by Dr. J.S. Chiappalone

November 2001

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Part One
November 9, 2001


Whether you want to believe it or not, you and every other individual on Earth is being affected by a process of unique change.


Indeed, this is a Generation of Uniqueness, a generation of massive change; a generation of fragmentation of many things, a time of sorting out, a time of finality. You, like everyone else, are going to have to rethink the paradigms of normality which you have accepted since the Age of Reason, and which you have modified, knowingly or unknowingly, in order to make sense of a world which seemed to accommodate you as the years passed in your life.

But suddenly, especially with events unfolding since the time of the bombing of the World Trade Towers, nothing seems the same in our minds. Suddenly there are forced upon many minds, very aware ones and less aware ones, many issues and fears which shatter the laboriously molded paradigms of normality we hoped would see us to the end of our lives.


One of the fears encroaching on minds is the fear that whatever paradigms of normality we had, they are now not sufficient. Suddenly the world makes less sense; suddenly the guard rails we used to set our minds at ease in times of crises are no longer there. Suddenly we feel vulnerable as never before. It is as if a massive mental earthquake has shattered our inner being and we are on shifting mental ground, trying to make sense of that which is no longer familiar.

Our vulnerability is not just physical, as with the threats of attacks from known and unknown quarters, nor just financial with threats of loss of jobs, loss of financial stability and independence.


It is not even the thought of war alone, for many of us have lived with the reality of multiple wars ever since the 1940s. Our vulnerability lurks in the mind as we see the fragmentation of the life we thought was stable and would remain so. Our vulnerability comes from seeing the fragmentation of other nations, institutions, traditions, foundations and organizations we thought would never fail us.

What we are witnessing, and what is causing the fears in minds which do not fully understand the shift in reality is the inevitable breakdown of the false reality in which we have lived ever so illusionally. The Virtual Reality of this dimension is fracturing.

Why I call this a Virtual Reality, why it is fracturing, and what is to replace it are the very realizations individuals have to make in order to maintain mental health in this time of unprecedented change.

The Process of Realization of the Falsehood of this dimension is painful. However, the process is the only process which will give hope to the desperate.


It is the only process which will allow an understanding of what is happening and an understanding of why the true Gnostics called this dimension the Plane of Hypocrisy, the Plane of Dishonesty, of Illusion, and, as I have described, as the Plane of Programming, Pollution and Indoctrination.

To be more specific, it is painful to realize that the Media upon which many of us have relied on for facts of what is going on in the world is but a tool for programming the masses; a tool to convey any untruth which those in charge, whom elsewhere I have called the Archons, want to convey to the masses who are indeed used as milking cows to do the Archons bidding.


They do this bidding by being exploited of their money, time and energy by the many systems we find in modern society. They do this by being programmed to fight wars for the reasons the Archons give them. They do their bidding by killing whenever, and wherever they are asked to do so, under the cover of many so-called ideals, used dishonestly and most evilly. In due course, I shall give examples of this.


However, here I want to make the point that this has been the mechanism on this Earth for a long, long time, in order to fool, program and exploit the masses. It is in this century especially that the Media has played such a worldwide role.

But now, as all things fragment, even the Media is becoming ineffectual compared to previous times.


Like all other systems, it is disintegrating and those who had been its victims previously are awakening, not only to its disintegration, but also to its ineffectiveness. At the same time, minds are awakening to the programming that they previously received via the Media and are now growing more and more angry at this tool of the Archons.

In previous eras, Religion served a similar purpose as the Media to program the masses, and fight wars in the name of this god and that god.


It still does today, as we can see with the evolution of Jihads against Western Countries, and the nonsense of Jew versus Muslim in the Middle East, Catholic verses Protestant in Northern Ireland, Hindu versus Muslim on the Indian subcontinent, Christian versus Jew in many parts of the world, etc.

It is going to be a painful process now to realize that what we learned at our mother's knee as children about our religion, about Jehovah, etc., is false and ridiculous. Sure, all religions have, or had, some of the seeds of truth at some time when they first evolved, but by an intentionally EVIL process, these truths have been so corrupted that the Religions are now useless in providing any truth about the Truth-filled Emerging Paradigm of the New Dimension.


That is why religions now have no idea of what is going on. That is why they are unable to provide any insight or hope to struggling minds caught in the stresses of incredibly massive changes on Earth.


The corrupted and very convoluted texts of pseudo-Christianity, texts such as the Book of Revelation, although based on Gnostic writings, are now useless in defining anything worthwhile with which people could remain mentally aware. If they did provide anything worthwhile, the majority would not be traumatized as they really are.


They are awakening to the fact that they have been lied to, even with their religious instruction, and this is causing mental anguish as they seek the reality behind the falsehood.

The awakening mind will see that extant religions have been used to keep individuals programmed, exploited and trapped in the Illusion of this pseudo-reality. Religions have been efficient tools of bellicosity which, with the never ending suffering of wars, has yielded much energy to the evil system to sustain itself.


I realize that some of the assertions I make in this short essay may appear esoteric, and hence readers are referred to my early books for fuller explanations. And so it is also with science and government.


Minds are awakening to the trickery they have been subjected to. The tricks no longer work. The lies no longer work, again for the same reason - namely, fragmentation is occurring in every sphere of human endeavor, and what kept the people programmed the way the Archons wanted in the past is no longer working, for it is fragmenting.

I have often called Science a fraud. Its explanations appear to work on this level, but in fact, its real fraudulence is seen as it acts, via bluff, to create a false paradigm of reality. As such, it has been a tool of the evil Archons to keep minds trapped in the illusion.


Here are some examples.


One of the greatest of its evil tricks which science performed is the one which dismisses the need for another energy - let's call it ESSE (essential, special, spiritual energy) for the moment - which is essential for existence beyond the physiological processes which Science describes ever so well and fraudulently.


The ancient Sanskrit scholars called this energy 'prana'.

This trick of science then negates the spiritual component to existence without which nothing could work in the physical, not even the smallest unit - the atom.

  • What is an atom? Does it have consciousness? Science says no. Of course it has consciousness.

  • What is it made of? A nucleus and electrons.

  • What are electrons? Matter? Energy? Particles? Waves? Science does not know.

  • Where do electrons get the energy to keep spinning around the nucleus? There must be a source, otherwise they would collapse. The power of centripetal and centrifugal forces, of velocity, and of attraction and repulsion are instigated, but these forces need energy to function.

  • Where do they get their energy? Science does not know. It is ESSA (prana).

  • What else? But science scoffs at this for it denies a spiritual component.

And yet, its explanation of the simplest complete building block of matter is incomplete without the spiritual component. The basis of all matter - even this evil-created, corrupted matter in this dimension has a spiritual basis.


All things have, and this is what all individuals are in the process of finding out as this world in crisis fragments inexorably.

  • Not convinced that Science bluffs with its picture of Reality?

  • How about the notion that 98% of matter in this universe is Dark Matter?

  • What function does it serve?

  • Why can we not see it?

  • Does it serve some other life forms?

What? Am I suggesting the possibility of other life-forms? Indeed, I am!


But science will have none of that, because science has given us a false paradigm of Reality. When science cannot explain, it bluffs right along.


Consider Quantum Mechanics and the disappearance of particles in an accelerator.

  • Where do they go?

  • How can they disappear and reappear?

  • What are they really made of?

  • Can you not conceive the fact that they may be subunits of consciousness which manifest in and out of dimensions?

Science cannot, because it does not really have room in its false paradigms for consciousness outside of the physical and it cannot accept multiple dimensionality!

Governments - institutions which can be as corrupt and evil as anyone can imagine, when they are examined closely - are being seen more and more for what they are today, especially with the actions cited as involving terrorism, cleansing of nations of terrorists, etc. The lies are not working. People are seeing through the rhetoric of Government, of leaders, of demagogues and despots as never before.

Thus it is that now, in this unprecedented time, individuals are beginning to question everything - religion, science, the media's honesty, the honesty of governments and leaders, etc.


It is what they are finding which is causing so much mental stress. They realize they are being lied to. They are realizing the basis of existence in this illicit dimension is Falsehood, and they do not like it. And they are internally rebelling. Soon they will rebel physically as well. But no matter what actions they take, they will be left with the need to find the paradigm of Reality if they are going to avoid the chasms of Terminal Madness which await those who cannot make the jump.

Questioning the status quo and finding it is illusional, of falsehood, is not enough. One must gain access to facts of Reality which will allow the emergence of the paradigm of Truth in which one can mentally survive.


As I said, the process is painful, for much of what we accepted as normal must be dismissed as illusional. And for most there is a degree of urgency, for the final fragmentation is upon us.

The path to finding the True Reality, the reality into which we are now being hurled, as we witness the disintegration of that which we thought was valid, but which is being exposed as obviously fraudulent, as each hour passes, poses the questions of "Why? Who? When? and How?"

  • Why is this a fraudulent reality?

  • Why is it a Virtual Reality?

  • Who set it up?

  • Why is it being shattered?

  • Who gained from its existence?

  • Why do the Archons treat us this way?

  • Of what benefit is it to them?

  • Why are we kept pretty much in the dark?

  • Why have institutions such as Religion, Science, Governments become corrupt and a virtual conspiracy against the 'common man'?

  • Why is recorded History so much bunkum?

The answers to these questions, which are readily available in the realm of Gnosticism, are essential components for the basis of realizing the New Reality which is emerging.


Although individuals do not need to know every last detail of what is involved, an outline will be helpful in understanding what is going on, why this is a world and realm of fraudulence, why it is being allowed to disintegrate, and to be actively eradicated, why some are seen as sons and daughters of darkness and why some will disappear into an abyss of irreversible madness.

That the basis of all existence depends on a spiritual component, so vehemently denied by materialistic science, will become obvious now as never before. It is in the ability to shift awareness to that component which will allow minds to make fuller realizations at this time of physical disintegration.

And so, as minds travel from this fast-fragmenting, material world of illusion to a new reality, questions will arise of what a human actually is, how humanity was formed, and by whom. There are valid answers.


The answers which the Archons of Falsehood have provided in extant science, religion and history will be seen to be deficient as the false paradigm collapses. In the transition of awareness from the false to the true reality, concepts which many may not have considered will need to be integrated.

These concepts include the following:

  • the emergence and continued existence of the essence of evil

  • the existence of an evil pseudo-creator (known by True Gnostics as Jehovah who is also Satan) of this corrupt dimension and its matter

  • the existence of counterfeit beings and of this counterfeit reality which is breaking down

  • the existence of other life-forms, some much more advanced than humanity

  • the interaction of these with humans

  • the existence of galactic wars

  • the ubiquitous battle of Good against evil

  • the necessary assessment for viability and worthiness of all units of consciousness

  • the existence of consciousness in all living and so-called 'non-living' expressions.

(Just to diverge a little - it has been a great crime committed against the True Reality that humans have been conned by evil Archons into killing animals for fur, food or fun. Lack of awareness of the existence of consciousness in spheres such as the Earth, the Moon, the Sun, has allowed, particularly in Earth's case, the profane abuse of it leading, certainly, to murderous and suicidal endings. I realize these statements may be subjected to ridicule by the fools. But, knowing ridicule is the baneful tool of the stupidly ignorant, I plough on, knowing such stupidly ignorant fools will soon no longer be part of any reality whatsoever.)

Knowledge of these concepts allows an understanding of what is going on, and the concepts facilitate the acceptance that this is a period of correction of a spiritual error which occurred long, long ago; that this is a period of sorting out, of re-establishing a divine order, with true justice in a valid paradigm of truthful reality.

The concepts allow the understanding, which will comfort minds, that correction necessitates the elimination of that which was corrupt, counterfeit, of falsehood and of evil, so that the basis of the true reality now emerging will be one of honesty, not deceit.

And so it is that the process we are now witnessing will, per force, require the permanent removal of all things, be they material or spiritual, which are of the corruption, of the counterfeit, or of the falsehood which fooled us for so long. These aspects will perish forever via a process of transmutation in due course.


What we are seeing now in the physical, with the breakdown of many systems, with the disintegration of what we thought was a stable biosphere, with the lashing out of evil intent, is nothing more than the process of elimination of the unwanted. It is a process which must occur. No material thing will survive this process, for every material thing, your physical body and mine included, is of the evil essence which must be eradicated.

Viewed rationally, this process of elimination should not produce fear except to those who have acted with evil to sustain the illusion. They fear, for now they are in the process which judges them and finds them wanting. And they know this means permanent removal from existence. This they fear.

You have known since you attained the Age of Reason that some day you would physically die. Only a fool would think otherwise and deny that is so. Alas, there are many fools among us. Be that as it may, an understanding that many other facets, apart from the physical, make up our existence will allow a smoother transition from this collapsing reality to the one awaiting.


With realizations to be made, knowing that nothing of value is lost, that the evil-created, unwanted physical is being discarded, individuals can detach from the process of disintegration and focus on the coming reality which will be of true peace and justice.

Without the realizations I speak of, without the knowledge I am revealing, without the detachment from the horror now obvious in the world, individuals will be overcome with anxiety, hysteria, paranoia and fear of physical decay.


They will not cope; rather they will succumb to the Terminal Madness of the Physical Endtime.


If that is the case, they have only themselves to blame.


Part Two
The Beast Unleashed

November 12, 2001

The next few months will leave no one on the planet in any doubt about the existence of evil, and the fact that evil has been allowed to overrun the plane, purposely, so that it will entrap itself in a process of self-destruction.

Horror, terror and destruction will be witnessed by all, as the illusion fragments, as evil plies its trade which has always been destruction, causing pain, suffering and misery to its trapped victims. What is different now is the fact that evil will be unable to limit its madness, and its destruction of everything it overruns. Its very nature of hypocrisy, deceitfulness, dishonesty, cupidity and hate will be exposed as never before in the history of this planet.


Even those sons and daughters of evil who for so long appeared to relish the energy gains they made from the exploitation of others will now be filled with terror as they realize they are caught in an unstoppable process which will claim them physically, mentally and spiritually. And as they see their end coming, they will lash out even more angrily with hate and venom, at themselves and all whom they can corner, for their nature of hate and anger will be exposed as never before.

Indeed, the vile beast has been unleashed - to do itself in, and annihilate all its sycophantic progeny in the process! It is being allowed to show its true colors, and its essence of utter evil which forms it.

Bombs will fall as terror from darkened skies. Virus released ever so maliciously, along with chemicals of warfare, will pervade the air, soil, water, bodies and minds of all caught in this maelstrom of malignity. And knowing not where to turn next, the beast, in all its Terminal Madness, represented by the Archons, the leaders of most nations, will do what it does best: destroy.


Already we are being given a glimpse of that in Central Asia. Not long now before the beast in all its forms, being unable to restrain itself, and being aware of its entrapment, will escalate its destructive power to bring the physical world to an end.

That the beast with the essence of evil is made up of parts such as Archons, and various groups of aliens present as consciousnesses in all classes of consciousness, is but detail, not essential to the understanding of the process of annihilation unleashed upon this Earth by those various parts of the beast.

Every segment, every aspect of the beast, regardless of its physical manifestation, will be caught in its own process of decay and self-destruction. It has always harbored hate in itself for all things, including itself. While it had victims from which to extract energy, it contained its self hate somewhat. But now, unleashed, it will hate all things with the zeal of demons doomed to die.

When utter hopelessness looms on the horizon of minds already undergoing decay due to terminal madness, as is occurring world-wide in non-viables, the path of destruction is the only path open to such minds.

For now, Archons appear to be playing the game of eradicating their enemies for material spoils, with wars that are ever-widening in their stance. But soon enough, they will realize that they, as part of the unleashed beast, have actually been cornered and labeled as failures and will be transmuted once they self-destruct in the physical plane.


When they realize this fully, they will reel headlong into the abyss of despair, and discharge all their venom here, there and everywhere, indiscriminately, so as to show the rest that they know they are doomed.

This time of madness in the unleashed beast has already begun.


The fullness of the fury is no further away than 12 to 18 months according to my reckoning.

  • Now shall all see the corruption, deceit, and evil manipulation which has kept us tightly sealed in this truth-destroying illusion.

  • Now shall we all see the despicable modus operandi used by the Archons, as leaders of government, as captains of cartels, to keep us trapped and exploited.

  • Now shall we gleefully see their evil mechanisms being exposed, and fractured hopelessly as is their hope of escaping true justice.

Protect yourself now so that your emotional body will not react too forcefully, sending you too into the anguish of horror and despair.


Remember the emotional body was created by evil to be incorporated into these physical bodies for the purpose of allowing illicit extraction of energy from the Centers of Consciousness which are forced to use these bodies while expressing on the physical plane.

Anticipate the use of the most vile forms of warfare. Expect the ruthlessness of demons to be seen everywhere, just as we saw in the butchering of apparently innocent people in East Timor and Indonesia when vigilantes indiscriminately chopped heads off terrified victims with machetes.

Expect to see hypocrisy reach new heights of malediction as Archons dressed in their finery talk about protecting their commercial interests as they bomb defenseless women and children, as they force starvation on ever-increasing numbers, as they drop incendiary bombs to burn the flesh of those they really consider inhuman.

It is they with the bombs and the malicious power to starve others, and the willingness to practice genocide as they wish, who are inhuman (contrary to the accepted sense of being human which means being aware of others, being cultured, and caring for fellow humans).

Unfortunately, those of us still in the physical will have to witness this destructive act by the beast now unleashed. But we can be buoyed by the fact that nothing of value is lost in the process. All that is being eradicated is evil and those consciousnesses who have chosen evil over good.


We can be buoyed by the fact that this is a necessary step in the corrective process being applied to this illicit, counterfeit pseudo-reality which is Jehovah's corrupt world of deceit, dishonesty and despair.


How the Unleased Beast will act

And so, if the beast is going to self-destruct, it will need to vent its anger, its lusts and greed, totally uninhibited by any restraints. The end of the process is what is important - its total self-annihilation.

In accordance with this, it will wage war wherever and whenever conditions suit it. It will drop bombs on all whom it perceives as its enemies, and it will do so without reason, citing its ability to do so as reason enough. And by doing this, it will incite many others to oppose it, leading to confrontation and more violence, friction and murderous war. But, being self-absorbed with its own power and importance, the beast will pursue the path of self-destruction regardless of the signs along the way that it is doing just that.

Former matters of pretence, such as caring for others, caring for democracy, equanimity, freedoms of speech, action, choice, will all be abused. The power of the beast, which when unleashed and unrestrained it finds inebriating and self-adsorbing, will be misused to crush those less powerful, even if in a true ontological sense those others are but extensions of its own being. What else would one expect of a beast?

The circle of destruction will increase inexorably, each blunder being replaced with many more, and the beast will continue unashamedly, feeling initially exhilarated by its ability to cause so much destruction, suffering and anguish.

But, the Law of Diminishing Returns will apply. Unlike former times when ruthlessness and destruction yielded an abundance of energy upon which to feast, the beast will now find little energetic rewards for its labours. Enraged, it will expend even more effort to cause even more destruction and suffering. Is that not what we are seeing even now?

And members of its own corpus, struck by the ferocity of attacks, will retaliate with the excessive manner of madness. From within the breast of the beast will explode the vials of venom it has harbored for a long time. It will turn on itself, and all segments which it sees even in its own ranks as untrustworthy, and attempt to destroy them quickly. The process of self-annihilation has the essence of paranoia as well as the delusion of grandeur and invincibility. Thus will the beast pursue the path of all despots, the difference this time being the fact that it will totally achieve its aims of destroying others, and itself, as a final outcome!

So, what is the beast which will physically destroy this world and all physical expressions in it? It is the essence of evil with the mind of malignity which, as parts and projections of the consciousness of darkness, resides in all the classes of consciousness in this counterfeit, and illicit, universe. Unleashed, it will now destroy itself, all its parts, all the things which it created from the energy it stole from the sector of the true creation which it invaded.

Let it ignite the last and most fatal conflagration which will consume all the profanity. Let it singe and burn; let it engulf all it hates in flames as its true abode, hell, is engulfed. Let it express that unlimited hate and let all of Truth, Love and Justice witness the fate of evil, and the fact that this hate of evil's is hate for all things, including itself.

None who form the beast - and this includes all the evil beings in human bodies, as well as all others who have chosen evil - will escape the process.

Let it all happen and fear not, for it must happen. This spiritual cancer must be obliterated in order to restore spiritual health. Fear not the passing of the physical which was a trap for the true souls from the very beginning. Rejoice instead at the success of the corrective process which promises an evil-free state to viables, for an eternity.

Finally, know that parts and projections of the beast are to be found in every country, in every race, subscribing to every religion and belief on the globe. They are present, as the consciousnesses, in all sections of Humanity everywhere.


They are in the Military, in Religious Orders, in Governments, in the Media, in teachers, labourers, housewives, doctors, lawyers, architects, children, etc., etc.


In fact, parts and projections of the beast are in the mineral kingdom, the vegetable and animal kingdoms, as well as the human, devic, galactic and universal kingdoms. And that is why aspects of these Kingdoms are manifesting the aggressive violence of the beast unleashed.


That is why we see insanity in them. That is why all these aspects are fracturing and self-destructing.

Do not for one moment think that evil is based solely in any one group of people or in just any one country.

Evil is an essence, created by Jehovah, the grand deceiver, the usurper, the demiurge, and is present in every facet of humanity, regardless of genetic make-up and geography.

But, of course, in this evil system, in mockery to honesty, in claiming all are equal in respect to ontological essence, some possess more of the spirit of devilry, depending on what portion of the demonic hierarchy they were created after the celestial error occurred.