by Zen Gardner
07 April 2012

from BeforeItsNews Website




Following the quakes around the ring of fire you start to see patterns, thanks to people like Dutchsinse who diligently follow earth changes and weather phenomena and make a real effort to educate as well as serve as the warning system the mainstream generally fails to be due to their collusion with the PTBs.

He's noticed at least two important patterns. When one side of the ring of fire is very active and the other is not, there will usually be mirrored activity soon in those dormant areas to balance the pressure release.


The other is the telltale sign before very large quakes of a consistent and notable build up of good sized tectonic activity. He predicted the big Japan quake based on just such a large swarm and keeps an eye out for it

On top of this, we are presently in a conjunction of planetary and lunar influences that often accompany large earthquakes, as these gravitational and otherwise influences tug on our excited earth's rotating core.


Map showing earthquakes
Legend with age and magnitude scale




Central America and Puerto Rico Lighting Up

This current Central American activity is just such a phenomenon to keep an eye on.


This is just the kind of flurry that happens before very large quakes. The Central American quakes are all sizeable and the Puerto Rico quake swarm is even more than the usual already high activity. Note the fault line connecting Puerto Rico to the Central American coastal fault, which then goes south but is mostly obscured by the many frequent quakes.

The region it crosses through southern Mexico is "reawakening" as noted below and could set off any of these large systems around it, especially Puerto Rico or the entire California fault line that is also experiencing increased activity.

I don't like the looks of it. People should beware and prepare.

There has also been a massive dolphin die-off of in Peru recently so this whole lower level of the eastern ring of fire should be watched. Although from the sounds of the injuries it could be that nasty naval black-op sonar or something HAARP related. Seems they've targeted earth's biosphere for some Satanic reason. And their operations are intertwined with natural phenomena no doubt for camouflage.

Clever bastards.


But wrong and soon to come to an end.




Russian Prediction

I ran into this information as I was editing and filling in illustrations. It just amazes me how that increasingly happens, as I'm sure many of you are experiencing. Synchronicity rules.

Turns out that following the big Chiapas quake in Mexico in January, prior to the recent whopper recently there in March, Russian scientists apparently made the following announcement:

Megaquake Warning Issued For US-Mexican Pacific Coast
A disturbing report prepared by the Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth (IPE) in Moscow that is circulating in the Kremlin today warns that the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the Chiapas region of Mexico yesterday is a ‘potential precursor’ to a ‘megaquake’ of at least 7.5-8.3 expected to hit the US-Mexican Pacific coastline within the next fortnight (+/- 7 days).

According to this IPE report, concerns were raised about this region after a 4.1 magnitude earthquake hit the Mexican Baja California peninsula on 18 January and emitted in the “4.433-4.498 micrometer range” “extreme” atmospheric temperature variations normally not associated with such a quake and that was verified yesterday as occurring again in Chiapas.

Important to note about this region, this IPE report says, fears were heightened after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that hit on 4 April 2010 and was the first big earthquake to occur on this particular fault system since 1892, links Mexico’s seismic zone to California’s massive fault system, and points to a “reawakening” of this areas potential for catastrophic seismic/volcanic occurrences.


That was on January 21 of this year. The 7.4 near Acapulco occured on March 20th.


So either this was a fulfillment of that warning, or possibly a precursor to an even bigger event.




The Little Known Puerto Rico Trench

I wrote about this amazing huge Puerto Rico Trench a couple of times.



It was startling to find out just how massive and deep this fault line trench is.


The consequences of a substantial subterranean landslide and resultant tsunami on the entire heavily populated low-lying island region of the Caribbean is almost unfathomable. And there's hardly any talk about that lurking danger.

Of course not.

In case you haven't noticed, the "authorities" don't seem to want us to be aware of how tentative things are and the imminent dangers we face.


Whether it's earthquake activity, radiation releases, or geo-engineering insanity wrecking the planet, we're supposed to just trudge along with our heads down and not notice.





We May Not Know When, But People Should Be Prepared

I recently watched a moving and very insightful movie called Tsunami - Caught On Camera that is really worth viewing.


It shows the psychology of human reactions to disaster. It's a gripping and heart rending tale of several families and individuals who endured the catastrophic effects of the 2004 tsunami in several heavily hit locations.

The human spirit is so beautiful, through triumph and tragedy.

What baffled me was how even locals in some of these locations didn't realize that when the sea retreats way out, leaving boats stranded and fish flapping on the sand and rocks, something big is coming and you should head for the hills. In some cases people were sleeping or there was very little warning. But I found this disturbing that people didn't know this clear sign of a tsunami approaching.

! I guess I've always been into earth changes. Volcanoes have always fascinated me, and I also remember being heavily impressed with the pictures of the Alaskan quake in 1964 (above) which so wowed me with the power of nature. And those old pictures showed people on the beach one second, and gone the next.

But people in 2004 were completely caught unawares. When the tide went out many gathered at the beach to see what the fuss was all about. When It started coming in and rising so quickly some thought it was cool and still had no idea. Not everybody missed the warning and did try to warn others, but in general there was a real lack of awareness.

Are people really so ignorant of the world around them in this day and age?


After this event I think the world learned a lot, perhaps. The Fukushima tsunami was a strange phenomenon that gave no warnings except the preceding quake, which was semi-routine tor them. Even the quake damage in Fukushima was hard to spot so they just kept about their ways until the ocean just rose and swallowed them up.

Very strange when the Japanese are very alert about this phenomenon and the potential effects from quakes.




The Psycho-Scientific Factor

Lucky us, in addition to all these energetic earth changes hitting our planet, we get to live in a time of exponentially exploding "scientific" advancement, almost all of it being weaponized by our current psychopathic "powers that be".

"Oh happy day, we have a military industrial matrix that wants to rule the world. Get your flags out everyone and pray for the troops. There are enemies everywhere and we need all the technological advantage we can get!" (And that's seriously the mindset of 95% of those involved in all this bullshit. I've talked to them.)


There are many questions surrounding the Japanese quake and tsunami.


This is just the type of thing alternative researchers regularly investigate, looking for anything strange and man-made, since so often you do find strange EMF signatures or the like, as with these recent unusual tornado outbreaks in the U.S.



Recent Mexico Quake Anomalies

This admission is off the charts strange. Here the governor of the Mexican region stages a "megaquake drill" that announces "we're ready" and 6 minutes later the quake happens.


Are you kidding me?

The Mexican State of Chiapas held a ‘mega earthquake drill’ just minutes before the 7.8 Richter scale earthquake registered in Southern Mexico, according to the news website Governor Juan Sabines Guerrero sent a message from his Twitter account just six minutes before the actual earthquake.


The translation of the message is the following:

“We’re at the State of Chiapas Civil Protection Center. Everything is ready for the 7.9 Richter scale earthquake simulation.”

Six minutes later, and about 500 kilometers west of Chiapas, in the neighboring southern state of Guerrero, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake was registered.


The earthquake was so massive that over a hundred aftershocks were felt throughout the following day.




Weather Mod In Full Bloom

The government has openly admitted the existence of weather modification technology for a long time.


There's even a United Nations Weather Warfare Treaty to NOT use them!


Of course only on other countries, not your own. And as is usually the case, this stuff's been in full operation covertly yet in plain site for decades and we're left to piece the evidence together for ourselves. But believe me, it's not hard. There is documentation all over the place as well as scientific sites that track these phenomena.

Nicolas West from Activist Post summarizes this regarding the recent tornado outbreak nicely:

It is indisputable that weather weapons have been considered as a means for agricultural and societal control. Elite grand master, Zbigniew Brzezinski, stated in his book Between Two Ages (1970) that,

"Technology of weather modification could be employed to produce prolonged periods of drought or storm."


Moreover, it is a stated military goal to "Own the Weather by 2025."

This HAARP facility and its substations scattered throughout the U.S. have been tracked by intrepid weather researcher Dutchsinse who has made some startlingly accurate predictions based on the tell-tale radar flares of these facilities, already linked to earthquakes in the area of the New Madrid seismic zone.

Beyond earthquakes, however, there is an increasing body of evidence to suggest that the injection of frequencies into storm systems can prolong, or intensify their output. The massive system that moved through the Dallas area yesterday seems to bear the signatures of a similar frequency injection that Dutchsinse has used to predict previous tornado outbreaks.


The patterns show up as HAARP rings (circle sweeps) or scalar squares (square waves) which are pinpointed below.




Be Prepared - But Stay Happy!

Once again, we need to be on our toes.



Those in earthquake zones, however remote the chance, should have their go-bags ready, shoes to slip on by your bed, and emergency supplies and escape plans ready.


People just don't get how important that is.

And we didn't even touch on their planned flu pandemics for which we need good supplements and natural remedies, as well as face masks. Yes, face masks, at least good surgical ones.

I know, it can be depressing, but you'll sleep a lot better knowing you and your family are responding and not just staring at all this like deer in the headlights.

As Sovereign Man says,

"There are two ways to sleep well at night. Be ignorant or be prepared."

Well said.


Now you know what's going on you only have one alternative. Easy.










Is The Massive Puerto Rico Trench Awakening?

by Zen Gardner
28 June 2011

from BeforeItsNews Website

"What Puerto Rico Trench?" Exactly.


The arrows in the map above show the direction the underlying Caribbean tectonic plates are moving, with the resultant build-up of pressure releasing into a myriad of earthquakes in the region over the years.


Puerto Rico is the smaller green island in the middle, with the Dominican Republic the larger island to the left. The string of other Caribbean islands is buried under the earthquake markers that flow down the page to the lower right.

You can see the Puerto Rico Trench wraps around the entire zone.

A few little known facts came to the fore as I was researching this area after spotting the recent increase in seismic activity in the Caribbean region.

  1. The Puerto Rico Trench is the biggest and deepest such trench in the entire Atlantic ocean.

  2. This trench is capable of producing 8.0 earthquakes and above.

  3. The risk of a major quake, underwater landslide and mega tsunami are as great as that of the Seattle area. In fact, one recent risk assessment put it at 35 to 55%!

  4. The zone hasn't ruptured in over 200 years and that has geologists seriously concerned.

In other words, something major will happen. No one knows when, but it will happen, as it has in the past there.

Add that to the fact that 35 million people live in surrounding low lying areas and you have a monumental disaster just waiting to happen.




But Why No Warning?

What struck is that in everything I'm reading, it's admitted this risk is huge but it's hardly known in the area.


Even Wikipedia admits:

Knowledge of the earthquake and tsunami risks has not been widespread among the general public of the islands located near the trench.

Why? Would it negatively impact the local economy, much like the idiot mayor's development worries in the movie Jaws? Are there really such people in charge?

Well, look at the Gulf oil disaster and Fukushima for starters. I don't think the concern is anyone's health or well being - it's preserving the status quo while the disasters take their toll as quietly as possible.

Remember - it's not crisis prevention, it's crisis management.




Here's the Recent Activity In the Area

Here's where it first caught my eye - what was that all about in the Caribbean down there? See that fault-line between the massive North and South American continents?


Map showing earthquakes


Now here's a close-up:

There are 25 earthquakes in the past week.

The blue dots are in the past 24 hours.




The Big Picture

Now consider a few factors and you'll want to warn everyone you can in the region.

  1. Seismic activity worldwide is up 6 times what it was last year and we're only half way into the year.

  2. The current solar maximum cycle will continue to escalate until 2013 so we have some serious bombardment ahead.

  3. Comet, asteroid, planetoid and/or dwarf star arrivals and other celestial events and alignments are in the very near future.

  4. Extremely powerful technology is now in the hands of mad scientists and manipulators who are making war on the planet. HAARP and other similar atmospheric heater arrays are capable of creating and/or exasperating already "poised" situations at any time to suit their purposes.

  5. The Ring of Fire as well as the New Madrid Fault are active and poised for much greater movement which will cause a domino effect.

  6. The Puerto Rico Trench is a unique geological formation due to major plate subduction.


    Oceanic crust is formed at an oceanic ridge,

    while the lithosphere is subducted back into the asthenosphere at trenches.


  7. The Caribbean plate joins the North and South American plates, both of which are moving. Something will eventually give.



All That To Say...

We live in wild times and we cannot be ignorant of the world around us and the potential for disaster. We must not live in fear, but we must be awake and aware.


In light of this information, I would suggest anyone knowing anyone or even any news outlets in the Caribbean region to send them this article, or your own personal warning and concern.


They've obviously not been warned.

This goes for anyone in seismically active areas. Many people, including myself, have moved to "higher ground" and take these things seriously. At the least have emergency supplies and plans always ready.


We're in for a bumpy ride no matter where we are.

"Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it."



We Need To Stay Tuned and Continue to Inform

The Powers That Be are not about informing or empowering the people, as you have probably learned. There are wonderful groups trying to help people take real threats like these seriously, but it's in spite of the government, not because of them.

If people realize they need to stay conscious and informed on their own and not expect the media to tell you what to do, they can stay a step ahead, or at least know how to read the signs of the times and react in a conscious way.

Whatever you do, don't follow Hollywood's pre-programmed panic conditioning. Keep fear out of the equation in whatever you do, think or plan.


The Universe, God or whatever you want to call it, is in control - we just need to be attuned to where It wants us to be and do our part to keep the awakening happening.


Love will always find a way.