by Joseph Ernest

February 23, 2011

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These perfectly coordinated uprisings happening across the world have something in common.


They are occurring in countries that have rulers who have declared themselves lifetime rulers, with high unemployment among the youth. Take Egypt, for example, many think this was propagated by the group "Anonymous" and April 6 Youth Movement, using Facebook. To a certain extent, that is true.

However, who is behind the curtain?


All these governments were once supported by the West, and Egypt specifically, has even been receiving financial assistance by the billions of dollars from the U.S.


This report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS) shows distribution of foreign aid to various countries. See page 18 on "Foreign Aid - An Introductory Overview of U.S. Programs and Policy".



Sign Of The Times

To answer the question as to whom is behind the curtain during all these protests, look no further than the signs.


Why are all these signs written in English? How is it that these non-English speaking countries display signs in perfectly written English?


No grammatical errors, no incorrect tenses, no misspellings whatsoever, yet in English-speaking countries where the locals make their own signs, it is not unusual to see signs that have errors on them. There is no doubt that those signs are done by professionals, and it would be reasonable to reach the deduction that covert agents from the West have a hand in these uprisings. Stay with me on this one.

In the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s 90s and beyond Y2K, governments in the West used economic hitmen to bring foreign governments to their knees.


John Perkins, a former economic hitman explains in detail how they do what they do:



How Economic Hitmen Enslave Nations For Generations
by NewsCastMedia
Feb 23, 2011
from YouTube Website


Produced by Peter Joseph from Zeitgeist





Here is how it works:

A third world nation receives a loan from a developed nation. The loan is so big, there is no way the third world country can pay it back without defaulting. When the third world country defaults, the developed nation offers to re-finance the debt with pre-conditions attached to it.


The most common pre-conditions are the third world country agrees to let the lender take over its natural resources like oil, gold and other minerals.


The contractors responsible for building the infrastructure are owned by the developed country; or the country in debt offers to send its troops to war zones where there are never-ending wars.


In essence leaders of countries entrapped in the debt cycle that is carefully orchestrated by the developed country, become their useful puppets.

What happens is in such countries is that all the national assets and treasures are sold off to privately owned foreign entities. Institutions like schools, insurance corporations, electric and utility companies and so forth end up in the hands of foreigners.


Third world countries that are rich in minerals end up getting pimped by their leaders for their natural resources and institutions, leaving the citizens in abject poverty, while only a handful of people in power at the very top of the pyramid benefit financially. Most people in third world countries cannot figure out why their rulers sell of national assets, I hope the video above answers those questions.

Citizens of those countries get the bread-crumbs while their leaders and foreign masters have all the milk and honey.


Native citizens of these indebted countries end up becoming homeless in the very countries their forefathers built, and are treated like slaves by foreigners, because their leaders sold them out to foreign multi-national co-operations.



Where is the justice?

People are now waking up to the reality that they will be enslaved in their own countries by the autocratic leaders who are getting rich and fat while their fellow countrymen are starving.


The West in now allowing their former puppets to be disposed of, so they can usher in a new generation.


The old guard cannot fight back by spraying bullets into demonstrators because eventually they will be tried for crimes against humanity. They cannot stay and try to negotiate their way into being given more time to correct the wrongs, because most of them have been in power for decades, and their failure to deliver on their promises is inexcusable.

They were all intentionally corrupted in the 80s and 90s by the economic hitmen who sensed greed in them, and those same vices are the ones that are being held against them as they are now being ousted from power. When someone has a blemished record that person can easily be manipulated.


The people in that person's immediate circle can also be manipulated because they too have been compromised by those in the top tier. That's the reason why after these regimes have been toppled, the entire parliament and cabinet is dissolved and nullified to ensure that remnants of the former regime are completely cleaned out and replaced.

Even the House of Saud has become extremely nervous because Saudis have now awakened and organized their "Day of Anger" for March 11. The royal house is now giving out $32 billion dollars to Saudis, in hopes that these monies will silence them.

Saudis will have to weigh the benefits of either cleaning house, or being stuck with the same politicians for the rest of their lives. America, Britain and France will stand by and watch just as they have been doing, as nations plunge into chaos.


I believe the West is now taking sides with the people, that's why they refused to rescue Egypt their strong ally, and are not intervening with Jordan and recently the House of Saud.

  • Remember Kuwait? The U.S. was quick to defend that small country to protect its oil.

  • Why didn't the U.S. step in to protect Egypt?

  • Why is it not intervening with Jordan or Libya?

  • Libya has one of the largest oil reserves in the world even greater than Iraq, so why would America just stand by, yet Libya is no longer considered a rogue state?

  • Why are they allowing the March 11 uprising to take place in Saudi Arabia when the House of Saud has been the US' biggest ally in the Middle East?

The answer is simple. A new generation cannot be ushered in as long as you still have the old guards on their thrones who plan to rule for life.


They are now being disposed of to make room for those whom this shadow entity perceives will embrace their global initiatives, as opposed to self-serving dictators.

With rulers declaring themselves lifetime presidents, they are making themselves targets. Mubarak at 82 was not satisfied with the decades he was in power and the wealth he had accumulated. He still wanted to run for president in September. If only he had stepped down on New Year's Day 2011, he would still be living in Egypt and would be considered a national treasure by Egyptians and a war hero.


Instead they now want him extradited so they can try him like a common thief.



Uprisings or Secession Could Happen In Dictatorships

If Gadhafi had also stepped down on the day of his 40th anniversary, he too would not be dealing with what he is facing now. He would probably be the richest retired man in Africa.


Bashir of Sudan is perhaps the brightest of all, he has declared that this will be his last term in office. Gadhafi's talk of uniting African nations into a United States of Africa got him in trouble, because it showed he wasn't about leave office, so now he finds himself in a situation where he could possibly be a man without a country.


Gadhafi's dream of a United States of Africa was very unrealistic because Africa is plagued with tribalism. Tribalism is worse than racism because it is perpetrated by people of the same race and nation against one another regardless of whether they have the same skin color.

Because the cancer of tribalism plagues Africa, we've seen nations like Somaliland seceding from Somalia on May 18, 1991 and declaring their independence. In 1993, following a UN-supervised referendum in Eritrea, the Eritrean people voted overwhelmingly for independence from Ethiopia, and Eritrea gained international recognition as a sovereign state.


On February 7, 2011, 99 percent of South Sudanese voted overwhelmingly in favor of independence and have chosen July 9, 2011 as the date to celebrate their independence.


Tribes are either seeking secession singularly or are banding together collectively and divorcing themselves from the oppressive nations, as they seek to be a free and independent people.

Since dictators appear oblivious to voices that are being oppressed, I believe they will experience either uprisings and demonstrations, or the oppressed will seek secession from the oppressors and we will see more new countries being formed as a result of breaking away from the original nations they were once a part of.


Heck, even Texas over here threatened to secede because of ObamaCare, and later on sued the government for imposing a health care plan that Texans found unacceptable.


Governor Rick Perry started it all when ObamaCare angered him, and now several organizations are promoting it. (pop-up)

I predict that the next decade will be a decade of secession in oppressed and troubled nations rather than of unification, if their leaders continue with their tyranny against the citizens.


The tide has now turned and a new day is dawning.