my cat can't talk.


Generation after generation believe that Sam talked, because they propagated the belief system that Sam could talk. Moranae and Vissaeus have said that because of our ability to create physical reality with our thoughts and belief systems, that we are literally going to play out the Book of Revelations.


We are literally calling it to us. I know that some of you have a hard time with that, and I apologize. I am not here to burst your bubble. I am here to offer a perspective. That's it. I am not here to take you out of your comfort zone. I am here to share, because this is a burden I carry.


They say that we are going to literally fulfill it. But, we don't have to. We don't have to create earthquakes. There are going to be some, but it doesn't have to be to the degree we believe it will be. We don't have to create a third world war, or even allow it. Bosnia is just the start of it.


The killing of Rabin in Israel is only part of what's coming. I want you to be crystal clear on this: it is all being manipulated to distract you. So, what have you done about it?

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Earth Evolution In Progress

The earth, according to the Andromedans, is a living entity, and has decided that it is going to evolve to 5th density. In other words, as an organism, it has chosen survival. The earth has pockets of negativity inside of it, because of its history. Volcanoes can be metaphorically considered as release of a blockage.


The earth is sick and has taken a beating. You have the masses on the surface participating in the creation of fear because we are buying into the belief systems we are being fed in the media. We are told of the second coming, catastrophes that are coming, etc.


Now, fear is not love. It carries an entirely different frequency. In fact, fear is an extremely low frequency. Here we are, creating all of this. People on the surface as getting very sick, physically. There are viruses spreading - many of them have been created, some have not.


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Planetary Oxygen Level Near Critical Level

The oxygen level in the atmosphere of the planet is less than 18%. It is approximately between 16.5 and 17.7% at any time, anywhere on the planet. This is significant. I want you to know that 3,500 years ago, the oxygen level was 35%. In order to survive, the human body needs to breathe an atmosphere that has at least 15% oxygen content. That is basic biology.


The Andromedans say that unless we change our ways of behaving, with all of the industrialization and what we are doing to the planet, we have less than 40 years of oxygen left. Personally, I thank God that this new color-sound frequency is emanating from the black holes. Thank God that God stepped in, because we'd be in a lot of trouble.

Yes, free energy has been withheld from us. We have been lied to, cheated and manipulated. If you go back to the 1960's and look at the peace marches about nuclear energy, etc., and look at the environment now, you will see that it got worse. The governments are going to try and use this against us - they are going to try and blame us for the result of their greed that has propagated this problem. What did we do?


We made fun of the hippies and people who participated in peace movements. We treated them as a bunch of crackpots. Now, if you look back, you can see that they were right. We have over 150,000 nuclear weapons on this planet, with plutonium that is deadly for 12,000 years. Where are you going to put that stuff.? We all know this, but we do nothing and walk the path of convenience. We've all been trained like good little sheep to walk the path of convenience.

Money is a useful tool to create freedom, but it is not God and it is not master. You are about to find out. At most, we have 18 months. I think it would be lucky for the economy to stay together that long. I don't foresee that. The fact that they want to begin to change the currency in February 1996, means you should expect an economic collapse in April 1996.


They would then do a recall of all old currency, and you might have one currency in use. It will get even weirder after that. We are being very carefully led down this path.


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Earth Changes from the Andromedan Perspective

Figuring in the Expulsion of ET Races by 2003:

[1] Between June and October 2003, there is a strong probability that we will wake up one morning and the moon will no longer be there. The moon is in fact an artificial satellite and there are many many bases on it.

[2] Between 2003 and 2007, the benevolent races are supposedly going to be all around us. We will see them, but they will not interfere. They want to see how we interact with each other without manipulation. They want to see if we continue the same behavior, because they do not want to come down here and compound the problem or baby-sit. We don't need a baby-sitter - we need the truth, and we have to have the guts to stand up and ask the questions, and keep asking them until we get the answer. We all have to do it, because if we all stand together, we can't lose. On the other hand, if they are successful in dividing us , we're toast. Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. How many stories in history do you have to see? You can't be divided and expect to remain as One. It doesn't happen.

[3] Between 2004 and 2007, all of our DNA coding which involves all the racial memory of 22 races our DNA is composed of, will unlock. By 2007, everyone will have full memory of who they are, where they came from and what you want to do. You will know what you soul-lesson is and your reason for being here.

[4] Between 2007 and 2012, we are supposed to see the birth of a galaxy in Vega, just before we move into 5th density.

[5] Between 2007 and 2009, if it is allowed to happen naturally, we are supposed to have a 17 degree pole shift. Saudi Arabia is supposed to become the new North Pole, which is great. Bury those oil fields nice and deep. We will have free energy by then, anyway. North America is supposed to be on the equator.

[6] By the year 2000, you are going to hear more and more reports of "ghosts", because what is happening is that the frequency which will be hitting the planet, which is God, will be raising the vibration. Third and Fourth density will be getting closer together as 3rd density starts to implode. What this means is that the molecules in our body will begin to speed up. You are not dead matter. You will be passing out of 3rd and into 4th, on our way to 5th, and passing all the consciousness that has not evolved or chooses not to.

[7] There is a possibility that between 1996 and 1997, one third of Japan is going to sink below the ocean. [Response from audience member: "I just got a report from a friend of mine who came back from India, that Sai Baba on his 70th birthday there advised a Japanese group there to leave Japan]. The Kobe earthquake was manufactured, because the Japanese government will not sell out its people to the New World Order. They will not make their people take an implant. They are being made an example of. Economically, the Japanese are tough, but they don't turn on their own people.

[8] There is a high probability that in July 2003, we will also have a magnetic pole shift, and it will be the first one in 4,671years. This will impact all electromagnetic devices on the planet. Animals will be lost. It will throw off everything.

[9] Between 1996 and 2012, some of us on the planet are going to be fluctuating between optically being visible and non-visible on a physical basis. Fluctuating between dimensions. There are five individuals on the planet who do this already. Many of them will be children, who will reveal what they have learned during their fluctuation in order to try and help their parents get there.


Many children born today already have 3 strands of DNA. I am told you don't need the other strands. All we need is one more, and its all happening. It's happening naturally. If you open yourself up and allow free movement of love in you life, it will happen within you. If you restrict yourself, hold yourself back and move into denial, you will be suppressing the energy that is coming in, and you will create disease. This is going to effect the men, more than the women.


The male thought pattern of being logical is past - it is time to try something different.

Q: Do you mean that the men are going to have to express their "womanhood?"

AC: Yes, that's exactly what I mean. They are going to have to move out of the masculine dominated world role and into a more nurturing role, not only with Self but with everyone else. It will be a tough lesson for men, because of all the out-of-balance role models that they have been exposed to and had to put up with. They need to be more in balance. We have to make the effort. Again, it comes down to intent.

[10] We are going to have to become more responsible and exercise our free will, because there are going to be earth changes. People that live on coastal areas have a problem. The oceans are going to rise at least 200 feet between 1996 and 2008. The ice cap at the South Pole is going to slip. The ocean will not reach Denver, but will get as far as Lake Mead in the West. Most of the East coast will be all right except for areas in Florida and an area in Georgia. The panhandle of Texas will be under water for two years.

[11] Around 2011, our Sun will undergo a 180 degree pole shift. It is literally going to turn on its axis.

[12] All of the continents which border the Pacific will be affected by tidal waves because of eruptions of volcanoes in the ocean. The French nuclear test in December created a seven mile long crack in the crust at the bottom of the ocean. These people are crazy, folks, absolutely crazy. We know how to destroy ourselves. We have that down to a science. We don't need to be testing these. We can't use them anyway.

[13] Within the next 10 years, the major cities in the United States will be under quarantine because of the spread of tuberculosis. The average life expectancy of men in the inner city will be 43 years of age. For women, it will be 55. You are going to see the end of welfare, free medical, county services, etc., because everybody will be bankrupt. Again, this is all be design.


Many people will be moving out to communities outside cities, growing their own food, and having their own private police forces. So, those of us who make these choices are going to be stepping back into the 1800's. Horse and buggies, and hopefully free energy.

[Editor Note: In the January 24, 1996 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, page 305, a report entitled "Transmission of Tuberculosis Among the Urban Homeless" indicated that "a remarkably high frequency of primary tuberculosis was found when no specific TB outbreak was identified in central Los Angeles." A precursor of things to come? Furthermore, in the same issue of JAMA, a report entitled "WHO Strategy for Emerging Infectious Diseases" indicated that "the return of known scourges like tuberculosis are in a state of flux globally" (p.318) Val]

Now, we are being told that there are too many people on the planet. According to the Andromedans, if we didn't waste out natural resources, the planet could hold a population of 11 billion. What we are actually being told by the propaganda machine is that there are too many people.


Now, a planet with 11 billion spiritually-awakened people cannot be controlled. Such a planet would change the harmonic frequency of the planet, the solar system and the galaxy. That vibration would be love, and the bad guys don't like that. It all starts here. We are being told that there are too many people. It's a lie.


Our leaders are so corrupt that the systems they have are breaking down. But, these systems are not real, in a sense. Instead of acting responsibly, releasing control and letting people take more self-responsibility, the corrupt leaders in the world want to kill off the population in an attempt to maintain status quo. They want to extinguish 50% of the planetary population so that they can maintain their control. Now, who died and made them God?


[Editor Note: Harvard studies have put earths population capacity at 44 billion].


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Who's The Real Power Here?

See, this all focuses on us- it is all about us. All of this charade and semantics they are espousing are designed to confuse us. So, who is the real power here? Us. Few people want to stand up and "claim their space". Why? Because in order to do so, you have to be self-responsible.


That means you have to learn to depend on yourself. Clothe yourself, feed yourself. Do something for yourself. We have to make some fundamental changes. We will have a solution if we put our heads together. If anyone says "I am here to save you and I have all the answers", you had better turn your back and walk the other way. If such an individual did exist, they would take him out.


History shows that. They have done it before.


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The Sirius-B Humanoids

Q: What about the beings from the Sirius B system?

AC: Some of them are human, and they have eyes like cats. Their skin is grey. They have long straight red hair. Many of them wear full body garments that cover their heads. They have extremely bad breath.

Q: Do they mate with humans?

AC: Yes, but the egg needs to be altered in a lab. They are using us. They want the encoded information in our genetics. We have racial memories and abilities in our physical bodies. We are moving from third to fifth density. It is the first time it has ever been done, and we can do this because on a soul level we are the Paa Tal. We have the genetic coding of 22 different races in our bodies.


When our DNA starts to unlock, we will be able to speak to ET's in their own tongue. We cannot be lied to any more. We will be able to create and manifest anything. That takes some responsibility. Those that are stuck and cannot or will not evolve, those who are stuck on manipulation and control, will manifest exactly what they desire. Which means that there is a very heavy responsibility when it comes to what is behind your intent to create.


If you screw up, it's going to hit you almost immediately.

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Our Solar System At Fifth Density: Transforms in Progress

AC: The Andromedans say we have 13 planets in this solar system. When we move into 5th density, it will become apparent that there are 27 planets in our solar system. They are already here, but on another frequency, which is why we don't see them at present.


When we get to 5th density, it will be evident that Jupiter is a Sun, which means at that level we will be a binary star system. Jupiter, in 5th density, is light blue. I am told that in 1000 years, the 5th density future generations of us that will incarnate on the 5th density physical dimension will have light blue skin, because of the Sun.

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