by Elena Danaan
November 17, 2022
from ElenaDanaan Website




I am receiving on this day the information confirming that the star system we name "Sirius B" has officially cut their ties on all levels with the Ciakahrr and Nebu empires...


History of events

It has been a long way... to finally reach this outstanding victory, only due to the bravery, resilience, intelligence and glory of the populations of Thula.


The five civilized worlds of Thula experienced the same fate as the Sol system, when the overpowering Alliance of the Six, lead by the Orion Nebu Hive, infiltrated and took over the whole system.


Located in the constellation named on Earth, "Canis Major", Sirius, of its local name "Ashkera", is a triple star system located 8.6 light years from Terra.


This system is composed of,

  • a bright blue star (A)

  • a dense white dwarf (B)

  • a dark red dwarf (C)

All races and cultures living in this triple star system go by the common appellation of "Ashkeru".

Thula, or Sirius B, is a star system that shelters a great variety of cultures.


Adapting to an astounding variety of environments, life in this system is teeming with diversity, such as,

  • Reptiloids

  • Amphibians

  • Humanoids

  • Insectoids

  • non-hive Humanoid Grays,

...and a wide panel of Hybrid sub-species.


A genetically prominent humanoid race stood up from the lot, born from the cross-breeding of the Lyran Taal colons and local humanoid (non-hive) Grays, in order to adapt to the environmental conditions.


This race is called Ashkeru-Taal, more commonly:


Slightly smaller than average humanoids in reason of genetic mutations, the T-Ashkeru have a triangular face with wider eyes, and slim silhouettes.


Their culture is oriented towards science and technology, and some of them are involved nowadays in high positions in the Ashtar Galactic Command.

On four of the worlds of Thula, the Ashkeru Humanoids cohabit with different local races.

T-Ashkeru technology, when it comes to building work, inspired many cultures throughout the Nataru galaxy and beyond.


The T-Ashkeru include nature at equal proportion within architecture and urbanism.


They invented astonishing materials that are extremely resistant to a wide range of radiations and suitable to a large diversity of environments.


These exceptional construction materials are at the same time translucent from one side and opaque from the other.

As official members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, the T-Ashkeru assist in building a suitable ecological system for human evolution on Terra, enhancing the bio-magnetic energy grid of the planet in coordination with the Errahil from the Pleiades...

They work at protecting the planet’s environment and its bio-diversity, raising human consciousness through the evolution of the biosphere.

Unfortunately, the Thulan planetary system was occupied for millennia by the Orion Alliance of the Six and was also the siege for the nefarious Ashtar Collective, which has ties with the Corporate of Altair.


This last organization collaborates with,

  • the Humanoid Alliance of Altair

  • the Orion Grey Collective

  • a negative Terran military presence...

So the Thula star system has been oscillating for millennia between competing leads of power, until finding a fragile political balance, about 1500 years ago.


The way peace could finally be reached, even in a precarious balance, was by delimiting planetary territorial zones and neutral corridors of circulation in the star system.

To gain a better view of this intricate situation, we need to go deeper into the understanding of the origins of the schism between,

...and travel in time as far back as the Great Orion Wars:

The headquarters of the Ashtar Collective are located on the 5th and most outward planet of the Thula system: Morga.


This organization includes many species.

"Ash" means "bright light" in the ancient Sirian root-language, and "Tar" means "the seat".

At the time when the Alliance of the Six was forming in Orion during the Great Orion Wars, which eventually led to the defeat of the Black League and the victory of the Nebu, the T-Ashkeru humanoids found themselves engaged in a conflict over the protection of twenty one star systems from the expansion agenda of the Nebu empire.


When a sad fate started to hit most of the worlds in the Orion zone, the Sirian systems stood up to the invaders and joined forces with the Black League, creating their own defense collective:

the Ash-Tar...

The reason why the Alliance of the Six, which gathers two of the most powerful empires in the galaxy, Nebu and Ciakahrr, didn't take complete ownership of Thula, as they surely could have done in a snap of the fingers, is due to the entry of the T-Ashkeru and two other local cultures as members in the Galactic Federation of Worlds.


Only then these territorial treaties for peace could be passed. As long as no one overlapped on anyone else's planetary zone, this precarious equilibrium didn't wobble.


Until the day when... tensions inevitably grew to a certain tipping point.

Due to significant infiltration and corruption of the Ashtar Collective by agents of the Ciakahrr and Nebu Empires, a rebel faction separated from the Ashtar Collective and sided with the Galactic Federation of Worlds.


To distinguish themselves from the Ashtar Collective now compromised, the Ashtar separatists took the name of,

"Ashtar Galactic Command"...

They are not based in a particular system but in a large moving fleet, as a mercenary military organization vowing to maintain peace in this galactic sector and free worlds from the Orion and Ciakahrr empires.


Skilled in military operations due to their training with the Orion Black League, the Ashtar separatists were offered by the Galactic Federation of Worlds to help in the Sol system.


They established an outpost, "Shar", in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter.

It is a huge unattackable floating citadel built with all the renown architectural science and technics of the T-Ashkeru people.

Their skills in battle has great renown and one can say that they are the last surviving cell from the illustrious Black League.


Concerning their presence in the Sol system, the Ashtar Command outpost on Jupiter works closely with the Galactic Federation of Worlds.


It must be also reminded, to avoid confusion, that "Ash-Tar" is also a title, equivalent to "High Commander".


This organization integrated with time many different races but its command has always been assured by T-Ashkeru officers.

Meanwhile, because they were deeply infiltrated by the reptilian Ciakahrr empire, the Ashtar Collective had also an involvement in the Sol system with shadow governments and the Dark Fleet, providing them with new technologies and weapons in exchange for facilities and human material.


They sided also with the Alcyone Taal-Shiar and the Altairan Collective activities on Terra for the Dark Fleet.

To now understand why a sudden and successful insurrection was made possible for the Thula star system, after a millennium and a half of relative peace with their powerful Orion neighbors, we must look back at some specific events that occurred recently in our solar system.


The Catch

On September 30, 2021, my contact in the Galactic Federation of Worlds, Commander Thor Han Eredyon, was involved in the arrest of a group of very special Tall Gray Ebans while they attempted to escape from Dulce military base and reach out to a portal near Saturn.

These were the very same Eban high officials responsible for the treaties with the MJ-12 & the Military Industrial Complex in 1955.


They were quickly put in stasis at the Military Science Department onboard Thor Han's battleship, for when captured, these beings instantly leave their avatar body, that is terminated remotely by the Nebu Hive.


As all Grays, they had brain security shields which were cracked by the scientists of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. As long as they remain stunned, they couldn't send a signal to the Hive, which would have resulted in their remote removal.


For the first time, the Galactic Federation of Worlds was able to triangulate these Grays brain frequency and neutralize the frequency transmission to their Hive-Queen, and then... get to her.


For the first time in the history of this galaxy, one could crack the access codes to the Orion Hive-Queen.

Around the star systems of Rigel and Betelgeuse are the Nebu heavy artillery military headquarters, and in the Trapezium M42 Nebula cluster (also named "Ka-Ba") is the "Cube":

the political center where the Hive-Queen is located...

It is the heart of their empire and the headquarters of the Alliance of the Six:

The name "Nebu" in their common language means "The Masters" or "Dominion", and it only refers to the Tall Grays residing in the Orion Zone and linked to the M42 Hive-Queen.


Among them we find,

  • the Betelgeuse Ebans (master geneticists, slave manufacturers and rulers of the Hive)

  • the Bellatrix Indugutks

  • the Mintaka Grails

At the start, in the Orion Zone, each world populated by Reptiloid and Insectoid Grays had their own individual planetary Hive-Consciousness and their own Hive Mother, or Queen.


As many of them joined to form the Nebu Empire, they merged into one single common Hive-Consciousness which became utterly powerful as the planetary queens merged together, giving existence to a great central Hive Queen, located in the M42 Orion Nebula.


The Hive Queen is not an actual biological living being but a disembodied supra-consciousness that functions like artificial intelligence or a quantum supra-computer. She can't be killed; it strengthens her.


The only way to neutralize her is to destroy the consciousness web and encase her within a non-dimensional void. And to do that, what was only needed was to crack the web's frequency structure, the very "signature" of the Hive. And they did it...


The Galactic Federation of Worlds cracked the frequency key that could disable her regenerative functions, and the quantum formula of the Orion Gray Hive connectivity!

The Nebu Grays started to feel profoundly disoriented at first, that is for sure.


Who knows what will become of them?


The Galactic Federation of Worlds has the best correctional system, where free-will is applied, offering to the prisoners the choice to change and be set free, the Galactic Federation of Worlds follows the ethics of always giving a redeeming second chance, believing in the universal law of evolution, but these ones I believe... will make an exception to the rules.

The captured Tall Gray Ebans had been key players in the unfolding of events on Earth ever since their arrival in 1955.


Five days later, this exceptional seizure gave fruits... The Nebu, defeated, were fleeing Earth, rushing out for the portals located in many places in this star system.


They were caught in traps set by the Galactic Federation of Worlds, whose cloaked contingents were waiting for them. There was no way out.


The final countdown had started for the end of the Nebu tyranny in this star system, and... beyond...



The Collapse of the Hive

The Orion Hive-Queen was sent back a "gift" with the blessings of the Galactic Federation of Worlds:

a virus that would infect the whole hive in order to dismantle the whole structure.

It was enough of these guys.

So many worlds destroyed, civilizations eradicated and souls assimilated, it was about enough...

The Nebu Hive collapsed in every place they had anchored, releasing worlds, civilizations, souls... and these civilizations suddenly found themselves back onto the path to their own freedom... such as Thula.

Having lost the support of the Nebu, the Alliance of the Six started their great withdrawal and it is now only a matter of time before they either rename themselves the Alliance of the Five, or decide to break apart.


Time will tell what decisions will be made.


What will become of the Gray Nebu civilizations, as the Dominion collapses?


Well the natural balance of the Universal laws would probably lead each of them to reassemble back to their former planetary hives, as they were originally before the great Nebu assimilation.


This is the end of an era, and justice been made...


The Sirius B Insurrection

The Thula populations, after the official announcement of the defeat of the Nebu Hive and the exodus of the Orion Grays from their star system, started a rebellion, breaking the accords of neutral zones and planetary territories.


Lead by the T-Ashkeru government of Nyan, second planet of the system, who bravely voted for independence, the T-Ashkeru armed forces surrounded Morga with a powerful war fleet of six thousand vessels, addressing the siege of the Ashtar Collective to surrender.


Predictably, the resident Ciakahrrs decided to defend their post. The population of Morga was evacuated while the T-Ashkeru army led an attack on the headquarters of the Ashtar Collective.


This could have turned badly for the T-Ashkeru army if the majority of the forces of the Ciakahrr empire weren't at that time surrounding the Sol system in hope to get revenge on their defeat there.


The sudden collapse of the Nebu Hive also played as a surprise effect in favor of the T-Ashkeru.


With the help of the Galactic Federation of Worlds and the Ashtar Galactic Command, who sent contingent forces to assist the T-Ashkeru, the Ciakahrr group on Morga stood absolutely no chance.


The Ashtar Collective headquarters on Morga were destroyed and the planet taken back, as well as the complete star system.

Similar insurrections are now happening in other star systems as we are seeing the beginnings of a new era of freedom and prosperity in this sector of the galaxy, in cosmic accordance with the shifting of this quadrant into a 5th density zone of space.

Honor to those who fell for 'the cause,' and rose again...