November 26, 2011

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Interview with author Joel Bakan

Law Professor Joel Bakan discusses his new book "Childhood Under Siege - How Big Business Targets Children".


The book exposes the widespread exploitation of children at the hands of big business and how parents and families are often left helpless to defend them. The advent of social media and mobile technology has provided even greater opportunity for corporations to access children.


Bakan even suggests there is a link between the explosion of children's mental health issues and business both in the diagnosis and the medication.


"Corporate behavior

is very similar to that of a psychopath."


The diagnostic criteria for psychopathy is:

1. Unable to be concerned for others
2. Only advances their own self interest
3. Has trouble obeying the law and social conventions

Bakan wrote the book "The Corporation - The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power" in 2004. This book was the basis of the film "The Corporation."

Here he directs his attention at corporations and children: