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The Spirit World - The Beginning

The spirit world is a subject that humans have been in the dark ever since the creation of the wise man (Homo-sapiens), except for few eminently enlightened people who lived at a high level of consciousness.


Therefore, the few people that understood the depths of the spirit world taught within their own style and each person taught upon the importance within the culture and the era they lived.


Confucius of China or Socrates of Greece are fine examples, each person taught according to their own time era, tailoring their teachings according to their culture. The Buddha refused to teach about God, gods, or anything about the spirit world.


The Buddha was focused on teaching on how to attain a high level of consciousness and enter the state of (nirvana) pure consciousness.


The Prophets of Israel propounded the truth, teaching of the spirit world and they wrote down the details within their own unique writing style, even though the writing may be difficult to comprehend. Additionally, the subject of manipulation by the Jewish Scribes needs to be examined when studying the hebrew scriptures.

A multitude of questions can be asked concerning the spirit world, or heavens.

  • What was the situation between the darkness and the light in the beginning?

  • Why, and how did the spirit person (Baal/Satan) declass from the Divine light into an evil condition?

  • How did the enmity start between the darkness and the light?

What was the situation between the darkness and the light in the beginning of the spirit world?

Long time before humans were created, the spirit world was created first.


Each person who is living today on this earth, lived as a spirit before going into the human cycle. Each person experienced their beginning, which their beginning is a formless spirit.


Each spirit issued out of the mouth of the Divine Source - each person was granted a destiny; each person is allowed choice - that choice is interconnected with their destiny. Karmic laws bind each person according to individual personal behavior.

From studying the stories of mythology, most of the stories have a common theme. The prominent story is two spirits engaged in a conflict against each other. Even the Native American creation story narrates of twins being born of the Great Spirit. This was, and still is, unquestionably the situation in the spirit world. There has never been any spirit that has ever viewed, or has had any sight of the person of the Almighty Divine Source.


There exists a border in the heavens such as a curtain, as humans on the earth view a border of the sky - the space is limited. The Source - The Almighty Divine, resides hidden from the creation - simultaneously - is present in spirit; spirit as in powerful energy. Contemplating this, The Almighty Divine Creator, wisely, created the heavens and the formless spirits.


As humans, our spirit dwells within, entering the human cycle has safeguarded our spirit from the corruption of the darkness in the spirit world and prevented our spirit progressing down to a corrupted of demotion into the darkness.

Because the human cycle causes a loss of memory; consequently, the majority comprehends the dogma that living one life as reality, which is utter falsehood that stems from the dogma of religion.


The dogma that has been taught from Judaism, Christianity, and Islam for centuries, concerning heaven and hell, is a rearward idea according to the context and truth of the subject.


Nonetheless, the idea or concept of two different locations, or destinies are affirmative, the context that religion has taught for two thousand years in connection to living life, death, and heaven, and hell is false.


Why, and how did the spirit person (Baal/Satan) declass from the Divine light into an evil condition?
The Hebrew scriptures clearly teach that a first born spirit was created and lived alone, for a time, which is coined as “the only begotten” within the Greek scriptures.


The only begotten first born son of God is referring to the first spirit person who issued out of the mouth of the Divine, who lived with the Spirit of the Divine for a time, personified love, and choose the side of the light.


Each spirit (which have been billions) is set with a destiny upon creation. The first spirit person to be created was Jesus who came to the earth to be anointed as king and master of the 'children of the light.'


Jesus lived only one human life with the destiny to suffer and die, then raised as King and High Priest of the children of the light. However, the powers of the darkness used the identity of Jesus to create a dominating religion that has caused a multitude to avoid pursuing spirituality. In addition, religion has caused a multitude to remain appended and immovable within its depths of control and deception.

The second spirit issued out of the mouth of the Divine, then the third, etc… The only witness of who was the first spirit to issue out was the second spirit; the third spirit was the only witness cognizant of the first two spirits. The second spirit allowed the corruption of the darkness to engulf the heart to the point of demotion into a lower entity.


The darkness existed as an energy - an energy consisting of ego, and self-centeredness - an absolute negative energy of darkness of wickedness.


The scriptures teach circumspection concerning the usage of the tongue, which caused the downfall of the second spirit who became the master (Baal) of any spirit that was demoted into a lower entity.



How did the enmity start between the darkness and the light?
The second spirit slowly became jealous of the first spirit, because rightfully, the first spirit was master of all spirits.


The second spirit slowly cultivated false ambition, determining to be master, which the definition of Baal defines - to be master. The second spirit allowed delusion and arrogance to dominate his personality. Consequently, this second spirit started to lie, accuse, and slander the first spirit, which created two different sides.


One group of spirits sided with the first spirit, the rightful master, another group sided with the second spirit who was ego-driven. The lie was that the second spirit was created first, which there wasn’t any proof, even the third spirit didn’t know who was the first spirit created. The book of Ezekiel chapter 28 elucidates a part of the story.


The second spirit progressed into a liar, and an accuser, and slanderer, deluded by the ego - pride and arrogance over took this spirit with uncontrollable ambition to be the master.


Thus, the consequence of becoming an egocentric liar; this spirit was the first spirit to be demoted into a lower entity. Hence, rightfully attaining the title of Master of the lower entities and of the darkness, and destined to arrive in the human flesh to be anointed as the King of the children of the darkness, which has not yet taken place.


The Hebrew scriptures reveal that a third of the spirits followed Baal, the accuser, and was demoted into lower entities. Since that occurrence, billions of spirits experienced demotion. The apostle Paul coined the phrase for Baal’s arrival as “The Man of Lawlessness”.


Hence, two sides were formed in the spirit world - the light on the right of the Divine Spirit and the darkness on the left of the Divine Spirit.

The question remains, what really was the purpose behind creating the human being (wise man) and what was the creation process?

The Spirit World - The Creation Process

The darkness existed as an energy, from the beginning within this dimension, however, the light of love proved predominant before the demotion of Baal the accuser, the master of the darkness.


The darkness existing of egotism that engulfed the second created spirit, who became jealous of the only begotten spirit, first spirit to issue out of the mouth of the Divine.


The two sides of the light and the darkness were firmly established and constituted in the spirit world as an energy of enmity, after the demotion of Baal the accuser into a lower entity.



Who are the creators of the earth, animals, humans, etc…?
Certain spirits, mostly of the first spirits that were created, were granted creative powers, along with the high-ranking lower entities. Furthermore, as humans, we were granted creative skills and talents.


Humans can create and invent material items from the raw materials of the earth.


Therefore, the almighty divine creator also granted the spirits with creative powers. The proper terminology that could be used is “Divine-Craftsmen”. Moses used the term “Eloheem” which the Hebrew definition of Eloheem is plural. Hence, the first two chapters in Genesis - the term Eloheem are applied, even though they translate the word in a singular form.


The Eloheem or the Divine-Craftsmen were not only of the spirits of the light, but, also the entities of the darkness.

To clearly understand the context, a person needs to deeply study the ways of nature. A subject to study is of the dinosaurs that existed millions of years before the wise man existed. Contemplating that some of the dinosaurs were created as vegetarians, harmless, calm creatures, and others were created as meat eating, angry, wicked creatures - this clearly resemble the personalities of the divine craftsmen.


Distinctly, two types of personalities manifested in the animal kingdom - qualities of the light and the darkness.


The Crocodile is another example of the dark-side of creation. The context of predator verses prey should awaken a person’s awareness to the fact that the creation of the animal kingdom was of the light and the darkness. The emotion of anger, jealousy, and domination in contrast to love, gentleness, and playfulness are apparent among the ape family.


A wealth of cognition and wisdom is attainable by studying the animal kingdom.



Why were the divine craftsmen motivated to create earthly material when their world was of formless spirit?
Baal the accuser, the original wicked entity experienced demotion into a lower entity long before any type of creation of the earth took place.


The principal motivation was because the spirits of the light recognized that the darkness easily corrupted them, and many became corrupted to the level of demotion.


Once demoted, the lower entities noticed that they were losing energy and understood that appending on to negative human emotion, which they ascertained through animals, could feed them energy, in addition to human worship who would be under their deception. Creation of the human was crucial for both sides of the light and the darkness.

Explicitly for the light, the creation of the human was pivotal, because of the powerful corruption of the darkness, the spirits could enter the human cycle, and after living several lives, the individuals that entered the human cycle with good karma would become enlightened and transform into a sacred spirit upon death of the enlightened life.


The sacred spirit is incorruptible to the darkness, and can effectively battle the darkness without becoming corrupted. Additionally, entering the human cycle shields the spirit from corruption of the darkness.


This is the primary reason there are billions of humans on the earth today, for the safety of the inner spirit against the corrupting nature of the darkness.


The wisdom of the grand powerful divine, the Source

The Creator of the spirits - revealed the art of creation to the spirits and entities


After the earth was created, the divine craftsmen created the mammals, insects, reptiles, and all the flying creatures of the sky, which existed the qualities of selfishness of the stomach, in contrast of love for the newborn.


Nonetheless, selfishness for ones stomach has always been a predominant feature of the animal kingdom, and of human beings.


Each type of animal was created with its own personality and with absolute wisdom - the animal kingdom was brought forth into the earth through Divine Wisdom.

What about evolution, can the theory stand on any ground?



Australopithecus afarensis



The concept to create a human was near.


The divine craftsmen started to experiment, and the first design was a standing ape. The oldest fossil they have ever dug up is the Lucy fossil that was a standing ape with the scientific name - Australopithecus afarensis. This is why the subject of evolution stands on some ground of facts.


Considering the goal of the divine craftsmen, this standing ape (Australopithecus afarensis) was not the perfect human.


Consequently, this breed would not satisfy the needs for either side. The type of human being that would be ideal would need to have the ability, not only to choose between good and bad, but be able think abstractly with the ability to attain wisdom. The divine craftsmen understood the importance that the created human needed to be an exact representation of their formless being, although in form.


Accordingly, the human must equal to their image - this corresponds being created in the image of the almighty divine creator - however, in the flesh.



A Neanderthal Child


Favoring time to study the fossil record of the creation process, the conclusion dictates that the "divine" craftsmen were able to produce a better stock of humans each time they attempted to create up to the Neanderthal man.


The Neanderthal man, likewise, was not the precise creation to provide the purpose for the spirits and entities. Even so, the cognition and wisdom lacked among the divine craftsmen to create the wise man - the Homo-Sapiens.

Who created the Homo Sapiens - the wise man?

The almighty divine creator dwells within deep wisdom. The all powerful divine godhead, who is the God of the spirits and entities, displayed his power by creating the wise man - alone. A reminder for the spirits and entities to who is the all powerful.


The almighty divine godhead demonstrated his all powerful spirit to prove and verify to the spirit world who is the almighty God of the gods.



Lucy Fossil


A Neanderthal Man


At last, the perfect human creatively existed that took place in Africa 200,000 years ago and thousands of years before Adam was formed, and put into the Garden of Eden.


Artwork around the world displays that the spirit world was joyful over their counter part - the wise man. Consequently, the issue of the wise man would turn into a major battle in the spirit world between the light and the darkness.

The beginning of the wise man would live primitive from what we comprehend from history and the fossil recorded. It would not be until hundred of thousands of years later that the first city-state civilization would transpire in southern Mesopotamia in 3500 BCE of the Sumerians, and the kingdom of Sumer.


However, before this episode occurred, Adam who is spoken of in the hebrew scriptures, would be directly created from the spirits of the light in their likeness of qualities.


Major enmity between the light and the darkness begins with the formation of Adam.

The Lucy Fossils:

  • Range: The mountains of Ethiopia. They lived in the rain forest. They especially lived in a certain valley

  • Time: About 3.2 million years ago. That was the Paleolithic (stone age) era

  • Description: Chimp like. Head looked like boisei

  • Culture: Unknown

  • Facts: Only one skeleton found. Scientists named it Lucy

The Spirit World - The Dominion

Two hundred thousand earth years in history, the almighty divine source, which no spirit has ever viewed, produced the Homo sapiens - the wise man.


The almighty divine, likewise, stretched out the heavens like a curtain as a border. The heavens (spirit world) itself, cannot contain the personage of the almighty divine creator.



Are the heavens infinite as in space?
In the heavens exists a curtain, a shade, or a blind that serves as a border.


The created heavens serve as the dwelling place for the spirits and entities. The heavens and the earth exist in its own dimension together.


The sacred spirits are the only individuals who can jettison out of this dimension. According to the Bhagavad Gita, this dimension is a revolving cycle. It has a beginning, and an end - however - begins again. In earthly years, the cycle takes billions, maybe trillions of years; in the spirit world, time is timeless - a different context of time compared to the earth.


The dimension that the heavens and the earth abide in is a closed sector. The dimension of the human cycle is within the spirit world, however closed off from the lower entities and the corruption of the darkness.


The context of discrepancy between the darkness and the light will play out for the realization of each individuals heart desire.



Who really dominates this earthly domain?
Tens of thousands of years after the creation of the wise man, Adam was formed and put into the Garden of Eden.


Up to this time, the wise man cultivated the land and migrated from place to place, including Mesopotamia.

The details of time, between the creation of the wise man in Africa, and the time Adam were put into the garden is not a serious importance. What is prominent, is the issue surrounding Adam and the Garden of Eden?


The darkness attained being master of the human world, and has been master of this world ever since. The domain of humans involved itself with idolatry that caused an attachment to the god being worshiped through the idolatry. Hence, the lower entities dominated over the earth and humans, because the constant attachment of idols and the worship of religious ceremony.

The lower entities achieved their goal at dominating the earth; the spirits crafted a plan how to battle the darkness. Through creating their own earthly kingdom within the darkness, the egoless Garden of Eden, the creation of Adam caused major enmity between the darkness and the light here on the earth. The battle in the heavens erupted long before humans existed. After a certain amount of time, the light started to accumulate their flock of sacred spirits.


When a specific number of spirits entered the human cycle with good karma, after living a multiple human lives, a high level of consciousness was attained, and upon death the individual ascended into the heavens as a sacred spirit.

The battle got underway regarding the human line of Adam. The masters between the darkness and the light in the spirit world will assert ownership according to the behavior of the human. The behavior of the human will determine the individual path that will lead to the destiny of either kingdom of the light or the darkness.


For the few, their destiny will be the narrow difficult path to ascend as a sacred spirit.

Jesus and the Apostles taught to keep separate from this world, and that this whole world is under the powers of the wicked accusers, which are lower entities.

The Spirit World - The Conclusion

The spirit world is a subject that an insufficient amount of people will conjecture.


The majority prefers their ignorance; however, a considerable amounts of people that are the children of the light are becoming aware of the spirit world. When the truth of reality is revealed - fear surfaces within the common public. For the diligent student, understanding the insights of the spirit world can aid to battle the darkness.

The truth and identity of the dark lower entities or demons that Jesus cast out of humans is concealed within this world of deception and darkness. Comprehending the truth of the faithful sacred spirits may be difficult, and only a few humans will be granted with the privilege.


The freedom and liberty of breaking the human cycle - these truths will allow a comprehension of the purpose of creation of humans. The only issue that exists within this dimension is the battle between the light and the darkness.

The prophets, the apostles, and Jesus, taught concerning the spirit world, the purpose of life, and how this world will be separated between the children of the darkness and of the light. Wicked men, along with religion have disguised the truth into lies. The fearless, diligent student can comprehend the deeper truths of the spirit world if the person desires such cognition.


Krishna, The Buddha, and Lao Tze taught about the spirit world, however, their teaching was within their era and tailored to their culture, nevertheless, The Bhagavad Gita, The Dhammapada, and the Tao Te Ching are enlightening sources, however within a different degree, therefore, a student can acquire cognizance about the spirit word from a variety of different sources.

The lower entities will not cease in their endeavor to trap, deceive, beguile, and mislead the children of the light. The wicked human counterparts of the lower entities are wicked people from the heart (egocentric, greedy, arrogant) will pursue ruining this world (economically, environmental, emotionally) in preparation for the arrival of the Man of Lawlessness.


These vile, egocentric humans (bankers, politicians) are manipulating this world so the Man of Lawlessness will represent himself as a savior and will use the scriptures to deceive humanity.

The children of the light are in the process of being maneuvered, by the Divine Spirit, to identify the Man of Lawlessness and the darkness.


The two sides of the light and the darkness will be separated as Matthew writes of what Jesus taught. Refer to Matthew 25:31-46 concerning the separation of the children of the light and the children of the darkness - the destiny of humanity.

The separating work will take place during the time of the Man of Lawlessness through the children of the darkness murdering the children of the light. The children of the light must be tested to their death; thus, resurrected and saved to the new earth. Understanding the context of the spirit world provides the student with an insight that is a rarity in this world.


Through comprehending the spirit world the student will progress spiritually to battle the darkness appropriately.



The Original Spirit - Is the Spirit World a true Reality?

Yes, a Spirit World of formless spirits that consist of,

  • Original Spirits (Angels)

  • sacred spirits (Archangels)

  • Lower Entities (Demons),

...exist beyond human vision and beyond this world of formation, although seriously involved with human affairs.

Throughout history, the deceivers of the darkness through religion, the media, and world commence generated an ideology concerning the angel within an obscured level of content.


The content that the world religions and the media teach concerning angles, ghosts, aliens, UFO appearances, and the mysterious paranormal content generates a dogmatically positioned falsehood that is implanted within the minds of humanity.


Indeed, the content of alien/UFO experiences is an actuality for many individuals; however the context of the subject is separate from the lower entities. The aliens are of form within the third dimension as the animals and humans and an entire different subject.


The deception of religion and the media germinates is a cancer upon the lethargic minds of the majority. The media, in reference to all forms and content of the “spirit world” generates disbelief among the masses of humanity.


However, there are a few individuals who will ascertain the truth of certainty concerning the spirit world and the context of the original spirit.



What is an Original Spirit?
The original spirit is a spirit who exists in the spirit world 4th/5th dimensions, but enjoys the 3rd dimension of us humans, and has chosen contrary to entering the safety zone of the human cycle. A common phrase used is angel concerning the original spirit.


The almighty divine spirit directly created each spirit; each spirit is bestowed a destiny upon creation. The corruption from the domination of the darkness acts as a predator toward the original spirit, henceforth, billions of spirits entered the human cycle.


Each human on the earth existed as a formless spirit and experienced their beginning through a unique creation from the powers of the Almighty Divine Spirit.



What took place in the Spirit World that produced two sides - the light and the darkness?
The beginning of enmity between the first and second created spirits occurred after multitudes of spirits experienced creation.


The second spirit lied, stating that he was the first created spirit. The infamous phrase “I am” is ego driven self-centeredness. The darkness existed as a formless energy within the context of ego.


Once the darkness established itself in the spirit world through the personification of prideful actions of the second spirit that produced selfishness, greed, and false ambition, the corruption of the darkness sought its prey upon the vulnerable spirit.

Billions of original spirits allowed the corruption to engulf their personage that resulted in demotion into a lower entity; an unnumbered amount of spirits chose to follow the path of darkness. Therefore, many original spirits recognized the vulnerability of the corruption of the darkness; the only defense the spirit can utilize is virtuous actions averse to the darkness.


Despite the powerful corruption of the darkness, multitudes of original spirits proved their integrity through actions of virtue; henceforth, the enmity between the light and the darkness in the spirit world firmly established itself.


Considering the powerful corruption of the darkness, several original spirits, although few compared to the billions that experience creation, was granted the destiny to attain a higher level of consciousness as a human and to transform into a sacred spirit upon death.


This type of spirit pursued virtuous actions in the spirit world; entering the human cycle and suffering in the physical body are a requirement to attain the privileged existence of a sacred spirit.



Why does the world of humanity suffer within the context of a lower level of consciousness
Karmic bonds exist within the spirit world upon each spirit and entity. Each spirit is subjected to responsibility of their actions, and speech, similar to the earthly life.


Therefore, karmic bonds are appended upon a spirit that enters the human cycle that dictates its destiny in relation to spirituality.


From observing the lack of spiritual interest to seeking the truth among humanity, this is clear evidence that billions of spirits entered the human cycle corrupted from the darkness and with faulty karma.


Yet, there are some individuals that entered the human cycle with exceptional karma which after multitudes of lifetimes of suffering in the body, the individual will attain a higher level of consciousness and break the human cycle and transform into a non-corruptible sacred spirit that can battle the lower entities of the darkness effectively.



Is the inner spirit of the human safe from the corruption of the darkness that exists in the spirit world
Yes, a separate dimension in the spirit world enclosed from the corruption of the darkness has existed since the original Australopithecus Afarensis, the standing ape human.


This is the 4th dimension of the human cycle in the spirit world. Once a spirit entered this 4th dimension from the 5th dimension, and after a human birth into the 3rd dimension, the formless spirit enclosed within the human core experienced safety from the corruption of the darkness; because of this, billions of spirits entered the human cycle.


Additionally, many spirits entered the human cycle for the expectation of attaining a higher level of consciousness and proceeding as a sacred spirit.


Within the 4th dimension of the human cycle in the spirit world, time is linear, one hundred earthly years is like a blink of the eye. Thus, time between human lives in the 4th dimension is irrelative to the human reality of the 3rd dimension.



Why has the population of humanity dramatically increased since world war two
After world war two the population has escalated to an overwhelming six billion humans on the earth.


The solid reason for the population explosion is all remaining original spirits must enter the human cycle for the Judgment era during the time of the Man of Lawlessness. Many spirits have refrained the suffering nature of the human life. Some original spirits are attached to the existence as a spirit and have ascertained how to avoid demotion into a lower entity.


However, as the time arrives to the advent of the Man of Lawlessness more spirits are experiencing demotion or choosing the human cycle.


This is the prime reason the prison system is at an overflow; many spirits are entering the human cycle with the utmost deplorable karma requiring solitude. Most original spirits are worldly residing with complacent complications, and addictions, attaching themselves to objects or living through other humans.


The only spirit that is absolute in their faithfulness is the Sacred Spirit, yet the original spirit, even at this dilatory date before the Man of Lawlessness arrives, can still perform virtuously.



Considering the safety net of the human cycle; Can a human support and choose the side of the darkness
Yes, the inner spirit (soul) that dwells within the human being is safe from the corruption of the darkness; however, the human can support the darkness and act wickedly; selfishness and arrogance abound within the human heart and mentality.


This is clearly observable among the international bankers and politicians who love the world despite presenting themselves as ardent.


Any human or spirit who loves the world is separate from Divine intimacy and the close friendship of the sacred spirits is distant.



I have heard of this multiple lifetimes, aka: reincarnation, is it really true?
Yes, extremely true. Each human has experience hundreds, thousands, and possibly tens of thousands of human lifetimes depending when the spirit entered the human cycle.


The majority of spirits entered the human cycle with bad karma; thus, an attachment to the human cycle. The reality of experiencing the intensified moment is an individual occurrence; memory loss of the human cycle plays a key role. The spirit is transported into the safe dimension of the human cycle in the spirit world after each death.


This dimension is closed off to the outer spirit world where the battles between the darkness and the light exist.


This dimension is a resting area for the spirit between lives, and may associate with other spirits; many spirits are amassed together according to their level; the group may experience their human lives together as a supportive network.


Even so, the comfort of the spirit world is short lived, once the proper place is sought according to the karma of the previous life, the spirit will be inserted into the womb which occurs in the third month of pregnancy. The time element within the dimension of the human cycle in the spirit world is non-linear, a hundred or a thousand earthly years are like an overnight sleep.


The timelessness of the human cycle dimension in the spirit world is a reality for the inner spirit; however, it is irrelevant to the human life because of the ego/mind occupancy, unless the dimension of the Pure Consciousness is experienced.



I have read many websites in relation to paranormal studies, but I haven’t read such detailed information such as this article
Because many sources that teach about the spirit world are writing about content, only. This report is about context.


  • Each human has existed as a spirit in the spirit world of the light and the darkness. Time is non-linear and irrelevant in the spirit world.

  • The original spirit is vulnerable to the powerful corruption of the darkness; henceforth, the human cycle served as a protection or safety net.

  • Billions of spirits have entered the human cycle after world war two for the arrival of the Man Of Lawlessness, thus, causing a population explosion.

  • Currently, many corrupted spirits choose the human cycle at demotion, therefore entering with injurious karma; consequently a prison population explosion.

  • A sacred spirit is produced from an original spirit entering the human cycle with good karma, and suffering in the body multiple lifetimes; upon attaining a higher level of consciousness - after the human death the inner spirit will transform into an incorruptible (holy spirit) sacred spirit.

  • Every original spirit must enter the human cycle for the era of judgment which begins with the arrival of the Man of Lawlessness. An overflow of population in the earth is the reality.

The sacred spirit

As time continues and technology advances, consciousness and awareness of certain individuals are beginning to identify that formless spirits assist, direct, and teach individuals within the earth.


A few spoken popular phrases are archangel, holy spirit, or guardian angel. Additionally, more individuals are experiencing an awareness that lower entities exist among humanity that misleads and desires to conquer the individual that is seeking spiritual accuracy. The detailed significance to comprehend is the context of the subject - the context defining as: the accurate identification of the phrases of archangel, guardian angel, spirit guides, or the gods.


Throughout the history, religions disguised the context that created shallow content, besides confusing and concealing the definition of terms, phrases, and expressions.



Is a sacred spirit the holy spirit?
sacred spirit is a phrase that is unpopular among the minds of humanity.


“Archangel” or “holy spirit” are phrases that are popularized from western religions stemming from the bible. The gods are a phrase from the stories of mythology that the western world views as pagan; the production of a singular monotheistic dogma.


Throughout the generations of deception, the context and definition of an Archangel or Holy Spirit experienced a dubious twisting from the certainty of truth. Also, the deceivers of the darkness disguised the context of the plural emphasizing the singular. The sacred spirit (holy spirit) that serves as a helper for the spiritual quester, and the almighty divine sacred spirit (holy spirit) are two different subjects of context.


Consequently, the embedded deception of the singular within the mind-set of humanity progresses into a muddled level of definition, consequently, the context of the subject is disorientated.



Plural verses the Singular
Within the context of the Greek scriptures, Jesus taught concerning his sacred spirits who help the chosen and other spiritually interested individuals that are living on this earth dominated by the lower entities.


Jesus taught about two resurrections, and two kingdoms after the separation of the light and the darkness; hence - idolatrous religion dogmatically positioned the plural context producing vague singular content concerning the view of the term “holy spirit”.


There are two subjects of context concerning the phrase “holy spirit”. The truth of the sacred spirits has been obscured and concealed resulting from the powerful deception of the darkness. The lower entities have manipulated the minds of humans to focus on the singular - the buried context of the plural created a stratagem.

The predominant goal of the lower entities of the darkness is to conceal the truth about the sacred spirits, and to prevent any individual to attain a high level of consciousness.


The sage living on the earth who comprehends the truth is a direct threat to the lower entities that dominate earthly cultures, religions, media, governments, and every social organization. Positively, the sacred spirit is incorruptible and in direct opposition to the darkness. Thus, the prime goal of the lower entities is to cause deception that will divert humanity from pursuing the ultimate goal of a high level of consciousness, and upon death the spirit will ascend as a sacred spirit.

Each original spirit entered the human cycle with karmic bonds.


The entanglement of the ego and the corruption of the darkness caused most original spirits to enter the human cycle with detrimental karma that will eliminate the possibility of attaining the high-required level of consciousness to break the human cycle; nevertheless, the human cycle protects the original spirit from the corruption of the darkness.


The individual that entered the human cycle with amiable karma and a low level of corruption, after suffering in the body hundreds of different lifetimes, this person may attain a high level of consciousness.


A high level of consciousness is a prerequisite to ascend as a sacred spirit.



Who are the sacred spirits?
The sacred spirits are faithful, true, the holder of wisdom, incorruptible to the darkness, and that reside in the Upper 5th Dimension, but do teach, direct, and teach humans in the 3rd dimension.


The sacred spirit battles the darkness by directing, teaching, and disciplining the spiritual student on the path to comprehending the truth. The lower entity attempts to thwart the individual spiritual seeker through manipulation of religions, the ego, culture, commence, twisting of the scriptures, and the media.


The combined result of the deception of the world, enslavement of cultural rules, dogmatically positioned ardent deceptive teachings, and the ambiguous hypnotic dogma of the media - the advancement of consciousness is severely atypical among the populace of humanity.

The sacred spirits are the personification of integrity, and can become a best friend to a human that has proved their integrity on the side of the light, however; friendship is conditional. The sacred spirits can lift the vale of deception from a person’s eyes and teach the truth. Identifying and subjecting oneself to their direction is pivotal to receiving their favor.


Humility and the action of love are a requirement, in addition to circumcision of the heart that includes changing from self-centeredness to an open generous heart. The sacred spirits, including the high-ranking lower entities are knowledgeable of each human because each person lived in the spirit world as an original spirit before entering the human cycle.


The attachment of karmic bonds in the spirit world is similar to karmic bonds that can generated as a human. The most important reason people are spiritual and other people lack spirituality relates to their prior life in the spirit world. Consequently, the majority of humans are destined for the earthly kingdoms - the light or the darkness.

The original spirits that have refrained from entering the human cycle can produce virtuous actions - though worldly - they have avoided demotion; but, these spirits are afflicted with attachments.


Countless original spirits find themselves demoted every month; numerous entering the human cycle at the time of demotion that bestows them injurious karma that dominates - this is the prime reason the prisons are at an overflow. Consequently, the era is climacteric to the advent of the man of lawlessness.


Thus, entering the human cycle is a requirement for the original spirits just before the man of lawlessness arrives in the flesh on the earth for the judgment era.



Did Jesus teach about the sacred spirits?
Yes, when Jesus, the anointed master of the sacred spirits taught on the earth, he primarily taught about faith, love, the kingdom, and gathering his chosen - the sacred spirits, in addition to teaching about the judgment era, which is the time of the Man of Lawlessness.


Jesus is the master of the sacred spirits; this is the congregation that Jesus taught about, not an earthly establishment. All Sacred Spirits are equal and possess an identical formless appearance.


Each sacred spirit possesses unique abilities and each resides with different levels of wisdom and experience. Contrasting the lower entities of rank and file that are equivalent to the earthly military.



What is required to ascend as a sacred spirit?
Raising the level of consciousness during the human lifetime is pivotal to breaking the bonds of the human cycle.


The individual will transform as a sacred spirit through death after attaining a high level of consciousness. Few humans, compared to the billions of spirits that have entered the human cycle will accomplish this ultimate goal.


Karma, analogous with individual behavior in the spirit world before entering the human cycle dictates the destiny of who will attain a higher level of consciousness during a lifetime.

Very few individuals can walk the narrow road leading to incorruptible immortality; the few individuals that are able to follow the road have been predestined from the time the Divine Source created their spirit in the spirit world.


  • Familiar phrases referring to a sacred spirit are Archangels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, or The Gods.

  • An Original Spirit must enter the human cycle with virtuous karma, suffer the body multiple lifetimes; upon attaining a high level of consciousness, upon the death of that human life the individual will ascend as a sacred spirit.

  • Only a few individuals compared the billions of humanity will attain the privilege of breaking the human cycle.

  • A sacred spirit is incorruptible to the darkness.

The Lower Entities

The spiritual awareness level is increasing throughout the world concerning the spirit world, and most importantly, the lower entities.


The spirit world founded its beginning among the light of the spirits. The ego existed as a formless energy of a narcissus personality. The formless egocentric personality of selfishness searches for spirits that desire prideful ambition; the Second created Spirit proved to be the individual who desired to be master of the spirits, however, the first created spirit is entitled to be the master of the original spirits and the spirit world.


Consequently, the second spirit said the infamous lie, “I Am” claiming to be the first created spirit.


Thus, the ego caused a personification upon the second spirit through lying, accusing, slandering, and lusting after the position of master. Henceforth, the experience of demotion happened, and the Second created spirit was the first spirit to be demoted into a lower entity, and rightfully crowned the master of the darkness.


Multitudes of spirits chose demotion to join the accuser (satan) and the slanderer (devil) among the ranks of the darkness.

The demotion of the master of the darkness occurred billions of earth years ago, and since that time billions of original spirits have experienced demotion into a lower entity. Identifying of the lower entities effectively is crucial for a person to battle the darkness in a successful manner.



What can cause an Original Spirit to be Demoted, and what choices do the have at the time of Demotion?
There are several inimical behaviors that can entangle an original spirit.


The behaviors are related with egocentric attributes, the misusage of speech, and the pursuing of injurious activities in relation to humans, including a host of other non-virtuous actions.


The powerful corruption of the darkness causes an original spirit to regress to the point of demotion. Four choices are granted upon the original spirit at the time of demotion. One choice is to enter the human cycle, even though the safety net of the human cycle is a choice, the attachment of injurious karmic bonds is a reality.


Most original spirits wisely entered the human cycle early, and avoided the descent to the demotion stage.


If the corrupted spirit declines the human cycle, then the spirit must choose one of three choices of the different lower entity forms that the individual desires - once demoted into a lower entity the individual cannot transform back as a spirit nor enter the dimension of the human cycle.



Three Different forms


  1. The Reptilian
    Egocentrically dedicated to the darkness, and the cruelest, most vile, despicable type of lower entity is the reptilian. Within the last twenty years, generating information about the reptilian based on personal experiences is a realism. Though formless to the human eye because of resonation, the reptilians dominate this world.


    The original accuser is the first reptilian who slandered the spirits of the light; the western celebration of halloween and carnival marks the original accusers demotion; their sly deception is to produce the celebration as joyful.


    The original accuser is Baal the war god of mythology that correlates with,

    • Amun of Egypt

    • Bel of Sumer

    • Aries of Greece

    • Mars of Rome,

    ...and the list continues within the stories of mythology.

    There seems some confusing among the researchers of the Reptilians; there are the formless lower entity reptilians and also alien ET type of reptilians. The lower entity reptilian resides in the lower 5th dimension but are very active in the 3rd dimension and invisible.


    There are many different types of ET Reptilians, they mostly reside in the Constellation of Draco and Orion.


    It is said that there are ET reptilians here on the earth that are working with the ET Grays. The ET type of Alien dwell in the physical 3rd dimension. The Lower Entity are a higher form than the ET reptilian. The ET Reptilians can observe the earthy world from a distance as a group.


    The information on this page is primarily about the lower entities that are invisible to the human eye.

    The form of the lower entity reptilian is likened to the Raptors of the Jurassic era; the reptilian has hooks as hands, and their outward emanation represents their rank. The reptilians have the ability to hook into the human back, diaphragm, create migraine headaches, and cause numerous of other complications in a person’s life.


    The file and rank among the reptilians are similar to the military within the earth. Baal is the top king, master, emperor, and his generals oversee the different districts of the governments of the earth. A lower entity seeks a rank promotion on wicked performance in the battle averse to spiritual light. The reptilians are masters at deception, and temptation.


    Within every religion there are reptilians that thrive off of the deceptive worship of humans; humans blindly worship stone, wood, or metal convinced they are worshiping god.



  2. The Shape-Shifter
    The second identities of form of the lower entities are shape-shifters. A shape-shifter can change from one shape to another. The shifting of forms are limited; lower entities cannot materialize as a human; but, can possess a human if the human allows such an occurrence.


    The first corrupted spirit that chose to be a shape-shifter is the master of the shape-shifters. Many temples in the ancient world contain three niches that represent the three different forms of the lower entities.


    The temples at Karnak in Luxor Egypt portrays the three gods of mythology that continually strived for prominence.


    Three temples exist,

    1. the main temple of Auman or Baal the war god

    2. the temple of Krones or Sin of Sumer the Moon god

    3. the temple of Mut or Ishtar of Babylon the fertility goddess and the consort of Baal



  3. The Demon
    The third type of lower entity is the demon. There are different types of demons from prominent demons to normal demons that signify their rank.


    The demon is of a black nature, compare to the original spirit who experiences their beginning as white. The corruption of the darkness creates grayness and then blackness within the etheric body of quintessence.


    Thus, the level of entangled corruption the original spirit experiences is clearly noticeable to the other spirits.



What is the disposition of the Lower Entities, and do they affect a human?

All lower entities abhor the light of truth.


The lower entities dwell egocentrically thriving upon injurious actions of humans, cultural enslavement, deception, idolatry, and all forms of negativity. The lower entities possess different deranged interests of personality: murder, sex, rapes, incest, all types of abuse, any demented behaviors that breaks the commandments, and all harmful activity, including receiving idolatrous worship through religion.


The lower entities gain energy through worship, and deviously manipulate the negative emotions of humans. The lower entity can attach themselves to the higher-self of the human and gain energy from negative emotion, misled the individual, and can cause disagreeable incidents within every facet of life.


Additionally, there are hordes of lower entities that attach themselves to ancient “rare” items in museums, and tourist sites such as temples. This type of lower entity is thriving on the attention of unsuspecting eyes - robbing the naïve of their energy; egocentric attention is their only concern.



Can a Lower Entity be demoted further from their current disposition
Consequently, being demoted into a lower entity is not the end of the road. There is a limitation for pursuing wickedness.


A lower entity can exceed the depth of the darkness. Once the behavior of a lower entity exceeds the greatest extent of wickedness, they’re demoted into the animal cycle on earth. At the time of demotion into the animal cycle they are offered a choice to enter one of the four different animal groups.


During the era of 1885, two African male lions, without the mane, killed and ate over hundred of men and shut down the work on the railroad. These two lions were extremely intelligent to the extent that one helped the other escape after being captured.


Indeed, two demoted lower entities resided within the lions.



Can the Lower Entities act as the good guy?
Yes, the lower entities have the sly ability to act as the good person by presenting themselves as an angel of light.


The spirit world is privileged with an expertise adeptness to communicate with each person’s higher-self. The sacred spirits and the lower entities can communicate and influence our inner spirit/soul/higher-self and produce a manipulative situation - virtuous or injurious - according to the person’s karma or situation.


Through consciousness, the different resonation, and frequency between the earthly and spirit realm, the communication automatically translates simultaneously.


Thus, any spirit or entity can communicate, direct, influence, deceive, or teach any human.



How can I be free from lower entity attachment?
There are several preeminent details a person must scrutinize in their personal life to be free from lower entity influence.


The inspection of objects are crucial that a lower entity may be, or can attach onto: pictures, sculptures, jewelry, any type of objects that might be getting undue attention and that emanates or absorbs energy. Moreover, it’s paramount that a person uses self-control relating to negative emotions.


Therefore, a person must free their-self of all negative influence: music, movies, television, friends, reading material, personal habits - whatsoever is of negativity, replacing with positive spiritual friends and personal habits - continually pursuing the positive side of the light is crucial.

A spiritual quester can assist themselves by thwarting the lower entities through positive action, and positive emotion; the lower entities thrive off of fear and anger, and this is the reason why the world media continually teaches fear. The lower entities easily experience shame, embarrassment, and humiliation through the virtuous actions of the human. In addition, the powerful word “No” defeats the tempter of injury.

The spiritual individual have a least one lower entity that is assigned to prevent the person to ascertain and understand the truth of certainty, and in many cases several lower entities are attached to the person’s higher self/inner spirit.


If an individual can ascend out of the deception and descend into enlightenment of truth, the person will always have a tempter around their energy zone, even so, a person may be granted protection from the sacred spirits so that a lower entity cannot attach onto their higher-self.

The majority of people living on the earth have at least one, or a few, lower entities attach to their higher-self. Within this world of the darkness and the light, attachment is a common occurrence among the naive population of humanity that is under deception.


Pursuing the positive can only defeat the negative.



Can I be physically harmed from a lower entity?
You can, however, only if you allow and generate an invitation. The word NO is extremely powerful against the lower entities. I have read and watched movies about people being possessed with a Demon, is it possible.

Yes it is very possible.


The lower entities reside are cursed with an identity crises, through possession, the lower entity can steal your identity.



This is causing a lot of fear within myself!
Yes, for many people this is the case. First understand that the lower entities have limitations unless there is an invitation. Apply the above information and seek the help of the sacred spirits.



How can I protect myself from lower entity attacks/attachment?
You need to strengthen your AURA, the energetic etheric body that surrounds your physical body.


Focus your attention on your Aura and follow the exercise below. Spiritually, the Aura is energetically an off white color.

Stand up and imagine your Aura as like a sleeping bag and I want you to SEE it with your minds eye. Look down between your feet and see the zipper undone all the way to the bottom. Reach down and grab the zipper.


Pull it slowly up the front of your body and up to the crown of your head. When you get it up there say to yourself ” I am zipped up” or ” I am protected” , and KNOW it’s done. I can’t understate the importance of trusting and knowing that this has been done. You are using your connection to 'God' to power this so trust and knowing are paramount.

You can do the exercise everyday, the best time is when you go to bed. Over thousands of years humanity has been conditioned to weaken the Aura from each generation.


  • A Lower Entity experienced its beginning as an original spirit

  • Because of the corruption of the darkness, demotion into a lower entity occurred upon billions of spirits

  • There are three different forms of the lower entity

  • The Lower Entities are masters of deception