by Dr Brian O'Leary

September 2010

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Praise for The Energy Solution Revolution

“Good luck with this great new book--the world needs to move decisively into new energy and create a sustainable civilization NOW!”

- Dr. Steven Greer, director, The Orion Project and author of Hidden Truth-Forbidden Knowledge.

“Your book is a tremendous and fascinating effort, and one that is very desperately needed. This is a book that real researchers will have to have in their home library permanently.”

- Tom Bearden, author of Energy from the Vacuum.

“The issues you address in this book are about the most important ones facing humanity today. Your amicable and engaging style is consistent throughout your writings.”
-Wade Frazier, C.P.A. and author of

“The topic and the concept behind it are timely, necessary, and needed. I congratulate you on developing a very important publication.”
- Stan McDaniel, professor emeritus of philosophy, Sonoma State University.

The Energy Solution Revolution is a call for action and a guidebook for anyone who wants to positively change the course of history and save the planet.”
- Paul Von Ward, author of Our Solarian Legacy.

Brian O'Leary, Ph.D., is a scientist-philosopher with fifty years of experience in academic research, teaching and government service in frontier science and energy policy.


He was a NASA scientist-astronaut during the Apollo program, the first to be selected for a planned Mars mission, and participated in unmanned planetary missions as an Ivy League professor. Over the past four decades, Dr. O'Leary has been an international author, speaker, peace activist, founder of non-profits, and advisor to progressive U.S. Congress members and presidential candidates.

In 2004, he and his wife, the artist Meredith Miller, moved to the Andes in Ecuador, where they co-created Montesueños - an artistic, inspiring and relaxed retreat center dedicated to the rights of nature.


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In our upside down modern world, where coal has become ‘clean’ and nuclear power ‘green’, what becomes of those who truly seek to improve the lot of society, those with the imagination and the intellect to think of sustainable brave new worlds of energy independence?

The following short story might provide some insight to that question, and to Dr O’Leary’s central premise in this courageous and much needed book:


The Last Wizard

A ripple of attention followed Mark Twain as he strode through the Palm Room of the Waldorf Astoria, tossing off quips to members of New York’s social elite, the ‘400’. But much as he enjoyed this attention in the twilight of his life, Twain’s gaze led him to a pool of calm at the side of the dining room.

Resplendent in a white dinner suit, Twain took a seat opposite a middle-aged, dark-haired gentleman of European descent.

“Well, some things never change!”

He gestured impishly at the eighteen napkins on the table, stacked neatly in three piles of six.

“When everyone else is ready for desert, you’ll still be polishing the cutlery and crystal!”

The man nodded to Twain.

“I was just observing my new bladeless turbine,” he said, his accent slight.

“In your head?”

Twain laughed, knowing full well that his inventor friend did just that, preferring to design and test new inventions in his marvelous mind prior to producing final working types.

The inventor elaborated,

“It currently weighs less than ten pounds, and as of this evening is developing thirty horsepower.”

He made a dismissive gesture.

“I can do better.”

The maitre d’ delivered his dinner, prepared off-menu as per specific instructions telephoned hours before. Twain lit a cigar while his companion scanned the meal set before him.

“Well my friend,” he drawled, “what’s the verdict?”

“Twenty-four point four cubic inches,” he answered with certainty.

He allowed a rare genuine smile.

“Entirely sufficient. We must leave room for dessert, Mark.”

Twain blew a smoke ring.

“Any luck with your wireless torpedoes?”

The inventor’s mouth twitched.

“The military have no interest in my teleautomatics.” He shrugged.


“Perhaps it is for the best: it may be that I have not the right to invent such instruments of war. But the moneys would have been put to good use at my Wardenclyffe tower.”

His voice became distant.

“I offered JP Morgan a monopoly on radio broadcasting… ‘you will be able to broadcast all wavelengths from a single station, across any ocean,’ I told him. ‘You will have a complete monopoly; the whole world will be listening…’ Now, he shuns me, when I most need his backing.”

Twain placed a hand over his friend’s.

“Yes, but you forgot to mention your other purpose, to transmit electrical energy without wires to any place on the globe. A banker has no interest in beaming electricity to aboriginals; not when it can’t be metered.”

The inventor’s eyes twinkled momentarily.

“A regrettable lapse on my part,” he agreed. His tone sharpened. “It is such a simple feat of engineering, Mark, but the blind and fainthearted cannot see past their own immediate interests.”

A silence settled over the table. The inventor polished his knife and fork again and began at his meal.

Mark leaned back in his chair, gave his cigar a puff, and blew another smoke ring to the ceiling far above. He’d been born the same year Halley’s comet last appeared, and had long maintained a belief that he should exit life’s stage when it next crossed the heavens.


That would be in 1910, allowing him just five years to enjoy his fame and recent prosperity. There would be plenty of time for melancholy when he was dead!

His thoughts drifted. In the old days--the early nineties--his inventor friend had entertained Twain and other curious gentry at his private loft laboratory at nearby 33-35 South Fifth Avenue. What thrills they had seen in those times, when in the middle of the night the inventor would throw a switch, turning darkness into a wizard’s lair eerily lit by tube lighting with no electrical connections.


At the mere click of his fingers, the inventor created fireballs that left no marks on his hands as he carried the red flames about the laboratory, casting shadows on the lumps of strange apparatus scattered throughout.


Then there were the blurred photographic plates produced by the effect of what the inventor referred to as “invisible light,” and the tiny pocket-sized mechanical oscillator mechanism that, when once attached to an iron beam that ran from his laboratory to the building’s foundations below, had created tremors in the surrounding neighborhood streets, shattering windows and shaking buildings.


When the local police - who were ever suspicious of his endeavors - arrived, the inventor had already smashed the device with a sledgehammer. He apologized that they were too late to witness his little experiment, but were welcome to visit again later that evening. But now, he had told them, they had to leave as he had important work to do…

In those days the inventor had been the happiest man in Manhattan. Yes, the inventor had had wealth, but he had given little thought to it so long as he could maintain himself at the Waldorf and immerse himself in his research. Indeed, after giving four fantastic lectures in America and Europe, the inventor had become the world’s most renowned scientist.


He had become a celebrity, a scientist showman the likes of which had never been seen before.


But when the man who had bathed himself in hundreds of thousands of volts of electricity on stage, and regularly sent lightning bolts to the sky in Colorado, claimed that he had listened to signals from space - possibly Mars - the tide began to turn, and swiftly. It was too much for a stolid scientific establishment keen to seize upon any opportunity to claw back public attention from this unschooled prodigy, whose work they could barely comprehend.

The inventor finished eating. Breaking the silence,

“Mark, we must wean the world from oil, wood and coal.”

Twain roused from his memories.

“Windmills on every house, eh?”

“No. Although wind and solar power would be sufficient first steps, better than crawling as we do now in muck and soot created from current methods of production.”

The inventor smiled again, but sadly:

“We cannot dig and burn forever, Mark; the Earth has limits.”

He stared past Twain, into a distance only he could see, perhaps already constructing new working marvels in his mind.

“It is the only practical solution: you see, Mark, there is no need to transmit power at all. We must attach our motors to nature’s wheel. One day, when humanity grows out of its pedantry, stupidity and ignorance, machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe.”

Twain bit down on his cigar. He knew people very well, having made a successful living writing about them.


He cast a glance about the Palm Room, at the members of the influential 400 sipping brandy and port as they discussed who was saying what about whom and whose fortunes would be made or destroyed the following day: frolicking in muck was what they did all too well...

Nikola Tesla, father of radio, AC motors and power distribution and other marvels, never since replicated, died penniless in 1943. Despite being a US citizen, the FBI released his estate to the Alien Property Office, and on the advice of the War Department - who had hitherto shown no interest in his proposed particle beam or “teleforce” weapon - Tesla’s papers were classified “Top Secret.”

It is fitting to say that Tesla made the world you see today possible.

Tesla might have added,

“I would have given you tomorrow’s world, too…”

In The Energy Solution Revolution, Dr. O’Leary asks us what sort of world would we like to inherit in 2050 - a bleakly desolate totalitarian world, or a global green democracy, where our leaders are always visible, always accountable. The choice really is ours to make, and for our children and those to come, we must choose.

I hope that Dr. O’Leary and the New Wizards of the 21st century fare better in their quest than did Tesla.

-Dr. Shaun A Saunders
Psychologist & Author of Mallcity 14
Sept 2, 2008
Newcastle, Australia


"The richest 400 Americans...that's right, just four hundred people...own MORE than the bottom 150 million Americans combined. 400 rich Americans have got more stashed away than half the entire country!


Their combined net worth is $1.6 trillion. During the eight years of the Bush Administration, their wealth has increased by nearly $700 billion - the same amount that they are now demanding we give to them for the 'bailout'."
- Michael Moore,, Oct. 2, 2008

One century ago, J.P. Morgan of the infamous "400" social-financial elites denied Nikola Tesla his funding for developing free energy. Morgan's monopoly of copper mines compelled him instead to build vast now-familiar landscape-littering power grids of copper wire that ironically used a Tesla invention: alternating current.


What is it about today's "400" club of billionaires that echo what happened to Tesla?


For, as we shall see, Tesla is not the last wizard. Hundreds more are coming forward if we only give them a chance. But, as we shall also see, history keeps repeating itself and we never seem to learn. Out of a greedy self-interest, our rulers keep acting the same way as Morgan did. But the stakes are much higher now because of the pending death of nature and civilization. We will have to end the biocidal plutocracy responsible for the mess.

This book is an urgent call for an energy revolution that would give us a quantum leap in environmental friendliness.


Some parts are an updated compilation of essays written over the past several years that explore the prospects and implications of a future world of radically clean, cheap and decentralized energy.

  • Does this possibility really exist or is it a scientific mirage?

  • If it does exist, why has it been so suppressed for over a century since Nikola Tesla and others were inventing these things?

  • Why do mainstream scientists, progressives and environmentalists totally ignore this possibility, even though it might save us all?

  • What can we do to avoid the abuse or overuse of these technologies?

  • Most importantly, how can we implement free energy when so very few of us are listening?

We explore these questions in this book.

The progression of chapters reflects my own progressive thirst for the truth in the face of my increasing outrage at the violent suppressions of sustainable solutions.

  • Part I explores the overwhelming evidence for the reality, promise and ongoing suppression of free energy research, based on two decades of first-hand experience and documentation of over a century of proofs-of-concept.

  • In Part II, I weave the environmental mandate we all face into the coming energy revolution, which I then argue is the only viable answer to humanity's current global predicament.

  • In Part III, I confront the roots and rationale behind the tyranny whose purpose is to move us further away from the world of abundance which free energy could provide.

I also call for unifying our divided and ruled cultures through our combined positive intention.


The Energy Solution Revolution is a wake-up-call to transform planetary culture from one dominated by capitalistic self-interest, pointless wars, ecocide and dirty energy, into one where the bulk of humanity can at last come together with compassion for all creation--before it's too late.

This war perpetrated by elite corporations and the U.S. and other rich oligarchies against humanity and nature has only escalated over the past few years. The unfolding of these crimes provides a stark contrast to how things could be in a better world. We need nothing less than profound systemic change in our political, economic and social systems in order to have clean energy, and that must happen sooner than is comfortable for most of us. But our discomfort and disease coming from an imperiled biosphere would be far worse.


We need a revolution, a peaceful transformation. Its centerpiece should be a clean energy solution revolution that could restore sustainability and sensibility to the world.

During the 1990s, I visited the laboratories of over a dozen inventors worldwide of electromagnetic devices that appeared to produce more energy than went into them, as measured by traditional means. What we are seeing is energy coming from the vacuum of space, sometimes called zero-point energy, because it still exists at temperatures of absolute zero. I’ve seen many of these proof-of-concept demonstrations for myself. I wrote up the results of this journey in my 1996 book Miracle in the Void.


Since then, many more books, scientific papers, articles, organizations and websites describe the prospects of new energy technologies that could reverse a permanent state of war and the gloomy spectre of irreversible climate change, the drastic pollution of our air, water and land, and the seizure of dwindling nonrenewable resources such as oil, coal, natural gas, uranium, forests, water, food, soil, minerals, wetlands, coral reefs, pristine diverse natural habitats and indigenous cultures.

Many of us with a scientific background have also investigated revolutionary concepts such as

  • cold fusion with palladium cathodes (nonradioactive, room temperature nuclear reactions)

  • sonoluminescence (acoustic cavitation, a cold fusion method)

  • special hydrogen and water chemistries,

...all of which are almost certainly producing significant clean excess thermal energy in the presence of catalysts.


We have come to the conclusion, based on sound experimental science, that we could soon have a breakthrough energy economy, if we only allow these courageous researchers to move the technologies beyond their own laboratories. Unfortunately, that has not happened yet. The global controllers’ suppression of making available any practical device has been 100% airtight, in spite of numerous attempts to break through.


Covert assassinations, threats, thefts, draconian laws prohibiting the patenting of such devices and lack of funding have all thwarted development.

This book does not explore the details of the concepts themselves, specific suppression stories nor the mechanics of how to enact widespread public demonstration and development. Numerous writings in the scientific literature and on the Internet address these issues in depth, and can be accessed through some of the websites listed herein or through Google.


Many technological assessments, startup companies and inventions flood the Internet, and for those of you who want to learn more about the technical credibility of these ideas, I suggest you look carefully at the unfolding evidence for their efficacy. I can assure you that most of this unfoldment is not disinformation!

If you’re still skeptical or don’t want to look at the evidence, then I ask that you suspend disbelief and merely explore the possibility that our future energy could be abundant, clean, cheap and decentralized. In such a case, how, then, should we implement and regulate these new technologies? That is what we will be looking at in this book.

A few more disclaimers: I’ve noticed in my numerous interactions with the public, that what many people expect of me, I no longer do. Some people expect me to tell them whether or not I’ve seen a UFO, whether or not we landed on the Moon, or if we already have our own free energy device in our home.


Some want me to show them the principles and mechanics of the most viable new energy concepts, to provide them with a complete, quantitative airtight explanation and proof of this or that invention and its theory, to get in on the ground floor of the enterprise, and to give them the best considered information about where they should put their investments into, and when they can trot down to K-Mart to be the first on their block to buy their own free energy gizmo. Some individuals want me to “show them the beef” before exploring the possibilities any further.

I am sorry to disappoint those of you looking exclusively for solid facts, proofs or disproofs.


I’m out of the vetting business, in part because many other technically trained and up-to-date researchers whom I’ve gotten to know and trust are doing that job very well. Also, I really don’t know which particular technology will take hold or when, in today’s complex economic and political environment. In addition, the process of scientific research, which is also a process of scientific “search,” can yield many different possible pathways to success.


Edison tried thousands of times to perfect the light bulb, even though he had proven its usefulness several trials earlier. So it is with solution energy.

This trial-and-error process of convergence is not as important as the fact that many energy solution technologies do exist, any one or some of which could provide by far the best answer - if the climate of suppression can end.

As we explore the issues in this book, we shall see the problems and solutions to our energy problems are not technical. They are human. The evidence for new, breakthrough, “over-unity” energy is overwhelming, but we must realize that we are in the research phase of a research and development cycle, that we are on the toe of the profit curve that almost no venture capitalist yet wants to touch, and that so far, the inventors have been divided and conquered by the unmitigated greed of the existing energy lobby.

Our challenges are therefore social, economic and political. We will see that, like thrashing dragons wanting to get one more drop of blood, we crave hydrocarbon and nuclear fuel in deference to those who wish to profit from our continuing use of dirty energy and who are doing everything they can to stop solution energy from seeing the light of day.


We shall see that the pervasive use of carbon trading, biofuels, alternative hydrocarbons such as the tar sands of Alberta and oil shale of Utah, carbon sequestration at coal mines, the hydrogen economy, nuclear power, hybrid cars, air cars - even solar and wind - can only distract us from what we really need to do in the long run.


We shall see that these “solutions” are just smoke and mirrors in the well-publicized energy sideshow. As journalist George Monbiot put it, the first way to keep from environmental and climate disaster would be to keep carbon (and uranium) in the ground.


But then what?

Policymakers and an ignorant public are thwarting authentically clean energy at every turn, either by commission or by omission. As a sociological problem, the need for truly clean energy is perhaps the most urgent one our culture has ever faced. We’ll be looking into these dynamics of overcoming our denials and vested interests as we progress through this book.


Given that both policymakers and the public commons have difficulty supporting solar and wind power, multiply that suppressive force by millions when it comes to the viability of new energy technologies to save the planet from almost sure disaster.

We will explore the fact that almost every “expert” who presents the “renewable” alternatives limits his/her discussion to the known sources such as solar and wind, which are not really all that renewable. The public is deceived into thinking those are all there are or ever will be.


The free energy possibilities are simply discarded at our risk and peril.

My journalist-colleague Keith Lampe has well expressed a scenario for our future energy choices. He suggests that existing “renewable” technologies such as solar and wind be implemented as first-generation energy, while we develop forthwith second-generation energy such as zero-point, cold fusion and advanced hydrogen technologies.


Both options, he feels, need equal time, whether it’s in Congressional hearings or in public discourse.


Looked at in this light, we can evolve an energy policy that makes sense, and could give us a much better chance to reverse climate change before it’s too late.

I agree with Lampe’s assessment, which was also the principal conclusion of my own studies, as expressed in my previous book Re-Inheriting the Earth (2003).


It seems that, even for those skeptical about whether or not these advanced energy technologies are real, is it not wise to adopt the precautionary principle that we leave no stone unturned to uncover those energy sources which could really solve our paralysis of paradigm and save humanity and nature from almost certain destruction? We cannot afford to do less.

But we must also ensure that the technologies are regulated by responsible government and are never put to weapons use or overuse. That’s why social change must go along with introducing any radical new technology such as this one.

A word about terminology: I have used many adjectives interchangeably in describing what I mean by revolutionary new energy technologies: free, new, clean, solution, breakthrough, advanced, over-unity, innovative, novel, unconventional, revolutionary, outside-the-box, second-generation, zero-point, vacuum, cold fusion, novel hydrogen, etc.


For the purposes of this book, they all basically mean the same.

They each represent a potential quantum leap in our ability to have clean and cheap energy. In every case, using these sources can give all of humanity an authentically lasting new paradigm in our energy policies and practices, at first involving disruptive and seemingly magical concepts. They give us an opportunity to transcend humanity’s rampage on nature and give us a reasonable chance to have a truly peaceful, just and sustainable future on Earth - if we can take action soon and wisely.

This is the kind of book that’s best to read in small bits. I recommend your reading one or two chapters at a time, and let at least one night pass between them. This approach would allow you to have more time to gestate, to ponder the enormous implications about what we can do if we only look. I’d give this reading two weeks minimum at several minutes per day to an hour or two.


After reading and revising the text, I felt this book is a bit like a course, one I hope will lead to new ideas and action.

Some of you might want to know about the state of the art of free energy for presentation to general audiences. For that, I recommend Chapter 12 "Open Letter to Al Gore,” Chapter 13, "A Word to Innovators about an Energy Solution Revolution" (this chapter was earlier published as an article on the U.K. World Innovation Foundation site, of which I was recently elected a Fellow), and the Appendix, which is a peer-reviewed paper I presented on a wide range of alternative energy options at a conference in South Korea in 2007.


These three sections are what I would call the primers for understanding the possibilities of practical free energy in a digestible way for the political mainstream.

I have used the word “political” in the subtitle of this book because politics at its best should be about translating what’s scientifically and technologically real, and potentially beneficial, into the realm of possibility and action.


But in these times, politicians in the U.S. government are enormously corrupt and are oblivious to sustainable solutions. They will need to become responsible to the people instead of to the elite corporations and financiers who support their campaigns. We can research and vet all the energy options we want and we can even try to do this job honestly, but none of this will matter unless we can effect political action at many levels.


We’re going to need to know the truth and find ways of acting on it constructively. We must search for a public context to introduce solution energy for all.

The best way to do that is to begin a frank, open public discussion of how we can best bring forward these clean energy technologies and do an end run around the likes of the warmongers and arrogant capitalists in charge. We don’t want Dick Cheney to be running this one too.


In my opinion, the prospects of free energy depend entirely on the success of an altruistic democracy that is longing to be born.

--Brian O’Leary
Vilcabamba, Ecuador
October 6, 2008


Confessions of a Naive Scientific Heretic - A Story about the Carrot and the Stick

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
-George Orwell

“When stupidity is considered patriotism, it is unsafe to be intelligent.”
-Isaac Asimov

I have a close friend whom I’ll call Ted, who has taken a trip to hell and back.


After many years of suffering, he’s now sane and happy again in his personal life. Yet he’s still grieving about the imminent demise of civilization. After I heard his story of intrigue, pain and almost certain death, I myself began to tremble in fear. This was too close to home, I thought.

You see, Ted is a scientific heretic. So am I.


He had been a straight-arrow with a distinguished background in government service and academic research. So was I. He is an idealistic visionary civilian working on controversial alternative research on healing ourselves and the planet. So am I. He was also naive and sometimes gullible. So was I. And we both have suffered a lot, whether it be from threats, bad health, bankruptcy, ridicule, isolation and loss of career security.

I guess you could say he came back into my life at the right time. It gave me a chance to reflect on the journey of a heretic, to try to get a grip on why we as a culture would rather perish in scarcity, poverty and violence than go for lasting solutions.

I began to explore the principle that, sooner or later, heretics might confront powerful people, especially if the heretics are effective in their work. At the very moment of Ted’s going public with his outside-the-box ideas, some high-up government agents dangled a carrot in front of him. They wanted to recruit him for a lucrative secret project in his area of expertise.

Unbeknownst to Ted at that time, the code language of the “offer” really meant that this was an assignment he couldn’t or shouldn’t refuse. He didn’t know about that. Yet it didn’t feel right to accept even though he found it a bit tempting to join the team for the sake of the country and to reap some financial rewards as well.

Following his gut and his heart, Ted answered “no” to the proposition.


A short time after, his life was to descend into a hell of hurts and personal traumas, not the least of all was an attempt on his life. He lived in pain from the episode and in fear of what might happen next. But Ted’s return to the living-normal gave him a sense of gratitude that he could still make a difference in the world. Ted was lucky and also the wiser about looking for signs of any new carrots and sticks coming his way. Most of all, he felt free and happy that he turned down the offer.

Ted’s story opened me up to contemplate all the other war stories of my courageous colleagues, many of them free energy inventors and spokespeople who had been assassinated, bullied or bought out.

And as Ted’s story unfolded I got in touch with a deep sense of grief about an unacknowledged and life-threatening force so unimaginably evil that no individual or part of nature was safe.


The unwritten message to Ted was,

“If you live, civilization and nature will die. But if you become too effective in saving civilization and nature, then you die.”

A Faustian Bargain for the innovators, at best.

My contemplation led to what might be one of the most radical and yet believable (to me) conspiracy theories of all: if we do our healing work well, someone will either point a gun to our heads (and maybe shoot it) or give us a bribe to keep quiet, to cease doing our work if we want to stay alive. Sometimes they can even order us to help them do their dirty work.

The logic of this book clearly points to such an extreme possibility.


The facts I present, alongside Ted’s story, painfully revealing as they may be, forced me out of my own naivety and into understanding some basic principles of revolutionary work on free energy and other perceived threats to the status quo:

  1. Most scientific heretics can be offered bribes, threatened, attacked or assassinated almost anywhere, any time. There are hundreds of ways to murder someone and make it appear as a suicide, accident, natural death or isolated assault. We are all very vulnerable.

  2. Elements of the ruling class often commit these acts when they feel their control is being challenged. The homicides go unpunished almost every time.

  3. The perpetrators take their orders from a shadowy cabal that is organized like the Mafia. Their motive is the consolidation of power feeding off vested interests in controlling the world’s resources, energy, military, drug trade, big agribusiness, economy and banking infrastructure.

  4. Distracted by bread and circuses, most people are ignorant or fearful of these truths and thus deny or do not support the possibility of breakthrough solutions such as free energy.

    • “Most people,” writes Shaun Saunders, “prefer to cling to the belief that the ‘state’ will only do what is best for everyone - a childlike frame of mind, that encourages turning a blind eye to many evils… to think outside of this comforting box is too frightening for them, and would require that they take responsibility for what happens in their lives and the events that transpire around them.”

    In this regard, democracy is dead.

  5. Only by strength-in-numbers will we be able to overcome this tyranny and build a world of peace and abundance. That means we shouldn’t expect to wait for mainstream scientists or commercial interests to bless and deliver finished products to us.

We return to these principles in Part III in looking for ways to overcome the darkness.


Meanwhile I’ll describe the breakthroughs, their suppression, the scientific mandate to change our ways, and the fact that free energy may be the only option available to us for a sustainable future for civilization.


Creating a World of Abundance

“Let me cut to the chase. The biggest robbery in the history of this country is taking place as you read this…Bush and his cronies - who must soon vacate the White House - are looting the U.S. Treasury of every dollar they can grab. They are swiping as much of the silverware as they can on their way out the door…


From talking to people I know in D.C., they say the reason so many Dems are behind this is because Wall Street this weekend put a gun to their heads and said either turn over the $700 billion or the first thing we’ll start blowing up are the pension funds and 401(k)s of your middle class constituents.”
-Michael Moore

Sept. 29, 2008

“Both Western Finance and Western Medicine are fundamentally based on fraud…The end of these systems is now in sight. They are crumbling under their own arrogance and stupidity, revealing a society based on self-righteous deception and global scandal.


Everything we thought was real turns out to be fabricated: The money, the medicine, the economy, the law… it’s all being revealed for what it is: A Matrix of enslavement, designed to keep the People believing they live in a free society, even as their health and wealth are stolen from them by the sinister few who wield political power…


Wealth is not a collection of digits in a computer. It isn’t a promise printed on green paper money. Real wealth is a garden that feeds you, a river that hydrates you, and a system of medicine that nourishes and supports you. Real wealth is a day with sunshine, a night under the stars and a life lived with purpose.”
-Mike Adams

Why The Institutions of Western Finance and Western Medicine are Both Doomed to Fail

Sept. 29, 2008

"Every so often civilization seems to work itself into a corner from which further progress is virtually impossible along the lines then apparent; yet if new ideas are to have a chance the old systems must be so severely shaken that they lose their dominance."
-Chester G. Starr

A History of the Ancient World. Oxford University Press, 1991 (p. 124)

In Shaun Saunders’ ironic twist on reality, the authentic world he envisions is a world of abundance whereas Appleby’s fictional world of scarcity and control is rejected as “impossible.”

But the facts of today’s real world are the fictional world mocked up by Appleby and the real world surrounding Appleby cannot even be imagined by most people.

This is crazy but true: The world we now inhabit is a world clearly headed towards totalitarian destruction, yet the world we could have - one of great abundance--waits in the wings for when the ruling big men and the obedient masses let go. Then we won’t need any big men except for ones benevolently piloting Spaceship Earth with compassion. It is difficult to grasp this potential reversal of our fates at a time of mass hallucinations with which enough of us can trust tyrants to guide us into such distraction and despondency.


Yet that is what is happening.

So what’s going to happen to us and when?


I predict we’ll know a lot more about the collapse of Western civilization before you read this. The ship of state is sinking so fast, any speculation about the next disasters will undoubtedly be inaccurate, because We the People don’t yet hold the cards.


So why bother to guess?

What we can know now are the dynamics underlying the collapse and the need to get back to basics regarding our social and individual health.

Saunders echoes Mike Adams of Natural News that our financial and health care systems are two falling pillars dominated by money and greed. He also feels that the third pillar should be the timely introduction of free energy - which could have happened more easily sixty years ago, when things were more optimistic and when the wrong big men didn’t have things so obviously sewed up and messed up as during these times. I agree.


Saunders and increasing numbers of us can pretty easily guess in broad terms what is really happening behind the scenes, why the rulers have kept us away from free energy for so long.


He writes about three possibilities:

“(1) Some in control do know it is needed but simply do not know how to introduce it without severely affecting the existing financial/power paradigm (i.e., it’s in the ‘too hard’ box)

(2) the ‘warhawks’ don’t give a stuff anyway about the environment, and simply wish to continue squeezing the populace for more and more power (eventually resulting in a world that will make Mallcity 14 look like a summer camp)

(3) the big men are privy to a possible forthcoming world-wide catastrophe, and in the meantime, it is ‘easier’ to allow business as usual, and afterwards, when the chosen survivors come out of their black-budget bunkers, they will start anew with all the technology available.”

Saunders and Frazier also both speculate that an ET intervention, whether real or staged, will bring the stakes ever higher as the drama spirals ever upward and the elites grab their lifeboats while the Titanic goes stern-up.

So, in these troubled times, how are we to thread the needle of free energy?


Frazier writes:

“I believe that free energy can only be pursued by the fully sentient, or those closely so. I think that is the intent of whoever set up this earth game. As you know, people at a high level of sentience are extremely hard to find these days, which is part of the conundrum. So, my approach has been to seek people who genuinely seek the truth and solutions, and give them something to chew on. I had not seen that approach tried yet, which is why I ended up doing my site

“The Lone Rangers of free energy get picked off one at a time, like ducks in a shooting gallery. If they can overcome their own limitations to the degree where they try to mount any kind of effort, their allies usually present more of a hazard than the Big Boys (aka, the Big Man) do. There is currently not enough collective integrity in the masses to overcome their inertia and the organized suppression, and almost every activist group I have ever heard of hacks at the branches of the issues and is hooked on their particular scarcity-based way of viewing the world.

“So, an untried avenue, at least as far as I saw, was just trying to help the awake and awakening see the big picture and where the primary leverage point is: energy. If they can just understand that and how the world really works, we may be onto something. Although time is very short, I think that any effort that attempts to go straight from ignorance to storming the free energy Bastille (or with a brief interlude where we collectively nod and delude ourselves that we have the right stuff) is doomed from within and easily defeated by the Big Boys. It is not easy to grok the free energy milieu and conundrum. I am only seeking to help people see that picture.

“If a sizeable group (probably several thousand) can get that far, and truly let go of its scarcity-based beliefs, at least while pondering the free energy milieu, then we might have a chance to get active from there. Again, I have seen almost all the best and biggest names of American free energy activism wave the flag, and I am doing my best to get beyond all scarcity-based thinking, or at least point it out when it rears its head. I think that, because all earthly groups currently promote their favored brand of scarcity-based consciousness, people try to pander to it to get their foot in the door. I think that strategy is doomed from the outset.


For that reason, approaching any group may not be the way to go, but those thousands will come from many walks of life. Heck, nothing has come close to working yet, but this at least seems like it may have a chance, although it is truly looking for needles in haystacks.”

The dilemma here is, there may not be time enough for a sufficient number of us to go through this kind of sentience-and-free-energy-awareness “training program.”


To those of you who haven’t yet taken these steps, I implore you to suspend disbelief and to embrace the possibility that an energy solution revolution could save us all, and that you could really help us.


What would you have to lose in giving this a try? Think about it: In light of what you now know, are fear, apathy, pride, credibility, and fictitious self-interest over the common interest, still more important to you than looking for all reasonable pathways toward averting a planetary disaster?

With the recent election of Barack Obama as the U.S. President and the deteriorating economy, the rules of the game are changing. Energetically, the Obama victory came just in time to relieve us from a collective nervous breakdown. In that way, it's most welcome to get rid of the most genocidal/ecocidal criminals of all time, thugs who have been totally in charge of cutting us off from our most heartfelt visions.

But my tears of celebration are bittersweet. Our journey has really just begun after eight-plus years of a U.S.-led global cardiac arrest.

  • How can we possibly get our societal policies to align with our potential for an energy solution revolution if even the most progressive among us cannot even fathom its possibility?

  • How can we get beyond the gate-keepings of Obama’s inner circle of such vested establishment advisors as Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel alongside the money lavished upon him by the Wall Street moguls and military-industrial global chauvinists who have no interest in something that threatens their power?

  • Put differently, will the Obama administration be able to clean up all the corruption, develop the imagination and vision to be able to think outside the box, and have time left to peel the onion of free energy in today's climate of limited thinking and competing priorities?

Barring a miracle, I highly doubt it, given the disappointments I and others have so far encountered with the most publicly visible alternative energy progressives such as Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich and Al Gore.


But it's always worth a try, and the massive energetic support the people of the world feel for “change” could open Obama and the rest of us up to unexpected paradigm shifts.

Besides the hopes of an Obama presidency, we have an additional argument to develop breakthrough energy as soon as possible. In today's climate of fiscal austerity and rampant indebtedness, it is unlikely anyone would be able to come up with enough capital to fund a pervasive solar or wind energy economy, least of all, the bankrupt governments of the world.


The trillions of dollars needed are simply not there. To meet today’s energy demand, we’d need on the order of $20 trillion just to install materials-intensive wind and solar systems to replace current sources. Therefore, only free energy could satisfy both environmental and economic criteria for a sustainable and abundant future.


An awakening of awareness, first among some honest and sentient scientists, environmentalists, progressives, and many of the rest of us at the grassroots level, will become absolutely necessary for us to have an energy solution revolution.

My friends, it's up to each of us to apply the pressure where and when it's needed most. Always. The election of Barack Obama has re-energized activists to do just that, relentlessly.

And so, dear reader, we conclude this book with a question for you. Whatever awareness you may now have about these things,

  • Would you be willing to embrace a future world of free energy and other sustainable breakthroughs?

  • Could you make it a personal matter for you to do so?

If so, let’s join up.

Brian O’Leary
Vilcabamba, Ecuador
November 8, 2008