by Amitakh Stanford
May 1, 2004

from XeeaTwelve Website

The Freemasons have often been called satanic, which is something that they are very capable of fending off.


While its rank and file members are ignorant of the purpose of the organization, some know. Freemasons deflect accusations of being a satanic society largely by employing the cover of being a philanthropic organization. But what is at the core of the Freemasons' beliefs? It is the belief in a single architect of the universe.


Freemasonry is based upon the legend of the building of Solomon's Temple, which is said to have employed thousands of masons and stonecutters almost 3,000 years ago.

For many reasons, we cannot verify Masonic history too easily. Some Attas have investigated Freemasonry, both from within by infiltration and from without by investigation. Thomas Paine is one of the Attas who undertook the task from without, while other Attas like Benjamin Franklin and Mark Twain infiltrated the organization.


Franklin disclosed many of the secrets of Freemasonry to Thomas Paine and also provided him with copies of various records from some lodges.


For this, Franklin was singled out for express criticism by Illuminati founder and high-ranking Freemason and contemporary Adam Weisshaupt, who is legendary for his devious and twisted behavior and character. It was Weisshaupt who supposedly founded the New World Order. However, he was more of a shill for the ruling elite and did as he was directed.

After thoroughly investigating the organization, Paine argued well that Freemason historians either will not produce the facts, or they do not know them. To show the enormous corruption by Freemason historians, Paine noted that according to Masonic history, Pythagoras of 580 B.C. was supposed to be an early initiate of a frontrunner sodality of the Freemasons.


However, according to their history, the society was fully established during the time of the building of King Solomon's Temple, which was completed more than 300 years before Pythagoras was born. Pythagoras is one of the Attas. Freemasons falsely claim that he was a member of their society.

Also, according to Freemason history, the famous Greek mathematician, Euclid, communicated his knowledge to Hiram Abiff, the Master Mason. Abiff was the main decorator of the temple, which was built in the tenth century B.C. Euclid was born more than 500 years after the completion of the temple, making this an impossibility. Whether the history was intentionally muddled is irrelevant, as Freemasons continue to present the misinformation today, long after horrendous errors have been exposed.

Since its own history is corrupted beyond recognition and its historians refuse to correct it, this discussion will attempt to explain some pertinent Masonic legends and further explain the actual history. The reader should ever consider why the Freemasons would lie about their history while contemplating things Masonic.

According to their legend, two of the main characters are King Solomon and Hiram, King of Tyre. These kings got together and decided to build a fabulous temple. They then employed Hiram Abiff, a master craftsman of wide renown, to adorn the temple and beautify it.

Abiff, according to what is presented to candidates for the third degree of Masonry, was treated as an equal by the two kings. But that is questionable, as is the indication that all the masons and stonecutters who were building the temple were considered to be worthy and noble tradesmen.

According to Masonic legend, just before the completion of the temple, three ruffians conspired to extract the secrets of a Master Mason from Abiff. They were unable to extract the secrets by force, but ended up killing Abiff.

The ruffians hid the body in the temple, then carted it away and buried it. When King Solomon was informed that Abiff was missing, he was furious and took a role call of the craft, and found three were missing. These were the three ruffians. The king blocked the harbors and roads and sent out search parties. Finally, the three ruffians were found and brought before King Solomon, to whom they confessed. Solomon ordered each of them to be executed in vile, horrific ways, with terrible torture and severing of body parts.

Thereafter, King Solomon and King Hiram dug up his grave to look all over him for a clue to the syllable. When none was found, they raised Abiff from his grave and buried him near the temple, as close to the Holy of Holies as tradition would allow.

However, in interpreting the Masonic history, some previously hidden aspects of the legend need to be presented. King Solomon and King Hiram had each acquired one syllable of a secret code "word". Abiff had the third syllable. The two kings and Abiff were going to use the secret "word" to perform a ritual in the Holy of Holies after the completion of the temple. (This information is only available to a very small group of the very highest level of the Freemasons' hierarchy.)

This is a very dark story - Solomon, who was a tyrant, wanted SOLE possession of the "word". He hired three ruffians to extract the secret syllable from Abiff, who was in the temple when the ruffians approached him. One of the ruffians demanded the secret syllable from Abiff, who knew something was very wrong because only Solomon and Hiram knew he possessed a secret syllable.


Abiff was able to trick them into revealing Solomon had sent them before he bolted and fled. The ruffians gave chase, captured him, and then killed him. They then dragged the body off and buried it far away from the temple. The ruffians then reported the incident to Solomon, who immediately had them executed and dismembered.


The immediate killings of the ruffians were done as punishment to them and also because it was necessary to silence them.

Since the ruffians killed Abiff before extracting the secret from him, the syllable was lost. At the funeral, the two kings were truly upset because they had lost the opportunity to use the power of the secret code. They vowed to one day discover the lost word. Meanwhile, they substituted a word that sounds like "mor-bon-zi" for the lost word.


Today, this substituted word is the Grand Masonic "word" according to Masonic history. It is believed that Solomon and Hiram passed on their two parts of the secret word to very trusted members only, and that these knowing members likewise passed it on to other trusted members. Today, the very few with this knowledge are very actively searching for the lost syllable so they can utter the real three-part secret word, or the actual lost "word".

Since mor-bon-zi is only a substitute secret word, all Masons are given it and recognize it to this day. However, mor-bon-zi is very rarely spoken except during initiations or on very special occasions, and then only in a low breath. The password the Masons use in everyday matters is "tu-bal-cain."

Many extra degrees have been added to Freemasonry throughout the years. Adam Weisshaupt contrived some "French" degrees then traveled to Scotland and presented them as genuine French degrees of Masonry to Scottish Freemasons. He then invented "Scottish" degrees and traveled to France and presented the bogus Scottish degrees to French Freemasons as genuine Scottish Freemason degrees.

It should be noted that present-day Freemasons claim in a higher degree that they have found the lost "word" of God. This word is given to candidates for the Holy Royal Arch.


That word is "jah-bul-on", which is believed to be:

  • "jah" for the Hebrew god Yahweh

  • "bul" for the ancient Canaanite fertility god Baal and Devil

  • "on" for the Egyptian god of the underworld called Osiris

This "word of god" presented as "jah-bul-on" is another Freemason Weisshaupt-like deception to trick some candidates into thinking the search for the word is concluded.


But, "jah-bul-on" is only another substituted word. The search for the lost "word" secretly continues.

Who were these three people really? Why did they have the secret parts to the secret "word"? Does the "word" really have power?

King Solomon, King Hiram and Abiff were secretly occultists. They tried to hide this information, and to severely limit and discourage those who would pursue occult matters. One such indication of this appears in the extant Bible in a book attributed to Solomon.


He did not write the entire book, but he did plagiarize this verse:

Say unto wisdom, Thou art my sister; and call understanding thy kinswoman: That they may keep thee from the strange woman, from the stranger which flattereth with her words.

Proverbs 7:4-5.

The church tries to give other interpretations, but what this really means is that wisdom and understanding should be treasured, but occult knowledge must be shunned, as it is dangerous. Many of the Proverbs make sense when interpreting the "strange woman" to be the occult mysteries, which otherwise seem to be non-sequiturs.

The Bible is replete with warnings to avoid stargazers, mediums, magicians, wizards, witches, sorcerers, seers, fortune tellers and the like. This was especially true during the reign of King Josiah of Israel. However, the Bible also shows that the religious leaders understood the esoteric (occult) power of sounds, letters, words, names, symbols, astrology, numbers etc.


One example of comprehension of the power of sounds and names is when Abram's name was changed to Abraham by the Hebrew God according to Genesis 17:5.

In fact, many religious leaders knowingly use occult powers whilst they keep the flock ignorant and fearful of the secret knowledge. Solomon is legendary for his supposed wisdom, however his work with the occult is more hidden. King Solomon and King Hiram, along with Abiff, were practicing occultists, but in the area of Dark arts. They were directed to build a huge temple that was to be dedicated to the higher forces of the Dark side.


To gain maximum empowerment for the temple, much suffering was necessary in the construction of it. This was accomplished by blood sacrifice and enslavement of the stonecutters and masons who were forced to build the temple and by imposing oppressive taxation. These and other measures culminated in a revolt.

When completed, the temple was to contain a Holy of Holies, where the three of them were to meet from time to time to conjure up the full power of Darkness associated with the Anunnaki Elite who were no longer on Earth. This was to be done by ritually calling down the Dark power via the "word". Once the temple (or any other object), specifically the Holy of Holies within the temple, was charged, it would take on a life of its own. It has a power of its own. However, the Holy of Holies was never charged in the way it was anticipated because Abiff was murdered before the temple was completed.

The three sounds given to Solomon, Hiram and Abiff respectively, form the actual secret lost "word" that Freemasons are seeking. When these are uttered in proper pitch, duration, order, timing and intensity the composite sound can call upon power from the subtle level.


This particular formula has the ability to summon the full power of Darkness.

This is no small power; it cannot be overstated how powerful it is. Anyone who possesses the key to this power can virtually control the entire world and hold any nation ransom. This is not a joking matter and one not to be taken lightly. Imagine what would have happened if Solomon had possessed the complete "word". This "word" is what Hitler was secretly searching for. In the wrong hands, this "word" could be absolutely disastrous.

The Freemasons are all raised to the third degree with the story of Abiff and the substitute word. This is because very few Masons know about the actual two separate syllables, but those who know are actively searching for the lost sound. They hope that some candidate will reveal it. They also hope that some Master Mason will discover it. However, none of the vast majority of Masons has any idea of this secret agenda. And, after nearly 3,000 years of searching, the secret "word" of Abiff's is still unknown to them.

Adam Weisshaupt was an agent for some people who had learned King Solomon's and King Hiram's syllables, and they directed him to start the New World Order in the hopes that it would assist in locating the lost syllable. Weisshaupt's controllers believed that if there were a single dictator of the world, then all information about everyone and everything would be at the disposal of the regime.

Sounds are very powerful vibrations/energies when used in a certain way with knowledge.


For example, the death of Diana Spencer appears to have been caused by physical agents. However, it was actually brought about by forces embedded in the spoken word directed from the unseen level, which brought about the physical manifestation of her death. People who are involved with Dark forces can get themselves into very serious situations. This is why the fabled "pure" heart comes out repeatedly in legends, telling of one who can properly use occult powers.

I know Solomon's and Hiram's sounds or syllables. I also know Abiff's sound. I know the entire lost "word". How I know this is irrelevant. Equally, whether anyone believes my assertion or not, is irrelevant.


Even when I first mentally reviewed this sound I could feel the tremendous Dark power of the "word". I also have the counter-sound which I used to neutralize the Dark "word". Now, the complete, dreadful Dark secret "word" that Freemasons seek to assemble has been contained and neutralized.

Bear in mind that some Freemasons may know the first two sounds or syllables of the "word". And now, others will know them. But, I will never disclose the lost sound from the Anunnaki Elite to anyone because of the highly dangerous nature of the Dark energy embedded in the "word" that could be "resurrected" if it fell into the wrong hands - that is, ANYONE without a "pure" heart.




No search will discover it. In any event, I already neutralized the entire "word" with the counter-sound. I released this counter-sound of the Light in 2002 on a CD entitled Loving You because the counter-sound can also be used to counter-act other energies that are directed by Darkness.

I now disclose the two sounds.

  • King Solomon's syllable is "KIR"

  • King Hiram's syllable is "WHAH"

Abiff's syllable has eluded those of Darkness for 3,000 years, and they will not acquire it before this virtual reality collapses.

As a cautionary warning, any attempt by anyone sending thoughts with any EVIL INTENT to either attack this information or to abuse the disclosed sounds will automatically be deflected and returned to the sender. The sender with such evil intent will reap instant or delayed consequences of his or her own actions.

Returning to the Masonic legend, it should be stated that the horrible deaths the three ruffians suffered are now part of the obligation of Masons in the first three degrees of Masonry. When a person is awarded a degree, he must utter the obligation under penalty of suffering a like death if ever he were to reveal the secrets of a Master Mason.


The candidates are told that the oaths and penalties are only symbolic and would have no bearing in reality, which is true if the Master Mason were to give away the secrets known to the general members of the secret society. However, the information about the original secret "word" is the secret information that those oaths are designed to protect against any disclosure.


They are real oaths with real penalties.

The term "Freemasons" is very revealing. Solomon had slaves building the temple. But some of the tradesmen were not slaves; they were free-masons. Likewise, the term "Master Masons" has the same significance. Those of that rank were the slave masters or the teachers.

Solomon was a king who was reputed to have had many wives and concubines. He did not let women worship with men, nor join secret societies. Divine rite of kingship, slavery, male dominance and polygamy are characteristic traits of the Anunnaki, and Solomon was a descendant of the Anunnaki Remnants from Atlantis. That is how he acquired his position.


Reference to Solomon being a descendant of Anunnaki should not be confused with having blood ties to them. This refers to his consciousness, which incarnates over and over in different biological bodies, regardless of biological connections.

Similarly, the King of Tyre and Abiff both had Anunnaki roots. The three of them were familiar with occult knowledge and because of their dedication to the occult arts, it was revealed to them that certain sounds have very powerful properties. Each of them had been given a sound capable of bringing down special powers of the highest and darkest realm.


This was done only after a lot of blood sacrifices which proved their loyalty to Darkness. Through this process, each of them had acquired one part of the three-part word. They were impressed to build the temple, where there was to be a Holy of Holies, where they were to perform the ritual of summoning the power of the "word". It was important to have slaves build the temple, as the suffering of the slaves added greatly to the potential of the secret sound. Moreover, as described above, the executions demonstrate yet another Anunnaki trait.


Likewise, Freemasons also thrive on bloodlust as seen by their sanctifying of the brutal, horrible, demonic killings of the three ruffians.

Many, including Thomas Paine, have compared the practice of Freemasonry with Christianity. Paine concluded that both worship the physical sun, although it is disguised in Christianity to appear to be the worship of Jesus, whom they call the Son of God. Darkness imitated the Divine Mother and the "Twelve Sisters" by creating the Sun and the twelve signs of the Zodiac.

Christianity was not founded by Jesus. The work of the early christians and the propaganda of Paul and those who hid themselves behind the name of Jesus all contributed to the invention of a marvelous story which resulted in Jesus being known to this day as the founder of a religion that was never his.


Similarly, Jesus is being falsely associated with the Ascended Masters in the Theosophical teaching.Christianity only became orthodox when Emperor Constantine and the church councils created creeds and canons at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. With this human-made church law, the followers of Christianity no longer abide by the teachings of Jesus, but instead follow the dictates of the church.

In current Christianity, it appears that christians relish in the murder of Jesus and are so taken in by it that they re-enact his brutal crucifixion. Christians call the murdering day "Good Friday" which term they excuse away with Easter Sunday and the supposed physical resurrection of Jesus. On a regular basis, christians symbolically eat the body of Jesus in what is euphemistically called the "Eucharist" where they also symbolically drink the blood of Christ.


These gruesome symbolic acts are signs of cannibalism and vampirism. These horrible acts are falsely presented at least four times in the extant Bible to give the church and its followers apparent authority and authenticity to practice the repulsive rites.

Nearly all christian churches display crosses to remind followers of the horrible murder of Jesus. Many of the crosses bear a male figure nailed onto them to represent Jesus, who is graphically displayed in a gory and agonizing depiction of his murder on a cross.


This depiction is grotesquely objectionable to any thinking, feeling beings.

  • Can you see the similarity between Christianity and Freemasonry?

  • What kind of a "god" would thirst for blood?

  • What kind of a "god" would want gruesome murders re-lived over and over in the human psyche?

With regard to christians - it is far worse than for the Masons.


According to many Freemasons, Abiff supposedly represents Jesus - who incidentally had not yet been born when Solomon was in power. But, Christianity symbolically does those dreadful things to the one they claim to believe is the son of the God of light.

So there you have it - Yes, it appears quite clearly that Freemasons, however unwittingly, are devil worshippers. Similarly, christians, however unwittingly, are also worshipping Satan.

Darkness has always coveted that of the Light; it also corrupts that of the Light whenever possible, as can be seen in christianity.

The one that is known as Saint Germaine, a significant character in Masonic history, was accredited with the concept of the Violet/Amethyst Flame. He was also known as Master Rakoczi, who was involved in ritual and ceremony and who was incorrectly attributed to being the re-incarnations of Merlin of Camelot and Lao Tse, the great Chinese mystic. Merlin and Lao Tse are Attas of the Light.


Germaine was a descendent of Anunnaki Remnants. Germaine was also supposedly Roger Bacon (13th century) and Francis Bacon (16th - 17th century), who was a Freemason.

Germaine's last incarnation was supposed to be Francis Bacon, who was a statesman, English philosopher, editor of the King James Version of the extant Bible, and an occultist. Bacon was thoroughly discredited as a scoundrel for abusing power and taking bribes. Francis Bacon is also known as an Ascended Master of the Great White Brotherhood in Theosophical/New Age circles.


He was supposedly the high priest of the Violet-Flame Temple which is associated with the seventh ray in "the Theosophical Universe".

In fact, the concept of the Violet Flame was stolen from the "Twelve Sisters" of the Divine Mother. As I have mentioned elsewhere, the "Twelve Sisters" label does not necessarily reveal their respective genders.


The violet color is one of the distinct colors of the Divine Mother and she extended it to the "Twelve Sisters" with the power of true transmutation. Evil coveted this power of transmutation, and attempted to simulate it as Evil often does, stealing designs/concepts/ideas/patterns etc. from the Light, then corrupting them and claiming them as Its own.

With regard to transmutation, it needs to be mentioned that the energy in the physical realm is trapped within Matter. This energy is very different from the energy of the True Divine Creation.

An analogy can be drawn by considering the micro level in this realm, where electrons could be compared to being drivers of energy, not the masters of energy as some have speculated. Protons and neutrons act as trapping agents - they trap electrons and force them to work for the protons and neutrons.

The Demiurge usurped this sector of the True Divine Creation and later created a world of virtual reality. This realm is an illusion, a virtual reality. However, in this illusion a great deal of abuse is done to True-Light beings.

The Demiurge created Matter and then gravity, which is the first cause in setting Matter into motion. Next, It created heat and cold, both of which can cause pseudo transmutation of Matter, and whose properties can also trap electrons. The electrons are akin to trapped Light beings in this dimension.

Gravity sustains physical motion. Many have theorized that because gravity is a weaker force than some other forces, that it is not the primary force. This is erroneous. Gravity is the first cause and the critical force that holds this illusory universe together. Only later did the Demiurge create the strong and weak nuclear forces to better tighten and bond matter together, and later still, It created the electromagnetic force to seal off sections of the Evil Creation and to erase memories of beings in the virtual reality.


The physical universe is continually spinning but going nowhere. For example, there is the perceived rotation of the ages - the signs of the Zodiac. They repeat the cycle over and over without real progress.


That is the plan of the Demiurge.

Gravity is the first force of attraction. Motion is keeping the illusion going by the sustaining properties of gravity. When gravity is dismantled, the balls will stop moving, and the entire illusion will crumble. There are particular energies which build virtual realities within virtual realities in this dimension.

The continuous motion works much like a sleight-of-hand trick. All the beings in the realm are moving so much within the illusion that they cannot focus on reality. As an example, imagine that you are riding on a merry-go-round. The horse can feel like it is standing still and everything around you is spinning. As a result, you cannot maintain focus on the outside world, however it is relatively easy to focus on the horses on the merry-go-round.


This is because you are within the illusion of the merry-go-round and it becomes the reality of the moment. Try as you might, you can only catch glimpses of the outside world which you perceive to be spinning.


However, you know that you are spinning on the merry-go-round, not the world outside, whose movement is an illusion created by the merry-go-round.

Thus, because of all the motion in the universe, and motion within motion, everything here is like a merry-go-round ride, and those on the ride can only get an occasional glimpse here and there of what is beyond. And, even then, those glimpses are often just of motions within motions, or other merry-go-rounds. Merry-go-rounds can be fun for a short ride, but if you stay on too long, they make you sick.


From a spiritual standpoint that sickness has so disoriented True-Light beings that they have forgotten their True Divine origin and think that they are part of the illusion. If the merry-go-round stops, the illusion stops and all viable True-Light beings will be outside the virtual reality.

The shattering of this illusion - this virtual reality - has commenced. Due to the complexities of illusions within illusions it has taken a long time to dismantle it. Gravity, because of motion and inertia, is the primary cause holding things together for the time being. Once the virtual realities within the virtual reality are all shattered, all the True beings of the Light who are trapped here will be freed. This day will come. Everyone should try to break the mindset that the physical is all there is because that mindset is the biggest trap of all.


There is a True Reality out there, once these dreadful rides stop.

One strong indication of the breaking of the illusion of the virtual reality occurred recently. A dog enclosure was locked and the lock had frozen shut. I needed to enter, but couldn't because of the frozen lock. I then pulled on the lock several times, but was unable to unfreeze it. Then, I pulled again and amazingly was able to pass the frozen-shut metal lock and my hand through a two-layered galvanized steel latch! I actually passed both my hand and the metal lock right through the steel hasp!


To do this defies the laws of physics in this realm, yet it occurred. It was the equivalent of walking through a wall while carrying a metal object with me.

While electrons are trapped by protons and neutrons on the atomic level, planets are trapped by stars or suns on the macro level. The sun of our solar system is the trap. It gives off False-Light, which the planets need to survive in this material realm. In exchange for this light, the sun forces the planets to revolve around it and to do all the work keeping the solar system bound together in the illusion which is driven by their orbits around the sun.


If the perpetual motion of the planets - the merry-go-round - stops, the illusion crumbles, and all the viable True-Light beings in the entire solar system are liberated from the entrapments of Darkness.

Of course, the solar system is but a ride within a ride, as it is part of a galaxy, which is part of the universe. All of these rides are about to stop turning.

The sun is the main source of the illusion. Those who are part of the illusion will dissipate when the illusion collapses. Those who are not part of the illusion will continue to exist after the virtual reality is over.

While the sun is the biggest trap in the solar system, it has the appearance of being of the greatest assistance and being the most important part of the system. The sun is not the driver of the solar system, the planets are. While the sun provides heat and light by which biological "life" is made possible, biological life is but another virtual reality which traps the True-Light beings.


Through being trapped in biological bodies, True-Light beings are forced to drive the world.

In this realm, Light looks dark, and Darkness appears as light.

Much has been said of late about the sun cruisers that have been photographed near the sun. A great deal of speculation has occurred as to what they are doing. They are crafts of the True Divine Creation which are here to extinguish the sun. They have done this to many stars in the virtual reality and freed many beings of Light from the grasp of Darkness by shattering the illusion of solar systems and unlocking the prison doors.


Sun cruisers were responsible for the extinguishment of the Anunnaki's home star ZA-OS, which in turn freed many beings of Light from the grasp of Darkness.

The Anunnaki were a very advanced race of beings and they had accomplished space travel before their star was extinguished. Being advanced technologically allowed the Anunnaki to spread their tentacles throughout the physical world as the main agents of the Demiurge. They are, in effect, angels of Darkness. They have been programmed to be as evil as the Demiurge, as ruthless, as brutal, as chauvinistic, and as hopelessly putrid as their "father".

The Anunnaki were given certain powers to assist the Demiurge in keeping the illusion going for as long as possible.


The Demiurge knows that its days are numbered, but it has extended those days by employing the dreadful Anunnaki, who are sent to various systems with the ability to restart "time" in the systems, that is to travel into the past so the virtual reality can be re-lived over and over again.

These Anunnaki came to Earth and set up control here. They are literally from the past, as they have re-started the system before. They hope to re-start it again so they can enslave all the beings of Light for another ride on the merry-go-round, and force them to drive the pointless counterfeit creation here. The Anunnaki know that they must re-start everything before 2012 A.D. because that is the date which they have set for restarting the clock.

While things were going along for the Anunnaki and they were doing their "father's" bidding on Earth, the Attas of Light became very active, which was most troubling to the Anunnaki.

All major religions in this world are sponsored by the Anunnaki. Religion is an extremely effective tool for keeping control of the people. A fundamental aspect of all these religions is that the central figure of worship is the sun, whether they called their sun god Ra, Apollo, Helios etc. This was true in ancient Greek, Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Roman, English, Mayan, and Incan cultures, etc.

Sun worship is the basis for major religions today, even if it has been corrupted or its foundation has been obscured or lost. For instance, Jews have their ancient temples constructed to honor the sun and the Zodiac.

Most notable of these temples dedicated to sun worship would be Solomon's Temple, which was standing during the entire reign of Josiah. Josiah is remembered by Bible students for knocking down idols dedicated to worship of the sun and other gods formerly of the Jewish pantheon. Josiah claimed to be following the Laws of Moses.


Yet Solomon's Temple, which was built long after the death of Moses and violated many of those laws, was left untouched. Either the laws of Moses were tampered with after the Temple was built to allow it to stand, or Solomon's Temple was an abomination to the Jewish faith. For whatever reasons, Josiah allowed the temple in Jerusalem to remain despite its obvious construction and dedication to sun worship.

One characteristic of sun worship is that everything hinges on the resurrection of the rising sun. The sun gives warmth and life according to their beliefs. That is why there are so many legends of dying/rising gods. Candidates for the third degree of Freemasonry play the part of Hiram Abiff in a drama. The candidate, like Abiff, is raised from the grave, symbolizing the dying/rising god legends.

Christians honor Jesus, the son of God, who takes the place of the physical sun. Even the name EAST-er SUN-day for Christianity gives away its basis. Thomas Paine noted that:

[T]he christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun, in which they put a man whom they call Christ, in the place of the Sun, and pay him the same adoration which was originally paid to the Sun.

It should be stressed here that the Magi of Persia were also sun worshipers, which demonstrates that the invention of the story about the visit of the three Magi at the birth of Jesus was added to the account contained in the New Testament. This addition happened sometime after Constantine made christianity orthodox and included sun worship in the christian religion.

In Celtic tradition, the direction east is also very significant. Druids worshipped the sun; Native Americans place great significance on sun dances; Eastern religions highly respect the sun. Often, emperors were compared to the rising sun in ancient days of the Eastern world.

Freemasons construct their lodges east and west and the Worshipful Master of the lodge stands in the east because, according to Masonic teachings, as the sun rises in the east, so should the Master stand in the east. Freemasons make advancement in degrees by seeking more light in Masonry. This is not to be confused with divine light.


Masonic teachings state that there are two lights. These lights are referred to as the greater and the lesser lights. The sun is the greater light, while the moon is the lesser.

In Grand Master George Smith's The Use and Abuse of Free-Masonry is found:

The emblematical meaning of the Sun is well known to the enlightened and inquisitive Free-Mason; and as the real Sun is situated in the centre of the universe, so the emblematical Sun is the centre of real Masonry.


We all know that the Sun is the fountain of light, the source of the seasons, the cause of the vicissitudes of day and night, the parent of vegetation, the friend of man; hence the scientific Free-Mason only knows the reason why the Sun is placed in the centre of this beautiful hall.

The Anunnaki have planted sun worship throughout the world.


They have forced construction of structures to pay homage to the sun, such as Stonehenge, where the altar stone faces the rising sun. Even though Stonehenge was also used as an observatory and had other purposes, sun worship was its main purpose. The Anunnaki know that the sun must keep burning or the illusion of the solar system will shatter.


That is the main objective of Anunnaki occupation of worlds - to keep the stars burning.

The Anunnaki Elite were given a particular sound by the Demiurge which allowed them to control and re-start "time" within solar systems. It is like the key to a huge time machine. It allows the Anunnaki to turn back the clock, so to speak, and gain a temporary reprieve from the Celestial Correction by the Light.

The Demiurge's sound was removed from the Earth by the Anunnaki Elite when they fled after destroying Atlantis. They took the "word" with them. The Attas of the Light have since blocked the Anunnaki Elite from returning to Earth.


However, some of the Anunnaki Elite slipped through the net temporarily and approached near enough to the Earth during the time of Solomon to transmit the sound to three chosen Anunnaki Remnants who were on Earth - King Solomon, King Hiram and Abiff, the Master Mason. The Anunnaki Elite did this desperate thing in the hope that the Anunnaki Remnants would be able to help them return and re-take control of the Earth.

This "word" is the powerhouse of the Demiurge. The "word" has the power to keep this realm in motion and keep the illusion afloat. Except for the intervention by the Amoebas/Attas of the Light, the "word" would continue to have this power. The following is worthy of reflection regarding the "word" and the "god" being written about in the verse.

In the beginning was the "word", and the "word" was with God, and the "word" was God.

The first two syllables of the "word" given to King Solomon and King Hiram respectively are like the building blocks. They cannot do anything in and of themselves without the third and final syllable. Thus, the first two syllables are like drones without the "spirit" of the third syllable. The final syllable acts like the life force which drives the "word" of the Demiurge.


The third syllable was given to Abiff because the Anunnaki Elite saw him as the most pious (devoted and loyal to the Anunnaki Elite), hence he was seen as the most trustworthy of the instruments. That is why the two kings were unable to bring the FULL power of the Demiurge to the Earth. So, they commenced a frantic search, quizzing all workmen and slaves who were a part of building the temple, hoping that Abiff may have given the syllable to one of them.


This search proved fruitless.

Since then, the search continues for the lost "word". This search continues in many forms, with most of the searchers totally oblivious to what they are really searching for or why. Even today, many still seek the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. Many stories were created to hide the true purpose of the ventures. There is always an attachment of some sort of spiritual quest in the scouring of the land for the "word". The Crusades were part of this quest.


The Ark of the Covenant possessed famed properties. It was in reality a "radio" transceiver that was used by the priests to send and receive information directly to and from their "gods" (the Anunnaki Elite) in the spacecrafts.

These searches are all instigated and sponsored by the Anunnaki Remnants, who have first inspection rights to all finds. This is a mandatory condition of all Anunnaki Remnant funded projects designed to search for the lost "word", which searches are carried out under many disguises. These searches attract many who are sincerely searching for Truth, Love, Light and Purity.


However, many of those with admirable intentions are being fooled by the Anunnaki Remnants. The sincere seekers have no suspicion whatsoever as to the origin or agendas of the plot.

Different groups of Anunnaki Remnants are still searching for the "word", performing their search in different ways and whilst the majority of the people do not suspect this agenda, most would scoff at it. Some people can now see or sense the Anunnaki faces behind their human disguises (whether the faces are Reptilian, Vulturite, Masa-karas, and even Olcars who are the highest Reptilians etc).


As the virtual reality collapses more and more, so too will more and more people become aware of the Anunnaki around them.

A recent example of this desperate search by one group of the Anunnaki Remnants for the lost "word" occurred when Iraq was invaded in 2003. The cover story for this invasion was to rid the world of that country's storehouse of weapons of mass destruction. The most informed leaders of the invading forces knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.


The apparent reason for the invasion was for control of the oil fields in the country, which is what the ruling elite want those who see through the façade of the main cover story to think - that is that it was done for greed, oil and money.

However, the real reason for the invasion of Iraq was to perform an intense search of the country for clues to the lost "word". This shows how wide, intense and desperate the search is for the "word". This is because the "word" has the power to change the destiny for the Anunnaki Elite. It could open the gates to bring them back on Earth for yet another reign of terror.

During World War II, Hitler, the Führer and active occultist was sponsored by a particular group of Anunnaki Remnants to actively search for the lost "word". Many thought he was after the Ark of the Covenant, but that was not the case. He was after the "word". This is one of the reasons why when Hitler turned his attention to the Middle East, the Western powers vastly increased their efforts to halt his war machine.

The New World Order employs agents to spread disinformation and misinformation to the masses. It also tries to frighten the masses into compliance. One of its most effective tools of recent has been to implement artificial catastrophes so that draconian laws can be enacted to fight the artificial war on terrorism. This is a contrived war that got out of hand and now there are some real terrorists causing "unplanned" damages.

Likewise, the New World Order also creates false prophets who predict things that will never transpire. These false prophets are hired to predict these non-events in order to discredit true prophets so that when the real Message is given, most people will not take it seriously.

A recent example of this was a very elaborate conspiracy by the ruling elite to frighten the people living in the western part of the United States by falsely broadcasting misinformation that a large object was approaching Earth and its approach would devastate that area. This misinformation had reached the stage of being broadcast on the alternative media, which was to be a springboard for sending the false story to the conventional media.


It was intended that this story would cause mass panic and hysteria so that martial law could be enforced. However, this devious plan was thwarted by the Attas of Light, and the plan has fizzled. Yet, this is such an important plot for the New World Order that many are still desperately attempting to resurrect it.


Some of the New World Order agents play roles to appear to be scorning the false prophet, but in reality, they are conspiring and working together to try to keep this devious plot alive. It will not work. On the energy level, this failed attempt of the ruling elite is a crushing defeat for Darkness.

The Freemasons are agents of the Reptilian Anunnaki Remnants, and form a group that is "openly" secret and is very actively searching for the "word". Every Master Mason knows the story of Hiram Abiff and the three ruffians, and they all know the substitute word that was given at Abiff's funeral. Almost all of them are looking for this "word", but very few have any idea of the reason behind it.

Freemasonry was originated by Darkness. Christianity was hijacked by Darkness. Since Darkness thoroughly corrupted christianity, it is virtually impossible to discern the difference between Freemasonry and Christianity.

There are many members of the royal families throughout the world who are involved in the Freemason society, or branches thereof. These organizations are widespread but theoretically nobody outside knows what goes on inside the lodges.


Many of the ruling elite belong to these groups. It should be stressed again, that many members of the organization have no idea of the nefarious agendas of the highest echelon of the organization. Many of them are innocent people caught in a spider's web, just like many christians.

Many Light beings are attracted to various religions and esoteric groups even though the organizations are sponsored by the Dark side. This is because Darkness has deviously mixed Light teachings with untruth to lure and fool the unaware True-Light beings who are attracted to the Truth that is buried in the maze of untruth. Some of these mixtures are so complex and well disguised that even highly advanced beings have difficulty sorting the gems from the garbage.

Things are not always what they appear to be in this world of virtual reality. Neither are the Freemasons what they appear to be, even to the majority of their members.

Native American Hopis have a legend about "The Sign From the West" being the forerunner of the end of Evil.


The Sign From the West is now in the physical realm. The Sign From the West bears the esoteric message to look to the West instead of the East. As the rising sun symbolizes the heart of Evil, the setting sun represents the end of Evil. It is time to abandon worship of the sun - time to abandon Evil.

The Lakota Native Americans have a legend about the births of white buffalo calves. When seven are born, the Teacher known as the White Buffalo Woman will appear, which will signal the end of Evil and the return to Purity. The seventh white buffalo was born, but not in a bison's body.


The White Buffalo Woman has returned to Earth, not as the Teacher, but as the Liberator of True-Light beings trapped in Darkness, whether they are in mineral, vegetable, animal, human or other bodies and whether they are devas of rivers or seas, plains or mountains etc. including even the "soul" of the Earth.

The Divine Mother and the White Buffalo Woman are all aspects of A-itu, the Eternal Flame, the Divine Being of Purity. These aspects of A-itu are now united on this plane in a physical "body" as a "walk-in".

The true God does not want to be worshipped. In fact, the desire to be worshipped is yet another Anunnaki trait. The Anunnaki also build huge, elaborate monuments and temples, but these are not for the true God. These are human-made idols to satisfy human ego.

The Light has attempted repeatedly to correct Darkness and bring It back to the Light, but Darkness stubbornly rejects any correction. Darkness has tenaciously held onto every True-Light being that is trapped in the virtual reality, and holds those beings ransom.


Now, the time has come for the Light to liberate Its Own from Darkness.

The process has commenced.

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