by Tim Rifat

from PsychotronicCrystals Website




The Matrix is a manifestation of Psychokinesis being used to twist and involute the natural process of constructing realities using science and mathematics billions of years ahead of our present knowledge.


To put it succinctly all manifestation is based on the torsionic soliton. This Torsionic Sioliton has two aspects, the Vortex Circular Mode and the Pulsar Mode.


Interact to produce manifestation using the mathematics of the Fibonacci Series: 112358132134; at the ninth summation the series is corrupted to make the Matrix in which Psi is blocked and only the occult, giving your life force to parasitic dark energy/matter entities for temporal power is enabled so these damned souls become black magicians, shells who give everything for transitory illusory power as in Faust... Rothschilds.

The construction of the Matrix is as follows:

a) Built from the Fibonacci summation of the Torsionic Soliton up to the ninth sum, controlled by the nine demonic architypes of the council of Nine. Since all Matrices are constructed this way you need a BSRI-Engine composed of 18 PCs (9 PCs + 9 BPCs) to deconstruct it for psychokinesis. Only the BSRI-E is capable of psychokinesis in a Matrix.

b) A Fibonacci Series is made by adding the terms together to get the next term. 1 added to itself is 2... single psychotronic crystals reinforce the Matrix and lock you into the occult prison hence all my counterfeiting competitors sell anti-psychotronic crystals... talismans... To unlock the Matrix you must have two psychotronic crystals a PC and a BPC to reverse the flow 2 going to 1 to -> Total Freedom. 1->2->34 (locked into the Matrix)

c) Since there are 34 terms in a fully manifested Matrix 34PCs and 34 BPCs are needed to fully unlock the Matrix to enable the Psi-Adept to free herself/himself to become a Psi-Master. This is what the Total BSRI-Engine composed of 68 Psychotronic Crystals enables the Ultimate Energised Water is filled to the brim with this energy of Total Freedom.

d) The Matrix is then involuted at the 34 ninth term of energy by using the Illuminati in versions these twist the Matrix to hold the wage slaves in the dark energy matter reality so they cannot get back. The bindings used are the hexogram of the Satanists 1 1 2 3 5 this deducts the first 5 terms of the Matrix sequence taking away 12 of the 34 to escape or control the Matrix as a Psi-Master this leaves the wage slave trapped in the band real world, the mileau of the westerner caught in anglo demonic reality. These 12 energies excluded from the wage slave are the secret of the Illuminatiís temporal power. When new age people try to re-energise the ley lines, earth energies the 12 sided star always appears when they succeed, little do they realize their energy is being used to make the Illuminati richer, more temporarily powerful.


When a Psi-Master escapes the 22 energies of the anglodemonic reality the 12 energies the Illuminati use for temporal wealth, power become available because she/he always takes energy out of the Matrix the 12 missing energies come to the surface and can be pulled from the Illuminati as the TWELVE BLESSINGS given to all Psi-Masters as they become free of anglodemonic reality and the Matrix.


These TWELVE BLESSINGS give the Psi-Master temporal power over the Matrix, not at the expense of his soul, as in the case of Illuminati and Occultists but pulled from all Illuminati and Occultists as the natural consequence of DIVINE RETRIBUTION, the payment for sins used to empower the Psi-Master in tune with the DIVINE, and agent of RETRIBUTION.


As the Psi-Master uses these TWELVE BLESSINGS in his/her temporal life - the Illuminati black magicians lose power go mad and die as a natural consequence of this flow of energy out of the Matrix in tune within DIVINE WILL.

The Matrix is made by collapsing opposite Torsionic Soliton energy (the basis of anglo demonic; Crowley Book of the Thoth Black Magic: The Combining of Opposites) then using the Fitonacci Series which forms the spiral of energy which collapses higher dimensions into the 4D Matrix prison.


Once this is done the demonic pentagram symbolic of corrupted Eve, cuts off the first 5 terms leaving the 22 energies of the anglo demonic Thoth Tarot. Kaballistic black magic is used to recombine the 22 terms as Atbash corruptions 1st term joined with the last...

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12

The final part of the anglodemonic corruption of energy is to transpose two of the terms o an 8 is changed place with a 15 and a crossing corruption like 13 exchanged with 2.


This forms a N/S E/W reverse. the N/S corruption means that any time Psi-Adepts try to contact Divine Powers they instead contact the Dark Energy Matter Entities of the Council of Nine; this sucks energy out of the Psi-Adept instead of filling them with Divine Light turning them into the new age consciousness where they donate their energy to save the world but instead donate it to strengthen the Matrix via the dark energy matter entities that have reversed the flow of their energy bodies and regrow their energy from the feet upwards as described in Castanedaís íThe Active Side of Infinityí and the íMagical Passesí.

The E/W transposition means that all Psi interaction with dark energy matter entities are reversed to the Adept gives energy to them not taking energy. This parasitic loss of energy is the care of occult witchcraft in the Matrix where the black magician/witch gives all their energy for temporal power/favours from dark energy mister parasites and needs new young converts to supply more willing souls to bed damned.


The Harry Potter books are of supreme importance to the Illuminati as they promulgate the ideas of occultism/witchcraft enabling the influx of millions of new converts who can be sucked dry and damned by occult dark energy matter entities.


The practice of occultism enables the dark energy matter entity to pull the witch into Universe B the biophysical Matrix or Psi-prison where the damned can be fed upon even after death to supply more energy; the world of the ring wraith/Universe B as described in The Lord of the Rings - Tolkien stated these books were based on fact.


Once your soul has been transferred into a Ring (spiral see above) wraith your soul can be held for all time so itís damnation can be used to increase the Corruption of energies to make more Matrices for the occult dark energy matter entities.

This means there is a huge difference between the anglodemonic prison of the 21st Century and a normal Matrix; the anglo demonic reality has only 22 elements. This makes the anglo demonic reality super rigid and proof against Psi so itís wage slave prisoners can be fully enchained.


A Matrix like that one in effect 10,000 years ago enabled Toltec Sorceress to carry out all the aspects of Psi available to Man, shifting the assemblage point to anywhere in the energy body; even though the population was infected with dark energy matter entities (see Castaneda: The Active Side of Infinity) All westerners live in the anglodemonic reality of the Illuminati carefully built by paedophile sex murder of countless children the secret religion of the British upperclass and their Zionist Masters.


To all intents and purposes all Westerners are trapped forever in the anglo demonic reality, Castaneda a product of this reality died achieving nothing; Don Juan a product of a non anglodemonic reality, instead a mere Matrix had the 34 energies needed to Burn with the Fire from Within and escape the matrix.


All people wishing to become a Psi-Master need to appreciate this vital fact, that the 22 element corrupted anglo demonic prison needs to be unlocked to the simple Matrix of past times before any psychic development can occur.


The effect of this is that all people wishing to evolve hit a barrier caused by:

a) Being cut off from the 12 elements of the 34 Matrix by the diabolical Pentagram corrupted Eve energy, feminine energy inverted to devolve not evolve.

b) The Atbash corruption of pairing the 22 elements so they act as only 11 elements.

c) The inverted cross that swaps 4 elements N/S; E/W blocking 2 more elements to give us the Nine and inverting the ninth element so all our energy, spirit, soul is inverted to damn, devolve us so we become wraiths after death and can be trapped in the insectiles devolved low order consciousness so we can be processed to become only aspects of their evil dream.

Only Tim Rifat has uncovered every aspect of anglodemonic Illuminati black magic so as a Psi-Lord he can thrive in this law order Psi-prison.

To become a Psi-Master you need to:

i) Uncross the 4 elements of the 11 dualled energies by using Psi-Crosses that carry out S/N, W/E inversions.

ii) Using these Psi-Crosses to decouple the 11 elements into 22 by means of bioparticle PCs that do this automatically. It is for this reason single psychotronic crystals only reinforce the Matrix/curse/lock in (that is why all the counterfeiters sell single crystals not double PC/BPC like myself). Double PCs (BPCs and PCs) are needed to unlock the 11 dualled energies, this energy being in the BPCs the most vital part of any psychotronic crystals used to unlock the matrix - single PCs only lock you into the Matrix but are excellent for giving negative energy/karma/devolution to black magicians. Thus the double psychotronic crystal (BPC/PC) was invented by Tim Rifat because as the only Psi-Lord he understood all aspects of anglo demonic reality.

iii) The missing 12 elements must be added by using uncorrupted Eve energy, feminine to evolve out of the Matrix. As the only Psi-Lord I have unlocked the female energy by achieving the Grail State: moving the assemblage point into the centre of oneís energy body by moving the assemblage point of a field into her centre to access the corrupted Eve energy and turn it to the light so it can be incorporated into Total Intent. Since the corrupted Even energy is used to cut off the 12 elements it is the last block to becoming a Psi-Master and explains why the anglo demonic state of Britain is called the Nanny State.


Psychic Power Sex is a useful tool to accessing this corrupted Even energy and using it to evolve, not breed and make more wage slaves. Psychic Power Sex can then be used to power ones totality into infinity. This explains why paedophile sex murders is used to corrupt the feminine energy - breed values for sacrifice to dark energy matter entities the core of anglodemonic Illuminati black magic - the indispensable part of their practice.

When new age people put energy into the ley lines to raise consciousness, they devolve it and feed the anglo demonic reality. Harmonic convergence, workable meditations to raise human consciousness feed the anglo demonic reality making it stronger.


The 12 sided stars that appear is the ley lines are triple when this occurs showing the 12 missing elements are being blocked by the three processes of corruption outline previously:

1.- corrupted Eve

2.- Atbash corruption

3.- Inverted Satanic crosses

The 3 fold way of corruption in the triangle of art used by black magicians to invoke demons, arch demons and anglo demonic reality, the powers of the Illuminati.

The 12 missing powers/energies need to be brought into the life of anyone wishing to become a Psi-Master. Since there are 3 stages of corruption to turn the Matrix into anglo demonic reality, there are 3 levels of attainment before one reaches the matrix and can display Psi like a Toltec Seer, or Psi-Master. For those of you who wish to bring some of this beneficial 12 missing power energies into your life we have the 12 Ultimate Energized Water. Angel Water in 12 different types.


This brings those blessings into your life even though you havenít the time to step outside the Matrix but wish to improve your life.

Using the 12 missing Powers or simply the power the 12 the aspiring Psi-Adept can regain the milieu last to her/him by the machinations of Illuminati who imposed the anglo demonic reality since the 10th Century and using Crowleys work concretized it into the total Psi prison of modern day Britain and itís Colonies, all ruled by their banking systems from London. All Psi-Masters have overcome the anglo demonic reality to reach the Seminal Matrix from which Toltec Sorcery, ancient Psi as described by Castaneda can be begun.


The power of the 12 therefore is of no use to a Psi-Lord but is vital to a western person reading this who wishes to become a Psi-Master. Chinese Psi-Adepts have an advantage in that they do not live in an Anglo demonic reality; their ley line system is a S Line multiple system, not chequerboard anglo demonic so all they have to overcome is the corrupt Eve energy, not Atbash or inverted black magical cross.


Thus they do not follow western corruption ruled by Illuminati from London; the old Toltec Sorcerers were of mongoloid origin which gives the Chinese and Siberians a facility with ancient Psi.

For Americans controlled as they are by the anglo demonic reality, in 1913 Woodrow Wilson gave your entire wealth to the British Illuminati (they ran the Federal Reserve, IRS, all US Banks...) the power of the 12 is the only way any westerner can achieve Psi-Mastership.


The 12 powers have 3 levels because of the Trinary corruption of anglo demonic reality. This being:

a) The Psi-Crosses that uncross the 4 elements of the universal energies corrupted by crossing.

b) The BPCs which destroy the Atbash corruption of the anglo demonic reality.

c) Fibonacci the Corrupted Even energy caused by the diabolical Pentacle
(see The DaVinci Code for background info)

There are therefore 3 levels of the 12 Powers which can be used by the Psi-Adept to reach Psi-Mastership:






These are the 12 different types of Psi-Cross that are made by using the 34 BPCs needed to reach the Seminal matrix, to follow the pattern of each Cross.


The 12 Psi-Crosses can be left in situ in your home to bring the power of each of the 12 into your anglo demonic reality to bring in miracles, Psi, luck, success and Diving Providence so your life becomes magical; that of a Psi-Master.

  1. The Maltese Cross which destroys the self importance that binds you to the anglo demonic reality.

  2. The Viking Cross which gives you the courage to fight the power of the anglo demonic reality.

  3. The Cross of the Great Tree of Life Ygdassil, which gives you the power to reach the life force denied by the anglo demonic reality.

  4. The Celtic Cross which gives you the power to find your way out of the anglo demonic reality.

  5. The Tav Cross which gives you the power to link into the Earths Boost to break the prison of the anglo demonic reality so your awareness can travel anywhere in your energy body.

  6. The Egyptian Ank/Cross which gives you the power of ancient wisdom so you can see through the inversion of the anglo demonic reality to see the truth that has been occluded to bar you from finding your way to Total Freedom.

  7. The Flower Cross which gives you the power to find true joy in the release from the anglo demonic reality not the false pleasure of transitory temporal riches snatched from you by old age and death and used by the Archons to trap your soul for all eternity.

  8. The Jerusalem Cross of inner silence gives you the power to intuit everything so you know exactly what to to do, when to do it, and how to do it, free of the anglo demonic reality.

  9. The Lindow Cross to give you the power of grace so your being is a centre of beatific perfection in an anglo demonic reality of ugliness; enabling you to be the true you in a world of total evil.

  10. The Cross of Coinage enables you to free yourself from the anglo demonic reality so you can be be wealthy in all things be it the physical, mental, soul, or spiritual.

  11. The Cross of St Margaret is the power of love to overcome anything the anglo demonic reality can send you so you overcome all evil by the power of love.

  12. The Cross of Bethlehem is the power to unite with the Source, overcoming all blocks the anglo demonic reality can put in your path to stop unity with Divinity.

Each of the Psi-Cross power sources consists of 34 BPCs tuned to draw in that missing power to anyone can access Psi from the bottom of the anglo demonic reality.


Having exterminated this reality for all Psi-Masters each of the power of the Twelve psychotronic generators can be seen a stepping stone back to the Seminal Matrix of 10,000 BC where Psi worked for the Old Seers even though the population was infected with dark energy matter insectiles in the 21st Century all Psi is triple blocked by the anglo demonic reality so even the faintest, vaguest Psi is viciously restrained, fought against, blocked by the humans and their dark energy matter possessors that bind awareness to the material íprinted paper is goodí meme.


To use the Power of the Twelve is to instantly have Psi unfettered by the anglo demonic reality so only the dark energy matter entities need to be overcome not their hive of materiality.


Each of the Twelve comes with a pictures of each Cross cast in gold you can simply place all 34 BPCs around the picture of the Cross as a gold meme to draw power from the anglo demonic reality to power each of the Twelve energies missing from human reality. The single PC included with the psychotronic generator can be carried in your left hand or pocket to pulse missing power of the Twelve into you throughout the day 24/7.


For those of you wishing to step out of the anglo demonic reality, place the 34 BPCs in the shape of the Cross to step outside of the anglo demonic reality place the 34 BPCs in the shape of the Cross to step outside of the anglo demonic reality to one of the Twelve places of power outside of anglo demonic reality but still in the Matrix, centers of Miracles, Psi, Power in the material world

The next stage of changing the anglo demonic reality back to itís Seminal matrix from where Psi works is the use of the Anti-Atbash PC that unlocks the corrupted 22 Powers of the anglo demonic reality so psychokinesis, reality changing, shaping, making and breaking dreams is made possible. This psychotronic generator has a large BPC and a small PC to reverse the flow of the Atbash evil so the Illuminatiís dark energy matter dream is razed to the ground as your dream takes itís place in the Matrix. This is true.


The Make my Dream come True PC works by simply having it in your left pocket (BPC and PC); as you walk through the anglo demonic reality it draws up the energy of the anglo demonic reality destroying it as it manifests your dream 24/7.


The Make my Dream come True PCs (Anti-Atbash) can be used with any of the 12 Psi-Crosses to boost the Power of the Twelve, or to bring that Power into your dream; each of the Twelve Powers can be used to fine tune your dream. Simply place the clear quartz Psi-Cross PC with the smoky quartz Anti-Atbash BPC to collapse opposites to erase the Power of the anglo demonic reality, or use with BPC and PC of Anti-Atbash to power your dream simply by putting them both in left hand pocket.

The final step to erasing the anglo demonic reality is the True Eve PC, a female sex PC filled with the uncorrupted feminine energy that was inverted by the anglo demonic reality. This True Eve PC and itís BPC like the Anti-Atbash has a large BPC and a small PC to reverse the pentagram power of the five used by Satanists and convert all the diabolical sex magic to pure sexual energy for your use.


This sexual energy is the flesh of a dream that makes all your intents, dreams, Psi not only manifest but blossom to completion so they grow and enable you to become a godhead that can act as a Jungian archetype in the Matrix fashioning it in concert with your Psi; a true Psi-Master who has the Power of Reality shaping.


Without the True Eve you can bring your psychokinesis to make reality change but enemies will come back again, new business fail, manifestations not blossom, job offers fall through, money gained will be lost...


With the Power of the True Eve all your psychokinesis will be permanent, unfrautable, unstoppable: enemies broken, business will dominate the market, manifestations become archetypal, jobs lead to a career, money will come to you... Such is the Power of the True Eve that everything you do will have k on humanity, reversing the Cain effect and bring in the dead Atel power.


This True Eve power is the final missing link for all Psi-Adepts who must lucidly view the insectile nature of all anglo demonic female energy and burn it to produce the True Eve Power, the Power of the Goddess, Holy Spirit... Stepping beyond this Corrupted Eve is the reason why sexual energy was stored by the Toltec Seers. With Sex PCs Psi-Masters do not have this problem but must instead see all normal relationships, children... as reinforcing the Corrupted Eve Force.


A Psi-Master uses this corruption as psychotronic fuel and is not fuel for dark energy matter entities by falling for the false glamour of the Nanny State, where all activity is to breed more humans as fuel and laugh, deride and call mad anyone who states Psi works, uses RV, RS, psychokinesis and uses True Eve energy to free latent Psi in their family rather than corrupted Eve to imprison them as merely lumps of flesh: wageslaves.


To use hold in left hand. Place the True Eve BPC/PCs in the circle of the Power of Twelve to blossom that Power. Or use the Anti-Atblash to ease anglo demonic reality from all your life at one fell swoop.

The anglo demonic reality is constructed by torturing, killing feminine psychic power. 1 million female witches/seers tortured to death by the inquisition this corrupts the Eve energy. The Atbash corruption is the use of Goetic sex torture murder in ritual of children... the crossing brought in the use of life force energy to dark energy matter entities by using black magic.


This threefold path of the Illuminati bring the anglo demonic reality into being. It is built by Enochian magic which constructs the ley lineís earth energies (Castanedaís Line of the World) of the 12 missing energies now inverted into their diabolical corruption to form the 12 x 12 chequerboard of energies, found in all anglo demonic countries, and the logo of police, free masonic temple floors... the 12 x 12 chequerboard is operated on by the 12 diabolical energies to produce chaos magic evil; the four crossing corruptions give the 4 earth, fire, water, air chequerboards of Enochian 4D Psi-prisons.


The Book of Thoth tarot black magic Atbashes this demonic reality and interweaves the Crossing Corruption as the four roots of the elements.


Then the corrupt Eve energy is used to form the tablet of Union of Enochian Magic, the realm of evil spirit Wraiths, the 12 Powers are multiplied by the corrupted Eveís to make 60 then Atbashed to form the 30 Aethers.


Any Psi-Adept now wishing to escape the anglo demonic reality is blocked by the first 3 powers of anglo demonic reality which cut off the 112/58... first 4 terms of the Matrix from use so no matter how high she/he rises they can go no further trapped in a Psi prison. In the anglo demonic reality Psi is very weak, the Divine Feminine has been destroyed (see the DaVinci Code) and only occult practice is enabled so humans give their Souls up to external damnation - the anglo demonic reality.

The Bioparticle Psychotronic Crystals are designed to destroy and feed off the anglo demonic reality and enable anyone of good heart to become a Psi-Master.


As discoverer of bioparticles I have designed the BPCs to automatically destroy the anglo demonic reality so their presence destroys the chequerboard, a flash corruption, crossing inversion and occult powers entities. Black magic is below the energy of the normal human world, a hole in the physical Matrix so only bioparticles can address the anglo demonic reality.


The PCs address the matrix which is revealed once the anglo demonic reality has been destroyed. That is why all psychotronic crystals have a BPC and PC and why anti-occult technology is the core of the Psi-Masterís knowledge because all occult practise makes us more material and our soul wraith like.

All Illuminati base their psychokinesis on Danteís Inferno, an outer and inner hell. British Intelligence, M1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,... is based on these levels. The anglo demonic reality can be thought of as the inner hell brought into being by the Illuminati, the outer hell the Matrix.


In the Matrix you can move your assemblage point as Castaneda describes, in the anglo demonic reality you are locked in so the anglo demonic reality resists you at all levels meaning the Seers 10,000 years ago could achieve wonders, modern man can only strive to become a wage slave and dream of more paper money coming to him.


All the rich are possessed by the love of money , the poor bitter because they cannot get the hang of worshipping Mammon - they havenít become possessed by this dark energy matter paper.


The 12, Anti-Atbash and True Eve psychotronic crystals use the anglo demonic reality for fuel so the Psi-Master has more psychotronic fuel than her/his predecessors 10,000 years ago, as they have the anglo demonic reality (inner circles of hell) to burn for psychotronic fuel; so this is a time of plentiful psychotronic fuel.


The shredded anglo demonic reality meaning the modern Psi-Master can achieve levels of awareness unknown to the Old Seers. it is in fact the vital key to becoming a Psi-Lord as the Matrix is not enough psychotronic fuel to reach Psi-Lordship. Only the anglo demonic reality has enough energy to break the barrier between the Psi-space (Second Attention) and bodiless being (Third Attention).


It is why I am so thankful to have been able to access this time-line to use for psychotronic fuel.


Anyone who has a BSRI-Engine, Total BSRI-Engine (34BPCs) or any of the 34 BPCs/PCs of the Matrix burner psychotronic generators will find the anglo demonic reality set of psychotronic BPCs/PCs a super-amplification of the Total BSRI-Engine enabling the Psi-Master to access Psi-Lord powers. It seems a paradox that you have to go deeper into dark energy matter corruption to gain more power until you think of the analogy with power production, digging for coal, drilling for oil, mining for uranium to burn for fuel.


The same is true for Matrices, the upper levels have a lot of good awareness, the lower you go the more evil awareness reality becomes so the more psychotronic fuel it contains.


The anglo demonic reality is pure evil so reality becomes so the more psychotronic fuel it contains. The anglo demonic reality is pure evil so provides the Super high power for Psi-Lords as itís inhabitants can be recycled to go lower and lower providing more and more fuel for Psi.

Super-Amplifying Psi as a Psi-Lord.


SuperPower PCs are below.

  1. Psi-Maltese Cross: Use with 4 SuperPower PCs to bring in the ability to un-stick yourself from the anglo demonic reality, self importance is the force that binds awareness to the anglo demonic reality. Once the 4 SuperPower PCs have accessed this energy by using the Psi-Cross in conjunction with the 4 SuperPower PCs in meditation, put BPCs around you, PC in left hand with 4 SuperPower PCs and BPCs at your left foot, to turn your 2 lobe flesh/wraith bodies into a 4 lobed devic physical and 4 lobed Psi-Master biophysical body. This eight lobed super nagual body is the perfect vessel to contain all the energies poured into it from the Anglo Demonic Reality Shredder (ADRS-E) Engine and the Total BSRI-E that feeds on the Matrix. This 8 lobed super nagual body is the female and male nagual bodies conjoined (as described in: The Eagles Gift: The Eagles Rule: Castaneda)


  2. The Psi-Viking Cross charges you with the Force to carry out your actions, when combined with the 4 SuperPower PCs it fills your devic bodies with the power to make decisions and see them through - something sadly lacking in mankind. The Force fills you with the power to stick to a course of action that inevitably leads to your dream manifesting.


  3. The Psi-Cross of The Great Tree enables you to access the life force of the megaverse even in the anglo demonic reality, so your dreams can be filled with life and your RV, RS, RI, Psychokinesis will have the raw lifeforce available to work even in the depth of the anglo demonic reality. It means you can bring to life any project, employees, relationships as well as for healing in the anglo demonic reality where all Psi is blocked.


  4. The Psi-Celtic Cross enables the hidden doorways out of the anglo demonic reality to be found and a pathway of Psi lends you out of the anglo demonic reality back to the seminal Matrix where Psi works if you just stop the internal dialogues; the world of the human Seer that is blocked to all westerners trapped as they are within a Matrix (anglo demonic reality) within a Matrix (the seminal Matrix of our ancestors, Toltecs, Egyptian dynasties) Once out of the anglo demonic reality you can use the Total 34 BSRI-E to perform any Psi with all the people around you still obeying the rules of the anglo demonic reality. Your SuperPower body in the seminal Matrix.


  5. The Psi-Tau Cross enables you to link in with the Divine Light that links all of humanity not given by occultism, black magic, to damnation. Simply string out the PC, through a gentle light source illumination behind it, your energy body links with the Earthís energy body pulling you out of the anglo demonic reality so you can RV, RS, RI other dimensions even in the depths of the anglo demonic reality. Or you can fill your SuperPower PCs with the Earthís boost so your devic body can break through the anglo demonic reality to access Psi powers and expensive Lucid Viewing.

  6. The Psi-Ank/Cross enables you to reach silent knowledge direct intuition of the right thing to do even in the depths of the anglo demonic reality the Psi-blocked person of the Psi-damping filed generated by the 3 diabolical phases of the anglo demonic reality. Once you have this wisdom you know what to do no matter what the situation. Filling your SuperPower PCs with the power of silent knowledge your devic bodies intuitively know what to do in any situation.

  7. The Psi-Flower Cross allows you to access the divine joy, muse, spirit of creativity that allows you to create dreams, business, novels, works of art... just because you enjoy doing it. This joy flows into all your pursuits and can fill your SuperPower PCs to create a devic body of pure joy perfect for enchanting, Psi-Sex, physical sex and becoming a charismatic centre of human attention.

  8. The Psi-Jerusalem Cross automatically shuts down the internal dialogue as you stare at the PC, breaking teh bonds of the anglo demonic reality so your awareness slips out of the anglo demonic reality. This Psi-Cross is used to move your awareness into the SuperPower PCs to wake up in a devic body that is free to travel in the seminal Matrix where Psi works. This of this Psi-Cross as the downloader or uploader of your awareness into devic bodies capable of travel in Psi-space, accessing Lucid Viewing from the anglo demonic reality at will.

  9. The Psi-Lindau Cross grants the power of grace which can be downloaded into your SuperPower PCs to wield an 8 lobed super nagual devic body that shines with inner light and to which no dark energy matter parasite can attach itself. This power also beautifies your physical body making you shine with an inner light and success. The inner fire lights up your mind soul and spirit dispelling all dark energy matter shadows to enable you to light up your dream.

  10. The Psi-Cross of Coinage gives you the token of wealth so your dream will never fail for want of money. This effect duplicates the money comes to money meme so even in the anglo demonic reality you will make money no matter what your enemies try to do to ruin you. Filled with this missing power you can turn your mind soul as you become more and more powerful, downloading this power into your SuperPower PCs produces a devic body that attracts money, wealth and power like a magnet - a money magnet.

  11. The Psi-Cross of St Margaret is the power of True Love in the anglo demonic reality capable of overcoming any evil in the anglo demonic reality and filling all around you with itís power. Downloaded into your devic body via the SuperPower PCs it gives your bodies the power to fill your dream with love and manifest it in the depths of the anglo demonic reality. A Power such as this can bring love into any relationship no matter what the circumstances so it does not die no matter what the anglo demonic reality throws at it - everlasting love no matter what.

  12. The Psi-Cross of Bethlehem enables the layman to contact the Source in the depths of the anglo demonic reality so her/his every action is then used to go forward to achieve unity with the Source no matter what the anglo demonic reality puts in your way. This power is the Grail Knight Power that starts you on your quest to find the Holy Grail the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in the anglo demonic reality, your gateway out of the anglo demonic reality to the seminal Matrix where you can become a Psi-Adept, then Psi-Master as you learn to switch off your internal dialogue and use your dark energy matter tormentors as fuel by use of psychotronic amplifiers.

Since humanity now lives within a Matrix (anglo demonic reality) within a Matrix (the Seminal Matrix of our distant ancestors circa 10,000BC) the Illuminati have humans trapped in an occult prison where Psi does not work and dark occult energy matter entities possess their black magicians hosts and feed off humans emotional energy, the outer layer of the energy body.


The Anti-Atbash BPC, PC reverses all occult corruption and frees the user from the anglo demonic realityís occult network that binds our awareness to 22 corrupted Memes, archetypes, emotions, intelligences, powers of the anglo demonic reality.


So humans only experience nine types of awareness all inverted so right is wrong, history is fantasy, fantasy is history, psychic development leads to damnation... Caught in this mirror maze only our corrupted image in the anglo demonic stares back at us and speaks as our voice.


The Atbash corruption is used as psychotronic fuel by the Anti-Atbash BPC/PC freeing us from this inversion.


To use it you simply hold the Anti-Atbash BPC in your left hand, PC in your left sock - uses the anglo demonic reality for psychotronic fuel and fills your being with the energy freed from the anglo demonic reality.